New Mexico: Same phone number used for 228 driver’s license applicants

There’s nothing wrong with this picture is there?

Alvan Romero, the top fraud investigator in New Mexico, said the same phone number was used as contact information for 228 individuals applying for driver’s licenses, and the same address used for more than 70 applications, which he called evidence of a criminal ring. Mr. Romero said during a recent six-month period, 35% of foreign nationals making appointments for driving tests in New Mexico provided phone numbers with out-of-state area codes.

That Governor Martinez! She’s so picky! She thinks this is wrong.

SANTA FE, N.M.—Gov. Susana Martinez is renewing her battle to make New Mexico the 49th state to prohibit illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses, setting the stage for a heated fight during a special legislative session later this year.

But of course, her opponents are going to be giving up all those potential future illegal voters. They need all the help they can get.

Democrats in both New Mexico and Washington—the last two states to permit illegal immigrants to get official driver’s licenses—shot down bills aimed at tightening their rules earlier this year. Supporters of the current law say state licensing laws reduce the potential number of uninsured and untrained drivers.

I know all of us would enjoy the opportunity to be seriously injured in a nice auto crash with somebody who never really learned to drive, only to find out that the other driver, if he doesn’t leave the scene and can be reached,  is also not insured.

Ms. Martinez, a Republican, said in an interview she would try again, contending that illegal immigrants are flocking to her state to obtain a driver’s license. “New Mexico is becoming a magnet for those who want to receive a valid United States ID and travel freely around the country,” she said.

Gee. Ya think?

The state issued nearly 25,000 licenses to foreign nationals last year, up from about 12,000 in 2006.

So tell me: Do you think issuing these driver’s licenses is wrong or are the 48 other states simply cruel, nasty bigots who have this anal-retentive hangup about Undocumented Workers actually being Illegal Aliens who are breaking the law?



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  1. I voted for the license and the car; think they should also get a year’s worth of gas. Maybe insurance including collision. And a repair kit. And a first aid kit. And GPS….
    [Hope you all know this is a sarcastic comment.]

  2. how can they drive back out of NM without a car? I think NM should be happy to give them a car to send them back out to the 56 other states.

  3. Sad isn’t it ? And people have the nerve to get pissy an feel sorry for these people. I tell you it sucks,the hoops I have to jump through to get anything here now because of these damned illegals. I do not feel sorry for them and see them for what they are , CRIMINALS ! They and bleeding hearts have all but destroyed this country.
    I have to have a birth certificate to go get a drivers license or even renew it. I have to have a property tax statement and or 2 other forms of proof I am a resident. I am 100% for it but it is a royal pain in the ass. Oh and as you see not fool proof because no one in government positions ever thinks to really check things. They broke up a ring here forging an selling these documents. So even though we have the law to not allow these criminals a license I am betting we have a hole bunch that do.

  4. And word press has become a pain in the ass too with this new login stuff

  5. I remember reading during the worst of the Fannie Mae fiasco that more than 100,000 homes were mortgaged and abandoned, purchased by Illegal aliens who then didn’t pay the mortgages. If they could get mortgages, what’s so hard about a driver’s license? I almost hate to say this, nay I DO hate to say it, because it makes me itch, but maybe a national ID card isn’t such a bad idea after all. This would take care of not only driver’s licenses, but voting and all other problems involving benefits and jobs and pretty much everything. But then they will forge those too. I think the ID theft is the biggest assault upon Americans, and government leaves them to their own devices when it happens God only knows how many dead people are still walking around in another body as well.

  6. Re WP Utah I agree and I think they need to push their app for login to twitter and facebook. Really, they have to make money somehow. Hundreds of thousands of moochers like me are blogging free because of wordpress’ generosity. So I guess we should just put up with a few tweaks that might give them some reward somehow.

    Really when you compare it to that spyware known as blogspot, WP is damned good. For starters, they answer you when you write to them. Most times, Matt answers you himself. In blogspot you hang alone. For another, they don’t shut down blogs that don’t support Bawaaak, like google did to me and others in 2008 with blogspot. In fact, that is how we all landed at WP. I started that exodus and took plenty of bloggers with me, and I’m proud of it. And worst of all, we don’t have to put up with those horrid google ads and “analytics,” which is code for spying on your internet travels. And at least someone can comment on a WP blog without giving up the entrance to their entire computer like Google forces blogspot users to do. Blogspot is slammed shut to me in comment sections. You know why? Because I don’t think letting them do an anal probe on my computer, or dumping tracking cookies everywhere in my PC is acceptable, so screw them. If I had my wish, every blogger I care about would dump blogspot and in the process, get many more user comments. There are times I want to comment at a blogspot blog, but can’t, because I want Google out of my life and I am not letting them back in.

  7. Oh Lord. Bill just tweeted that he’s running for President.

  8. I think Ms Lawless should run for office because I do believe that Susana would love to have her on her team. NM has a huge area that is open border happy crossing land. No one watches anyway.

  9. MK BIll might ask these two for an endorsement. They are pretty hot right now.

  10. Yay Bill!

    CHANGE……my litter box
    YES WE CAN…..sleep on a sunny windowsill all day

  11. BAHAHAH LOVE IT imust! WILL use!

  12. Tweet them to Bill and he will retweet.

  13. Okay I’ll tweet them. But I’m not tweeting my____to MKBill! I don’t care if he is practically a NY politician! I have my standards…..I have my principles….I’ve drawn a line in the sandbox!

  14. Ok then don’t tweet them to him. He’ll just go ahead and steal them. He’s from NY, what do you expect?

  15. Perfect day for a dentist appointment. Dreary and rainy. Might as well get my teeth cleaned.

  16. Update on restless dog syndrome I mentioned yesterday, when my dog was pacing and panting and staring at me. She’s fine today. They removed the elderly woman across the way from her home, deceased. Maybe my dog knew. She was a nice old girl. Gave my dog cookies sometimes. My dog liked her a lot and so did I.

  17. Exactly, mcnorman, the fine gents who committed the supermarket crime were home-grown miscreants. I would exchange 50 hardworking Mexicans for these three criminals.

  18. My dog liked her a lot and so did I.
    Sincere sympathy in the loss of a dear neighbor, UW.

  19. No one’s defending illegals, Utah. I’m sorry you have to jump through hoops to get anything done – seems to be a constant complaint of yours – but it’s not the fault of Mexicans. Nativism has its limitations – it didn’t build this country and it won’t ‘save’ it.

  20. I’ll vote for MKBill for prez. Scr*w Huntsman!

  21. the Dog knew Upps.:)

  22. Don’t worry, after a few more years under Obama it will be Mexico that’s worrying about the illegal immigrant yankees flooding across the border to steal their jobs.


    If true, this’d be dynamite. OJ’s an idiot if he thinks this ‘excuse’ will fly or result in his social rehabilitation.

  24. ROFLLL, Myiq2xu!


    Obama’s stated goal in Afghanistan is to “reverse the Taliban’s momentum” and prevent Afghanistan from reverting to a sanctuary for al-Qaeda. He claimed on Wednesday that those goals have been achieved, or nearly so. But there is no way for us to prevent Afghanistan’s reversion (short of military action to end Iranian and Pakistani support) even if we were to stay there forever. Which we must not.

    As former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote in a recent Washington Post op-ed, we have yet to face the inherent implausibility of nation-building in Afghanistan. Until we understand that, we cannot understand that no matter what happens in Afghanistan (or for that matter, Iraq), our enemy is not only the terrorist networks and quasi-state terrorist powers such as the Taliban. The enemies are the nations that sponsor terrorism, and we cannot force them to cease that sponsorship by counterinsurgency, which is just the military term for nation-building.

    Just as the North Vietnamese were able to fight as long as they were supported by Russia and China, the Taliban and al-Qaeda can fight as long as they are supported by Iran and other nations. And, just like the North Vietnamese, the Taliban are undefeated. Any peace accord we reach with them will last only as long as it takes for us to leave.

    If we can gain anything from a negotiated “peace” with the Taliban, it will be to finally learn the lessons of Vietnam.

    Those lessons are two-fold: first, that fighting only the enemy’s proxies cannot end in victory; and second, that if we do not fight a war in a manner calculated to win it decisively, we will lose it inevitably. So it was in Vietnam. So shall it be in Afghanistan.

  26. OJ you fucker. I hope some member of Nicole’s family shoots your ass dead on the street and gets away with it. You fucking piece of dog shit.

  27. Hahah, yup MyIQ. I saw a satire on how the baby boomers are flocking to Mexico bring with them their USA flags and looking for things to be reprinted in English and government assistance.

  28. the Dog knew Upps.:)

    Eerie as it seems, I think you may be right.

  29. NES, Bill’s latest tweet:

    What do I have to do to get a nomination here? Become a Mormon? Or just be mean about silly women who think they have rights?

  30. AMEN on OJ, Upps.

  31. Yep, I saw that, Upps. Bill has his mistress’s brand of humor — satire at its best.

  32. Our immigration system worked well for years. You want to come here, you show you have a sponsor and a job and wait your turn.They came here, they couldn’t WAIT to be citizens. They loved America because it was so much better than the shithole they left. They did not try to turn America in the shithole they left. They kept their traditions but they didn’t force the rest of us to honor them like gold. They paid their bills. If they committed a crime we kicked their asses out of here. They required physical checkups to ensure they didn’t bring communicable diseases to our shores. They pulled their weight and they paid their share and they would have swallowed a broom sideways before expecting the government to take care of them. I exist today because of two sets of these immigrants.

    I am not a supporter of what is going on now. I am especially not a supporter of the residual effects of hospitals closing down because the majority of their patients are illegal aliens who don’t pay. I am not a supporter of having to pay for them in my bill. I am not a supporter of spending billions to print everything in Spanish. I don’t expect other countries to print everything in English eiher. Nor are they willing. I am not a supporter of ID theft, ruining lives of countless law abiding citizens. And I am not a supporter of the hijacking of entire cities and colonization of people who have no business being here because they broke the law to get here.

    You want to know the reality of overrun cities in Texas and the fear people live with? Ask McNorman.

