Anthony Weiner heckled during his resignation press conference

And here’s that pervert from that pervert Howard Stern’s show asking him if he was fully erect. The disgusting questioning the disgusting.

But Pervert To Pervert aside, don’t be worrying about Ole Anthony. Some seemed worried. What’s Anthony going to do now for a living, they ask. I mean, the guy has no law degree, no business degree, and really, the only thing he ever did that anyone can remember is be a pissant Councilman. Okay, it was New York City, but a Council Person is a Council Person. Anthony went from Council Person to Congressman. In fact, he was really fast-tracking, considering he wanted to be Mayor of NY City next. Funny now that kind of jump-start stuff works for only a few people and not others, you know?

Anthony's kinda guy.

Anyways, Anthony and Little Anthony barely even completed their press conference and there was a suitable job offer waiting for him in the form of a letter from his kinda guy–submitted to the news trash bin known as AOL via their latest highly suitable acquisistion, Huffpo:

Mr. Weiner:

After having learned of your sudden and compelled resignation from your Congressional post, I would like to make you an offer of employment at Flynt Management Group, LLC in our Internet group. As a Congressman, you are known for your intensity and perseverance. I believe that this attitude, combined with your service in the House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce, will make you a valuable asset to this corporation.

This offer is not made in jest. To show our sincerity, Flynt Management Group, LLC is willing to pay twenty percent more than your former Congressional salary, ensuring that your medical benefits would be equal to what you were previously receiving. While you will have to relocate to our corporate offices in Beverly Hills, California, we would pay for all relocation costs.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the genuineness of this offer. We are a serious corporation which, as you know, has been heavily involved in the political environment of this country for over thirty-five years. Our key missions have consistently included the crucial fight of battling hypocrisy within the federal and state governments. Flynt Management Group, LLC and Hustler Magazine have been dedicated to decades of serious political commentary. Just as we do not undertake insincere political crusades, we do not make insincere job offers.

While this employment opportunity is being offered in large part due to your qualifications and clear passion for making a change, I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C. I hope you will sincerely consider this offer, and I look forward to your response.


Larry C. Flynt

See? Everything will work out fine for Anthony and Little Anthony. Now he will get to do what he really wants to do. Hang out with perverts and maybe sling around Little Anthony as his photo clip for his column bio. That will surely restore his credibility.

Barring that, he can always do a show with Eliot. What else does America’s champion of women’s rights do when he gets caught degrading them.

Thanks, Anthony. You son of a bitch. With “friends” like you, we women don’t need any more enemies, do we now? What a disgusting disappointment you are. What a hypocrite you are. But that won’t stop you from doing what you love, and now you won’t have to pretend to care about women’s issues any longer. It is very clear now that you used my gender as a stepping stone and nothing more. Now you can just do what you really want to do: Whip it out and gag women with it, you bastard. Aren’t you just a typical “New Democrat”?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Fuck you, shitbag. Your Out Of Your League wife should kill your ass in your sleep. Do you think she is going to give up her stellar career to hang out with you, your busy dick and Larry Flynt in California?  Good luck with that, dirtball.

Governor Cuomo!

Be classy like your father was. Put a woman in this bag of shit’s slot. We need more people in Congress who have one head instead of two–and this New Democratic Party sure as hell has proven that, beyond token, highly qualified women are not welcome to  any of these Coveted slots if one of the mediocre boyz in the band wants it. Just like with the Presidency. You get to make the pick. Defy them, because I would bet a dollar to a donut they will try to muscle another creature of their kind into that slot. Show us who you are. You are either For women or you are a New Democrat. 

Show us you are Mario’s son, Andrew. We’re watching.


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  1. Anthony and Little Anthony
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Fuck you, shitbag.
    You are either For women or you are a New Democrat.
    Uppity’s rocking this morning! I hope this fiery post did not keep you up last night….

