Delta: America’s Worst Airline teams up with Saudi for “No Jews Allowed” and “Women Must Be Covered” flights

Delta has worked so hard lately to become America’s Worst Airline that the company didn’t want to take the chance of losing its crown. They wanted to sew up that honor permanently. What to do? What to do?

Delta surely must have realized that  losing childrenkilling people’s pets and charging soldiers returning from Afghanistan excess baggage fees  just wasn’t going to cut it. Surely, sooner or later, another airline was going to do something worse, so Delta did what it does best: It found a way to ensure that their crown as America’s Worst Airline can never be challenged.

Appropriate Delta flight sign.

Delta, which purports to be an American Airline (We are so proud!), has teamed up with  their SkyTeam’s newest member: Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Through their agreement with the Kingdom that is living in the year 900, right here in Germany the USA in the year 1935 2011, Delta will not be allowing any Jews on flights to Saudi Arabia.

However, Delta wants to make sure you understand that they do not discriminate.

We’ve gotten questions today from you, our concerned customers, following an article about Saudi Arabian Airlines joining SkyTeam (the global airline alliance that includes Delta as a member). After listening to many of your thoughts today, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some information and help to clarify some of the questions we know you have.

First and foremost, I think one of the most important things to mention here is that Delta does not discriminate nor do we condone discrimination against anyone in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, or gender.

Very suitable attire for female Delta customers

Well I for one am glad they cleared that up and I know you are too!

That’s why Delta also wants you to know that if you ladies with those dirty wimminz parts, which includes your face and all of your skin,  plan to travel to Saudi Arabia (as IF), Delta has a few special rules for you too …

People who wish to enter the country must have a sponsor; women, who must be dressed according to Saudi standards of modesty, must be met at the Saudi airport by a man who will act as a chaperone.

Also, any religious items which are not of Islamofascism will be confiscated. This includes Bibles and other non-Islamofascist religious items.

But geeze, Delta wants you to know they  do not discriminate. They do not discriminate, do you hear me?

They simply have no choice. Since they invited Saudi Arabia to be part of the SkyTeam, they have to follow Islamofascist Law. So stop your bitchin’.

“Delta must also comply with all applicable laws in every country it serves,” adding that passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents required for entry.

“If a passenger travels without proper documents, the passenger may be denied entry into that country and our airline may be fined,” the statement said.

Here that Jews and Bitches? Follow the rules!

So Delta does not “condone” but sees no problem abiding by the definition of “Necessary Travel Documents”  to  include bringing a guy with you, gals!  Also please just make sure he’s also not a Jew.

Like Delta said, and it bears repeating:

First and foremost, I think one of the most important things to mention here is that Delta does not discriminate nor do we condone discrimination against anyone in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, or gender.

Well that clears things up, right? I mean it’s not as if they are forcing someone in a Burqa to go through routine airport screening like everybody else. That would be bad.

But like Delta confirms, this is Much Ado About Nothing. No big deal, really. It’s just Jews and Women. Besides, goats can still travel as-is!

Like you, I simply cannot wait to book a flight on Delta just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls around again.

I eagerly await to hear from the Islamic and Saudi apologists in Congress to weigh in on Delta’s American Policy. Especially the Jews and Wimminz. But I won’t hold my breath.

Hey, Maybe Janet Napolitano has something to say about this.

Or maybe even Barack? Anybody? Anybody?


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  1. Truly bizarre. Delta must need $$ input and Saudi Arabia offered it, with a few conditions.

  2. good morning (((((uppity’s))))

    I don’t even know what to say about all of this, I can only hope
    it’s the icing on the cake and these people are run out of business.

    JEESH !! this country gets nuttier and nuttier every day

  3. UW: did you see, our gravatar’s are back to normal size on the
    post comment box

  4. No I haven’t Michelina. I always use the administrative panel so i am spared that box. lol. I shall go look. Seriously, the avatars were the size of a Buick.

  5. BCL, wherever their ‘reason’ is, it’s no excuse. That airline should be run out of this country on a rail. It’s one horrid behavior after another for them. They disgust me.

