Middle Eastern Psychos On Parade

Speaking of another early era in the evolution of Man,  welcome to the Human version of Jurrassic Park: The Middle East. Here are this week’s Throwbacks. This could become a series if I could only keep up.

Here is an Egyptian School Teacher who gets off beating up on little kids.  (h/t McNorman).

Egypt’s government quickly issued an arrest warrant for a teacher spotted abusing students in his class with a wooden stick.

I wonder how many wives and kids this POS throwback has? As this video advances, do you not want to reach through your screen and just kick the crap out of this savage? Do we actually think Egypt is headed toward democracy? Really?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

…..And here we have the wonders of  Middle Eastern medicine.

Crier had this posted over at her place – and I thought you really should all see it.

Here are a bunch of yahoo “doctors,” sans masks and gloves, yukking it up while one of them tries to remove an ‘object’ from some caveman’s body via mouth. Ah well, at least one of them wasn’t scratching his boys.

Soon one of them will move here and put up a shingle. Just saying.

Okay, so tell me. How did this get there?

So tell me…aren’t you just chomping at the bit to go to the Middle East on your next vacation?

Maybe see some pyramids, or taste some great cuisine,  wade in beautiful waters in a woolen burqa in summertime, spend a year in a jail cell for accidentally showing an ankle in 100 degree temperatures? Maybe get to see a nice gang-rape or a stoning of a woman or homosexual?  Play Dodge-The-AK-47? You know, all the fun things!

Every day, I am more excited about Barack’s closest allies, like Harold Koh, because I just know we should buy into that International Law idea, don’t you? I mean that Constitution is sooooooooo yesterday!


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  1. well it is no wonder these kids grow up to hate and no wonder the women are submissive.

  2. What the hell is that all about?
    Though my older sibs do remember the rattan.

  3. Messed up, just plain messed up. Women give these savages life, yet there is a complete disconnect to women who have strength. I’d like to see one of these asshats pop a watermelon out their bazoo.

  4. Any speculation on how a wrench got inside that moron? Maybe he fixed somebody’s car wrong and the owner shoved it down his thoat. There is NO WAY someone could swallow that voluntarily.

  5. mcnorman- and there you have it- imo the whole male power trip is about a deep seated fear of women and their ability to bring forth life. Bleeding without dying and all that- it scares the bejesus out of them on some visceral level.
    OT- Uppity- you’ve got mail

  6. Watch the “teacher” vid to the end. He escalates and the kids are pathetically crying and it makes him even more excited.

  7. I would love to slam my big, fat, heavy car door on that teacher’s fingers over and over and over. His head might also work stuck inbetween the hood and engine as well.

  8. Would not surprise me if he’s actually getting his rocks off. Ugh.

  9. Sounds like A Plan, McNorman. He’s probably here now besides.

  10. I’d like to see one of these asshats pop a watermelon out their bazoo.

    ROFL, mcnorman. Quel image!! Heck, I’ll bet The Weiner would pop one on national TV if he could turn back the hands of the clock.

  11. McNorman, you must remember that humans are the only species where the female actually gives birth to her own oppressors.

  12. I will never understand it though. These women are arrested because they were too loud at a wedding.


    Any tiny bit of joy must be controlled.

  13. Another great place to visit on your next vacay. lol.

  14. You know, with the kind of Islamofacist press Egypt is getting, how much time do you think will go by before nobody cares to partake in their tourism, which happens to be the bulk of their income? Morons.

  15. I do hope that happens soon. Who the heck wants to be shrouded on top of a camel in 100+ heat? Let them eat their cake.

  16. Yes Uppity- their tourism is going to hell and fast- another example of the disconnect from the modern world. They just do not understand that we don’t want to travel to see repression- and further they do not get that WE, the WIMMINZ, tend to have the final say on where the family goes for vacation.

  17. They don’t care, Mom. They don’t think of stuff like that. They are throwbacks to another century. They even destroyed some of their own attractions. These people are simply in a time warp. It’s like a Sci Fi movie. The human version of Jurrassic Park, if you will.

  18. Throwbacks is right. Who in their right mind marries a five year old? Child brides proudly pictured next to their perverted pedophile spouses. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2001029/Child-brides-young-5-married-secret-middle-aged-men.html

  19. Not to worry NES. He’s a chicago thug and they will think of something smarmy and dishonest in order to win. He doesn’t CARE if 100 percent of the country thinks he’s a complete POS. It shows. If he can’t win legitimately, he will win dishonestly. Surely, Primary, 2008 was a glaring example of what he is capable of getting away with.

  20. Hey Mom, good to have you back! We’ve been short of commonsense lately.

  21. Yeah Mom. What NES said.

  22. UW, the 2008 primary was a glaring example of what the Dems allowed him to get away with against a woman. He won’t win with those shenanigans in the general election. They’re no slouches in the dirty tricks campaigns either.

  23. The human version of Jurrassic Park, if you will.

    Bingo UW!

  24. Actually the Regressives LEARNED dirty tricks from the Republicans. However, it seems that the R’s have lost their old formula as far as I can see. And isn’t it just sickening that two parties have to rely on smarm to get elected because they are both so devoid of integrity, competence and ideas?

  25. I should put that in future posts about the cavemen, yes, NES? Maybe even in this post.

  26. Unlike Europeans, these are people who never went through a Reformation or an Enlightenment. They are stiil living in the Dark Ages. We could pour 100 trillion dollars into the region and they would still not become part of the modern world. Really depressing, but true.

