Sunday, Chopin and open thread.

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  1. mcnorman….I went to your blog and saw the photo (washing my eyes out with bleach as I type)…..and then to see the photo of Gabby…..what a contrast. A dedicated congresswoman who did nothing more than work hard for her constituents… fighting for survival, will most likely never serve in congress again vs. a current congressman serving himself in congress fighting for his own political survival.

  2. Gabby Giffords taken on May 17.

    She looks amazing, bless her

  3. Whoa Delphyne. Now here’s a guy who is an excellent argument for retroactive abortion.

    Lorac, check out that link. See you Wednesday. heh.

  4. front left skull is bashed. That bastard.

    I read where she may never serve again, she cannot talk in a train of thought. Not sure rehab can fix what’s been shot out of her head. I just can’t believe the guy who did this is still alive. We should just remove him from the gene pool before they declare him insane, incarcerate him in a mental hospital and some crackpot doctor releases him in a few years to live next door to one of us.

  5. So sad. Like I said, what a contrast. Two congresspeople going to rehab for very different reasons. We should have more Gabbys, instead we just keep getting more Weiners.

  6. Amen, imust. Twice.

  7. Sorry imust. That man thing is just a gross sob. Yes, Gabby is a worker. No bs from her. Everyone around her is trying to get her back to point A, unlike weiner’s pals. That asshat Rangel sure made my head spin.

  8. UW, you did hear that Loughner can’t remember what he did, right?

  9. Oh he can’t remember? Give me ten minutes with my dog and I’ll bet his memory will come back.

  10. Rangel. What was that article one of you sent me about Congressional Zombies? People who did really bad things but survived? Like Rangel and Vitter. Two Congressional Zombies. Of course he’s going to defend another potential Zombie. You won’t hear Vitter saying much either, will you now?

  11. What. Nobody likes Chopin?

  12. New photos of emerged of Weiner posing in the Congressional Gym and which he sent out to one of the women. One of the pix shows him in the nude. TMZ and other sites have the photos. Bye-bye, Weenie.

  13. Not Chopin:

  14. I loved the Chopin. That young girl was beautiful. It made me wish I’d started laker on piano when he was young.

  15. I hope they santized the gym. Ewwww!!!! Xp

    What a disgusting, ego-driven, sex-addicted pig. If they grant him the leave of absence, I propose a mass vote-out.

  16. Oh for chrissakes. Why does this man not just leave office, get out of our faces, so we can pay attention to what obama is probably up to while we are preoccupied.

  17. Seen enough yet?

  18. Well, there’s the simple, undeniable proof that the ethics cmte. needs to show that he (mis)used Congressional “resources” in his cyber-mistresses scheme.

  19. Great vid,, Beata!

  20. AHHHH!!!!!!! The Weiner made me both deaf and BLIND!!

  21. philphoulup – that’s what happens when you TOUCH the Weiner too many times – did you TOUCH it? Go take a shower quickly, see if you can get your senses back! lol

  22. Lorac, are there s*x addiction clinics?

  23. ROFL NES. Thinkin’ maybe your next vacation?

  24. phil how could you BE so stoooooopit!!! EVERBODY knows you are only supposed to do it till you need glasses!

  25. LOLOL I can’t stand this. This is truly SIlly Day for news. They want to find his body? Just look for the biggest carp for the scraps.

  26. Yeah Nora is a cutie. She’s a rescue you know.

  27. NES, yup. It’s considered another form of addiction, so there’s rehab like for substances, gambling, etc. However, it’s my understanding that a very small percentage of people actually have a true sex “addiction” – the rest use it for an excuse for their atrocious behavior! Given that Anthony is a little boy in a powerful position, I’m guessing he’s in the latter group lol

  28. Ha UW, hardly!! Merely curious about our fave Congressman.
    Seriously tho’, I’m wondering whether the so-called sex-addiction syndrome has any cred amongst lorac’s professional colleagues.

