Did I Just Dream The Entire Women’s Movement?

We are all aware of the preferences for male children in China and India right? Where female fetuses are aborted and female children are killed because the parents prefer male progeny. Here’s a quick refresher.

Rise of ‘missing girls’ in India and China

Of all the world’s major ills – such as war, hunger, and natural disasters – none can quite compare to the millions of baby girls and female fetuses killed by parents who prefer boys.

New data from the most populated countries, China and India, indicate that the practice of aborting female fetuses and murdering girls after birth is still widespread, despite efforts in both countries to curb this extreme gender bias.

In China, the 2010 census reveals there are now 118 boys for every 100 girls, a skewed sex ratio that is higher than a decade ago. The sex imbalance has left millions of bachelors unable to find brides, mainly in rural areas.

Yes we know it. One would think we here in the good old U.S. of A would not have to worry about such antiquated ideas as male children being more valuable than female children. We had the whole Women’s Liberation movement- right? RIGHT? Women can work (for less or to paraphrase our Uppity Woman – “Women! Same as men- only cheaper!”) We can run run for the highest office in the country. (But we are not allowed to win- no sirree bob! Only the menz can do THAT!) Hey- the idiot in chief is even willing to give us wimminz some “rights”! (The right to wear a woolen garbage bag!)

You would think I would be jaded enough by now not to be surprised to find that the preference for male children transcends national and cultural boundaries. Alas- I fear I came screaming out of my chair when I read this-

Americans Like Baby Boys Best

If they were only allowed to have one child, more Americans would prefer it be a boy rather than a girl, a new survey finds.

Despite the intervening woman’s movement, the results are very similar to those found when the same question was asked of Americans in 1941.

Since 1941? The results are similar to 1941???? Are we not in a completely new century now?

Then the article says this

The preference for boys over girls is driven by men, 49 percent of whom said they’d want a son. Only 22 percent said they’d prefer a daughter. Women, in contrast, showed no significant preference, with 31 percent preferring a boy and 32 percent preferring a girl

Perhaps it is just that the men have not evolved? Nope- this is the next bit

Americans younger than 30 are the most likely to say they’d prefer a boy, with 54 percent making that choice, and 27 percent preferring a baby girl.

What have we done? How did an entire generation manage to grow up and get to their thirties with NO clue about gender equality? Keep in mind this is the same age group that brought us the fraud at 1600! Doomed! We are so F*&ked!

And what ever happened to just hoping you had a healthy baby?


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  1. Hmmm- everybody out to lunch?

  2. And what ever happened to just hoping you had a healthy baby?

    When we started to have the ability to determine the sex of the fetus earlier and earlier?

    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  3. I wanted girls to help with the cooking 😆

  4. Well for starters, I am sure this thrills all the misogynists in the USA, of which there are many, because with this goal they can work on reducing the population of women to less than 50%. This would be a joyous moment for them. This is disgusting on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. Worst part is, women are participating in the future demise of their own power by numbers. Further proof that the USA is riddled with very stupid women.

    However, I chuckle as i read this because, it reminds me of the bullcrap China pulled, culling female fetuses, and the delightful and deserved end result today:

    “Delightful Irony: 24 million Chinese men are now free to marry themselves”.

  5. Allie- yes indeed- there are some drawbacks to modern technology. In my day we took what we got.
    Medicine has made some wonderful leaps forward- it is up to us to ensure that ethics keep pace!

  6. I teach at the high school level and I have observed that the girls want to dress, act like, and be treated like Kardashian bimbos (because these are the images promoted by media). The boys are glad to oblige them. They could care less about the women’s movement and what we and those before us have done so that they are treated with equality in society and the work place. They have no idea that NOW exists. Which is understandable since NOW doesn’t campaign for their cause anymore as they did in my youth. They have remained mute on several recent incidents where women have been treated unfairly such as women politicians being trashed by the lame stream media. We need to promote and defend prominent female role models for our girls as we did in the past instead of bashing women and promoting them as only eye-candy.

  7. Uppity! I remember that post! One of your best!
    Idiots indeed and scary. No forward thinking at all.

  8. salincal- well said! It is imperative that we, as individuals, do all we can to “promote and defend” female role models for our children and grandchildren. Heaven knows the government and the media won’t.

  9. (Thank you, Fixit – did I pick the wrong brackets?)

    In some ways I’m glad we have a boy. Despite the children’s market favoring girls very heavily, it’s a struggle to find little girls’ clothing that doesn’t make them look like they belong in the red light district. For Boy, all I have to complain about is how tired I am of plaid shorts everywhere.

    In adoption, you can choose the gender you prefer. I don’t particularly like it. I told Hubs that we wouldn’t be able to control what we got if I got pregnant, so we shouldn’t list a preference. Fate/God/whatever decided we were to have the sweetest, smilingest boy on earth. 🙂 If (when, now, I think) we go for #2, we will do the same.

  10. because these are the images promoted by media

    …and not without a method to their seemingly innocent madness.

    Forget NOW, my friend. NOW is to women what AARP is to seniors now. Using the name but not the original intent. We are on our own.

  11. Yes indeed medicine has made great strides, but not for women. Consider the recent attempt of the American pediatrics Assn to implement special office calls for clictorectomies. They did this without so much as a blink of the eyes. Genital mutilation reached our own medical community and it didn’t bother them a whit to consider this. Fortunately, at least this time, the outrage was so drastic that they trashed it. NO thanks to NOW, which ignored this disgusting issue completely. But don’t think some of them aren’t still willing to do it for the goatfuckers who have reached our shores.

    See my post, “Just a little snip”

  12. Allie- I get the whole clothing thing for the girls. We always kept our daughter dressed nicely- but it was HARD! And even harder to help her understand why she could not dress like the “popular” kids at school. Try finding age appropriate language to explain why you don’t want your 6 year old sexified. We managed. Proudest day was when she stood up and told the new drill team coach (a woman) that she was quitting the team as she would not allow herself to be turned into a sex object and degraded with the slutty outfits the new coach picked out!

  13. Allie, at the top of your comment box, you see “b-quote”. Highlight the text you want to quote and just hit the button.

  14. MOM, it’s a tough audience around here on Saturdy. Most of our family is out shopping, mowing. gardening, or just doing something cool and chlling out. I do swear you could post a photo of yourself naked as a newborn and still not get traffic till much later in the day. Unless of course it rains.

  15. Hahah foxy. You crack me up.

    All I remember is my Daddy saying often that he would rather feed me than buy me clothes.

  16. My totally hilarious late brother often said (he had a boy and a girl), that with boys you only have to worry about one penis. With girls you have to worry about them all. lol. I guess he was afraid his daughter might hook up with a guy as bad as i totally recall he was.

    I remember my niece’s early dating and my brother saying to one boy as they left the house, “You do understand that I have enough money to have you killed, right?”.

  17. ROFL on your brother Uppity! Husband always kept a rusty spoon and told the boys it was the castrating tool!

  18. My log in got the hiccups lol. The grandsons had a lock in at day camp last night- and went to bed this morning around 8- they are stirring now- and have company coming. If I disappear for a bit- carry one without me!

  19. Have fun Mom, and I’m sure the kids here will behave themselves as best they can. This means so long as lorac isn’t here, everything will be fine.

