To my many gay and lesbian friends in New York: Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes New York does Something Right!!!!

To my  Home State: You make me VERY proud!

Section 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as  the  “Marriage
Equality Act”.

S 2. Legislative intent. Marriage is a fundamental human right.  Same
sex  couples  should  have the same access as others to the protections,
responsibilities, rights, obligations, and benefits of  civil  marriage.
Stable  family  relationships  help  build  a  stronger society. For the
welfare of the community and in fairness to all New  Yorkers,  this  act
formally  recognizes otherwise-valid marriages without regard to whether
the parties are of the same or different sex.
It is the intent of the legislature that the marriages of same-sex and
different-sex couples be treated equally in all respects under the  law.
The  omission  from this act of changes to other provisions of law shall
not  be  construed  as  a  legislative  intent  to  preserve  any  legal
distinction  between  same-sex  couples  and  different-sex couples with
respect to marriage.

The Vote:

Ayes (33): Adams, Addabbo, Alesi, Avella, Breslin, Carlucci, Dilan, Duane, Espaillat, Gianaris, Grisanti, Hassell-Thompson, Huntley, Kennedy, Klein, Krueger, Kruger, McDonald, Montgomery, Oppenheimer, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Rivera, Saland, Sampson, Savino, Serrano, Smith, Squadron, Stavisky, Stewart-Cousins, Valesky
Nays (29): Ball, Bonacic, DeFrancisco, Diaz, Farley, Flanagan, Fuschillo, Gallivan, Golden, Griffo, Hannon, Johnson, Lanza, Larkin, LaValle, Libous, Little, Marcellino, Martins, Maziarz, Nozzolio, O’Mara, Ranzenhofer, Ritchie, Robach, Seward, Skelos, Young, Zeldin


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  1. Admit it – you’re loving New York right now, Uppity!

    And me too!

    These GOP Senators are more liberal than Obama. Pa-the-tic!

  2. I got a phone call that was SCREETCH!!! We can get married! I tell you I cried!

    Besides, I said, why shouldn’t you be miserable like the rest of us! Hahahaha.

  3. Hey! New Democrats! You fuckwads! NY Senate is controlled by Repubicans!

  4. Hubby just called and said that 6th Avenue is a parking lot…cars honking their horns…women kissing and hugging…it’s like Mardi Gras!

  5. Hurray for New York!!! Best wishes for all the happy couples!!

    Now if we can just drag the rest of the country from the Dark Ages.


  6. WooHoo! although I’m not sure why – been there done that and have a postcard and wedding photos to prove it. Oops, this is not about me but about civil rights for everyone – the same rights regardless of race, religion, gender and orientation. Woot, woot!

    Maybe now that gay rights are taking hold, the ERA will be re-energized? Oh who am I kidding.

  7. I wonder if I can pull up some live feeds in NYC

  8. Checking earthcam now.

  9. Congratulations, NYC-ers! Equality for all.

  10. Wowie zowie! The Empire State Strikes Again!

  11. I’m waiting for someone here to say IT WAS ALL HILLARY’S DOING!
    (I figure I won’t have to wait very long…10, 9, 8, 7….)

    I am beside myself with happiness for my friends in NY.
    Even in one of my groups today we were talking about this very vote and TehOne’s “speech” of Thursday. Someone said he’d bet the state would support Marriage Equality before Obama would.

    Woot Woot!!

  13. Great! Good on NY. Now let’s get reefer legalized!

  14. Cuomo signed the bill and made a great speech:

  15. Let’s hope it they don’t Prop H8 it like California did.

  16. You see? This is why I freaking hate those right wing zealot freaks who have hijacked that party. THIS is why I cannot support them. They get anymore extreme about meddling into people’s lives, loves, bedrooms and women’s panties and they will fall straight off their own cliff. We hope.

    Opponents of the marriage equality law have vowed to take political action against any Republican who voted for the bill.

    The Ruination of the Republican party at work. This is why they can’t win. They will NEVER understand that they are a minority of meddling jackasses in America and that the rest of us cannot and WILL not vote for candidates that blow them.

  17. Incidentally I know of at least one senator on the NAY list who has been suspected of being gay for decades.

  18. A prop won’t work in New York. I am certain of it. These right wing freaks are in Island in New York.

  19. Obama’s same sex flip flop. The man has no beliefs and no principles. No commitment to anything but himself.

  20. I just read this:

    While court challenges in New York are all but certain, the state — unlike California — makes it difficult for the voters to repeal laws at the ballot box. Changing the law would require a constitutional convention, a long, drawn-out process.

    So it is unlikely a prop 8 type movement would be a waste of time.

  21. I meant to say is, it is likely a prop 8 type movement would be a waste of time.

  22. and with that, I am falling asleep here in the parlor of the assisted living residence where my mother lived for the past 6 years. I’ve been MIA for a while as I spent night and day spending time with her and rejoicing in the beauty of his wonderful woman who gave me life and kept me safe.

    You would have liked her – and she would have liked you. I used to quote everyone here to her and she thought you all were smart and funny and right. She would have been thrilled at the passage of NY’s Marriage Equality Act.