  2. Hell no, not to worry Pamela. I went to bed too early and was up at the crack of dawn. I wrote this in about twenty minutes. Rather, it wrote itself. I am furious at this hypocrite. And as you know, neither of these crappola hijacked parties get a free pass from me. I find them both falling into the category of The Worst Of America.

  3. Meanwhile, that other bastion of women hatred and subjugation, The House Republicans passed a cut in food aid to women and children. These people have no souls.

  4. another upstanding woman hating citizen heard from

    “I wish Rep. Weiner and his lovely wife well,” Obama said in an interview scheduled to air on “Good Morning America” Friday. “Obviously, it’s been a tough incident for him, but I’m confident that they’ll refocus and he’ll refocus, and they’ll end up being able to bounce back.”

    His “lovely wife” is out of YOUR league too, Barry.

  5. Great post Upps. You are up early!

  6. Funny how that Hustler letter was a “serious” job offer & yet it was all over the internets yesterday.

  7. I’m interested to hear what NES has to say about Huntsman’s latest ad. Back to bed for me. See you all later in the day..

  8. Apparently this scumbag is still getting a paycheck. He hasn’t delivered his resignation papers.

  9. Obama called Huma, aide to Secretary of State Clinton, “his lovely wife”????

    Isn’t that what Harriet Nelson was called in the opening to their show? How 1950s of him.

  10. I support Huma in doing anything she wants to do about her marriage. It simply is no ones business. I thought attacking Hillary for staying with Bill was silly. However if she has any idea that she wants out of that marriage, the only thing I can say is ….HUMA FOR CONGRESS.

  11. or more appropriately….. ABEDIN FOR CONGRESS

  12. I don’t understand why he had a press conference…just say release your speech as to why you are leaving and then freaking leave… and then the Howard Stern plant heckler wouldn’t be a factor . But that’s too simple and not what the press wants .

  13. I thought attacking Hillary for staying with Bill was silly

    Indeed…that started after they realized Hillary was staying. They ( the press) were nice to her for two weeks before hoping to convince her to leave. It was all so plainly to destroy a Dem presidency , that was working for America, and Hill being a super patriot, she stayed…she not only stayed, she was the steel fire wall that would not let him resign during the 8 years they tired to get Bill to quit.

  14. Paperdoll, you’re so right. He was an eeeeeejit for not releasing a statement instead. He just can’t live without a mike.
    I predict he’ll be heading a talk radio or TeeVee show within 2 months.

    Upps, thanks for setting out the Flynt letter — hilarious.

  15. Uppity- does Cuomo appoint someone to fill the remainder of the term or will there have to be a special election?
    Can YOU take the seat????
    (Dammit- the new log in is back- I hate this thing!)

  16. Good question, Mom. I read somewhere that Cuomo has the discretion to decide when the special election will be scheduled; perhaps he can also fill the seat in the interim.

  17. If Sen. Ted Kennedy could bounce back from his Chappaquiddick incident, Weiner can recover from his Twitter fiasco. Stranger things have happened.

  18. Tony, Tedward had all kinds of millions to spread around. And as my grandmother used to say, “Money makes the blind see”. Mary Jo’s family got really quiet didn’t they? And also, during that time, the web wasn’t a public entity suitable for spreading news and opinions at the drop of a “SEND” or “PUBLISH” button.

  19. MOM, I already gave at the office. YOu can have the seat.

  20. God, I hope his guy doesn’t get a daughter.

    Or maybe if he does, he will find out what it’s like to worry that guys just like him will be hawking her.

    Yep, Imust. “His lovely” little wimminz who has more brains and probably makes more money than he does. Obama makes me sick.

  21. The Democrats had better run a woman in that slot. I am sick of these degenerates and I am sick of New Democrats treating wimminz like their little second class servants. This is approached Bullshit Level with these people and their blogger boyz.

  22. It may be a moot point who replaces him in the slot. Rumor has it that his district is going to be eliminated in the next redistricting.

