Kansas City police getting smarter and keeping you safer every day.

I don’t know how it is where you are, but I’ve been worrying about the current batch of newbee police officers in my area.

 Besides the fact that they look 15 years old, they have a problem looking you in the eye, love to wear their macho caps way down over their eyes, can often be seen wearing the “Respect My Authoritah” mirrored dark glasses –  and it does seem that the thing they do most and best is screw around with their prowl car dash computer.

They seem to completely lack the compassion and empathy gene and, when you see them interacting, it’s hard to tell who the victim is and who the perp is. They treat them the same — with alternating disinterest and disdain. Many of them still live with their mothers and you get the sense that if there were real trouble, they would arrive late at the scene so as to ensure their own safety.  Writing up a report really seems to annoy them. It’s not a pretty security picture.

But today I’m here to tell you that we may actually be lucky they aren’t out looking to play hero-cop with a gun. For if they did, their reports would surely include something like this:

See this gator?

He’s big isn’t he?

He is also on private property.

Kansas City police put two bullets in his head.

Oh, and did I tell you he’s made of concrete?

Lawn ornaments, beware. Independence police will shoot to kill. Earlier this week, Rick Sheridan found police officers shooting his concrete alligator, according to Fox 4.

Independence police had received a call from a man saying his son had spotted a gator in a creek. Police hit the scene and, with the go-ahead from the Missouri Conservation Department, attempted to put down the gator. The TV station reported that after two shots, the officers realized that they were dealing with a fake gator.

“The officer fired two rounds, and killed my concrete, ornamental alligator,” Sheridan told Fox 4.

I know the people of Independence feel much safer today knowing that their police department is on Alligator duty.

On the other hand, at least they showed up.


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  1. Yeah I saw this and it made my week. Your observations about the police are extremely accurate. It is a tough job under bad laws but they are not our friends. And they do not know the laws when they put them on the street alone. There has never been the right kind of background checks –male oriented. If women designed the check it would be different. And if your raped or beat up…..and if your dog scares them they shoot it and ask questions later.

  2. And California SWAT teams support Education! The Dept of Education, that is, which is now apparently issuing warrants to break down people’s doors if you don’t pay back your student loans.

    On June 7th, a S.W.A.T. team broke into the house of a man in Stockton, California looking for the estranged wife of Kenneth Wright. The reason? She was in default of her student loans, and the arrest order was given not by a judge, but by the Federal Department of Education.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Failure to pay back student loans can now lead to arrests by Dept. of Education – National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/finance-examiner-in-national/failure-to-pay-back-student-loans-can-now-lead-to-arrests-by-dept-of-education#ixzz1OhO00g71

    (from ralphb)

  3. Ups, it’s about privatizing the police depts down the road. Public sector police has to be made awful now by budget cuts and letting in the unsuitable .Then they can start the ” private police would do a better job! ” drum beat to further slash budgets… Because if one can’t afford to hire Blackwater, you really don’t matter to our “leaders”..

  4. UW: thank you for my laugh today, how FUNNEEEEE is this and a bit sad,

    I myself cannot stand the police today—–they are everything you say.

  5. paper doll, I don’t think anybody is working toward making them awful. I think they simply are awful. The new breed of police is the same as the new breed of everything else. They score extremely high on the Narcissist scale. They are the Gen Yers who just don’t give a fast shit about others, have been desensitized to just about anything awful, have already seen it all on youtube and Tv and it’s all just another youtube video to them. They would rather text than talk to you, even if you are traumatized. Old people gross them out and take all their money in social security. They have very few social redeeming qualities, text their friends from across the room and the only difference between the new police and all their friends is….they get a gun. And some cool special computers on their dashes!

  6. Michelina, I roared when I read how the cops were baffled that they shot it in the head but it didn’t move. And even more baffled that the bullets bounced off of him.

  7. That is hilarious! Maybe they need to take their dark mirrored glasses off and investigate a little more before whipping out the weapon and dispensing on poor, defenseless inanimate objects. That the private citizen will no doubt, bear the cost of repair/replacement.

    Do they give an award or medal for striking a concrete lawn statue? That cop will get ribbed ad infinutum.