  20. Lorac doesn’t come out til way past my bed time lol!
    I made black bean and rice salad for this afternoon. Karen has not found my son’s fridge yet!

  21. Mom pls check your mail. And lock the pantry! The woman will ravage your provisions. She’s worse than a raccoon!

  22. Tonight we are having an italian peasant recipe that sounds wierd but will bring you to your knees.

  23. Upps, I don’t have any such box in my interface. I’m not always logged into WP when I pop in, does that matter?

  24. MMMMM peasant recipe! i don’t even know what’s in it- but I am salivating already! The best food from any country- imo- is the food made by the “peasants”- the local people that live just regular lives.

    Delphyne- thanks for the like on the post!

  25. Allie I just logged off and by golly you are right!

    FYI, what you did incorrectly was use brackets instead of the left and right carets to encase the blockquote commands.

  26. MOM, this recipe might make you say WTF?

    It is southern italian and is made by cooking down an pureeing fava beans to a consistency of between mashed potatoes and wet concrete. lol… after which you add chunks of dense bread that has been soaked in milk and squeezed out, and your best extra virgin olive oil. You serve it with rappini that has been sauteed with a boatload of garlic and olive oil.

    I tell you, odd as it sounds, it is a dish worthy of reverance. Just don’t try to swim after you eat it.

  27. Every vegetarian should know about this dish.

  28. Do you serve it warm or cold UW? The black bean and rice thing I made can be served hot or cold. Though hot you are supposed to keep them separate and serve the beans over the rice. I love it all mixed together and served cold. It’s a change from potato salad or cole slaw.

  29. It is served hot, MOM. When it cools, I swear you could fix sidewalk cracks with it. But it revives well as leftovers.

  30. I love blackbean and corn soup!!!

  31. Don’t blame ME! It’s all NES’ fault!!!!! Always! lol

  32. Mom, great job! Depressing and enraging subject. But I’m not sure they really want *fewer* of us – they just want us in our place – it’s just better if some *other* couple has the girls for society.

    What would they do without their sex object/maid/cook/chauffeur/baby oven/laundress/grocery and personal shopper????

  33. Leslie, you’re in our thoughts. How wonderful that you and your mom had such a loving relationship.

  34. Don’t you be blaming NES! She’s perfect.

  35. ROFL I just thought of something! I’ve never heard NES mention owning a cat or a dog!

    Where are you, NES? (she’s probably out mowing the yard, like I should be!)

  36. Well that’s because you are so J that you don’t pay attention half the time. She had several dogs in her life and told us about them.

  37. I’m mowing right now. And when he’s done I will pay him.

  38. Oh chit, I let another fly in. Batten down the hatches. The cat is on the trail.

  39. Last night I accidentally brought a lightening bug into the house. We have zillions of them at this time of year. The dog constantly clacks at them but she never catches one. But bringing one in is a death sentence with a cat in the home. Lard Butt went after it and I was so upset, I captured it and put it back out there. He was really ticked off that I did that too.

  40. That one about Chinese men is one of my faovorites, Upps.

  41. What’s “NOW”?????

  42. Proudest day was when she stood up and told the new drill team coach (a woman) that she was quitting the team as she would not allow herself to be turned into a sex object and degraded with the slutty outfits the new coach picked out!

    Chit! Whatever happened to the lesbian P.E. teachers??? Bring them back!

  43. POST the photo and test your hypothesis!

  44. ROFL on the “rusty spoon”, Mom. Bitter hicks do it best!

  45. AYUP on black bean and corn soup. I love anything and corn soup! Crab and corn soup…asparagus and corn soup…____ and corn soup. You get the idea.

  46. If everything’s my fault, lorac, how is it that I bear very little evidence of encounters with the lunge whip?

  47. (((Dear gawd, please keep Aunt Upps happy with me. Amen.)))

  48. I had three dogs, seriatum, growing up.

  49. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303657404576361691165631366.html?mod=WSJ_hp_mostpop_read
    Titled, “The War Against Girls,” and noting that “since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons,” this is a WSJ review of Mara Hvistendahl’s recently released book, “Unnatural Selections.” Note that Hvistendahl says the predictable outcome is more unstable, violent societies, and that women become even more ‘commoditized’ than we are now (my words), ultimately even driving such economic factors as the Chinese demand for U.S. Treasury bills. Of course, much of this won’t come as ‘new news’ to women’s rights activists, but I had an extremely visceral reaction learning of Hvistendahl’s book’s statistics in country after country where it’s apparently largely women choosing to abort female babies.
    “By Ms. Hvistendahl’s counting, there have been so many sex-selective abortions in the past three decades that 163 million girls, who by biological averages should have been born, are missing from the world. Moral horror aside, this is likely to be of very large consequence…
    “Ms. Hvistendahl argues that such imbalances are portents of Very Bad Things to come. “Historically, societies in which men substantially outnumber women are not nice places to live,” she writes. “Often they are unstable. Sometimes they are violent…
    “There is indeed compelling evidence of a link between sex ratios and violence. High sex ratios mean that a society is going to have “surplus men”—that is, men with no hope of marrying because there are not enough women. Such men accumulate in the lower classes, where risks of violence are already elevated. And unmarried men with limited incomes tend to make trouble. In Chinese provinces where the sex ratio has spiked, a crime wave has followed. Today in India, the best predictor of violence and crime for any given area is not income but sex ratio…
    “A high level of male births has other, far-reaching, effects. It becomes harder to secure a bride, and men can find themselves buying or bidding for them. This, Ms. Hvistendahl notes, contributes to China’s astronomical household savings rate; parents know they must save up in order to secure brides for their sons. (An ironic reflection of the Indian ad campaigns suggesting parents save money by aborting girls.) This savings rate, in turn, drives the Chinese demand for U.S. Treasury bills.”

  50. YAH, lorac. Pay attention!

  51. That’s my mode of mowing too, Upps. Hilarious! You have a such a way with the one-liner.

  52. Further on the drill instructor / lack of lez P.E. teachers theme…I expect lorac to be posting the vid of some chick’s homage to her P.E. teacher.

  53. Nice to see the pious green movement — and, it’s pedantic prophet — hit the skids into near-oblivion: http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/2011/06/24/the-failure-of-al-gore-part-one/

    Not all character flaws are inconsistent with positions of great dignity.  General Grant’s fondness for whiskey did not make him unfit for command.  Other statesmen have combined great public achievement with failure in their personal lives.  Franklin Roosevelt was neither a good father nor a good husband; Edward VII was a better monarch than man.

    But while some forms of inconsistency or even hypocrisy can be combined with public leadership, others cannot be.  A television preacher can eat too many french fries, watch too much cheesy TV and neglect his kids in the quest for global fame.  But he cannot indulge in drug fueled trysts with male prostitutes while preaching conservative Christian doctrine.  The head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving cannot be convicted of driving while under the influence.  The head of the IRS cannot be a tax cheat.  The most visible leader of the world’s green movement cannot live a life of conspicuous consumption, spewing far more carbon into the atmosphere than almost all of those he castigates for their wasteful ways.  Mr. Top Green can’t also be a carbon pig.

