Be careful what you wear when those around you are celebrating

Imagine a moment from your past, a time when you felt incredible joy and elation, a feeling of powerful hopefulness that right now was the beginning of your future, a future which was going to be incredibly brighter.  Perhaps it was the day you won an important award at school, or got a great new job.  Maybe it was the day you got married, or the day your daughter gave birth to your first grandchild.  It could have been the day you first left home to live on your own as an adult. 

Remember that wonderful feeling?  An uplifting, expansive feeling that all was right with the world, that things were just going to get better and better, and it was just so wonderful to be alive?  I want you to close your eyes and try to recapture that moment, and pay attention to the positive feelings you reexperience.  And now I have just one question.

At that moment, did it occur to you to rape someone?

NO, you say?  You’re really sure?  Well, as we know, that’s what a horde of Egyptian men did to Lara Logan.  This crowd of primarily men, thousands and thousands of them, was gathered to express joy in unison at the end of the Mubarak dictatorship.  Imagine how that must have filled these people with joy, how it must have seemed to them that now that world would be set right-side-up again, that their lives would be better, that their future would now be brighter.   

So their response is to gang rape a woman who, through her job, is showing the world their joy….?  I know it’s really hard to make sense of that, but don’t worry – last week a man stepped forward to enlighten us.

His name is Dan Rottenberg (yes, something is definitely rotten in his burg), and he writes for the Broad Streeet Review, which is a Philadelphia website which reviews local arts.  I learned about this sage editor-in-chief from “The Frisky”, a website which wouldn’t link to him – I won’t, either.  So Dan the Man explains:

” … having stumbled across a CBS publicity photo for Lara Logan, I can’t (help) thinking that women also need to take sensible precautions before they’re victimized. … Yes, yes, I know: Each of us wears many personas. A woman journalist like Lara Logan should be able to celebrate herself as both a journalist and a woman, even a sexy woman. But the operative word in that sentence— should— is the sticky point.”

You got that?  He saw a publicity photo and realized that because Lara Logan had cleavage in the studio, savages attacked her in Egypt.  The victim is to blame.  Why, oh why, did it take thousands of years for someone to come up with THAT idea?  We know that only a tiny percentage of women who are raped actually report the crime, but even that tiny percentage led to too many innocent men being persecuted for something that was the WOMAN’S fault!  So, now we know why a huge group of men who were celebrating, reacted by gang raping a woman.  It was because she was there, and she was a she.  She was Present While Female.

Here is the “60 Minutes” video of Lara Logan explaining what happened that night.  I believe it may be the only time she has spoken about the event.  

In the video, Lara remarks that she has since found out that Egypt has a HUGE incidence of rape and other sexual harassment of women.  The men don’t have the slightest thought that there is anything wrong with what they’re doing; it’s just culturally acceptable.  But wait – Dan the Man says women bring it on themselves because of how they choose to appear.  Gosh, the women in Egypt must have incredible eyes – because that’s all that shows through the full burka, and those women are having to deal with sexual harassment on a daily basis!  Oh, and remember UW’s recent post?  It turns out that even 77-year-old women are too sexy for men to control themselves.  Oh, Dan, wherever I look, there’s just more and more empirical evidence for  your well-thought-out, original theory!

Dan the Man goes on to explain that women cause men to SO totally not be able to control themselves, that he has some more specific rules for us:

“Don’t trust your male friends. Don’t go to a man’s home at night unless you’re prepared to have sex with him. Don’t disrobe in front of a male masseur. If you take a job as a masseuse, don’t be shocked if your male customers think you’re a prostitute. And if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, don’t pose for pictures that emphasize your cleavage.”

Ok, so Dan’s rules for women are (1) blame the victim, and (2) the women should change THEIR behavior and thoughts, it’s not men who should change theirs.  Wow.  This guy is SHARP!  He’s come up with TWO brand new insights about how to view women.  Yes, Dan is the MAN.  His IQ must be as high as Obama’s.

(I’ll leave it to your imagination what I hope happens to Dan the  Man.  Maybe you’ll share your own ideas about it with us 🙂   If you feel you want to share your thoughts directly with Dan the Man himself, you may write to him and his goat – this comment box will reach his cave.)

