Sunday’s open thread and Double Agent Kitteh

His bark is worse than his….hey, wait…

“Oh sheet, I got caught doing my dog thing! Busted! Um, maybe I can recover with a coupla Meows….”


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  1. That cat is amazing. Animals are much smarter than they are given credit for. I would love to know what he/she was barking at. Love it.

    When that video ended this one came up… if you don’t know Iz, time to give him a listen. The end is his memorial service, most joyous one I have seen.

  2. here is another oldy but goody….loved it then and love it now.

  3. oops, that didn’t work. Here is the link Superwoman/Hillary

  4. So funny! I saw it yesterday and immediately sent it to a major cat loving friend in California.

  5. Is that cat really barking or is it a dog outside? My Kozmoe makes a lot of sounds- but not barking! ROFL!
    OT- but that Mississippi Kite is getting bold- was diving very close to the yard yesterday- the boys and I were out hollering at it. The neighbors must think we are loons. lol

  6. I saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins with the kids yesterday. Couldn’t help thinking about this blog. Hope this link works…you never know anymore. Popper’s Penguins

  7. Black cats are the smartest and many speak severl languages. 😆

  8. but mostly catanese 😆 😆

  9. Black Cats rock. Every black cat I’ve known stole my heart.

  10. Ah you saw Mr. Popper! I had his trailer up and thought it was a riot.

  11. Mom, IMO the cat was watching a dog bark and they are pawning it off as a cat barking. They were able do his because 1) when the cat turns around to the camera, he DOES sound like he’s trying to bark and 2) AOL is comprised of stupid, borderline literate, gullible fools.

    There is no way a cat’s vocal chords could make the deep sound of a dog barking, but hey, it’s fun to imagine it. And after, all, that black fuzzball DID try!

  12. Notice how the black cat engages the human in the situation as soon as he/she walks into the room, almost like the cat is explaining what the human missed before coming into the room. That’s why they seem so smart.

  13. Somewhere over the rainbow: An absolutely beautiful voice from a morbidly obese man who will not live much longer. I almost didn’t click.

  14. beautiful..
    I hope that you all have a most wonderful Father’s Day.

  15. BCL, as is typical of all cats, he had a cover story.

    If there had been a dog in the home, he would have blamed the dog. I tell you my dog gets blamed for everything, even when it is clear she wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity. It’s reached the point where, if a crash is heard from another room, my dog furrows her eyebrows and gets that I’m Sorry! look even though she’s in another room with ME.

  16. I think he already died. The video ends with the memorial celebration and they pour the ashes into the water.

  17. Great video of El Barko, the Cat.

    Update on Blackie the Stray: Yesterday evening, before it got dark, I went out with a bowl of food and called “Kitty, kitty, kitty”. Blackie appeared and was coming up to me on the porch when – from out of nowhere – Nasty Raccoon came flying at us. Blackie ran away and I quickly went inside with the food. That is one aggressive raccoon.

    Raccoon Haiku:

    Corner of my eye
    Vision of sharp teeth and claws
    The flying raccoon

  18. Well no surprise there, sorry to say.

  19. Since there’s currently no dog in my home, when my cat gets into trouble (hunting chipmunks or birds) and I catch her, she will put herself in the house, grumbling and meowing the whole way. I can’t tell if she is complaining because I’m spoiling her fun or because she got caught.

  20. Mine get horrified and scurry away, looking “Ashamed,” tugging at my heart strings, peeking around the corner as in Mom Can I Come Out Now? It’s all the show and I fall for it every time.

  21. Beata, probably baby raccoons nearby. My mama raccoon at my old place would sleep with her family in my tree off my front porch. After years of the raccoon worrying about my 4 cats (at that time), when the last one got old and slept most of the time, mama raccoon would put the babies in the tree then come to the porch to try to chase away the sleeping cat. She’d wake up all confused about why the raccoon was harassing her. I had to make her stay inside after she got old.

  22. Agree on the black cats- Kosmoe is black as is the barn kitty. For some reason when cats decide to adopt me they are almost always black- (or black and white lol-Sabrina is a tuxie) We have had a couple of cats befriend us at the farm- with the exception of one gray one we named “ghost” they have all been black or black and white. We haven’t had any strays wander in for years now. Perhaps because we tamed the male feral enough to get him to the vets for neutering. Though he has been gone for a few years.

  23. Lorac, somewhere considerably downthread you’d asked about what I thought about the Pakistanis arresting people who’d provided informaton to the US in connection with the OBL raid: I think it’s the beginning of the end of the post-9/11 relationship between the US and Pak. The head of the Pak military, Parvaiz Kiyani, has come under intense criticism for his pro-US stance, and he’s at risk of being overthrown by a military coup. The OBL raid caused considerable political upheaval internally, mainly by showing up the military as being weak, clueless and unable to stop a breach of the country’s “autonomy.” If Kiyani is overthrown, it’ll be a huge coup for the (minority) Islamist wing of the military and their taliban and taliban-type allies. There will also be a move to have China become the ‘super power’ patron instead of the US.

  24. lol! Funny my black cat did that at least once every day and she ended it in a long scream….. it was something if we had guests! Here the human with the camera caused the cat to knock it off before they reached the crescendo!

  25. When my tortie is “bad”, she does the rolling on the floor, showing neck and tummy submissive act. Very cute. I fall for it every time, too.

  26. BCL, who died? The vid isn’t working for me.

  27. NES
    I tried to answer your question and got thrown clear off the blog. It’s someone named Israel IZ, a polynesian. He is very big like a sumo wrestler but looks young in the video.

  28. Ten weeks later, Ghadaffy’s still in power and we’re still spending millions every day so that the French and the Brits can replace Ghadaffy with someone who’ll sell them oil.

    Oh yes, and occasionally NATO’s bombs are killing some ‘rebels,’ thereby endearing them to the people they’re trying to ‘save.’

    Why is it not self-evident that one can’t undo the apparatus of power on the ground by simply bombing from the air?