  27. That’s not exactly true,though, Beata. If you look at their history, they have eroded since the 50s. They were actually quite free and that included women. I have posted a pictorial of women in Egypt, graduating classes from the late 50s to now and it’s glaring proof that they have regressed. I think NES can shed some light here and hope she will. But the “revolution” in Pak, Iran, etc in the 70s was the beginning of the regression we see today, with orthodox Islam being the culprit. As Sharia took over, it all went to hell. As with all revolutions, the euphoria wore off and the poverty kicked and, and always, there are despots to assuage the pain. Then they are hooked. This will happen in Egypt and Libya. They are counting on it.

  28. Oh yes, put it in, UW.

  29. Thank you for alerting me to that, UW. I was unaware, for a time at least, women in Egypt were making real progress toward equality. I believe the same was true about women in Iran. A brief shining moment, it seems. So sad to see the pictures of those university women back in the ’50’s.

  30. Actually, they were better OFF in the 50s. If you look at the sequence, you see women covered up with those horrid uniforms in increasing numbers as years went by, bringing us to what there is today. The one defining thread is the growth of Sharia and Islam Supreme Rulers.

  31. Lol NES- been busy with the grandsons- it’s a big upheaval for them- their Mom going away for a year- and add to that their Dad being gone for two months. They have gone through deployments before- but never one with their Mom away for a year- and never with both parents being gone at the same time.
    Have to say they are good boys- very polite, lovely manners and helpful around the house. Normal amount of reminders about chores- but no back talk or shilly shallying.
    Glad you all missed me! I missed you too!

  32. BTW, I have just started reading Stacy Schiff’s “Cleopatra: A Life”. Anyone here read it? What do you think about it? My background is in Jewish history. I know very little about non-Jews in the ME, ancient or modern.

  33. Really weird. I posted at 10:55 am but did not write “The one defining thread is the growth of Sharia and Islam Supreme Rulers.” Not that I disagree but I didn’t write it! So how could it have appeared in my comment?

  34. I’ve been hacked!!!

  35. UW, you’re correct in saying there has been a huge regression in the social, political and cultural status of women in places like Pak., Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, and the like; they were unquestionably better for women in the 50s and 60s. Beata is correct in focusing on the lack of a reformation; the lack of enlightenment reformation in the religion of Islam rather than ME civic societies, however. The truth is found, in my view, in the reconciliation of your two views and observations: societies in the ME are regressing in the face of the rise of Islamists and political Islam, a religion that – unfortunately for all of us – has not been through a reformation.

  36. Beata, did you just send me a photo of you in your undies?

  37. You suppose THEY infiltrate your blog every time you write about the backwards ME, Uppity. Comments appearing out of the blue in people’s comments.

    I was having a pleasant day until I watched those videos. Those poor kids had to come forward knowing they were probably going to get smacked even though it looked like they had done their assignments. And they reacted stoicly until the one tiny girl cried and resisted, then they all did. Yikes. The 2nd video was just plain unbelievable.

  38. Anyone up for swallowing something unusual? That fellow was either a daredevil, crazy, or forced to swallowing the hardware.

    He had to get it removed, lest he would sound off the alarms at the airport. That is if the TSA did not usher him through instead.

  39. I suspect MK “Breitbart” Bill. J’accuse!

  40. NEVERMIND! I wrote that! I thought I updated MY OWN POST and I edited yours! All is well.

  41. BCL nobody infiltrates my blog. If they did, they would want to delete it. Just saying.

    If they want, they can infiltrate my front door so I can feed them to my dog.


  43. NES! Behave yourself. That was me in MY undies!

    Bill is getting REALLY P’O’d at you NES. Don’t be surprised if you lose your privileges.

  44. No Beata I haven’t read the book. Unfortunately, I have precious little time left to read any longer since I took up blogging. My loss.

  45. Gawd, I do hope Beatta is here and not working on a hack she doesn’t have. Poor honey. I should really buy her a gift. I just emailed her.

  46. Oh damn her email address bounced. Times like this are good times to examine whether or not your email address you give me is real or current. You never know when you might need ole uppity and your email address is all I have.

  47. He was probably seeing if he could swallow a bomb so he could grab his dick and blow himself up by instructions from his jihad advisor. Savages.

  48. College student who received Weiner’s shorts interviews with NY Times.

    Ms. Cordova, who had traded messages with Mr. Weiner, a New York Democrat, about their shared concern over his conservative critics, said she had never sent him anything provocative. Asked if she was taken aback by his decision to send the photo, she responded, “Oh gosh, yes.”

  49. He was probably seeing if he could swallow a bomb so he could grab his dick and blow himself up by instructions from his jihad advisor. Savages.


  50. UW, I was so worried about my WP account being hacked that I deleted my email address and got a new one! I will update it. Oy.

  51. Beata, I AM SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!

  52. I shoulda blamed Bill!

  53. I think you can recover that yahoo email account. Just login with it and they ask if you want to reopen it.

  54. Just kidding about the infiltration.

  55. BCL you and NES are very bad girls.

  56. I knew it was a moderator that had added the comment to Beata’s comment. I’m having so much trouble getting a comment posted with the new log in look (my typos, I’m sure) that I forgot to reply to someone’s question up topp about the new book on Cleopatra. Yes, I read the book a few months ago and i would call it the definitive work on Cleopatra. Great read but very long so be prepared.

  57. I am logging in with my new email. Who knows what my new gravatar will look like? I will miss my frilly pink fork-tongued Cyclops with the loofah on its head.

