It’s Summer! And it’s Vivaldi, of course!

For those of you who never know the beauty of four significant seasons, you miss more than you know. Unless of course, We Of The Seasons live where the four seasons are Winter, Winter, 4th of July and Road Construction….but nevermind.

Vivaldi: Summer.


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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I am listening to Vivaldi and wishing everyone a glorious and prosperous summer. What we most desire now will manifest before the Autumn Equinox.

  2. Loved hearing that first thing this morn. Summer is it ? Humm snowed 2 weeks ago, yes I am serious ! Has rained ever since. 42 degrees at night where is this thing you all call Summer ? Lol. Actually yesterday it got into the low 70’s so I am not freezing my brisket off anyway lol.
    We have had a very rough Winter here but it seems as if it is finally moving aside to allow the warmth of Summer to visit us awhile.
    Either way I am fine with it because I am home and very content and I just got back from Las Vegas and am quite happy I no longer live in that cesspool of Hell any longer either. Too blasted hot and loaded with crime.
    Anyway everyone have a fantastic day and thanks Upps for the great music.

  3. We have had an honest to goodness spring here this year. It is the first time in several years that we didn’t go from winter/one day of spring/ and right to summer. We have been having dry air and 65 to 75 degrees more days than not. It has been glorious and now it is summer.
    I want to rent a canoe and go down the Susquehanna early one morning. I want to fix our pond and get an inner-tube so I can float around for hours. I want to find more flowers that bloom in summer because most of mine bloom in the spring.
    Here’s to summer!

    I found this incredible version of one of my favorite Jacques Brel songs “If you go away”….on a summer day”. The list of singers that has covered this song is huge and might make you laugh as it did me. I won’t list the singers, but if you choose to go look one of the versions to listen to is Brel himself of course. Neil Diamond is another of my favorites.
    But I found this one, by Cindi Lauper. I have never been a big fan of hers, but boy can she sell a song in a live performance.

  4. Wow, sfgate sure is about a year too late on Dusty. You heard it first right here at UWs. There’s another klepto cat too, can’t remember his name. Boys. Always boys!

  5. I should have known that Dusty debuted here first! Next time I think about posting a cat story, I’ll check the history here!! Sorry, UW!

  6. teresa- must be nice over there in the eastern reaches of PA- no spring in the NW corner- rain rain and more rain. Here in Louisiana it has been heat heat and more 100 degree heat. Woke up to thunderstorms this morning- thanks be as they need the rain down here.
    Summer- my all time favorite season!

  7. Oh LOL Delphyne. It’s more a statement of just how lazy assed the press is.

  8. PMM, we had a ton of rain in early spring. But we seem to be in a good pocket for weather the last month or so. We get storms but they go away quick and we get lots of dry partly cloudy days when we are supposed to be getting thunderstorms all day.

  9. good morning ((((UPPITYs))))))

    Love the post UW: Four Seasons—You cannot beat them

    oh Delph: dusty can be returned again and again–no biggee—-

    and I remember hearing about him, didn’t realize it was here at UW’s

  10. Actually that was Jack I covered a year ago. Dusty was in February (via McNorman). So SFGATE is only 4 months behind. Ever met Jack? He’s repeated here with Dusty. Personally I think Jack invented Kleptokat and Dusty is…um…a Kopy Cat Thief!
    Second one, Jack, his owner is a riot. (LINK FIXED! TRY AGAIN!)

  11. UW: something is wrong with the link, it is saying
    “you are looking for something that is no longer there”

    Please check, I don’t remember JACK

  12. Uppity, I just got an iPad and went on Safari to your site — gee, it’s beautiful!

  13. It’s a good thing kleptocat doesn’t live in my condo complex. We have one owner who evidently hates cats (he has a dog) and he has been complaining so much that they just passed a rule that all cats must be on leashes. This will make a cat owner laugh. He even took a neighbor to court who allows his male cat out. The cat never goes far, but he does try to fight with other cats. That neighbor had 2 cats, but one disappeared. We have an occasional stray that walks through the complex but they don’t do any damage. The grouchy neighbor would probably call in the Supreme Court if a kleptocat lived here.