    You can be a leading environmentalist and fail to pay all of your taxes.  You can be a leading environmentalist and be unkind to your aged mother.  You can be a leading environmentalist and squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle, park in the handicapped spots at the mall or scribble angry marginal notes in library books. But you cannot be a leading environmentalist who hopes to lead the general public into a long and difficult struggle for sacrifice and fundamental change if your own conduct is so flagrantly inconsistent with the green gospel you profess.  If the heart of your message is that the peril of climate change is so imminent and so overwhelming that the entire political and social system of the world must change, now, you cannot fly on private jets. You cannot own multiple mansions. You cannot even become enormously rich investing in companies that will profit if the policies you advocate are put into place.

    It is not enough to buy carbon offsets (aka “indulgences”) with your vast wealth, not enough to power your luxurious mansions with exotic low impact energy sources the average person could not afford, not enough to argue that you only needed the jet so that you could promote your earth-saving film.

    You are asking billions of people, the overwhelming majority of whom lack many of the basic life amenities you take for granted, people who can’t afford Whole Foods environmentalism, to slash their meager living standards.  You may well be right, and those changes may be necessary — the more shame on you that with your superior insight and knowledge you refuse to live a modest life.  There’s a gospel hymn some people in Tennessee still sing that makes the point: “You can’t be a beacon if your light don’t shine.”

  54. There is an elegant solution to the Chinese problem: allow women to choose to have more than one husband. (Women pick.) They could then be allowed to have two children instead of just one (one from each husband).

    I think the Chinese went the right way with their one child policy, given their overwhelming over population problem. And the Chinese government has at least tried to promote the value of having daughters.

    I am amazed that so few fathers want a daughter. A father-daughter relationship can be truly wonderful. It is too bad there are so many ignorant people in the world.


  55. With respect to your (great) post of the day, UW, I’m really surprised at the U.S. numbers. And, I thought I was cynical! But, then again, one shouldn’t be surprised: these are very same young men who picked an empty-suit of a boy over Hillary.

  56. It really is ignorance, djmm. I’ve always believed that, generally, father-daugher relationships are more fulfilling and less complicated than father-son ones.

  57. I couldn’t let a day go without posting something on my BFF, Huntsman, so here goes:

    Unlike Zero, this guy sounds like he actually knows something and that he didn’t learn everything in a policy seminar. Honestly, I often think BO just took a really good course in how-to-sound-intelligent-and-not-scare-white-folk and then ran with it.

  58. NES, Mom wrote the post.

  59. LOVE the message of hypocrisy to al gore!!!! Scam artist! When oh when will the rest of the people know this?

  60. NES, around here, Mr. Uppity can fix anything. Just hand him the Yellow Pages.

  61. Aha!
    Well done, MOM!!

  62. Ditto on any soup with corn, NES. Oh man are we compatible!!!

  63. (((Dear gawd, please keep Aunt Upps happy with me. Amen.)))

    A wise prayer.

  64. Yeah, Al Gore earlier this week calling Bammy a “failure” was the pot calling the kettle black. Sheesh, the dumbass just doesn’t stop with the ignorance and the arrogance.

    ..oh wait. That means Bammy and Albert should be well matched. Hmmmm.

    Upps, I thought about the carets only after I posted but before you replied. So noted. Thanks! 🙂

  65. HBO has a documentary right now called “Sex Crimes Unit” – right now they’re talking about all the rape kits (evidence collected from the body of the sexual assault victim) that was never analyzed in NY* and was just filed away in a big storeroom. Looks interesting….

    *happens in a lot of other places, too…. From what I understand, district attornies (NES, is that how you spell the plural????) are elected officials, and they decide what gets prosecuted – so if it’s not an absolutely slam dunk case, they don’t prosecute – because they don’t want to affect their ‘win-loss” ratio and maybe not get re-elected… so most of the cases aren’t pursued and the evidence never gets analyzed…

  66. Here ya go NES. So simple even Lorac can make it.

  67. Al needs to stop picking on Bammy, considering the millions he got in grant money to build that 100k “People’s Car” out of the country without union labor. Hypocrite.

  68. Apparently in NY, regular ER workers do the rape kit. Here, a special medical team is called by the police, and they respond to the ER to do the rape kit. If the pt. doesn’t need to go to the ER, they are brought to a special medical office for the exam. Average ER workers aren’t trained in rape evidence collection, so here they want to make sure that a trained person is interfacing with the victim and getting all the evidence, and getting it correctly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that unanalyzed kits don’t sit on shelves here, too….

  69. lorac, most major cities have a kind of rape crises group that are called whenever a rape is reported, and I don’t know about where you are but over here those people make sure the collection process is done right.

  70. No, that’s what they have here. I’m just going by this documentary, a woman was talking to regular ER workers about how to do a rape kit….

  71. lorac, I think with DA’s or at least those I’ve known, they have a limited budget and only tend to prosecute cases that have enough evidence to at least give them a fair shot at winning out of the chute. So yes, if there is lack of evidence, it’s not really due to not ‘analyzing’ the rape kit, but due to the fact that there is insufficient evidence. For example, a rape kit might be stored because they can’t match the DNA up with currently known rapists or suspects and they have no leads on the actual suspect. and belive it or not, sometimes they do have the suspect and the woman decides she simply cannot go through with the case for a variety of reasons. So if a woman or a child is withheld from the case for whatever reason, it’s pretty hard to prosecute. Rape kits yield some important information but unless it’s slam dunk you can’t convict someone without testimony of the victim. hard to swallow, I know, but there you have it. I recall a slam dunk case of a POS who raped a child, but the child was relocated so that she wouldn’t have to endure any more and the case had to be dropped. Sometimes you also read about a POS who was arrested for a sexual crime and next thing you know, they have a match from a case ten years ago as well. So that kit would have been stored and crime not solved until the POS son of a bitch did it again and slipped up, giving up his DNA in the process.

  72. Lorac, in response to your query, it’s “attorneys”.

    Yes, DAs can pick the cases that’re prosecuted — it’s called “prosecutorial discretion.” In big cities, the costs of indicting every single reported crime may be cost -prohibitive. But, you’re right to suspect that crimes against women probably get the short shrift. Thos troublesome WIMMINZ, always ‘getting into’ rapes!

  73. UW said: “Al needs to stop picking on Bammy, considering the millions he got in grant money to build that 100k “People’s Car” out of the country without union labor. Hypocrite.”

    Al Gore, and ONLY he, could get us to be half-protective of Bammy. Hilarious!

  74. UW, the problem is that very often the rape kits are stored without ever being analyzed… the departments say they don’t have the budget to analyze each one… so it’s never even found out if the DNA matches someone… I’ve been hearing about that for years, and it’s such a shame, because a lot of these guys are repeat offenders, and their DNA may right there under their noses in the database!

  75. lorac, probably because RAPE IS RAMPANT in this country. That’s why the best way to analyize is for the victim to put a bullet in the head of the POS, as is happening more and more lately. No need for staff at all. Just pick the bastard up, throw him in a body bag and give him to the poor souls who are related to him.

  76. I didn’t see the beginning of that documentary, but the part I saw was interesting. They followed one woman’s case – it ended up finally being tried (and won!) 15 years later (NES – they mentioned a statute of limitations, but alluded to some procedure her attorneys did which lengthened the time they had). They talked about how the detective had the perpetrator’s name and address, and never followed through.

    Anyway, what was most encouraging, was that at the time the young woman was a prostitute. The prosecution was able to get the jury to see her as a person, and convict.