  29. Thxx for the info., Dr. lorac!

  30. From the Mayo Clinic: “Compulsive Sexual Behavior”

  31. Mayo is a good organization. But it IS a medical organization – and I think that shows in the “causes” section. They don’t know yet what causes sexual addiction, but every possible cause they list is biologically based – no mentions of possible psychological precursors!

  32. Ruh-roh…….so much for 56%…….can the pitchforks be far behind?

  33. Like I said. Some people just aren’t wired right. Period.

  34. “Lorac, are there s*x addiction clinics?”
    Yes there are NES, every red light district has them.
    I want to take a sex addiction workshop.

  35. I took one of those yesterday. I feel much better today and plan on the advanced course ASAP.

  36. Keep throwing pot, vases, etc., instead, DE. Women find that hotter.

  37. A good piece:
    It’s about why girls won’t be, and aren’t, like boys in Congress.

  38. WTF is this. A role reversal. And we think men are all the culprits.

    College student Olivia Lurrie, 18, said Weiner was a good leader who made a mistake. She argued with Len Santoro, a 40-year-old information technology worker who said it was impossible for anyone to take the congressman seriously now.

    “It doesn’t matter if I agree with him on the issues,” Santoro said. “He can’t lead.”

    Read more:

    A 40 year old male understands something and an 18 year old girl doesn’t think she’s being marginalized everytime this happens. She calls this a ‘mistake’.

  39. Congressman Lee was out of there in minutes and he just showed his chest. The Congresswoman who replaced him in 2010 elections calls this “Ironic” and she’s right!

  40. This young gen. of women is really hopeless. They’ve accepted that ‘men are dogs’ and think that makes them sophisticated.

  41. Exactly NES. By the time they figure out that they lost all the rights that someone else worked for and HANDED to them, they will either have to accept being dog shit or start all over with the Fight.

  42. From NES’ link:

    “The shorthand of it is that women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody,” said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. “Women run because there is some public issue that they care about, some change they want to make, some issue that is a priority for them, and men tend to run for office because they see this as a career path.”

    So perhaps women who run for office start with a stronger sense of self than the men do – the men are searching (and more susceptible to temptations), and the women are busy trying to accomplish things. On Red Eye last week, they noticed that Weiner was always pumping his muscles up, and having a stern look on his face, in those photos – they surmised he was trying to make his whole body be a giant erection. So maybe he’s not “trying to be somebody” – but rather trying to be an erection lol

    Studies show that women are less likely to run for office; it is more difficult to recruit them, even when they have the same professional and educational qualifications as men. Men who run for office tend to look at people already elected “and say, ‘I’m as good as that,’ ” said Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University here. “Women hold themselves up to this hypothetical standard no candidate has ever achieved.”

    The public tends to do this to women as well. They’ll support an average man for elected office, but will criticize the female politician because she isn’t perfect.

  43. “The shorthand of it is that women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody,”

    This is jaw-dropping.

  44. Yeah!
    Rep. Anthony Weiner finally considering he may have to resign amid sexting scandal, says source

  45. What’s the source, DE?

  46. I was looking at Keith Dobermann’s recent tweets…(yeah, I know, Imustbeamasochist), anyway…Keithy-boy keeps tweeting that Weiner should resign like they’re telling him to and then re-run for his seat when they have a special election. Yep, that’s Keith for ya.

  47. KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
    As promised: (written) Special Comment @RepWeiner: If they force you to resign, run in special election
    11 Jun

  48. Just one more reason Keith is at the top of the heap. Oh wait….

  49. Here’s a link about Weiner thinking about resigning. Poor guy, he can’t sleep and he can’t stop pacing around his apartment. A little withdrawal, Anthony? No addiction now to soothe your anxiety and emptiness?