  8. This is the generation raised on ‘kill the bi–tch’ video games and that has made them what the are – empty uniforms playing cyber police. Many parents I respect do not allow those kill or be killed games in the house.

  9. 90% of the cops I know & deal with are good people. Maybe this is a big city issue. But yeah there is still the 10% and unlike bad teachers they do have guns.

  10. They ARE desensitized. They have proven time and again there is no heroics for them. We’ve seen stories of girls gang raped while they look on. Videos of a senior being horribly hit by a car and the public just walking right by him, crossing the street, like he’s just a bit of trash in the road. And yes, they love them their violent games and simply nothing moves them for the most part. There is a malicious streak in the air that follows them. We saw it in 2008. This is a very mean generation. This is not the makings of a good police officer. And these are the people who will work in future nursing homes…

  11. churl

    Where you live, do you know victims of child rape? Ask their mothers. Do you know raped or battered women? Ask. Which reminds me, Phyllis Chesler’s new edition of “Mother’s On Trial” is out and getting good reviews. She exposes the sexism of the legal system and its warped priorities.

    God, have you ever tried to type when a cat is hungry?

  12. O/T – another example of the global war on women. And another reason to stay away from WalMart, if you can possibly can.


  13. Supposed to read: if you possibly can. I’m blaming the heat and humidity for the typos today.

  14. Delphyne

    “Classic, the largest garment export factory in Jordan, sews clothing for Wal-Mart, Hanes, GAP, Kohl’s, Target and Macy’s. The garments enter the U.S. duty-free under the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement.”

    If the above is true , why single out wal-mart? I have often thought the war on walmart was orchestrated by its competitors who are no cleaner. If I were comfortable as I once was, I could join those who do not have to shop at walmart but from prescriptions to cat litter – Walmart prices get me through the month.

  15. Green, that’s why I said “if you can.”

    I understand that WalMart gets many people through the month with their prices. I don’t shop there nor do I shop at any of the other places mentioned. I’m not immune from purchasing products made in other countries whose policies I detest, but I can choose some of the larger retailers to boycott. We all do the best we can.

  16. Delphyne

    Yes you are right — we all do the best we can where we can and that’s all we can do. I am with you.

  17. Why are these pig companies allowed to send things in Duty-free to the U.S.? Bring the jobs back here and shut down these despicable places.

  18. When I came to New York in the 1970’s there was a substantial garment industry. After a few years those jobs had all been sent offshore, Hondouras, Guatamala. Companies moving whereever they cound pay pennies for wages instead of dollars. Now all our jobs are being sent away. No worker protections, slave wages, no environmental protections. They expect us to pay full price for their crap. The CEOS get richer.

  19. Greenconciousness
    God, have you ever tried to type when a cat is hungry?
    Yes, gymnastics for the fingers.

    These clothing manufacture abuse stories keep coming back year after year and nothing changes. Remember when Kathy Lee Gifford got into trouble when her clothing line was made in these sweatshops?

  20. paper doll, I don’t think anybody is working toward making them awful. I think they simply are


  21. When I came to New York in the 1970′s there was a substantial garment industry. After a few years those jobs had all been sent offshore, Honduras, Guatemala

    Indeed . But by the ’70’s many had gone South already . Those that left during and after the 70’s skipped that part and went right to Central America…on their way to lord knows where. I think Vietnam is the new hot spot. So 20 years from now I guess we’ll be buying clothes from Afghanistan?

  22. Huma is pregnant — — Oh how horrible.

  23. I just heard that on Channel 7 news in NY, Green….just shaking my head here in the heat.

  24. Lizzy they are allowed to bring duty free into the USA because China OWNS us. Any questions, sister?

  25. Uppity, your campaign against Delta worked!!!!! CBS NY carried the story tonight – sorry I did not watch it, but it was mentioned at the top of the 5 pm hour! Nice going!!!!!!!!!

  26. Pamela, thanks for the vote of confidence but I’m sure they didn’t cover it because of me. But cover it they Should.

    It is time that Delta learns a VERY PAINFUL LESSON. They need to be BOYCOTTED. They are an Uncaring, greedy company and in addition to distrespecting the soldiers that make it so nobody blows up their damned planes, they kill pets, lose pets and lose KIDS!

    Delta: Disappearing people’s pets, one at a time.

