Desperate man robs bank of $1 so he could get the only Health Care Public Option: Jail

James takes the only Public Option available.

Meet James Verone. He needed  some serious health care and simply couldn’t afford it.  So he opted for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s only Public Option offered in the Health Care Reform Bill that was put in place when Democrats controlled Congress.

Having already set his affairs in order, James Verone calmly walked into an RBC bank in North Carolina and committed his first crime in his 59 years on this planet. Verone handed the teller a note that read “This is a bank robbery. Please only give me one dollar,” took the dollar from the terrified clerk, and sat down on a couch in the bank’s lobby.

“‘I’ll be sitting right over there in the chair waiting for the police,” Verone told the bank teller. And wait he did. Police arrived moments later and apprehended him, hauling him off to the jail cell he so desperately wanted to enter.

“Fortunately” for James Verone, he has been charged with Larceny. Hopefully he can waive a trial and take his punishment, which will result in James Verone having a chance to stay alive.

Nice job, Nancy, Harry and Barack. I wonder how any of you sleep at night.  Because this is the only Public Option for the people who can no longer afford health insurance thanks to the whopping premium increases created by your so-called “Reform”. Here are some copays James can now afford.:

The majority of ailments are treated on-site, but inmates who are gravely ill can be taken to the nearest hospital. Sick prisoners must make a nominal co-payment for each visit to the jailhouse doctor—usually $5 or so, taken from an hourly wage that typically runs between 19 cents and 40 cents an hour. Costs above that are covered by the state.

Nancy, I think James  is so glad you passed Health Care Reform so that he could “Find out what’s in it”.


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  1. I am legally blind and diabetic. Diabetics like me use talking glucomeners. We are discovering since the wonder of ObamaCare test strips for our meters are no longer covered. Now we have to pay for them from our pocket. James has my sympathy. As you say he may be able to stay alive in prison. The rest of us will be nickled and dimed till our illnesses kill us. I am so angry about this corporate welfare that I can hardy speak. Impeach Obama-make him accountable for this travesty.

  2. Lizzy, as it was with despots in days gone by, new despots share many qualities, and one of them is: The elderly and disabled are a drain on their society and held in disdainful low esteem.

  3. LOL – the Senator With the Unfinished Face will be on Greta tonight. Glad I just gave up my rip-off cable!

  4. I wonder if he has fingerprints?

  5. Now maybe you can see why I was 150% against any government involvement in health care and only supported across state insurance. We had medicade for folks like James and he would have been able to receive it. Now you have fat asses like Pelosi and Reed getting huge kick backs from insurance I am betting and that is what you have + worse and far more expensive coverage. I always say be careful what you ask your government to do. It most often ends up with folks getting raped.

  6. Oh man I WISH I could cross state lines!

  7. Private insurance companies have always been vultures and Obamacare gave them the keys to the kingdom they always wanted. The so called public option is a compromise. This bill has done nothing but,make everything worse. It took everything wrong with insurance companies and amplified it. You cannot let private insurance companies set rates and rules and force people to buy into a company whether they want to or not. He needed to get these vultures out of the equation. He knew that all along but, the deal was to keep them all happy and the dollars flowing back into his coffers and the coffers of the party.

    This whole thing is one of the main reasons they could not let Hillary win at any cost. He was going to play ball more with the vultures and they knew she wasn’t. She had to be stopped. Now we’ll never see a workable reform to healthcare for decades. Mission accomplished.

  8. You’ve got that right, Alice.

    And they hated he idea of crossing state lines too, because it would force the market open and a few companies wouldn’t hold states and regions hostage like they do here. They DO price fix. It’s obvious, yet nobody ever accuses them of anti trust violations. They have people hostage at all times. They own their territories like a health care mafia.

  9. Yo Lorac!

    Maybe she left town for lorac wednesday!!!

  10. UW – oh no – I saw your post on the last thread. I’m a Pisces. Guess I’ll NEVER get invited to the Skype Club ROFL

    Green – I’m worried that you’re catastrophizing. It seems like you’ve started with people chipping away at Roe v Wade and all of a sudden we’re at women having to go back to working in sewing sweat shops in their bare feet. You have the ability to imagine how step one will lead to step two will lead to step three, etc. But it won’t happen like a snowball. I believe more and more people will become increasingly alarmed at the different steps being implemented. And yes, I do believe at some point the 3rd wave will even wake up – or if they don’t, as I said before, they’ll have to come up with other strategies to protect themselves.

