Cockroach of The Week: Rapist says he was fulfilling her fantasy. I have a fantasy now. Can I fulfill it please?

Sigh…so many dirtballs who shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets and so little time to keep up with them all.

This happened in Chicago. Where else? I recently actually saw Come To Chicago adverts. No kidding. Imagine going there for a vacation with the mugging, rape and murder rate. Now that’s an exciting vacation! A thrill a minute and a real airline deal. Poor Leslie.

This sexy hunk of burning love is Matthew Schaffer.

He’s hot. All you have to do is ask him and he will tell you so.

He was arrested when he pawned the Cartier watch that belonged to the woman he raped.

Matthew says she really wanted him.

****A jury is now deliberating the fate of a Highland Park man who claimed that he was merely acting out his accuser’s sexual fantasy when authorities said he broke into a Wheeling home and bound, raped at gunpoint and robbed a woman staying there.

While testifying in his own defense Thursday, Matthew Schaffer, 33, also said he had been a marijuana dealer since high school and that the woman had invited him over after he had sold marijuana to her.

His testimony contradicts the account given by the 31-year-old woman, who was in town visiting friends when the alleged assault occurred last year.

She testified earlier this week that a man wearing a pantyhose mask entered her bedroom, handcuffed her, held a knife to her throat, pointed a handgun at her and then raped her.

She said the man threatened to kill her and took her Cartier watch, wedding ring and $100 in cash before fleeing.


It gets better. Matthew says she wanted to buy marijuana from him, as if a Cartier woman would need to go find a shitbag like him down in the bowels of the earth to get her some mary jane. And again, she just wants him because he’s so sexy don’t you think?

Under questioning by defense attorney Catherine O’Daniel, Schaffer said he received a call from the woman on May 22, 2010. He claimed the two had met several times before outside a Rush Street restaurant in Chicago, where she had purchased marijuana from him and engaged in a sex act in a parking garage, he said.

“She wanted to know if we could meet up the suburbs,” Schaffer testified, boasting that he only sold the best marijuana. “She was looking to get weed again.”

Schaffer said he met the woman at the residence where they smoked marijuana and had consensual sex using handcuffs and a toy gun.

He said she owed him $250 for marijuana but only had $100 in cash and gave him the watch as payment. He said he did not take her wedding ring or other jewelry items that prosecutors said were missing from the home.

Oh yeah, because somebody with a Cartier watch would stand in your air space and get marijuana from a cockroach like you. Much less be hot for your scheevy self, Matthew. Get a mirro man! Get groomed. Bubba likes his boyz groomed!

Prosecutors said Schaffer had initially told investigators that the watch he had pawned had been a gift from his ex-wife.

Please God. Tell me no woman married this creature.

****Update: The jury is no longer deliberating over the fate of Hot Matthew. He was found guilty and faces 40 years if they ever get around to sentencing him. Of course, it took awhile to convict him. A couple of jurors just weren’t sure if he was lying or not. Any wild guesses as to which gender they were?

Say, there, Matthew! Scheeve! I am wondering, since you are sitting around in a jail cell awaiting your 40 years, if you would help me fulfill MY fantasy, okay?

My fantasy is they chain your naked ugly ass to a wall in a soundproof room and I give you to my dog! When can we get together on that?


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  1. Filmed assault case in jury’s hands

    Jury deliberations are scheduled to continue today in the trial of a 25-year-old man accused of committing a June 4, 2010, rape in Atwater.

    The case is particularly disturbing because the defendant allegedly filmed the rape of the 20-year-old woman on his cell phone. The defense, however, claims the sex was consensual.

    Defendant Larry Vigal is charged with eight felony counts, including rape by fear or force, forced oral copulation, sodomy by force and rape by foreign object.

    Prosecutors say Vigal was an acquaintance of the victim, and she’d seen him only a few times.

    The victim said Vigal knocked on her apartment door about 1 a.m., saying he wanted to talk. She allowed him into the apartment, and after about an hour he became physical with her and the sexual assault began.

    The assault lasted for about three hours. Deputy District Attorney Monique Neese, the prosecutor in the case, said the victim can be heard telling Vigal at the beginning of the video, “Larry, I don’t want to do this.”