    Delta: Competing to be the world’s worst airline. First they lost a dog. Then they lost some kids.


    Delta Airlines lost a dog and couldn’t care less.

    See third story. Delta loses Patch the Cat. Owner DEVASTATED. Delta? Not so much.


  27. Uppity, I am certain you are the catalyst behind the Delta coverage!

  28. Sophie, if that’s true, I’ll happily take take that badge. I think Delta needs to learn that they are not the customer to their captives and it’s the other way around. It’s high time they paid for their awfulness.

  29. NYSMike, that wasn’t a bump. It was a zit. Even killing Public Enemy Number One can’t save this horrific president.

  30. I nominate you to be Delta’s PR agent, Upps.

  31. Cry me a rivvvvvvvvvvvvver, NYSmike!

  32. NES I don’t think their PR can be saved, short of flying everyone for free. They have become the poster child for what is wrong with airline dereg.

    As for Huma, she can more than afford to raise that child without the manchild who helped her make it. I say she needs to cut this creep loose and let him sink.

  33. For those of you going to Gawker, a word of warning. DO NOT REGISTER. They were hacked terribly last year and all the email addresses and passwords were stolen. The perps I am sure wrecked some serious havoc, especially considering most people are stupid enough to use the same passwords on everything.

  34. I’m with UW on Huma cutting him off.

  35. Or maybe cutting IT off.

  36. DE, there is that as well. Two more women have now come forward. One who was dumb enough to leave her computer open. Her roommate took a snapshot and it’s making the rounds as well. I suspect this guy was trolling the net for cybersex more often than he would care to admit.

  37. Can videos of this guy be far behind, gang?

  38. The shot of his hooked dick. Do you think he took the photo, got up, got dressed and left the room, or do you think more followed. Go ahead. Take a ‘shot’ in the dark and guess.

    And tell me how it is breitbart got that photo? You mean to tell me that Weiner put that shot in a photo bucket on the internet???????????????????????

  39. Can videos of this guy be far behind, gang?

    I fear that there are probably some out there waiting for the right moment.

  40. The shot that Breitbart got was from one of the first two to come forward. I believe that they started to go through all of the tweethearts tweets from dumbass. That’s how he caught it. Weiner freaked, but only knew how to delete the pics on Yfrog a bit too late. Then comes the brigade of opportunists that knew to screen capture everything. I remember when this started. It was fast and furious. The x rated one was probably Broussard because she had GOP ties already. Seems to me that she would have had someone capture all of her tweets one by one. This guy was working overtime with some of these women. I think one woman had 600+. Crazy.

  41. He must have had a lot on Yfrog because I think there was an hour + lapse from the deletion. He did have to get his story straight, kinda.

    I don’t get it. So much to have lost for what? An ego rush? Seriously, I have never understood this brazen behavior. Same with dumbass JE. Good grief, the humiliation for the spouse and family is cubed. They have gotten away with so much that there are no reality checks for these folks.

  42. Ding ding ding!!!!! DE wins the microwave for best retort.

  43. Nope, UW. S*x, Lies & Videotape is always the order of these things.

  44. Like he couldn’t figure that at least half the women he was sexting were likely to be shades of non-Dem to Repub.??!!!!!!!!!!

  45. What NES no pie? I thought that deserved at least a slice of pie.

  46. Like he couldn’t figure that at least half the women he was sexting were likely to be shades of non-Dem to Repub.??!!!!!!!!!!

    That would have required using his other head.

  47. So where is the naked photo?

  48. You can see his erect penis at gawker.com if you are so disposed. It isn’t particularly nice looking.

  49. On the last thread someone (votermom….?) posted an article that said the Student loan people went to a person’s house to arrest them for their delinquent student loans. But when I clicked on the link, it now had an update. It wasn’t for that, it was because there was some fraud involved with that person’s student loans.

    Maybe the guy got the student loan, and maybe he was one of those people who went to Columbia for several years and was an outstanding student, but years later no one ever heardof him. Fraud for getting a loan and not going to school. I mentioned Columbia because of The Real Fraud who allegedly attended there, but no one knew him to be there. But the Real Fraud doesn’t have to worry about loan fraud, since he was financed by Mr. Saudi Arabia lol

  50. On the other hand, thanks to Weiner, we have gathered some critical information that is so important to the revivial of our country. For example, we now know his left ball is the one that hangs lower.

