You’ll always be tested in life – Love, Hayward

I know I’ve posted it before, but it remains one of my favorites, and let’s face it, we need it. And because Hayward reminds me so much of the cat I recently lost.

“Remember, you’ll always be tested in life” – Love, Hayward.

Given the events of this past week, I would say Hayward is right. It’s just too bad that we didn’t have Hayward’s kinda test instead…


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  1. The judge’s question is one we have been asking for years now – in the age of Obama.

    “Lynch said that she initially thought the new courthouse must have been designed by men.

    “How can you open a brand new building and not take in consideration half the population?” Lynch said.”

  2. Good one, FF.
    The judge has put security guards on alert to discourage neck-craners.

  3. Time to get out the sandblaster FF. You know that they won’t do that simple of a fix, they’ll spend a few million putting in a new staircase.

  4. I am thinking of taking up yoga for my back and general well-being. The idea of trying that pose at my age has me a bit scared off. Please someone tell me that they start out more gently and realistically. Oh, and will there be cats? 😉

  5. DE, email the judge and suggest the sandblaster idea. They just might do it. She sounds like a common sense kind of woman who gets things done.

  6. That’s what happens when one forgets to feed the cat — yellow cats especially.

    Cats rule — dogs drool.

  7. Yellow cats are the clowns of catdom.

  8. Hayward loves him his Daddy. You can tell the guy spends a lot of time with that cat. No surprise. Cats. Yoga. Agility. Peace.

  9. Not again imust? lol

  10. Anyone up for more of the gift that keeps on giving?

  11. That new courthouse is in my town and they just had a big new opening ceremony and named part of it after a beloved Sheriff that just passed away. I never heard a word until the other day about the staircase. Surely there were females on the design and architecture team that would have realized what a glass staircase would mean. I don’t watch alot of local news, just in the mornings to get the local weather, but this is kind of unbelievable. Put some attractive carpeting on the stairs and be done with it.

  12. It does show a complete disregard for half the people using that staircase. I say bring the guy who designed it……and it IS a guy, let him stand under the staircase with every other man in the building and tell him his wife is getting ready to climb the stairs and see how that impresses him.

  13. Just did Teresa.

  14. Lovely- just lovely. Glass staircases. Hmph.
    Haircuts for the boys today- then relax by the pool for the afternoon. In the 95+ degree heat. Meanwhile- my husband says it is STILL torrential rain at home. The guy who farms the fields across the way has yet to get the fields plowed- never mind planted.
    A word to the wise- keep stocking up your pantries. While the southwest and south are in a drought- places like NW PA are having too much rain. And all those crops that were lost in the floods last month……be prepared for yet higher food prices.

  15. Glass staircases. Like glass houses. All wrong.

  16. Imustprotest, here is another article about President Obama’s economic views:

    Lack of demand means nothing to him.


  17. “Remember, you’ll always be tested in life”

    Sooooooooooooo true. Keeping up with dodging the bullets Fortitude, skill, wit, grace, faith. In no particular order. Family and friends are always key.

    To UW and her kitty who resides as alive now as ever, just in a different realm, hats off to you.

  18. McNorman

    Went over and read your blog — LOVE your byline “just because I forget stuff”. That is my original thought and only reason I have a blog. Purrfect!

    The judge also stationed a guard there to warn the women –isn’t it an escalator? A stair would be easy to fix –paint it -even an escalator you could paint.

  19. I went to the farmer’s market and bought veggie plants for the garden. It is about 50 degrees here. One day it is 90 degrees and the next day it is 40 degrees or raining like a hurricane for 4 days. The only things growing well are the weeds although I hear squash is doing well.

  20. and we are 10 days away from the Summer Solstice

  21. so the only thing to eat will be the e coli food and that will be very expensive — we will be eating out of cans again –pay attention to what military mom said up there — learn to can or dehydrate to preserve clean food.

  22. Men’s turn to be idiots in commercials.

  23. preserve clean food.

    Where do we find this?

  24. Clean food comes from your garden and the peach orchards you were talking about before–like porn, you know clean food when you find it.

    Listen, I am having an embolism — you remember I told you there was a new Hillary Clinton comic book? Well it was mentioned on fox media matters — the superpower is political power. The comic book tell how Hillary overcame obstacles to become SOS. They showed the cover and it is three beautiful pictures of Hillary. At the end of the explanation. the F—k turd host said: Can Kim Jong-il be far behind? Comparing Hillary to the dictator of NK. I would like to get him fired.