  58. lol beata, poor you landed in spam with the new email address. why not reopen the old one now that you know it’s safe? Just login and reactivate, I think.

    Also you can go to gravatar.com and change emails. But it’s best to just reopen the one you had.

  59. If I were you, I would be furious at me.

  60. Jebus. I was looking on the youtubes for a sound clip that says I”m Sorry! for Beata. And look what I found.

  61. Slinking off….hands shoved in pockets, head down…..

  62. Aww Upps, it’s not your fault. You were hacked.

    Whoa, Beata — you’ve got a quick trigger finger. Sorry for ‘punking’ you — was just having some fun. Welcome to the site — I enjoy reading your comments.

  63. So whipppppppppp us!

  64. I’ll send some nip dough his way. (My paypal account has to be resuscitated or something…it’s a pain.)

  65. Things are finally going our way:

    I know there’s not much enthusiasm for the GOP field on this page, but I’m confident that between Romney, Huntsman and Pawlenty, the party is fielding a solid team; each of them can beat Obama, and none of them would be a disaster as president.

  66. Such sack-cloth-and-ashes, Upps. If it’ll make you feel better, you can taste Mom’s lunge whip too.

  67. Time for mcnorman to start fingering her prayer beads:
    Whispers about a Rick Perry run recommence.

  68. What a sadist! Looks like he’s doling out punishment based on the grades they received for their homework. A slap on the hand, means a B. Whacks on the back, a C. Undirected target whacks, anything minus C. And what about the camera operators, they couldn’t stop laughing?!

  69. Don’t do it, NES. He’ll snatch the money and still punish you. I know this cat.

  70. OT – In the Gulf of Mexico corexit is killing everything:


    I would have posted this at PumaPac where several of the bloggers are interested, but it’s no longer there.

    I guess Murphy gave it up. Too bad.

  71. hahahaha NES…I have been hearing a lot of rumblings about Perry going for it. Anita is behind him. I think he is going to do it too. I’ll vote for P over Barack.

  72. Where’s my fork???

    Top members of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s senior staff have resigned from his presidential campaign, Fox News confirms.

  73. En masse DE. What happened?

  74. Rats often leave a sinking ship mcnorman.

  75. Looks like Perry is the key here DE. He won’t run without Carney.

    Perry is a go imo except that he wants his man with him. David Carney was working for Newt’s campaign. Add Rob Johnson, who managed Perry’s reelection campaign last year, iswas Gingrich’s campaign manager.

    Rick is in.

  76. hello ((((uppity’s))))))

    just stopping by—-always here,

  77. How are you today Michelina?

  78. Dora, Murphy gets hacked at least once a year, actually I think more than that. She’s probably just under another DOS attack. She will bring it up in a few days if that’s the case. However if she did ‘give it up’ I wouldn’t blame her. Most people click on a link and have no idea how much of your life that kind of blog consumes, until finally, you burn out. But I’m betting she’s hacked. In fact, she just commented her a few days ago and said nothing about giving it up. The Pumpac regulars have the earlier site to go to when an attack occurs and generally you can find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, I had the link but have no idea where i put it.

  79. I’m well Mcnorman, thank you for asking,

    hope all is well with you also

  80. looks like Newts goose is cooked. 😆

  81. yes, UW: Idon’t think murphy would walk away without at least a good-bye to us.

    go to PumaPac.org (through google)—pull up one of the earlier sites, before she made her changes on her present site, but I
    believe you need your password for it

  82. I see the domain expires 6-3-11, bet she forgot to renew it. That can be fixed though.

    Michelina I didn’t have a password for the site I visited whenever she was down.

  83. Okay, member of DENSA here. What did newt do this time? The pig.

  84. Newt is such a morally bankrupt A Hole faker, I never even think of him as a candidate except to know he would knee cap everyone else to come out on top. He needs to ride off into the sunset, the Know It All bore.

    Imagine newt as president. He would be the only president who entered the white house with one wife and left with another. And that would be the FIRST term.

    He can’t even succeed at a marriage. Can’t even run his own life without epic Fail, how the hell is he going to run the country? He needs to go do what he does the very best: Dump wives and get new ones. ***Praise God!

  85. I’m as well as can be expected Michelina. Glad you stopped by.

  86. Gotta love those thieving Nigerians! This is the typical email scam, but this time check out the guy’s name.


    My name is Jerome Corsi Odinga Jnr and my sister Jane Corsi Odinga,we are Kenyan
    National,who is currently at the Bujumbura Refugee Camp Accra Ghana.Please i
    will like you to assist me and my sister to retrieve and receive our
    consignment over there in American that contains $25million United States
    dollars and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify.

    The consignment is presently in American.The consignments get to the state
    through the help of a diplomatic courier agent Mr.Chambas Mohamed IBN The
    fact is that Mr.Chambas Mohamed IBN is suppose to have delivered the
    consignment to a man called MR.WAYNE RICHARDSON in American.

