AARP imposters cut another deal for themselves and support social security cuts

Hey Old Person! Medicare cuts? Call AARP for Supplemental Insurance.

Somebody PLEASE start a rabid movement to force the imposters using the name AARP to stop doing so. They must be forced to admit they are nothing more than insurance brokers and no longer have the best interest of seniors, present and future, at heart. If anything, they are in their sites.

Their “Code of Ethics”  doesn’t even mention representing seniors, and focuses on the “common good,” which makes one strongly wonder why they continue to use the name AARP? If you go to their site, you will see insurance pimped at every corner. They heavily try to recruit people over 50 and offer nothing in the way of affordable health insurance for them, but instead want to sell them home owners, life and auto insurance for their sponsors, metropolitan Life….at prices that you can easily get without AARP. AARP is so obviously an insurance broker, their mention of “conflict of interest” is laughable. The more of medicare people lose, the more AARPs insurance program people salivate to “pick up the slack”. Their aiding and abetting of the skewering of the people their name suggests they represent goes all the way back to Newt Gingrich underground days, when their Director worked with his good friend Newt to start the process of cutting Medicare benefits  via Bill Frist, who, incidentally scurried away from Congress after that little problem with his Blind Trust. Imagine putting a man whose family private hospital business was fined three-quarters of a billion dollars for Medicare fraud in charge of Medicare “Reform”. And imagine AARP helping him out, because that’s exactly what they did. Certain cancer treatments were cut from Medicare that year, along with hundreds of millions of dollars “saved” routed to God Knows Where. If I recall correctly, AARP was the recipient of some of the grant money associated with that “Reform”.

WASHINGTON—AARP, the powerful lobbying group for older Americans, is dropping its longstanding opposition to cutting Social Security benefits, a move that could rock Washington’s debate over how to revamp the nation’s entitlement programs.

The decision, which AARP hasn’t discussed publicly, came after a wrenching debate inside the organization. In 2005, the last time Social Security was debated, AARP led the effort to kill President George W. Bush’s plan for partial privatization. AARP now has concluded that change is inevitable, and it wants to be at the table to try to minimize the pain.

“The ship was sailing. I wanted to be at the wheel when that happens,” said John Rother, AARP’s long-time policy chief and a prime mover behind its change of heart.

Oh yeah, Mr. Rother, that ship’s propeller is running right over seniors and future seniors,  and you know it. But you get to sit in First Class, don’t you? Those who aren’t yet under your propeller can just be helped onto their own special ship, reserved just for their future “golden” years. Just be sure to remember to paint over that Titanic name before you help them on board. No wonder you haven’t “Discussed” your decision “Publicly”.

The shift, which has been vetted by AARP’s board and is now the group’s stance, could have a dramatic effect on the debate surrounding the future of the federal safety net, from pensions to health care, given the group’s immense clout.

You just have to ask yourself, do you not?: What kind of  American Association of  Retired Persons never uses their full name anymore and uses their “immense clout” to help whittle away at the best interests of the elderly, current and future–all while calling themselves a lobbying organization for seniors?

Decrepit Alan Simpson, who has lived well off the public teat like his daddy before him, for most of his adult life, and who now receives full senatorial pay in his ‘retirement,’ is very happy with this little group of insurance bandits who have hijacked AARP.

“If they come around and say they’re ready to do something, it will be like the Arctic icecap cracking,” said former Sen. Alan Simpson, co-chairman of a White House commission on the deficit. He has frequently assailed the group as a barrier to progress.

Funny, how Mr. Simpson doesn’t see a thing wrong with HIS full retirement “plan” which is fully subsidized by the taxpayers. The lovely Mr. Simpson, who has managed to get meaner with age, even though they said it couldn’t be done, was personally appointed by Mr. Barack “I am not the one attacking social security” Obama  to act in the capacity of Frontman for Obama’s intentions.