  25. Where is that guys yoga studio? Looks very tropical.

  26. It is called Fox News Watch and the closest link I could find is the whole program but the Hillary comic book was the last 3 minutes of the show

  27. Debbie WS, DNC calls for Weiner to resign. Weiner instead to take a “short break” from congress to “seek treatment”.

  28. Eh. The Democrats must have taken a national poll. Otherwise they would just keep him. They have no souls anyways.

  29. At the end of the explanation. the F—k turd host said: Can Kim Jong-il be far behind? Comparing Hillary to the dictator of NK. I would like to get him fired.

    You have to excuse him. His pee pee is small and poorly used and it just makes him so worried about wimminz. He wouldn’t get fired for that. he’s Fox’s model rightwing women hating pimp. That’s how they like em. And that’s why I hate them as much as I hate MSNBC. I’m sure a Glenn Beck comic book would get him excited though.

  30. Clean food from your own garden is becoming rare, Green. Monsanto has the seed business now. And even finding clean seeds, there are huge swaths of this nation that are buried in snow in winter and can grow nothing for damned near three seasons.

  31. Major thunder here, presaging major storm. So if i disappear for awhile, you’ll know.

  32. I planted red onions this year. My first time. I’m so excited. My life is obviously dull to be excited over onions. lol. My mesclun is sprouting and my tomande tomatoe plants are growing tall. I have enough basil, rosemary, dill, parsley, and greek oregano to sink the queen mary. My freezer is full and my pantry runneth over with pre-depression canned goods, flour, dry legumes and even powdered milk. I can smell depression in the air.

  33. I am just starting my garden between the hand/arms damage and the weather. First I have to chop down all the weeds. I am really jealous of your garden Uppity.

  34. Oh for Chrissakes. Weiner is “seeking treatment’. This shit is so predictable it’s an insult to anyone with HALF a brain. What a bunch of bullshit. He’s ‘taking a leave”. Looks like the teenager story will be coming out soon, then.

  35. Weiner’s office put out a statement confirming those reports and announcing that he had requested a “short leave of absence from the House of Representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well.”

    Try neutering, asshole.


    “I urge Congressman Weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a Member of Congress.”

    Funny how these slimeballs are so polite to each other, even when they are addressing a pervert, but they talk to us like we are dogshit.

  36. The Celebrity Clinic for Removal of Perversion:
    Day One: Give clinic tons of $$ so you can get the best room in the spa….uh…hospital
    Day 2: Hire a PR person, recommendations available at the front desk of sp….hospital
    Day 3: Don’t forget to sign up for the yoga class and daily massages.
    Day 4: Golf/tennis or sunbathing
    Day 5: You’re cured! Go home. Get on Pierce Morgan (formally Larry King) or other softball show to tell everyone you are cured.
    Day 6: Take vacay to rest up after treatment
    One week later: resume career as if nothing happened.

  37. Too funny imustprotest–youve got the script down pat!

  38. I don’t think rehab works at all unless it is no nonsense and hard work. I can only imagine what kind of cushy rehab for sex addicts Wiener is going to. I do believe he is a sex addict and I think it was probably brought on by heavy use of pornography. I think it is a more and more pervasive problem and one of the reasons that I am not a fan of the “oh stop being such a prude” argument.

  39. I am very glad Weiner is going into therapy –Porn is a billion dollar business in this country. It is not just Weiner. There is a generation of men coming out of patriarchy who are going to have to fight this crap they are conditioned to believe is real and they had better start talking about it. Women had many years to analyze how the patriarchy has screwed us mentally and physically and men had better start doing the same thing. Weiner may turn out able to help himself and the men of his generation similar to Michael Vick and his horrendous, much worse, behavior. Feminism is not just words it is social change and that change starts in a series of actions that prepare the masses for change. We must not stop the process by self righteousness. We are not clean –none of us. ESPECIALLY the democrats calling for his resignation are not clean. They have betrayed us in much deeper ways, lying to us, making promises they had no intention of keeping, changing the rules to give us BO. . Do not spit on resocialization therapy– all victims of patriarchy must go through it whether you call it consciousness raising groups or therapy.