  23. Way to nail it Uppity. Appointing or running a woman for the seat would be the perfect way to tamp down the outrage, but will the New Democrat Party think of that, probably not. Ozzie and Harriet were one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I even went to see Ricky perform in person. His story did not end well.

  24. you can bet your bippy a woman would NEVER do this kind of thing…!!!:)

  25. sleepyhead, if the R’s get the say, Democrat districts get “redistricted”. If the D’s have the say, it’s the opposite. With these pigs it’s all about party power and never about the USA.

  26. The People have lost control of the Republic, folks. Franklin was right when he said they would give us a Republic, “If you can keep it”.

  27. I thought the deal was that since NY is losing 2 seats, they are planning to remove one D district and one R district. They had already picked the R district to kill (don’t remember where, somewhere upstate I guess) and now the decision about the D district will be easy for them.

  28. Whatever they decide to do, Sleepy, it won’t be designed to help you. It’s what they do with the people who are carved out that matters to the parties. A tossup district can become strong D or R for decades due to redistricting-making what was once a majority in another disrict, a marginalized minority.

    Just ask that sleazeball Tom Delay. He fixed, make that, carved up, Texas good with redistricting. Praise The Lord!

  29. Hey gang. We are three quarters of the way to the 3,000,000 hit count. Thanks! Especially thanks to you silent regulars. You too, Obots!

  30. You hit it out of the park every time, Upps. That’s why you get so many hits.

    Congrats. Well deserved.

  31. HAHAHA Uppity! Taxes are bad enough in PA-moving to NY is not at the top of my bucket list!
    OT- slapping self- I remembered to pack my binoculars- but forgot the damn bird book. Daughter in law has a little chihuahua (don’t go there lol) and I noticed some hawks circling over head the last few days. Early last evening one perched in the neighbors tree- not a hawk I am familiar with- gonna hit the library in a bit and see what they have for field guides. It is about the size of a crow or a little bigger. Gray above, buff below, with black streaks/band on the head near the eyes. Anybody?

  32. MOM, I already gave at the office. YOu can have the seat.

    ROFLL, Upps!

  33. OOOOHHHH the three million mark! There will be a party no?

  34. A good hit piece from the NY Post:

    Graceless to the end

    J.B Nicholas / Splash News

    Anthony Weiner could have just written a letter.

    But that would have been the dignified way to end the circus he started by sending a lewd picture of himself to a Seattle college student three weeks ago — and Anthony Weiner doesn’t know from dignity.

    He had to do one last stand-up for the cameras that he loves so dearly — but he couldn’t even get that right.

    There was no security at the Midwood senior center Weiner chose for his last appearance as a member of Congress — so he had to shout his self-serving resignation message over the lewd heckling of a couple of oafs at the back of the hall.

    But at least Weiner is gone now — no longer in a position to disgrace the House of Representatives, his constituents, New York City, his wife and himself.

    We’ll give him this much: Yesterday, at least, he came to terms with the consequences of his bizarre behavior.

    Not that he had any choice. When the president of the United States told Weiner it was time for him to go, it was time for him to go.

    And it never had to happen — but no one who has watched Weiner over the years should have been surprised.

    From the start, Anthony Weiner was self-obsessed, arrogant and self-righteous; his frequent public temper tantrums, including on the floor of Congress, were the stuff of YouTube legend.

    True enough, the notoriety helped him get girls (online, anyway). But it takes a special kind of weird for him to have thought he could get away with it all.

    Now Weiner says he’ll be “looking for other ways to contribute my talents.”

    Spare us. Everybody needs a long vacation from Anthony Weiner.

    So, good riddance.

    And by the way, Private Citizen Weiner: Do yourself — and everyone else — a huge favor. Lose the cellphone.

  35. CONGRATULATONS, Upps!!! You deserve every ‘hit,’ and more.

    Agreed with the substance and spirit of karen’s comment: it’s YOU, and you alone — your passion, humor and incisiveness — that drives that rating.

