Secretary Clinton’s and President Obama’s Remarks at GLIFAA Event for LGBT Pride Month

The State Department Co-hosted a LGBT Pride Celebration in DC.

From Still For Hill

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here are Barack Obama’s comments.


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  1. Damn I wish she was our president.

  2. Hey Imust, Freedom Fairy is friends with her. Sophie B.

  3. A Woman’s Place Is In The White House
    Love That.

  4. Utah’s dog as Cowboy Bob.

    Utah’s dog goes fishing.

    Utah’s dog picks up his first date.


  5. Love dogs.

  6. Lordy that dog has a lot of patience. 😉

  7. FF is BFF with Sophie B!! Wow!

  8. What a truly amazing human being – Hillary is everything that modern politicians are not – honest, true, amazing. What a loss for the people of the world.

  9. Pro Lifers and Repubs are at it again in Ohio

    Majority Republicans in the House and Senate approved sweeping restrictions on abortion rights today, including a far-reaching ban that those on both sides of the debate say would essentially outlaw all abortions.

    House Bill 125 the so-called heartbeat bill would prohibit abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be medically detected, generally six to seven weeks into pregnancy and before many women realize they are pregnant.

    The House approved the bill largely along party lines by a vote of 54 to 43, sending it to the Senate.

    “For every battle weary pro-lifer who didn’t see how children were going to be protected in our lifetime, come see what God is doing in Ohio,” said Janet Folger Porter, former legislative director of Ohio Right to Life who led the push for the legislation.

    The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, said the bill would establish that life begins when a beating heart can be heard and dismissed widespread speculation that the legislation will be struck down as unconstitutional.

    Story continues at link:

  10. Angi made a green grape pie. Interesting.

  11. Kind of makes you wonder at what point congress decided to hijack the settled laws of USA and block whichever ones don’t suit their personal philosophy.

  12. Did someone mention PIE?

  13. Hmmmmm. Not too sure I am interested in green grape pie. I have tons of them growing though. But pie? “Interesting”?

  14. It taste good, just a bit sweet. Grapes a just a bit odd in a pie.

  15. Hey Imust, Freedom Fairy is friends with her. Sophie B.

    {{{‘Friends’, doncha mean, Upps?}}}
    Ssssssssshhhhh, lorac will hear and be all J.

  16. And, a Man’s Place is baking pies and throwing pottery.

  17. That’s a show dog! Cute.

  18. “Rare specimen of actual Democrat with Leadership skills.”

    67th SOS

    3rd GLIFAA event since she became SOS.

    1st GLIFAA recipient.

    We knew in 2008. This country has been screwed by Obama. If only HRC had been allowed to win as she would have!

  19. Thanks for the link, BCL.

    The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, said the bill would establish that life begins when a beating heart can be heard and dismissed widespread speculation that the legislation will be struck down as unconstitutional.

    Note that the bill’s sponsor is a woman. How exasperating! It all seems hopeless when women stab women in the back.

  20. DE, imust will be over, pronto, to inspect it.

  21. Send Karen over. She’ll eat anything.

  22. DE, imust told me to send you this urgent message (she’s on her way to your digs):

    Back away, verrrrry slowwwwwly, from that pie, and no one’ll get hurt.

  23. I think we’re in a refreshingly new era when an Obama-fluffer major blog like says this in an article ( attacking Michele Bachmann’s slim resume:

    Of course, having a thin legislative résumé isn’t a dead end for a presidential run — Obama started running for president just two years into his Senate term and didn’t have a substantive list of congressional accomplishments.

    Finally, the MSM may be cognizing how ridiculous, nay embarrassing, their worship of the HollowOne is.

  24. I never met a PIE I didn’t like NES.

  25. So, imust, how was that pie?

  26. HollowOne


  27. NES I’m afraid I’m out of luck until Uppity perfects her app to send food over the internet. Until then imustonlyimagine.

