Holden Weiner 2012!!!

Made in February 2010. The guy’s a soothsayer. Who knew?

h/t No Empty Suits.


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  1. Oh UW, it was NES that posted the link…not me. She said it was pre-weinergate.

  2. Ooops sorry! I fixed the h/t. Hopeful there will be no punishments.

  3. I don’t know where NES got that from, but it is hilarious.

  4. Yes the date is February on that video post. lol.

    McNorman, it DOES smell good when it’s cooking. I should be rewarded handily for this.

  5. I am looking for that transcript where wiener says he wants to gag a woman with his penis. I can’t find it. Can you give it here again, please?

  6. I didn’t keep it for posterity Green, but it’s in one of yesterday’s post comment sections.

  7. No law degree as pimped. No business degree. No nuthin’. Huma definitely was looking down when she saw him.

  8. Thanks Uppity — talking to the menz — good men but when it comes to sex…. well you remember your cousins or their friends.. They help you move, shovel the snow, cut the grass and fix your fence but………..

  9. DEVELOPING: NEW CASTLE, Del. — Police on Friday afternoon came to the home of a 17-year-old high school junior to ask her about direct online communications she has had with Rep. Anthony Weiner.

    Two officers from the New Castle County Police Department arrived at the girl’s home around 4:30 p.m. and asked to speak with the girl’s mother about the daughter’s contact with Weiner.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/10/exclusive-weiners-messages-to-teenage-girl-in-delaware-draw-police-attention/#ixzz1OueVzVDD

  10. I was you-tubing for the ad that the GOP just put out using Weiner, and I ran across a bunch of Weiner ads for mayor, back when he ran against Bloomberg (I’m guessing). Anyway, there was this gem in the righthand column of ‘similar’ vids that the YouTube format throws up. It’s truly priceless: soooo prescient!

  11. Yeah, WTF, the guy is a professional leech on the taxpayer.

  12. A 17 year old. Super.

  13. Obama is going golfing with Boo Hoo Boner. It’s no wonder, really. They have a lot in common. They both hate the elderly, the poor and the middle class.

  14. Inevitable; we knew it was coming. But, now we’re talking criminal trouble.

  15. Finally I can lose some weight around here. I love onions but they don’t love me.

    Historic day, I pass by the food without purloining it. As historic as obama being elected despite obvious inclinations to become the worse president evah. As historic as his non-stop golfing while we are at war in three locations.

  16. Lovely email shot. He surely did enjoy keeping them in thier place waiting for Little Anthony. And if she’s not borderline psycho I don’t know what to tell you.

  17. Interesting the types he goes for…they all share a certain, shall we say, down-market quality. And yet he marries an ‘ice princess’-type like Huma A. Sort of like WJC marrying HRC and then being unable to keep his pecker out of serial dustbins.

  18. they all share a certain, shall we say, down-market quality

    ROFL! I love it.

  19. Someone said he married Huma because he wanted to be in the Clinton’s inner circle — he obviously has the whore/Madonna weirdness which makes him a split personality — because he did not marry someone who could be his sexual partner. I mourn the loss of an advocate with guts and passion because there are not many who will fling the anger I feel into the face of the repubs. He did and I loved it. This is probably why Huma loves/loved him. He spoke for me and now that is gone forever. I am sorry his weakness for porn has destroyed his usefulness to women.

  20. I mourn the loss of an advocate with guts and passion because there are not many who will fling the anger I feel into the face of the repubs. He did and I loved it. This is probably why Huma loves/loved him. He spoke for me and now that is gone forever. I am sorry his weakness for porn has destroyed his usefulness to women.

    Green – that’s it exactly! Sigh. He really was great about shoving Repub crap right back in their faces…especially the anti-choice crap.

    You know, the French are rather hateful towards women, but at least after French women are raped, they can go get an abortion toute suite.

  21. Ups – sorry I didn’t write the post I meant to today. It just wouldn’t come out. I’m going to try to do it Wednesday.

  22. Exactly madamab, I was thinking the same thing. Green nailed precisely how I feel. I am so disappointed. It’s like the plug has been pulled.

    Don’t ever apologize for not being able to put the words together for a piece. It happens to me all the time and I hate it. It makes me feel so inadequate.

  23. madamab, France has a very strong feminist presence. They do things that our sleepy NOW would never even think of breaking a nail to do. And at least France understands that a burqa is a prison. That’s more than I can say for the yahoos here.