    The week Mr.Chambas Mohamed IBN is suppose to deliver the consignment to
    him, when he got to American after clearing the consignment from the
    Airport,he call MR.WAYNE RICHARDSON to tell him the description to his
    house for the delivery,but his wife answered the call and told Mr.Chambas
    Mohamed IBN that her husband MR.WAYNE RICHARDSON hard a fatal car accident
    which lead to his death some few hours later.MR.WAYNE RICHARDSON has
    already paid the demur rages from the security company, he paid for
    Bullion van that took the consignment to the airport and he paid for
    custom check report he also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI
    TERRORIST CERTIFICATE, but he has already acquire it,but unfortunately he
    died in a car accident, that was why Mr.Chambas Mohamed IBN has to deposit
    the consignment with a warehouse over there in American and called us to
    informed us about what is happening,and told us to look for a new
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    So please i will like you to assist me and my Sister to received the
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    Please reply our private email below,

    Email: jeromecorsiodingajnr2005@yahoo.cn

    Thanks and God bless you
    Jerome Corsi Odinga Jnr..

  87. When we were talking about police, I forgot to give you this link — victims of domestic abuse made their own registry of mostly police abusers but when I went to get the link it seems they may have branched out to other professions lately


    Newt’ staff quit en mass ==too much living the high life at Tiffany’s credit cards, his Mediterranean cruise, and his attack on Paul” let them use herbs” Ryan.

  88. Earlier pumapac site is down too. That is what’s so troublesome.

  89. Uppity, we are on the same wavelength again…my piece tomorrow will be a good companion to this one. 🙂

    Oh, and thanks so much for pointing out Hillary’s heroic actions on behalf of Iman Al-Obeidi. She is amazing.

  90. Uppity, I think you nailed the pumapac problem because the newer site disappeared on June 3, the previous site which is blog.pumapac.org came down on June 4. Thank you for that observation.

  91. You’re Welcome, madamab, and I’m not surprised our wavelengths sometimes cross.

    There are so many CRACKPOT and OBSCENE stories about these freaks, that I’m thinking of making it a series. CRACKPOTS ON PARADE: HUMAN JURRASSIC PARK.

  92. Interesting reading of the tea leaves on Perry, mcnorman. Glad he’s in if he can stick a fork in Bammy.

  93. Newt probably got all passionate again, what with his stump…..er um I mean his stump speeches ahem. Poor old Newt, he just can’t control his passion it runs deep, probably 3 or 4 inches deep. There is no telling what he did to his staff to cause them to all quit like that???? I tell you if I was chased around by a horny Newt I’d sure as hell quit……no job is worth that!!

    Dora thanks for sharing those pictures. OMG they were all horrible, but the one with the peeling dolphin….OMFG. The media just turns a blind eye. Why is that?? Obama worship??? Explain Fox why aren’t they covering it??? Corporate greed?? CYA among the corporate elite??? It’s such a travesty the spill and the lack of coverage both. I spent many a summer on the shores of the gulf…..in the redneck Riviera. What a beautiful place and I fear it shall never be the same, certainly not in my lifetime.

    McNorman if you have to choose between Governor good hair and O…..who gets your vote??

  94. Geez UW, they are getting to be as bad as the Dominican scammers that called me last week. I get a voicemail from a guy that says he is DEA and there is an arrest warrant out for me including a home search warrant. You know what I was doing with the sick animals last week, this fried me. The guy gives a Baltimore number to call Dallas. He has a judge that I can wire $$$$ money to.

  95. The series would be YUM.

  96. Yeah, but he’s not registered in NY to vote…go figure.

  97. I read somewhere that Perry has Rush Limberger’s blessing. That is even more frightening.

  98. Come on Somebody…I’d vote for the devil over Bam. lol Gov Good Hair can look pretty as POTUS. I can tell you that Anita will NOT embarrass the FLOTUS office.

  99. Mind you UW, I have gotten one speeding ticket during my lifetime. I have purchased glasses and dog meds online. The only reason this call freaked me is because I thought someone had stolen my identity until I started researching the stupid voicemail. Yeah, DEA is going to leave me a message about a warrant. My eyes rolled to the back of my eye sockets.

  100. My friend wrote this about Weiner – I think it is insightful.

    “The oxymoronic public privacy face of the Internet. Easy access to test fantasies of all kinds, harmless or not; to escape. Validation. Validation. Validation. Many of the exchanges are like drugs. Costly like pharmaceuticals”

    I thought I heard someone in the media say this morning that there is a new comic book with Hillary Clinton as the hero with superpowers called “The Adventures of Hillary”. I don’t think I was dreaming.

  101. http://www.cnbc.com/id/43346072

    Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank

    WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been in discussions with the White House about leaving her job next year to become head of the World Bank, sources familiar with the discussions said Thursday.

    The former first lady and onetime political rival to President Barack Obama quickly became one of the most influential members of his cabinet after she began her tenure at State in early 2009.

    She has said publicly she did not plan to stay on at the State Department for more than four years. Associates say Clinton has expressed interest in having the World Bank job should the Bank’s current president, Robert Zoellick, leave at the end of his term, in the middle of 2012.

    “Hillary Clinton wants the job,” said one source who knows the secretary well.

    (There’s more at the link)

  102. Ohhh that’s interesting BCL.

  103. Shocking but very crafty IMO.

  104. That will be helpful. Not.

  105. That’s hilarious UW Corsi Odinga LOLOLOL I got this one yesterday.

    This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it
    as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine
    wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility. I am Mrs Helen George
    and I am a 61 years old woman. I am a South African married to a Sierra
    I was the President/CEO of OIL COMPANY INTERNATIONAL-an oil servicing company
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    I was living for and I never really cared about other people. But since
    the loss of my Husband and also because i had have no child to call my
    own, I have found a new desire to assist the helpless, I have been helping
    orphans in orphanages/motherless homes/humanitarians. I have donated
    some money to orphans in Sudan,Ethiopia, Cameroon, Spain, Austria,
    Germany and some Asian countries.
    IN SUMMARY:- I have 12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million) U. S. Dollars which I
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    Kindly expedite action and contact me via email at mrshelen@ixxxx
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    May the good Lord bless you and your family?
    Best Regards.
    Mrs Helen George

  106. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/44/post/clinton-staff-denies-world-bank-report/2011/06/09/AG66bjNH_blog.html

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff is denying a report that she is interested in becoming the next president of the World Bank.

