Karma for cockroaches. It’s the best.

Now here’s a cockroach who was nice enough to drop dead and save us some trial money. The only regret is he didn’t give us any time to wish his disgusting ass dead.

REFUGIO, Texas (AP) — Investigators said a man has died while in the act of raping an elderly South Texas woman.

The Refugio County Sheriff’s Office identified the man as 53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez. Sheriff’s Sgt. Gary Wright said the incident happened June 2 after he rode two miles by bicycle from his home to that of his 77-year-old victim in the tiny coastal community of Tivoli.

Wright said the 5′-7″, 230-to-250 pound man sneaked into the woman’s house and raped her at knifepoint.

During the assault, he said he wasn’t feeling well, rolled over, and died.

How embarrassing for you, macho man!  I mean, if you were ALIVE it would be embarrassing, but you’re dead. How grand! I guess having a girl’s first name wasn’t enough for you, so you had to roll over and die, therefore qualifying you as the world’s most stupid sex offender evah. Guess that control thing didn’t work out so well for you, hey, loser?

Oh and one more thing. This sh*tbag was a registered sex offender on parole. Now he’s dead. Golly, I feel awful. Simply awful…… and I know you do too! I do hope the woman he assaulted had her way with him after he went out, just her and a heavy object to the groin.

So, once again, we have another cockroach removed from the gene pool. Good thing, too, considering how useless our system of jusice is when it comes to these bags of crap. We let them out so they can practice some more…… And they continue to wonder why gun sales to women in the USA are on the rise daily.

We here at Uppity Woman’s place would like to volunteer to bury Isabel as an act of charity. Where’s my pichfork? Meet you all at the nearest dump. Later we can submit Isabel as a 2011 Darwin Award candidate.

h/t Freedom Fairy


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  1. Well – Out-pacing the pResident, at least Isabel has provided for at least one shovel-ready job

  2. ROFL FF!

  3. lol FF.

    I do think justice was served as he was in the act of attacking and raping the woman. I am sure she felt nothing but relief when he rolled off of her and died. I know if it were me I would have been happy to shoot him before he killed me.

    However I do always see the young boy, not much more than a baby, whose life went terribly wrong. Who knows what that small child endured to become a violent criminal? I think when we understand why this happens we can decrease the number of men (and a few women) who engage in violence against the opposite sex, or same sex, in the form of rape and assault. I do not think that means someone should not be locked up. I am all for protecting society.

  4. Teresa – IMO – some people – and MOST who do this crap are just wired wrong. We look for “reasons” and sometimes they are simply monsters. The FACT that he was a convicted sexual preditor yet he continued upon his release says clearly he learned nothing and had no remorse for past sins.

    Wired wrong.

    Be done with him.

    (Off to work now – BBL)

  5. Glad somebody reinforced my Wiring Theory.

  6. Shovel Ready. ROFL. Wish I had thought of that.

  7. good morning (((((UPPITY’S)))))

    I agree, F**K them—–who cares why, –I relize knowing may mean something
    as far as research etc…..and even medically being able to stop them,

    other than that, I could care less what kind of “trauma” they endured—
    god knows a great many of us has endured abuse in our childhood’s

    we didn’t rape and kill—–I think they are just wired “wrong” as FF said.

  8. Dang I gotta claim royalties on Wired Wrong.

    Maybe I’ll just take Shovel Ready as a tradeoff.

  9. A 77 year old woman was the victim. This is all about power over the powerless. I hope she is alright.

  10. Wont have to water my garden. Got off easy this week, if you call rain every freaking day getting off easy.

  11. Ups, when are you going to release Bill’s 101 DVD guide to the .22 pistol? I think it would be a big seller ! lol!

  12. LOL paper doll. Bill is a stronger proponent of the ambush and claw method.

  13. live by the rape.die by the rape 😆 😆

  14. Now if only we could provide a nice Deliverance experience for those who still live on.

  15. Obama: If I were Weiner, I’d resign.

    Barack, if Weiner were you, he’d resign.