Marlo Thomas (“That Girl” for those of us of a certain age!) recently wrote a piece in which she praised “the union hotel workers — all women — protesting outside the Manhattan Criminal Court last week, as Strauss-Kahn and his wife made their exit following his arraignment hearing”.  As I did above, she also points out that most women do not report their rape.  The negative societal reaction and stigma tend to cause a second trauma for the woman. 

Marlo observes that this brave hotel maid speaking out and making sure that her attacker is held accountable for his crime, and her fellow service workers standing up on her behalf, are sounding “a siren that has inspired women worldwide. And it will empower every maid who ever hears the lock snap on a hotel room door”.  Although Marlo’s article was limited to the one particular sexual assault, I’ll bet that she also feels the same way about Lara Logan speaking out on national TV.  Marlo also feels encouraged that the most recent high-profile wives humiliated by their cheating husbands (Maria, Huma) did not stand by their man while he publicly confessed his sins to save his own hide. 

Marlo concludes by saying, “We are seeing the end of a tradition and the beginning of a revolution”.  I hope she is right.  That would certainly be worthy of a celebration.  And somehow I don’t think that the celebrating women will be raping anyone and blaming it on what they are wearing.



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  1. Well worth the SCREEEEEEEEEEEETCH, lorac! A barn-burner of a post. Two thumbs up. May Dan the Man rot in hell.

  2. I like that Dan’s name, like his pal Weiner’s, so sooooo fitting. Bet he has a fugly mug to match.

  3. Dan must have a full frontal nude photo out there because, by his standards, he can’t “Be taken seriously” as a journalist. And since I never even heard of this guy till two days ago, I’d say nobody takes him too seriously. I guess this is going to be his “Signature” piece. When I think of Dan from now on, I will think of what an excellent argument he is for retroactive abortion.

  4. If Dan’s theory is that you should not go home with a guy unless you want to have sex with him, I’ll bet not too many women have been willing to go home with this mug.

  5. Excellent post!

  6. You see lorac, the problem is that women are just meant to be anxious and unhappy. According to this “new” study,” we are born moody because we make less “happy” hormones.

    ‘Insufficient levels of oestrogen can create depression — we know that’s why so many women going through the menopause suffer from it,’ says Dr Novac.

    So what should women, especially those who suffer from PMS, have just had a baby or are approaching the menopause, do to feel less grumpy and low?

    I’m grossed out by all of the excuses for why women are just not up to snuff. Every excuse provides another savage another faux reason to rationalize abuse. Those Egyptian cretins raped one of their own high profile female reporters (a la Ingrahm) recently.


  7. I think that “unhappy” hormone thing might be partially enivronmental. I mean what else explains so many women I know whose “happiness hormones” seemed to increase right after the divorce was final. Just saying.

  8. LORAC! You rock!
    Makes me wonder if this is really the 21st century. The whole watch how you dress thing is SOOOOOO middle ages bs.

  9. ROFL! “write to him and his goat his comment box will reach his cave”……priceless! Great post lorac!

  10. Yes, UW they should have looked at the environmental aspect to the “happiness hormones.” 😀

  11. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    I love LORAC WEDNESDAY’S—–and the anticipation before,

    Nice post LORAC——and I believe “environmental” unhappiness has
    a lot more to do with depression—-F**kwads, ——–ask Maria and Huma

    Dan the Man, ——-GOD Help us !!

  12. lorac, well done. I hit enter too quickly. 😦

  13. This American was raped in Iraq. So violent that her breast implants ruptured. Big mistake in thinking that her boss in Houston who harassed her would be different from the ones on another continent.

    It never ends. It must stop.

  14. Unhappiness hormones huh? As I have said before-

  15. Yes PMM, blame it on something other than the source of the problem.

  16. […] a woman, right?  Women are just breeders.  I mean if they just had more happiness hormones and wore the right clothes, none of this would ever happen.   LikeBe the first to like this […]

  17. but it is such a peaceful religion 👿

  18. watch the interview peeps, it will make you mad. I cried I was so mad, brought up old feelings. But sometimes getting in touch with what is really happening in the world, STILL, for women, is a good idea. Stops me from being complacent.