  33. According to the rumors, the sensationalist Oprah got him to confess that he killed her in Self Defense. No kidding. Big strong man brutalizes two people in self defense because he says she came at him with a knife. This sicko murderous freak deserves to die a death of severe suffering like Cochran did before him, because he is a walking cancer and a thumb to the nose of justice. I wish everything for OJ that he deserves for this. Just so long as it’s not good.

  34. I can’t help but feel sorry for these people because they will never have a fair shot in their own countries, but then compassion fatigue sets in. They come over here and do the same things that made their own countries such laterines—you know circumventing the law because everything is negotiable. My husband came here legally, my sister-in-law came here legally, out of my nine cousins–four have foreign born spouses. Guess what?–They came here legally. So clearly it can be done.

    I don’t think you should penalize the illegals so much because it is in effect a form of modern day slavery. Penalize the governments that refuse to reform, the business that knowingly hire them enmasse. And give the benefits that have been accured to the acutal holders of the SSN numbers that have been fradulently used.


  35. Yep, I saw that, Upps. Bill has his mistress’s brand of humor — satire at its best.

    A cat owner already knows that I am not Bill’s mistress, dear NES. He is my master.

  36. Come on UW, OJ went to Nicole’s condo wearing gloves in June because he was cold, and besides I’m sure that Nicole started the fight.

    Oh I can hear the bs now. As for Oprah, I find that her requesting to do the interview is just as unpalatable. She should have told him that she would do the taping and not air the pos quietly. Nah, Oprah needs the money and so does OJ. Sick.

  37. UW, you know that I’m not for illegal aliens; and that I am utterly against a culture of multiculturalism and bilingualism for immigrants. Immigrants of every stripe, no exceptions, should be mixed into the melting pot and taught English, and made to become Anerican citizens in every sense of the world. And, I believe Hispanics would make better citizens than a lot of natural-born citizens who have spent so much time on the welfare rolls that two generations of their communuty have, literally, fallen out of the habit of work and been the primary source of urban blight.

    I don’t agree with attributing America’s problems, including urban blight, on a group of foreigners. There’s a lot of anecdotal ‘evidence’ out there seeming to support the notion that Mexicans are draining our institutions of their resources, but I’d like to see what the statistics have to say. And, I don’t know the answer right now, so these are genuine, not rhetorical, queries: What percentage of the Hispanic population of this country is on the welfare rolls? I’m betting that it’s nowhere close to the number of AAs and whites? What percentage of the Hispanic population commit crimes? Again, I’m betting that it’s a substantially lower percentage than of AAs and whites. And, if that’s the case, then why dislike them more? The draining of institutions is the same blight, whether done by a native-born person or an immigrant; ditto, the blight of crimes. I want fellow citizens who work hard, pay their taxes, share our cultural norms, value freedom, and for whom being on welfare is a shameful thing and not a system to raise kids on or to bequeath to their descendants.

    I agree with AnnE that the much greater fault is that of the state governments and the feds who don’t bust sufficient numbers of employers hiring illegals to set a punitive example and drastically raise their cost of doing business; of the federal government that does a piss-poor job of enforcing the southern border; and, last but not least, of the Dem party and other lefties that fight against English-only legislation, against the requirement of voter identification, and for multiculturalism, all because the party, and their pols and other stalwarts, want to increase their voting block or out of some misplaced view of liberal compassion.

    End of rant. (I know that I’m out-voted here on this point.)

  38. And, consider this: due to gross under-breeding by those of European descent, or even Southeast Asian descent, this country is at risk of being overrun by over-breeding Muslim immigrants and their descendants in not too many decades. However westernized they are or will come, they will always kowtow to Islam (it being, for them, the literal word of god/Allah). Since the various Hispanic groups in this country, immigrant or otherwise, are the only ethnic groups that have large families to match those of ME or other Muslim populations, they (Hispanic population groups), and their Catholicism, may well be the bulwark against the US becoming an Islamic country in the not-too-distant future. I’ll take Catholicism anyday over Islam, hands-down — at least Catholicism, even of the South-American variety, has a rich European history and culture, is open to Western influence, and has undergone a reformation.

  39. Will Oprah stop at nothing to pimp her show?!

    Yeah, mcnorman, ROFL on OJ — he was wearing gloves that fateful night because it was then all the fashion rage in L.A.!

  40. Oprah will stop at nothing NES. Will she have teh won on after he loses?

    he was wearing gloves that fateful night because it was then all the fashion rage in L.A.!

    Who knew? hahahahahaha

  41. Oh, she’ll definitey have Teh Won on after he loses. But, of course, it’ll be all about how he got tired of being unappreciated by the ‘little people,’ and how he has bigger fish to fry (Pope Benedict should be nearing the end of his life fairly soon, and Bammy would look sooo good in red).

  42. You want to know the reality of overrun cities in Texas and the fear people live with? Ask McNorman.

    But, Upps, I’ll also ask mcnorman about how much Hispanics have contributed to the culture, culinary scene, and the workforce of Texas. Nothing is not a mixed bag — overall, Hispanics have contributed much more than they’ve taken from the US.

    Historically, every immigrant group — save and except for the Mayflower group — that has blessed these shores was reviled in its time: “Micks”, “Dagos”, “Krauts”, “Chinks/Zipperheads/Gooks”, and the like names were conferred on them, and they were blamed for everything from urban blight, crime, the draining of institutional resources, the ruination of moral and social norms, and even the decline of America. But, they persevered and are now treated and viewed as respected citizens; so will it be with Hispanics. And, more power to them, I say.

  43. (Pope Benedict should be nearing the end of his life fairly soon, and Bammy would look sooo good in red)

    I’m thinking Meechelle might want that throne.

  44. NES, it’s not what you think. It is disheartening. Contribution to culture? I would tell you that it is minimal at best. These are not the immigrants of yesteryear that were grateful to leave, begin anew and share their culture. Dignity is lacking. Quite frankly, I am disappointed to see how many families are now second and third generation entitled. Now, nothing is asked for, it is demanded. This is a very long conversation NES. My reality is far different than what many people perceive or experience in this country. It is this way for many reasons that I cannot write about without endangering myself or my family.

  45. he was wearing gloves that fateful night because it was then all the fashion rage in L.A.!

    Well that pretty much raps it up for that bullshitting pathological lying murderer, doesn’t it now? Now wonder you are a successful attorney.

  46. However westernized they are or will come, they will always kowtow to Islam (it being, for them, the literal word of god/Allah). Since the various Hispanic groups in this country, immigrant or otherwise, are the only ethnic groups that have large families to match those of ME or other Muslim populations, they (Hispanic population groups), and their Catholicism, may well be the bulwark against the US becoming an Islamic country in the not-too-distant future.

    Excellent point and I concur. Now maybe they ought to come here legally like they are supposed to. And then stop shitting on this country as if they are doing us a favor and we are some kind of possession of the shithole they left. That’s all I am saying. I am not adverse to immigration from Mexico or anywhere else I am adverse to illegal immigration and, even more adverse to COLONIZATION. Don’t leave your shithole and come here to turn it into the same shithole you left.

  47. In answer to your query of who is majority of welfare rolls. The answer is White Trash. That’s the truth, and nobody should deny it.

    HowEVER, when a large number of people come here and have a baby for free in the hospital who will then overcharge YOU in order to recoup their losses, and then that baby is automatically a citizen, entitled to all the entitlements that can be mustered, then there is something wrong with this picture. I will sooner or later find the links I’ve had for years confirming how some of these famiilies are milking the sysem to the nines, using their children. I also think it is patently unfair to give free education to illegal residents of this country while the parents of American citizens struggle to pay school taxes and then those children struggle with school loans. This, I am bold enough to say, is raw bullshit.

  48. Ah I see it was McN who came up with the wearing gloves detail. I take back all the wonderful things I said about you, NES. Well, not really.

  49. Hey Mods! Check out the knucklehead in spam and have a good laugh.

  50. mcnorman, terrible that that’s your experience. Are we talking about drug warlords or ordinary joes? (Of course, don’t answer if it endangers you or yours.) If drug warlords, I’m in favor of putting them all out of biz by legalizing drugs. Mafia-sponsored bootlegging-related violence died a quick death once Prohibition was lifted. Criminal enterprises abhor legalization of goods and service they like to traffic in; taking a good or service out of the shadows of the black market kills their profits.

    To my knowledge, the situation is very different here in Calif. (Now, one of the Californians here is going to jump up and contradict me…).

  51. But, Upps, I’ll also ask mcnorman about how much Hispanics have contributed to the culture, culinary scene, and the workforce of Texas

    NES honestly and truly I have heard horror stories of fear the likes of which we will never know in Texas border areas. I really believe that the people would be happy to give up the genuine tacos for some security and peace of mind. I don’t think our members in Texas would be making this shit up, but I tell you true, I have seen some harrowing stuff on video and in first hand photos. I could never live there without constant fear for my life. Screw afghanistan, we should be at war with the cartels at our borders and just blow anything approaching us to high heaven. It’s a matter of national security. Period. They have made a shambles of the USA in border areas. If Mexico can’t handle all their criminals then we should stand firm to ensure they don’t do to our country what they have done the Mexico. We have the power to beat them and we do nothing because we are so PC. To hell with that shit. Our country is becoming a freaking war zone and Mexican authorities diddle. And I wonder how many Islamofascists cross over from those borders. It also sometimes occurs to me that the Mexican government is also doing what Castro did. Send us the poorest to support and the criminals who want to kill us on our own turf–and make it impossible to know which ones are which.

    Besides, I know some wonderful LEGAL immigrants who make damned good tacos. And they don’t threaten anyone in the process.

  52. There are many underlying factors which the public does not perceive NES. It’s the underbelly of the beast that one must contend with.

  53. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thank you for the laughs UW. That was darned funny stuff. They refer to him as a man. How about cockroach? That seems far more appropriate.

  54. You know it’s bad when Al Jazeera is reporting on what is happening on the border. This weekend they left a man’s genitals and head at the church door.

    http:forward slash forward slash

  55. Yes and that’s the other thing. THe MSM is NOT covering what is going on. Now SOMEBODY has to be directing that blackout. AMericans are not being kept informed of how bad this all really is.