  14. Michelina! Sorry it didn’t show up! I fixed the link about jack and Dusty.

    Hey Delphyne!!! Have you met Sal Esposito (short for Salvatore)? He got called to jury duty.

  15. islander! Thank You!

  16. Fan Alert! Tomorrow is LORAC WEDNESDAY!

  17. Happy Summer everyone. and my Granddaughter turns 21 today 🙂

  18. Why Foxy! You cute Old Fart, You!

  19. Foxy, your granddaughter goes from spring to summer today. How appropriate and right on time.

  20. BCL one of my mother’s cat always took the mail. But she did deliver it with a fanfare later in the day. Or the next day….

  21. Hey Michelina, here’s Jack. Dusty’s hero. Jack’s owner is a scream.

  22. Yay, Lorac Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!

  23. UW: THANK YOU—-can’t read it at the moment, but I’ve got it

  24. oh YAY !!!! LORAC WEDNESDAY—-thanks for the reminder

  25. Yes, Foxy, how glorious to be born on the first day of summer! Although I would prefer the first day of spring, but that it would make me a pisces and I just can’t get along with those guys, although I’ve always been attracted to them. Clingy, whiney, hypersensitive little buggers, and dreamers!

  26. ***** OH NO, yikes and chit, I, erroneously, posted my several comments re Huntsman’s prez announcement today on the previous (yesterday’s AARP piece) thread. If you’re interested in the subject, please go there and reply (preferably on this new thread) — I’m interested in what you think, as always. Thx.

  27. Hey I saw them and responded. You need to fix your logo link. It’s Not Found.

  28. FF, on the previous thread, said:

    NoEmptySuits, on June 21, 2011 at 11:03 AM said:

    The logo s*cks, methinks — too funereal. Thoughts?


    THOUGHTS, you say?!?!?!

    * * * * * * * * * *

    FF — The resemblance to W’s initial logal is frightening, indeed. However, just as W did, Huntsman switched to another logo (one launced on his new website, immediately following his announcement) — it’s more light and celestial. (He seems to be campaigning like Obama — kumbaya — which must piss off Teh Won and all his pissant aides and supporters.)

  29. I love Hill. We wuz so freaking robbed. Wimmenz count to her. That is what a feminist looks like.

  30. Prices on homes going down still. How low can they go? Anybody want to guess if their mortgage payment is an investment or equivalent to tossing our hard earned bucks out the window? I have to hold out hope that someday we will have a competent president who can turn around this economy, help the private sector to create jobs, and encourage home ownership again by providing security.

    Hillary 2012 or if it must be I can hold out till 2016.

  31. Sent you that old logo by email, Upps. It’s superseded now anyway.

  32. (From thread on previous post.)

    OK, I take back what I said about Huntsman’s team needing some marketing expertise. This new website is good — here’s a preview by CNN:

    The website, previewed to CNN before it goes live following Huntsman’s speech, is sleek, modern and, according to campaign officials, very iPad-friendly. The site’s clean look calls to mind an artsy Tumblr blog or Facebook page as much as it does a campaign website.
    The welcome page will display a new web video for every day of the 2012 campaign. Supporters are immediately invited to connect with the Huntsman campaign on Facebook, after which they can see their profile picture inserted into a composite map of the United States.

    Obama is going to be soooo jealous!

  33. OMG have you seen the graphic cigg labels? Trach smoke! Lawd, glad I quit two years ago. I still crave them but I am delighted I am over the full blown addiction.

    The pounds are coming off too. About 10 lbs more than I was when I quit. Not bad for a glutton like me!

  34. NES: It’s all the Good Old “white” boys club—ewwwwwwwww!!!

    NOPE< NOPE< NOPE<—If michelle runs, I'm going for her–period—
    she's more centrist than any of them, interesting, funny, and smart
    and she's a GIRL——-(woman)—-

  35. Thanks for the link to the Hill article, karen.

    All — Here’s a good excerpt from that article:

    In an open letter to Mrs Clinton on Tuesday – released before her statement – Saudi women’s rights activists said they were “disappointed” by the US approach.