    I don’t believe employed, educated women are going to automatically become baby factories rather than fighting back or using birth control or even old methods of birth control – or even abstinence. (and NO lol I’m not trying to harken back to the old days lol) – my point is simply that they presently have, and will have in the future – alternatives to becoming baby machines. I think early abortions should stay legal, but abortions are not the only way to avoid pregnancy.

    I realize that you seem to feel that if abortion is chipped away at, then all the higher rights will come crashing down. I guess I look at it a different way – I think a focus on the higher levels, such as getting more and more women into office, will KEEP abortion rights more protected.

    Remember, women are the majority of people graduating from medical school, vet school, doctors of psychology, and many others – we have lots more women of power now!!!! And the economy is not going to allow even the biggest caveman to force his wife to stay at home when she doesn’t want to.

    The bad changes you fear (that we all fear) will not happen overnight. There will be plenty of opportunities for pushback (and our pushback will be maximized if we have female congress members or business owners, etc.)

    And given that there are problems in different areas, perhaps it’s better that some of us choose to focus on one area, while another focuses on another area, etc.

    But just speaking for me, as I alluded to yesterday, it seems I am not so gung go on putting my energies into abortion at this time. That’s not to say that there should’t be people continuing to fight for it; of course there should be! But when the third wave isn’t interested in the abortion issue, and they’re the very ones it will directly affect, IMO, I say, “let them start to lead”. It’s not like they’re little kids – they ARE full grown women!

    I have so many pulls on my time and energy, Green, and I do pretty firmly believe it’s healthier in many ways to not do things for people that they can do for themselves. Especially since it may be that some 2nd wave mothers apparently did too much for their own daughters, allowing the daughters to take everything for granted, instead of letting the daughters understand women’s history and learn to fight for it for themselves – maybe this is part of why we have the problem in the first place!

    Maybe reaching a somewhat scary point is exactly what these 3rd wavers need to wake them up and take responsibility for their own lives and rights!

    But mostly, I hope to encourage you not to be as worried as you seem to be – I could be wrong, but I sense great urgency, maybe some panic, a large burden on your shoulders. There won’t be a snowball. We need to be alert, but we can’t fix everything today, and we only have limited power in the first place. There may be a bit of a rocky road (which would indicate that women are fighting back!), but I truly believe in the end it is going to be okay. I worry about you! I don’t want you to lose the ability to live in the moment, putting all your energy into worrying about things that haven’t yet happened, and may NEVER happen. We can focus on the present red flags and address those as they come along, and have faith that more people will join the battle if/when things get worse.

  11. Those insurance companies don’t make money providing care anywhere. They have the gamed rigged because they only make money denying care! Some of the information I’ve heard from former insurance company workers would curl your hair! They would fire people not combing through polices to find a “reason” to cut care to someone. Any old esoteric reason would do but, their whole job was combing through a policy to find a way to cut someone off or severely limit care. VULTURES. Until the whole “for profit” thing is dealt with sick people are left at their mercy. It’s always been immoral. And yeah holding people to certain geographic regions is one way they punish people for profit.

  12. Hello, UW, I’m here! I did most of the essay last night. I have to finish it now. I just couldn’t find the thing I had been looking for, something I wanted to propose in the essay. Grrrr! So, now it’s back to work 🙂

  13. I can’t stand the shadow “enter your comment here” bit. I hope WP gets rid of it soon.

    Lorac, it is 15 minutes to Wednesday here. Get cracking or Mom will crack you with the lunge whip.

  14. agree that it IS horrid, Karen. Just horrid. The box is huge and you have to scroll down to post your message, so something that was easy now became work. The login apps for facebook and twitter are just plain intrusive. If you wanted an app you would go get it yourself. The avatar associated with the comment is ridiculously humongous, taking up even more room before you get to the Post Comment button. Unfortunately I have no control over the format so complaining here is useless. need to tell WP support. If enough people hate it, maybe they will see that taking something simple and clear and making it complex and cumbersome is not a good idea, really. Less is More when it comes to making comments.