For more on AARP and Alan ‘Hooray for me and the hell with you” Simpson–as well as Dick Armey’s attempts to snatch up disenfranchised AARP members at times like this — by encouraging them to join “his”  senior organization, so that he can do what AARP wants to do even faster, please see:

The Insurance Company That Calls Itself AARP: Screwing Seniors One At A Time

A Visit To AARP To Discuss Their Generational Theft Invoice

Dullard Press Finally Figures Out AARP is Interested in Selling Insurance, Not Helping Seniors

Alan Simpson: One of Obama’s favorite walking cadavers

Social Security: “Two And A Half Trillion IOUs”

Here. Have some AARP love, brought to you by a little AARP pissant who finds these old people so damned annoying.

See AARP scurry away like rats when buttonholed with some pointed questions about their endorsement of Obamacare.


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  1. AARP is to seniors as the DNC is to liberals.

  2. Excellent ran! For the record, I’ve ignored every AARP mailing I’ve received since hitting the golden age.

    And how do you stay up so late and then post something this fiery this early in the morning?!

  3. great post.

    Jay, good comparison. Too bad so many people were fooled by Barack Reagan Obama and the fools at the DNC. He is exactly the opposite of what we needed in a president. The DNC cheated for a candidate who wanted to destroy the voice of the working class. It is not like Obama didn’t warn us.

  4. I not only ignored them since age 50 hit, but I got so sick of their INCESSANT mailings, I finally marked one up and told them not to EVER mail to me again, and I gave them a nice piece of my mnd as well. They actually DID stop mailing to me. They kill more trees with their insurance pimping than any corporation I can think of, followed by the Scooter Store, a well known medicare milker.

  5. I have been ignoring them for years also. Unfortunately there are some financial benefits to belonging so most people will join.

  6. I saw NO financial benefit for me. I got better prices for all of my insurance without them.

    Their medicare supplement money is massive though. Kind of makes you think about their deal with Congress, doesn’t it? In future, they will make even more money as coverage from medicare is whittled down. With their support!

  7. They also sell your name to every product pimper they can find. THey make me sick.

  8. O/T…well of course we are negotiating with the Taliban. Why wouldn’t we negotiate with the dickless wonders who throw acid in the faces of little girls who are trying to get to school?

  9. Ah those little girls are just one more “Rock in the rucksack”. A “Pet Rock” project of Hillary’s that gets in the way of what’s important. No negotiations for them!

  10. perhaps I should have said perceived/imagined financial benefits.

    International “Rock In A Rucksack” Day. And this is from the administration. Women’s lives are NOT a concern to these beasts.

  11. yup, silly Hillary Clinton thinking that women’s rights matter. As a country we have more important goals. Women have to wait their turn.

  12. off to yet another doctor appointment with the S.S.O. (he almost got promoted to S.O. a week ago, but still has some work to do…he must follow up his nice words with action.. ) . We are in search of a magic pill or operation that will cancel out a lifetime of abusing his back. He tells me all the time how he can’t stand the pain, but will not do Ice and stretching/physical therapy that might make life much more manageable..

  13. And how do you stay up so late and then post something this fiery this early in the morning?!

    Multi Tasking!

  14. Bu..bu..but….I thought Obama was supposed to be FDR reincarnated????

  15. Thank you for this post. The AARP gets me so annoyed with all of their fraudulent claims.

    Whenever I receive mail from them, I return their post paid envelope. It’s a small thing, but probably an irritant. They have to pay the cost and someone has to open it, thinking that they might have claimed another victim.

  16. anyone who signs on to AARP is nuts. Save you money my eye and have your best interests at heart my foot. My mother paid these blood suckers until the day she died. I hope they are not impressing our generation. I hope we are a bit smarter then our folks were or less gullible.

  17. I swear AARP is a mafia organization…well maybe I be casting aspersions on the Mafia….sorry Mafaa = aarp

  18. I just added this to the post.

  19. I’m not sure what possible benefits we get from negotiating with the Taliban. If we want to leave Afghanistan, we should just get up and leave –no excuses, no explanations. I think Obama thinks he can save face by making it look like he got them to agree to accept that shawl-wearing popinjay, Karzai, but it’s just silly; they’ll never accept him, whatever they may say to us now.

  20. The “pet rock in the rucksack comment” was ridiculous. However, we can’t stay in Afghanistan to police the Taliban’s treatment of women; given that they’re stuck in the 7th century, we’d have to be there at least one century to get them to stop treating their goats better than their women. It’s just the hard truth.