  16. Learn how it feels. That’s what I say. Followed by Squeal like a Pig.

  17. No auto-sprinkler system, Upps?

  18. If Weiner were n the WH, we’d have little anthony’s photo tour of every historical room in the WH.

  19. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/president-obama-there-are-days-when-i-say-one-term-is-enough/

    President Obama’s revealing interview on NBC’s TODAY covered plenty of ground, from the scandal surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner to the economy, his family, and the president’s own feelings about his time in office. “I’m sure there are days where I say that one term is enough,’’ Obama said. “What keeps me going is a belief that the work that we started in 2009 is not yet complete.’’ The president told TODAY co-host Ann Curry that if, for some reason, he should decide not to seek a second term, his wife and daughters would not be disappointed.

    Hey Bam, we wouldn’t be disappointed either… No, really!!!!!!!

  20. I will hock something to help POTUS pay for that one way ticket out of the WH.

  21. I need advice from the cat lovers here: There is a beautiful black cat that has been coming into my yard for several months now, usually at night. It has been here when it was 20 degrees below zero wind chill, and during ice storms and severe thunderstorms. It cries a lot and breaks my heart. I have fed it on occasion but it will not let me touch it. It appears healthy and well-fed, so I do not think it is a stray. I have asked around the neighborhood but no one knows who the owner is. Sometimes I see it cross the busy road at night in front of my house. I am so afraid I will wake up one morning to see it dead in the street after being hit by a car. It is illegal to let cats roam freely in my town. In the winter, when it was dangerously cold, I contacted the local animal shelter and they came out to try to catch it but no luck. It was back last night, crossing the busy road, and I saw it again this morning. I am so angry that some pet owner would endanger a cat’s life by letting it outside. I don’t know what to do. This kind of thing upsets me so much I can’t think straight. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

  22. Beata, the cat is coming to you because it somewhat trusts you won’t harm it. It could be “well fed” because it is a good hunter. Contrary to what fools maintain, cats suffer immensely in cold winters without shelter. I could tell you stories. What I would do is gain more trust from him. You would do that by talking to him, naming him. I have tamed more than my share of semi ferals. He is not a full feral or you would hardly ever see him. if you would commit yourself to feeding him regularly, you will see that you gain more trust. Eventually he will eat in front of you and you will be able to touch him lightly while he eats. For me, that’s the first step toward making him trust me. Seriously, this cat either has a very bad home or no home a all, and the second one is more likely. Why not try to bond with him and reap the reward of ultimately having a very grateful cat in your life. please make sure there is water available at all times in the same spot for the little guy. Lack of fresh water in summer is extremely dangerous for a cat. Don’t make him drink from dangerous sources. You will find he will come for that water. Put it where he usually appears. When you see him again. Put some dry food in a bowl and another bowl of water out, closer to your door. He will watch. And then he will come. I am very experienced at this as are others on this forum. Besides the fact that black cats are the very best, he has chosen you and is waiting to see if the experience can be stepped up in a positive way. If time goes on and the relationship doesn’t get closer, you will at least know this cat has proper food and water, and hopeful, you can provide some shelter if possible in winter. Sometimes it takes awhile. I have taken several YEARS with cats to get them to trust me. Always, the reward is great on the day they amble up to me and decide I am definitely worthy. What a kick.

    There’s a reason why you “Can’t think straight”. Admit it. Heh.

  23. Beata: I’d take him in somehow, and wait for someone who is looking for him

  24. “What keeps me going is a belief that the work that we started in 2009 is not yet complete.’’

    Yeah we know. America still has some breath left. But we know you’re working on snuffing that out.

  25. Yes I have an auto sprinkler NES, I just prefer to examine the veggie garden and water it on its own schedule. Gardens have a mind of their own. Also, personally watering is a great time to look for signs of disease or critters. Time to train those tomatoes up their baskets properly. Besides, it’s fun. I do use sprinklers on the flowers though. And the herbs, well they get special attention too.

  26. Anytime the fraud wants to go is good by me! I will chip in with mcnorman on the ticket out of town!
    I take it I missed nothing on the “debate” last night?

  27. Hey NES, I’m having left over lamb in a greek salad sandwich for lunch. With feta, onion, tomato and tzaziki sauce of course. And olives. On grilled peta with a greek spice mix. What do you bid?

    P.S. You better run home!