    Weiner has to find out why he is so split as to marry what does not satisfy him sexually. He is insecure because he seems to need to be validated by everyone, needs to dominate women and be validated sexually yet he marries the second most powerful woman in the US. Huma is known as Hillary Clinton’s second daughter. I believe he does love Huma and shares her values. I think he thought this on line stuff was harmless role play. I think he got lost in a fantasy that is like a drug.

    He has got to go into therapy and reconcile his Madonna/whore split. – learn that boundaries are more important here than self validation. There is a lot of anger at his sex talks – talk that is straight out of the porn industry – I think the way porn is now is all about dominance /submission to validate male power. I think that perverts good men and like all drugs builds their tolerance until in the end NO AMOUNT can satisfy them – they always crave more unless they can straighten up – and they need CR groups to straighten up because they are not going to do it alone.

    I am all in favor of therapy as long as it is feminist, as long as he is sincere and as long as he uses it to make social change by talking to the millions of men who are into on-line porn in the same way he was into it — thinking it is harmless.

  40. not that I didn’t laugh at “try neutering A**hole”.

  41. I am with you Teresinpa. Weiner has been wired for a VERY long time to behave in such a manner. If he goes to rehab, it will not matter. He must relearn how to deal with women and that is not a two week stay in rehab.

  42. You forgot imust, take a happy and loving family picture before resuming career.

  43. Plus, let us not forget weenie’s own comment during his speech.

    This is not something that can be treated away; this is my own personal mistake.

  44. Weenie can thank his lucky stars that being a congresscritter has it’s perks. He will never have the swat team barreling down his door like this fool for sending lewd pics to a minor.

  45. I can see Weiner now in rehab yanking out this bit of wisdom, “Male Brains Aren’t Designed To Listen To Female Voices” as his excuse .

  46. Seriously though. Therapy for what? Being an entitled pig? There is no cure for what he does. I am getting more than a little sick of labeling every terrible behavior and character FLAW as an illness. He’s not ill. He’s a fucking pig who got caught. He’s a mental adolescent playing with his pee pee in awe. Michael Vick is full of shit too. He only pretends to give a shit about animals because he got caught and because he wants to play ball and have his ass slapped by the boys and yell OOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAH I a man! If he could, he be shooting dogs and fighting them again in a NY minute. I am sick of thse bullshit shows. These mental adolescents get off on power and control and that’s not an illness. That’s a CHARACTER FLAW.nYou want to cure a porn pig who just can’t stop, or an internet pig who just can’t stop. Neuter them! You want to cure a freak who has no respect for life and tortures animals. Give him to his own goddamned dogs! You’d see how quick they’d fly right.

    Funny thing. I’ll bet Anthony has parked Little Anthony since he got caught. Eureka! He’s cured! Now he needs to go get a real job where he’s too busy to pull his putz on the net and he has to produce something for a boss. Anthony Wiener’s position went to both his heads and he had too damned much time on his hands. He was not working. he has a staff to do his work. All he had to do all day was call more press conferences and think of how to pose for the camera on the House floor and give speeches the likes of which I could do myself and then have plenty of time to jerk around. Send that guy packing. Go get a real job Anthony and you won’t have time to fondle yourself and abuse your power day and night, little man.

  47. He’s no different than Spitzer. Raiding houses of prostitution, prosecuting and being a customer at the same time. Or Foley. Adamant about pedophilia, loud and firm about it, and emailing pages. They go after what they are. Weiner was passionate savior of women while abusing them, dissing them and treating them all like tools for his tool. You want to know what a Congress Critter’s sin is? Watch what he crusades against. Beware these phoney family values people especially. I would bet a buck to a donut Santorum lusts for a man day and night. What we need to do before electing these creatures is demand they are psychoanalyzed first. We have an entire congress riddled with freaks of ill character. Or as the saying goes, thou protesteth too much, methinks. We have WEAK people in charge and that is why our country is WEAK! A fish starts to stink at the head! I’ll bet most of this ‘pro choice” pigs paid for at least one abortion for a mistress.

  48. The Celebrity Clinic for Removal of Perversion:
    Day One: Give clinic tons of $$ so you can get the best room in the spa….uh…hospital
    Day 2: Hire a PR person, recommendations available at the front desk of sp….hospital
    Day 3: Don’t forget to sign up for the yoga class and daily massages.
    Day 4: Golf/tennis or sunbathing
    Day 5: You’re cured! Go home. Get on Pierce Morgan (formally Larry King) or other softball show to tell everyone you are cured.
    Day 6: Take vacay to rest up after treatment
    One week later: resume career as if nothing happened.