  29. Thanks for the info., BCL.

  30. Oh yeah Beata, the Throw Myself On The Floor routine works every time!

    Worst thing a cat ever did to me was………it was a very important dinner at my home. I mean, we are talking serious promotion possibilities. Apres’ dinner, sitting and chatting in living room, my cat came down the stairs with a pair of my panties from a folded pile I didn’t put away. Sang the whole way down too. Came into the living room, dropped them right in the middle of the floor and THEN threw himself on the floor belly up. Fortunately, the room was filled with people who had an outstanding sense of humor. I mean, a CRYING FROM LAUGHTER sense of humor. And yeah. They were black. Wanted to kill his ass later, but he already knew he was in some deep shit so I couldn’t find him.

    And by the way, that wasn’t the only time he did that. The other time was after a date I had hoped to score for the longest time. The little prick.

    Can you top that?

  31. Beata, …Need. To. Get. Rid. Of. Raccoon. Perhaps a humane trap and drop him off in the woods. He is obviously claiming the territory and kitteh is deferring. Hey, is it possible to feed that cat in an enclosure? If the coon figures out there is not going to be food he will move on.

    Mom, any suggestions on sending a raccoon packing?

  32. We’re off to brunch. See you all later.

  33. Worried about racoon –it will kill cat if it can — trap good idea –if it catches cat, take it in and i say (Uppity may disagree) right to vet because it may be a danger to other animals in house or have fleas, etc. whatever – save the cat! Call the humane so to find out how to rent a cheap trap.

  34. The kitteh vid doesn’t seem to be altered, but what the hell do I know, I am old and not tech savvy? It sure seems like the cat is barking. Well done if it is a fake.

    Before I head back to the grindstone I was catching up on the news and came across this article on the comedic horrors of the Republicans. It sure made me laugh that they can’t laugh when the joke is on them. This guy took a swipe at both sides of the aisle. That isn’t funny to them, go figure.

  35. Can you feed the raccoon at the far end of your property? It works with aggressive squirrels here. If I don’t put something out, far away, they keep attacking my bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. They climb poles with baffles and suet cages to get little scraps of seeds, etc – relentlessly year round.

    I can’t stand grey squirrels.

    If you can’t catch the raccoon or the kitteh, then feed them at far ends of the area.

    Good luck, whatever you do. Hope this has a happy ending…

  36. At the end of the last thread Uppity commented on Father’s Day and my feelings are much the same. He is gone and very much missed. My ex was a good father but a lousy husband. Happy Father’s Day to any UW dads. If they come here then they are the cream of the crop of the males.

  37. The ReggieBrown vid is over 18 minutes long. I haven’t seen it yet since I have to run to work, but did watch the first two minutes and he is very good so far. He does an excellent job of capturing the enormous bo ego!

  38. I don’t know UW, I had a cat who made very deep guttural sounds. I think with a few more brain cells he might have figured out how to bark. I suppose you don’t believe in the Easter bunny either?

  39. IW, Iz is dead. He died a few years ago, yes because of his weight. It is sad, but also part of his great humanity, and his voice and the life he chose to live. The end of the video is his memorial service when they scattered his ashes in the Ocean.
    I bought his last CD when he was still alive. Before that, had anyone said to me I would one day be listening to a guy singing in Hawaiian while playing the Ukulele, I would have said “yeah right”.

  40. Raccoon- GET RID OF IT! Shoot it, trap it- whatever you have to do- get rid of it. Raccoons are prime rabies carriers. We have no problem with them as Aladdin has killed a few- and the rest got the drift and took off.
    Hmm- a very large aggressive dog might scare it away.
    Make sure all food stuffs are secure- don’t let the coons eat- they get very aggressive and can and do get into houses and wreak havoc and cause mayhem.

  41. The soon-to-reire-truth-saying Bob Gates strikes again. He said he’s weary of “wars-of-choice”:

    I am too — weary, sick and tired.

  42. Karen, I posted a website yesterday that had this video – although they only had the middle of it, so this is the first time I saw the beginning – and the end. In the post’s website, they mentioned that he had been interrupted and escorted early from the floor, but that didn’t show up in the video. It did in this one you’ve posted.

    I wonder which joke led them to do that? He had started criticizing the republican contenders and was getting some boos – but he had also just made a joke about the softness of Barney Frank’s backside – then you’ll see a man walking up to the lower part of stage from the right and bending over to do something. Then the sound cuts out and he walks onstage. He says something to the impersonator, and then the sounds comes back on for the impersonator to say, “I gotta go, thank you!”

    I’m sure they preferred when the impersonator was making fun of himself (Obama), more than their candidates. But maybe they were worried he was getting too raunchy….?

  43. Rick Perry Watch:

    I’m behind the learning curve on TX politics…I didn’t know that he was a Dem pol, and of longstanding, before he switched parties. That should be a serious knock on him with the Tea Party people (who hold the brief China-ambassador-stint against Huntsman), but, noooooo….they love them their Rickie. WTF?!

  44. I would’ve thought it helped with the apres-date.

  45. NES, I don’t know much about TX politics, either. I’ve also heard that he was a dem before he was republican. You say he was a dem for a long time – I wonder if he has been in office as a repub for a long time, too….? Maybe the TX people are used to him now as a repub officeholder…?

  46. oops “errant” lol they SHOULD be “errand husbands”

  47. So ………When out and about yesterday a car in front of me had an old 2008 “O” sticker and below a 2012! I nearly crashed/rammed right into it!!! Seriously!!

  48. I often have that impulse, JustMe. Only natural.

  49. Perry has been a GOP’er for a while now, lorac. But, my point was that he was a Dem (and played a huge role in Al Gore’s campaign in 2000), and that alone should kill his chances with the Tea Party. I mean, while Huntsman served as the O admin.’s ambassador to China, he did so as a Republican; it’s not like he ever left the GOP.

  50. Or, lorac, NOT standing by them … which is great and long overdue.
    I liked this bit from the article, particularly the last sentence of Ms. Sanford’s statement:

    In 2009, Jenny Sanford, then married to Gov. Mark Sanford, Republican of South Carolina, became a hero to many by being one of the first high-profile political wives to forgo the obligatory joint appearance.