  28. Thanks for the advice Uppity and Michelina. I put a bowl of food out in the yard about 30 minutes ago and called “Kitty, kitty, kitty”. No cat in sight but now the bowl is empty. Stealth kitty. I have given it the highly original name of “Blackie”. I put a new bowl of food and another one of water on my porch this time. Waiting to see what happens.

  29. You’ll be surprised Beata. That kitty will be your friend very soon.

  30. Beta

    Your humane society or the DNR will rent you a live trap – put the food in there. When you have got him, take the trap immediately to a vet you trust. Have the cat neutered and vaccinated as well as checked for everything. Bring him to your home to recover in a room with a door you can close. Do not let him out again unless your yard is fenced with a Cat Fence-In system on top of fence or you can put a leash on him.

  31. Teresainpa,

    I am with you although I know we are both very happy he croaked and would have shot him ourselves if we had the opportunity. Who do I think needs killing? A legal system that says rapists and pedophiles can be released into the community after a few years especially if they only raped their own property, that is their children and stepchildren. However, bank robbers get sentences that are at least 30 years.

    Rapist and pedophiles s convicted with DNA should get life sentences. They ARE hard wired from childhood. No crimes against children should be adjudicated in children’s court. All sexual abuse of children by stranger or parent should go to criminal court. Children should be removed from homes where the non offending parent will not co-operate or else we simply perpetuate and grow the problem.

  32. On this, we agree completely, Green. They should be removed from society, although I prefer that we execute them the way they killed the lives of the people they raped and molested.

  33. Live traps bother me for semi ferals. Ferals, I would use them. But a trap on a cat who is somewhat trusting you, COULD set the relationship on its heels. trapping for these cats, who perhaps once were owned and already mistreated or abandoned by humans, are a very traumatic experience for them. thinking like a cat thinks, imagine being a cat who is leery of trust, gets trapped unceremoniously, and then dragged off to a smelly hospital where they put him to sleep, cut him up and then he wakes up in pain in a strange cage. Very traumatic. Something we save around here for Trap, fix and release programs for ferals. I am not a proponent of letting a house cat outside, as you know–although I don’t object to a leash as his travels are controlled, we know MOST cats don’t do well on leashes, and if leashes are used, it mus be used with a harness not a collar, as cats spook and can snap their necks. .I do know they have cat fences though, never tried one as I object to fleas and am personally allergic to them. I also think that cats, once they learn they can come in and out, are more likely to leave from the wrong door one day for the adventure. In any event, I’m not here to argue indoor-outdoor, but right now Beata has to gain the trust and actually become the cat’s person before she can think of luxuries or the future. You’re way ahead of her immediate task, which is to get herself a black cat who wants to be her pet. IMO, in view of the intent, it would be a good idea to try the more gentle way of getting this cat to come to her and trust her. Takes more time, but if it works, it’s less of a trauma chance. To me, this cat appears to be looking for a home already but needs to gain trust due to previous experience. If she feeds and waters him regularly, chances are good he may not even leave the property. Then it would be easier to get him vetted in a less traumatic way. This is not a full feral. If he were, she’d see him run like a deer the minute he saw her. I’ve done this method more times than I care to tell, and in fact, have siblings right now who took me three years to tame. They were going to be put down. I volunteered to bite the bullet. One of hem is ready for adoption. The other two still only trust me. But they will get there.

  34. Word, MOM. Put me on that list too.

    As for your query re last night’s GOP debate, I didn’t have a chance to see it. But, from everything I’ve read and the few vid clips I’ve viewed, I think this NRO piece sums it up well: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/269528/mitts-night-rich-lowry

    Mittens — won;
    Bachmann — exceeded expectations;
    Everyone else s*cked.

  35. Hah, Upps! Some of us had breakfast not too long ago.

  36. Yeah NES, but breakfast is going to wear off pretty soon for you.

  37. Obama is going to make Weiner his running mate for 12.
    The campaign slogan will be “You already had a Dick as VP so how about a Weiner”

  38. Beata, good girl. Keep doing it. Every day at the same time. remember, he has to realize this is a regular deal for him. You get him to see that and you are half way there. When you do see him, always say hello to him and say cute things like are you hungry? You want a little something? And say sweetlly, Come on, sing song-like. Eventually Come On means oh boy she’s gonna feed me, and you will be able to get him to head your way and wait for you to go get the food and you won’t have to just put it out and wait. Be regular in your timing. And even if you don’t see him, he might be watching you. So every time you put the food and water out now, make sure you call him even though you don’t even know if he’s there. You want him to stay in your vicinity and this is the way.