    Supporters of the ban say it relieves women of the obligation to drive The letter, from the Saudi Women for Driving coalition, reads: “Secretary Clinton: quiet diplomacy is not what we need right now. What we need is for you, personally, to make a strong, simple and public statement supporting our right to drive.”

  36. Wow, Michelina, you can’t mean Bachmann — she’s not what anyone would describe as “moderate,” least of all her supporters.

    True, Huntsman’s a white boy, from the privileged boyz club, but my primary goal is to beat Obama; I don’t believe Michele Bachmann can. Still, good for you — I’d never talk anyone out of supporting a woman.

    Btw, Bachmann announced she is running, so it’s not a question of “if Michelle runs” But, perhaps you didn’t mean Bachmann; but, if so, who did you mean?

  37. Alas, you would have to put a gun in my mouth to get me to vote for Michelle. Sowwy, but she’s the poster child for Religious Crackpots IMO. I’m not even sure she’s human.

  38. They can put all the labels they want on cigarette packs. They want you to keep smoking and they would all sink without the tax revenue. NY would fall apart without that double tax. They can pretend all they want but those smokers are holding their asses up right now, while all those big boyz are sucking on lesser taxed cigars and drinking that lesser taxed cognac. Rejoice for smokers because if they all quit, they would have to come after something else we all use and need to recoup that tax money. Wait till that Snickers Bar costs three bucks, and don’t think it’s not coming.

  39. FF — Cool Greta tweet.
    I wish, tho’, that Big Dawg would keep his trap shut and let Obama go down the drain.

  40. Great news — Gingrich’s campaign finance team quit. Couldn’t happen to. A nicer guy!

  41. You guys talk about cats and a beautiful white/dark gray shows up in the yard here. I chased it because it was interested in one of my critters. But it will be back, no doubt.

    Then you talk about Big Dawg … and I get an email from his foundation. It is so sweet a fundraiser that I must share:

    Harvest season has arrived in Rwanda and Malawi. It’s a time of year that inspires hope — but can also lead to worry. You see, the quality of a single harvest can mean the difference between hunger and a meal on the table. It can leave families without a secure income or it can help them access health care, running water, and a decent education.

    I’m proud that our work with local farmers to ensure more consistent crops, higher prices for their yields, and a better quality of life is starting to pay off. When I visited these communities five years ago, I met countless farmers who regularly faced food shortages and many others who feared having to emigrate to other countries for jobs. Now the 19,000 farmers in our programs are able to satisfy the basic needs of their families and help their communities thrive.

    We’re ready to build on these successes and ensure that these transformations take hold permanently — for farmers, for their families, and for their communities at large. Make a gift by June 28 to help transform lives in Malawi, Rwanda, and around the world, and I will personally match it dollar for dollar. This is an amazing chance to double your impact and make sure farmers in Malawi and Rwanda get the most out of their crops this season and the next.
    I’m certain that Micelle, when she hears of this, will rearrange her fundraising/children’s activities to help harvest while she’s there. With her organic experience there on the WH lawn and all.

  42. I was having a beautiful day outside. Soft rain now. Good for the garden –cooking with chives and basil. Loved reading about all your weather.

    Huntsman is anti choice and pro immigration reform just like the other corporate defenders and women haters in his party. He is for gay marriage probably because it affects him personally in some way. The anti choice crowd is for no rights for anyone except for Number 1.

  43. Re: Eye Of Newt campaign team: Yeah I think they all quit last week because they were POd he took a freaking cruise with Calpernia or whatever the F his zillionth wife’s name is, right after he announced he was running. And he can’t stop running his mouth staying stupid insulting things which he regards as really Higher Level intellectual remarks, but are in fact the words of some kind of Tourettes/Savant/I Don’t know what.

  44. Cat was probably hungry Pamela. Wouldn’t need a critter if he had food. I guess nobody told you about white and grey cats being good luck and how it’s bad luck to shoo them away.


  45. Hell Green, Obama is anti choice and anti gay too. Only diff is he pretended he wasn’t. Truth is, just about all R’s have to be anti everything or the far right nutjob religious psychos that hijacked the party end up burying them in a hole somewhere. The real question is, are they social conservatives with a vengence or not. Take Mitt “Let’s tie the dog to the roof” Romney….he was pro choice before he wasn’t. It’s my opinion if Stiff Hair were president, he wouldn’t do diddley squat about abortion. Don’t know where Huntsman is coming from on that yet, but I’m watching. I’ve already ruled out most of them, so now it’s a question of do I blog-fire at them along with Obama in 2012 or do I vote for the last freak standing?