    ROFL! That wraps it up!

  49. What Uppity just said. And said. My final take on this whole WeinerGate thing…

    Congressional Junk: Too much exposure for too small a Member.

    Now, get outta my fuckin sight, Anthony.

  50. We need to start flushing the congressional toilet. These are people we would never personally want to hang around with, face it folks, they are broken minds. Too many of them. And they are making laws that affect 300 million people. They are weak people who are easy to hook into sex and easy to hook into bribery by lobbyists. this is how congress got so corrupt. People of ill character with a little charisma or a lot of money are sitting in these chairs and when their lives are exposed, we realize we would never open our front doors to them if they weren’t “important” any longer.

  51. How do you become “CURED” of being an asshole?

  52. That’s the other thing, DE. Most of us are married to better people than this. This is bullshit. If this were your sister’s husband, you would cut him NO slack. No excuses for these freaks! They need to stop imagining they are better than everyone and entitled to be assholes and perverts, liars and thieves. In elected officials, CHARACTER DOES COUNT! It is the character of that person that determines the honesty, integrity, objectivity and the policies of that person. And those who become fixated on the character of others should be the most suspect.

  53. McNorman, synopsis of that ludicrous ‘analysis’ of the male brain not designed to listen to female voices: It’s another small man wanted women to shut up and stop competing with his mediocre self. Women should be cooking and not heard. Fuck him and his mother probably wishes she had oral sex instead.

  54. We have WEAK people in charge and that is why our country is WEAK!

    Isn’t that the truth. sheesh

  55. I’m disgusted UW. I found that article and just wanted to barf.

  56. A billion dollar porn industry and every man I talk to thinks it is funny, except that Weiner hit the wrong button. Yes, there should be public anger but also a way to change. I was not born a feminist. I came to it through CR and talking and reading other women. Nowhere in this society are men taught anything but republican sexual repression and BS family values which intelligent people reject as an alternative to pornified sexuality..

    The men must build an alternative to patriarchal values. It starts when they see how they have been made slaves to those who have exploited their instincts. We must push them to see how patriarchy hurts both genders. Weiner is the example but he can be used to teach redemption through change BECAUSE OF WHAT HE MADE HIS ISSUES POLITICALLY. Did you want to fire Bill Clinton who never reformed and NEVER got therapy? The size of the porn industry and the sexual slave market, the child runaways prostituting themselves because it is better than home….all of that is so vast we cannot just say F–k them. Because then we are the losers.

    I want social change and I would use these incidents to get it. Just like I used rape victims and battered women to make change. I don’t know if Vick has changed but he has made an impact on young boys in the dog fighting culture. I want more of that especially because I am too old to fight sexism effectively anymore. I want to encourage all the victims of patriarchy to fight back. I am not satisfied just throwing them away. There will not be many of us left outside the dump.

    If you think this is crap then tell me how you would make social change — Last time we just changed women — was that enough? Do you think all these males in the MSM are just there forever or do you think of paths to social change?

  57. You can’t be cured DE. You have to own it. He was on the way, but now he’s taking the PC way out. It might be pc, but it’s not going to fix the problem. This guy has been lying for how many years? Shame means nothing to this creep. Shame has become wrong in the pc world.

  58. Except when you are a nut. Salafi cleric on growing a beard which includes all women as well.

  59. Green nothing on this earth changes by coddling the offenders. You effect change by rejecting them. The truth is, nobody wants to be ostracized or rejected. It is a major deterrent. Even as we speak, other guys are watching this play out and making calculated choices about their own lives and what they are up to or might be thinking of being up to. We coddle these freaks too much. We have to make it exceedingly uncomfortable for them or they will never change. The other thing is, I WAS born a feminist. I instinctively knew that taking bullshit from boys wasn’t going to be my path. You effect change by REFUSING to accept this kind of behavior, NOT by treating these freaks as if they are a victim of some illness that only becomes an illness when they are caught. Instead they need to be displayed in the square, making all those who would follow squirm.

    The show To Catch a Predator deterred more online perverts than any rehab program ever did.

  60. McNorman. Egypt is destined to be just another Sharia shithole now. Now perhaps people will understand why Mubarak was a preferred choice to the western world. Get ready folks, because we are funding another Sharia dump that will raise more jihadists and rape and kill more women and girls.