    The prosecution maintains Vigal also forced the victim to say certain things during the video to make the sex appear consensual. Toward the end of the rape, Neese said the victim faked a seizure and begged the defendant to call an ambulance. Although Neese said the defendant pretended to call, 911 records show the call never was made.

    After the defendant put down the phone, the victim was able to pick it up and call 911 herself. An ambulance responded, but the victim initially didn’t say anything because her infant son was in the other room. She said the defendant had threatened her, saying he’d hold her infant as “collateral” if she told anyone about the rape.

    Once the ambulance pulled around the corner, however, she informed paramedics she’d been raped. Paramedics then pointed the suspect out to police and he was arrested.

    Neese said lacerations and injuries to the victim’s private area indicate she was sexually assaulted. She also said that, from the victim’s demeanor and facial expressions in the video, which was placed into evidence by police, the sex wasn’t consensual.

    The jury hung on all 8 counts. No decision has been announced regarding a retrial.

  2. That was from my local newspaper

  3. Creature is how I refer to specimens like this too. They certainly aren’t human. At least this one is getting a proper sentence. Sometimes they get a slap on the wrist or an incredibly low two to three year sentencing.

  4. To think I have to pay for his trial and then to house and feed him. A bullet is far more cheaper and more over what this rabid creature needs. Yes NEEDS ! Just as he feels a woman needs him I feel he needs to meet Lorena Bobbit then the grim reaper !

  5. I am off to go to photograph something. Sorry Upps but crap like this still gets me. I go off and play Ostrich but it is what I do and how I cope. Seriously everyone has their way of dealing but if I did not stick my head in the sand I would most likely become like Paul Kersey and go out at night and even the score. The hate for men that think women need or want this is overwhelming in me.

  6. I was going to vote for the dog choice- but we love our dogs and I wouldn’t want them to get some vile disease.

  7. UtahW,

    20 or more years ago when my children were little I was going to therapy to deal with just the same issues (I a guessing) you have with this kind of event. One day I decided to go see “The Accused” which had just opened, then go to my therapist right afterword. Lucky I had an appointment with Vicki then, because I left the movie so furious and upset I was sobbing.
    Even now, when I feel I have resolved all of that pain and confusion and forgiven the perp, something can make me cry, like watching that interview with Lara Logan last week.
    But all those years ago I said some things, in my fury and pain, that even shocked my therapist. So I sympathize with you. I hope you have a peaceful lovely day.
    I used to do a lot
    of photography and even did it for money for awhile. I would love to see some of your work. Do you have it online?

  8. did anyone else notice how much his head resembles a penis?
    Dickhead, how appropriate.

  9. There was a frickin video and the jurors still couldn’t decide if it was rape-rape? Gah!!!!!

  10. myiq, that is a terrible story about that hung jury. Where do you live, I want to make sure that if I even go there I keep my gun on my night stand, loaded and ready to shoot.

  11. I was called to jury duty twice on ‘special circumstances’ cases. I practiced saying ‘Fry him’ all the way to the courthouse, but both times the perp took the deal offered by the prosecutor so there was no trial.

    A couple of jurors just weren’t sure if he was lying or not. Any wild guesses as to which gender they were?
    I told you so.

  12. Obviously a woman who says “no” is an urban legend.

  13. AnnE,

    No means maybe. /snark


  15. It’s okay Utah. Uppity loves you and knows that sometimes you get a bit fried over shit. take a nice pic of that marvelous ACD of yours who belongs in TV commercials and probably would have taken the needle if it weren’t for you.

  16. Yes I do have them on line however I am lol editing the site today. I will give Miss Uppity the link later on and if she feels it appropriate to put up here I am sure she will. TY for understanding but I think even if things had not happened I would love to watch these type of scum suffer a painful demise.

  17. teresainpa,

    I keep forgetting..must be a blonde thing..the answer is always “yes” even when it is “no.”

  18. AnnE, so true – yes means yes and no means yes. Women just cannot win because of those scarey vagina thingys. Makes me wonder why I brought a daughter into this world.

  19. put him in jail Bubba will teach him about rape 🙂

  20. I’d like to help fulfill this pos fantasy. Really.

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