  50. Uppity – you have mail. Lorac, honey – it may get forwarded to you! LOL

  51. Karma is what it is. Doomsday pastor strokes which leaves him unable to speak.

  52. See UW, sh*t happens in the weirdest way.

  53. I asked you where NOW was. Well, they have responded. Hold on to your ponies.

    Women Dems turned on by Rep. Anthony Weiner’s politics are disgusted by his sexting antics

    “I wasn’t happy to discover that my congressman is a 14-year-old boy,” said Julie Kirshner, president of the NOW chapter.

    “But he happens to be one of the best politicians out there, so we’re in a bad position. We’re trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

  54. Aw poor Camping won’t be able to bilk anybody for his Oct 21 date. I guess he got his little rapture gift from God. Karma. It’s that way. Now he can give all that money he stole from people who fell for his demonic shit to doctors.

  55. Yeah UW, I’m crying here…not.

  56. Christchurch NZ just had a shallow 5.2. I hope they are alright

  57. Yes, I got the feeling you’d like to see something about it Wednesday…? So I haven’t commented on it here 🙂

  58. I mad stuffed rigatonis for dinner, they were sooooooooooo good. Put hot turkey sausage in the sauce and nobody was the wiser. How cool is that. That shady brook farms makes a fanstastical hot turkey sausage. You really just don’t know.

  59. Gabby looks better than I thought she would. I was afraid to look and then felt so much better.

    As for Chopin… I like him very much, just not as much as I love this guy:

  60. Lorac – sorry I cannot stay – I am falling asleep on the sofa. I am SO SWAMPED at the moment – I worked all day in the HOT sun. Beat. Nighty night “)

  61. There’s gotta be a song for that, FF.

  62. Well no lorac, I really want you to write what YOU want to write.

  63. Yeah, Keith has come up with a truly revolutionary idea…….”let the voters decide”. Imagine if he’d thought of that during the 07-08 primaries.

  64. BTW, that is Rachmaninoff playing the Rach 2. There are much clearer recordings on CD, if you ever give it a listen pay attention to the piano at all times. You want to get seduced by the pretty melody, but what the pianist is doing in parts of that piece, it’s monumental. It would be kind of like dancing in 3/4 times while singing in 4/4. Don’t take your ears off the pianist.

  65. Breitbart is absolutely mercenary. In a selective way of course. One day, his secrets will be plastered everywhere. Karma is a bitch.

  66. UW, believe me, I don’t mind ideas! 🙂

    FF – I didn’t know you were sticking around for awhile! And I didn’t get an email 😦

    Hey, where has HT been lately? HT, come out, come out!

  67. Some of them tweet, some of them golf so they can smoke

  68. (the golfing so he can smoke was my editorial comment, not the subject of the article)

  69. For anyone thinking that weiner was over, he’s now a doll.

    2 versions available.

  70. Oh, no, mcnorman! In that third picture, Weiner has lost BOTH of his heads! Well, I guess he already showed that he lost the big one when he was spending too much time with the little one. Now they’re both gone. All he’s got left is the last name ROFL

  71. A doll! Does the doll come with its own Blackberry? Twitter account? UNbelievable!

  72. imust, it appears to come with a banana in the shorts pocket…. or something like that lol

  73. Is that a banana in your pocket? Or are you just happy to tweet me? LOL!

  74. lol imust!

  75. These Weiner jokes just write themselves don’t they 😉

  76. You know I just can’t muster up the least bit of sympathy for him. I feel really bad for his wife….and the Clintons. I’ve always been a bleeding heart liberal, but when it comes to stuff like this……I have no mercy. I feel the same about child abusers, well…abusers of any sort…spousal abusers, elder abusers…..just gotta draw the line at certain behaviors.

  77. lorac, I’m still here. Been taking some time to turn the soil, plant and read – used to read a book a day then went down to one per week and lately I’ve felt that I’m missing something. Went to the library on Monday and took out 8 books. REturned them on Thursday. Yup, I’ve been missing something.