  61. Where the heck is NOW?

  62. Oh, NOW is an arm of the far left now. They don’t deal with this stuff unless a Republican does it. Everybody else gets a free pass. And they are using those free passes happily, bashing women every day. They won’t touch Weiner (scuse the pun, I couldn’t resist). If they do, it will be a lame assed passive little statement on their blog that nobody reads any longer. NOW is LATER.

  63. And even when NOW does something, it’s childish and immature, silly and ineffective. Like bringing a bunch of nipples to Simpson. he laughed in their faces. Sending tires to senators who declared you should prepare for abortion like you prepare for a flat tire, when they should have been at his office door with torches and pitchforks. This is grammar school nonsense that they do. Flash mobs with girls dancing to 9 to 5 for equal pay. That worked, didn’t it?

  64. NOW is LATER

    . It will be too late when they get it figured out. They were warned. They had eons of history to warn them, but they persisted with their heads in the sand.

  65. I totally agree about rejecting the behavior. My point is that the rejection is not the end. There needs to be a cure as well as rejection. The men cannot be abandoned to find their own way without feminist CR. We should have some impact on the kind of things that happen in the resocialization process. Where is Lorac?

  66. To Catch A Predator did not deter predators — they even came even when they saw the show and saw the cops outside. Pedophilia is not deterable because these are adult victims who were sexually abused at young ages. They got hard wired. In the progress of these men of porn through therapy we will never change their sexual nature which is programmed in their first sexual occurrences but we will see how much they can change and how they can be useful IF they stop reinforcing the behavior by acting on it. What TCAP did do was educate the non pedophiles as to the modus operandi so they finally realized that the predators were the so called normal men all around them.

  67. Coddle? Do you think I could coddle predators? I am laughing — Uppity — this is me! I think we have had this conversation before. You think somehow that trying to find a way to end the root cause is being soft on the perps. No! Either we will define the way or the patriarchy will define the way. That is what really happens. What feminists have determined is that pedophiles must be locked up for life but we have not been successful at doing that in the face of now overwhelming evidence that they cannot be cured. It is like global warming. Every generation without root change the problem grows more lethal.

  68. Green, you called? Here I am – magic! lol

  69. Lorac

    Tell us what you think about therapy and Weiner — does he have to resign more than those who promised me a public option and betrayed me? Can he be made whole and maybe even help other men who don’t think there is anything wrong with his behavior except he got caught?

  70. I’m sorry but I do not buy into the hard wiring thing. I know more than my fair share of people who were abused as children and they aren’t pedophiles. You know, the truth of the matter is, everyone has things in their childhood they could blame for every awful thing they do, and if everybody did that, why the entire country would be a bunch of pity seeking, excuse making victims instead of their victims being victims when they do something REALLY awful. Actually, that’s pretty much where we are at in our criminal justice system now. Look how well that’s working out for us. But the truth is, if everyone of us wanted to, we could surely find SOMETHING in our childhood to blame for every bad behavior we have. And even if some of these things are reasons, that does not make them good excuses. In fact, many people learn what they don’t want to be like by watching behaviors they don’t admire. My grandfather beat the crap out of my father, but my father never raised a hand to one of his kids. He learned what he DIDN’T want to be. I guess he missed the Hard Wire class. I think it’s very dangerous to assume that everybody does these horrid things because somebody made them do it. People grow up knowing right from wrong and they have as much capabililty to choose right as they have to choose wrong. What is missing in our society that has made it so dangerous is the ability for people to NOT take responsibility for their OWN behaviors. All this does is create more victims for them to exploit and harm.

  71. Green, my experience in the women’s movement was that we tried to involve both genders and show the men as well that adjusting the gender roles was better for both, but most men didn’t “sign on”. The desire was there on the part of women, the knowledge that both had to change was there in women’s minds. There are some men now that accept women as equals, so that’s a positive – it’s just not enough of them. They really have to teach EACH OTHER – but until enough of them sign on, it won’t translate to enough change.

    We really need more women in congress, and in other positions of power, to both set an example and to affect change in laws and company procedures. And somehow more education for our youth – so they learn early that a man can be sensitive as well as strong, that it doesn’t diminish them to treat women with respect. Actually, I think they need to learn to respect more than brute strength.

    I guess I suspect that Weiner’s sexual preoccupation goes deeper than sexual gratification.

  72. Pravda simply can’t come up with enough detours from America’s real problems can they? Apparently they imagine that people aren’t aware of the jobs situation and the real state of the economy. They are wrong.