  51. Lorac, one of my good friends knew him at Columbia; said he was a lacklustre kinda guy.

  52. Indeed DE, have a full PIE…with a cherry topping! imust’ll deliver.

  53. Someone has to undertake the ugly task of examining the pee — thanks for taking the bullet for us, Upps.

  54. I went to Gawker. Well, it looked like a plucked chicken to me lol

    NES – was your friend in the CIA? lol

  55. Will lorac do a follow up post on Weinergate? Could call it “Standing Tall”.

  56. …or “Here’s Lookin’ At Ya!”

  57. Or Falling Fast?

  58. If I were Huma, I’d abort the kid (I assume it’s still early). Does she really want to take the chance of having TWO womanizing, untrustable, narcissistic, penis obsessed men in her life? Plus – why sully her attractive-genes with his – shall we say “interesting-face-genes”, now that he’s probably not going to stick around for a long marriage? She should probably divorce him NOW. Why wait until after the next time he humiliates her with these antics?

  59. Frankly NES, I’ve seen wayyyyyyyyy better. Can’t see why he was so proud of it that he thought all the girls wanted to see it.

  60. Well lorac, at least he’s circumcised so that it doesn’t look like a chicken neck when he’s not on his viagra.

  61. NES – I think it would be best for a person with plenty of experience with those appendages to write more on Weiner in terms of “standing tall” lol

  62. Speaking from fairly useful personal knowledge of the Thing, if I were to describe his tool in one word, it would be Unremarkable. It looked way better in his shorts. lol.

  63. Did someone mention PIE?

    I think everyone is just all wee-wee’d up over this whole Wiener thingy.

  64. Now the shot in the shorts got my interest in a twingy kind of way. But when I saw the actual thing, it was Eh! Put that back.

  65. Somehow, his “you are gonna choke” on my manliness in a tweet is a bit far fetched.

  66. Somehow, his “you are gonna choke” on my manliness in a tweet is a bit far fetched.


    Size: Average
    Shape: Not very cool. May have been injured at young age.

  67. I’m choking all right…..

  68. hahahahahahahahaha UW

    This guy is quite the legend in his own mind.

  69. You know, I saw Debbie Wasserman-Schulz on tv tonight talking about how the republicans screwed with our voting system (I’m assuming she means the hanging chad episode), so they passed a law to fix that. But now the republicans are trying to go back to Jim Crow laws, because Florida has a shorter early voting period (or something like that), and it’s RACIST (yes YES she said that). Another panelist pointed out that most states don’t even have early voting, and what does early voting have to do with race?

    Anyway, she really angered me. They passed a law to fix the electoral process. Oh, I see. Here’s where I start screaming at her: What about all the caucus fraud in 2008? What about all the threats at the convention for not switching to the Fraud? And what about the literally stealing of Hillary’s delegates, which included Florida ending up with half a vote???

    These people are increasingly driving me nuts. It’s all about each side complaining about the other side, often for things they both do and neither has plans to change the way they do things. They’re not out to help us.

    If Debbie Wasserwoman truly believes in free and fair elections, then she should not be erasing what happened to Hillary, and she should be fighting so that the Black Panthers can NEVER AGAIN stand out in front of polling booths. Those older woman, black and white, it didn’t matter if they did or did not have voting ID – they turned away when they saw the thugs. Debbie, I’m afraid, is just a cog in the corrupt wheel. She doesn’t care about making things better.

  70. Early voting is nonsense. Election Day is for voting. You have all damned day and evening to do it. If you don’t think you can make it, you can always use an absentee ballot. If you forgot to vote, well then you are too dumb to vote anyhow.

  71. Yes imust, I’m choking on all the bs that this guy spewed. What in the world did Huma see in this assclown?

  72. Oh! I’d heard that they were planning to stay together. Now I read an article which says that HE has said that several times, but Huma has not publicly addressed it. She’s leaving in two days to go on a trip with Hillary. Yeah, get away from the perv.