  6. This makes me sick.

    I am sure the WH will condemn this strongly … any minute now …waiting… waiting … please hold for technical difficulties…

  7. My remark was snark. I do snark very subtly and often it’s missed by other readers. Of course it’s no excuse, in fact it’s so bizarre, that it’s hard to wrap the brain around.

  8. It doesn’t get more blatent than this. And the silence is deafening, which is even more frightening than the deed. Despots are like that when they are pleased.

    Our country is in the hands of some very bad people..

  9. Where are the Jews and Women in Congress?

  10. Delta the culture police. No, doesn’t work for me.

  11. It’s too bad that psycho Pat Robertson stuck his nose in this. He should talk.

  12. Eventually some of them will speak up. But only about Jews. Not about women. Wanna bet?

    Possible exception: Hillary.

    We shall see.

  13. This kind of discrimination is only possible now with the security crackdown allowing airlines to deny passage to just about anyone they declare a problem. Can you image an US airlines having a policy like this 20 years ago.

  14. Thank heavens they didn’t pick on goats!

  15. America is starting to look like a bad Sci Fi movie.

  16. How are stewardesses to be attired?

    This is simply unbelievable and the discrimination doesn’t seem like it would be legal in the US.

    You’re right, UW – people will speak up for the Jews but not the women. The article was pretty much that way, too. You’re also right that this country is in the hands of some evil people.

  17. I should I call my Delta Sky Miles Rep to see if I can cash in my Sky Miles for a Burka? I will write it up in a thread for TW.

    Anyone else who calls and does the same, let me know the conversation with the Delta Rep and I will put it in a front page piece. Tape it.

    I think I will call American Express also, the cc company, that works with Delta in issuing the Sky Miles.

    Surely Amex wouldn’t want their company dragged into this. Which they automatically are by default if they say nothing.

    I should call Amex and ask if the give triple Sky Miles for buying burkas or paying for escort services.

  18. Good thinking, La!

  19. BCL 20 years ago, the Democratic party wasn’t hijacked by Regressives. And that is exactly what they are. They have set gender relations back by at least 40 years, conjured up racial wounds, and allowed our country to be infested with vermin who would want us dead. They have loosened laws that once kept demons imprisoned. And it’s all been done with their blessings. When America lost the Democratic party to these beasts, the bowels of hell were loosed. Worse yet, their hatred of this country has enabled the far right, who are equally vile, to take hold.

  20. Through the hijacking of our electoral system, our politics, our educational system, our system of justice and our government, America has been defaced, degraded, reviled and ravaged. Now we are watching two extremist sides battle it out as to which will destroy her. We are given a choice between the horrible and the terrible.

  21. Worse yet, each of these sides has managed to dupe 30% of the population into actually giving them the nod. The rest of us are, as the song goes, Stuck In The Middle With You.

  22. Uppity Woman, on June 24, 2011 at 10:42 AM said:

    “Possible exception: Hillary”

    This is a Foreign relations matter. She would be best and have the most powerful voice. She just spoke up for the movement for women to be able to drive there. And this affects more than just Americans. Delta has layovers around the world. What do women have to change close during their layover?

  23. La this requires a PRESIDENTIAL INTERVENTION.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a President available when it comes to defending the Constitution or the Republic.

    Why change clothing when you can dress like that all the time?

  24. Not that any of us want to visit that prehistoric shithole.

  25. What the hell? Am I IN the novel 1984? What kind of double speak is this?
    ““Delta must also comply with all applicable laws in every country it serves”

    HMMMMM- as far as I know they do business right here in THIS country. Where discrimination on the basis of religion is illegal. (Though to my knowledge the ERA never passed so they can legally discriminate against vagina bearing types.)
    Spread this one around- as if we did not already have enough reasons to boycott Delta.

  26. Never was there a more important time to have a woman as President to make these freaks take notice. Let em try to put a burqa on the president of the USA and see how well that would work out for them. Instead we got Joe The Golfer.

  27. I don’t even think of him anymore. He is a waste of my fucking breath and brain cells. And he would override Hillary anyway if he did get his limp ” ” in the matter.