  56. This weekend they left a man’s genitals and head at the church door.

    You think good tacos are worth that, NES? These are not LEGAL aliens doing this shit.

    That’s the other thing, Illegal immigration has made it hard for the good hard working CITIZENS from Mexico who came here the right way. That is wrong on so many levels. These aren’t the people who brought America Mexican cuisine, NES. Those people are too busy being contributing Americans who immigrated here fairly and with good intentions.

  57. I cannot answer NES, I’m sorry. As UW states, we should be protecting the borders and we are not. This has been a mess that has been long in the making. Amnesty for ? millions is not going to solve the problems that have developed because we have allowed this mess to manifest tentacles that reach places that no one could have ever predicted. Our country is a war zone. Our msm is complicit in not reporting what is happening because they function as a political arm for either party now. Many years ago, a friend told me that Mexico never loses it’s best and it’s brightest. That is a true statement today. Mexico’s government is just as corrupt as Pakistan’s. Funny thing happened when the war began in Iraq. We saw an exodus in the area of likes which we had never seen before.

  58. This is all so Walmart can exploit cheap labor and lock them in the building on the third shift for cleaning, only to have them all die in a fire because they were locked in. This is about Corporate America exploiting poor people. It’s about Big shots not wanting to pay gardeners and nannies a fair salary. And because of this greed, we do nothing, while people’s heads are decapitated and put on polls because God forbid,we interrupt the border party.

  59. There are many who want to come to this country and give of themselves. They are willing to stand in line for as long as it takes to get that opportunity. It is a disgrace to allow the panderer in chief and that ass Calderon to provide pamphlets on how to cross into this country in the middle of 110+ heat in the desert. IMO, they are no different than the coyotes that smuggle illegals into this country.

    I have no problem in telling anyone that my parents will proudly leave a legacy of honorable children to this country who will continue to give of themselves at every turn of events. It was our gift to be born here. It is something that we are easily reminded of daily.

  60. I have many friends who are LEGAL immigrants. Some Asian, some Hispanic. I’m all for the value and enrichment they bring. What a lot of people don’t get though is that LEGAL immigrants don’t want illegals here either! It makes it much,much harder for those who are going through the proper channels to immigrate. I think the immigrants I know are more angry about illegals than those who haven’t had to take six years to get through the legal process because they’ve had to EARN the right to be in the U.S.

    What’s happening in our border towns needs to have been addressed YESTERDAY. My dad was just in NM he was invited on the set of Breaking Bad…then he wanted to go across the border but, was told to stay away from the border area completely because it was too dangerous right now. WTF!! When Americans can’t even visit their own border areas, let alone live there peacefully then you’d think we’d address that. The focus needs to shift away from Afghanistan and go get these cartels! What are we getting out of NOT going after them??

  61. This is about Corporate America exploiting poor people.

    Unfortunately, this is very true.

  62. AliceP, you are dead on. Legal immigrants want to know that whomever is granted citizenship has also done what they had to do. Citizenship is a privilege not a right. They waited in line. They had sponsors who were accountable if need be. I was at the Antique Roadshow and met people who came from other states. The first thing out of their mouths was how dangerous the border had become.

  63. Alice. Thank you for confirming that legal immigrants are poorly affected by this mess and it IS true that they are NOT PLEASED about illegal immigration.

    Even addressing it YESTERDAY was late.

  64. Hello ((((UPPITY’S)))))

    LORAC: Your thread was a riot,

    UW: you are such a JOYand a PLEASURE

    Had to stop in and kiss a little *SS—however true it IS and it IS !!

    love our Upityville

  65. McN, you’re a Latino, yes?

  66. Yeah well I Love having you here too, Michelina. Two way street, girl!

  67. Hey, anybody hear or read about another Tsunami and EQ warning in Japan?

  68. Yes I am Hispanic.

  69. Japan had a 6.9 aftershock yesterday I think. Nothing happening in tsunami warning though.

  70. Well I knew that McN, since we have gotten to know one another. I just wanted the others to hear it.

  71. I know UW. I would love to write about the Mexico that I knew, but that no longer exists. 😦 And I make wonderful tacos.

  72. See MyIQ’s link.

    charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration


  73. Aw cripes, I just got three day old mail with ‘Dog” scrawled on it. My dog watches from INSIDE the screen door, (screen at TOP not bottom) for chrissakes. You would think she was snarling at the mail carrier or something. What a pussy. Last mail carrier used to bring her biscuits. A woman of course. This one here can’t even speak english and he can’t read streets either, since I am constantlly getting mail for people several roads over who have the same house number.

  74. M. I am sure you make awesome tacos. Legally!

  75. Last mail carrier used to open the door and leave packages INSIDE, WITH THE DOG THERE. GIve. Me. A. Break. She understands what a mail carrier is for Chrissakes. She’s smarter than most people I know.

  76. You want to read Green’s piece “Dream Act: Executive Order The Press Ignores” so you can be prepared for how much worse illegal immigration is about to get. Barack Obama is ravaging America. And he just put a spike in the casket.

  77. Yes, legally. lol

  78. Must be a substitute mail carrier. My carrier knos that the dogs are going to go all lickface at a certain distance from the door.

  79. Thanks for the weather update…*mother ova here obsessing on Asian weather patterns while son is visiting girlfriend in Singapore.* hahahaha. Not that I don’t care about the OTHER People in Asia…lmao.

  80. Ah, McNorman, I’m spending July 4 with at a party given by some Hispanic friends and they are making tamales the OLD way. I’m going to need the next size up of pants after that.

    I can’t wait to see what they have to say about this situation…some of the older women who’ve raised kids here and had to work so hard are HOT under the collar and you haven’t lived till you’ve heard these great gals tell someone off. Nobody does it better. Maybe we should let the hispanic moms take care of illegal border problem. Heaven, knows they’d do a better job than Obama!

  81. Note that a lot of the border violence is fueled by the US drug market.


  82. That doesn’t make it okay for them to come and make a shambles out of border cities and innocent lives. So much for the War On Drugs. lol.

  83. Alice, you want to gain weight? Get some Cuban friends. Oh man, those people can cook.

  84. That is true djmm, and that’s another issue that’s not being addressed. Who profits from this mess? Because it’s very curious that so little is being done given the gravity of the situation.

  85. He’s not a substitute, M. They switch their routes constantly once they learn them. My dog never harasses a mail carrier. She knows it’s about that box where they leave me things. She does watch but for God’s sake it’s not like she’s frothing. She did not alert to the mailman. I am home when the inner door is open so I would have instantly known if she was on alert. So she was not threatening him. Believe me, I know when my dog alerts to someone out there. I realize she’s bigger than a bread box but any fool can tell when a dog isn’t alerting. From behind a door with plate glass besides. It’s not like she was out there with him or something. What was she going to do, climb up the door and go thru the screen?

  86. Alice, you can bet some big shots who are well connected profit.

  87. Uppity, I have gained twenty pounds this summer mostly because I have visited certain friends more than most years. lol…I need no encouragement to try any ethnic foods..but, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any good Cuban food so maybe I ought to pencil in at least one good Cuban meal this summer. 🙂 That is if I can fit it in between the greens and cornbread with pot liquor and the tamales! HAHAHA!

  88. Geez AliceP, you know I love tamales and we make them every year for Christmas. Yes, find some sweatpants.

  89. Oh geez, those Cuban desserts are to die for, and buy new pants as well.

  90. I’m surprised then. Why the worry about the dog? Must have been having a bad day.

  91. One of the envelopes looked like it got run over by a car. Had tape all over it too. The USPS is sinking lower by the minute. They employ idiots on the cheap now. Summer hires. College kids who couldn’t care less and dress like bums. And people who can barely speak English besides. Meanwhile, the management heirarchy is alive, fat and well.

  92. Best way to force yourself into shape is to throw away all sweat suits.

  93. This is why I love the debates on this blog. One gets good arguments and learns thing one is insufficiently knowledgeable about.
    Good arguments and persuasive facts, mcnorman and UW: consider me instructed.
    mcnorman, your personal experience is powerful testimony. I’m sorry things are so dismal out there.

    I’m just appalled — albeit not surprised given their past conduct — that the MSM have given these border violence stories so little coverage, most of it far from a neutral reporting of the facts. I guess it’s all too un-PC for them to cover.

    I’m also more convinced than ever that: (i) drugs should be legalized, so as to starve these drug cartels of their mega-profits; and (ii) our military should be set loose on the drug cartels. If Calderon were more concerned with the wellbeing of his people than his PC stances, or the narco-dollars that’re probably being back-doored to him, he would invite us in to kill those cartels. But, heck, we shouldn’t wait for the invite (which’ll never come): violent incursions across the border are a universal causus belli, whatever the UN may think.

    Maybe this is a good reason to stick Perry in the WH. Wouldn’t he deal with the borders, mcnorman?

  94. djmm — There’s truth to that, in that the drug cartels make big money on trafficking in drugs. But, this is why we should take the money and guns out of the drugs market by legalizing drugs.

  95. …particularly sweat pants. Regular trousers keep one honest about one’s weight gain.

  96. And he just put a spike in the casket.

    That is a very colorful expression, Upps. Can I use it?

  97. mcnorman — Your family is proof positive of how Hispanic-immigrants and their descendants strengthen this country. Yes, I know, know…those legally here ONLY. But, you see my point about giving more than they take.

  98. Read Green’s piece, Upps. No question, by effectuating the goals of the unpassed Dream Act, BO is simply increasing the voter pool that favors him and the Dems.

    However, I don’t agree with the notion, also espoused in that blog piece, that more immigration negatively impacts the environment. To me, that’s just part of the we-prefer-the-tiger-salamander-to-people extremist and misanthropic thinking. I’d sooner kill myself than live in a holier-than-thou world run by the green movement.

  99. Send me a delicious “legal” taco by express mail, mcnorman.

  100. Aw heck, I don’t mind the twenty pounds and I don’t wear sweat suits…okaaaaay yoga pants so shoot me! I broke my ankle in April and didn’t change my summer holiday eating habits whilst sitting upon my rather more roundish rump with my foot propped up. Swinging around on crutches is for twenty year olds! I’ll lose the lbs later when I have a functional skeletal system again…until then YEAH pass those tamales!