  39. Uppity

    Yes to everything you said and it once was my way totally — but it is rough out there — you are going to have to neuter them eventually and that is traumatic whenever, less trouble in the home if it is quick MAYBE…– actually as I think of it I shortcut ed your process because I live with other cats now and i had to change my methods because they would not let me do slow and gentle.

    In fact, sadly, the last one who came to me had to go to the humane so which is no kill now because I have five and really there comes a time when more degrades the quality of life for everyone. It breaks my heart.

    However you go Beata, get him and keep him safe and your life will be golden.

  40. And beata, if you have ANY questions, let me know and I will email you and help you through. In fact, once you have him as a regular, I will walk you through what to do next. Tried and true method. I promise.

  41. this is the one i use but you have to follow directions carefully and call the guy when you cant figure out whats wrong and every spring i have to fix it because of the snow



  43. http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theticket/20110614/ts_yblog_theticket/jon-huntsman-to-enter-presidential-race-next-week

    About bleedin’ time too! Can’t believe he skipped the NH debate last night.
    But, clever choice for announcement location — Liberty Park. Nice photo op. And, hearkens back to a key speech of Reagan’s. Obama may have met his match in showboat’ness.


  45. Word is that the debates signaled to Perry to jump in.

  46. Well, mcnorman, that may be. But, I’m hoping he doesn’t because I think Mittens can beat Bammy. Perry could too, but I’m leary of his readiness to marry politics and Christianity (he’s hosting some sort of revival to “pray for our country” soon, isn’t he?). Fact is, Mittens will STFU about religion because he’s desperate to show that his Mormonism will not encroach on his presidency.

  47. I find all the worry about Mittens religion rather odd. If anyone has inflicted their so called religious beliefs on the USA its Ferdinand and Imelda and all that time with person who goes by the title of Reverend White (and his faithful nutcases know as his congregation). But if anyone calls them on its – well here comes the race card.

    But then, Barky does like the sound of those large penis like structures screeching in the wind. Too bad Kal Pen (spelling?), his phone might have had some interesting pics that would make Weiner look like a hack.

    The One has no sense of humor. At all. Therefore he does not have the ability to laugh as himself. It’s why all his attempts at jokes are just torture to listen to. But then the koolaid drinkers fall all over him and tell him he is witty and he thinks he is the life of the party. Imelda is just as bad. They are both wired very oddly.

  48. Well-observed, Mt. Laurel: an inability to laugh at oneself is the source of the problem for those who’re irremediably unfunny. Obama has a vacuum of a ‘sense of humor.’

  49. NES, that whole thing is for show. It’s the first time I have heard Perry go all Christian on anything. It’s always been very subtle and never an issue.

  50. These candidates are always such phonies, just like their consitutents who choke them into submission for votes. Sickening, really.

  51. other than that, I could care less what kind of “trauma” they endured—
    god knows a great many of us has endured abuse in our childhood’s

    M, I have too suffered sexual abuse and I am pretty sure that the person who abused me was also a victim as a child. I do care about that child and I can understand how sexual abuse screws you up. I reacted the way many girls do to abuse, looking for love in all the wrong places, and I had to go to therapy in my 30s to figure out why I was having panic attacks whenever I felt I was not in total control of my life and my house was not perfectly clean and ordered.
    I sure wish someone had broken the cycle before I was abused. To do that you have to understand why it happens.
    That doesn’t have anything to do with coddling abusers. It has to do with stopping thee abuse before the next generation of people become victims. Do you know that the people most likely to sexually abuse a child are BIOLOGICAL parents, fathers, not step fathers or uncles etc…. if we do not care why it happens, then we will never solve the problem. We can’t wait until someone is a perp and then lock him/her up and throw away the key. That’s locking up the hen house after the fox is already in. The damage is done.

  52. In addition, someone doesn’t become a rapist because they are wired wrong. In most cases it is because they were abused sexually or physically and/or socialized in dysfunction with lousy examples in their family and society. The reason they come out of prison and do it again is because we didn’t stop the cycle before it got to them and did nothing to change the script before it was too late.