  36. Pahhhhty, pahhhhhhhhhty, pahhhhhhhhhhhhhty!!

  37. Dear Uppityville:

    I was boarding at the airport yesterday when I briefly saw the press conference (but missed the heckling, which is no less than what this clown deserves anyway). All I could think was that this assclown had no dignity – it used to be when one was caught doing such shenanigans one slunk away – and here the proud (crooked) dick was, with flashbulbs galore and faux-soulful look, expressing gratitude like he won an Oscar. What a turd.

    O/T: Crapamento is still as crappy as I remember…


  38. You are righteously correct, Allie. Christopher Lee got nailed for a bare chested shot and he left office IMMEDIATELY.

  39. NES & Mom: party at the 3 mark.

  40. TY Karen. Now stay the hell out of my pantry!

  41. MOM, you don’t need a bird book. Don’t you know a bird when you see one? They all crap on your car anyways.


  42. Mom, go to the Cornell Ornithology page here:

    They have great guides online….

  43. PMM – not sure where you are now, but maybe this is what you saw?

  44. New York State Senator Roy McDonald, one of a handful of Republicans bucking their own party who will vote to legalize gay marriage in the state of New York, got sick and tired of being pushed around by gay marriage opponents. He released a statement to the press with the following quote.

    “You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn’t black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing,” McDonald, 64, told reporters. “You might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, fuck it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing. “I’m tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.”

  45. Uppity watching birds:

    Hey there’s one with red!
    There’s one with blue!
    Jaysus, that one’s the size of a chicken!
    That SOB woodpecker kept me up all nite! Let me at him!
    WTF? What crapped on my red car last night! Rodan????!!!!

  46. Keeps getting better.

    Authorities identify suspect in suspicious package incident outside Pentagon as Yonathan Melaku, a Muslim lance corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve.

  47. here is governor Cuomo’s contact page. You can email him, write a letter or call.

  48. DE, the fact that he’s a Muslim is just a coinkydink. Nothing to see here, racist!

  49. It may be a moot point who replaces him in the slot. Rumor has it that his district is going to be eliminated in the next redistricting.

    all the more reason to contact Cuomo and ask he appoint a woman. Then we can make a big stink if that women is eliminated due to so few women being in congress.

  50. Senator McDonald, you GO Guy!!!
    Hey everybody, tell Sen McDonald thanks for caring about people instead of party!

  51. Good point, Teresa!

  52. PMM, you are on the internet. It is way easier to find what information and pics you need on the internet than at the library.

  53. Problem is, she can see the birds on the net but she isn’t going to drag along a laptop to get immediate feedback.

  54. Pahhhhty, pahhhhhhhhhty, pahhhhhhhhhhhhhty!!

    ppppsssttttt… I think NES needs to go to the potty.

  55. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.”

    I love this guy. When my Powerball investment pays off he gets a big campaign donation.

  56. good point on the bird watching with a lap top, lol, even if you lugged it around the battery wouldn’t last long and you would have to keep turning it it on and off. I knew there was a reason why I like books better.

  57. Delphyne- thanks for the link- I have been cruising the net off and on all day looking for the damn bird. So far no luck. If it comes back and perches again I am going to try and get a picture of it.
    The goshawk looks similar- but it says it is a large hawk. This one is small for a hawk. Raven or crow sized. I absolutely know it’s a raptor by the flight pattern and the look I got through the binoculars at the beak and claws. Perhaps something out of its normal range- as I have looked at all the hawk pics for Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas area and nothing matches it.

  58. ROFLL, Teresa…that would certainly be the case if I had a Yankee accent (I don’t).

  59. BINGO! Got it! It is a Mississippi Kite! Courtesy of Delphyne’s link!

  60. Senator McDonald for prez!

  61. Somebody should FEED them to dogs.

  62. NES- “Teresa…that would certainly be the case if I had a Yankee accent (I don’t).”

    Correct- the proper Yankee accent for a celebration is “Paahhhtay”

  63. I say my R’s. Do you think they will evict me?

  64. Got it. Paahhhtay, paaaahhhtay, paaaaahhhhhtay!

  65. Duh. The netroots are disappointed with Obama’s insufficient progressiveness.
    Playing a very very very small violin for them.