  28. He’s an apologist for these insults, La. He confirms it daily. He has no spine and he reacts like a silly little precocious child to conflict.

    And he has the power to ruin the world. And he’s doing a good job of it too.

  29. And he is a manipulative fuck that, if he did speak up, even for his own daughters, which he won’t, he would do it just to upstage Hillary.

  30. Oh. I am mad. This is like a The Onion piece. I hope they do a take off, pun intended, on this.

  31. Well don’t let the fact that he has no leadership qualities, no decision-making skills, no personality, no empathy, no attachment to anything, no spine and no loyalty to our country while controlling the World put you off or anything.

  32. Delta should be publicly embarrrased at the highest levels and investigated for their treatment of animals, soldiers, women, Jews and whomever else they fuck in the near future. They are a disgrace. Anybody who voluntarily buys a Delta ticket should have his or her head examined. What Delta needs is an echo in its flight waiting area. A major echo. When nobody gets on their planes, you would bet they would get it. That’s the trouble with this country. People don’t stand up and DO something.

  33. Uppity Woman, on June 24, 2011 at 12:03 PM said:

    “Not that any of us want to visit that prehistoric shithole.”

    I have a friend that is going soon to teach English. And their ass backwards shithole is building in energy efficiency standards, unlike our ass backwards lip service shithole, which diplomatically helps in the corporatist oil wars. Hillary has spent much of her time as SOS encouraging the sustainable building movement there.

  34. Uppity Woman, on June 24, 2011 at 12:19 PM said:

    I’m sure Delta made their decision and had their press releases of “non discrimination” ready before they signed the deal. That’s why we have to drag American Express into it. When their name is on the front pages as the ones issuing the Delta Sky Miles they will be forced to address this issue whether they speak against it or not. It will help keep this in the front pages.

  35. Okay, I will stop hogging your thread. Excellent piece, UW.

  36. Seriously ????? You’re kidding right ??

    Eh I know better and have come to expect this crap.

  37. Good grief, words fail me, which is totally unusual. I haven’t flown on Delta for over 25 years due to my first and last experience with them, so I cannot boycott them. Amex is a totally different situation. I’ll cancel my card and advise them why. What the heck is happening here? Jews and women are personna non grata – more than 50% of the population is subject to discrimination because of some big deal with a backward thinking circa 400 AD foreign government. I used to think that the folks in the ’60s who withdrew to communes far from civilisation were a bit screwy. Today, I might just join them.

  38. House Rejects Resolution Giving President Obama Authority to Continue U.S. Military Action in Libya

  39. I am glad they rejected that resolution. I believe that we are investing blood and treasure for Sharia Law. Democracy is NOT the goal of the people most active in this “revolution”. Sharia is. The only ‘Freedom” they want is the freedom to implement their caveman religion. Gaddafi wouldn’t let them do that. I am here to tell you that, Odious as Gadaffi was, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What is coming down in Libya is far far worse. And I think it’s a travesty and an insult that we should sacrifice people and hundreds of BILLIONS to help the very people who killed our soldiers in Iraq. The Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are laughing their asses off as they get us to pay for their intended takeover. And Take Over they will. As it stands Libyan “rebels” are bitching and moaning and they hate America, all while pilfering hundreds of billions of our dollars so they don’t have to pay a penny for their prehistoric cause. Let Libya eat burqas and get the hell out of that godforsaken shithole. Offer assylum to coptics and women who want to get the hell out of Missing Link country. It will be a lot cheaper and much more humane. As for NATO, they are parasites. They want to make decisions using American money and sweat. Move out.

    Let them eat their own. And if we need their oil, well maybe it’s no such a bad idea to just go take it. I have had i with these animals.

  40. I’m telling you Uppity, people are listening to you. Here is a major headline at foxnews right now:

    Amid Growing Outrage, Lawmaker Wants Federal Probe into Delta-Saudi Agreement

    I’m signing off for the day now, or I would find a better link!

  41. Goodness me we can’t have them Jewz and wimmin’ treated equal and all. Next thing you know them uppity negroes, hispanics, and various and sundry other people will want to have rights. Can’t have that.