  28. I cannot imagine a grape pie, but I do have this delicious chicken concotion that involves green grapes – wine sauce and hollandaise. Imust, you are welcome to partake – but you have to come visit.

    NES, the media will never fully admit their perfidy and compliance in a stolen election. The big boys are moving and shaking, trying to figure out who is their best bet. From the report you cited, the O man seems to have po’d some of his backers and they’re looking for new, pliable raw meat. If it weren’t so freaking sad and it didn’t affection many millions of people. I’d enjoy them eating their own creations.

  29. My doggie is a ham plain and simple lol. He actually likes this stuff.

    You know Uppity I have to say HRC is about the only thing classy in DC these days.

  30. I do not eat pie period. Never aquired a taste for it. I did smaple a grape pie once and have to say it was vile. Oh did I mention lol grapes are vile to me too. About the only pie I actually do like is Pumpkin sans crust and Peach sans crust so since the crust tastes bad to me no reason to go to the effort to have pie. I am more of a cake eater and even that I am finicky about. I am not big on sweets.

  31. since I am not a pie eater nor ice cream eater am I banned ?? lol.

  32. Can I get a pengy too?

  33. Tomorrow is Lorac LURKER Wednesday! Oh, MY, how can I top UW’s comparison of Hillary and The Cricket Fraud’s remarks on gay pride…..?

    NES – I’m JJ in that situation – J that FF knows Sophie, and J that Sophie knows FF!

  34. utah, if you are banned, I am as well. Although I do like pie – the only pie I like is what I make (My mom taught me well re pastry). I have never liked cake – nor muffins or cookies – not sure why but there ya go. Funny thing, my daughter is a pastry chef and while I taught her about pastry, I never really enjoyed it beyond what I make, and I can count on one hand how many I make in a year. Mind you, I made crepes this morning and a rhubarb compote to put on them with cottage cheese. BTW, your dogs are magnificent and you must be a very special person – can I send you Milly for a couple of weeks?

  35. Hey, NES – I’m listening to more of the Casey Anthony case, and these legal questions come up –

    – Why are trial attorneys always either defense or prosecutors? (I mean, it seems they make a career of one or the other). Is it ideological (for lack of a better word!), or does it have something to do with the system? Is it something you have to declare while still in law school, and then you are on different “tracks” depending on which choice you made, learning different things? Do you have to learn so much case law preparing to be an attorney, that you really have to pick one or the other, because no way could you study what both sides have done…?


  36. I was going to say, “Hi HT!!!!”, until I read:

    BTW, your dogs are magnificent and you must be a very special person – can I send you Milly for a couple of weeks?

    I just burst out laughing! You are SO smooth, young lady!!!!!! ROFL

  37. His44’s post is one week old and they have 709 comments – I’m not sure if they can still comment, there’s an error message at the bottom of the page. Hope everything is okay.

  38. imust, if someone invented that app, people would pay any price to get it!

    Utah, like her or not, even her detractors would have to say that she is extremely competent and she at least has the balls to take a stand on things, unlike the twit in chief with his finger in the wind.

  39. NES NES NES. Pengys have to be earned!

  40. Hey lorac, I happen to know for a fact that FF did breakfast with Sophie. Take that.

  41. Nevermind lorac, I am looking forward to whatever you do tomorrow. If you do nothing, your fans will surely hang you from the highest tree.

  42. Hey gang. Check this one out, you won’t believe it.

    Hey if Barack wants to know how many seniors are getting ditched by doctors because medicare was cut , set up a hot line, you white house pissants. Seniors are so pissed off at you assholes, I would pay money to hear their messages. There’s a demographic you can kiss goodbye, morons. Keep up the good work and you will all be packing your boxes soon enough.

  43. Exactly what is barack going to do about doctors dropping medicare patients and why does he have to sneak to find out? It’s no secret. What’s he going to do make a law forcing them to take the pissant payment he reduced medicare to so he could steal 500 billion for his insurance buddies?