  53. Teresainpa,

    You know when I say hard wired, I mean what you mean but when the trauma causes them to identify with the abuser instead of the victim and they prey on others, then rapists have to be lock up for life because for that kind of hard wire there is no cure. I hate the kind of prisons we have now and want a different , more humane system because we did not save them when they were children But sexual predators cannot change and they need to be confined away from their prey.

  54. IMHO, Isabel should be quartered and his parts fed to alligators in different zoos and pens to serve as a warning to all rapists and sexual abusers that their remains will suffer the same fate.

  55. I hate the kind of prisons we have now and want a different , more humane system because we did not save them when they were children But sexual predators cannot change and they need to be confined away from their prey.

    I agree.

  56. These candidates are always such phonies,

    So very true.

  57. How is it possible to claim that Barack has an IQ of 160? The guy won’t even let us see his grade school transcripts.

  58. Good to know, mcnorman.

  59. mcnorman — One can measure Teh Won’s IQ by the tingles he sends up and down one’s leg. By my measure, it’s zero.

  60. 160. Oh Please. Teachers know the bright ones, you can see them a mile away, and truly, he is not a bright one. 160, oh crack me up.

  61. He’s low three digits.

  62. I thought we would all agree that the assumption of 160 is quite disturbing, yet comical at the same time.

  63. Okay, it is as laughable as paying $10,000 buckaroos to take a picture with Meechelda.


  64. They pulled his IQ out of their asses just like they pulled delegates out of their asses.

  65. Tomorrow is…………Lorac Wednesday!!!

  66. On the basis of his achievements I would peg his IQ in mid double digits. Can’t imagine anyone wanting a photo of, let alone with big MO.

  67. 160?? Nooo way! I’d say 120-125 max.

  68. Uppity Shovel Ready is all yours – Royalty Free

  69. If Ferdinande’s IQ is 160 – why can he not speak contemporaneously with out putting his foot in his mouth? And what the hell is with all the phony accents?

    He is a dolt.

  70. Speaking of dolts, turns out Ahhhhnuld was outed by the mistress, who confessed to Maria:

  71. York University – not to be missed if you are in – near, or can get to Toronto



  72. NES – I think we need to make T-shirts that read “I am with Isabel” and send them to all the Fuckwads

  73. Can anyone tell me WHY over the last several days, many of the Women on Big PInk are defending the lying cheating scumbag Congressman from New York? He is pathological, COMPLETELY ABSORBED in his appendage, on the national doll, is arrogant as hell and a sexual predator – yet and they defend him at every turn. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

  74. FF, it’s because they can’t distinguish between feminist champions and men who pretend to be feminist (98 percent of lefty men) to get laid. You must’ve seen this phenomenon before.

  75. …I mean, as lorac pointed out approx. two nights ago, it’s not like Weiner ever passed any legislation, favoring women or on any other point. He just likes to get on TeeVee and flap his lips and stick it to Reeps in verbal swipes so that his Twitter (and sexting) traffic grows.

  76. NES – sigh. And yes…..

    but this is astounding to me. The guy is a one-thousand-percent lying asshole, and the psychoanalysis is rampant. Armchair Quarterbacks, To Be Sure

  77. Imustgotosleep

  78. Lizzy, mid double digits would have him in a group home. I say he’s just on the cusp of average. Probably 100.

  79. UW, I just got home from work. What time tomorrow should I schedule the post for?

  80. I’m reading the thread backwards. Did O say his IQ was 160? He is SO not that level lol He’s probably a couple pts over 100. He’s average. Every one of us here would do better as president than that dolt!

  81. FF, I think there are women there who don’t support him, but the resident bully does, so they’re not speaking up, only the ones who agree with that person are.