    “Jenny Sanford really liberated a lot of these political wives,” said Ms. Lake, the pollster. “They thought, ‘I don’t have to put up with this anymore.’ ”

    Ms. Sanford, whose husband had cheated on her, has said that even if he had asked her to be there, she would not have. His actions, she told Barbara Walters in an interview, “don’t in any way take away my own self-esteem; they reflect poorly on him.”

  51. And special kudos to Huma Abedin, who burned the oppressive old playbook.
    Not only did she not stand next to him, she left town with her best friend and mentor for several days, and then got him to quit within 24 hours of her return. Way to go, grrrrrrl!!!!!

  52. Hi gang!

    First, ReggieBrown. Yes I saw him told to hit the road. I thought the entire video was a PERFECT example of the anal retentiveness of the far right. It was a glaring example of how easily they are willing to laugh, snort, hoot and be mean and uncharitable toward others but are totally unable to laugh at their own selves. This video was a mirror of what it would be like to have them and theirs in charge of our country. Be warned!!! Be warned!!! You should watch it again and listen to their reactions and Be Warned!!!!! These are not people of good cheer, nor of godliness, and they are not people of fairness or mercy. They are people of MY WAY OR the HIGHWAY AND YOU WILL LIVE AS I SAY. BUT NOT AS I DO! They are the people who would make the starving pray on their knees BEFORE they feed them. These are the people who find the Hillary nutcracker a hoot but find it an affront when S**** P****’s name is on the same box. These are the kinds of people who tortured Hillary Clinton for 15 years and will torture you as long as they can. These are the people who would oppress you, find glee in your misfortune and unfairness in their own, and the only reason they wouldn’t kill you is because we have laws that say they can’t. Be WARNED. They are the mirror image of the Nutroots, only they have years more experience at ruining and ruling your life. Do not give these beasts The Power. They are the mental descendents of the witch burners.

  53. Now about Beata’s cat and the cat in the video. I will repeat that there is No Way a cat can make that sound. It would be like asking a soprano to sound like a baritone. I say he is not barking because if you watch him, his head is not moving and his body is not moving at all. He if fixed and in the typical cat WATCH position. Such a sound would at least require diaphragm movement, my friends. When he turns around you certainly see movement with his sounds. As with the soprano, he is able to manage a bad rendition of an alto, but not much more. This cat was watching a dog bark outside.

    Beata, I actually do agree with green in this case. These are special circumstances, there is a wild animal on the land harassing the cat and you. Put a trap out. You will either catch the coon or the cat. If you catch the coon, have a plan where to dump him. Make sure you don’t get near the openings and get that little bastard off your land. I do not agree with feeding him anywhere on your land because he will eat what you give him AND what the cat gets–and he will STAY. Next, the family will arrive.GIving him food would be an invitation. You must get him off the land one way or another, with or without a bullet, and I am not kidding. if the coon is in the trap, the rest will be easy with the cat. I can tell the cat is ready for your home. Just a few tweaks.

    If you catch the cat and not the coon, by ALL MEANS vet him IMMEDIATELY and bring him home. Then still use the trap to get the coon!

  54. As for Anthony, Huma made him talk to the hand. He’s finished and looks every inch (scuse the pun) her Lesser. A woman of her dignity will never trust a guy like him. Even if she stays with him, it won’t last and it won’t be on good terms. Good for you Huma. Fuck him!

  55. UW, I agree with your take on the republicans not being able to laugh at their own, but I’m not sure the dems are much different lol Sure, they could laugh at Hillary (but everyone KNOWS she’s a MONSTER), but even now they can’t laugh at Obama.

  56. UW @ 6:42: Amen. You said it in a nutshell. (We are so F’d.)

  57. I hope Huma tells him to take that hike. People compare it to Hillary and Bill, but I don’t see it. From my vantage point of the outside looking in, one of the BIG differences to me is that Hillary and Bill had a long established relationship. These two haven’t even been married a year. Huma doesn’t have the same depth of knowledge of her husband, she hasn’t had the time to know him in different situations, that Hillary had of Bill. And Weiner was doing this type of stuff before they were married, promised to quit, but kept going. So she needs to do what she feels is right, but I think she should dump him, and if she asks me, I’ll tell her that! lol

  58. lorac, as I said, they are the mirror image of the Nutroots. They are the same people, only the far right would have the likes of lesbian you in for the cure. Or worse. Beware!!!

    In that room were the people who knew the people who went to Africa to influence an anti homosexuality law. They so incensed, that the law now makes homosexuality PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. Beware!!!! This is Raw Evil using God’s name.

  59. I’m trying to imagine in what situations I could laugh at democrats (I’m now independent, but I’ve never been a republican). I can laugh at Obama, but I don’t like him at all. Could I laugh at a joke about Hillary, whom I DO like? I think if the joke were told by someone who didn’t like Hillary, someone who was being mean-spirited, I wouldn’t feel amused in the slightest. However, if it were someone I knew liked Hillary, and they were telling a Hillary joke in the context of “look at this mistake she made, she’s so adorable”, then I could laugh.

    So now I’m trying to think of how I would react to a joke about a dem politician I’m not so invested in, as I am with Hillary. I’m trying to imagine being at a party function as these people were, and hearing a comic make fun of the different democratic candidates for the nomination. If I were still a party person, my primary goal would be to make sure ONE of these dems gets elected, so maybe I would feel some protection towards all of them. But I can’t get there really in my imagination, because I definitely feel the “independent” now, and I look at both sides with the same jaundiced eye. I guess I can’t imagine ever sitting in a party atmosphere, wanting to protect them from possibly mean-sprited humor because I need one of them to win.

    There was definitely something simpler for me pre-Hillary, when I would pick one person in the primaries, but didn’t totally care if they won, because I’d be voting for whomever was the primary winner when the general came around. It was all very ideological. Then someone (Hillary) came along whom I REALLY believed in. And now after the 2008 primaries, other than Hillary, they all seem like schmucks to me, on both sides of the aisle. So maybe I could laugh at all of them, on both sides – but I would be protective of Hillary, if I didn’t feel it was a loving joke that was being told.