  44. lorac, ALL trial lawyers work on cases where there is a complainent and a respondent. It’s that way in cvil cases too. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a trial. NES is a trial lawyer herownself.

  45. BRAINTREE, England — A British woman who was starved of oxygen for 30 minutes and given up for dead by her family made a miraculous return to life, in a case that left medics baffled.

    Jean McDonald was expected to die after doctors at Broomfield Hospital in Essex, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) northeast of London, removed her breathing tube, the Braintree and Witham Times reported Wednesday.

    The 64-year-old grandmother of 16 had suffered a massive cardiac arrest, forcing doctors to place her in an induced coma.

    Medics said that she was marked 4.5 out of 5 on a scale that measures brain damage at the time when her breathing tube was removed.

    But after being clinically dead for almost 30 minutes, McDonald emerged from her coma.

    Her family had already said their goodbyes and even removed locks of her hair as mementos.

    McDonald is now able to talk, eat, walk and shower. Her family expects her to be discharged from the hospital next week.

    Read more:

  46. HT, like I toldja. Hounds are in a class all by themselves. lol. If a hound needed me I would take him in and feed him. Then I would be on the phone before morning trying to place him. Hee hee.

  47. Silly, UW, I know THAT lol

    But it seems that attorney A is ALWAYS a defense attorney, while attorney B is ALWAYS a prosecutor – throughout their careers. I’m wondering why lawyers don’t take any cases, and sometimes be the prosecutor for trial x, but be the defense attorney for trial y.

  48. lorac, looks like gramma didn’t agree with their diagnosis, and I would pay a good price to hear the story of what went on in her head for those 30 minutes.

  49. I just ate three bananas. is there such a thing as pottasium overdose? I get these organic bananas and almost forgot what real bananas taste like. Now I remember.

  50. UW – do we (you lol) know of any sites that have catalogued all the vitriol and sexism thrown at Hillary, from the republican years, to the bot years…..? I thought I heard it referenced or saw it once, but I can’t remember where….

  51. lorac, well in civil case they do both. A trial lawyer could represent the respondent or the complainent. Most times, though, they specialize. Same deal in criminal cases, I would imagine.

  52. HT thanks for the invite….I’ll be right over….jk 😉

    If FF is friends with Sophie (had breakfast w/her!) and Sophie knows Hillary….then FF is kinda friends with Hillary! FF is a FOH!!! (friend of Hillary!) I am jealous too!!

    Blasphemy against the sacred PIE spoken on this blog!!!! imustprotest! (hence the name)

  53. You know, if an incumbent president has to raise record breaking amounts of money just to squeak back into office because his “message” and “record” with a decent amount of fundraising won’t cut it, you’d think they might get a clue that he shouldn’t be there.

    If they want to put money back into the pockets of Americans in this economy, they should stop encouraging donations to this Fraud.

  54. I know that if I were practicing law, I could never defend some of the shitbags we read about. There is no way I would want them in my air space.

  55. imust, don’t concern yourself with those naysayers.

    They’re just grapeists.

  56. lorac, to Barack it’s all about elections and nothing else. He doesn’ give a shit about the USA, just his own ass.

  57. imust far be it for me to blaspheme a pie, but geeze, green grapes????

    I have tons of green grapes on my property. They make GREAT privacy. If I had any brains I’d be making wine.

  58. I see DE is gone. Must be in the john. We all know what grapes do to you.

  59. lorac, Donna Darko had a great catalogue of stuff but now her blog is gone.

  60. Tis true Uppity, you did tell me, however I had already adopted said hound, so it was after the fact cause I would never give up a forever friend. Sigh – and she is beautiful and a wonderfully loving hound – I just don’t have the energy that I used to have so I worry that I’m not giving her enough to challenge her – she’s very bright – and incredibly dense at the same time, although I attribute that to her youth. She’s just an adolescent.

    lorac, see – us old guys have gumption and we refuse to give up if we haven’t taken care of all of our loose ends.