  46. The freak standing, ROFLMAO!!!!

  47. Damn the LAST freak standing… brain needs something, not sure what!!!

  48. I guess nobody told you about white and grey cats being good luck
    Damn. I’m screwed again.

  49. The vote I cast for POTUS will be based on what I perceive to be:
    passion to serve.
    ( that sounds eerily like Hillary…)
    Policy promises are not the most important thing anymore to me.
    They never keep their promises for 1 reason or another. I am pro-choice for more things than just abortion. So, abortion no longer has meaning to me. I fought that battle, I’m done. The dems are doing a lousy job of protecting what we fought for and won in the early 70’s.
    In fact, that one single issue has put the fog in female voters eyes for far too long.

    I would support, donate to and work for Hillary if she were to be drafted and forced to primary Obamba, but that’s na gunna happin.
    So, my vote goes to anybody sane running against Obama, and so far, of the pack on the right, Huntsman looks like the only one I could get behind.

  50. NES: I did mean bachmann——I’d vote for Michelle Obama over any of the

    I caught her on the debate, and I’ll be damned, she is the Middle of the road,

    She was everything I told you, smart, funny and intelligent.

    she wowed them at the debate

  51. I do not trust anyone who is “over” abortion as if the connections to fundamental human right to control your own body is of no consequence to women. Margaret Sanger brought women up from slavery and without abortion we will ALL; young, old, lesbian, straight, go right back there. It is OBVIOUS. Mass culture will turn barefoot and pregnant to holy and it will affect you Miss Over It. You will be out of any job but Wal-Mart and hair stylist. The right to control your own body and DEFINE yourself is fundamental to every other right women hold dear. Women DIED for it, Miss Over It.

    Also, how hypocritical to keep saying Hillary, I love Hillary and then not give a damn about her politics. Do you think Hillary would say there is no difference between Obama and any repub? Or tell you to vote for a republican to honor HER? Really, this is all so elemental for women who were part of the second wave.

    Now maybe there will be some way out of the BO trap but right now there is only to be ready to fight for our rights, single issue by single issue. To wait, to plot, to try to make the way — but it is a republican ploy to make you hate those who are half good for your rights so you will seek shelter with those who are the enemy of your own interests.

  52. Huntsman appears reasonable but it is early days yet. We really don’t know much about him. I’m just going to wait and see. A lot can happen between now and the primaries. And the GE is light years away in political time.

  53. I am voting for a girl no matter what. One anti-choice candidate is the same as the other. Besides. my Uterus went bye bye about 26 years ago. Furthermore,. Obama and the democrats have sold out women every chance they get.
    The only reason for me not to vote for the woman is if she were anti-gay. But that comes second to putting a woman in the white house. As far as I am concerned we are in a long time gender war and it is about time women started fighting back. This is about our right to drive the damn national car.

  54. Green, I get what you are saying and I used to feel just as you do. But while all us 2nd wavers were fighting the good fight abortion rights were whittled away bit by bit in favor of getting one more white guy democrat in office and I include Obama as one more white guy.
    Hillary is very loyal to the party, but I am not her. I think women are more than their uterus and I don’t think abortion is going anywhere no matter who gets in office. I believe that voting for the right of women to hold higher office is way more important than voting for some man, who is minimally pro-choice, who will sell us out anyway.

  55. This is about our right to drive the damn national car.

    What a great line!