    McNorman I have great respect for the ritual of making those tamales and I mean it. That is one heck of a process to go through. I mean these women who make them take DAYS to do it. But….ohhhh my! Delicious!

  101. ACK crutches suck!!!! If I broke my ankle, I would feel sorry enough for myself to ingest all the tamales I could get too.

  102. Exactly, NES, Barack Obama is looking to create a new and huge Entitlement base for the New Democratic Party that nobody in his right mind would otherwise join.

    Green’s a little bit too Green for me too but I love her anyways. I mean, there is no way I want the same nuts who made companies drill a mile underwater, imagining it was ‘safer,’ or who pulled the CFL idea out of their asses, making people use lightbulbs laden with mercury, which carry their own EPA hazmat cleanup insructions, making any decisions for me too. I also don’t like to be told what to eat and the last thing I want to do is sacrifice humans for a carp or something. And they can shove those curly bulbs straight up their asses.

    I already have enough incandescent bulbs shored up to see me thru old age, just in case nobody has brains enough to reverse that law before it goes into effect, thereby causing seizures and migraines for innocent people. But then, GE has their eggs in that basket so I imagine they will be contributing heavily to certain congress critters to make sure nothiing changes.

  103. WOW. What a great name for a Mexican Restaurant. Legal Tacos.

  104. That is a very colorful expression, Upps. Can I use it?

    You can use anything I have NES.

  105. And they can shove those curly bulbs straight up their asses.

    That’s ma GRRRRL!!

  106. I’m all over registering it. All royalties to mcnorman!

  107. …But, a lifelong supplies of free tacos for Upps.

  108. NES I don’t care if they legalize drugs just so long as I don’t have to pay for all the fucked up heads. I believe everybody has a right to screw up their lives one way or another. Then I believe they should be the ones to unscrew their lives, not me. I think that’s kind of libertarian, I know.

    Perry won’t help methinks. Wasn’t it Texas that was considering making an inter-country highway for Mexican trade trucks?

  109. Ssshhh, …lorac will be J.

  110. …particularly sweat pants. Regular trousers keep one honest about one’s weight gain.

    my point exactly 🙂

  111. NES you should email with mcNorman because the crap she said here is small potatoes compared to the rest of it.

  112. NES, Calderon was more interested in coming here and interfering with Arizona state law. For that, he was all animated. SOmething is VERY rotten in Mexico.

  113. I love reading Green’s comments! I’m further to the left than some. The only thing I won’t do is vote for anymore Demopublicans since they don’t give a damn about women. Neither will represent women’s issues.

    As far as issues go I admire anyone who can still keep their fingers in so many issues. I can’t anymore when I used to be about everything from saving whales to farm aide. Since 2008 though I only have time for women’s issues when I figured out that so many women are being killed for being female all over the world and none of our pols save ONE I saw had any sort of remarks to make on the topic at all. Indeed most were jumping on the band wagon of woman hate to score points.

  114. Alice, Nancy cared more about a mouse than she cared about you. This is what Over The Edge Green gets you.

  115. Oh God I just read my own link above and cracked myself up.

    This mouse has some digs, eh? You would think the little Sh*t would at least generate electricity on a wheel or something if he’s going to be part of this project.

  116. And how about those nutcases in CA who cut off all the water to one of the most fertile farm areas in the state…for a smelt?

  117. Alice, Eh, with me, I’m left on some things, right on others, moderate on others. I’m just ad hoc practical I guess.

    Like I really believe in the death penalty for all rapists and child molesters. I don’t even want to hear about it not being a deterrent. It’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to remove shitbags from the gene pool forever. I would even volunteer to help remove them, I am that serious. I migh ease up if Life in Prison meant Life In Prison around here, but it doesn’t.

  118. Yep, that ’tis. Too bad because it’s a really scenic country with warm, genuine locals.

  119. Finally, someone, a woman no less, with the chutzpah to tackle the slithery who want to legitimize their VERY ILLEGAL status in this country. Susana Martinez. She should have been in office a long time ago. Before Bill Richardson had time to dismantle the state further into disarray. NM Dems are very interested in maintaining an entitlement state of things for themselves. So that means facilitating illegal aliens’ criminal position in the United States. So they can stay and keep voting the Dems into office.

  120. And then there’s that problem with these antennae I have. They make me recognize a money making scam when I see one. Like Global Warming. It reminds me of the old bomb shelter scam And Y2K which I also knew was a scam even though plenty of my friends made big bucks faking it as consultants to “fix” things with about six lines of code, while they hung around for a week. But you see, Y3k is too far off and so we have Global Warming and Cap and Trade as the scam for this decade. You see a pattern emerge. Always it’s a scam revolving around generating fear.

  121. That’s fair, Upps. However, any “unscrewing” costs will, I guarantee, be substantially less than the cost in blood and treasure that we spend on the epic failure of the so-called War on Drugs. A war so ineffective and counterproductive, it could’ve been fought by the French!

  122. Smelt! Yum….

  123. Speaking of the Global-Warming and Cap-and-Trade scams, Upps, I understand the Goracle is slamming Bam for lack of leadership on the ‘climate change’ agenda. Chit, this may have been the only accomplishment of Bam in office!

  124. Holy Cannoli, NES, that sea monster in that link could feed a lot of starving Chinese!

  125. I think that the best way to brace yourself is to have full length mirrors everywhere. Particularly the one next to the fridge. lol

  126. Was there a BP tanker in the locality of the Chinese Sea Monster?

  127. Does it taste like lobster?

  128. Gotta love a woman who can crack up herself.

  129. Smelt! Yum….

    Your Transition to Italian-ness is coming along nicely.

  130. I’ll talk to mcnorman after, and only after, she sends me a legal taco.

  131. Si! Si!

  132. Yes, all the Chinese in one household!!

  133. NES, see the legalization of drugs won’ work, because the first thing our greedy federal, state and local government will do is tax the crap out of the drugs so that there is an underground and we will be right back where we started. It’s that way with cigarettes already. I mean I’m told that truckloads of ‘illegal’ cigarettes enter NY almost daily. Once they legalize only the rich will be able to afford drugs. If a carton of cigies costs over a hundred bucks in NY now, and probably way more than that in NY CIty, all of it tax, imagine what drugs will cost.

  134. Let Meanchelle go taste it and report. It could be her outreach to the youthful sea monsters.

  135. But still, Upps, won’t it be cheaper to have local hoods? I mean, these Mexican cartel guys are like mini-governments. Make that superpowers!

  136. Perry will do what the GOP wants. The border area of Texas is the stepchild of Austin unfortunately. I do believe that he would be far better at taking care of the border than anyone on the GOP ticket. He’s seen it for himself. As much as he doesn’t like it, it has hit home. For instance the man taken down at the lake whose body was never recovered is still very sensitive. It also depends on who’s coffers are being lined by certain individuals with ties to the cartels. The ruthless Zetas operate in the prison system. It’s never just one thing, but the whole tamale that makes for such a horrific mess on the border. The drugs being legalized is not going to help much because imho, they will control what they already have here. The money laundering is incredible NES. They own property here. Like I said, this is not something that can be cleaned up in a few years. As long as Mexico’s corruption exists to the degree that it does presently, nothing will change.

  137. mcnorman, that’d be ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ barred by the Eighth Amendment.

  138. Yes, I lived in tights in a studio for 27 years. It’s absolutely awful. The rotten mirror doesn’t lie. lol

  139. Mexico needs another revolution then. Say, a “Latin Spring.”

    I really think we should stop playing ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in the ME and devote our resources to Central and South America. I want to strengthen this part of the globe for when the Muslims take over Europe by out-populating everyone else.

  140. Mexico does need a revolution. Unfortunately, that would mean that 11 million would have to want to participate. I always asked my students why they didn’t want to return. They always smiled and laughed, “because it is easy here.” We are a country of blessings. We extend the hand when needed. In general, our yearn to give comes from the heart of America.

    I want to strengthen this part of the globe for when the Muslims take over Europe by out-populating everyone else.

    Count me in on that!

  141. Speaking of the “Arab Spring,” it’s more like the “Islamist Spring” (or the West’s Winter). Lookeeee here, we’ve been fighting for the Islamist side in Libya. Just great. Makes me sick. This is precisely why foreign policy shouldn’t be directed by ‘feelings’ and other such mushy notions or by media manipulation.

    June 23, 2011 4:00 A.M.

    Al-Qaeda and the Libyan Rebellion
    A new report explains the connection.

    A new report from two French think tanks concludes that jihadists have played a predominant role in the eastern-Libyan rebellion against the rule of Moammar Qaddafi, and that “true democrats” represent only a minority in the rebellion. The report, furthermore, calls into question the justifications given for Western military intervention in Libya, arguing that they are largely based on media exaggerations and “outright disinformation.”

    The sponsors of the report are the Paris-based International Center for Research and Study on Terrorism and Aide to Victims of Terrorism (CIRET-AVT) and the French Center for Research on Intelligence (CF2R). The organizations sent a six-member expert mission to Libya to evaluate the situation and consult with representatives on both sides of the conflict. From March 31 to April 6, the mission visited the Libyan capital of Tripoli and the region of Tripolitania; from April 19 to April 25, it visited the rebel capital of Benghazi and the surrounding Cyrenaica region in eastern Libya.

    The report identifies four factions among the members of the eastern Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC). Apart from a minority of “true democrats,” the other three factions comprise partisans of a restoration of the monarchy that was overthrown by Qaddafi in 1969, Islamic extremists seeking the establishment of an Islamic state, and former fixtures of the Qaddafi regime who defected to the rebels for opportunistic or other reasons.

    There is a clear overlap between the Islamists and the monarchists, inasmuch as the deposed King Idris I was himself the head of the Senussi brotherhood, which the authors describe as “an anti-Western Muslim sect that practices an austere and conservative form of Islam.” The monarchists are thus, more precisely, “monarchists-fundamentalists.”