  21. A thumper of a piece, Upps. So AARP wants to phase-out or weaken Medicare so they can sell them more private insurance, right? What’s their game with undermining Social Security?

  22. Their ‘game’ is whatever the lastest promised deal is, NES. They support things that result in other benefits to them. Like they did with Frist Reform and Obamacare. Everything they do is about money, just like any other insurance broker, which is what they are.

  23. I’ll bet AARP would just LOVE medicare to be privatized. Care to guess why?

  24. NES, there was a time when the USA didn’t negotiate with shitbags. They annihilated them instead. Imagine negotiating with Hitler?

  25. Righteous Rant Uppity!
    “Oh yeah, Mr. Rother, that ship’s propeller is running right over seniors and future seniors, and you know it. But you get to sit in First Class, don’t you?”

    Yeah- if we’re lucky we can pay fare for steerage. Bring your own food and water and bedding- none provided.

  26. Now Libya, freeloading off of our weaponry, acting as if we OWE them the fight for them, and not reimbursing a dime, is pissed off because NATO (another freeloader off the USA) accidentally hit civilians

    The deliberate bombing … is a direct call for all free peoples of the world and for all Muslims to initiate a global jihad against the oppressive, criminal West and never to allow such criminal organizations as NATO to decide the future of other independent and sovereign nations,” al-Obeidi said. He did not take questions.

    These people, with Gadaffy Duck or Not, are ingrates, have no intention of implementing a democracy, and cannot be trusted. Why are we wasting treasure and blood on them?

  27. I say let those animals all kill each other. Wild animals always eat their own.

  28. It would be cheaper to offer refuge to those who want to get the F out of that godforsaken land, for ANY of their countries. Provided of course they follow OUR laws and leave their shithole ideas back in the shithole they left behind. Else……deportation. Come to think of it, maybe we should just invite women and girls.

  29. Read Murphy today on women 2 drive rebellion in Saudi. Plenty happening there, including a growing revolution and some arrests.

  30. Uppity Woman, on June 20, 2011 at 10:26 AM said:

    I say let those animals all kill each other. Wild animals always eat their own.
    AMEN pass the salt 🙂

  31. and AARP is a disgrace 👿

  32. You’ve got the Taliban that doesn’t like The Hamas. Throw them at each other.

  33. OK, Uppity is now the official Best People’s Poster on the Web. I often read her posts and think they are an excellent explanation of what lies beneath our slide into hopeless helplessness.

    Uppity, this post is a clear, concise explanation of how our organizations have been bought and corrupted by the oligarchy. But it is also an explosion of the lie that Social Security and Medicare must be diminished. You made it easy to understand how that benefits only the oligarchy. You provided research about the hypocrisy of Newt and his fellow republicans which is new to me. The truth behind their veil of reasonableness. Your writing shows us their teeth and their greed.

    Hour after hour in the MSM, the servants of the oligarchy tell us over and over that the only way to save our economy is to eliminate the benefits of “entitlement” programs. They call them “entitlement” programs because that sounds like Welfare. They hardly ever use the words Social Security or Medicare.

    I can think of a billion ways to fund and expand those programs but those ways would threaten the interest of Big Pharma and the rest of the Big Money interests.

    I would eliminate past and present congressional and public employee pensions. Politicians and their staff would live on SS and use the millions they made from taxpayers to set up their own private retirement accounts. They would buy private insurance for their medical needs. The government would negotiate with Big Pharma to make drug costs in the USA comparable to Canada and Mexico. I would end the drug war at home and abroad and tax marijuana. I would empty the prisons of marijuana offenders. I would eliminate the cap on SS contributions.

    None of those solutions will get the hour after hour drum roll of “kill the entitlements” brainwashing propaganda that is forced on the public by the MSM which is OWNED by the oligarchy.

    I could go on but I just wanted to thank Uppity for this superior explanation, for this writing skill she uses in service to all of us. I wish this post was distributed in every newspaper in the country. The graphic is priceless.

  34. Ditto what Green said.

  35. You’ve got the Taliban that doesn’t like The Hamas. Throw them at each other.

    And toss the new tweeter in there as well.