    I don’t know – maybe I’m weird. I think most people are still very ideologically based and wouldn’t want to laugh at their own – especially if a race is heating up. After 2008, I can’t see these politicians on either side as anything but crooks and liars. I (we) found the real thing and she was cheated. Everything has changed for me now.

  60. 2008 showed that Dems, particularly the men and boys, hated Hillary as much as any Repub. did/had. And, given their hypocritical touting of support for women’s rights, the offense was even greater when committed by them. And, frankly, I think the Repub. politicians, generally speaking, respected Hillary much more than the Dems did (hated her, but respected her); I think they were as stumped as the PUMAs when the Dems chose BHO over her.

  61. Yes, UW, in the case of gay rights, the right works against you. The left doesn’t work FOR you, they just mouth the words. So it’s a case of bad and worst lol

  62. I’m not invested, either way, in the future of Huma’s and Anthony’s marriage; nor do I think others should be. I could never understand why anyone — on the left or the right — felt, and still feel, entitled to opine about whether or not Hill should’ve left Bill. No one but the couple can possibly know exactly what goes on in a marriage and where and what the stress lines are.

  63. That figures, NES. That’s why I keep telling you to leave the better-half, and you won’t do it ROFL

  64. lorac: I did laugh at a joke about Hillary: the one about the KFC special Hillary bucket. But then again, I didn’t consider any of the punchline “faults” to be bad at all. (fat thighs, small breasts, all left wings)

    Someone did give me a Hillary nutcracker and at first I was annoyed, but in a nanosecond I said, “And I ain’t afraid to use it.” All the folks in the room with nuts took a step back.

  65. I didn’t see it myself, but someone on the internet reported that Bachman said she wanted to overturn Roe v Wade. I don’t know if anyone would really act to do that, or be successful if they did, but that’s scary. I know during the primaries they all play to their base, so the dems sound more lefty, and the repubs more righty…. but she might really want to do it 😦

  66. sophie – that was a good nutcracker rejoinder lol

  67. Sophie, we’re more EFFED if BHO gets another term.
    Someone is going to win the WH in Nov. 2012; and it’s not going to be “none of the above” or some third party candidate, but rather either BHO or the GOP nominee.
    I know that there’s much support here, including from UW, for staying at home on election day. Personally, I don’t see the point of that because you’re not affecting the outcome; ditto, on the option of voting for a third party candidate (no effect on the outcome).

  68. Hey – I didn’t post that twice! This new system acts weird for me. I’m still having the problem of the “log in” tabs sitting up in the comment box… if I hover over each one, they’ll individually hop back down. But then the comment box gets “shaky” as I type ….

  69. Hah! It’ll never happen. She’s THE ONE.

  70. Yeah, but I’m the OTHER one – (get back, UW, get back, FF, get back, Sophie!!!!)


  71. I’m sure Bachmann wants to, lorac. But, she’s not going to be able to, practically speaking. It’s not like it’s a law that she can have Congress repeal or an executive order that she can rescind. The Supremes would have to revisit the Roe v. Wade decision and find that it was wrongly decided; good luck with that. It ain’t gonna happen. She’s shamelessly pandering to her base (nutty religious right).

  72. I didn’t see it myself, but someone on the internet reported that Bachman said she wanted to overturn Roe v Wade

    To me, her intentions are as plain as the nose on her very mean face. She is the DARLING of the evangelicals. Do you need a telephone pole on your head to understand what that means?

  73. Well, as you pointed out the other day, we ALL love the same woman! On His44, the admin has said several times, in reference to Hillary, to watch September. The admin seems to have connections to Hillary. I can’t wait to see what happens in September!

  74. Beata, if you use a trap, be sure you have gloves on when you’re carrying it and opening it. The varmints can scratch thru the wires. I just recently gave up feeding the birds, cuz I got tired of the ground squirrel invasion. The tree squirrels (California Fox) hop on our fence and beg for a piece of bread once or twice a day, but haven’t seen the horrible, evil ground squirrels. I tried getting rid of them by trapping them and moving them to a park 3 miles away and trapped & moved 8 of the demons, but it was a drop in the bucket. I tried feeding them far away from my yard, but it was costing me too much $ for critters I can’t stand. I miss the birds though.

  75. lorac, that crowd in that video has a message for you. You need to get right with God and stop your sinning. You need to understand that four or five marriages to a man is what you need. That’s a good thing and will be excused. In their own convoluted world, you are a threat to marriage, not divorce. You are doomed to hell and will burn in hellfires, but not before they make you WISH you were dead. Your demise will mean nothing to them other than “jusice”. Their god is a vengeful God except for them. They can do whatever they want, just so long as they remember to say I’m sorry when they get caught.

  76. Wish I could believe Hill was going to run, lorac. It’s a dream (albeit a lovely one).

  77. NES, laker read your post & comments when he got in late last nite, and he really liked it, but couldn’t think of anything to say (it was really late), and wouldn’t let me post any of his poetry. Also, re: your comment upthread about Pakistan, do you think that would be a good or bad thing if they push us out & turn to China?

    Hubbie says thanks for Fathers Day wishes!

  78. NES, sister, you forget where the left learned how to bash Hillary. They took it all right out of a decade and a half of playbook. They even USED THE SAME PHOTOSHOPPED PICS. Make NO Mistake. The Right was the Teacher. I watched it. And those of you who were on the net boards during the Bush terms know EXACTLY HOW VICIOUS AND MEAN THESE PEOPLE ARE. Beware! I cannot stress this enough! I get a huge reaction to these people and I don’t do that often. You have got to see them operate up close and personal to know just how vicious they reallly are.

  79. lorac, I’m lucky that way. I have no problem laughing at the Democrats or the Republicans, because I believe they are all assholes.

  80. lorac, sounds good about Sept! Wishin & Hopin’! Gotta get back to work!

  81. Which suffrage woman was it who said you should beware when what God wants just happens to match up with what a person wants?

    We are dealing with a bunch of throwbacks to the Puritans, who cannot discern the difference between God’s work and God’s job.