  19. my facebook friends and relatives are going to get so tired of my feminist politics.

  20. UW, I am assuming that you are using the term “men” loosely here?

    I wonder if we could capture these pigs and put them in the stocks so people can throw rotten edibles at them. It is time for society to transfer the shame from the victims to the perps; we should humilate the perps. The scarlet “R” is for rapist. Graffiti their names on their cars, their homes, their places of work–I am sure those actions will have more police hours than the sexual abuse of women.

  21. ‘Marlo concludes by saying, “We are seeing the end of a tradition and the beginning of a revolution”. ‘

    I hope she’s right but I bet she voted for O’Precious. Women must quit supporting genderpigs or the overall situation will never improve. The women leaders must be loud and untiring in their efforts to hold the miscreants to a higher standard. The ballot box is the first step, not the last.

  22. O/T – today is National Lobster Day. I’m sure the Obamas, as observant members of the Lobsterean cult, will indulge in celebration. Since Obama has decided that he can assassinate just about anyone, I’m sure he’ll order the hit on the one in the link. Perhaps, Michelle will want to use those toned arms of hers to wrestle and kill the poor crustacean.

  23. Oh, looky here – they are celebrating! A picnic for our Congressional “representatives.” (It’s really to celebrate National Lobster Day.)

  24. Thanks so much, Mr. Rottenberg. You have effectively reversed my decision to come out from under my bed today. Damn, are columnists getting even MORE mean and sexist than usual these days? Is there a concerted effort of all the media to reverse feminist gains completely?

    Re Egyptian men, I have a professional acquaintance whose son spent time volunteering in rural Egypt as an English teacher via a charitable group (volunteers served in numerous capacitities to help according to their capabilities; Egyptians who can speak and understand English can get better jobs than those who do not). All of the female volunteers finally were forced to return to America because of the relentless public and private sexual harassment. Yes, the guys over there can’t even overcome their hatred of women in order to receive perceptible benefits from them.

  25. More MEN words, Mom! Good going.

  26. Nice Lorac.

    I keep thinking about that photos history that Uppity had posted and wonder if the statistics would show that as the women have been increasingly repressed in Egypt that the incidence of sexual crimes/harassment has also increased.

  27. Wow! That Marlo Thomas piece was a whoppingly good read. Thanks Upps!

    Churl, you’re so right on women needing to correct their voting behavior.
    But,…please tell me Marlo didn’t vote for Bammy…. If true, that’d be a huge disappointment.

  28. You can count on that correlation, Mt Laurel. I know…I grew up incessantly harrased by these savages. Try holding your breath until you’re 18 and can escape to the West; it consumes a lifetime of patience.

  29. Extremely creepy old geezer Rottenberg appears to be playing with himself in this pic:

  30. Beata: What’s new with “blackie” have you seen him?

  31. Ewwwwww.

  32. Well it’s good they are having a National Lobster Day while there are still some lobsters left that Michelle hasn’t consumed.

  33. Dear Mom. Nice list. Bahahahahaha.

  34. Hilarious Delphyne — Let’s get a menu of what’s being served at the picnic.

    Will Weiner be BBQ’ing the weiners? Maybe making lobster rolls as big and bold as little Anthony?

  35. Hey lorac, looks like I’m gonna have to leave the blog to you in my will, in the event I get hit by a moving bus.

  36. Yes I am sure Marlo voted for Teh One. But I’ll also bet she wanted Hillary.

  37. I cuffed my other half in the head and said, This is for anything you even ever THOUGHT of doing. And he chuckled. So then I said, Don’ worry Good Guy. I promise I will only leave you for a woman.

    His orange juice came out of his nose.

  38. Michelina: Blackie was on my porch last night, eating his/her third bowl of food for the day. I put new food and water out this morning, and called “Kitty, kitty, kitty”, but no sign of Blackie yet. He/ she usually comes at night. My little tortie loves to watch Blackie from the window and Blackie will meow to her. I think they have bonded. It’s going to take some time but I believe it will all work out.

  39. Hahahahaha. Poor Mr. Uppity. Still, he must for his gender suffer.

  40. Well hey, last time he left town I told him he was going to have to leave Little Mr. Uppity home, and he said, Aw come on! All the other guys are taking theirs!!!!