    Citing anonymous sources, Reuters reported Thursday that Clinton has been in talks with the White House about leaving her job next year in order to pursue the post.

    Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines flatly denied the report.

    “100 percent untrue, Reuters is wrong,” Reines wrote in an e-mail to the Washington Post.

  107. Now that the rumor is out there, it will not go away. We’ll hear more about this.

  108. Obama probably got somebody to start it, to get her out of the way. Apparently this is supposed to placate us Hillary people who couldn’t stand him in 2008 and he knows that hasn’t changed. In his convoluted mind, this would make us fall into place. Fat chance.

  109. thank youu for that denial uppity

  110. he is going to smear her because she is leaving and is still a threat

  111. Isn’t Reuters the same people who declared a mid-day Obama win in Indiana so Hillary voters would stay home? And she still kicked his ass. Even with that sleezy mayor of Gary refusing to release the numbers till he “counted” absentee ballots–till another mayor blew him in.

  112. Reuters…the employer of the photographer who just stood there and filmed the shooting of two Afghan women in the head. Oh wait, that was AP. shrug.

  113. The denial by her staff member was in the link I posted but I didn’t want to post the whole long article. That’s why I said there’s more at the link. If you Google the story, it is all over the blogasphere so it really took off. It sounds reasonable because the World Bank is supposed to work with developing countries to fight poverty and that is right up the Clinton’s alley. But, of course, it removes her from the 2012 presidential picture so is suspicious from that standpoint.

  114. let him have at it Green. He already lost us AND the independents, so he will gain nothing but more anger and worse polls.

  115. The “anonymous source” was Axelrod on a pay phone.

  116. I believe the CNBC link said sources close to HRC and that could be anybody in the WH.

  117. BCL

    It is a smear because the World Bank funds projects in countries givinexaggerateded estimates of the income the project will produce country borrow big to fund the project. They never pay off driving countries deeply into debt — then in come the exploiters who say we will pay you to let us sell yourain forestst, we wilprivatizese your water systems and mine your resources and you can pay off your debt. The best explanation is in Confessions of an Economic Hitman with “World on Fire” to round out the picture.

    It is a smear because the World Bank funds projects in countries giving exaggerateded estimates of the income the project will produce . The country borrows big to fund the project.

  119. “close to” can mean the office down the hall as opposed to people she is close to. Hillary’s close friends don’t leak crap or they aren’t close friends for long. This is Pravda doing their Pravda job.

  120. I did not make all those typos !!!!! I have been hacked!!!

  121. Well I do make all those typos all the time unfortunately. LOL I know about the bad rep of the world bank but some speculated that she could be appointed to clean it up. Yuck, not a job that I would want, but she is Superwoman, you know.

  122. LOL I am NOT taking the rap for that one Green!

  123. Wow, HRC would be perfect for the World Bank. I shall confirm the rumor from my source.

  124. Does anybody really believe the world bank is controlled by its president?????????????????

  125. Hillaryis 44 answer to the Hillary/World Bank story:

    June 9th, 2011 at 7:51 pm
    A quick note on the Hillary story about the World Bank:

    Rule of thumb – Anytime a story about Hillary hits while Hillary is out of the country you can almost be sure it is a hit job, a drive by shooting. In today’s instance it’s John Kerry trying to muscle Hillary out and get himself a new job. Barack Obama’s thugs are busy too hoping these types of stories hurt Hillary’s influence.

    September is the month to watch.

    The story has been strongly repudiated:


  126. Here’s the final sentence by the Admin at His44:
    “It’s Grade A” BS, Clinton’s spokesman emailed POLITICO after the account hit the wire.

    It didn’t copy when I copied the rest.

  127. I despise Kerry even more than I am disgusted by Obama– ever since his opportunistic Viet Nam hypocrisy and his obvious contempt for the “little’ stupid people during his campaign. How he loves to get away to his wife’s villa in France where they feel much more at home. Really, I am more suspicious of Kerry than Obama.

  128. Uppity,

    Give us a lesson on who controls the world bank — can we just say the global oligarchs or can you be more specific?

  129. global corporatists

    the secret hand
    the people who gave us Obama

  130. Uppity, I just wanted you to know that I am not the least bit furious with you over the mix-up this morning. I think it was funny. And now I have a gravatar with a wine glass on its head, instead of a loofah.


  131. Didn’t anyone here go to Catholic School?? That guy should have been wearing a habit from the School Sisters of Notre Dame . My first grade teacher did the EXACT same thing to every pupil that dared to erase anything .. and then the nutcase went around with a scissors and cut the erasers off of all the pencils . That was acceptable back then . I am not even sure that today there are not states in this country that permit “corporal punishment ” Insane as it is I think there are states that still permit it.

  132. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0934191.html a list of states that still permit corporal punishment

  133. Yes also the nuns at St Florian’s –i was hit abused and locked in closets where you could not stand up. And worse…. still watching the video made me want to kill all of them. And yes, he was getting off especially on the girl who resisted. I only shook free of the anger that leaves (when it is at home also) i only shook free a few years ago. The prisons and mental hospitals are filled with people who had it worse. End child abuse and we will end violence in the world. The thing is in the middle east there is no escape so the entire society is sadistic.