  82. Mt. Laurel: But then, Barky does like the sound of those large penis like structures screeching in the wind.


  83. I have to laugh really hard at how people throw high IQs around. It is pretty obvious that idiots like Tweetie have NO idea what an IQ of 160 gets you. It doesn’t get a touchy feely, flip flopping lazy ass who can’t put two words together without a string. An MA over CA times 100 is average at 100 IQ. As an IQ above 100 is noted, each point above 100 that becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve. It is said, for example that Einstein had an IQ of around 160. That’s what i takes to develop the theory of relativity. Beethoven’s IQ was 165. Mozart, 170. That’s an iQ that brings you great classical music. Bill Gates has a 160 IQ. That’s an IQ that brings you great technical breakthroughs. Michelangelo had a score of 180. That’s an IQ that brings you exquisite art and inventions decades before their time. this is an IQ of natural great talents and major achievers. It is not the IQ of a community organizer who spent his adulthood hopping from one job to another before he had to actually do something at his current job. With an IQ of 160, Barack Obama would have burned the world by now at his age, not burned it down. So throwing out what is most definitely an IMPOSSIBLE IQ for the achievement level of this man is simply sacreligious.

    I say he hovers at roughly 100. Even in the high 20s you have a smart person. In the 130s you have a VERY bright person. Nobody wih a 130 IQ can survive by not achieving, it’s not in their makeup to be mediocre at anything they do. Barack Obama doesn’t even fit the 120s mold.

  84. NES: Well-observed, Mt. Laurel: an inability to laugh at oneself is the source of the problem for those who’re irremediably unfunny. Obama has a vacuum of a ‘sense of humor.

    I’m the exception. I laugh at myself….. BECAUSE I’m not very funny!

    No, wait, how about this…. I laugh at myself…. because no one ELSE will! 🙂

  85. I would bet 1000 bucks right now that I can out IQ him on a test. Period. I know what my IQ is. I didn’t pull it out of my ass.

  86. UW, you would easily score higher.

    I’m going to work on the post now. What time should I schedule it for tomorrow? Noon again, or a different time?

  87. DE: Obama is going to make Weiner his running mate for 12.
    The campaign slogan will be “You already had a Dick as VP so how about a Weiner”

    Good one!

    Oh, wow, they could run on the double-race-card ticket lol

  88. Beata, good for you! (and I’m a big proponent of names like “Blackie”! If people give you grief, find out how to say “blackie” in another language, and pretend THAT’s his name when they’re around – then his name will sound fancy, and you’ll have the last laugh!)

    I agree with the others. Put out food and water. But beware… the word will get around, and other strays may soon start dropping by your house each night! But Blackie already has your heart, I can tell. Just give it time. It’s just step by step, and you two will get there.

    I’m currently working on a part-Siamese. Every night when I come home, I no sooner get in the door, and I hear him through the security door, screaming at me to hurry up lol He’s the next I’m going to catch. I think he may be older, so I want to make sure his teeth are okay.

  89. I’m wondering if they mixed up Obama’s IQ score and his golf score.

  90. Hi, Lorac.

    Blackie has finished his/her second bowl of food today. Now eating the third bowl, on my porch, right outside my front door as I write this. A real beauty with a spot of white on its throat.

    Hey, I have an IQ in the mid 130s. I’m very content to be mediocre. LOL.

  91. Hey my mother had a black cat and a white cat. They were named Nero and Bianca.

  92. LOL Lorac! Screaming at the door is a sure sign, also known as Hey! Take care of me, beatch! Cracking up here.

  93. Lorac, in your profession, is it similar to teaching in that it’s pretty easy to deduce a person’s IQ range after watching them function? I can be pretty accurate within a range.

  94. Heck, Barack couldn’t even make Phi Beta Kappa at Columbia. Even Poppy Bush was PBK at Yale.

  95. Let’s keep criticisms of other blogs off this one, please. I wouldn’t want somebody doing that to me.

  96. Lorac, schedule it for 5 AM. The early risers stop by.

  97. Poppy Bush must have paid for that PBK. I have him pegged as cusp average as well. I have his son as high two digits, borderline average. However, being born into old money sure gets you a PRETEND high IQ.

  98. Incidentally I peg Hillary’s IQ as higher than Bill’s. Although Bill is no slouch.

  99. UW, I think yes, a person can make a good guess within a range, as you said.

  100. Bill and Chelsea know Hillary well, and they both say Hillary is smarter than Bill!

  101. Well, I think we can at least say that O’s IQ is higher than his EQ (emotional intelligence), anyway…. lol

  102. Hey Ups and all. This guy COMPLETELY got what he deserved. I hope that instant karma helps the grandmother recover from her trauma.