  41. Do Lorac Wednesdays get a sidebar plaque now? Pretty please! Maybe like a Hollywood Star?

  42. Now he knows he can tweet it home when he’s on a trip. So many things we can learn from our Congresscritters!

  43. I hear the WH is serving very small pigs-in-a-blanket at the picnic tonight. Just the thought of it is making me soooooo hot!!!

  44. Hey we make full use of technology.

    Now. This is PRICELESS. Woman who received hand written letter from Obama sells it to avoid eviction.

  45. Yes I will have to catch FF when she’s free to make a sidebar. I hate to bother her now that she’s a star in her field.

  46. Ahhhhhh, how satisfying:

    Independents’ Ratings Down Most

    Among partisan groups, independents’ approval rating of Obama dropped the most in the past week, from 47% to 42%, with a smaller decline among Democrats. Republicans’ approval of Obama spiked to 21% during the first week after bin Laden’s death from 10% in late April, before falling back to the 15% range, where it has held since.

  47. Wait, wait…sounds like it’s Weiner’s political funeral.

  48. Maybe that’s his Aunt.

  49. FF will do it for her g/f lorac. Can’t wait.

  50. Quick Beata, before the feeling passes, start sexting Weiner; don’t forget to use the # key as the prefix (not DM).

  51. The only person BO can be shown to have saved. Good for her.

  52. Only because I know you’ll love this:
    de was here

  53. He’s pathetic:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — As he weighed a presidential run back in 2006, President Barack Obama displayed a realistic sense of self-awareness: All the adulation he was receiving, he conceded then, was because he was a blank slate on which people could attach their aspirations.
    As he seeks re-election, his self-awareness is on display again, with a new conclusion.
    “It’s not as cool to be an Obama supporter as it was in 2008, with the posters and all of that stuff,” he acknowledged to an intimate gathering of donors in Miami this week.
    It’s a line he delivered with a chuckle, a variation on a theme that he is using with his base of supporters. But it holds an important truth for the Obama campaign: Obama is now a known quantity and he will not inspire voters this election the same way he did in the previous one.

  54. Beata: that’s good news about the Kitteh

    NES____double EEEWWWWWW!! about her staying Hot !!

    I understand he was supposed too have a news conference today,

    anyone hear anything??

  55. It’s been a very good year………For SOME.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year, cementing her status as one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

    Pelosi was worth at least $35.2 million in the 2010 calendar year, according to a financial disclosure report released Wednesday. She reported a minimum of $43.4 million in assets and about $8.2 in liabilities.

    For 2009, Pelosi reported a minimum net worth of $21.7 million.

  56. Thanks DE.
    Perhaps you could also embed the Allred-Ginger Lee presser vid I linked a little upstream?

  57. I hear the WH is serving very small pigs-in-a-blanket at the picnic tonight. Just the thought of it is making me soooooo hot!!!


  58. That’s Edwards mug shot?.. hilarious …so when did he have the plastic surgery? He looks diffrent

  59. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year,

    No wonder she thinks Barry is a gift from God! lol!

  60. Congress breaks the law daily wih investments. They know exactly what to invest in because they CONTROL the laws surrpounding these companies. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all inside traders besides in exchange for favors, looking the other way, giving out grants and loans, and making laws that include or exclude certain entities as “needed”. The SEC should be investigating the whole lot of these benedict arnolds, because it’s not just good luck that makes them earn big bucks when everybody else is losing in the market.

  61. Beata, it’s EXACTLY what you should do, let your indoor cat see Blackie as much as possible. They actually get to know each other, which will make the transition VERY easy. Little guy was pretty hungry, hey? Keep feeding him same time every day. Then when you see his schedule, don’t have any food out and look for him to show up. THEN when you see him, call his name and put the food out for him right in front of him.This is psy ops at its finest. Next thing you know, he will be calling to you when he’s out there.

  62. Cross Dressing? CROSS DRESSING! Oh dear Jesus, this moron is fighting for his slot knowing there are CROSS DRESSING SHOTS OF HIM? Is he OUT OF HIS F’ing MIND??????????????????????/

    Madamab said it best: Go. JUST GO!!!!!!