  56. Not sure who you are talking to Green, and would hope you are generalizing, because you know how I feel about personal attacks. But that having been said, I can see how it would be kind of hard for a person who no longer has fear of needing an abortion to fight for pissants who are too busy partying to care. Frankly, I see this as Gen Y’s problem and if they don’t deal with it, why the F should I care when I know for a fact that they will be sporting pitchforks and torches all over again. You forget that these rights were handed to these lazy bastards and THEY are the ones letting it slip away. They will be moving their complacent asses and breaking some fingernails in the future. The worst part is they HATE YOU. They hate the likes of YOU and ME for fighting this woman hating beast named Obama, for being loud and nasty watching him use us as a bargaining chip over and over again. A second term for this freak and he WILL Give women up to the Republicans,all the signs are LOUD and CLEAR. The only way women can win is if these lazy little snots stop playing with their bright shiny objects and start paying attention. Till then, I am tired of wasting my time with them. They are Hopeless. Do you hear me? Hopeless. And I’ll be GODDAMNED if this reviled baby boomer is going to stand in the rain and snow for them. I got mine. They could have had theirs. Instead they got their hair done. I gave at the office and I’m done with them. Let them eat barack’s vibrating cell phone. I an NOT VOTING FOR HIM. Let me make that REALLY CLEAR. I AM NOT VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA. I WOULDN’ GIVE A RAT’S ASS IF THAT PIG PICKED MY MOTHER FOR VICE PRESIDENT I AM NOT VOTING FOR THAT PIG. So………that brings me to What I am Over. I am over voting for assholes who want to kill off women and/or make them slaves. I am done with them. Women are screwed either way this time around unless THEY put a stop to this. And I don’t see the flash mob dancers bothering. You know what, Green? I can GUARANTEE you I won’t need an abortion for the rest of my natural life. But please do not tell me that Barack Obama is Half Good for women, because he IS NOT. He is THEM. THEY are HIM.

  57. A few months ago I switched my party affiliation to republican so I could sign a neighbor’s petition to get on a ballot (and replace a neighbor we hate…but he won anyway, dammit ). I was going to switch right back but since no one is going to primary Obama, dammit, I have stayed in the republican party to vote in their primary. I have two hard choices to make,. but I am sure that when it comes time. I will NOT be able to hit the touch screen for one more male president. Can’t do it.

  58. LOL Michelina, it’s been clear to me for a LONG time, that Michelle has far more grey matter than that moron she’s married to. No wonder she makes fun of him. Bachmann, I have a big BEWARE over that woman’s photo. A BIG ONE. Don’t go on campaigning. Go on her record before she fantasized that a member of the House can be President. She’s playing politics now just like the rest of them. Dig further back. This person is an M80 to women. As with corporate America, she has learned the Let Me Be One Of Da Boyz game so I can be accepted and Get By. She is a ladder kicker of the highest order. I recognize her in other times and places. Just please pay attention. far be it to tell you who to vote for EVER! All I ask is you delve to pre-presidential candidate days.

  59. Nothing like a subtle jab….

    Jacob Zuma snubs Michelle Obama during First Lady’s South Africa visit
    South Africa President Jacob Zuma has snubbed the visiting Michelle Obama by sending his prisons minister to meet the first lady at the airport and failing to see her during her three-day stay.

  60. Prisons Minister. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. UW, I don’t think Bachman has a snowballs chance in hell of getting the nomination. But if she did I would have to give her a chance to win me over. I promise to look at her record.

  62. LOL! There’s more!

    Get this

    Mr Zuma was out of the country for the first day of Mrs Obama’s second solo trip abroad on Tuesday and although he returned on Monday night, aides said he was “not available” to meet her.

    Instead, he arranged for Corrective Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula to greet her on her arrival in Pretoria on Monday night, and one of his three wives, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, to meet her briefly on Tuesday.

  63. Damn. I’m screwed again

    Better call him back, Pamela. And take good care of him.

  64. Bet she and the kids felt right at home, being so African and all…… (She probably can’t wait to get the hell outta there)

  65. AND WHY do I now have to hit “Post Comment” TWICE NOW for the comment to post!

  66. Don’t ask me.

  67. Are you logged in? Why aren’t you using the admin panel for comments? I have to hit POST COMMENT too from the comment area below a specific post.

  68. WordPress is screwy

  69. OMG not even his WIFE was there? ROFL.

    Corrective Services. One of his three wives. Stop! I’m cracking UP here!

  70. Ah, The National Car.

  71. I’m just using the “everyman” comment box, and yes I am logged in, but when I hip “Post Comment” the button becomes active (as opposed to the comments box) and then I have to hit “Post Comment” AGAIN for it to actually post!