  42.,s the American way 🙂

  43. Delta has gone totally off the deep end. I took my last flight with them last year. Yet another traveler horror story with Delta. I was never a customer of theirs really. I liked Northwest and had a ton of air miles. When Delta took over they switched my World Perks to Skymiles and won’t let go of them…anyone who wants to fly Delta can have my miles.

    There was NO NEED for Delta to include this in it’s policy. Anyone going to Saudi Arabia can decide what the rules are for themselves.And yeah! What about those layovers??

    As for Libya, I’m glad they rejected it too. Politico is reporting it as a “snub” to Obama. It’s not a “snub” He wasn’t following the rules when he went in there. We don’t need to be involved in anymore conflicts right now even if he had been following the rules. But, hey he’s Obama and we can just change the war powers act for him. I’m glad they said “NO”

  44. foxy, agree – boycott.
    candym – it’s not just jewz and wimmenz, negroes,. hispanics – it’s anyone of whatever persuasion that doesn’t make the powers that be comfortable. They did ensure that a mulato got the presidency so that no one could ever claim discrimination. Now that they’ve established their credentials vis a vis no discrimination = watch out. there will be no more anti-discrimination legislation. These guys are going where the old plantation owners never thought. As for wimmenz – well, they’re non essential unless one needs to reproduce.
    Have I told you that with the exception of the men here and TW and SkyDancing, I really hate men?

  45. Please note that the shitty fox people also didn’t bother mentioning that women have to cover up. Not. One.Word.

    HEY NOW! Why THE HELL don’t you DO YOUR JOB?????????????? NOW is becoming AARP for Women.

  46. OMG it is raining so hard out it’s frightening.

  47. Good for the House vote on Libya. If only the GOP had done the same to W on Iraq; but, no, it’s only possible to exercise common sense when it’s the other guy’s bull being gored (or whatever the hell that expression is). Hillary, however, appears to be very displeased. But — BEFORE Aunt Uppity chides me, mercilessly — I hasten to add that I’m sure that’s only because she’s defending Obama’s policy and needs to put up a front.

  48. Exactly! What UW said on Libya.

  49. Upps said:

    OMG it is raining so hard out it’s frightening.

    It’s so pleasantly sunny and warm here it’s frightening.
    Those who don’t live in California are merely marking time. (imust, lorac…do I hear ‘a second’?)

  50. As chance would have it, I got an email from Delta Skymiles this AM, offering up bonus miles, and the like. Inspired by Uppity, I wasted on time in replying as follows:

    I heard about your no-jews and no-uncovered women to Saudi Arabia policy. How dare you — an American airline — defer to the wishes and oppressive rules of a backward anti-semitic and misogynistic country! Be assured I won’t be flying with you until you revoke your bigoted policies. Oh yes, and stop killing and losing travelling pets (your record on both scores is abysmal).

  51. NES! YOU ROCK!

  52. Yeah NES, you rock! I will never use Delta and I have told my kid to avoid them at all cost.

  53. It’s hotter than Hell here. It’s been 106+ all day long. And that is supposed to continue. PLEASE someone send us rain. It’s been months.

  54. Thanks PMM and mcnorman. It was really easy…the words just flowed and I got it off to them right quick.

  55. OMFreaking G. I am doubly screwed by Delta!

    BTW…how do they KNOW if you’re Jewish? I really hate to ask how they are enforcing these “non-discriminatory” rules.

  56. mcnorman, our weather has been all over the spectrum. Today it’s rainy and typical yet two days ago it was overheated – with the humidex index about 4o degrees, which in fahrenheit is around 95. It’s rather bizarre. I want the old days back – the ones where we could count on the weather and summer being no more than 80 degrees and a true fall and winter. Today, we have no fall and no spring. Just winter and summer. I hate it.

  57. What a stunning and sickening development. Delta is off its rocker. I’m glad Fox picked it up, even if their job could have been better. I am going to email and/or call Delta this weekend. This is truly disgusting.