  36. Yes, thank you, Uppity. I am very, very depressed about the treachery of AARP; I had hoped they would offer resistant lobbying to the dismantling of Soc. Sec. and Medicare. They won’t be getting re-newed membership from me again! What damn use are they???

  37. Uh oh… Barky dissed the Hispanics by not showing up.

    2012 is going to be very interesting if he keeps this up.

  38. I need a cuppa Uppity every day. The perfect blend of excellent research, intelligent writing, righteous indignation, and snark.

  39. Our gov sure loves you wimmins.
    The court unanimously rejected a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart on behalf of 1.6 million female employees that attempted to argue that the retail giant purposefully and systematically discriminated on gender for compensation.

  40. Geeze that fifty bucks I gave all of you to say nice things about me is really working out for me!

    Seriously, I am almost embarrassed. Almost. Carry on. And on and on.


  41. DE Oh hell, I knew the government was blowing walmart for their contributions when they let them get away with a pissant fine for being caught using 15 year olds to cut christmas trees with chain saws. And after they payed their little fine, the size of a small pimple on their ass, they got the Dept of Labor to agree to give them THIRTY FUCKING DAYS’s NOTICE before ever auditing their habits with working children again.

  42. Sorry Uppity- I am saving my encomia for the three million party (or Pahtay if you will lol)

  43. LOL Mom. DOes this mean I don’t have to pay you?

    Take a look at AARPS board of directors, corporation CEOs, professors, Insurance execs, patronage relatives of Important People (same old names) and a few token regular people such as nurses.

  44. Here you go socal (and others here interested in Jon Huntsman’s candidacy:

    Warning: It’s long; you may want to print it out and read it at your leisure.

  45. Yah, what Green said!

  46. ROFL Uppity- your posts and outstanding snark are payment enough!
    AARP- what a bunch of sharks- are there no laws preventing conflict of interest?

  47. Yeah Pahtay. You peeps from, as Obama would say, Massatoosits. Not bad for a guy who thinks there are 57 states,

  48. NES you just said that because I let you have your way with me.

  49. Good post…great rant as always!

    And don’t forget POKISTAN!

    Glad he will have time to tweet, play golf, party and travel the world etc….
    President Obama to start tweeting himself.

    Target workers with sense!
    N.Y. Target store workers reject unionization.(CBS News) Workers at a Target store in New York voted against joining the country’s largest retail union Friday night, CBS News correspondent Betty Nguyen reported on “The Early Show on Saturday Morning.” But the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 said it would contest the results and ask the federal government to order a new election. The union alleged that Target illegally intimidated workers. Target denied the union’s allegations. Video at link.Read more:

  50. Here is the thing — this has happened to ALL our organizations from NOW to MS to the Sierra Club — yes look at the board of directors of ALL your organizations, including your unions.

    Now with the unions it is harder to see the corporate hand but look to what they support politically. Most unions and the Sierra Club support illegal immigration. Oh they don’t say that but they bring lawsuits against E-Verify, voter ID and whine about splitting up families. They certainly do not support the needs of the working class.

    Look at the opposition of the established environmental groups to the Sea Shepherd and whale wars because they actually win against the whaling industry. Pick your organization. Only those who further the aims of the bosses get funding. And don’t think right or left — the oligarchs do not. Soros bought MS. And without staff and money the people are fighting a lost cause.

    I got this from Credo this morning.

    “A New York Times expose published Sunday details the improper ties between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and influential rightwing funder and activist Harlan Crow.

    Crow is a major contributor to conservative causes and a stalwart supporter of Clarence Thomas. In past years he reportedly gave Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, $500,000 to exploit the Citizens United decision and start a shadowy, Tea Party-related group called Liberty Central. He gave Thomas a bible (estimated value $15,000) that once belonged to Frederick Douglass, and allegedly provided the Supreme Court Justice with access to his yacht and private jet.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the New York Times has revealed that Thomas may have improperly solicited a multi-million dollar donation from Crow to benefit one of his own pet projects near his birth place in a remote coastal community outside Savanna, Georgia. ”

    Now I detected some contempt for single issue voters on this board but that is the way out. Large multi issue organizations are no longer the way. We do not agree on everything and waste time fighting each other on policy and tactics. We must pick single issue organizations and let them organize us. I belong to about 20 activist groups, all of them single issue. If I were younger I would try to organize them into more direct action. We need classes like Uppity’s post today about how those organizations are co-opted so we can prevent it. “Who Will Tell the People” should be our bible.