  77. lol UW or a Bobbette and throw the thing away, and let him spend the rest of his life thinking about what he did lol

  78. lol “convict” as a verb, not a noun lol

  79. POS was probably a relative of someone the detective knew. Look at that psycho Amy Bishop. Got away with murder because she was Privileged and then the DA who let her ride became a congressman besides.

    Years later, she commits a massacre.

  80. My computer speakers have never been very loud; you really can’t even watch a movie with them. So I plug in two Logitech speakers, they’re maybe 8 inches tall. They’re not strong enough to “blast” sound, but they have been plenty loud enough to watch movies. Last night I noticed they weren’t very loud at all. Do these things wear out….?

  81. People got upset that a state (AZ?) wanted police to be able to ask people who are stopped for traffic offenses if they are legal citizens. But now CA has just passed a law (FL and GA apparently already allow this) that police can search your cell phone if you are stopped for something else.

    So… if someone is stopped for an offense, they can’t be asked about something that IS illegal, but their cell phone can be used for a fishing expedition. Hmmmmm….

  82. Maybe they could use a cleaning. It’s the USA, lorac. Everything wears out because it’s made in China in satellite garages by 10 year olds after a day in the rice paddies. The days when things lasted past being In Style are long gone. Planned Too Soon obsolesence is the way to make the bucks and keep you poor.

  83. No lorac, if they lorena him and he lives, then we have to give the POS medical care and house him. Removing him from the gene pool is the most effective thing. and I would imagine there is immense satisfaction in doing it too. As in Oooops! Hope it was Good For You because it was your Last. Then we don’t have to worry about some dipwad letting him out after a fraction of his sentence is served either.

  84. TAKE HEART, Uppityville!
    How comforting — the Reeps mean to win this time. Finally!

    Conservative group starts $20M ad buy against Obama
    by Alicia M. Cohn

    American Crossroads, a conservative outside spending group, announced it’s starting a $20 million ad campaign to hammer President Obama’s economic policies.

    The group, which was co-founded by former Bush strategist Karl Rove, said Friday it would run ads over the next two months both nationally and locally in several states that will be key in the 2012 election.

    Those states include: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada and Virginia.

    The first ad buy, valued at $5 million, begins Monday and is called Shovel Ready.  It’s a critique of the 2009 stimulus and the president’s claim it would help the economy recover.

    “President Obama may have inherited a recession, but his policies have made things worse for everyday Americans by running up the debt and causing economic uncertainty,” said Steven Law, president of the group. “Now Obama seems checked out of efforts to reduce America’s dangerous debt load, while his party is pushing massive tax increases and even more spending.”

    At a breakfast with reporters Friday morning, chairman Mike Duncan predicted the group would spend $120 million in the 2012 cycle.

  85. Mr. Uppity’s my kinda guy.

  86. Yikes, $89,000 for that POS car!!

  87. The wimmenz mvmt is on life support. Paddles!

    NY is going to get such a big financial boost from their latest law. Florists, designers, bakeries, hotels, caterers, photographers, musicians – the entire wedding industry is going to see a great boon.

    It is a huge win. BO can’t take credit for this historic news, but yes, somehow, sometime when Hillary was in office maybe, she was surely a part of this.

    Congrats to all our gay friends.

    (I am so busy lately that I can only catch up while running around doing other things here. But I do think it is important to read every comment on each thread on this forum! Great job to all of you.)

  88. Oh so much to say – so little desire to type!


    Anyway, went to St. Pete Pride today and had a great timre – except for that little run in with a Democratic Group (The Florida Democratic Party) who were taking my support for granted (as usual). After I spent 10 minutes running dow the litany of the illegal and morally wrong things the Dems did in 08, I went on the remind them that votes and delegates were stolen, in clear violation of Dem Party Roolz, that I was in DC at the RBC, that I was in Denver and that I ran as a delegate here.

    Their theme was “Teabag Scott” (The odious Fl Governor) and I asked them how this type of pandering to stupidity and pandering to the anti-Tea Party meme would improve the dialogue between the parties and actually produce results FOR THE COUNTRY. I stated I would no more vote for the Left Wing Regressives than the Right Wing So-called “Christian Conservatives” than I would for a cockroach, as they were all in the same category. I offered to show them my voter registration card with the word “Democrat” clearly visible, and then went on to say that they simply elected a corporate whore, a banking/insurance hack and a self-absorbed baby as President at a time when our country was in a world of shit because of Bush and the Pelosi-lead criminally insane congress. I said MY Democratic Party was hijacked on May 31, 2008 and that I would NEVER AGAIN vote for a Democrat “just because the Republicans were worse.” I now vote on principle, on the grasp the candidate has of the issues and of how those issues effect my life. I reminded them of Obummers “evolution” on “Gay Rights” and that he was laughing all the way to the bank with their money. I also reminded them that the Democratic Party of 2011 is and has been for several years the MOST misogynistic ladder-kickers ever. ‘Lillie Ledbetter’ was crap. Where was the ERA besides on Nancy’s desk for two years, and why didn’t they ever ask themselves why we’re in another war.

    There was one women there who was SO ASTOUNDED that at first I thought she was going to come across the table at me, but she was rendered immobile instead.

    I was nice about all of it, and of course, I was smiling when I left. Them, not so much.

  89. In other developments – looks like Venszuelans better check the treasury – Hugo’s gone missing! (Reminds me of BO’s sudden (three day late) trip to see his Dead Grandmother – and to take care of other business in Hawaii in the middle of the campaign –

    “Intelligence officials could not confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer but Chávez family did go to Cuba in the last 72 hours, according to wire service EFE.

    Chávez daughter Rosinés and his mother Marisabel Rodríguez “urgently” left the country and headed to Cuba in a Venezuelan air force plane.

    Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2011/06/25/report-hugo-chavez-in-critical-condition-in-cuba/#ixzz1QKs3lq1h

  90. Another stupid Frat Boy wants to be POTUS

    “…and instead touted his appointments of the first Hispanic women to serve as secretary of state and to both of the state’s highest courts.


    “But a joke about how perfect it was to appoint Jose Cuevas to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission because his name sounds like Jose Cuervo — a brand of tequila — fell flat. Perry struggled to regain his confidence as he described Texas as a land of opportunity.

    Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2011/06/24/texas-governor-rick-perry-stumbles-in-front-latinos-as-mulls-presidential-run/#ixzz1QKyxW5vg

  91. PMM,

    I have often thought that the pukes who breed males will reap their own reward. I would like to see those stats broken down by nationality and immigration status including how many generations in this country. I have a link where you can contact them to suggest they fund such a study.
    I have often thought the value of women may be increased by male breeding although it will impede the elimination of sex role stereotypes and equal rights.

    Uppity, this is not directed to you although I know you will respond, maybe with anger but that will pass. I am saying important stuff here and you will know it is time.

    But I write here today because I have read one too many comments insulting environmentalism. This is like spitting in your mother’s face. It is the same stupid ingratitude shown by this generation of women to the second wave for the precious rights those women fought and gave to this generation. Just because it was not your movement does not mean you do not benefit from it . I suggest you show some respect for what you have been given on a silver platter. This includes the free education, from cigarette smoke to toxic pesticides.