  24. INADEQUATE???!! Geesus You both are among the finest on the web for feminism.

  25. But there are the ones that never get written that haunt us, Green.

  26. A writer needs to hear the CLICK! I’M DONE sound before hitting SUBMIT. No CLICK, no submit. I’ll bet I have 50 unfinished pieces lying around in draft right now.

  27. Well said, Green. I am having very mixed feelings about the Weiner scandal as well. He has been such a strong advocate for liberal issues that are dear to me. I wanted him to continue to be that voice. Why, why, why did he have to self-destruct in this senseless way? It is sad on so many levels.

  28. My hippie angel cards would say BECAUSE the time is not right for that post. They gnaw at you to make you alert for the insight that is coming or the humor to be applied in a similar situation down the road. Even babies take 9 months.

  29. Beata, what makes me weep is I know instinctivelly he can NEVER be effective on behalf of women again. He is as useful to us now as a screen door in a submarine.

  30. It depends on what kind of correspondence he had with underage girls. Everything else might not kill him as a politician maybe even governor. But if he was a jerk to young girls you can stick a fork in him. And if he is not effective as a change agent I think Huma will leave. Let us all pray he did not abuse underage girls.

  31. Thanks, Ups. I do feel inadequate when I can’t get the words out…plus, I only have a few hours in the evenings to write. It makes me feel better that you have the same feelings – you never seem to be short of passion or words that inspire it. 🙂

    Green – 😳 – thank you! That post has been growing for a couple of months now…who knows when it will be ready to come out? I think it will be soon though.

  32. Pelosi saw Wieners package and asked him to stay and not slither away.

  33. Don’t kid yourself madamab, all writers have it. Some stuff comes easy because you are so moved or amused. Other stuff doesn’t come so easily, especially when you are incensed. When it happens, it will happen M. Trust me on this. Nobody is a writing machine. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. My head is littered with pieces I still want to write and can’t. If it doesn’t make the click sound, don’t do it till it does.

    2 months? I’ve got some that are almost a year old! A writer knows when it’s hot and when it’s not. And self-critical is the path to being an excellent writer. Me? I’d rather let it go than write a piece that doesn’t hit my perception of The Mark.

  34. Green, if he commisserated in the same vein with underage girls, a fork will be the least of his pain.

  35. 2 months? I’ve got some that are almost a year old! A writer knows when it’s hot and when it’s not. And self-critical is the path to being an excellent writer. Me? I’d rather let it go than write a piece that doesn’t hit my perception of The Mark.

    Amen, Uppity! Sometimes I start four or five different pieces before I finally hit on one.

  36. LOL my best works come when I get all giddy and can’t even type fast enough to keep up with the stuff rolling around in my head. And I confess that, sometimes, when I am doing a satire, I know I’m on the money because I am laughing out loud and crying from it–while I am writing.

  37. Hahaha – yup, that’s the way it goes all right. Some of the plays I’ve written came out all in one session with me chortling to myself like a crazy person.

    We are telling all our secrets tonight!

  38. Yeah secrets. But none of them work if you don’t already have that switch in your head.

  39. Hee! So true. I just wish I could have a full-time job AND somehow have five hours a day to write. Sadly, I do need to eat and sleep sometime. 😉

  40. Sleeping is SO overrated!

  41. Lovely to hear you writers ruminate on your craft.

  42. NES – I hope I’m not boring you. (I know Uppity is NEVER boring.)

    Uppity – I notice you didn’t say that eating is so overrated. Thank Goddess.

  43. Craft. I like that.

  44. I’m Italian madamab. How can I say eating is overrated? However Over-eating is overrated.

  45. You’re a good writer, madamab. I come back to your blog. I don’t do that with many. And I’m reallly stingy about writing compliments, so believe me, it’s the truth.

  46. Oh yes, over-eating should be saved for special occasions. We Jooz are no slouches in the food-loving department, either – although I have to say our food is NOTHING compared to yours. Mamma mia, I love Italian food! What have we got? Bagels and a schmear?

  47. Ha! My foot! If you want to know where the best Italian food is, ask a Jew.

  48. That goes for Chinese too.

  49. Thanks, Uppity. I feel the same way about you. Often I don’t comment, because there are always 100 before I get to you…but I always read you.

  50. LOL! At least we know how to find good food, even if we can’t make it! 😆

  51. My family doctor for decades and his wife were my parents’ very best friends. They were Jewish. Gone now, all four of them. Sigh. However, I used to joke that his idea of phone sex was calling up and asking what was on the stove.