    The report describes members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as the “main pillar of the armed insurrection.” “Thus the military coalition under NATO leadership is supporting a rebellion that includes Islamic terrorists,” the authors write. Alluding to the major role played by the Cyrenaica region in supplying recruits for al-Qaeda in Iraq, they add, “No one can deny that the Libyan rebels who are today supported by Washington were only yesterday jihadists killing American GIs in Iraq.”</

  142. Great NES. Feelings should be held at bay and not used to dictate policy. When did we become such nambie pambies?

  143. What also tees me off, mcnorman, is that the French essentially bullied Bam into this silly intervention. Of course, they’re interested only in getting rid of Ghadaffy so they’ll get better deals on oil — they get zero if Ghadaffy stays.

    Barack Obama, the only modern US President to have been punked by the French.

    Memo to electorate: Please bring the grown-ups back in the next election.

  144. NES it’s not as if we didn’t see this coming with Libya. Apparently, our own ‘leaders’ aren’t as smart as regular people and have no discernment whatsoever.

  145. Frankly I don’t think the GOP is in charge one of theirs is elected. How to you explain W letting illegal immigration run wild against the wishes of all the people who voted for him, and against his party. The one great thing he did was ultimately thumb his nose at the religious right in his second term

  146. He “felt” for the population. His wife Laura grew up in West Texas. Her mother still lives here. I think he always felt that the border was the stepchild and didn’t really need much attention. That is how he let immigration run wild. When it comes to the GOP, you won’t find much help in any of the border towns. I found his thumbing his nose at the religious right to be telling. He probably could have cared less in the beginning, but he wanted that second term. I hear the same thing of Jeb in FL.

  147. I have an ex sis in law that swears both Bush children are identical twins. lol

  148. NES yes it is a complaint. I despise law breakers period ! Bottom line is they are breaking the law, stealing identities, doing this country no favors nor it’s citizens. Now if these people really were coming here in search of a better life that would be one thing and I might have a tad bit of sympathy for them but as of now I do not and I do think we ought to round them up . dump them back over the border and arm guards at the border. I have friends who had property completely destroyed by these criminals. Fecal matter all over their property , trash heck you name it. Why do I have to jump through hoops here because of filth that jumps the border, steals ID’s and send the money home all the while flying their countries flag and despising this one ? Anyway right is right … wrong is wrong no middle of the road. They are criminals and need to be treated as such.

  149. McN. Because W used the all those bumfuck religious righters and never intended to do a thing for them, we women were safer under W than we are under this creature we have for president now. How ironic.

    Look here.
    “Laura Bush and Michelle Obama on same sex marriage and abortion.

  150. Hey, Uppity…. Just for your info.. have you seen the current Simons Cat “hidden treasure”??? Really, cute… 🙂 😆 😆 😆 And, I can truly relate…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  151. Casper is that you? You want me to remove your name?

    I’ll check out simon. Thanks for the tip!

  152. OOPS!!!! Should of read Casper Cat….. 😳 Just had my hard drive replaced and things are not the same…. UGH!!!! sorry…..

  153. FIXED. Oh this simon is so cute. I shall put it up for the weekend. Thanks for not spoiling the surprise!

  154. Uppity… Thanks!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😆 😆

  155. Welcome sister! Always looking out for my family’s ID!

  156. I never disliked Laura. I thought she carried her office with grace and dignity. She still visits.

  157. The point is, she had the guts to say she supports gays and lesbians and abortion. And michelle has the guts to support eating lobster. And picking on fat kids.

  158. ..and Jeb’s wife is Mexican and their kids are half-Mx.

  159. Not that I’m here to defend MO or anything, but, to be fair, Laura Bush didn’t have the guts to say that while she was First Lady. And, I don’t blame her for that because First Ladies really can’t make news on politically-charged issues; they weren’t elected, their husbands were.

  160. I grew up in a majority Hispanic area. I love them and their culture but they came here legally and assimilated.
    These border jumping criminals do not come legally and are here to make a fast buck to send home so they can retire at 50. Can you ???
    I dare say you are right about slimy white trash Americans and the getto trash as well that does not make all Blacks trash any more then whites because their color tops the welfare roles. Fact is they are citizens and not sending it elsewhere and it too is something I would love to see the plug pulled on. However Getto trash and white trash are not taking over your land and it is for certain they are not taking your SS to work lol.
    I agree this country has huge issues and if you really thought about it most of it come from a simple act of giving a shit about your fellow man. When we created programs to aid the poor they stayed that way because it was easy and more joined up to ride that wagon. If they had to depend on themselves or family I doubt they would stay dependent too long. Welfare needs lifetime term limits and also you should not be allowed to draw if you are not here legally just because you took your bun out of the oven on this side of the fence.
    I do not feel I should have to press 1 to hear my language I sure doubt I would be put to the front of the line over there and they have to press 1.
    I am sick of seeing job ads requiring bi-lingual workers. It is great to speak other languages but you blend in this melting pot . Not try to change the entire recipe !

  161. Point taken NES, but then perhaps that’s why I preferred Hillary Clinton’s style. SHe just came out and said it, and of course, got skewered for it but she didn’t care. Eleanor Roosevelt didn’t care either. I’ll bet she took a lot of flack in her time too. Takes guts.

  162. Oh, and by the way, George Prescott Bush, Jeb’s eldest boy (aka, “George P.”), will be the first half-Mexican prez of the US. You can take that to the bank.

    Born April 24, 1976 (1976-04-24) (age 35)
    Place of birth Texas
    Allegiance United States of America
    Service/branch United States Navy
    Years of service 2007-present
    Rank Lieutenant
    Unit United States Navy Reserve
    Other work Attorney, Real estate developer

    George Prescott Gallo Bush (born April 24, 1976 in Texas)[1] is an attorney, U.S. Navy Reserve officer and real estate developer, who is the eldest of three children of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his wife Columba. He is the nephew of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, and the grandson of the 41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush.

  163. True that, UW. Hillary modelled herself on Eleanor. Unfortunately, they both loved their husbands and were publicly cheated on.

  164. Remember the days you showed DMV your birth certificate once and after that your drivers license would do for about everything. WTH now your drivers license is no good to get another one you need two forms of proof you are a resident and a birth certificate to prove you are a legal resident. Uppity I choke on the national ID as well but feel we have little choice since we are to damned soft and stupid to shore up our borders. Ever been down along the border ? I doubt you would want to be for long but it is not just Mexicans jumping it there trust me.
    If I want to fly to Denver I am sexually assaulted and can not bring a list of thing but rof go down to Bisbe or Douglas if you dare. Maybe check out a hamburger stand in Nogales.

  165. Oh please NES. I am more than a little sick of the Bush name. SOmebody needs to get a handle on that family so they understand that we are not a monarchy.

    I see they gave him that nazi prescott’s name. Lovely.

  166. I don’t make the rules, Upps. Just saying, this is definitely coming down the pike in the near future. I mean, FCS, look at the way the guy’s building his resume: attorney, real estate developer, and Navy man. Next step, Guv of TX or US Congress.

  167. Oh, I am SO glad to be home from work. (Wow, the letters are really large in the comment box today).

    What a lot of people don’t get though is that LEGAL immigrants don’t want illegals here either!

    I’m so sorry, I’ve already forgotten who said this – Alice? mcnorman?
    Anyway, I’ve always thought this too, and heard legal immigrants say so. But the other side of the coin is, why then is Obama (or any politician) always dangling amnesty, or this DREAM act, etc in front of hispanics? If they want everyone else to go through the process, then why would these panders make them happy? And since illegals can’t vote (unless it’s an Obama caucus lol), how is his pandering making them happy enough to make HIM happy (voting for him, which they can’t) (did that make sense? I’m SO tired)

  168. I agree, Laura is cut from a whole different stalk.

  169. Yes, Jeb’s wife is hispanic.

  170. I suspect that there was alot that she could not say in the beginning. Most of the US didn’t realize that she killed a man when she drove through a stop sign. She was 18?

  171. You are making sense lorac. BTW, illegals did vote for Bam. I was present.

  172. Oh yes, McN the nutroots made sure that accident was well publicized early and often.

  173. Utah, I remember having my Dean tell me to speak in Spanish to the class that was given in French because it would mean so much to them. Well, as you may well have imagined…I didn’t take that well.

  174. Before GW became POTUS, few new.

  175. Yes, it makes sense, lorac. I have the same question as lorac. Anyone have an answer?

  176. mcnorman, who are you referring? Eleanor R.?

  177. UW: You can use anything I have NES

    NES: blah, blah, blah, Lorac –> J

    Oh, NES, she just puts out for you special because you’re a smart, sexy LEGAL immigrant. She’s really into LEGAL. She might make her husband wear police uniforms in bed!!!! lol

  178. OK, never mind…I get it. You’re talking about Laura Bush. I knew that about her…had a brief spell of amnesia.

  179. Obama plays the same game that they are accustomed to. Dangle, offer a bone and move on. Life is so incredibly difficult for many that any iota of a dream offered is solid gold.

  180. I ran a caucus and I witnessed what I hope to never see again, but I am sure that I will.

  181. Yes mcnorman, I’m sure a few illegals voted. But, not enough to answer lorac’s question, i.e., if legal Hispanic immigrants do not support illegals, why do the Dems pander to them? And, successfully pander to them since they do seem to get the votes whenever the GOP does something un-immigration friendly. That’s the question.

  182. Eleanor and HRC are tough as nails. Like UW said, they said and took the blasts head on.

  183. Hahahahaha, lorac. Aunt Upps will get you for that.
    I’m too legit,
    Too legit to quit.

  184. Family NES.

  185. Everyone is related to everyone. Particularly when you are speaking of the lower demographics.

  186. They may not be blood, but that doesn’t matter. Godparents, comadres, compadres, everyone is connected.

  187. I know, mcnorman. It’s La Familia. But that’s why I don’t buy the notion that legal Hispanic immigrants are so against illegal immigrants from south of the border.

  188. It is a community which the Dems know very well how to play. Some may even be elected to office which makes the dream more probable. Your family would not lie to you, would they? You don’t leave the family under any circumstances either, lest you be the uppity one. Then everyone turns against you.