  61. Why doesn’t somebody just shoot this asshole in the head, save us some money and remove his ass from the gene pool?

    ;At a hearing last month to determine if he’s fit to stand trial, Loughner had an outburst in which he lowered his head to within inches of the courtroom table, lifted his head and began a loud and angry rant. “Thank you for the free kill. She died in front of me. Your cheesiness,” according to a court transcript. It wasn’t clear who he was referring to.

    Do not expect me to feel sorry for this psycho. I am sick of this shit. You can’t commit the sicko bastards, they have all these rights and can refuse treatment, stop taking their psycho pills, etc etc, and then they kill innocent people and I am supposed to say awwwwwww poorrrrrrrr baby1

  62. Uppity you little ol’ winemaker you! Whattayaknow. I came across this video of you and FF stomping grapes in your backyard:

  63. They’re just grapeists

    Yeah. And we’re sick and tired of you Grapeapologists.

  64. Now THIS REALLY pisses me off. BARACK OBAMA’S SPECIAL COMMITTEE TO KILL OFF WOMEN made a big to do about how mammograms aren’t necessary. Then insurers and STATEs cut back on mammograms, working hard to kill women, and now it comes out that mammograms are necessary for the very people they cut off. I am sick of these pigs. Do you think insurers will pick up on this and reverse their murderous ways. Obama had that quack committee do women in.. There wasn’t even an oncoloigst on that ‘panel’. Killers.

  65. hahah imust. I used to make wine with my grandfather when I was a kid. He had this humongous wine press.

  66. wine press? you mean you didn’t stomp them with your feet?

  67. anyway…back to PIES. Grape pie seems like it would be like a jam pie. Similar to a tart?

  68. Nope imust. the press took a whole crate of grapes and had a crank. You turned the crank and the top of the press came down and mashed them.

  69. The hard part was sorting the grapes. And he was really particular about that. he had a burrow under the house with access to the basement, so the grapes would go in through the little tunnel. He had a wine barrel room too. It was fun. I sold his wine press. I could kick myself for that.

  70. Too bad. With a label like “Uppity Woman Wine” you probably could have made a fortune! I’d buy a bottle….or a case!

  71. Hey I like it. Has a nice ring.

  72. Ht of course I would take Millie. What type of hound is she ? I had Black and Tan coonhounds way back. I like hounds but they are a bit stubborn.

  73. Anyone know how to snag a video from either Hannity or O’Reilly from today? I want to illustrate a point, and it would be better with the video. I’ve looked on youtube and on Fox. Can’t seem to find today’s stuff – do videos usually have a lag time…?

  74. utah! no, no, no! Don’t give HT an out! She LOVES that dog, and her dog loves her! What HT forgets, is that her dog is also going to start slowing down, and then they’ll be in sync!

    Anyway, that dog only speaks Canadian! 🙂

  75. The Hillary speech is terrific, natch. There is no doubt the people in that room have realized the mistake made by the koolaid slurpers. You can hear the wow factor in the applause and the looks on their faces. I’d say better late than never, but I am still a bitter old hag.

  76. A point from Fox. That’s rare. I just accidentally caught that POS Whiny Hannity completely denying that hillary got skewered in 2008, not to mention more than a decade before that by the likes of pigs like him, and he’s whining over poor Michelle Bachman and how the “conservative” women are the ones who get tortured. What a Crock of hot shit that guy is. I resent this to the nines. Sarah and Michelle have to get about ten years of this shit to catch up and I am sick and tired of them pretending their little girlz are victims but they haven’t victimized Hillary, who got tortured by the Republicans for a decade AND got tortured by the Democrats in 2008. Furthermore, it was FOX and their women hatred that helped Baarack. Now they are stuck with him. To this very moment, Hillary is still the best candidate, including their yahoo lineup. Fuck them and their phony amnesia.

  77. Ack, you’re reading my mind for lorac Wednesday!

    Guess I have to do without the videos – maybe they’ll be posted later…..