    Bill Clinton has said on more than one occasion that Hillary is the smart one in the marriage. I’ll bet Chelsea’s IQ is off the charts.

  103. I just saw that (Geiko?) ad with the woodchucks throwing (chucking) wood into the lake. I can’t help it, they crack me up. I loved that little animal (maybe a woodchuck, too?) in Caddyshack, doing his little dance. Well, perhaps I wouldn’t like them in real life, but I like them on tv lol

  104. Well as you know, lorac, it’s MA (mental age) over CA (Chronological Age) times 100, with center average coming out to be 1, x 100, or 100. Let’s face it, Obama’s mental age nowhere meets his chronological age on his best infantile day. He’s a mental adolescent and he surrounds himself with others just like him. Thus, he is enamoured with a speech writer who humps cardboard cutouts and plays beer pong.

  105. By the by, Marlo Thomas has an interesting piece on Men Behaving Badly here

  106. ……waving to madamab. yeah I love me that Karma.

  107. WTF? They asked the R candidates in their debate which is on their ipod, Elvis or Johnny Cash?

    Now I know I don’t fit in. lol. my answer would have been mozart. But then he never did do well at those nascar events.

  108. Upps, that’s the best expostulation on I.Q.s I’ve ever read.

  109. Sorry lorac, you fail the UNfunny test. Few funnier than you.

  110. Whoa, Beata. What’s that new gravatar you’re flaunting?

  111. Pre-divorce vibes are in the air….Pak. shows the US its love: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/15/world/asia/15policy.html?_r=1

  112. Obama has JayZ on his iPod. I guess the LSM thinks that makes him waaaaay kewler than the GOP’ers.

  113. Whoa, this is a GREAT line (from UW’s link)

    And the coast-to-coast mantra has become: “Boys may be boys, but it’s time for men to start acting like men.”

    I always liked That Girl. Good job, Marlo!

  114. NES, xxoo

  115. NES, the gravatar is my darling 21 year old tortie who died of kidney failure last year. After she died, I got my current baby – a 1 year old dilute tortie – from the local no-kill shelter. Now, I seem to be working on getting a new black kitty. Or maybe it is getting me. Hard to say.

  116. also from the article

    And if you doubt for a moment that her voice was raised on behalf of women everywhere, take a look at the photos of the union hotel workers — all women — protesting outside the Manhattan Criminal Court last week, as Strauss-Kahn and his wife made their exit following his arraignment hearing

    I’m so glad to find out about this. Nice of the MSM to let us know Thanks, Marlo, for letting us know about this. It’s nice to see women standing together on an issue (although I notice I don’t see many 3rd-wave age women….)

  117. Well, Beata, she LIVES again on this page.

  118. Chit!!! 24 or more hours have gone by without yet another feast of Weiner pics. Wassup? Did I miss any post-House-Gym ones?

  119. She lives in my heart forever.

  120. Yes, of course she does, Beata. But, in addition, she’ll now be chatting with us in Ms. Uppity fine cyberparlor.

  121. …The sins of the Weiner are visited on da wimmenz.
    Actually, I don’t feel sorry for her at all…whatever was she thinking putting their private sexting in the public realm!?!

  122. SCREEEEEETCH!!!!!!!!! We’re mere hours away from lorac’s Wednesday post!

  123. lol NES I’m working on it. It’s such an enraging topic.

  124. Yay! Another lorac post! Just another lor-ac Wednesday! [sung in my best “Bangles” voice]

  125. Couldn’t resist lorac……reminds me of the old days…….

  126. lol I like that, imust!! lol

  127. So fitting indeed, imust!

  128. Does it have to do with weiners?

  129. lol NES well it has to do with a gang of weiners and their hands

  130. TY NES. I just get incensed because they count on nobody really knowing how IQ scoring works. The truth is, after 100, every single individual point is INCREASINGLY more difficult to reach. So throwing out 160 numbers attached to this man is simply ludicrous. If he had 130, he would be CHOMPING at the bit to show his college transcripts, for he would surely have graduated at the very top of his class with grades that would make us all green with envy.