  15. You don’t fool me, Karen! You’re just trying to distract me with threats and whips and Moms, so that you can sneak in behind my back and raid my fridge!!! lol

  16. I think Harry, Nancy, and His Excellancy should have the same level of heathcare that the rest of us have instead of Cadillac lifetime care at our expense. Yeah, I want THEIR healtcare option

  17. A massive dose of common sense from our lorac. I’m with you, grrrrl.

  18. And the last message doesn’t disappear. What an annoying thing that is too.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That’s the law.

    It is getting bizarre, even to me, a long time Hill and Bill fan, that they are the only two people in all of politics that just about make sense to me anymore. And they increasingly earn my utmost respect.

    Bill with ideas on jobs that would work even in this “historic” economy downfall.

    Hill stepping up to the plate to bat for Saudi women as soon as asked. She could have hemmed and hawed and not put herself in the line of fire of the entire arab world, but she put her words where her heart is – with oppressed people, in this case one of her favorite causes – wimmenz.

    How people hate either of these two is beyond me. The things said about them during 08 had me hopping mad and I still haven’t calmed down.

    *looks to see if lorac is on the computer* *tip toes into the kitchen for snack…*

  19. Sorry, guys, Barry’s too busy being a “baby whisperer” to give a flying damn about James or anyone else.

    Jaysus on a pony.

    Michelle looks like a deranged Donkey (from Shrek).

  20. Cripes. Where the H did that roasted chicken go? I mean it was in the fridge just an hour ago and…..ummm….Is Karen here?

  21. If enough people hate it, maybe they will see that taking something simple and clear and making it complex and cumbersome is not a good idea

    I hate the way suits gotta f- things up …with added this and that…they cannot leave well enough alone, and simply maintain good service! Heavens no! they gotta put their ” stamp” on things and foul it up….while others sort though the mess later ….the suits are off fouling up something else.

    Indeed…insurance in about not paying now. We still have dental for the moment …and every bill is a battle. We are still with a dentist who’s an hour away now because he fights the automatic denials and usually wins. Thanks Doc!

  22. Now Lorac, if you recall correctly I said I am attracted to those sweet, attentive Pisces men, but they just are too damned clingy and so ungrounded that I end up having to help them continuously. And You can’t leave their sight for Chrissakes, they are just all insecure. If I want to be a mother, I’ll have a kid. Now, mind you, I am discussing males and qualities in them that are endearing but just smothering. And there’s that Walter Mitty thing, which is cute for awhile and then simply clawing to a grounded person like me. I guess it’s that Earth vs Water thing. I have no idea what Pisces women are like under the circumstances of this kind of relationship, so no offense meant to you! Besides, my heart belongs to NES anyways, so why bother thinking about it?

  23. I’ve never met any Pisces like you describe, UW! Caring and tender, yes, but not clingy and insecure. But then again, I haven’t paid much attention to Pisces MEN. 🙂

  24. SCREEEETCHzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  25. I have come to the conclusion that the shadow people often hand pick candidates that they know they can coerce and when their time is up – just open the trap door and make room for the next puppet.

    For those that do not have fatal flaws/questionable habits the begin to act as if they were sent to the indoctrination unit. I have worked with several people who have entered politics and once they are in office for say 3 or 4 years (they all happen to be men) you really start to see a change in their demeanor, attitudes and opinions. Pod People. My side is right and if you do not agree you are: stupid, nuts, a danger to yourself and others, and so forth. It does not matter what party (other than the lone Libertarian but they are in a class by themselves in many ways).

    In both of the above cases, far more men than women seem to fall into one of those two traps in order to be accepted into the boys club.

    Over they years there have always been stories of secret associations/networks that control this and that. The older I get them more I find that they do not seem like harmless tall tales.

    As to comments, I have had not problem with the box (the added junk is just that – junk) but I do find the fact that comments stay in the box after posting a bit off putting. And confusing (did I post, did I not post, is my memory failing already).

  26. how very sad….My own husband go sick and died before he was old enough for medicare or social security. We had insurance but the company did not want to pay because he had just started a new job and had only made one insurance payment before he fell into a coma. I had to fight like a tiger defending her cubs to get him everything he needed.

  27. Laraine, this is beyond sad. It’s criminal. And now the insurers have the keys to the whole house.

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