  51. All’s fair in getting Obama unelected.

  52. When the unions tha pimped Obama care big time all got their ‘waivers,’ it all became pretty transparent that they are no better than the corporations they bash. All one big happy family living in different houses is all. All in bed with government, and the people be damned.

  53. Is that- S-S-SSSSSNOW?????? Where did MKBill get snow? Can i have some for down here in the baking south??

  54. OMG the Header – how does that happen?

  55. AARP lying to seniors forever. They are the ones who told my mother she was now in the donut hole and would have to pay 100 percent of her meds. So she stopped taking some of them.

    And before anyone thinks Obama is filling the doughnut hole??? That’s more b.s. You see the plan calls for starting to fill the hole through a 50% discount on brand name medication – something pharmaceutical manufacturers will be expected to provide for senior citizens in the coverage gap.

    This half off discount is somehow supposed to come out of the pharmaceutical companies. However, the government does not control the underlying price; which leaves that to the market. You know what leaves that to the market means right? Obama deliberately put no cap on that end…gee I wonder why?

    The drug barons will just raise the price. A bottle of drugs that costs 50 dollars will go up to 100.00 The pharma industry will then say they offered a fifty percent discount to “fill the hole” all the while charging the senior the same money as before. OR MORE. There is no cap on what they can charge so that donut hole ain’t going anywhere, under Obamacare, AARP and United Health and all the rest can continue getting just as rich off of sick all people while Obama claims he “closed the donut hole” The only people still losing are those old “folks” and who cares about them right? *sarcasm* of course.

  56. Green- we never know when Freedom Fairy will strike! Her headers are the best aren’t they?

  57. The ad idea just shows you how surrepticious and low they really are. Advertise that you care and stick it in their backs from the back room. These people have no souls. That is why they fit in so well in DC. Obamacare took five hundred BILLION out of Medicare and they have the audacity to pretend they will stop any more bleeding. God only knows what their deal is this time.

  58. Green, we are of course The Home Of The Living Header. Yes that does look like snow, Mom. you know that whatever bill wants, bill gets. Bill wants snow in June? He gets snow in June.

  59. Uppity, my sister works for a hospice which has tons of clients in nursing homes all over her area. They have been laying off people to the point of having the hospice nearly close. Medicaid and medicare are covering less now and will continue to cut more and more. The nurses, docs, social workers and others who care for the sick and dying are all worried about what is coming for our seniors. That story is never in the news. Last year this hospice was fined over a million dollars for keeping dying people on medicaid care for hospice “too long” In other words “We’re cutting, you have to cut to.” So what if people die sooner without compassionate care…they don’t care. The cuts that are continuing to get rolled out are far more scary than many realize. It’s just disgraceful.

  60. We became that a long time ago, AnnE — subjects of the “military-industrial complex”, and ON STEROIDS!
    I often think we’re so quick to jump into military interventions abroad because the military and the defense industry want to test their new weapons and other arms-related gadgets. I know it’s cynical to think that, but one has to wonder.

  61. Mom, there has to be a story behind that header. Did MKBill chase a rat down a neighborhood manhole/sewer and emerge in NYC (its sewers are famous for unending armies of rats that go back and forth between all four boroughs)?

    Here’s a fun piece on NYC rats:


    Among its many aliases are house rat, earth rat, alley rat, water rats, barn rat, sewer rat, dump rat , river rat and wharf rat.

    The population of New York is presently 7.4 million people according to the New York Census Bureau.

    The Federal Government adopted “a rat per person” in 1972 as a way of estimating rat populations in cities.

    Other estimates suggest there is one rat for each person in New York.

    A rat will eat 1 to 3 ounces of food a day.

    Based on this, New York rats eat 250 tons of food each day.

    In New York rats drink 62,500 gallons of water a day.


    Average Life Expectancy is from 6 months to 1 year.