  66. Yeah cry me a river, nutroots.

  67. “What difference does it make whether we reelect him?” Gray asked.

    Bahahahahaha. None whatsoever. You think he’s dissing you now? Try after he doesn’t have to run again.

  68. That’s outrageous, Delphyne. WTF! What is it about the ME that breeds nuttiness?!!! Anyone?

  69. Just don’t roll the Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s, UW, and you’ll evade deportation.

  70. I wish I was a bird. ‘Cos if I were a bird, Mom would pay more attention to me.

  71. History made…Marines announce first female general in 96 years.

    Congrats to Brig. Gen. Loretta Reynolds!

  72. As a one-star general, Reynolds becomes only the third female general officer in the more than 200,000-member Marine Corps. The service has two two-star female generals, one in the active duty ranks and another in the Marine Corps Reserve.

  73. Has Barky NEVER touched a cat before?

    Paws for thought: The most powerful man in the world greets Larry, 10 Downing Street’s official cat, with Prime Minister David Cameron

  74. Yippeeee!!
    (I suppose Bammy’s going to take credit.)

  75. Yes NES, he will probably take credit. yuck

  76. Now, we look forward to the first female SEAL!

  77. Hilarious pic, mcnorman.
    Listen, in the interests of keeping this a G-Rated page, I’m glad you said “cat” and not “p*ssy.”

  78. Isn’t that picture funny? Larry looks like he wants none of Barack. hahaha (kitteh knows best) I don’t think Larry is the kind of cat that would be happy being called anything other than a cat.

  79. Now, we look forward to the first female SEAL!


  80. Actually, I was punning on that line about “Has Barky never touched a….”

    Clean up in Aisle 6!!!!!!!!!

  81. hahahahaha NES, my neighbors are going to miss me cracking up when I read you or UW.

  82. I know what you meant and I could be very bad and continue, but I won’t lest we be punished. lol

  83. Notice the cat is ignoring him. Cats Know.

    He’s examining it like it’s some kind of foreign object besides.

  84. And what is it with those gray tabby bicolors. They are always bigger than Brooklyn. And always they love being held. Could be their knowledge of what causes hernias. Needed a crane to lift my mother’s cat.

  85. Poor McNorman. I always timed my funniest emails for when she was at work.

  86. Yay to the token female Brigadier General! They have met their quota!

    NES if you were bird you would be crapping on my car and I would be filling your ass with buckshot.

  87. I always timed my funniest emails for when she was at work.

    Yes, you did. Ahh heck, all of us laugh and howl. Now that I am moving to another building, I hope my neighbors will be just as fun.

  88. I know. I want more than one general, I want many.

  89. Now that I am moving to another building, I hope my neighbors will be just as fun.

    And if they aren’t, well……….I will do it anyways.

  90. Just as soon as they need to blame somebody high up in the military for something, Gen Reynolds will be It.

  91. It won’t change my howling one iota. I love to laugh.

  92. I know. I want more than one general, I want many.

    Get real. Demz is da boyz jobz! Oooooooooooooooooo Raaaaaaaahhhhhh.

  93. I hope she kicks a lot of arse.

  94. I know that it all begins slowly, but look at at the ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia. It was one, now there are 40.

  95. 40 women who will disappear.

  96. After being gang raped and then whipped and stoned.

  97. This is very O/T , but I’m cooking and have had a couple of glasses of wine.

    I’m cooking tomato sauce. It’s a good day for it. Dog is crazed with the storms and it’s cool enough to make it. I’ll post the ingredients in the comments since I know I won’t be able to do that on FB status!