  73. I am laughing — Uppity — this is me!

    LOL. But pulling your chain is just so much fun!

  74. Hey where’s NES. I had ribs today.

  75. oops should have been “effect” I think…

    As far as Weiner and therapy, I haven’t heard yet what form that it going to take, other than that he is going to take a SHORT leave of absence to pursue it. What is “short”? I would suggest he go inpatient for awhile, and then outpatient. An anti-depressant might quell some of his compulsions.

    I understand your point about him recovering and then helping others, but he wouldn’t need to keep his job in order to do that. Let him EARN it back, if he can. I doubt many of us would be able to keep our job if we did this, particularly during work hours – why should he get to keep his? Many jobs have ethics clauses. I’m totally fed up with these ridiculous congress people, and personally I’d rather see him leave office.

  76. Why that’s some serious journalism there UW. Let’s see, AOL/Huffypoo material.

  77. Karen

    I know we said we were working for/with men but whenever they actually joined our groups it didn’t work out. Then we started to tell them to form their own groups and that was a little better. Some good books were written. But most of the women including myself were very angry. Then there was that guy all the NOW national leadership were so thrilled about and they put him on the board and then he wrote fathers rights articles or other stuff i do not remember but it all went south. I think we know a lot more now. How to take advantage — I think the Humane So. did the right thing with Vick although I could have killed them when it happened. That is what activists do — they use the horror to make change.

  78. the above should have been addressed to Lorac not Karen — time for this old lady to go to bed

  79. Uppity
    One last thing — the hard wiring I believe in is sexual abuse and sadistic physical violence against children– it is not that they actually do the crime but their sexuality is hard wired — they always want to — it comes into their mind when they masturbate — that is where the rage comes from in the victims — they feel they are ruined.

  80. I think it would be good if people starting referring to men like Weiner as “weak”. The traditional way of framing this kind of behavior by men was that they were so virile they couldn’t control their manly urges – they were 100% men, etc. If inability to control one’s urges is instead framed as “weak” and it catches on, it might help…

  81. McNorman, synopsis of that ludicrous ‘analysis’ of the male brain not designed to listen to female voices: It’s another small man wanted women to shut up and stop competing with his mediocre self. Women should be cooking and not heard. Fuck him and his mother probably wishes she had oral sex instead.

    Well, that just made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Out loud. Windows open. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy.

    Your statements above, Uppity, could be an entire post – they’re wonderful!

  82. Ugh… Ann Coulter is on TV, grossly generalizing about all liberals – big surprise. I’ve seen her a few times lately, and she keeps repeating her joke (she really thinks she’s SO amusing) that Bill Clinton isn’t angry at Weiner, he just asked for his twitter list (so that Bill could have inappropriate relations with those women now).

    I’m so tired of both sides generalizing about the other side. For heaven’s sake, we have AMPLE evidence that both sides have perverts, have liars – have everything – whether you’re talking about the politicians or the average person. This is such a cycle – one side gets busted, and the other side gets to play holier than thou to their own audience, until they switch sides.

    We’re not going to get anywhere, until people start making their primary focus how the behaviors are wrong, and stop focusing on which side is doing it – because this latter approach doesn’t change anything, it’s just political. It’s all for the benefit of the politicians and hangers-on like the MSM. When someone behaves badly, both sides should be outraged.

  83. Well, that just made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Out loud. Windows open. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy.

    Well then I’ve done my job.

  84. it comes into their mind when they masturbate —

    And you know this how?

    Come on, Green, not all men are animals, we shouldn’t depict them this way. I have YET to meet a man, or woman who had such a glorious childhood as to not have something distasteful they remember. This does not mean they care to repeat the behavior themselves FCS.

  85. That is what activists do — they use the horror to make change.

    And they are failing miserably at it. You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  86. I understand your point about him recovering and then helping others, but he wouldn’t need to keep his job in order to do that. Let him EARN it back, if he can. I doubt many of us would be able to keep our job if we did this, particularly during work hours – why should he get to keep his? Many jobs have ethics clauses. I’m totally fed up with these ridiculous congress people, and personally I’d rather see him leave office.

    Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner.

    In the real world, there are no second chances. Only in the world of the Privileged are there second chances.