  134. Aha! I don’t see what the hurry is to get Hill out; she said she’s not staying past 2012.

  135. Wow Green, that’s quite an admission. I don’t hate Kerry as much simply because he didn’t run against Hillary.

  136. Par-tay Beata! That’s the spirit in this little cybersaloon.

  137. Wow, swan, I’m surprised to see FL on that list; every other state on that list is predictable.

  138. Hey I already told you guys my left-handed story and the second grade teacher who beat the crap out of me and told me I was possessed every time I picked up a pencil for chrissakes. That was Public school. And our principal had a paddle and she used it, although I never had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of that.

  139. Kerry is NOT a nice man. He is a limousine liberal and if you think Obama is out of touch. …Obama is in the trenches compared to John Kerry. This is why nobody could understand what the hell he was saying every time he opened his mouth when he ran. I held my nose to vote for him. We got a dimwad for a president but I get the distinct feeling it would have been even worse with Kerry there because the guy can’t even PRETEND he has a clue how nomral people live.

  140. The Weiner refuses to go: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/jun/9/weiner-says-he-will-not-resign-amid-scandal/
    The Weiner has staying power. Too bad for him that the press and Breitbart aren’t going to up with that put. Watch for new photos, sexting transcripts, and the money-shot-video.

  141. Woot! Beata doesn’t want me dead!

  142. Boy based on that list, those kids in Mississippi sure get the crap kicked out of them a lot.

  143. We all had to pay off Beata, Upps. But, hey, you’re soooo worth it.

  144. Ah I knew i could count on you NES.

  145. Here’s why The Weiner is staying put (from the WT article I linked upthread):

    A new poll suggests the lawmaker’s constituents may be willing to overlook his problems. Fifty-six percent of registered voters in Mr. Weiner’s New York’s 9th Congressional District don’t think he should resign from the House, while 33 percent say he should, according to results of a Wednesday poll conducted jointly by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion and NY1, a New York City cable news channel.

  146. Okay, now I am convinced. Weiner is really not very bright. He is going to regret staying around five more minutes. Seriously, Tony!!! Get going, boy!!! Before it’s toooooooo late for you.

  147. The Weiner’s female Congressional colleagues are NOT amused by his staying put:

  148. But being clueless about how normal people live isn’t that unusual in pols, Upps. JFK, after all, defined a silver-spoon-in-the-mouth life; FDR too. Kerry is just stiff and a charm vacuum (most decidedly not characteristics JFK or FDR shared).

  149. Kerry definitely had a personality and charisma bypass, that’s for sure. And the operation was VERY successful.

  150. Weiner is going to be a pariah among the women in congress, and this doesn’t bode well for attracting women voters. That Lee guy showed his chest and had to quit. And this…..is HOW much worse? More and more, the Democrats are looking like the party of Fuck You, Ladies.

    And the women in Congress not taking a stand is NOT impressive. NOT ONE BIT.

    The saddest part here is that NONE of this is about Right or Wrong with these people. It’s ONLY about whether or not Weiner will harm re-elections. These people make me want to puke.

  151. But people who know all the parties involved said the last place they would want to be was in Weiner’s spot when he sees the secretary of state, who left Wednesday for a week-long Africa trip, taking Abedin with her.

    HAHAHAHA. She’s gonna chew him up and spit him out. And he can FORGET the Clintons.

  152. That’s Life!
    That’s what all the people say.
    Ridin’ high in April…
    Shot down in May.

  153. Jebeezus, it’s incredibly easily to accidentally send a public tweet when one intended it to be a private tweet:

    Which of course begs the question of why anyone would use twitter for private messages, let alone lewd and lascivious private messages.

  154. Yup. And how many people’s careers were ruined when they hit REPLY ALL instead of REPLY in an email????

  155. Indeed. But, I think it’s possibly to distinguish between “reply” and “reply all” if one is careful and deliberate in responding. This tweeting business — hitting a # instead of a D before the user name — on a BBerry, using thumbs — sounds like a world of trouble.

  156. NES when they have one of those rare boners, they distinguish nothing. Like Lorac said, we need leaders who have only one head.

  157. No arguing with that (head) point.

  158. online “social” networking is just plain stupid. you are sharing your life with a couple of hundred thousand complete strangers. how dumb is that? I could never see the value in it. And who the HELL has time to tweet your every move? Seriously. I mean,people’s HOMES have been robbed because of facebook and twitter. How stupid do you have to be to do this dumb thing? And when do you actually get a chance to interact with REAL PEOPLE when you are hunched over a blackberry day and freaking night? This is not healthy living, and definitely not mentally advantageous to anyone. For chrissakes, you see kids texting each other when they are in the same damned room! These people eventually won’t even be able to communicate verbally, and I won’t even get into what texting has done to their ability to write cogent sentences.