    It’s always different with sauces, but today’s is more of my traditional sauce. I didn’t have a small onion, so I used a large shallot, chopped. That was added to a large pot with really good olive oil. I like Kalamata Olive oil, but you could use any good Italian or American (read California) olive oil. Saute the shallots. Then add lots of chopped garlic – I think I used about 8 large cloves. Maybe more. Add a bit of kosher salt and let simmer until it all starts to smell really good! Then add some crushed red pepper and fennel seed (I love this – the great ingredient in Italian sausage!). Let that simmer for a bit until it starts to smell fantastic. Add one 6 oz. can of tomato paste (Red Pack) and cook until it drives you crazy. Fill up that empty can with a GOOD red wine – I used a Zin from California which I love. Then, add a can (large) of San Marzano whole tomatoes. Mash them with a potato masher in the sauce – OR – before you add them, process them through a food mill (on my list of things I want). Cook down for a bit – maybe 5 minutes of so. Taste. If the sauce tastes too acidic, consider adding a pinch of sugar. I didn’t need to do that right now. The wine was perfect for the sugar.

    After this sauce has simmered for about 20 minutes (check often to make sure it doesn’t burn), add some fresh herbs. I added basil (chiffonade) and a combo of fresh rosemary, thyme and Greek oregano. Let that simmer for another 15 minutes, stirring to make sure it doesn’t burn.

    By now, the sauce should be smelling terrific. And the neighbors should be outdoors asking, “What is that smell? Garlic and herbs and tomatoes? Must be the new neighbor.”

    Cook some pasta – make sure you add lots of salt to the water or your pasta will be TASTELESS. What’s the point of doing the sauce with a tasteless pasta? None. I’m using Rotelle this evening. The sauce will cling to its spiral shape. Make sure you cook the pasta until al dente – you do NOT want mushy pasta. Or burnt sauce.

    Now, you can choose to mix the pasta with the sauce or pour the sauce over the pasta – whatever you want. Serve with a very hearty mixed green salad (add the tomatoes, Kirby cukes, croutons and Bleu Cheese!) and just enjoy your dinner.

    There will be enough left over sauce to freeze and enjoy on another sultry Summer evening.


  98. Red Pack is good stuff. I use it a lot. It’s kind of a secret since it doesn’t have a fancy Italian name. You should have posted this recipe in the recipe tab so it doesn’t disappear and is there for posterity.

  99. Oh and San Marzano speaks for itself. Best canned tomatoes on earth.

  100. Should I copy and paste into the Recipe Tab?

  101. Yes, As a fellow dago, I say it’s a great recipe.

  102. Okay, now I know this guy is a dolt.

    Obama suggested that innovation and technology — like job-stealing ATMs — were reasons why the employment rate was not rebounding as quickly as he had hoped.

  103. Totally a dolt. It’s like he’s trapped between the bookends of an outdated, dusty Marxist textbook. Embarassing.

  104. That online bird guide did not say if the kite eats chihuahuas. Now I’m worried for the dog. Love the way the British cat won’t look at the flim flam man, even though he has his most sincere face on. Cats know.

  105. Secretary Of Defense Gates is UNPLUGGED during this countdown to his June 30 resignation. Very entertaining — he’s spewing such realpolitik bon mots like “all governments lie to each other”, all allies spy on each other”, and the
    like, leaving stuffy, self-righteous senators sputtering and aghast. Oh yes, he also did the same to the Europeans in NATO, telling them they were, essentially, cheap and ineffective freeloaders.

    GO Bob Gates!

  106. ROFL!

    The first women to be summoned before a European court for illegally wearing burkas were refused entry – because they refused to remove their face coverings.

    Najet and Hind who keep their features hidden at all times and refuse to identify themselves beyond their first names, were due to appear before a judge outside Paris.

  107. World turned upside down, DE.
    At least we can have a good laugh.

  108. Throw em in jail! Who the hell do these people think they are that they can stealth themselves and do anything they want without being identified. Bullshit. If they want to live among the cavemen who made these rules for them then let them stay there. If they want to go out into the real world with normal people, then all bets are off. Apparently they believe they don’t have to follow any other country’s rules and all other countries are expected to follow theirs. This, they call “tolerance”. This is Bull. Shit. Kudos to France. They have the balls we don’t have.