  189. NES I’m Italian but that doesn’t mean I would harbor and protect the Mafia. That’s way past la familia.

  190. You would probably find the bigotry within Mexican society quite astonishing NES.

  191. Latinos can also be the most bigoted and racist people you will ever meet. I’ve witnessed some change, but not much.

  192. NES they pander to them because they saw how well it worked when the republicans pandered to them via Bush. He carried the hispanic vote because of it. As I keep saying, the Democrats are sponges. They watch the Republicans and Learn. They have no original dirty tricks, so they study the other party.

  193. I love me my legal Pak gal.

  194. UW is right. The trick is to learn from the other and do it better. Not much new there.

  195. She might make her husband wear police uniforms in bed!!!! lol

    Only if I get to be the Chief of Police.

  196. Those who come here legally understand that it is all a ruse. They also don’t take kindly to the “colonization” attitude. That attitude is shaped by those who pander to that population. It’s an ugly cycle.

  197. Only if I get to be the Chief of Police.

    OMG that is funny.

  198. I knew Laura Bush’s views on abortion well before her husband left office. I believe I knew back in 2000 or perhaps shortly after. I don’t remember exactly how, but probably a profile on her. I also remember seeing a TV interview not long after W was in office.

    I did a quick check and found this article from WP in 2005, as you can tell her views were not a secret.

  199. They may not be blood, but that doesn’t matter. Godparents, comadres, compadres, everyone is connected..

    You’re making my point, mcnorman. That’s why they don’t oppose the illegals.

    Look, they probably think — and with some justification — that, notwithstanding what the ‘white folks’ say, a lot of European immigrants came in at a time when there were no rules (open immigration) or where the rules were very lax, sometimes to the point of non-existence. So, why shouldn’t they bend a few rules in search of a better life? Then they look at all the citizens — black and white — who’re on the welfare rolls, some virtually permanently, and probably think, “WTF, I’m busting my ass doing three jobs and these people are getting sanctimonious on me!”

    I’ll tell you this: almost daily, I drive by street corners where 5-6 Mexican illegals are waiting, in the hot sun, for hours, for an opportunity to work — for some contractor or home -owner to drive by and pick them up and give them work for the day. Or, I see a Mexican mother and daughter selling fruit on the street, for several hours in the hot sun. I NEVER EVER see any of the blacks or whites on welfare literally beating the pavements for work. (They’re probably stretched out on a couch watching TV all day and collecting their welfare checks.)

    I think the majority of the problems that’re being identified as illegals-related-problems are more a problem of border incursion by drug warlords and associated crimes, and neighborhoods going to hell as a consequence. The federal government MUST secure the border and kill the drug bastages, even if it means chasing them into and throughout Mexico. (Bring in the drones, if necessary.) And, then the ‘problem of illegals’ will be largely ameliorated.

  200. so, mcnorman…. how about good burritos? But, no gusto masa. Yo quero veggie burritos. Hokay? Hasta manana, yo quero “yumyumyum”.

  201. Oh no, I wouldn’t, mcnorman. Paks are pretty racist too — they discriminate against the darker among them. Just goes to show, racism is a universal blight.

  202. But, Upps, they’ve been pandering to them way before W. Remember Cesar Chavez and his migrant worker movement: Si, se puede! They were pandered to, big time, by the Dems. The Dems are no slouchers. In fact, the modern Dem party is built on the notion of setting up a huge pig trough and inviting different constituencies to belly up to it and feed on entitlements in exchange for votes. As you said upthread, UW: the growth of the Entitlement Society is a big part of the Dem strategy.

  203. And DON’T you forget it, Upps. I’ll pay you in pro bono.

  204. There was no doubt in our minds on that score, Upps. Poor Mr. Uppity.

  205. NES – you mentioned CA isn’t having problems – but I seem to recall you live up north….? Anyway, the whole bottom of our state is on the border (hehe I know you know that lol). It’s not as bad as Texas for sure, but then again they managed to finish a lot of the border fence in this area. Not too far east, though, people are crossing through the desert. Or coming through the TJ crossing with people hidden in trucks and vehicles. But… yes, there are some problems in CA lol

    I remember last year, Phoenix (I know, not a part of CA lol) became the kidnapping capital, because families had members participating in drug sales, and to scare or punish that family member, they would kidnap his children. According to the news, these “enforcers” were MX citizens finding their way easily across the border, to harasss people who lived here in US (who may also have been MX citizens in some cases).

    I took that most recent cruise down there – but it went waaay down, and to an island. I won’t cross over into TJ, no way, no how. I have always known not to DRIVE over the border, because the police pull people over for a fake infraction, and then demand a bribe to be let you go. That was before – now it’s so much worse. So I don’t even walk over now.

  206. See!!!! I knew it — some Calee-fohr-ni-uhn would jump up to contradict me!!

  207. Oh Goodie! Two Californians tied to a rope and thrown over a clothes line for a fight. Pass the popcorn!

  208. There was no doubt in our minds on that score, Upps. Poor Mr. Uppity.

    Don’t waste your pity. He likes it.

  209. I WANT popcorn too!

  210. I think that securing the border is critical NES. The thing is that these people that you see on the street will also have the choice to turn into someone who believes entitlement is in their future. It happens slowly, but it does happen. Someone will say, hey my kid gets this or that and it begins. Not with all because like I said before anyone with an ounce of dignity would never be caught dead behaving this way. I remember a bill that was incurred by a family of very minimal means. They came weekly to pay off the bill. The family worked in a small grocery in a township nearby. They were people who understood that a service had been provided and someone needed to be reimbursed. You have no idea how much I write off because of the entitlement mentality that is prevalent locally. Two cars ago, I was hit by a Mexican national. I ended up paying for a new car. When it came time for court, the cop was nowhere to be found. She got away with quite a bit. She lives in the US, drives a nice Jeep (new) and lives in the ritzy part of town. Could she have afforded insurance? Yes. Why didn’t she? She didn’t have to. Our city forgives their errors. If they get a ticket, our leaders provide a payment plan. Our local county hospital collects less than .08 on the dollar. We, the taxpayer (include the legals that are working minimum wage) get to foot the bill.

    BTW lorac, my grandmother would have made you nice tacos de nopalitos. Cactus tacos with beans and rice. She didn’t believe in processed anything. Everything was fresh.

  211. Why does only lorac get a taco?!?!

  212. a lot of European immigrants came in at a time when there were no rules (open immigration) or where the rules were very lax

    You mean, when they had to spend months and months on a rickety boat, on which they probably got scurvy and died, and on landing here, it was a place with much more room than hundreds of years later? They’re comparing that to now, people running over the border in what amounts to an relatively incredibly short trip, and if they get here, very little need to worry about deportation?

    Please tell your friend who makes that comparison that I don’t agree with them. You may use your discretion as to whether you convey how hard I am laughing at it!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL 🙂

    You know, the government has quotas for the legal amount of people allowed to come from each nation. It is sometimes adjusted. We allow a huge amount of hispanics to enter legally each year, and then they get to bring illegal family here later, too. Then they allow a MUCH higher number of people to sneak in ILlegally.

    Consider this:

    There’s a poor, downtrodden, hardworking, intelligent , highly skilled, and creative woman waiting in Slovakia. She already speaks English. She wants nothing more than to come to the US. I wonder how she would feel if immigration explained it to her, said, “well, kiddo, we let hispanics come to US legally at a 1000/1 ratio compared to your nationality. On top of that, we let millions of hispanics come in Illegally. So, I’m sorry, we only have a quota for your country of 100 people a year, but we’re changing it down to 50 a year now. But please don’t think we’re biased in favor of hispanics., just because we basically let in any hispanic who wants to come in, or who sneaks in. Really, it’s not bias. Don’t take it personally. It’s just a strange coincidence.”

    hmmmmmmmm….. 🙂

  213. Hey Lorac, I haven’t been around for awhile and I missed your pithy comments. Is karen out raiding refregerators?

  214. That immigration claim about Europeans is RAW BULLSHIT. I grew up with immigrants all around me and not one of them would tell you the rules were lax. What HORSE SHIT. I challenge that person to name me ONE immigrant she/he actually KNEW who said that horse shit. They came here and were forced to wait. They had to show they had no criminal record. My own grandfather on my mother’s side had to leave his wife and child behind because it wasn’t their “Turn” yet. I resent this horse shit to the nines because I KNOW what they went thru. The physicals. Sick people were REFUSED entry. The demand that they have a job and a sponsor and get right to work. The CHANGING OF THEIR LAST NAMES because some immigration shithead was too lazy to try to understand them when they said their last names. I knew SO MANY immigrants whose names were changed by immigration when they arrived. They were treated like DOG SHIT. AND………..immigration knew where every one of them was living.

  215. She asked for a veggie something or other. Believe it or not, the cactus ones are tasty. Well, atleast my grandmother’s were.

  216. HT! Hooray! How many books did you read this week? (I actually think it’s cool, but I have to give you grief, because it takes you away from us!)

    Karen was raiding last night. Now that you’re at the computer, you may want to check what’s happening right behind your back in YOUR kitchen tonight!

  217. Don’t worry NES. I make good tacos. I’ll take care of ya.

  218. NES, couldn’t you read my Spanish? lol I even asked for a veggie burrito (I’ll translate for you: en espanol, it is written “veggie burrito” ROFL)

    I speak what I call “sign spanish”: “cuidado, piso mojado”, “cuidado con el perro”, “peligre!” Hmmm now that I think of it, my world sounds pretty threatening – all those warnings! lol

  219. You like ribs NES? My grandmother’s carnitas were as tender as could be. Perhaps a tapatia with some shredded beef?

  220. J

    J J J J J

    grrr you guys just love to rub it in ! lol

    J J J J J J J J !!!!!

  221. I think they are talking about the europeans that came over in the Mayflower UW.

  222. ROFL…”sign language”


    Better than all the dirty words lorac.

  223. HAHAHA DE. No kidding.

  224. Gotta leave again. Working on moving our office which has been a killer. Night to all.

  225. whats with the J thing?

  226. One more thing. The WASP cops beat the shit out of the immigrants just for the hell of it too. With or without papers. Today , they have to treat them like they are some kind of gods and you can’t even check if they are here legally.