    There is a lot of trashing of environmentalism here, equating it with cap and trade as if that was the whole game. But you know it isn’t. All the efforts at clean food and organic farming have been brought to you by environmentalists. Decent humane treatment of farm animals is an environmentalist value. Clean energy which leads to clean air and water is from the environmentalist movement. The regulations of the EPA, yes putting clean water over jobs in the gulf is the work of environmentalists. All the clean, air, clean water, food and drug safety regs are from environmentalist/consumer protection movements.

    If you hate environmentalism so much why not go live in Haiti where you will not be bothered by clean air or water. No one will talk about overpopulation. You can live like rats on top of one another. No one will talk about sharing the earth with other species or leaving wilderness for mental health reasons. In fact the earth will be degraded and no one will be able to find another way. Because it is too late.

    Or go live in Japan where nuclear power won and those nagging idiot environmentalist were shut up so as not to bother the smarter people.

    France gets all its energy from nuclear power and has lied about the waste for years while they opened their country to unlimited Islamic immigration. Check out their hate speech courts and how life has changed for women in France. Countries that do not respect the earth do not respect women. There is nowhere in France you can eat or gather without cigarette smoke hanging thick in the air. Go there and you will not be bothered by environmentalists concerns. France SUNK the Rainbow Warrior to keep it from stopping its nuclear expansion. Imprisoned protestors. Today they are stuck with the waste they said they could recycle but can’t.

    Or go live in China where the air chokes all the living and people eat plastic. Where dogs and cats are skinned alive because the struggle to eat has killed every ounce of empathy and compassion in the human heart. China has built huge apartment complexes for its workers and every day some despairing human throws him or herself from the top of the building.

    But environmentalists and the animal rights people are in each of those countries as well as here bringing the changes won here , uniting with environmentalist in other countries of the world and the people who do want them.

    It is stupid not to understand that MAN is not the most important species on this planet and the rest of the species should be used and exploited only to feed him. Life becomes drudgery when human life is the only life valued. It is stupid not to see we are all connected with other species and with nature itself — there are things just as important as a full belly and reproducing endlessly until the whole world is one piece of concrete.

    On this blog it is said that people in poverty cannot afford clean air and water, clean food and open spaces. Can they afford the corporations that sell them genetically modified seeds and clean drinking water? Can they afford the mining companies and lumber mills that ruin their lands for subsistence living while hording and exporting the resources? READ: World On Fire, which details how the NON environ mists are using the poor of the earth before you talk about how the poor do not need, cannot afford environmentalism.

    Can poor people afford the e-coli of the slaughter yards and butcher shops staffed with immigrant labor? Can they afford the flesh eating, kidney failure zucchini?

    The use of people in poverty to make a cheap point is the cheap trick of the exploiter and missionary. Basically they say that clean standards are not available to the poor. WTF?? WHY NOT?? That is the next question but we never seem to get there.

    Birth control and abortion is the first answer to starving children because no country’s resources are unlimited. To say that controlling population does not value life is a LIE. A .LIE. Told by people who have never lifted a finger to actually help those people. Because people who have really tried to help know that resources ARE limited as the USA has just found out. We will leave those women in Afghanistan to the acid of the Taliban, we will leave those 5 year old brides because we have run out of resources and the will to help them. Overpopulation is the same thing. It overwhelms the ability to respond.

    The slogan abortion should be safe legal and rare has just got us rare. Whole states are without clinics. Doctors are afraid to practice. HOW DARE WOMEN LET THEM SHAME US for the most sensible adult self defensive decision we can make. We should be proud of that decision and throw it in the teeth of those who do not give a damn about children once they are born.

    Did not all those experiments on animals, the crowding experiments where they ate each other, and killed each other as they went mad, did those experiments teach nothing about overpopulation? Well then look at your central city where gangs rule and gang order is the only order.

    Al Gore may be an opportunist but if you do not see actual climate change I can only curl my lips in disgust. Knee deep in the big muddy and the big fool says keep on. Pick any other scientist. Forget Al Gore. Read the research papers not written by the corporate right.

    Environmentalists and animal rights people see the connections between respect for the earth upon which we live the quality of human life. We believe in god but I spell it nature, understanding that all life is connected. And we are not stupid about it either. Yet over and over on this blog I see the environmentalists characterized the way Hannity and Glen Beck characterize us. Maybe you should expand your reading and get to know the issues deeper than what the right wing tells you about them. Our solutions make sense; from composting the right way, to recycling, to reducing plastic consumption, to regulating the pollution of corporations, to controlling fossil fuel and on and on and on. The solutions that are BS, do not come from us. They come from our enemies to discredit us.

    And especially to controlling the toxins in our food and on our fields. Wherever the mining companies have destroyed the mountains and streams you will find the people who have learned the hard way.

    And you my friends are about to learn the hard way about overpopulation whose defenders are fascists and misogynists.


  92. Oh hell no I’m not mad at you Green. I actually agree with some of what you said.

    But, sorry, Bzzzzzzzzzzzz. Global warming is raw bullshit. It was dreamed up because Bomb Shelters were already taken. Y2k was already taken (which I also knew was raw bullshit), and y3k is too far off for all these theives and con men (of whom Al Gore is the King. As in You’re the King, Al!) to make megabucks fucking Americans and emptying their wallets. You will not change my mind. My antennae trump everything and it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit and I am not going to find out if it tastes like bullshit because I ain’t eating any of it. Good thing I didn’t step in it though! And the same nut cases who thought it was a better idea to drill for oil a mile under water showed us just how smart they really are, didn’t they? I’ve already done the stupid assinine light bulb routine enough times for you to know what I think of THAT bullshit. And by the way, it USED to be Global Warming. It got changed to Climate Change when they started looking like a bunch of lying assholes, which is exactly what they are.

    As for overpopulation, tell it to DC and their illegal immigration plans. Don’t look at me. I didn’t even spawn.

    But seriously, Green, if you like it here you have to take the “good” with the “bad”. I have a blog that reflects my beliefs and while I may not always agree with every other blogger I adore, that doesn’t mean I don’t have other things in common with them. But you know me enough to know I won’t back down. WHen I go to a blog that covers something I strongly disagree with, I say nothing out of respect for that hard working blogger. I know there are other things I have in common with them and there will be another time. You really ought to consider the same. It might save you and everyone else all that scrapping that happens to dominate the blog when you disagree.

  93. Lard Butt went after it and I was so upset, I captured it and put it back out there. He was really ticked off that I did that too.
    The trick is to train the cat that the game is that it shows you the bug after chasing it around a little, then you pick it up and toss it outside. She thinks you are hunting together. I’ve done this with spiders for years, but now when I walk out my doors, there’s a web waiting to hit me in the face. I have to take them farther out into the yard now. Who knew that spiders don’t move far from where they land. Flying bugs I herd out the door using a newspaper or book. Flies are so dumb you can’t get them out the door even when it is wide open. I usually let them drop in exhaustion and throw them away when they die. Cat used to chase all flying bugs but she’s getting older and heavier so she prefers butterflies. She gets yelled at for catching them.