  58. There is an article on Huffpoop about the travel and granting of passports to Israeli citizens by SA, but no mention in that about women flying to SA.

  59. NES, just as soon as California gets rid of all reptiles and earthquakes, and implements four seasons, I’ll be right there.

    Re: Columbo piece. Remember when it got stolen and went viral all over the world? Well there is this Truth of Fiction website that grabbed the viral piece that was, of course, “Anonymous”, and did their ‘research’ to declare it “fiction”. yes that’s right, there are living things in the world who actually thought Columbo wrote it. Frightening enough unto itself, but even more frightening to imagine that anyone actually thought Columbo was an actual person. So many of them vote in the USA too! Anyways, i had an exchange with them to 1) claim my rightful position as the author of the intellectual property and 2) wonder why on earth anyone out there would want to know if it were “truth” or “fiction”. Would you believe the site owner said he actually contacted Peter Falk to see if he wrote it, all righty then. And that Mr. Falk was sad that somebody used Columbo for this, which I mentioned was kind of odd because Mr. Falk was in the throes of Alsheimers and Mr. Columbo was a TV character, and would they like me to contact him? And of course, the answer was no. Anyways, all I cared about was full credit and couldn’t care less if there were so many people out there dumb enough to want to know if Columbo wrote it himself. So all was well and most sites, except for the die hard plagiarists who have no original thoughts and must steal, fixed the problem.

    I still get hits from that site almost weekly and at least it is explained as mine and a piece of satire. So there are people out there who are still wanting to now if either, Columbo wrote it, or there is a real author. I guess this is a sign of a successful piece of satire. but to make it worse, the internet was riddled with copies of this piece. If you recall I wrote a post on it. Some of them actually took credit for it. The original thief was a really bad writer and decided to ‘add’ some improvement to it as well (read, made an abortion out of it). She actually started it by telling everyone her ‘name’ and sent it viral via email. To this day I fantasize hunting her down. Anyways, the people who signed heir names to it on their sites, or left readers to just imagine it was their own post…..Those were the people who made me REALLY angry. The rest had no idea where it came from and were more than willing to attribute it when I contacted them. But overall, I met some nice people who more than willingly used the link and credit when they realized it was mine, including a poor catholic priest who was horrified when I contacted him. In fact, he came here and made some comments. Nice fella. Anyways, those of you who don’t remember or never read the piece, I wrote it in August 2008 and here it is. In the end I just figured that now I know that the Gen Y version of ‘Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flatter’y is now changed for the cheating generation to ‘Plagiarism Is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery’.

    So gang, here’s Columbo.

  60. NES bats a hardball and it hits Delta in the forehead. How fine.

  61. Marriage Equality passed in NYS! Woohoo!

  62. I second what NES said about California! I love it here!

  63. NYSmike!!!

    Marriage Equality passed in NYS! Woohoo!

    Triple woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTG NY!! I knew you could do it.

    (Looking forward to going back home someday…)

  64. SOPHIE!!! YAY!

  65. I wish I was down in the village right now…I bet there is some serious dancing in the streets.

    Reminds me, my favorite sign at one NY Pride Parade was “You should have see the first one–it was a riot.”

  66. Great news about New York!!!

  67. New Delta flight attendants:

  68. SCREEEEEEEEEEEETCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Celebration post up!

  69. I think that if a flight originates here, they are breaking the law by refusing to allow someone to fly on the basis of religion.

    That said, I am already boycotting Delta over their insane inability to safely transport animals. But this gives me another reason to boycott them.


  70. Thank you Uppity for reposting your Columbo piece. It’s a classic, and timely too as the actor who played Columbo, Peter Falk died today. 😦 That was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

  71. Yay imust…knew you would!

    But, concededly, today we’re all NY’ers…and Uppity and madamab have bragging rights!

  72. Thanks for linking the classic Columbo post, UW. Stll hilarious, still relevant.

    RIP Peter Falk. I recall family nights around the TV watching you play my favorite detective.

  73. Double the frequent flier miles for you then, madamab!

  74. Delta. I can’t even believe I just read this, Uppity. Omg, ya know? The blue burka said it all.

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