  109. Or send em back from whence they came!

    Just swinging by to say Hi~ to ya’ll….Good to see you Uppity~

  110. Wow, new comment set up!

  111. Hey JustMe!

  112. Hey DE~ Did you did me outta the cellar? (Basement) Good to see you are all fighting the good fight!

  113. UW, trill your Rs to your heart’s content. People here come here illegally and never learn English, can’t speak a lick of English, and they’re trilling plenty of Rs – and THEY’RE not deported. So you don’t have to be worry one second about being mistakenly deported – they’ll let you remain in Uppityville! lol

  114. Just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!

  115. I don’t roll or trill. I just SAY my R’s. Because……….well, because they are there!!!!

  116. Oh, that poor cat. I know what the caption would be. “Oh, I can’t even look at him. Oh NO now he’s TOUCHING me! We cats are smart, I voted for Hillary! I may not be a Big Cat, but I will always be a PUMA!”

  117. UW – oh, are you talking about your Rs relative to some East Coasters who don’t pronounce them? Ok, I get it now lol Took me a second – we don’t see that around here! Matter of fact, we don’t seem to get ANY* easterners here – whether East Coast or Europe lol

    *only a SMALL exaggeration!

  118. So Michelle Obama is going on an official visit to Africa next week with a bunch of family and I think some friends as well. They just showed a clip of her reading a teleprompter and making a funny face, saying that she is going because it is her job to connect with youth (African youth?). I definitely call foul.

    First she was going to help military families – she visited a couple of bases near to the White House, and that seemed to fade away. Then she started saying her job was to fight obesity in youth. She did a little more with that. Is that fading away now? NOW her first lady job is to connect with kids in Africa? I think she just realized that she can make things up as her official duty, just so that she can go on an expensive vacation.

  119. Yeah, going to Spain with your own personal entourage is so last year.

  120. Oh what a crock. The woman is going on another See The World on Taxpayer Money vacay. Who the hell does she think she’s bullshitting?

    Regional accents are very cute methinks. I just don’t happen to think they belong in mixed presentations/public speaking. Neither does most of Corporate America. Some of these companies spend the bucks to help the people they groom to drop all signs of accent.

  121. LOL Imust~

    Mothers going too.. Mrs Robinson is it?
    Must be a little of

  122. Not sure how to embed a video now.
    So here is the link. Right click on the link and open in new window!
    Going back to their roots maybe 😉

  123. JustMe – I think I heard them say that even cousins are going. I SO can’t wait for these people to get out of our lives (and pocketbooks).

  124. Yes I heard that too, lorac! 2012 cannot come quick enough! I need a free holiday but anyone feel free to go in my spot… LOL 😉
    Wow love the new comment system is this in all wordpress sites?

  125. TY, Uppity missed you too!!!!

    and of course all the Uppity gang!

  126. So Weiner has resigned (although he apparently still hasn’t officially turned in the paperwork), but he will still get his large congressional pension each year. It made me realize, that we have to make it clear to our leaders that if they get rid of social security, then they also have to get rid of congressional pensions. Fair is fair. If we can’t have an income to supplement our savings when we retire, then they can’t either. And if they get rid of Medicare, then they have to get rid of whatever THEY get for their retirement medical needs. Might help put things into perspective when they’re making their rules that affect US, if they affect them as well.

    (and do they even pay into their pensions as we pay into social security? I don’t know….)

  127. A sad and sorry state when France has more balls than the USA. {{{Shudder}}}

  128. Well, about bleedin’ time, JustMe. I was beckoning you at the time of the royal nups to see what you thought of Katie. Anyway, looks like you Brits love her, as well you should. She’s a keeper, for sure.

  129. Yeah right, lorac! Fact is LA is full of East Coast transplants, particularly NY’ers.

  130. I could give lessons in dropping one’s accent. The best lessons.

  131. So, lissen up…I have a feeling that tomorrow’s not going to be a great day on this blog. So, make it a computer-free day…take a walk, do some gardening, take in a movie, and the like.