  73. DE at 850, sounds painful.

  74. McNorman, the charms of the male persuasion enamor….BUT for a moment.

  75. Oh man, I really feel bad for her. I saw a pic of her somewhere in her wedding dress. She is stunning and brilliant. He def does not deserve her.

  76. Lorac on the cogs in the corrupt wheel. They certainly seem to like basking in the riches of the political life. And don’t seem any inclined on changing the system that engorges them.

  77. Yep, so have I, UW.

  78. I don’t know crier, I see a lot of people having lots of laughs at his expense. Karma seems to be having a ball.


  79. Violet Socks has a good post up on the subject of Anthony SeemyWeiner

  80. Actually, she’s already on that trip with Hill.

  81. Lorac, you are the resident psych go to gal, please tell me what you think of these tweets.


  82. Who released the nudie shot? I thought Breibart had announced he was above that or some such bullshit.

  83. Debbie’s a cog, for sure. She also declared that a law requiring voter ids was raaaaaycist or “Jim Crow”. Why it isn’t racist to imply, as she is doing, that AA voters can’t secure photo ids is beyond me. The racism of low expectations.

  84. socal it was Opy and Anthony on their twitter account.

  85. Hilarious that The Weiner called WJC to “apologize” for his behavior. He was too scared shitless to speak to Hillary.

  86. Oh yeah because Breitbart didn’t know they were going to release it. give me a break. Breitbart makes a living being surrepitcious, remember that.

  87. Oscar de la Renta designed it for her, gratis.

  88. I don’t think the photo ID issue has much to do with AAs. I think it has to do with illegal aliens. If you don’t have to prove you are a citizen then you can vote and NOT be a citizen. Also, you can vote several times if you want to. That’s what this is and always was about.

  89. Yeah, socal, after Breitbart (innocently!) showed it to them on his iPhone in a studio wired with video cams.

  90. Oh I have no doubt that Breitbart had every intention of letting someone else do the dirty for him UW.

  91. IMO, Breitbart absolutely knew that those two (who are considered shock jocks) would do his bidding. It was only a matter of time and who would do the deed.

  92. Any woman who sticks up for this guy after reading the filthy transcript of him and his blackjack dealer, anyone who thinks this man has anything but thoughts of humiliating and dominating women, is. A. Fool.
    Transcript here.
    Also,I am seriously so fed up with stupid women who think they are in charge. Moron.

  93. How sad for his family. They must have been proud to have seen him succeed in a congressional election. Now to fall from grace. So fast. Sooooo hard.

  94. He has very serious issues UW. I had posted the link further up, but I didn’t know if you wanted the direct link. He’s a sick sob.

  95. I don’t think Huma knew this side of him. It’s really pathological.

  96. Inevitable. And hilarious!

  97. Crier, I’m sure that his family was in the dark when it came to his perverted net trolling. The transcript show such disregard for women.

  98. NES the last scene of the vid made me hungry for a hot dog on a bun with mustard. Too late to eat that now but I know what to have for lunch tomorrow.

    Going to bed hungry. Damn. Where is mom??? Vanished for days now. Hope her aches and pains aren’t the culprit.

  99. omg! NES! Where do you find these things! Too funny! He is so…done. Will he step down soon, I wonder? And again, all I can think of is that poor woman. This seems worse than monicagate, doesn’t it?

  100. karen, we have some extra hamburgers left over. Made with beef from Gelsons.

  101. 1. Mom emailed me, she’s just super busy and things should calm down soon.
    2. Leave it to Karen to see that video and come away wanting a hot dog.

  102. I made a pizza Karen, have some left over. Come on down.

  103. He had best get moving and resign now. With the kind of ballsy stuff we’ve seen already, you just know there’s a C*m shot that’s going to show up next.

    He finished himself off in more ways than one. Moron.

  104. Did the creep Breibatt cover the repub congresscritter that was nailed for soliciting an undercover cop in the airport bathroom?

  105. Ewww!

  106. My eyes!

  107. Yum to Uppity pizza! Now I know what laker & I will have tomorrow on our way home. We’ll be passing our fav Italian deli.

  108. Of COURSE not socal. Breitbart only does this for his agenda. If he gave a shit about morality, you’d see Republicans on his site too. He’s there for one reason only, to promote the far right agenda and eliminate the competition. He has the resources to expose ALL of these pigs but he chooses only those standing in the way of The Agenda.