  94. No way I am doing it with spiders. I am allergic to their bites and bite me they do. I am forever grateful when my cats find and destroy them. And yeah, flies are just dumb. If they would just go hide somewhere and stay still, they would live. But then they only live for a day or two anyways, so what’s the point of hiding the whole time? So they go down with their little fly boots on, I guess. Moths are another issue, since I freak when I see one, imagining they are going to head directly to my walk in closet. So I am thrilled that they don’t make it up the stairs alive.

  95. Well, while I was commenting about bug hunting with your cat, Green wrote quite a spirited explanation of the real environmental movement goals and achievements. And I agree. Conservatives are extremized (is that a word) just like they have turned other perfectly good ideas into propaganda. Look what they did to the word entitlement. Entitlement means you earned it, you are entitled to it. Conservatives have turned it into a dirty word. Same with environmentalism.

  96. Uppity

    Forget Global warming — substitute the words climate change due to greenhouse gases. Rising sea water because of melting glaciers. Do you think that is BS? Because it is not. It is real.

  97. Catch spiders with a kleenex and I guarantee you wont’ be bitten. I’ve done it hundreds of times because the spider people tell us they eat bugs, so I save them.

  98. Haven’t seen a thing that makes me believe it’s true. And you know what? we’re doing plenty of damage trying to control that which is bigger than we are, because we are arrogant asses. And that pretty much sums it up. We’ve caused earthquakes with that geothermal bullshit. I have some posts here about that. We are NOT bigger than nature and we never will be. But when we have to dry up an entire agricultural belt in CA to see a smelt, when we spend millions to make Nancy’s mouse comfortable, we are truly becoming major assholes. That money could far better be spent.

    And that’s very AL Gorish to tell someone to suddenly “forget” that which has been shoved down our throats by liars for years. Fear is their game. It always was a big money maker. Ask any assclown who built a bomb shelter.

  99. I’m not a conservative BCL and I figured out the bullshit without them. Billions are being reamed out of our wallets through the same old trick that brought us y2k. Fear.

    And sometimes Propaganda is painted to look like a good idea. That’s how propaganda works.

  100. Uppity

    I said nothing for a long time and I was not talking to you. I know your heart and it is just fine. But it is time the incessent lies about environmentalism were challanged so that others here know that they are not alone. (These lies are so carefully worded as to look like what you are saying but are not what you are saying)

  101. A movie with 9 lies. An academy award for it long before the 9 lies emerged. And a man who is to fucking arrogant to think he needs to answer questions. And I will tell you here and now I won’t have the VAST majority of the people who have graced this blog for three years driven away fighting over that which holds no interest to them. Or me.

  102. Uppity

    All isn’t stealing more that the corporate polluters and I can prove what I said about climate change. But it is boring.

  103. Of course you’re not a conservative, Uppity. I’m talking about the neocon repub party. I remember when even the repubs were not conservatives. It’s the conservative agenda that propagandizes nature and natural processes.

  104. BCL I would NOT want my cats to chase butterflies. That would break my heart if they caught one.

  105. HAHAHAHA Hugo’s gone??????????? ROFLLLLLLLLL

  106. Yikes, $89,000 for that POS car!!

    That’s the stripped down model. If you want some comfort, Al will sell it to you direct from FInland, using cheap labor and your loan money for a cool $109k. The People’s Car. Indeed.

  107. NES I am sure the far right WILL spend that $120 million to counteract Barack’s bullshit with THEIR bullshit.

  108. My cat is not allowed to chase butterflies but she sneaks and does it. I catch her before she actually gets it and she gets a lecture and has to go back in the house. She knows, but sometimes she can’t resist. I think we’re making progress because today she watched one but did not get up to go after it.

  109. Another thing we have in common Uppity! I too am allergic to spider bites- nasty nasty horrid things! No spiders allowed to live in my house. I also get terrible reactions to flea bites so am religious about treating the pets.
    Love butterflies! houseflies I exterminate if the cats don’t get them- filthy things.
    As for lightning bugs- or fireflies- my dog is a riot chasing the things. After a rain, when dusk is falling- he will run the field and millions will swarm up. It’s like watching fireworks over the field. And Aladdin will be hopping and jumping doing his happy bark. I swear he smiles.

  110. HAHAH Mom. Not funny but I am also HORRIBLY allergic to fleas. And they LOVE me.

    and my dog is a RIOT “clack Clacking” at fire flies. Far as I know, she has never caught one. lol.

  111. BCL I found a dead butterfly on my deck last summer. Ironically it was one of the VERY few butterflies I have seen. I used to see so many of them. I was crushed.

  112. BCL I remember when the Regressives and the Conservatives were fringe parties. Now they have both hijacked the two major parties and are taking chances apiece destroying America.

  113. (These lies are so carefully worded as to look like what you are saying but are not what you are saying)

    Not sure what this means, but what I am sure of is, I am not going to get aggravated and field a food fight on this blog over an issue I don’t even believe in. You will just have to live with the fact that I am not exactly like you and enjoy those things on my blog that give you joy. I beat my own drum, you know that. But if you personally attack one of my family, I am going to intercede. I would do the same for you.

  114. UW: Good defense of free speech on the ‘holy grail’ of environmentalism and of free choice on blog-surfing. Personally, I’m really stumped when people demand respect for their views; in my book, respect for views is freely given, or not at all.

  115. I agree that the extremists have taken over the country.
    I have a ton of butterflies so I watch them carefully to see that the cat doesn’t get them. She will swat at them, and twice she knocked one down but they flew back away. They are so delicate that I worry about their wings being damaged. It’s best if you can keep the cats inside, but I am outside so much of the time, I can’t leave them inside staring at me. We have an enclosed patio so they don’t roam.

  116. I know what you mean Uppity- fleas seem to be able to detect me if I am within a mile of their territory- same with mosquitoes.

    As far as climate change goes- the Al Gore’s of the world sunk that ship with their arrogance. Lying, manipulating data and oh let’s not forget – setting up corporations to trade carbon permits so they could make more millions.
    Climate changes. It is historical fact. Ice Ages come and go. There is a vast industry screwing us and using “climate change” as the excuse. Example- Lightbulbs that come with HAZMAT instructions, that give crappy light and cause major headaches.
    Example- The cost of corn going through the roof- because some rich folks are making a boat load of money putting corn in to ethanol- which costs more energy to produce than it saves.
    PFFFTTTTTT on the whole rotten scheme. Give me back my lightbulbs.
    We on this blog do all we can on a personal basis to conserve. We share recipes. We don’t buy every new energy hogging gadget that comes along. We conserve gas and electricity- because we were raised not to waste.

  117. BCL the spiders that bite me do so because I didn’t SEE them. Sneaky little bastards they are. You have NO idea how sick I can get from one of their bites. I am not sorry to say it’s them or me. It’s as simple as that.

  118. Oh, now I’m really scaaaaared. Green implies she “knows” my not “fine” “heart” and is going to expose my GW lies. I’m quaking here. Save your breath, Green: the fashionable pieties of the day don’t sway or silence me.

  119. We on this blog do all we can on a personal basis to conserve. We share recipes. We don’t buy every new energy hogging gadget that comes along. We conserve gas and electricity- because we were raised not to waste.
    Exactly. And if I was allergic to spider bites, I would off them when I see them too. I just try to do what I can to help and if capturing a releasing spiders cuts down on mosquitos, I do it. But, many of my family are appalled. Others know that’s just me.