  159. Uppity, what a piece of sick twisted parasite that weinnie is!!!! UGH!! Just strolling by to say hey… And, your blog rocks!!!! Many thanks for all of the great posts and updates… Casper Cat

  160. Casper! Thanks for stopping by! Now you have to stay!

  161. Where’s FF this evening?

  162. America’s future leader, texting.

  163. Oh, ya!!!!!!!! it worked!!! Did I tell you that I have a special edition (1) from our very own Simon’s cat . An original drawing signed that a friend got me from last Christmas…. Smile… 🙂 She contacted Simon Tofield directly and he did a drawing dedicated to me and it is really great…. 🙂 I have it hung on my office wall…. What a great surprise that was… I know, that does not have anything to do with the many topics above… But, just wanted to share that with you…. 🙂 😆

  164. VERY COOL!

  165. More Genius.

  166. Uppity,

    Here I came to see if you had heard the HRC rumor, great responses everyone.

    Just finished reading the thread… Thanks for all the updates and info…

    Goof sends his hello’s to Bill. (I had to type that he’s watching me) 😀

  167. UW check your email please.

  168. check yours.

  169. Bill Says High Paw fives to Goof and wants to know if he wants to get together and score a coupla hot tuxies.

  170. Hee hee hee, Goof would love to hang out with Bill, but he wouldn’t be very interested in the tuxies. (He’s a guy in name only!) 😉

  171. I’ll check mine too. (Now lorac’s gonna want to check hers too.)

  172. Bill wants to start a petition to boycott that snip snip thing.

  173. Ah NES, then you missed those nekked pics I sent and then Unsent.

  174. I’m sure, Goof might want to sign it. (He doesn’t know what we are talking about) Good thing he hasn’t figured out how to read!!

  175. I feel compelled to eat somethng really bad for me. Not sure what it’s gonna be but it’s gonna be bad.

  176. Have some chocolate cake for me.

  177. That’s the deal in this house. I don’t have anything REALLY bad for me here. Keeps me from being bad now, doesn’t it?

  178. Indeed, it does. The cravings never go away do they?

  179. Oh I dunno. My cat still jumps on females but then he forgets why.

  180. Bwahahahahaha…. (I read that to Goof, he wasn’t amused!)

  181. I just ate a banana. How sad is that?

  182. Ahh, the things we do to stay healthy for our cats!

  183. Speaking of which, Goof says it’s time to stop typing and pay attention to him. 😯

    Night all…

  184. Plumb missed them, Upps. But lorac reports that she got ’em and is fixin’ to tweet them to her 437,000 followers.

  185. Not at all. I love bananas, particularly the little, sweet guys.

  186. I get the best darned organic bananas. I could eat the whole bunch in a day if I don’t check myself. And peaches. I LOVE peaches. The kind that drip down your arm.

  187. You should live in Cal., Upps. Best variety of locally grown fruits.

  188. I know, NES. I would love that, really. I just love fruit. We’ve got the early strawberries right now and cripes, I could OD on them. But we have this orchard that gets the best peaches in around July. I think they must come from Georgia because they are so good. I make peach everything for two months. lol. Peach shortcake. Peach cobbler. Peach Peach Peach. And then we dont get decent ones again after that. i hate that.

  189. Tell you one thing. California olive oil truly sucks, though. I bought a bottle because I wanted to buy American. This stuff is so weak it’s hard to believe it’s olive oil. And that’s the Extra Virgin.

  190. Can’t beat NY apples though. Too bad it’s my least favorite fresh fruit. I have a nice bartlett pear tree though. Big huge juicy pears if you get to them before the birds do.

  191. She’s with me. And we’re busy. lol

    NoEmptySuits, on June 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM said:
    Where’s FF this evening?

  192. I’ll check mine too. (Now lorac’s gonna want to check hers too.)

    I don’t need to check it. I’ll just tweet you a photo of “it”.

  193. There goes the neighborhood.

  194. My grandmother used to bottle fresh peaches and I could have them all year. I can still taste them.

  195. I think someone forced that wrench down the guy’s throat. That was a large wrench – it hurts just to imagine how it could have made the angle through the teeth down the throad. Ugghh.
    That teacher video was really enraging. And the photographer (and others) were laughing.

    But it struck me that every child in his class must have been failing, judging by how many he was hitting. If you were a (non-human-Jurassic) teacher and everyone was failing, wouldn’t it occur to you that it might be YOU and not the kids?
    I myself don’t get the allure of all this social media stuff. Life is so busy and noisy, the last thing I want is more intrusion on my time and life. I don’t even necessarily answer the phone every time it rings. I sure don’t want to put my life on facebook, or have incoming tweets all the time, and whatever else they all do. I want more peace, not more people demanding my time and attention! lol

  196. You’re like ma donna. Eats only the fruits and vegetables that’re in season; we get a box delivered, weekly, from an organic farm in the north-eastern part of the state.

  197. No reason to buy other than Italian olio olive. The Spanish and Greek varietals aren’t too shabby either.
    McEvoy Farm’s olive oil (Calif. brand) isn’t bad, but why bother?

  198. Try Mendocino County apples — Gowan’s. Pretty darn good.
    But, yes, NY has great apples. Washington state too.

  199. Hey UW, do you remember on the last thread, it came up that Kirsten Powers called Weiner to account for his behavior? You said something about, “why her? Something to think about” Were you thinking out loud, or do you have a theory? I don’t know *all* that much about her, just that she’s always on fox and very ideological. I’m really interested in what you’re thinking, if you weren’t just musing…

  200. Clean up in Aisle 6!

  201. I won’t bother to say who else does that….

  202. lol I can’t believe you guys are talking about whose “apples” you like lol

  203. Well said, lorac. With tweets come twits, as The Weiner has amply demonstrated.

  204. Well lorac, we were waiting for you to arrive and tone down the neighborhood.
    So, what’s the dirt today?

  205. This new format has those buttons right below the comment box (right where “post” used to be, and I have to keep stopping myself from clicking the wrong thing!)