  82. Well, a telephone pole on my head would make me taller, anyway lol

    UW, I don’t trust that politicians mean all that they say. The evangelicals may believe her, because they want her to be one of them. She might be as far right as they are, she might not be. I’d have to look at her legislation to get a better feel – but I definitely don’t believe any of their words. These politicians are always trying to manipulate people. If she were to win, you know she wouldn’t be mouthing those same words she’s mouthing now. They all make that change from primary to general. But I can’t even imagine her winning.

    If Hillary couldn’t be allowed to win, I don’t believe there’s anyway a Bachman will win as the first female president. At the very most, she’d be asked to be VP, just for the women’s vote – but Palin is more well-known, so it wouldn’t even necessarily be Bachman, especially since Palin appeals to more independents than Bachman ever would. It will be interesting to see who wins the republican nomination. The repubs paint BO as such a left wing guy – which I don’t see him as. But I think the repubs who portray him that way, do it so they can push for a further-right righty.

    From what I can tell, most people are/historically have been moderates. Why can’t we just have a moderate? A so-called RINO or DINO? The wings make such noise about how awful people like this are – but most of us are there in the middle – why can’t WE win? The wings just make too much noise and have too much power, I think.

  83. socal if you want the squirrels to move, put a cat out there. Feed him and give him shelter from the elements. The rest of the time he will drive them away. You will find a few dead squrrels before they get the point and move on. I know. I went thru this. My land seemed a sanctuary for squrrels. Since I made the rescue arrangement, with a trap door to the shelter, which is heated and air conditions, squirrels are history.

  84. I can testify to the damage raccoons can do. Our family cottage at a lake was empty all winter and each spring we would have to deal with the damage done by mice over the winter, except the winter a raccoon got in and tore the place apart until somehow it got back out. It even went so far as to dig or chew the wood around the windows trying to get out. I also had a raccoon claw thru my carport roof when I flipped on the bedroom light one night and yelled at the cats ‘what did you kill in this bedroom’ while they looked at me like I had lost my mind. What I was smelling was a raccoon outside my bedroom on the carport roof. He clawed his way thru the roof in terror and dropped down on top of my car. My respect for the damage a raccoon can do went way up.


    Get the CD TUKI MUSIC. That song came from that CD and there are others on it just as good.

  86. The repubs are vicious and all this fuss now is show to set Bachmann up for something, but I seriously doubt they will let her win the nomination. Maybe the VP slot but I doubt that. Probably they are using her to blunt Sarah Palin since they keep saying she is taking the slot SP would fill, like there can be only one female candidate. Even the dems are talking about what a good job she is doing campaigning and they hate Michele Bachmann. There is a plan, but we little people are not supposed to know what the plan is.

  87. lorac, I see bachmann’s face and I recognize it. She is TRULY one of them. Of all the candidates I trust her the least. She is one of them to the nines.

    Moderates can’t get traction because of the two hijacking fringes.

  88. UW, I’m not sure if you’re saying ALL republicans are evil, or just the activist wingers….? We may disagree on this, because I think a large number of republicans are busy with their own lives, perhaps they only vote based on the candidate they think will help their business interests, and aren’t invested in any of the social issues. We all have friends, coworkers, neighbors, maybe even family members who are republican – I don’t view the ones I know as “evil”. And a lot of them are like a lot of democrats – they vote for the party at election time, and otherwise aren’t too involved in politics. I think most people are like that, regardless of party. I think it’s the wings in both parties which have the dangerous people, but not the whole of either party. But again, I’m not sure which you’re saying….?

    But are you saying that you could laugh at a mean-spirited Hillary joke told by a republican? Oh, I just couldn’t!

  89. All my cats over the years did not run the squirrels off, ever. Currently, the squirrels come on the patio and let the cat chase them. Doesn’t seem to faze them. Grey squirrels do not bother me other than digging in my potted plants hiding their nuts, but one summer I did have red squirrels in my condo and they chewed everything. I finally ran them off playing hard rock music as loud as I could get it and they would come out of my attic and yell at me. Weird experience.

  90. It’s too bad squirrels cause such problems for you guys. We don’t have them here. Well, there is something they *call* a squirrel, but they’re really small and scrawny, even smaller than chipmunks – and I’ve only seen them a few times, always in large parks. They’re not the larger, filled-out squirrels with the big bushy tails I remember from the midwest. I miss squirrels! (but I wouldn’t want your problems!)

  91. Yes, agreed. I have no problem laughing at either. I think all pols earn their fair share of ridicule, and one shouldn’t have any sacred cows in that respect. The problem with the attacks on Hillary were that were un-funny, vicious and hateful.

  92. I won’t stay home on election day. I’ll likely vote 3rd party. I wish there was a None of the Above option on a ballot and that if None of the Above won, the parties would have to present alternatives and we have a new vote. I really think that’s the only way to stop getting these lesser of two evils choices.

  93. But NES, do you think Obama supporters can laugh at Obama? I don’t. They can’t even tell the truth about him lol

  94. Upps, I fully get that. But:

    1. Given how well and quickly they ‘learned,’ it doesn’t look like the Dems needed much teaching in the area of misogyny. They’re not excused because they learned Hillary-bashing from the Rethugs.

    2. The Rethugs, much as they may have wanted to, could not have killed — and did NOT kill — Hillary’s chance to be president. It was the Dems — the misogynistic men and boys and the sufficiently large number of stupid and/or gender-betraying women — who deprived her of the nomination in favor of Obama. That I don’t forgive — ever. We all know that anyone who ended up with the Dem nomination in ’08 was going to beat McCain and be the next president; that would’ve been Hillary but for the Dems.

    3. I hear all your criticism of the GOP, but what do you propose? I’m not going to sit out the GE of 2012. And, I don’t vote for no-chance-in-hell third party candidates. My choice is the GOP nominee or Obama; I’ll go for the former.

  95. I had a squirrel in my basement and he did thousands of dollars in damage.

  96. UW, I’m not sure if you’re saying ALL republicans are evil, or just the activist wingers….?

    Which do you think I’m saying. Come on lorac. Do I hate all Democrats or do I single out the far left nutroots? Well, the Republicans have the same diseased group. Just the flip of the same coin, nothing more. These people aren’t Republicans. they are right wing crackpot threocrats. They are no more Republican than the kossacks are Democrats.