  78. Try fox news channel. They have the video section. Horrible web site from the 90s, but it’s all there. Also try youtube and see if Hannity has his own asshole channel.

    And when Michelle catches up to this, tell that fucking liar Sean to let me know. Rubber haired blowass.

  79. He had the nerve to say If that were hillary they wouldn’t stand for it. Bullshit.

  80. imust you are one very astute funny person – don’t ever stop.

    lorac – you stop young lady! I would never give up Milly, however if Utah could train her – thereby saving me months of grief then I might – and I emphasize “might” be willing to part from her for a month or two – not really but it’s part of my whole mystique – will I or won’t I.
    Seriously, Milly drives me nuts, but she’s family. She’ll adapt. Funny, just spent the weekend with daughter and hubby – daughter who trained to be a forensic whatever and is now a pastry chef. Funny how life gets in the way. BTW I never tried to influence her one way to t’other but she now says that my lessons on how to cook was what inspired here – who woulda thunk it. My beloved baby is doing something I would never in my life considered – forensic stuff for sure, pastries – not on your life.

  81. I am SO GLAD you are covering this!

  82. why thank you HT!
    Uppity/lorac! I just saw the Hannity you were talking about! Who was that guy that Hannity was debating? He was a Democratic operative and at least he acknowledged the sexism and misogyny that was hurled at Hillary in the 08 SElection. You’re right Uppity, I wanted to reach into the TV and smack that Hannity saying that Republican women were treated worse than Hillary.

  83. Which hannity show is it, The Tool has several of them.

  84. not really but it’s part of my whole mystique – will I or won’t I.


    imust – I think the part you are referring to was with Moe Lane (?), he used to work for Hillary

  85. Yes lorac, that was his name.

  86. lorac, go to 6:30 and listen to this tool pretend Hillary had it easy. But this is not the one I caught. The one I caught was with the two women on his show.

  87. give me the link and I will load it into vodpod for you.

  88. I think the vid I posted is the guy you are talking about. But the one I saw had a D and R woman and the D woman did a great job pointing out the Hillary amnesia.

  89. That’s the one I just saw Uppity.

  90. I really truly hate Hannity. He embodies everything that is wrong with the Republican party.

  91. imust that must have been the second half, with the guy. Because we all know Hannity loves to repeat his whines often and beat them to death.

  92. This is the clip I want to use – I don’t know how media matters so fast….

  93. Ok I’ve got the video page. Hold on

  94. IF anyone can figure it out, Uppity can…

  95. Okay got it. It’s saved in a draft…title “counry fair, media matters”. Open it up and copy the code and put it into your post. Make sure if you copy from the VISUAL editor that you put it in your post from the VISUAL editor.

  96. yes and it’s like one of those “behind the scenes” documentaries. “The Making of Lorac Wednesday”

  97. lol imust. you’re cracking me up. She’s got the right code now. Should work.

  98. Heck, yeah…. and let’s get socal involved…. maybe she can hook us up as a reality show! (as long as we don’t have to become sleezy alcoholics who have no life lol)

  99. HooRAY! How did you do it? Will the master reveal the secret?

  100. lorac put the code in your post and see if it works. I want to go to bed. I have to get up at 6 and it’s 1:30.

  101. maybe a “mockumentary”? or a “blogumentary”? …..

  102. I thought I earned a pengy with the “HollowOne” label for Bam….

  103. UM – where did you put the code?

  104. I tested it in my draft and it’s fine. So you just have to make sure you copy it right.

  105. I’m tired too and it’s only 10:30 here…..

  106. are you talking about the huge embed code?

    or the short code that showed up here when I posted the huge embed code?

  107. Whoa on the breakfast — lorac is surely screwed, so to speak, if it was a 12-omelette breakfast.

  108. yay! NES is here!