  63. Hey Girlz! Here ya go! I’m so hot and I know you are too!
    Let’s face it. We all want a man who wears our underwear!
    A joke, but still, this is what his story has come to and it’s HIS fault for not Just. Disappearing!

  64. Drop dead fugly pic of weiner. Huma is home now. Will there be fireworks at his home?

  65. Hooray for Lorac! Tell it sister. Uppity might have finally found the right hands to trust her blog to, but her speaking of her “will” just freaks me right out!

    Long Live Queen Uppity.

  66. Job well done Lorac! YAY!

    And yes, I shall get to the Lorac Sidebar soon. After tomorrow, I am taking the next 4-5 days off. My house is a disaster, and working outside in this OPPRESSIVE HEAT is doing me in. No rain here for weeks now, and temps in the high 90’s. Yesterday heat index was 103 and I was working outside from 9-5. Ugh.

    And on top of it all, I still have to cook dinner SIX NIGHTS A WEEK. Asked to reduce my schedule to at most five, and have lived through the cold shoulder and a very bad attitude of ‘self-pity’ by Charlotte for 10 days now. I’m wiped out.

  67. brilliant post, lorac, and much love to uppity for sharing her brilliant site!

  68. Excellent, excellent post, Lorac! I didn’t understand why “celebrating” would lead naturally to rape, but now that I see it’s all wimminz fault, I completely get it! /s

    Uppity, far be it from me to take credit for Pat Johnson’s words. She was the one who said “Go, Just Go!”

    I did my weighing in today. 😉

  69. That mug shot is weird. There’s something very wrong with a guy who smiles widely (or at all) for a mug shot.

  70. I think those cross-dressing shots are from college; one gets a pass for college hijinks, surely?

  71. Long may she reign over us.

  72. No good deed goes unpunished, FF. Poor you.

  73. Whaaaat?!! No snarks about Gloria Allred grabbing the mike again!!!!!!!!????

  74. I pointed out as part of my email to Dan the Man (a term I use loosely) that men get raped too. I said “I guess he shouldn’t have worn that shirt with those slacks”.

    What an assh*le!

  75. NES, it’s probably because everybody just rolls their eyes when they see Allred.

  76. the enter your comments here… part isn’t disappearing when comments are entered. This is a test.

  77. It worked in that post despite the glitch. This time as soon as I clicked on the reply box the line disappeared.

    I told Dan how outrageous his conclusions were. I also vented my anger by telling him he is either an ass or a pig – or both.

    likely both.

    Lara’s story was gut wrenching. The part about her falling into the arms of the woman in burka and only seeing her eyes and then the women surrounding her had me sobbing. I remember the left regressive sites posting “she deserves it” type commentary when the story first broke. Didn’t the Atlantic have one of the offending tweeters or columnists that were cheering her attack?

    Sick bastards. They don’t even realize what pigs they are. Ignorant and sick.

  78. Dan needs a visit to Deliverance.

  79. I haven’t seen that movie yet. Would I be scared?

  80. (Hey Upps, confession time: as of today, I’ve been cheating on you with madamab, over at her blog.)
    (Will there be punishments?)

  81. Good going, candymart!

  82. I guess I officially appeared to have had heat stroke when I went to Char’s tonight. I have been granted Friday and Saturday nights off. (Of course, I still need to pick up the paper, get the mail, feed the dog and make the coffee on those days, but hey….!) At least there is OPPORTUNITY I may not grow old alone and die an old maid…..

  83. UW — Weiner’s going to hate that doctored cross-dresser photo. But, it won’t be because of the bra. Oh no, he’ll hate all the body hair. He’s one of those waxed bod dudes.

  84. Hey FF, how did you land that choice appointment? Seriously tho’, at some level, we’re all in the salt mines (altho’, concededly, some salt mines pay better).

  85. (Don’t let lorac hear you call yourself, even in jest, “an old maid.” She’ll be crushed.)

  86. NES I kinda had a funny feeling there was something going on with M. No punishments. You can’t make somebody love you, so no punishments. I will just snub you from now on.

  87. NES there is a scene in Deliverance we refer to where this really scheevy redneck in the mountains, makes a guy squeel like a pig if you get my drift. It’s pretty graphic so I won’t post it here, but do a youtube search for DELIVERANCE and look at the Squeal Like a Pig scene.