  97. Oh, socal, tell Laker dude to get over his shyness. All Uppity-ites want to read his poems.

    On Pak., I think it’s good for us monetarily, but probably bad strategically. China will give them money and not ask them to deal with the g’effers in their own backyard because China doesn’t give a shite about anything but making money and keeping nosey foreigners out of its politics. But, the point is moot because there’s not much we can do: we can hardly get nothing for all the money we pour into Pak.; and what we want has become politically unfeasible for them (or so it appears). Pak. is a Gordian Knot and I don’t know that anyone can untie it. Maybe after failing as a state, it’ll reconfigure itself into something workable, decades down the road.

  98. I’ll tell you which Republican I would vote for. The one that spits in the Religious Right’s eye. If that person gets past the primaries, the Independents will be joining me and so will plenty of Democrats.

    So far the only three candidates who have stiffed them are Romney and Huntsman and Cain. They refused to sign their demand paper that forces them to pick cabinet members who are anti abortion. That paper alone confirms EXACTLY what I am saying about them. They only care about three things: A theocracy that would rival Sharia when they are done, putting wimminz in their places, and bashing homosexuals. Cain probably refused to sign because it wasn’t mean enough.

  99. No, no, I didn’t mean to imply that at all, lorac. I think it’s irrefutable that Obots can’t laugh at him. He can’t laugh at himself either…not on anything that really matters. Being good bots, the Obots probably take their cue from that (independent thought be damned).

  100. lorac, I think you’re talking about ground squirrels. They are taking over the western states and are considered a pest rodent. To kill tree squirrels here you have to have a license and there are hunting seasons for them. But for ground squirrels, its legal to kill them 365 days a year, whether you’re an owner or renter. I’ve thought about shooting them, but unfortunately, my next door neighbor l i k e s them! They have destroyed well over 1000 bucks worth of plants the last 5 years and generally trash the place. They literally bring trash into my yard.

  101. I won’t vote for Raph Nader. I remember when he was useful. If he cared about the USA he would be front and center with consumerism again. Between genetically engineered food and the auto industry killing people, you would think he would dive into what he is actually good at, rather than deliberately helping one candidate beat another. The auto industry is making cars the size of matchboxes and attempting to pimp them and Ralph says nothing. Antibiotics and hormones in food and Ralph says nothing. I do not respect Ralph Nader.

  102. Lorac
    Anti-choice people are evil — the ones who are not just opposed to abortion personally but those who would force OTHER people like Casey Anthony to breed. I will vote for Obama before I will vote for an anti-choice any party. And yes, I know the dems are lying, stinking traitors who will and have sold us out on choice — still there is a difference. I believe BO is going to sell out Israel as well but still I will not vote anti-choice. And more, I will vote to defeat anti-choice politicians.

  103. “…good for us monetarily, but probably bad strategically”

    Thats exactly what I was wondering about!

    Upps, well said about the repub candidates!

  104. I was going to say…Cain is definitely cut from the Religious Right cloth.

  105. I wouldn’t vote for Obama, Green. I would stay home first. What galls me about the abortion issue is the very women who would be most effected by it are busy doing their nails while you and I are expected to carry their water again.

  106. NES: And, I don’t vote for no-chance-in-hell third party candidates.

    This could be the election for a 3rd party. Enough Dems dislike BO and the Repub playing field lacks luster (to put it nicely). It could work…

  107. In the interest of full disclosure on the black cat subject, I thought I would add a picture of my beautiful black cat.

  108. God, this sucks: Miss USA Pageant or Daytime Emmies.

  109. Yo!!! Laker! The troops want those poems! Get on it! Don’t make me come over there!

  110. Don’t count out third party candidate, they send a message to the other two parties. If they can get enough votes that message will be that we’re not playing their slimy games any more.

  111. NES, re: your question: I have nothing to propose. I am simply pointing out that I do not choose to take one poison over another. I will stay home first and I will not support poison from any camp. I don’t see anything good coming from choosing between Death By Fire and Death By Drowning. They are both Death. That is why I am hoping there is a candidate out there who can get thru their primaries without pandering to the mean and nasty right wing.

  112. Nader support Hamas and Fatah – what a f–king joke. Yes, if he had any integrity he would still be a consumer advocate.

  113. I don’t think that’s right, Sophie. Also, it’s getting late in the day — the candidate registration deadline is in July, I believe — and there’s no viable third party candidate in sight. The system is rigged to preclude the emergence of a successful third party candidate.

  114. NES, the Democrats did not cause Hillary to lose the nomination. They caused her to win it. The Democrats did not harm hillary. The Regressives did that with their thuggery and vileness, not at all unlike the Religious Right. Like I said: Mirror Images of one another. They both are what they despise in each other.

  115. Third party candidates would only be plucked from the vile extremes of the two parties. I wouldn’t even look at a Regressive candidate any more than I would look at a Right To Life candidate.

  116. Green, Nader is a seedy recluse who still makes his elderly mother cook and do his laundry for him. If she isn’t dead by now.

  117. Fair enough, Upps. Think Mormon — the evangelicals won’t, and as a matter of theology cannot, embrace them, so they almost have to cut a more independent, establishment-GOP route. It’s no coincidence that both those magic-underwear boys are splitting the establishment-GOP vote between them.

  118. I have to agree that the far right and the far left Obama supporters sound the same and act the same. I don’t see any difference in their tactics or their thinking. And make no mistake that the repubs are all far right now, they have forced any moderates out of the party. The dems are trying to do the same thing, but Hillary supporters are lying in wait to take the dem party back.

  119. BCL…loving your smiling black cat.

  120. BCL
    So where is the picture?
    Staying home gets the anti choice people elected. They want us to stay home – remember O’Reilly with his Tiller the baby killer getting the doctor killed? Want to have all that crap again? Women butchered? Having to set up the hotlines, cops breathing down our back with bettsurveillancence tools. Learning how to do home abortions? Oh no, I am not backing into that hole. Too many dead women screaming through my dreams.