  120. NES
    Actually anti environmentalism is the fashionable piety of the day. These things swing back and forth.

  121. I disagree, BCL. The way I see it is that what you call the anti-environmental movement is the push-back against the climate-change religion of the day. But, hey, I enjoy the debates on this blog; divergent views are healthy, orthodoxies aren’t.

  122. I never saw climate change make it to religion status. There were advocates who were heard, but not many people I know in real like worried about it or even believed it. I just read an article that said the information that incandescent bulbs were going away was not true, but I don’t have a link to the article. If I find it again, I will post it. In the meantime, from what I’ve read on this blog, I have been stocking up on incandescents, just in case. 😉

  123. Here’s a blog about the changes in light bulbs that will take place in 2014. It’s complicated but what I understand is that they have to become more efficient, starting with the 100 watters first. I had one of the new twisted bulbs that put out good light and lasted forever. Then I had one that was dim and lasted about two weeks. Did not like that second one and went back to incandescents. Here is the blog:

  124. BCL incandescent bulbs are indeed being phased out By Law. I shall pull up the laws for you but not tonight if you don’t mind. I’m tired. Congress made a bullshit light bulb act and it all starts in 2012, but I’m sure Obama will delay it somehow so he can get elected, but the truth is the law has been written and it damed well best be unwritten, because it not only is dangerous, but it’s a money making scheme fostered by GE et al. $6 light bulbs my ass. People buying new fixtures because many closed fixtures can’t use those curly light bulbs that throw horrid yellow light and come with their own set of hazmat instructions, cause migraines and seizures. I’ve been stocking up on incandescents for well over a year since i have NO faith that my congress will come to its senses, especially given half of them are probably heavily invested in CFL manufacturing.

  125. I admittedly am anti ANYTHING that goes to extremes and attempts to dominate. I learned long ago that extremism is the path to destruction. When an idea attracts zealots, they beget more zealotry, and in attempting to fix one thing, they break many more. And because they are zealots (and arrogant), they just don’t care.

  126. Not taking sides on the lightbulb controversy, I’ve used both and so far the incandescents are better. In this economy, $6 lightbulbs are not going to fly. Defeat Obama and repeal the law.

  127. You and I are both stocking p on light bulbs Uppity. I just can not read by the new curly mercury hazards. And let’s face it- when you live where I live- sunny days are far outnumbered by cloudy/overcast/rainy/snowy days- so I need light bulbs that actually- gee whiz- shed LIGHT!
    NES- agree- it’s not anti-enviromentalism- at least for me- it’s more that I am sick to death of a small number of people trying to impose their view of the universe on the rest of us.
    I do not use any pesticides on my garden (spiders are allowed out there lol) well unless you consider the beer I use to drown the slugs to be a pesticide. Not because of “environmentalism”- but because to me it makes sense not to put poison on my food. Our water comes from a well and I would just as soon not have pesticides seeping down into that either. We buy as much of our meat as possible from local 4-H kids- again because it makes sense to us to know what is NOT in that meat. And to know personally the family that processes it for us.
    When I hear about things like that water thing in CA Uppity referenced earlier it boggles my mind. A small group of people totally went overboard imo- and everybody in that valley suffered. Silliness to the hundredth degree.

  128. BCL read about how CFLs nearly burned down DE’s brand new home. Like I said, zealots create more terrible things than the things they are trying to ‘correct’.

  129. BCL incandescent banning begins in 2012 with 100 watt bulbs. By 2014, ALL incandescents will be banned. Except for ‘specialty’ lights, for example, appliance bulbs and anything Al Gore uses in his chandeliers.

  130. BCL I know I seem overreactive to creatures that most people find harmless, such as spiders. But the truth is my brother died a horrible death by anaphalactic shock and I do not intend to have that happen to me. I am allergic to bees and have no problem getting out of my car in the middle of traffic if one enters my sun roof. I kill them before they kill me.

    Most people would not have a mosquito problem if they rid their property of water holding items. Wherever water collects, mosquitoes breed. So if you have a barrel collecting rain water, you are also collecting disease carrying mosquitoes. Once again, fix one thing, break another.

  131. Speaking of CFLs, do they REALLY think people are going to spend their saturday mornings sitting in line at a recycling center just to get rid of their burnt out CFL bulbs? You have got to be kidding. They are going to dump those little bastages and all of their mercury into the trash and in ten years we will be hearing about how all of our land is leached with mercury. I tell you these people have their heads up their asses, and for self-proclaimed geniuses they are the stupidist sons of bitches on two legs. No wonder they have to tell you how smart they are. Nobody else would bother saying it. Does anybody REALLY think that when they break a CFL they are going to follow hazmat instructions? Really? They are going to sweep the thing up and dump it, guess where again? In the garbage! And how many people in the USA will even KNOW they are dangerous? Half the country is illiterate and the other half is dumbed down.

    You have got to figure if these people were zealots about something as awful as CFLs, how many other things are they getting wrong, hey?

  132. I put out three 48″ Flourescent shop lights a few weeks ago, according to instructions. I taped them together as instructed. The trash collectors dropped them in the road when they picked them up. And I don’t need to tell you they didn’t sweep up the mess do I?

  133. From the American Thinker, but it’s an interesting article, IMO


  134. The list is growing lorac. Angela Merkle has also already said that multculturalism was a mistake. Therei is also another country that has abandoned it as well. It’s just too late in the evening for me to remember which. Perhaps Belgium. Truth is, at least in Europe they are having the courage to admit it.

  135. Cameron was the other person. He said, Mulitculturalism has failed.

  136. The part below particularly interested me. It had never occurred to me – insisting on wearing clothing that would keep you from being hired would be a “good” way to stay on government assistance – I think that’s what they’re talking about:

    The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.

  137. Re: FF’s post on Chavez: please please please? He’s destroyed Venezuela and made it the laughingstock of the Americas.

    And why am I SO not surprised he’s trotting off to Cuba for treatment? Maybe he can be a zombie like Fidel.

  138. Wow Upps, shocking to hear about your brother. How awful.

  139. I believe the other country that has started bucking it is the UK.

  140. NES I am sure the far right WILL spend that $120 million to counteract Barack’s bullshit with THEIR bullshit.

    Yep, for sure, Upps. But, you know, the enemies of my enemies….

  141. There is a news story about the Illinois Governor signing legislation to change districts to favor democrats so that each district has been restructured to include a portion of democratic strongholds. It is the equivalent of Pennsylvania cutting up Philly into little blocks and sticking the high population left leaning voters into far away republican farm land regions of the state.

    This is one source for the story (the link I read and tried to put here was half a page long. lol)


    I saw this happen time and time again in Queens and other boroughs of NY when I was growing up. They are such crooks.

    As for the environmentalism comments above: There is more than one side to this issue. It is multifaceted and one of the most complex issues of modern times. It has long been something that is of utmost importance to me but there is no need to get all hot under the collar about it. I’ve been working on it in my life for 5 decades and things have certainly not always been the way I thought they were. I was fooled a few times by talented snake oil salesmen. Won’t get fooled again, I hope. I have been a member of greenpeace since they started that organization and have studied the planet all my life and it is a learning process that brings alarming revelations about pollution and destruction. That said, I do not buy Al Gore’s crap any more. I did – hook, line and sinker, from Earth in the Balance to his flick. Then I found out it was all CRAP and not science at all. He lied.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with those mercury bulbs being shoved up the asses of the GE execs on the decks of their yachts. I never wanted them near my house. And to hell with those wind turbines made in China that produce little energy and kill lots of migrating birds.

