Open thread and Rossini’s Le duo des chats

Now I know I’ posted this sometime in the past, but, the heavy crosses aside, these two boys were very good and Le duo des chats just plain makes you smile. 

Le Chen is going to be so jealous!


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  1. Meow!

  2. Our kind of story. Woman bites off her attackers tongue. Woman was leaving church when she was attacked by a man that stuck his tongue in her mouth. Wrong move. She bit it off. The cops recovered a piece of tongue and it matched a man that went for medical help for a missing tongue. I hope this story is reported near and far.

  3. Priceless, Honora. I guess he might consider himself lucky he didn’t try to force her to blow him.

  4. Oh wow, different version of Lorena Bobbit, and similarly effective! Awesome!

  5. I keep thinking of that very old song Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone. lol.
    He won’t be. I’m going to do a post on this one. This week’s cockroach.

  6. Oh Look! The original Biltmore Big Band version!

  7. Loved the Meow video. I’d like to see the music for that written out. These men who force women to do BJ’s are asking for it. I guess fear keeps them from doing the obvious.

  8. Dog in French is Chien. Just sayn’.

  9. Close enough!

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