  87. Where’s NES? Probably copying UW and having ribs tonight!

    I want to hear what she thinks about the Casey Anthony trial. Certainly the perpetrator is one of the main characters, because of the smell of a decomposing body in the trunk of the car, etc. And most things sure seem to point to Casey. But the whole cast of characters seem odd – Casey’s mom, her dad, her (former) boyfriend. I just heard the father has been having affairs….?

    I’m just wondering – maybe anyone (of this small group) could have done the searches on the computer, and any of them may have used the car, etc (theoretically). There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that *directly* links Casey – like fingerprints, or a video, or someone seeing her leaving the body in the forest, etc. So the job for the jury is to just decide if they think it’s “more likely” that it’s Casey (since she is the one on trial)…..? She can be sentenced to death with no direct evidence, just a good case built against her….

    I hope one day she comes clean and tells what happened…. and why. Of course, no story could ever excuse what happened…

  88. I saw a commercial which said that 1 in 110 kids now have autism – a 600% increase in the last twenty years. Wow.

    The LA times has an article about the recent research into autism’s causes,0,2892508.story

    And South Korea recently did a study and found that 1/38 children have an autism spectrum disorder (they included Asperger’s Syndrome individuals – the field is moving towards now considering Asperger’s as a form of autism),0,2418058.story

  89. Now I just saw a commercial saying that 1 in 88 children in military families has autism.

  90. “I would like to see a similar campaign for a million women to wear the niqab [full-face veil],” Hegazi adds.

    This is just the same as thinking all women should look and dress like play boy bunnies at all times. It is woman as nothing more than sex object. Why is it I have to respect that? It’s their culture? Tough Sh*t, for that. Until we are represented in government and business at 51 percent, as we should be, we have no power to change these injustices around the world.
    But heaven forbid we vote for “pro-life” women while there are so many conservative “pro-life” democratic men on office.

  91. I wouldn’t give eIther of those examples the time of day with her own watch.

    I’ve known one too many women in Corp America who figured if they beat up on other women, they might get a pass from the boyz. That’s how I see far right women holding up men’s agendas.

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the New Democrats have a woman in a burqa running for office in the near future either.
    Two positively insane hijacked parties.

  92. The Hayward and cat video is wonderful. I needed that!


  93. I too think the Casey Anthony family is a mob of guilty actors especially the mother who dissuaded the daughter from having an abortion — promised to care for the baby and then was always complaining about how Casey was not good enough mother. Controlling, critical, manipulative, impossible to please, made her daughter believe she was worthless.

    They beat you and hurt you for 20 odd years,
    then they expect you to pick a career,,,
    John Lennon

  94. Ok Green, that could be a reason but it’s NOT a good excuse. There IS no excuse for murder.

  95. In fact, many people learn what they don’t want to be like by watching behaviors they don’t admire.

    An astute observation, Upps.

  96. Uppity

    Of COURSE. I never excuse any of them. I just want to stop it and to stop it you have to know WHY it happens. Da roots.

  97. BTW you did the same thing I do up there with right wing and corporate women — why they crush other women.

  98. Green some people are just not good people. It’s a fact of life. Some people are also just not wired right, it’s a fact of life. But to blame everybody else all the time for everything wrong is to refuse to accept responsibility for your own bad behavior. THis is what Weiner will do next. Right after the predictable “therapy”.

  99. Hey before I forget, did anybody read about how Lousiana is all upset because they can’t make abortion illegal completely because the Hyde Amendment has what they called “A compromise” in it. Guess what the “Compromise” was? Exception for rape and incest. Yes, that’s right, folks, these savages are upset that rape and incest are exceptions.

    How can you even pawn these assholes off as humans when they would cavalierly force a woman who was raped by a psycho or a child who was raped by her father to have a child?

  100. LOL in the article I saw somebody said Hyde must be rolling over in his grave. I kind of figured he was buried facing down anyways.

  101. Exactly on Egypt, UW. The so-called “Arab Spring” has turned (predictably, in my view) into an Arab Nightmare, especially for women and Coptic Christians. The Salafis (OBL’s heroes) make the MB look tame by comparison:

    As Islamists Flex Muscle, Egypt’s Christians Despair

    The US will come to rue the day they celebrated Mubarak’s ouster. He used to suppress all these Islamist effers.

  102. Agree, NES and I recall you telling me this would happen when the ‘revolution’ started. I just want people to understand why Mubarak looked good to our powers. Egypt is on an Iran path as we speak. And we are helping with blood and money. Those goatfuckers must be laughing their asses off in between plotting the killing of any woman who dares to want some rights.

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