    Both male and female rats have a very busy sex life

    Rats mate with multiple partners

    Fast, furious and often.

    Males rats have been known to mate with a female rat until she dies of exhaustion. Even then they have been known to keep mating.

    Like man rats will sometimes display homosexual behavior when members of the opposite sex are not readily available.

    Rats breed all year round.

    The female rat averages up to twenty two sex acts a day.

    A female rat bears 2-3 litters a year.

    Each litter averages 6 to 12 pups.

    Female rats are ready to breed at three months old.

    One pair of rats can have 15,000 descendants in a years life span.


    Scariest fact (also from the same article):

    If left unchecked the present rat population of New York could potentially swell to over 1,000 million rats in one year.

  62. Males rats have been known to mate with a female rat until she dies of exhaustion. Even then they have been known to keep mating.

    Like man rats will sometimes display homosexual behavior when members of the opposite sex are not readily available.

    Sound familiar?
    Hint: G’effers may have studied and emulated rats back in their unique evolutionary history (which, as we know, doesn’t begin too long ago).

  63. The female rat averages up to twenty two sex acts a day.

    Phewwww…that’s gotta beat out UW’s “ribs-eating’ average!

  64. They also eat their young.

  65. Bil is in Moscow.

  66. Oh boy! Who gets to watch?

    “AFGHANISTAN NEWS: A White House official confirmed late Monday that President Obama will deliver a speech about Afghanistan on Wednesday. The nature of the speech was not disclosed, though the president is due to decide in the coming weeks the scale of a promised drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.”

  67. SO NICE the Left who support Hamas and the destruction of Israel have named their ship after their mentor:

    The good ship Audacity sails for Gaza

    This should cement the high regard in which Obama is held in Israel:

    A group of Americans hopes to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip in the coming days when it joins a flotilla of ships sailing with aid to the Palestinian territory.

    Nearly half of the 36 Americans who’ll sail on the U.S. flagged boat “The Audacity of Hope” attended a Monday news conference announcing they’re flying later in the day to Athens to prepare for the journey.

    That the kind of activists who set sail for Gaza typically consider Obama a hopeless AIPAC sellout doesn’t help matters all that much.
    Posted by Ben Smith 02:56 PM

  68. Why in the world is Bill in Moscow?

  69. Sail for Greece? Greece is busy right now.

  70. Green – I have no idea why Bill is in Moscow.

    As for the “Audacity of Hope” crew – they are FLYING to Greece to sail to Gaza. Their Captain must be so proud.

  71. They ought to stay in Gaza since they love Hamas so much. They could share goats. Maybe have a bonfire and rape and kill some women and girls for fun.

  72. Phewwww…that’s gotta beat out UW’s “ribs-eating’ average!

    Even on my best and youngest day! Although that kind of thing is always the man’s fault, since we women can live an endless existence that way…

  73. Hey Green! I nearly died from a Cuteness Attack when I clicked on the link in your blog to that blogger with the new kitten.

  74. greenconciousness@12:47; Righteous!

    (now back to reading the comments…)

  75. Karma baby!

    snip: Rothschild told TheDC that Obama will likely not win the Clinton vote as easily as he did in 2008, now that they have seen how he governs.

    “He’ll do what he did last time, he’ll take the Hillary vote for granted,” she said. “I understand why people went with him in 2008. It was ‘hope’ over experience. Well now we actually have seen the experience.”

    While Clinton supporters remain frustrated that their candidate got the shaft in 2008, Conway noted that now Clinton is even more popular than Obama, a Pyrrhic victory, to be sure, but a victory nonetheless.

    “It’s amazing – I would say that many of these women feel exonerated, vindicated, and, even if under-appreciated, because Hillary Clinton is 20 points more popular than she was on Election Day 2008, and more popular than her boss, Barack Obama,” Conway said. “I think women will look at that as sweet justice.”

  76. Love it FF! However, if Daily Caller of Breitbart fame thinks this means we will all run out and vote for a right wing religious zealot/crackpot/psycho, he has another think coming. Because that’s the only reason he printed that article. Most importantly, most of us do not consider a president who wants us all barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, and bearing the children of Rapist psychos a step up. We don’t appreciate their gay bashing either. We see ourselves staying home first. So I hope he doesn’t even imagine the majority of us are in the bag for the likes of the anti abortion/anti birth control/anti women as equals crowd. Just saying.