  131. TY NES. I just get incensed because they count on nobody really knowing how IQ scoring works. The truth is, after 100, every single individual point is INCREASINGLY more difficult to reach. So throwing out 160 numbers attached to this man is simply ludicrous. If he had 130, he would be CHOMPING at the bit to show his college transcripts, for he would surely have graduated at the very top of his class with grades that would make us all green with envy.

  132. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU WIMMENZ…ALWAYS OGLING YOUNGER MEN AND MAKING POOR OLDER MEN (WEINER, STRAUSS-KAHN AND AHHHNULD) “FEEL INVISIBLE”: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2011-06-14/anthony-weiners-fear-being-invisible-to-women/full/

    Got it? Now pay attention to and ogle the old goats so they don’t have to misbehave.

  133. P.S.: The Daily Beast certainly earns its name…beastly apologetic pieces for Weiner and fluffer-bj pieces for BO every time we turn around. And, to think the Editor-in-Chief is a woman (Tina Brown, right?)!!

  134. Now pay attention to and ogle the old goats so they don’t have to misbehave.

    Fat chance. For how many hundreds of years have they made sure that only women are supposed to age poorly. What a croc of shit. Some of these guys look like ten miles of bad road and no matter how much they pretend, there you have it.

    By the way, Weiner doesn’t know invisible, but he’s about to learn it, because every day more stupid shit comes out about him and his fake narcissism. If he feels insecure, don’t expect me to give a shit.

  135. Upps, you hiccuped on the I.Q. response comment.

  136. I’m sorry but Anthony Weiner reminds me of Dov Charney of American Apparel fame.

  137. OMG, you’re right, UW! He’s really like Charney — same ‘touch, feel’ (UGH).

  138. I hccupped. You mean I repeated? Yeah I know. It bears repeating.

    Thing is, do you recall his teacher in Indonesia saying he had a hard time learning the language? Does that sound like 160 to you? The thing is, your IQ from High School can increase with age and education. But not by more than 10 or 15 points, if you are well schooled, or an avid reader, etc. etc. That would mean when Barack had “trouble” learning a language, he would have already had an IQ of a minimum of 145. Does that sound like 145 to you? To hell with transcripts, just show me his SATs.He also has a terrible vocabulary. No mastery of our language at all. Has to say “Stuff” because he can’t even think of a word. this tells me he is NOT the reader they pretend he is, for reading is a sure way to master vocabulary. I could do hours on what a sham this is.

  139. Agreed. He has a terrible vocabulary. and no fluidity in his speech. He’s a guy of of slightly above average intelligence, who very cleverly weaponized his skin-color and turned it into a calling-card for success in life.

  140. NES I wrote off the beast the day they had that infant do a hit piece on hillary and the way she dresses. It was like reading a high school newspaper. She cited a woman who dressed “correctly”. I can’t remember who she was as she wasn’t all that important except to the writer. And the writer, who looked 15 in her photo, suggested Hill try some stilettos and lace…and I thought, somebody ought to send this little pissant to the Afghanistan and make her walk on those cobble stone and dirt roads in stilettos, and if the Taliban doesn’t fucking kill her first, she will have injured herself for life. I thought, this child has never spent five minutes in anything other than a fluff job, certainly never corporate America, where her fashion suggestions for a professional woman would have gotten enough laughter behind her back to sink the Queen Mary, not to mention never seeing a promotion of any worth. But lots of dates! Why, manager’s row would have passed her around!

  141. Yes and he and Charney share one more thing. They are both frogs who couldn’t get a date if it weren’t for their positions.

  142. Glad I missed that piece of enraging fluff, Upps. Today’s young women have no soul, no passion.

  143. They both also like that gagging with the pee pee thang, don’t they? Masters of that craft, both.

  144. Today’s young women have no soul, no passion

    and no sense. And no brains. and no wisdom with respect to how what they do will effect their futures. But their nails always look good!

  145. Hey Upps, which part of “glad I missed that piece of enraging fluff” didn’t you understand?! Hilarious. I’m not going to read it; besides, entonces, I’m mired in mucho trabajo.

  146. Not buying the trabajar thing.

  147. It’s true, my dear owl friend; else, I wouldn’t be up at this ungodly hour.

  148. Oy! My cable went out an hour ago when I was trying to publish! Now it’s back.


    and goodnight lol

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