  121. OH I see, it is in your gravator

  122. Uppity
    That’s her knowing smile that she uses to pose for the camera.

  123. I don’t know what the paper is you’re referring to that Cain wouldn’t sign, but I did see him recently say that gayness is a sin.

    Green – I was just talking about republicans in general, not about abortion. Personally, I think it’s a wedge issue they use to manipulate us – I don’t think they can or will even try to change Roe v Wade. But if they did change it, maybe the younger women it affects will finally wake up and get off their butts!

    Although, I DO wonder about people who are anti-abortion (I don’t believe that ALL republicans are). Really, where do they think all those (unwanted often) children will go? Do they want us to become even more overpopulated? It seems to me sometimes that so often we don’t look far enough ahead. We won’t do anything about overpopulation until there are no open lands left at all – I hate the thought of that.

    And… we already have a HUGE percentage of kids either dropping out of high school, or graduating without deserving the degree. I imagine it would get so much worse, if a woman has to have a kid every time she (and the male involved) get pregnant.

  124. better surveillancence tools

  125. UW – English question:

    I said, “every time she (and the male involved) get pregnant.” I think it should have been “gets”. To determine if the noun is singular or plural, you ignore the parenthetical statement, don’t you? (Since a parenthetical statement is one which isn’t essential to the sentence…?)

    I feel that I’m beginning to forget things I used to know well!

  126. Roe is not the issue – its the death by a thousand cuts –worst is refusing to pay for poor women’s abortions and contraception while paying for Viagra — closing the clinics — preventing abortion and BC with foreign aid money — all the restriction and delays in each state – WI has forced information and a waiting period — allowing pharmacists to refuse anti abortion pills –letting Catholic hospitals do the same while getting public funding — refusing abortions for children who are pregnant without adult permission —on and on.

  127. Green, I fought for women’s right to choose when it was never an issue for me (ever! lol), personally. Right now I’m feeling that the younger women that it affects need to get involved. I wouldn’t mind helping if they were involved, but I’ve learned not to do things for people who can do it for themselves. And they CAN do it for themselves. They’re just not involved. That’s their choice (no pun intended).

  128. lorac, you are talking about a generation that can’t even use a can opener. See this post on “Are we raising a generation of nincompoops”.

  129. Ooopsie (Although IIRC, the phrase was added at the height of the Cold War)

  130. Abortion is STILL my issue because over population and child abuse affect me ME directly. I have to ride the bus and walk the streets with those very angry adult survivors. I am the one losing the overpopulation battle.

  131. I have to agree with NES on voting in the GE. I will vote for whoever is running against Obama. It’s a slim to no chance that Obama will lose, but imusttry. The only way to get our party back is to get rid of the Obamacrats.

  132. lorac, two subjects joined by an “and” is a compound subject, thus plural in this case. She and the man are two. Now if you said, “She, along with the man who porked her,”– enclosed in commas– then the verb would be singular because the sentence would stand without the phrase encased in commas.

  133. HRC on abortion – “Safe, legal – and rare”

    My aunt (whom I never knew) DID DIE as a result of a back alley abortion, but it is not The Issue I will go down in flames for. We have MUCH LARGER PROBLEMS. Theft, graft, corruption and a government completely out of control.

    Those who have single-issue issues like this, and who will vote for Obama because he simply gives lip-service to women cannot see the forest for the trees, IMO. At least with the Right Wing Nuts we KNOW how to fight and plan our strategerie. With the Left-Wing regressives, we will believe them all the way to the coat-hanger factory.

  134. Green, I imagine in the end they will figure it out. Either they will start to fight back, or they will learn to use other strategies. I don’t think most women want to go back to the days when they were baby factories. But there will always be some people who are comfortable having a baby every year. Like the 19 and counting family, or new immigrants coming from countries that are still like that…. Maybe I just don’t have the energy for single issues right now – my primary passion right now is to get BO out – I think he is taking the whole country down. Seriously. I’m not interested in voting for a far right whacko. But I don’t have a problem with a moderate. For instance, McCain didn’t scare me.

  135. Green – I simply have to ask (NOT attacking) Just curious.

    Do you believe in abortion as a preferred method of population control?

  136. Thanks for posting that vid, UW. She makes SO much sense.

    I have to go to bed now. I am so sleepy! All that sun!

  137. Freedom Fairy

    I do not think you are attacking but Preferred?? at 500 dollars a crack? However, when you say WE have bigger problems, do not include me in that. There are legions of we who think overpopulation and unwanted and/or abused children are the MAJOR and root cause of every and all of your bigger problems. I do not hate or love politicians. They are what they are and I do not get caught up in the passions over them. I don’t follow leaders but do watch the parking meters. I have bigger things to get passionate about.

  138. Interestingly, most of the people who are anti-abortion are also anti-contraception. (And ironically, pro-Viagra.)

  139. What imust, lorac and FF said on the GE vote.

  140. It’s all part of the agenda to keep women as useful-breeding-eejits, Sophie.

  141. Interestingly, most of the people who are anti-abortion are also anti-contraception. (And ironically, pro-Viagra.)

    ……And if this isn’t a perfect one-line expose of what they are and what their intentions are, I don’t know what is.

    Not one of these three things promotes anything less than the subjugation of women. These are gender-demeaning creatures.

  142. Yeah… all of the above re the hypocrisy of pro-lifers… try working for one, and one who is a lawyer no less. Oy.

    On a lighter note, I just listened to Samuel L. Jackson read “Go the F*ck to Sleep.” I haven’t laughed that hard since I discovered the YouTube clip of Foster Brooks doing the Airline Pilot sketch on the Dean Martin Show.

  143. All I can say is thank God I don’t have to worry about any of the three.
    (Being a bitter, dead-end, Sino-Peruvian Lesbian has its privileges.)

  144. Yes, Sophie’s one-liner nailed the contradictions and ironies!

  145. More politically-driven fakery from the ‘climate change’ lobby:

    “When Al Gore talks about Manhattan flooding this century, and 20 feet of sea level rise, that’s simply not going to happen. If it were going to happen, he wouldn’t have bought his multi-million dollar mansion along the coast in California.”