    My parents went to first grade not knowing English. They LEARNED it. Nobody printed shit out in Italian for them. And when their parents had to go to a government building, THEY brought a friend to interpret. Nobody was there pandering to them, this was THEIR responsibililty. Maybe that’s why they all learned English pretty DAMNED fast.

  227. UW – NES started the “J” thing – I think it means “jealous” – she said it after you were once again offering your body and everything you own to her lol

  228. Yes, mcnorman, I’ll have some of those!
    Also, some of UW’s tacos.

  229. Ah I see, lorac. Nobody does J like you do. Heh heh.

  230. Bingo UW, no one does J like our lorac! (But, it’s part of her charm.)

  231. I’m third generation. My grandparents all came here (legally – it would have been hard to run over the OCEAN lol), worked themselves to death, I’m the oldest kid of their kids, and they didn’t even make it to see me born – they died rather young from overwork and such a hard life. They didn’t get welfare, they didn’t whine, they were so happy to be here. What they DID do was make sure my parents spoke English and knew they were Americans. Very different than now.

    But I guess that was so much easier than people have it now. lol the ones with the cell phones and expensive sneakers – they have it rough!

  232. Tsunami Warning in Effect for Coastal Alaska After 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits in Pacific Ocean

  233. Lorac, the hypothetical Slovakian chick is probably an undocumented worker in Berlin or some other western European capital.

  234. I have the naturalization paper of my grandparents on my father’s side and their children’s names were on it. I treasure it and have it framed.

  235. I also have a huge and I do mean huge portrait of my great grandmother, for whom I am named. My grandmother made it very clear it was to be mine. Painted in Italy in oils. My great grandmother died of kidney stones at a very young age (imagine that happening today) leaving my grandmother at age 15. She and her sisters saw to each other. Imagine that today. 20 Department of social services clowns would converge on the kids and split them up. Then they would give them to an unvetted family to “foster” and never be able to find each other again.

  236. Sorry J. Lorac. I’m monogamous. NES will have to dump me first.

  237. Forget those tacos NES. I will give you lasagna just like my grandmother Legally made it. With melt in your mouth Bracciola and delightfully soft meatballs made with veal, beef and real bread. And tons of garlic and fresh parsley and Romano cheese. And I will give you some Valpolicella to drink. For dessert I will make you a cassata that will break your heart. Unless of course you prefer my mother’s spumoni recipe. I also know how to make cannolis.

    I forgot to mention the salad of fresh mozzarella, red onion slices and tomatoes and torn basil.

  238. Rut Roh. Henry Hudson is playing nine pins in the sky.

    A penguin for the first person who knows what that means.

  239. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love LEGAL food.

  240. Lorac, I think that would make you second generation, wouldn’t it? Since I came here, I’m the zero gen., right?

  241. Email me a PDF of that paper, Upps.

  242. Hmmmm top that game, eh? lol

    Okay, so she’s in Berlin – You’re darn right! She has been kidnapped and railroaded into prostitution. She has youth, energy, intelligence, skills, and the ability to speak English.. (oh, did I mention that her parents died when she was young? she’s self-made!) And her only recourse for travel is to avail of these dangerous “hitchhiking” schemes to try to get her closer to the new home of her dreams. And each night, after she pushes the last, fat, drunken slob off her young, getting-worn-out body, she stands at the windows that face west, and try to see the stars of America. For awhile this consoles her, until anger boils up, and she says, “putra madre, why does America ignore me when I”m “ready on day one”, and instead invites all the hispanics who can run over the border who need to live under the system????

  243. What was your great-grandma’s name??

  244. Well, NES, I would never call you “zero”. Actually, I don’t know. I just always figured the first people who are here are the first generation. Well, it they’re not, then what ARE they called?

    Are you going to keep playing the writing game with me about our poor slovakian woman? 🙂

  245. Email me a PDF of that paper, Upps.

    What was your great-grandma’s name??


    Frigging badgering lawyers.

  246. Yes lorac is second gen. Like me. But don’t tell her.

  247. Your talents are wasted, lorac. You could get rich writing pulp novels.

  248. Hey don’t knock those slovakians. They can cook too.

    And how come nobody can make perogis and gulobki like Polacks?

    We used to have these family picnics and there was always this Polilsh lady there everybody called “Aunt Kitty”. She was somebody’s aunt via marriage since we were all dagos. But I tell you true, I never ate anything at those picnics but her perogis. I gorged myself on them. I found ways to steal them and take them home. They were that good.

  249. Now lissen up you WIMMENZ! SCREEEEEEETTTTCCH! Rumor has it that the Dems are going to reintroduce the ERA for a vote. It must be election time… Check!

  250. NES. Lorac IS a pulp novel.

  251. Why, they’re called immigrants!

    I would’ve played the writing game, lorac, but now Aunt Upps has spoiled it all by introducing some funny sounding foods into it. Kinda took that edge off and replaced it with hunger.

  252. Upps, one day, when senility creeps up on you, you’ll slip up and answer one of these questions.

  253. ERA. ROFL. They sure are desperate. But not to worry! They will make sure there aren’t enough votes. In fact, they know there aren’t enough votes or else they wouldn’t do it. That thing was submited and sat on that son of a bitch Nancy’s desk for two years when they DID have the votes. They aren’t kidding me. Boy they are getting it now. We women are sick of these lying bags of women hating shit. Let’s see, the ERA was written in……………1923? And now they get around to it?

    Fuck you, New Democrats. YOu want my respect? PASS IT. Bet you can’t. Because if you COULD, you wouldn’t bring it up.

  254. How can a person BE a pulp novel? lol I don’t actually even KNOW what a pulp novel is. But I’m just a little 3rd or 2nd generation immigrant.

    Really, I want to know – if the first to come isn’t the first generation, what are they called?

    UW – did you say that your parents came and learned English (or I might have heard it wrong). Does that mean they weren’t born here? Mine were born here…..

  255. No, no, it’s gonna be a real attempt to pass ERA – and for all the best reasons. There’s going to be a small codicil which broadens our rights. Yes, that’s right, we will be equal to wear the burqa.

  256. pulp fiction: Definition: sensationalized, poor-quality writing

    UW, you have some ‘splaining to do! Here I am, initiating a creative, impromptu writing game, that varies and needs new assessment each time the story is passed back to you to continue. But I’m a piece of wood mucus…..? Ewwwww……

  257. Upps, one day, when senility creeps up on you, you’ll slip up and answer one of these questions

    I don’t make those kinds of mistakes. I am a corporate trained seal.

  258. Attn: Delphyne – hey, you! You “liked” my post yesterday, but then didn’t talk in the thread! I think you did that once before to me, too! I’m going to have to send Mom after you with the lunge whip! (once NES and UW are done using it in their skype session, anyway lol)

  259. Yes that’s right. And the changes to the law come AFTER 2012.

    One thing though. It WILL be fun to see how the Republican WOMEN vote. After all, we have so many people who will vote for women, period. Let’s see who would screw you in a nanosecond. And please don’t even bother telling me the ERA isn’t important to you. If it isn’t you are living in vacuum and get what you deserve.

  260. No lorac, I can see where I wasn’t clear. My parents were born here. My mother did have ONE sister who was born in Italy. My parents lived in homes where they spoke Italian for the most part, thus, English had to be learned by them too.

  261. Henry Hudson was a British explorer, right? And he’s been dead a long time. So if he’s playing 9 pins, that means he’s bowling in heaven, and that means you have thunder?

  262. lorac, I’m a second generation – I was born here, as were my parents who were the first generation in my case. My maternal grandmother was born in Liverpool Eng and brought here at a very young age to be adopted. My paternal Grandmother – same thing out of Inverness Scotland, although she came here to marry – but here hubby was a scot as well. Don’t ask why, who can understand what went on back in those days. However, Uppity’s right, anyone coming over had to go through rigid testing, background checking, medicals etc and had to wait many, many years to be tested yet again for citizenship – and according to my grans, every last one was absolutely thrilled to get citizenship. Funny how things change and not always for the better.
    P.S. Depends on the day, but I’ve gone through 2 books per day (some days three, others one) and I’m enjoying it, although Milly is thoroughly PO’d with me. Dogs – she’ll have to live with it.

  263. Tis Rip Van Winkle, lorac. Henry hudson in his crew playing nine pins.

    In the sky, it most certainly does mean thunder.

  264. You’re the S.E.A.L. of blogs.

  265. Oh, geez…. my whole life history is being rewritten…. not a 3rd gen but a 2nd gen…. geez, do I have to effect an accent now? lol And anyway, my parents grew up with Brooklyn accents not European ones lol oh geez, non wonder I’m a pulpist lol

  266. But where does Rip come in? when Henry bowls, it makes you sleepy? lol I’m lost! (this Eastern Country Bloc sure has unintelligible language and eccentric customs! lolt

  267. No washington irving was an American writer of short stories, including Rip and Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Henry Hudson’s crew were their ghosts, if I remember correctly. Rip took place in the Catskill Mountains. Hudson River named after Henry I believe.

  268. I was not allowed an accent. My mother was very firm about that. She also spoke four languages. She always amazed me the way she could switch from one to the other on a dime. Cripes she was smart.

  269. Rip resumes his habitual idleness, and his tale is solemnly taken to heart by the Dutch settlers, with other hen-pecked husbands, after hearing his story, wishing they could share in Rip’s good luck

    They want to share in Rip’s good luck to fall asleep for twenty years as better than having to be bugged to stop being lazy and do his fair share? It’s better to lose (at that time) a third of your life, than to have to help your famlly? Sheesh….

  270. Rut Roh. Henry Hudson is playing nine pins in the sky.

    A penguin for the first person who knows what that means.

    Oh man I don’t win. Unless it just means that it’s going to rain… otherwise it means some guy is going to sleep for twenty years…. ah ya got me. Or maybe it means UW is so tired, she’s going to bed and will virtually sleep for 20 years!

  271. Mercy, what literature did you learn in 8th grade. American Short stories. Thurber (pocketa pocketa pocketa, Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Jackson’s The Lottery. The Monkey’s Paw (shiver), The Gift of the Magi, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and on and on.