    This is the same site that printed an editorial written by a judge who suggested lesbian rape as a cure for lesbianism. A nice c*ck is all they need. I have a link somewhere…

  77. But it still feels good. Nice to see them suddenly “interested” in us again. It must be close to 2012.

  78. MyIQ has a short piece up about how Obama’s campaign is going to pay special attention to the typical middle aged white woman in Ohio. Get the shovels. That bullshitter used women as bargaining chips for three years and he actually thinks we believe any of his shit.


    White House strategist David Plouffe says all President Barack Obama’s messages should be directed to a middle-aged, white woman in Ohio.

    via bloomberg.

  80. Green Mile “actor”, age 51, marries 16 year old. Why commit statutory rape or molest young girls when it’s so much safer to marry one!
    I’m sure the “parent” who signed for this marriage isn’t white trash or anything, right?

  81. They can direct the message to wimmenz all they want but if the wimmenz are paying attention it isn’t going to work. The article FF linked had Amy Siskind and Lady Lynn contributing information. Good to think of them both. The statistic it mentions about 90%of the recovery act jobs going to men makes my blood boil.

    I work my ass off, pay every penny of my large tax burden and they treat wimmenz like dog poop. Great, just great.

  82. Moscow? Is he on a secret mission? Will he stow away on “the Audacity of Dopes” ship next?

  83. As IF Daily Caller wouldn’t be thrilled to quote Amy or Lynn, while courting those who would shut them up. My real point is, this is a site that jus suddenly noticed us again, if you get my drift. Counting up votes, methinks. Later, they will shove it up our asses again.

    Daily Caller: Lesbian CCorrective Rape

  84. “Audacity of Dopes” *snort with coffee coming out nose*

    I feel they are traitors, to democracy, to women, you name it. I wish them the fate of all traitors and so will it be.

    I almost fainted with cuteness and she has carefully recorded each meeting and the first touch which sealed the deal — reminded me how we fall like a ton of bricks for them.

  85. Green, that Kitteh knew what he was doing fer sure.

  86. “the Audacity of Dopes”


  87. For you Green

  88. Who knows but the 16 year old sure is.

  89. UGH, FF, that’s disgusting — The Audacity of Hope, gimme a break.

  90. Amen to that, Lady Lynn.

  91. “the Audacity of Dopes” ship.

    Brilliant, karen!!

  92. Imagine a trip to Hamas as a pleasure cruise to a normal person?

  93. Maybe they want to throw rocks at the wall ala their hero, the dead-in-hell Edward Said, good friend of the Obamas.

  94. Hey you think they invited Rashid Khalidi to go on that trip with them, considering his relationship with the PLO?

  95. Shhhhh!!!!! Information about Bill being in Moscow is on a need to know basis!

  96. What kind of American Association of Retired Persons never uses their full name

    This reminds me of KFC…. which used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken . When they go to just the initials, they want to down play something….soon people won’t know what the word” Retired ” means… you are suppose to drop in harness ….and what is Chem Lawn’s new name? I forget

  97. YAY!!! A great piece by Steyn in NRO. I’m sick to death of the likes of Lindsey Graham and his BFF John McCain, who never met a war they didn’t love.

    Shut Up, He Explained

    June 20, 2011 12:49 A.M.
    By Mark Steyn    

    Daniel, re Lindsey Graham’s suggestion that everyone should just “shut up” about the Libyan

    Non-War, you’ll recall that the last time the Senator attracted any attention in these parts he was also telling everyone to shut up — this time about Islam. Maybe it would be easier if he just issued the rest of us with an approved list of conversational topics.