    Uppity, beautiful video

  78. Hi HT! Good to “see” you!

  79. I wonder what Joey is up to???? Joey, if you’re out there………HI!! 🙂

  80. Hi HT!

  81. OK, I used to watch Real Time on HBO until the primaries, when I woke up and realized what a sleezeball Bill Maher is. But below is a re-enactment of some tweets between Weiner and the Las Vegas woman performed by Maher and Jane Lynch – I stopped “seeing” Maher, and just “saw” how ridiculous those tweets were – it was pretty funny, I thought…

  82. BTW, I know that there is a trust issue with politicians presenting themselves as perfect and being found out to have feet firmly planted in cement (surprise, surprise), but with all that is going on in the world I find it distressing on the obsession that the media has with sex and all the associated scenarios. I suppose Sex sells newspapers, which makes me despair. How about a little attention to those guys and gals in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pockistan editor of NY times and the rest of the so-called media rags. How about a little attention to the people who actually do the work. (Marshall MacLuhan was prescient – the media has become the message)

  83. Imust, I have been worried about Joey for quite awhile. She told us she had dengue fever but we haven’t heard from her in quite awhile. I hope she’s recovered – joining you ….

    Joey, let us know you’re okay!!!!

  84. Ahahahahahahaha lorac, you are so perceptive. Thank you for God for letting me read that comment at home. Howling here lorac.

  85. HT, you’re right that the other issues are more important. Maybe on some level these congressmen with poor judgment and psychological issues seem like easier problems to “solve”. The wars have proven to be pretty hard to solve – matter of fact, we just seem to get in more and more of them….

    Plus, I think for many of us when we see what idiots are in congress, it helps to explain why our country has all these unsolved problems… they don’t attend speeches at work, they’re tweeting naked photos and having online sex, they’re golfing every weekend, they’re having real life affairs, etc…. we definitely need more women in office – they’d be putting their noses to the grindstone!

  86. mcnorman, I just noticed something else in the first two photos in your link. Look at the doll’s hands. The thumb and fingers form a “c” shape – all ready to go for that accompanying behavior to the tweeting!

  87. Well, looking around at other PUMA/ex-PUMA sites, it’s not just third wavers who don’t care about what Weiner did, don’t even care that high schoolers were involved (high school girls have sex drives, and anyone can walk away from the internet). I was disgusted by Weiner’s behavior even before the topic of high school kids came up. No wonder today’s “role models” are football players who kill dogs and rappers who hate women. What part of expecting leaders to be role models do they not get? Sheesh.

  88. Here’s tweet info on one of the high schoolers. He knew she was in high school. I think it’s likely he was grooming her, and more would have happened. It got to the point of her talking about her favorite lube – and he mentioned the cape and tights as he did with the LV woman.

  89. Welcome back, HT!

  90. Nice sarky message by a commenter on

    Mister Weiner should keep hanging in there, if you ask me. Keep standing up for the little todgers. But here’s the rub: if he pulls out now, he’ll deprive the conservatives of their best campaign message: the Democrat Party is the party of sexual perverts and banking crooks and global warming whackjobs. Come on, Mister Weiner, get a grip. Sure, it can be a hard thing to contemplate, but you can do it. You can firmly seize the initiative and rise to the occasion. Surely you have a little pull with the leaders of your caucus, no? They should be telling you what a great fellow you are and stroking your ego, instead of letting their support go soft just when you need it the most. By the way, I just love that penetrating stare and that thrusting chin you have in all those wonderful, sexy pictures.

  91. Can a person with twitter knowledge tell me:

    What does the hash mark mean? Does it designate the title of the tweet…?

    What does “DM” mean?

  92. should be “miq2xu style

  93. I know lorac. I didn’t want to say. It’s beyond ewwwww.

  94. EVERYONE should read that most excellent Shakesville piece lorac posted, for clarity. And I do mean clarity.

    Read it.

  95. Thanks for the great pieces posted, lorac.

  96. A good read on how the internet brings out the worst narcissistic impulses:

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