  23. I am proud to be a New Yorker tonight.

    And happy to see that my own local State Senator (Grisanti) dared to defy his Party and, with good heart and clear head, voted…


    When I voted for him last November, I felt I was taking a chance. He is, after all, a Republican. And I am (was) a lifelong Democrat. Could I vote for someone from the “other” side?

    Of course I could. And I did.

    Because after the s(election) of 2008 I became – A Man Without A Party. Since my old party left me, I no longer saw an “R” or a “D” when I studied politicians, I saw a person. And in Grisanti, I thought I saw the kind of man who would do the right thing. So, now, I am forever done with the letters in front of the name.

    I vote for people, and not letters.

    Congratulations to all those in the LGBT community, who never gave up the fight; and who can now, with heads held high, celebrate the guaranteed RIGHT to be as miserable as the rest of us.


    Three Cheers for the Empire State!

  24. Leslie, my condolences. So great that you chose to be there with your mother.

  25. Dearest Leslie– I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure that your mother was as proud of you as you were of her. Watching my mother age is so difficult, but I try to hoard every minute I can with her. Sometimes, we take credit for our successes, when in fact so much of it is due to the love and support of our parents and family.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. WOW! This is fantastic!! 😀 Congrats New York!!

  27. leslie, my condolences.

  28. UW what’s in it for Obama to be publicly opposed to gay marriage or abortion. Is he afraid to offend his base (republicans) knowing democrats have no where else to go?
    It’s as if something for Rev. Wright stuck, we know how that church feels about the gays………they end up dead.

  29. To my Home State: You make me VERY proud!

  30. Now that is just heart warming! Does this mean there is a slight chance this country can be saved?
    Now can we have the ERA please?

  31. It’s about damned time…..

  32. Dear Leslie, your comment on your beloved mother brought out so many common feelings in me. It occurred to me that I know exactly how you feel today. You are a lucky gal to have such a Mother and she was a lucky Mom too. I am here.

  33. RW Vet. Don’t you just LOVE when you take a chance and then the person comes through for you?

    celebrate the guaranteed RIGHT to be as miserable as the rest of us.

    Bahahahaha! GMTA. I said the very same thing upthread. Cracking up here.

  34. No sense of having fun when you have the New Democratic Party around.

    WASHINGTON — Democrats laid out additional details on Friday of their plans to cut the deficit, signaling they would be willing to negotiate some Medicare cuts on the provider side as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling this summer.

    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told reporters they would be willing to look at “delivery system reform” of Medicare, which would change the way providers on the senior health care system are paid.

    Apparently Chuck hasn’t gotten the memo yet about the seniors in his own state who got letters from physicians telling them they no longer accept medicare, thanks to that five hundred billion they cut out of provider payouts.

    Oh yea. The seniors are going to be flocking to the polls in 2012. I have a neighbor who said she doesn’t care if she’s on a stretcher, she will be voting against Barack obama. Or shall I say it the way she said it in 2008. …”that nice young fellow”. Funny, she has different words to describe him now as in, That Little Prick.

  35. DE, now be nice to Bawaaak. He’s “Evolving”. Or Devolving. But not really. He was always a con and never was anything he said he was, including in his bullshit biography.

  36. Mr. “I won’t sign a bill that doesn’t contain a public option”. Mr. “I was in favor of the right for you to marry before I was against it”.
    Let’s recap and bring “clarity”.
    1996: Obama favors marriage.
    2010: Obama doesn’t favor marriage.
    2011: Obama might favor marriage in the future. Just as soon as he determines if it benefits him or not.
    2011: Andrew Cuomo makes Obama look like the reverse-pandering fool he is. Those damned “Old” Democrats are like that, the SOBs!

  37. Cheer up, Sweet Anthony. We wimminz have been waiting for the ERA since 1923.

  38. Those of us from Harlem, in sweet old NY NY, are partying down.

    BTW this broad, this chick, loves Frank.

  39. Solidarity in your grief, leslie.

  40. Condolences Leslie.

  41. Btw, he also said he was against gay marriage when he started running; I heard him say it in 2007.

  42. He’s evolving from a mere con to a grifter (h/t FF).

  43. Thank you, everyone. Your humor and spirit and brilliance have kept me from being overwhelmed through all this – more than you’ll ever know.

    Today is just the beginning for us all. – I can’t wait to see my Chicago friends fly to NYC to be married!

  44. Leslie- my thoughts are with you. Just by your comments I can tell how great your Mom was!

  45. Well if he said it in 2007, then his nutroots got exactly what they asked for.

  46. Solidarity in your grief, leslie.

    The perfect word for it. We’ve lost more than our fair share of mothers on this forum in three short years.

  47. …and we had a few who actually read our forum and took some joy from it.

  48. Chit, leslie!… on top of all your grief, you live in ChiTown!?! Condolences on that too.

  49. Yep, they did, UW. But the examples of that are legion.

  50. Leslie I’m sorry. I should have said that first.

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