  88. there was a boy in HS who I was crazy about. We dated on and off for 5 years, more off than on since he went off to Dartmouth and when I went to college two years later I met the man who was destined to be my ex-husband one day.
    But anyway…. our first date he took me to see Deliverance. I wonder if he was as embarrassed as I was.

  89. Hell hath no fury…
    Ha! You know you’re The CyberDiva Non-Pareil! Don’t even try to deny it.

  90. …turning my back, folding my arms…

  91. Well now I know he economy is going to be just fine, jobs will abound and celestial choirs will sing. I know this because our congress is hard at work on important issues that affect these things. That’s why I am so happy to know that Keith Ellison is introducing a bill to protect circumcision rights in Calfornia.

    I also know California has no real enonomic issues any longer, which gives them plenty of time to meddle some more into people’s lives and ban circumcision.

  92. Where’s lorac? We need ‘couples’ therapy. Sheeeesh.

  93. Blackie’s out on my porch now. I’ve given her three bowls of food in the past hour. She’s in the process of finishing the third one. She is a very hungry kitty!

  94. Great post! A first class Lorac Attack! I could hardly believe what I was reading. This rotten guy is a filthy pig.

  95. Thats not really a mug shot is it? Didn’t DE make it?

  96. Uppity, I also thought that circumcision thing was bizarre.

  97. ROFL I updated the post with my picture at the end!

  98. I’m glad you said that. I just scrolled down and saw it and thought I was getting senile cuz I didn’t remember it.

  99. btw, I sent that piece of crap a nasty email. When it asked for my email add, I did the old Jeremiah GDAW routine & typed in

  100. Ooops. Didn’t know it would make a link out of that. There is no such email (I think).

  101. Beata, Blackie and you are progressing faster than I even imagined. Now…when you can, go to pet supply and buy a tube of feline vitamins. I use Felovite II with taurine. The extra taurine will work wonders for Blackie. Squeeze some in the food per instructions. Feline vitamins are made very tasty so she will for sure eat it. If you want to step things up even faster, throw some canned food in with the dry. She will be practically stalking you after that. lol. Nex: Look for the cat to start lingering after eating, and grooming apres’ dinner. Don’t forget to talk to him.

  102. socal, Ellison is hardly a country heard from. Last we heard from him he did the crying thing over the ground zero mosque. He jumped on it because it’s a Muslim issue. Ironically, he is protecting Jews too. That must really piss him off.

    Furthermore, what’s up with bonkers California anyways? Their economy is going to hell in a handbasket, they have a massive debt and they are still minding other people’s business. I think circumcision is not of their damned business. Furthermore, an uncircumcized penis looks like a chicken neck. Just kidding. Well, not really. But it most definitely IS a hygiene issue. Of course, if it were up to Global Warming-Cooling-Warming-Cooling obsessors, people wouldn’t wash or use deodorant either. They’ve run out of things to force people to do that are inconvenient, just plain stupid or very expensive, so now it’s on to everbody else’s body and protecting choices that are just plain silly. Ever known an adult male who decided to be circumcized? It ain’t fun to watch. This obsession is about to reach the point of disgusting. But what can you expect from the same meddling bullcrappers who brought us light bulbs that throw off putrid light, cost too much, have exaggerated life claims and come with their own EPA hazmat cleanup page –you call that saving the earth? These for sure are the same people instrumental in cutting off an entire swath of fertile vegetable growing region by cutting off the water to farmers just to save a smelt.

  103. No, DE didn’t, socal — it’s really Johnny E.’s mug shot.

  104. I’m with you on circumcsion, UW. Can’t figure out how this movement suddenly gathered such a head of steam, but it happened in So. Cal.
    Also, it’s taken on an anti-semitic tinge too with that blond-aryan-superhero fighting “Monster Mohel” cartoon strip used in the ads.

  105. Yup it figures NES. The whole thing is about Jews again. Just like the Hitler Youth days. Unfortunately for them, they pulled the Muslim chain too, circumcision being a common practice, so they will be ravaged. It if were just Jews or Christians complaining, well no big deal to these freaks. They need to mind their own penises.

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