  109. Sausage, red peppers, onions and black olives on it, socal. What’s your bid?

  110. Ummmm, pizza. Is there a UW delivery service?

  111. Mmm. You just described our fav pizza.

  112. The interwebs has a long way to go, Crier. Otherwise the pizza would be on your table right now.

  113. I read the transcript. I noticed a few things – would be open to hearing if others interpreted them the same way.

    He likes to say “fat c*ck” A LOT, he also several times refers to it as wanting to “gag her” with it (is that sexy? Sounds life threatening to me lol)

    He also was more engaged in the sex talk, but when talk turned to politics, he became kind of monosyllabic.

    He basically demanded several times that she send naked photos to him, but she didn’t know how. After that, he didn’t correspond with her for almost four months. He started losing interest when he couldn’t get photos from her to jerk off to, and he evidently wasn’t interested enough in real sex to fly out to Las Vegas. She also asked several times for his number, and he wouldn’t give it. She gave him her number, and he never called it. She kept insisting he come to Las Vegas for the great sex they would have, and he never commits to it.

    I think it was all about him, about meeting his own needs. I think during this period of his life anyway, he was really interested in cyber sex – and in opportunities to send photos of himSELF to impress the women with. This woman wanted a more real relationship, and he wanted it to stay online. He wanted the attention and the excitement of the sex talk, but for whatever reason he didn’t cross the line into meeting them for real sex.

    But why he was doing all this cybersex without hiding his identity, that’s a tough one. Chalk it up to big ego and feelings of invincibility I guess.

  114. mcnoorman, no question Breitbart knew exactly what was going to happen when he let those two shock-jocks take a goo of the pic…I was just being snaaaaarky.

  115. K. Will settle for virtual pizza. Steamy…chewy….delicious…

  116. Gee. Cyber relationshps? How dull! Nothin’ like the real McCoy.

  117. Good interpretation, Dr. Lorac!
    Yes, quite clearly he was interested only in jerking off and being, shall we say, autoerotic.

    I actually didn’t find the content of their ‘chats’ that lurid; isn’t it just typical long-distance s*x talk?

    Btw, how did this website get ahold of this transcript? This woman appears to be a hardcore Dem groupie…or, was she just posing as one? Why would it be in any woman’s interest to share this with the press (assuming that’s what she did)?

  118. Clearly, Anthony loves him his own spam.

  119. towne – I think cyber vs real may depend on what you’re really wanting to get out of it. Just from the tweets to that one woman, I’d say he was only interested in sex talk and in attention – or more precisely – someone assisting him with his own masturbating.

    He showed no interest in any detail about the woman’s life besides any pictures she could send to him. He was foolish to broadcast who he was, but at the same time, he seemed to want to steer clear of messy interpersonal trysts.

    Yeah, I’m thinking he just wanted masturbatory assistance, with the feelings of being high from the adoring and awed masturbatory assistant. Maybe he’s an unhappy guy in general, and come to think of it, his approach to dealing with his political colleagues seems pretty confrontational. Perhaps the surreptitiousness of the set up, the risk taking, the concommitant high, helped him to feel a kind of high, helped him to even feel more alive…. who knows. Not a healthy way to deal with whatever led him to act out this way!

  120. Socal, I periodically visit their website; they cover current affairs, always hilariously. I believe mcnorman turned me on to them.

  121. Socal, in response to your question, I think he’ll resign tomorrow…tonight’ll be the night of the long knives on the Dem side of the Hill.

  122. I spelled a word wrong and I hate that! lol
    But the “edit” button is gone and I can’t fix it.

    I don’t like this new big box on the bottom. I usually copy my comments before I hit send (in case they disappear or a cat decides to play on the laptop), and the copy function is different – it just makes a big blue box around the entire block of text, and then when I right click, the “copy” link is dead….

  123. The Weiner has earned a good lashing with Mom’s lunge whip.

  124. Surely a lunge whip lashing would perform a bobbitt on the crooked thing?

  125. Yaaaaaah, lorac!

  126. Ex-g/f Kirsten Powers gives the Weiner a good lashing.

    A good read.