  52. cripes I can’t type tonight. Edit Edit Edit.

  53. My grandma always cooked our Sunday night dinners…she always made good plain food. One night, Grandpa decided to cook.

    He made couscous with peanut butter, alongside chicken that was so dry you could have used it to soak up Lake Michigan.

    He did not cook again.


  55. I think we had maybe three meals at their home in 30 years. But still, they were the most generous and fun people on earth. And it was FUN to watch them eat my mother’s food.

  56. My father and my brother were both good cooks too. I think it’s like a DNA thing with Italians.

  57. We are givers, Uppity!

    And eaters! Let’s face it, gefilte fish is not cuisine to brag about.

    My uncle and aunt always eat like maniacs when they’re out to dinner with us. My aunt is half Italian, half Jewish. Unfortunately, her Jewish half won when it comes to cooking for my uncle.

  58. For some reason, my dad and I can both cook. I don’t know what happened with us. Maybe some Italian snuck in there somewhere.

  59. latkes ain’t shabby though. And Jews make great chicken soup!

    Her Jewish half won. Hahahaha.

    You guys do make one great thing for dinner though: Reservations.

  60. LOL! We sure do!

    My grandma was so funny (other side). She was this kind of spoiled Hollywood wife. She would go out to dinner a lot, or cook, but wouldn’t order in.

    I was out to visit her one time, and she said, “Oh, I don’t feel like cooking.”

    I suggested we order pizza.

    She said, “You can order pizza? For DELIVERY?”

    83 years old! I loved that woman.

  61. That’s cute.

    I never actually remember a single time when my parents ordered delivered food unless it was a cater event. NEVER saw a takeout pizza in their home either. I never realized it till now. If we wanted pizza, we made pizza.

  62. Gonna say goodnight. We’re gonna make some popcorn and chill out.

    Nite M, and anybody else who is here.

  63. Nite Uppity! Enjoy the chillin’!

  64. Oh this is rich…..Charlie Rangle defends Anthony Weiner:

    Weiner did pick up support from Rep. Charles Rangel, a New York Democrat who was censured by the House last year for ethics violations.
    Rangel suggested that other members of Congress had done things more immoral than Weiner.
    Rangel said Weiner “wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys.”

    From Yahoo News.

  65. Such a great defense. The rest of congress is more immoral than this pervert!! No wonder the country is going to H-E-double toothpicks in a handbasket.

  66. I’ve been reading the released emails from that Alaskan woman who isn’t running for any political office at this time, just to see what is going on in the obot demented, evil, woman hating dems empty heads.

    They are going to make shit up to please their deranged cravings for dirt and demeaning because that woman was as prim and proper as they come and carefully watched her step.

    It is really sickening that the major media have all been following penis-gate and now will focus on 25,000 emails of absolutely no importance.

    We have such critical problems in this world. It is enough to make one scream.

  67. Daily economic briefings disappear from Obama’s White House schedule – TheHill.com

    Must be because the economy is improving.

  68. Of course you’re not “boring,” madamab. What a thought! I always enjoy your comments.

    I have to confess that I wasn’t that conscious of Weiner till this scandal (I stopped watching cable TV after the primaries), but I’ve been following some of his past comments, speeches and debates on youtube — he’s very skilled, even gifted, politically and elocution-wise. Too bad he has self-destructed now. Hope he manages to stay out of the clink (the 17-yr-old-follower story now breaking doesn’t look good for him…).

  69. The You Are Not Boring thing reminded me of this.

  70. Awww…so cute. Love those Jack Russells.

  71. JRs are too hyper for me. I’m not a terrier fan. Busy Busy Busy. They’re cute though, so long as they belong to somebody else. lol.

    Glass stairs. Figures.

  72. On JRs,totally agreed.

    Glass ceilings, glass stairs.

  73. For me a dog is a dog if you don’t have to bend down to pet him, he lies at your feet quietly, lets kids ride him, knows the difference between a threat and a friend before you do, herds kids at picnics, never ruins a party, learns something after you show him once, isn’t obsessively clingy, is kind to other animals, has a bark that makes potential intruders crap their pants, and knows how to remove the testicles of anyone breaking into your home.

  74. We love it when you get giddy, Uppity! My thanks for all the wonderful posts on this site!


  75. we love Upps any way we can get her.just lots of it..:)

  76. we love Upps any way we can get her.just lots of it..:)

    Woot! Thank you!

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