  146. Sophie, don’t kid yourself. Lesbians have two strikes against them. Being women and being gay. They hate them both. Of course, there’s always the “Cure” they say they have for you. Nothing a month at Camp Jesus can’t fix. Then you can be just like Ted Haggard and emerge a “Heterosexual with issues”.

  147. Boo hoo, Axelrod, cry me an effin’ rivvvvver:

    Just amazing that after Obama stabbed his mentor, Hillary, by grabbing the presidency for his UNqualified ass, his people have the gall to bemoan the lack of loyalty in politics.

    The president’s envoy to Beijing, former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah, a Republican who was in town for Mr. Hu’s visit, was rumored to be considering a run for the boss’s job in 2012. Happening upon Mr. Huntsman in the State Room, Mr. Axelrod confronted him.

    “He said, ‘I don’t know where this is all coming from,’ ” Mr. Axelrod recalled, “ ‘It’s way overblown.’ ”

    When Mr. Axelrod shared that story during an interview last week, Mr. Huntsman was completing plans for an announcement on Tuesday that he indeed intends to run for president.

    Mr. Huntsman’s decision prompted a mix of suspicion and resignation among the president’s advisers: suspicion that Mr. Huntsman had not always been straight about his national aspirations, and resignation that, as one presidential strategist put it, “There’s no loyalty in politics,” especially when it comes to across-the-aisle alliances.

    SURPRISE amateurs! Looks like ya got used and punked. Sit by the phone waiting to concede the election to the New IT Girl.

  148. Hey I had some peruvian wonton soup once that was a knockout. Chinese Peruvian food is a kick upwards, yes?

  149. It always amazes me that these obamazoids imagine they are the only people who can be tricksters and finaglers. I love when punks get punked, don’t you?

  150. UW, I’m not sure they’re so worried about lesbians – at least not the men – they just love how we all have sex with each other in high heels and make up, and secretly hope a man will join us! lol (a little confusion between their fantasies/porn materials and real life!)

  151. Totally…can’t get enuf of punks getting punked, the more so if they’re Obots.

  152. Well, NES has sex in high heels and make up, but I promised I wouldn’t tell! lol

  153. oh…. why, hello there, NES! lol

  154. lorac, as if you’re telling me something I don’t already know about NES.

  155. And oh yeah. dem boyz love watching them those girls together. As IF they must be invited to make it Fun.

  156. Oh, yeah, you two and your skyping!!!!

  157. She just wants to be as tall as I am is all.

  158. NES, turn on your camera. Let lorac just get to think about it.

  159. another gen y’er imitating what an older girl did already, but hey, what else is new.

  160. Maybe it’s just me, but this version seems really faster – it’s like she’s just singing the words (faster!) and not even connecting to what she is singing. Like Obama and his teleprompter – read the words, don’t process what they say… eh, maybe it’s just my reaction.

  161. Well here’s the original. You know, the actually creative person who did it first.

  162. Cyndi Lauper’s version is 2.5x longer – so maybe the new one IS faster….?

  163. well, ALMOST 2.5x faster…

  164. The Cyndi Lauper one is a millions times better.

  165. grrrr…. almost 2.5x longer….

  166. It’s a No Contest.

  167. What has happened to music? Where is the original talent? And how about all that mindless AND MUSICLESS rap shit? Copy Cat generation. Too much work to think of something on their own? What?

  168. Ugh to modern “music”. Most of it is fake pop stars, who can’t sing, can’t play an instrument or read music. Horrible. I can’t stand 99% of it, and either can laker. He likes our music, stuff where musical instruments are played and people with great singing voices sing, and clever talented people write great songs with melodies and interesting lyrics. Todays muzak is fake stuff, done on a computer.

  169. There are some contemporaries I really like, but few and far between. For example I like Coldplay. To me, that’s talent. That rap shit is a con and a joke, seriously.

  170. There was that one female vocalist who dropped out. Gotta think of her name.

  171. Natalie Merchant. She never looked comfortable when she sang but she had a great voice.

  172. And how about Gaga? Is she crap or what?

  173. Yeah, Natalie had her own style. Wonder what happened to her. We know someone who knows Linda Ronstadt & we asked him to ask her is she would ever perform again and she said no, that her voice wouldn’t work anymore. So sad!
    Lady Gaga?!?! Umm…gag. (I know…ridiculous!)

  174. I still like Cyndi Lauper. Another singer with a strange voice, that somehow is moving. Also, she can write. She has a great acoustic song, Fearless.

  175. I can’t listen to Miley Cyrus. I have to admit though, that when we were at Dodger Stadium last year, her Dad sang the Star Spangled Banner and he did it very well.

  176. From what I read somewhere, Merchant is involved with volunteer work for children and animals. She completely dropped out of music. To me, she always looked like she was in pain performing. Like What Am I Doing Here? I think she is a haunted woman, a story there.

  177. Apparently she now has a new album comprised mainly of childrens poems, perhaps in song. I see she will appear in Chataqua NY in July, so she’s back somewhat but on a small cicruitry. But she is back. Somewhat.

  178. lorac, on June 20, 2011 at 1:01 AM said:

    UW, I’m not sure they’re so worried about lesbians – at least not the men – they just love how we all have sex with each other in high heels and make up, and secretly hope a man will join us!

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love laughing first thing in the morning!

  179. Not worried about lesbians hey? I got routed to that horrid Newsbusters site whle following a trail last night. I read some of the comments and this was posted. What kind of horrid person is this?

    I’m reminded of a conversation with my daughter about ‘Gay’ marriage. I shattered her ‘reasoning’ by asking if it was cool with her if I ‘married’ our dog…because we ‘love’ each other so much. Her reply that is was not ‘the same thing’ precisely made my point. She still doesn’t get it. Much to my chagrin!

    How “Christian”! Lucky kid to have this for a parent, wouldn’t you say? This is how these warped freaks think. You sure you aren’t more than a little concerned about putting them and their leaders in charge of picking presidents?

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