  127. Whoa! I saw Kirsten Powers the other day defending him (pre-Weiner admission). Now she’s making sense! (Plus – she agrees about the dangerousness, not sexiness, of someone gagging you with a penis!) From the place with the llamas on the mountain:

    It’s from Kirsten Powers, writing for the Daily Beast. She briefly dated Weiner years ago, remained friends afterwards, and was hoodwinked into defending him last week. Now she’s fed up:

    But even if I could see past the lying and extreme narcissism that is noteworthy even by Washington standards, there is the issue of his attitude toward women. What has emerged is a picture of a predator trolling the Internet for women—some half his age—with which to engage in cybersex. We know only about the women who were responsive to his overtures. The odds are very high that he struck out with many, and other women were victim to his unsolicited sex talk. Women should be able to “friend” a married—or unmarried—congressman on Facebook or follow him on Twitter without fear of being the recipient of lewd talk or behavior. Just because a woman “likes” your video on Facebook doesn’t mean you can send her a picture of your penis. This is textbook sexual harassment. It may not be illegal, but it’s definitely unethical. He is in a position of influence, and many women—especially a 21-year-old—would be afraid to report a congressman doing that to them because he holds so much power. Also, he claims none of the women he contacted were underage, but how could he possibly know that?

    By far the most disturbing information that we have been privy to—there is, no doubt, more out there that we don’t know—is the transcript of a nine-month “sexting” relationship Weiner had with a Las Vegas blackjack dealer. Radar Online posted the transcript, and it is rife with misogyny and distorted views about women. In referring to oral sex, Wiener tells her, “You will gag on me before you c** with me in you” and “[I’m] thinking about gagging your hot mouth with my c***.” This is not about sex. It’s about dominating and inflicting physical pain on a woman, a fantasy the hard-core porn industry makes billions of dollars on selling to men. You don’t want to gag a woman with your penis unless you have some serious issues with the way you see women.

  128. Boy, that was well said. Kristen Powers went up a notch for me. If only more politicians just spoke what is right instead of what is ideological, and if only more spoke up against examples of sexism and misogyny.

    Shoot. The bots’ biggest tool is sexism (well, race baiting is up there, too). But they also feel sexism doesn’t really exist, unless it’s on the republican side. The bots may be out to get Kristen Powers now lol

  129. Obvioualy Weiner is a hard porn afficionado. That’s the only place where men delude themselves into “deciding” women like being gagged with a penis. The very fact that he said such a thing tells me that thusfar we have only scratched the surface of this man’s twisted mind. Sorry, Anrhony, but we’re done with you. Hypocrite and Perv all rolled into one. How Not Fine.

  130. Good Grief. Read the comments at the NY Post link NES posted about Huma. The commenters are as big a bunch of salacious rumoring pigs as I’ve seen in a long time.

  131. True Upps.

  132. This is my favorite line in Kirsten Power’s post:

    Just because a woman “likes” your video on Facebook doesn’t mean you can send her a picture of your penis.

  133. NES, I really don’t consider telling a woman you want to gag her with your dick typical long distance sex talk. And trust me, I’m no prude.

    However, he was talking to a hooker, because that is what she acted like as well. She was as big a pig as he is, far as I’m concerned. Her answer was she was going to swallow. lol. Pigs, both of them, seriously. Having talks like this with complete strangers. Amazing. Really. There is an amazing lack of self respect displayed in that woman’s responses and that’s the kind of women he was looking for so he could say some of the things he said.

  134. The gagging references are definitely lurid. I actually expected the transcript to have more of that stuff. I guess we’ll just have to wait (a few hours) for the next transcript.

  135. Fair enuf, Upps. I rolled it back and acknowledged the gag point. (i was in your head again.)

  136. Chit! We’re the only ones here…three pee-pee-obsessed broads.
    I’m off to bed now. G’nite.

  137. What do the polls in his district (no. 9) say about whether he should go or stay, Upps?

  138. I have no idea, NES. I don’t even think it will be relevant. He’s toast. Like I said, this is probably the tip of the iceberg.