    Alternatively, here’s a suggestion for Senator Graham: Why don’t you shut up? Not permanently, but just long enough to:

    a) reflect whether this apparently reflexive response of yours is really appropriate for a citizen-legislator in a self-governing republic;

    b) articulate a rationale for the Libyan mission that would be so persuasive it would save you the trouble of making a fool of yourself by insisting that those who have the temerity to disagree with you are beyond the bounds of public discourse;

    and c) spend ten minutes in a darkened room with a nice cup of herbal tea and ponder, re your assertion that those who won’t “shut up” are “empowering Qaddafi,” whether that line has any credibility coming from a member of the Congressional jet set who only two years ago was “empowering Qaddafi” by taking tea in the pock-marked transvestite’s tent as part of some greasy little Senatorial outreach mission.

    It was striking that, at Monday’s debate, even the more hawkish candidates were unable to articulate a rationale for the present Afghan mission. It’s hard to win a war when you don’t have war aims, and, as I wrote in National Review a couple of weeks back, America has gotten into the habit of unwon wars — in part because a buffoon like Graham and his dictatorial air miles are what passes for geostrategic “expertise” in Washington.  

  98. I’m pretty much sick of EVERYTHING about Lindsay Graham, whose face isn’t even finished. If Graham serves one purpose in the Senate, it’s the excellent argument for Term Limits.

  99. every time Lindsey Graham speaks someone should show a clip of his foaming at the mouth during the Clinton Impeachment. I don’t care how moderate he tries to be, I have wanted to spit on him since the nineties. He can never make me forget that any more than Simpson or Biden can make me forget the Anita Hill hearings.

  100. NES, that piece by Stein makes me want to go read more of what he has to say.

    BTW, heard that there are over 100 candidates running for president. I think I will go find a woman running other than Bachman or Palin (someone who is pro-choice) who I can vote for. Granted, most will never show up on a ballot since they will never have money for an actual campaign, but I can write someone in. Or maybe I will just write in Hillary Clinton.
    I look at all those male candidates and the only one who seems remotely interesting is the “other Mormon”. But I think, “I just can not bring myself to vote for another man. I just can not. The idea fills me with such a sense of Ennui that I can’t imagine even getting in the car and going to the polls and I NEVER miss an election, even a local election.

  101. teresa, ditto on Simpson, Biden and Graham. To name a few.

  102. Gota be careful on writeins, teresa. Some states give writeins to the party candidate. In other words, once again, your protest vote doesn’t mean squat to these vote thieves.

  103. Huntsman announces he’s in the race.

    Well, the crowd hated him. Glance through a sampling of the comments:

    But, they’re an awfully RINO-hating crowd, so this may be an indicator of Huntsman’s appeal to the independents.

  104. LOL NES. He really needs to cut the motorcycle crap, Those ads are wierd. I mean wierd. Now he needs to talk about his Plans. I think hotair might be laughing at him for that reason.

  105. Teresa — Steyn regularly blogs at NRO, in a space on that website called “The Corner”.

  106. My favorite funny comment by someone on the Huntsman story is something to the effect of “He’s tied up the metrosexual vote.”

  107. Agreed on cutting the motorcycle/motocross crap, Upps. Looks like that goofy series of ads is over though.

    Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons

  109. An excerpt from his speech; sounds very good to me:
    Can’t find the full clip so far….

  110. OK, I take back what I said about Huntsman’s team needing some marketing expertise. This new website is good — here’s a preview by CNN:

    The website, previewed to CNN before it goes live following Huntsman’s speech, is sleek, modern and, according to campaign officials, very iPad-friendly. The site’s clean look calls to mind an artsy Tumblr blog or Facebook page as much as it does a campaign website.
    The welcome page will display a new web video for every day of the 2012 campaign. Supporters are immediately invited to connect with the Huntsman campaign on Facebook, after which they can see their profile picture inserted into a composite map of the United States.

    Obama is going to be soooo jealous!

  111. DE, here’s my take on this. Shortage of women in China leaves 24 million men free to marry themselves.
    Adds a whole new meaning to the words, “Go F&*k Yourselves!”.

  112. ROFL, NES. I would be happy to ride that cycle with him if only for the glorious vibrations.

  113. NES, Page Cannot Be Displayed on that logo link. You are posting a mail link, methinks. Thank God lawyers don’t write software. Heh.

  114. NoEmptySuits, on June 21, 2011 at 11:03 AM said:

    The logo s*cks, methinks — too funereal. Thoughts?


    THOUGHTS, you say?!?!?!

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