  72. Yeah well that comment area under posts is just plain HORRID.

  73. LOL If I were using blogspot, I wouldn’t even be allowed to comment. No way I’m letting Google in my pants.

  74. And arent you glad to know that the Minister of Prisons in South Africa is a SENIOR Cabinet Member. Guess maybe MO will bring back some ideas to the WH. Van Jones would be good at that job…..

    “It’s totally wrong to suggest this is a snub,” he said. “If Mr Zuma or the International Relations minister were in the country they would have met her. We recognise this is a historic visit and that’s why she has been welcomed by senior cabinet ministers.”

  75. I wrote to WordPress and told them too Uppity. They had me do a screenshot of the “ghost comment” then asked which blog it was on! LOL

    I bit my tongue!

  76. Righteous rant, UW. You’re totally spot-on.

    Green, wish you could see that Dems have no interest in securing abortion rights — raising a scare about them ever so often gets them votes and money, mainly by women. And, with all due respect, you’re wrong on Obama — the damage he did to the women’s cause by taking out Hillary politically was and is incalculable.

  77. Right On NES.

  78. What insanely said!

  79. Teresa, philosophically I’m totally with you on get a woman, any woman almost, into the WH. But, because we’re talking about Bachmann and the seeming certainty that she’d lose to Obama,I can’t bring myself to vote for her.

  80. I will NOT vote for a candidate who is clearly IN MY FACE about women’s rights.

  81. What the hell is a ‘ghost comment”? Don’t see why they needed the blog. Every WP blog I go to now has that awful comment box.

  82. Over the years, I have worked with quite a few people who decided to move “back home to Africa”. Let me tell you it did not goes as planned. First their kids revolted. Many ended up leaving the kids behind with grandparents thinking they would miss the parental units. Did not happen. The kids that had no one to harbor them said at best they were ignored and at worst harassed daily .

    Parental units then found out they they were not going to greeted with open arms and welcome gifts. They were considered foreigners. American foreigners. Most of those in the countries of migration thought the Americans were nuts for leaving the USA. They were also insulted that the newbies thought they had any claim on African culture or any understanding of the realities of Africa – which varies greatly across the continent.. Not to mention that the newbies acted like they had so much to offer those sad little natives.

    Those that were lucky ended up moving to expatriate areas or returning to this “awful” country. Many were not so lucky and found they had no rights and no jobs and no money to return and had to wait for friends and family to bail them out. Several are no longer with us because they got caught in the middle of power struggles and were considered canon fodder.

    Most of these people had gone on vacys to Africa before hand and assumed that they would be fawned over like they were as tourists. It never occurred to them that there is often a vast difference in visiting places as part of a tour package and actually living there.

    As to the prisons minister. I would say that Imelda’s team fell down on the job once again. I read ages ago that many of the heads of state were quite open about not being available to meet the Mrs and kids on their June vacay. Just showing up and assuming things will change does not work in some cultures. Africa is not Britain where they made the newlyweds return for a polite by quick meetings because – well its just good manners because the O’s went on and on about wanting to meet the couple since they could not make the wedding (read; the O;s were not invited). Or Spain where after Imleda’s people announced that she would meet with the royal family (when no such meeting had been arranged) that the Spanish stepped up to the plate by having her to lunch.

  83. Well Imelda isn’t accustomed to being treated that way. She wants them bowing. She didn’t get it. Good. Now maybe we can stop wasting money there that goes to bosses and politicians, with nada trickling down to the poor. Write em off, Michelle, like they wrote you off. See how well that works out for them.

  84. Uppity

    You don’t see the connections? Abortion rights are not just for the young. They are the foundation of every other right women have in the USA and once they are gone YOU will not be immune to the consequences. I don’t need abortion at 65 either. See if you can remain untouched after the redubs get in. They made it quite clear as to what they intend. For the environment, for SS and Medicare, for choice, for immigration, for agri-business subsidies, for regulation of any kind, etc. Enjoy more Supreme Ct opinions from the likes of Justice Porn Thomas.