  139. She’s a blackjack dealer at the Bellagio in Vegas.

  140. Powers did a great job. I wonder why. Just some food for thought.

  141. Yes I know she’s a bj dealer. Figuratively and literally. lol.

  142. Wouldn’t put it past her if she knew Breitbart either.

  143. Oh, no, UW. Don’t tell me that the Big Boyz told Kristen to take Weiner down in order to get the votes of all the femle voters they have been shedding…….?

    I hope not.

    I’d like to feel that thhere’s at least PART of someone on Capitol Hill that understands misogyny.

  144. From a comment at Big Pink:

    June 8th, 2011 at 12:07 pm
    I was over on the orange Cheeto site last night, seeing how the obot boyz felt about their dude Weenie.

    Skipping around the blog, it seems that the boyz want to just ignore what happened…sounds familiar……and there are many posts about the few loyalists to Barry on the site that are now screaming that lots of posters on their site are TROLLS and they need a troll monitor.

    They just don’t get it that many of their bloggers are no longer drinking the kool-aid and are waking up and finding that they put a toad in the WhiteHouse.

  145. Shadowfax is one of my favorirte H44’ers.

  146. But…but…lorac……POWERS??????

  147. Lorac, someone should tell the sippy cuppers that no matter how many times they kiss his a&& he will not turn in to a prince.

  148. The orange boys tried to bring down that Wolfe guy too, and he did nothing in the end except be a paranoid right wing A**hole. They have no souls.

  149. Uppity Woman on June 8, 2011 at 7:23 PM said:
    Pamela, thanks for the vote of confidence but I’m sure they didn’t cover it because of me.
    You never know, but the immediate catalyst for Delta action was a YouTube video. Between that and the weiner exposure :), the internet has gained a lot of presence and credibility on TV during the last few days. Not a moment too soon.

  150. lorac,
    On the last thread someone (votermom….?) posted an article that said the Student loan people went to a person’s house to arrest them for their delinquent student loans. But when I clicked on the link, it now had an update. It wasn’t for that, it was because there was some fraud involved with that person’s student loans.

    yep, that’s me at the top of the thread.
    Thanks for the update. I still don’t think loan fraud is something that should get 15 armed officers literally breaking down your ex’s door in the morning with a search warrant? A search warrant? It’s such a WTF moment.
    They don’t even do that for big name fraudsters like Bernie Madoff.

  151. Yeah that was a bit of a stretch.

    But I will say that student loan fraud is RAMPANT. Many are using it to supplement supporting themselves. They get these quarterly checks that aren’t all that small. They will get them for a period of four years. They are to use the checks for educational advancement. Then they go online to one of those useless onine colleges and take a course. The college makes out like a bandit and there is money left over. The loan total doesn’t come due for four years, after which time you have a bunch of dead beats who never intended to pay them off to begin with. And since they have no credit and no property, there are no liens. You can’t lein Nothing. And they also have no degree or have a useless online piece of paper, and they have advanced themselves exactly Nowhere. There is also a High School diploma requirement and, since it’s not their own personal money, the monitoring agencies don’t get around to checking out if there actully IS a diploma. So, you have people with no HS diploma, pretending they do, taking courses that will get them nowhere, or not even finishing the useless program, using the remainder to supplement themselves, and in four years, they are right back where they started and the taxpayer’s wallet is significantly lighter. The government makes it rather hard to report these people if you know any of them, you have to hunt your ass off to find a method. And since most people don’t know the name of the program, googling gets you a couple of hundred pages of fraudulant loan sites.

    Madoff ripped off private investors and organizations who were too happy with the ‘return’ to not pretend it was too good to be true. Student loan fraud takes from you and me. It’s becoming another one of Obama’s Redistribution programs. Still, busting down the door is more than a little bit much. Unless the person was GIVING OUT the loans and there are PLENTY of those fraudsters out there. Just do a government loan search and you can find these profiteers.

  152. It only gets worse as the blackjack dealer sends a message to Huma.

    Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Vegas-based cyber mistress felt so bad about her involvement in “Weinergate” — she typed up an apology letter and mailed it off to Mrs. Weiner … TMZ has learned.

    In the letter, obtained by TMZ, blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss tells Huma Abedin she wants to express her “deepest apologies for conversing with your husband Congressman Anthony Weiner.”

    Weiss adds, “I honestly meant no harm and I hope that you and Anthony can work through this.”

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