    Al’s newest mansion is near the coast. The hysteria over ocean levels rising was all lies. Even if it does rise over decades it isn’t as if it hasn’t happened before. Go to the top of any mountain and you can find evidence of it being under the ocean. I love finding sea shell fossils and sand on hikes high up ridges. Cool beans. Will it happen again? Yep, mother nature is wicked. We really are fleas on this planets back.

    Uppity – so sad about your brother. Keep that epi pen handy.

    Leslie, I felt much the same when my mother passed. Although time heals all wounds we always have an empty space where our loved ones used to be. It is filled with nothing but our memories. Hope you long remember your good ones and they make you smile.

  142. I do not see any instructions at all for posting quotes or anything else. Is there some way to activate it?

  143. twandx, as it turns out, buttons for all kinds of options occur in the comment boxes from the administrative panel only. Howver you can quote and do many other things using html codes around your text. Riverdaughter has a tutorial on how.

  144. Redistricting, a euphemism for cheating, has been going on forever. The idea is to carve up voting areas with the intent to seize power and ensure a specific party has it locked up. It is designed to dilute or shore up one party over another in districts. It’s original intent was to install ‘fairness’ based on population of a state, a county, or a city. Instead, our corrupt politicians found another way to legal manipulate the system. Again. And it’s not just a Democratic habit. Tom Delay did it to an entire state.

    Most of you need to take a look around at your local areas and ask yourselves why it is that your city lost population but still has the same number of council people, or your county has bled population and still has the same number of legislators, or why is it that your street is attached to a district that geographically makes no sense? If you looked at your own districting maps you would be horrified as to why a specific demographic is carved in such a way that the people across the street from you are in a different district.

    The Census, which in it’s last effort, has identified huge population losses in states. Watch the carving up and splitting up of districts that have lost the most population as congress critters are dropped from the roster and your voting power in congress is diluted. Then notice how your state and local elected slots don’t change in number at all. Funny, that.

    In local areas, look for loss of population and representative slots and then look for New Rules that include elected slots that should have gone away because their districts have gone away, but instead they are now elected to citywide slots, called “citywide” or “roving” or “at Large”. This is designed so entrenched politicians don’t have to go away like they are supposed to, by setting up stub slots that are purported to represent “everybody”.

  145. NES, the “enemies of my enemies are my friends” habit has gotten the USA more grief and pain than pretty much any other philosphy in politics.

    We gave chemical weapons to saddam because he was the enemy of our enemy. We trained Osama Bin Laden and his sycophants as “freedom fighters” because they were going to be the enemy of our enemy. We helped put the taliban in place. We stopped Russia from stopping the Taliban, did we not? Our habit of embracing the enemy of our enemy has not worked out very well for us.

    In life, it’s never wise to support the enemy of your enemy when the enemy of your enemy is your enemy or has ambitious goals. It is far better to help both your enemies destroy each other. In the 70s, there was a book entitled Games People Play. One of the most succcessful ‘games’ was called “Let’s You And Him Fight”. This was when you got two of your enemies to destroy one another while you watched.

  146. One more datapoint that the Gen X and Y cohorts are sexist as all get-out.

  147. Yeah it’s an interesting omen for THEIR future, ugsome. For starters, it’s all about men perpetuating their otherwise useless last name, and like wih China, their spawns will be having a hard time finding a woman to spawn with when the numbers are askew. But more amusing is, do they really think their sons will be wiping the dribble from their chins when they are old and feeble? And do they not imagine that their kids are learning from them how to throw away the elderly so that when it’s their turn…….well, you get the picture.

    Bears repeating: Human beings are the only species where the female actuallly gives birth to her own oppressor and then cooperates to teach that oppressor how to oppress.

  148. NES, the “enemies of my enemies are my friends” habit has gotten the USA more grief and pain than pretty much any other philosphy in politics.

    You are CORRECT, Upps, it usually backfires. But, I can’t help it in this instance — Bammy robs me of my better judgment.

  149. I know, NES. I know. He makes us all crazier than a rat in a coffee can. Because we know what a mess he is.

  150. Thank you, Greenconciousness, for the great comment on environmentalism and overpopulation.

    I agree with you and respectfully disagree with Uppity on climate change. I know too much about the science, which is actually quite robust and does take into account the many factors that affect the planet’s overall temperature. The scary part is that there is a feedback loop, and if we do nothing (which seems likely), overall temperatures will increase exponentially. The world will still exist, but most species on it, including our own, will be toast.


  151. Even the NYT (!) finds Cuomo more than trumps Bam in leadership: http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/25/cuomos-presidential-moment-forms-contrast-with-obama/#

    I’m generally of the view that individual politicians receive both more credit and more blame than they deserve, with legislative and electoral outcomes usually determined by broad cultural, economic and political undercurrents. But the type of leadership that Mr. Cuomo exercised — setting a lofty goal, refusing to take no for an answer and using every tool at his disposal to achieve it — is reminiscent of the stories sometimes told about with President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had perhaps the most impressive record of legislative accomplishment of any recent president.

    It’s also a brand of leadership that many Democrats I speak with feel is lacking in President Obama.

  152. djmm, green, et al lurkers… rre: Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming.

    .This is a sensitive issue on this forum and results in a gang war everytime a person shows up and thinks it’s up for discussion as a way to dominate the board. My point is, I think it’s (Climate change, formerly global warming) raw bullshit and Al Gore is the chief bullshitter. And I’m being nice by saying that, because my feelings about it are much stronger than I am expressing. So all I ask is that the discussion of this issue be taken to sites where it is appreciated instead of making work for me when the majority of the longtime members of this forum hop in and yell bullshit. It’s just not a good topic here and all I am saying is, I go to many blogs whose bloggers I simply adore. I agree with them on MANY things, and some things I don’t agree with them on. Bloggers are not clones of one another and just because I don’t agree 10 percent of the time doesn’t make them someone I would write off. But when I don’t agree I give them courtesy and don’t try to upset the equalibrium of the forum. That would be rude in my mind.And because I disagree, I wouldn’t see it as license to attack members of that forum, even unto calling them goddamned liars. Not that all of you have done any such thing, but it has been done. I give courtesy to the blogger because blogs are NOT democracies. They are owned by bloggers, many of whom bust their asses to maintain readership. They settle into a niche and they follow through with it. What I am asking for is a little courtesy here, is all, because I don’t appreciate food fights. I respect your right or anyone’s right to believe what they want, I just don’t want encouragement to dominate with topics I know aren’t going to end well, is all. I don”t let Obots on this board for the same reasons. Please do not ruin my Sunday, especiallly if you have already ruined other days for me. My patience does occasionally wear very thin–and eventually it runs out completely.

    I hope I expressed my feelings in a palatable way.

  153. Uppity, it is your blog and an excellent one it is. Topics are your call.


  154. djmm thanks for reminding me why I enjoy you so much.

    Karen, let me be clear. I never had a bong. I had a five hose hookah.

  155. I’ll bet Karen used to smoke hashish from a screen on the opening of a coca cola can and a straw. I read about that.

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