  272. You know, once you’ve been an English teacher, you just can’t shake your literary wierdness.

  273. Oh and let us not forget The Lady Or The Tiger. It fit so well here

  274. OMG I’ve bored them to sleep!

    Silly me. I am talking about days when kids actually could READ in 8th grade.

  275. I studied Major British Lit I and II. Beowulf. Chaucer. Olde English. Middle English. Latin. I don’t remember us getting to any of those American upstarts Well, I do remember reading A Separate Peace, I liked it. But I can’t remember it lol

    Are you just trying to get me to identify that little kids are told that people in the sky are bowling when it’s thundering?

    Or are you saying that it’s thundering where you are???

  276. You studied Chaucer in 8th grade?

    I taught a separate peace. Finny. Taught it to 9th or 10th graders. Can’t remember which.

    Yes I am saying it’s thundering. I am saying that Henry Hudson playing nine pins in the sky is a figure of speech referring to thunder.

  277. Okay, some memory returning – we read The Bird in the Gilded Cage, became a handy metaphor for someone I knew.

  278. WEll, that’s what I thought, until you through the Rip reference in there lol

    Ok, I didn’t win a penguin, but maybe I earned a penguin’s kiss 🙂

  279. I once saw a cartoon of Rip being awakened and saying, “Just give me five minutes more”.

  280. Small suburb to large city, all kids slotted to go on to college. I remember once our weekly newspaper had a full front cover, it was a little girl and little boy, all dressed up in adult business attire, and the caption was, “are we rushing our kids to grow up too fast?”

  281. The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup
    Were playing in the garden when the Bunny gamboled up;
    They looked upon the Creature with a loathing undisguised;—
    It wasn’t Disinfected and it wasn’t Sterilized.

    They said it was a Microbe and a Hotbed of Disease;
    They steamed it in a vapor of a thousand-odd degrees;
    They froze it in a freezer that was cold as Banished Hope
    And washed it in permanganate with carbolated soap.

    In sulphurated hydrogen they steeped its wiggly ears;
    They trimmed its frisky whiskers with a pair of hard-boiled shears;
    They donned their rubber mittens and they took it by the hand
    And elected it a member of the Fumigated Band.

    There’s not a Micrococcus in the garden where they play;
    They bathe in pure iodoform a dozen times a day;
    And each imbibes his rations from a Hygienic Cup
    The Bunny and the Baby and the Prophylactic Pup.

  282. I was college bound as well but I didn’t study chaucer till College. I don’t recall AP English including Chaucer et al

  283. Oh look. There’s NES on Skype!

  284. The Rip reference is where the saying came from. It was in the story. Yes I do believe you earned a small penguin.

  285. golly I don’t know it lol

    I went back to Devon School not long ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when I was a student there fifteen years before. It seemed more sedate than I remembered it, more perpendicular and strait-laced, with narrower windows and shinier woodwork, as though a coat of varnish had been put over everything for better preservation. But, of course, fiften years before there hadn’t been a war going on. Perhaps the school wasn’t as well kept up in those days; perhaps varnish, along with eveything else, had gone to war.

  286. NES is lookin’ good!

  287. I guess I did it differently. I didn’t take any English in college – I clepped out. Except I like English and literature – kind of a bummer if you do well at it and show it with a test, then you can’t take it anymore. If you take the test and do well, you should get to pick a class you DON’T like to not have to take lol

  288. Well i was an English major, so you could see where I might have taken some English courses. lol.

    My second Bachelor’s I copped out of plenty of courses with a test. Also already satisfied most core stuff. imagine me taking a writing course. lol.

  289. I went to public schools. Those were the days when they separated the classes into remedial, general and Advanced placement. You didn’t have to sit in a dumbed down class if you excelled. Imagine that. What a novel idea. Now, so we don’t hurt feelings, we hold back those who could excel and put them in rooms with morons. And everybody is a ‘winner”!

  290. You should have student TAUGHT the writing course lol

  291. I am watching the man in the iron mask. dicaprio was so perfect. I am enjoying it as much today as I did when it was released.

  292. I didn’t have to take it. I waived it. With an A. Took me an hour to write the assignment and that’s only because the computer was an uppity mainframe….and I dialed in with a commodore 64.

  293. I must be becoming an old-timer. I remember that post lol

  294. I’ve been using computers for many years.

  295. um… um…. well…. I’ve been putting on my own socks and shoes for many years…. so THERE! lol

  296. I used the very first voice recognition software, called Votan. What a kick. You moved your chair and it matched the noise to a word. lol. and the first ‘scanner’ called a ‘document reader’…it had problems with ascii and the page had some gibberish on it.

    These little pissants act like they know everything about computers. I knew what they know when they were having accidents in kindergarten and their mothers were bringing them a change of clothing.

  297. Hey! I said I used computers! I didn’t say I could tie my shoe!

  298. I’m like my mother. She never wanted to wake up not knowing what was going on. I believe at one time, she may have been the oldest person on AOL. lol. She had one of the very first laptops too. No wonder I’m so uppity.

  299. I gots to go to bed. Nitey.

  300. I love The Man In The Iron Mask! Love Jeremy Irons voice. Great post Upps. My sis & her fam are visiting and we were all just talking about this issue today. We just got back from Vegas so sis & I could see Celine.

  301. Is that snow in the header?

  302. Uppity Woman, on June 23, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    Amen sister !
    Let me tell you my grandmother darn near had to go back to Germany because she lost her job ! They were on her like white on rice !
    She had a sponsor, and a guaranteed job before she left Germany ! She and my other Grandparents were treated like cattle when they were marched through Ellis Island and some way some how did not mind at all because they were finally in America !
    This crapola about these poor poor misunderstood border hoppers pisses me off and I mean pisses me off bad. I am sick of hearing how hard they work because a legal immigrant did the same too difference was they wanted to become citizens and embraced the freedom in America these border jumpers do not ! They want what they can get off the proverbial teat of America. No never tell me getting into America was easy because I have 4 up close and personal stories that prove it was not but that it was worth all the issues to get here. All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants .

  303. NES, aww, somebody give him a waffle – shove it in his face so he doesn’t spout off.

  304. Breaking Breaking Breaking! Huffblo Breaking AOL gutter news!

    The high divorce rate is your fault because you weren’t a virgin when you go married, girlz!

  305. Want a successful marriage? Make sure you have sex when you’re ready.

    And we’ll let you know when you’re ready.

    Damn wimminz know what good sex is. If the bitches would just be virgins or something, they would never divorce me for being so lousy at love. Sumbitches!

    Men, however, should have sex as early as possible. Of course, if all women are virgins there will just be one or two wayward wimminz available to the whole country of dicks.

  306. Hey today is take your dog to work day!
    When wimminz tried that the boyz on the playground got all upset and whined about how about the boyzzzzzzzzzzzz! So it became take your son or daughter to work day, thereby efficiently neutralizing the entire purpose, which was to SHOW GIRLS THEY COULD DO WHAT BOYS ARE ALREADY ALLOWED TO DO.

    SO I ask you………WHERe ARE THE CATS on this????



  308. I think the new AOL HUFFPO should use the slogan,


  309. How about “all the inane stuff that passes for news we print and btw, we hate wimmenz”. Seems appropriate.

  310. Peter Falk died.

  311. Oh NO not Columbo. I loved Peter Falk – His turn as the Cheap Detective, Murder by Death and as narrator of The Princess Bride. I thought he’d live forever because he was so versatile, so very funny. Geez, there goes all my excuses for my rather prolifigate lifestyle – we don’t live forever. RIP Peter, you were one helluva entertainer.

  312. That’s it! I’m rushing off to get RE-virginized.

  313. SO I ask you………WHERe ARE THE CATS on this????

    Based on everything I’ve learned about cats on this blog, I’d say the cats can’t wait for their ‘servants’ to go to work.

  314. ROFLLL on AOL/Huffblow’s proposed new slogan!

  315. Who’s going to catch the murderers now?!??

  316. Upps — In honor of Peter Falk, perhaps you should re-publish that famous Colombo piece you authored lo! those many years ago.

  317. Based on everything I’ve learned about cats on this blog, I’d say the cats can’t wait for their ‘servants’ to go to work.

    (slapping forehead). Silly me! I should have known the word WORK in the name of the day would render cats disinterested entirely, unto the point of disappearing from sight.

  318. Hell being a virgin is easy. I did it several times….

  319. I have a tiny bit of native american, so those ancestors came over the bearing straight as far as I know. Other than that most came from England Scotland and Ireland, mostly England, starting in the 1600s when they stepped off the Mayflower, and through the 1700s. My father was the 2nd generation of Prussian immigrants in the 1850s.
    When people complain of Mexicans coming here by cutting in to line, I have to wonder if those of us who are already here ever consider that if all our ancestors had to do to save their family was walk over a border, that they might have done just that. Can you imagine what some guy with dying children during the Potato famine saying to himself “well I have to wait my turn, I’ll just let my wife and kids die”?
    I do however realize that this is a different time and citizens come first. On the other hand, my ex employs Mexicans for his roofing company. As far as he knows they are all legal and he pays them the same as anyone else and pays in to Social Security for them. When he has a job that only requires half a crew, he always sends the Mexicans because they work so much harder than everyone else.
    This is a complicated topic. But one thing is not complicated; Drug dealers should be shot on sight. They are scum and a scourge on this society.

  320. teresa, there are so many holes in that argument, I don’t even want to use up my sunday morning finding the links to dispute it.

    But I will tell you this. If my ancestors tried to walk over the border they would have been shot on sight. Funny, how if you try the same thing in Mexico, you get your ass arrested. Don’t forget to ask them where the nearest welfare office and hospital are, okay? And when your interpretor will arrive. Rulz.

    How my ancestors just hopped the border.

  321. UW, I am not arguing and I am not saying that your ancestors would have jumped the line. I am just saying that those of us who say “well my ancestors came here the legal way” should stop and think about it. They didn’t really have any choice. Plus, when mine came there were no rules really. So “my ancestors came the right way” is not an argument I feel comfortable making…. speaking for myself only as Armando would say.

  322. UW, I am not arguing and I am not saying that your ancestors would have jumped the line

    I am saying that, counter to what you said, my ancesters COULDN’T have jumped the line.

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