    There’s an “f” for facebook login, a “t” for twitter login, but what’s the “w”? It has my screen name right next to it. If I click on it, does it take me to a VW website? Oh no – I just realized – it takes you to Anthony W’s twitter feed…? lol

  206. I know. Whomever decided to NOT improve the comment box should be indicted, really. It just plain sucks. I am having a hell of a time on other blogs with it. It’s just plain stupid and more work. And you have to scroll down to click on POST. And your own avatar is big and in your face, like who the H needs that? I just don’t get it.

  207. I prefer greek olive oil to be honest. I know that’s a blasphemy with me being a dago and all, but there you have it.

    lorac, I just happened to think powers doesn’t do squat without obama’s approval. I don’t trust his appointees as far as I can throw them. So I just automatically figure there’s an agenda in there somewhere that benefits Obama. Besides, Weiner gave Obama a hard time on the public option.

  208. Good on Mittens: http://beta.news.yahoo.com/romney-wont-participate-iowa-test-vote-002933884.html

    Eff those Iowans (with apologies to any Iowans here) for giving us Obama; if he hadn’t won that Iowa Caucus, we’d have been in year 3 of the HRC presidency.

  209. I’m with ma donna. Fact is, in season is best. Period. Although I am not a winter fruit fan. I can only eat so much citrus, although I am a major lemon user.

  210. I don’t have the dirt or the dish or the scoop or the low down lol

    Except apparently some people think Trump is flirting again with running. I think I’m not going to pay attention unless he actually does it.

    About the world bank stuff and Hillary – I wonder why Kerry would be doing that, since Hillary has been very clear that she’s not staying past one term as SOS. If he doesn’t get the job, it won’t be because she’s in it. I have to admit my heart sank when I first read the rumor. I was very happy (for selfish reasons) when I read ithe announcement might just be political games. Anyway, certainly Hillary cares about people the world over, and she’s a whiz at economics is my guess, but I think she’s too interested in the welfare of OUR country (a concept not too often seen in our government) to move to a world level.

    But speaking of Kerry… and Mitt, and Gingrich, etc… I don’t get some of these people – on both sides of the aisle – they’re such warmed up leftovers. They really must think they’re hot stuff. Geez – you had a run (maybe many runs) at it already. Move on!

  211. Blasphemer!

  212. Wait, Upps, you’re talking about a different Powers. The Powers who slammed her ex-b/f, The Weiner, is the Fox commenter/token Dem, Kirsten Powers. Never worked for the BHO administration, to my knowledge.

  213. I know. I know. I will probably be thrown out of the entire ethic group for admitting this.

    She bottles peaches too?

  214. I think Trump was and is just jerking us around.

  215. Inside or outside gin-and-tonics?

  216. Peaches. Pears.

  217. Oh. Ooops! Okay sowwy.

    In that case, wonder if she would have bothered if it were a Republican.

  218. It’s the “noni” thing, Upps.

  219. Aw God. She bottles. You are so lucky.

  220. I can’t believe anyone thinks Trump has any cred left on this score. He’s never evah evah going to open his financials to the type of scrutiny prez candidates have to withstand; period, end of story.

  221. It’s the “noni” thing, Upps.

    This is true.

  222. Agree NES. Trump is blowing it out of his arse.

  223. Well at least we won’t have to listen to the Pillsbury Doughboy Gingrich, now that everybody left him. I find his voice so objectionable it will be nice not to hear Dudley DooRight campaigning.

  224. I’m going to bed. Nite.

  225. Yes, thank god.

  226. I know.

  227. OMG. They’re discussing CA and colleges. They don’t ask about legal status here, they just say if you graduated in the top whatever percent of your class in CA, you can go to a state school. This allows illegal aliens to go to school at in-state prices, even though they’re not legally in the country, let alone the state. I already knew that – but they just said that THIRTY FIVE percent of “in state” kids in CA colleges are illegal.

    They’re going to have to figure this out. They keep giving so many benefits to illegals, but when people enforce the law that you can’t hire an illegal, these people who weren’t born here, even with a college degree, can’t get a job. It’s such a political ploy. It certainly isn’t “compassionate” to enable people to get funding, even college, and not pay attention to the fact that (when laws are enforced) they can’t get a job. I don’t think the answer is to keep throwing benefits and special laws at them.

    I personally think the answer is to cut the losses as close to the original “problem” as possible. As in….. you’re not a citizen if you’re born to illegals, and those brought here as children by illegal parents can’t stay here, either. Enforce the laws about not hiring illegals. If all the benefits and free passes and looking the other way are cut off, people will stop flooding over. It’s not rocket science. Anway, that’s how I feel lol But they are definitely going to cause a “crash” when they’re enabling people to be here illegally and even get a college degree, and then having laws (which I agree with) that prevent them from getting a job. It’s not fair to citizens, and in the end it’s really not fair to the illegals either.

  228. Whaaaaaaaaat, bed now?
    Is it Ribs Day?

  229. Another instance of this administration’s PC blocking common sense:


  230. Oh man, this blog is dead tonight. Anyone?

  231. Ah lorac, the Vampiress.

  232. NES did you read the comments at RCP on the piece you linked about HS. The peeps there have barfed up their koolaid for sure.

  233. I saw that too, DE. Bunch of major sickos over there.

    Edit: Sorry. That was the other piece.

  234. I did, DE. Barfed up is right!

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