    It is not voting for BO, it is voting for your own interests over the interests of those who want to enrich their own class at the expense of democracy and everyone else. BO is not worth stabbing yourself and the environment in the heart. Can you imagin what will happen to Hillary’s work at State when the repubs win? I once stood on principle and it only got me beaten to the ground. Sometimes you must bend and live to fight another way. And there may yet be another way.


    How can you talk about the effects of abuse and then say forced breeding is not your problem anymore?

    Well, I am done. I have had my say. I won’t argue this in 2011. You all may be right and there may be a need to relearn lessons the hard way.

  85. Here’s my life of definite losers in a match with Obama, no matter what he does.

    Santorum: LOSER.
    Gingrich: LOSER.
    Bachmann: LOSER
    Palin: LOSER.
    Paul: LOSER.

    I probably left some out, since they come out of the woodwork daily. Remember, gang, the candidate has to carry Independents. They don’t care much for social extremism. As for Gingrich, he has a past record and it’s horrid. Run out on a rail.

    So far the only possibilities are Romney, Polenta (it’s a stretch because he is such a major bore), Huntsman. And that’s only So Far, because Huntsman hasn’t gotten off the ground yet so Indys can see who he is and what his actual plans are.

    Now we all know that Hillary is a winner. Too bad the Nutroots get all shrively in their pants when they think about admitting it.

  86. Green, I see ABOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE betwee Barak and them on the issues you listed, except for the “environment,” which to Barack means Cap and Trade which is RAW BULLSHIT and a money making scheme. As for social security, why do you think he put that pig Alan Simpson in charge? To take the hit for what Obama REALLY wants to do. And there is no Elitist class bigger and worse than LIMOUSINE LIBERALS.

  87. There are restrictions now on deep sea drilling in the gulf and a no nuke moratorium – GM is employing people – abortion is legal – doctors are not being jailed —there are tiny, tiny things happening which are good — no good is too big a word but better than what the repubs would do — I guess I really must start blogging again so as to count the ways —

    BO is a elitist misogynist at heart but he has to get elected with dems so there is a check on him — there will be no check on this current crop of monster repubs.

    Well,– I respected Bush and Rice so who knows? You do not have to tell me about left men – I LEFT in 1972 — I know all about the sexism of our boyz. But I also know about dead women and zombie women — no — it is not just in my head –I don’t know if I can force myself to vote for him –I told you I get physically sick thinking about it but I will not help the religious right in any way……….


  89. There won’t be a check On Obama in a second term, Green. He just wont give a shit what anybody thinks. He doesn’t give a shit NOW, so imagine a second term.

  90. Hillary Cllinton is officially supporting the Saudi Women Driver Protest. Barack Obama supports Crickets.

  91. Obowme bows to her enough, doesn’t he.

  92. and there is the HAMP mortgage modification program without which I personally would be on the street. Yes, a ton of problems with it but it can work………

  93. In the second term we get Yule 2012 – I can’t wait to see if anything happens

  94. No Green. In the second term, you get what he really wants to give you.

  95. Then we may finally get the pitch forks on the capital steps. Maybe that’s the 2012 Apocalypse. One too many BO doublespeak no help solutions. nuclear Iran, and food riots.

  96. That would be nice.

  97. I LOVE that Huntsman is going right after Obama with his “H” logo to counter the “O”. Also, I noticed the tagline on the website said, “Join Us.” Isn’t that the new slogan on “O”‘s 2012 campaign?? And even the coloring is similar to O’precious! Got to love it! The article said something about Huntsman’s website saying right off the bat…..something about having a president who “understands the world”. Then the article dissed that by citing Barry’s life “as a child” living in another country…blah, blah, etc. So Huntsman’s gonna have to deal with the same media that props up the Chosen, carries him and fluffs his pillows. He must understand that. I wonder what his plan is??? Pass the popcorn!

  98. Pass the popcorn, indeed. I think Huntsman likes punking Obama; he’s going to steal his lines. And, unlike BO, he’s fresh and new in this round. Live by vacuous campaigns, die by vacuous campaigns.

  99. Eggg….actilly NES! Even the refrain of Huntsman’s ad where they say that he’s not like the usual politicians….harkens back to “change you can believe in” slogans!!!

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