  132. A noted trial lawyer, who whoops ass and wins…… worried about a post on a silly little blog. And that is pricelessly endearing.

  133. Watch it, UW. “[S]illy little blog” be fightin’ words…. Wanna step outside?

  134. Mcnorman, this writer says Perry’s not a ‘nancy boy.’
    He does make a good point: how come none of this gay stuff has surfaced in all the races he’s been in?

  135. Take a goo at Huntsman’s strange ad — it’s linked in this article:

  136. NES, I asked you what you thought about that ad up at the top of the thread. Whats going on tomorrow?

    Uppity, I think we’re cooking sisters or something. One of my fav grocery stores just had their San Marzano toms on sale, which made me happy!

  137. Leave it to the crackpot right to worry more about if a candidate is gay than if a candidate is dishonest, incompetent, perverted, stupid or crazy–or a host of other things depicted in congress.

  138. Hell socal, I never catch those tomaters on sale!

  139. Off topic, I am afraid, but Uppity, this has shocked me to the core:

    Dogs are considered unclean in Israel? And this one might be stoned to death?? Because an Israeli judge thinks the soul of a lawyer who insulted him is in the dog??!! How can this be? And they wanted children to stone the dog?????
    But Israel has an SPCA:

    I have not found any news on this there. I hope this is a false report. But if this is what that judge is like, I agree with the lawyer who insulted him!


  140. Socal, yesterday @ 2:59 am — Sorry i missed your query yesterday, socal. In response: I think Huntsman’s ad (made on vimeo, btw) is bizarre; hope he’s not trying to be too kewl since that can backfire.
    To steal JohnWSmart’s phrase, Huntsman seems to be the 2011-2012 campaign’s “IT Girl” — here’s his piece (check out the comments too):

  141. Hey Nes, I was over at NQ when Kate and William tied the knot. Hanging out with Helenk etc. Kate seems wonderful, a lot like Diana who I admired in many respects. She was normal like most women and suffered/tolerated through her marriage to that fool Charles. When she was becoming her own person she was snatched from us. Not just the UK but the world!

    She stood for everything that was right and we all lost an ambassador that night in France. Sooooo now, I am not a royalist by any means I feel the Queen has been a great figure head for the country…..William and Harry are the result of the love she bestowed on her 2 sons and her influence of knowing the side of normal whilst raising them!

    Kate will do well in her role alongside William, the wonderful aspect to all this is they both love and respect each other from what we can all see! This will go a long way for Kate to have so much more confidence than Diana ever got from the man she married. Oh, and Harry! There’s just something about Harry!

    My heart belongs to America and 2012 needs to get here pretty damn quickly, so we can rid the WH of that “O” clan!

  142. djmm, sorry. You landed in spam because you have two links. I have no idea if this is true, but i wouldn’t put it pass those Hasidic nutbags. You remember them, don’t you? They removed Hillary from the situation room photo because they treat women like dog shit. I know there is a population of them in israel, so nothing would surprise me about these creatures. There is also a large Arab population in Israel, since they made the mistake of including them in a democracy and now they threaten to overrun them and would probably rise up on behalf of the goat fuckers if need be, even though Israel was gracious enough to treat them with dignity. A Jew would be killed if he tried that in Iran. And as we know, Muslims think dogs are “unclean,” which is Sharia speak for Dogs Scare The Crap Out Of Me Because They Are Good Judges of Character.

    Yes Israel has an SPCA and i do KNOW for a FACT that dogs are an integral part of their military, so I look upon this story with a good deal of suspicion.

  143. And as we know, Muslims think dogs are “unclean,” which is Sharia speak for Dogs Scare The Crap Out Of Me Because They Are Good Judges of Character.

    So true! I expect all dogs snarl in their presence!

  144. Thanks for your thoughts on the future Queen Kate, JustMe. I concur.

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