  109. Do you think Sophie B reads this blog?

  110. Ok I am going to shoot myself in the head if you don’t pay attention.

    1. go to drafts
    2. See draft post with media matters title.
    3. Open the post in edit
    4 copy the code in visual editor
    5. close the draft post
    6. open YOUR post in editor
    7. Paste the code in visual editor where you want it.
    8. save it.

  111. NES, you often make me laugh, because you post responses to an much earlier comment from someone else, and you don’t give much hint whom you’re addressing or the context. I always have to scroll up to see what you’re talking about – and THEN let out my delayed laughter lol

  112. Why would someone great like sophie b read a pissant like me.

  113. ooooo…..secret blog codes….shhhh……imustclosemyeyes so I don’t see the codes!

    oops, bad mistake….now…..i’m…fffallllllllllliiiiiiiiingggggggg aslee……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. FF, why don’t you and Sophie read the blog tomorrow while you’re having your eggs, while lorac is curled up in a little ball, a little ball shaped like a J !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    And don’t forget to mention that I’m the one she has been waiting for lol

  115. lorac please do what I told you to do now. I cannot stay up much longer.

  116. Goddammit. Good night.

  117. Doing it now

    omg I’ve taken you to the Green level of anger!

    I’m hurrying, I’m hurrying

  118. WHAT! That woke me up!

    A “pissant” like you?!? What are you talking about? You’ve got a great blog and lots of great readers…you said so yourself! Besides, if Sophie knows FF and she likes Hillary….well, this is a great pro-Hillary blog!

  119. uh-oh…..imusthavegottenloracintrouble with all my Sophie B talk! Sorry lorac!

  120. green level….that sounds bad…..exit stage right————->

  121. UW, if you’re still here – in your instructions – I’m sorry, I need more clarity –

    1. go to drafts – are you talking about the media matters site? If so, how do I go to draft on someone else’s site?
    2. See draft post with media matters title. (again, at their site? My draft doesn’t have a title yet)
    3. Open the post in edit – I think I’m always writing in edit
    4 copy the code in visual editor – yes, I use this, I don’t know html
    5. close the draft post
    6. open YOUR post in editor
    7. Paste the code in visual editor where you want it.

    I’m sorry, I’m confused

  122. No. I am talking about THIS site. You have NO NEED to go to media matters. I want you to go to the ALL POSTS section and then click on the DRAFTS tab, like you do to find YOUR draft when you are writing. You will see other drafts there. The one above yours that says MEDIA MATTERS, COUNTY FAIR or some such shit contains the video! Open it as if it is YOUR draft and copy the CODE. Then close it and open your post you are working on and paste the code there.

  123. Vodpod videos no longer available.

  124. Ok theres your code. I said I have to get up at 6. I think I have earned the right to go to bed. It is past 2 AM here, not 11.

  125. Hey imust!

  126. Wonderful post! Hillary is such a natural leader!

    Lorac, prosecutors are employees of the state and are not usually well paid. While some stay prosecutors their whole careers, many learn the ropes as prosecutors and later switch to playing defense.

    Great link about mammograms, Uppity. They are critical. They are necessary for all women, but not enough for women with dense breasts (most young women and 1/4 older women), because mammograms are harder to read in such cases. Such women should consider adding an ultrasound. Mammograms alone detect half the cancer in such cases, while adding ultrasound brings it up to 97%. See:
    Yes, we should make sure insurance pays for it. (They pay for Viagra, don’t they?)


  127. Newsweek on my BFF:

    One detects the beginning of the MSM’s man-crush. Bam must be sooooo J.

  128. Okay I peeked. Might as well just stay up. I peeked. I see you got the video in right. But more importantly, your post is a freaking blockbuster.

  129. Next thing you knoiw, Chris will get all tingly over his pee pee and Brian will be hoping to get a tour of his bedroom for a show, just to see if it’s as hot a bedroom as barack’s was for him. They will all be jostling for who gets to do the next close inteview, you know, the ones where their knees almost touch, but not quite, ala Grecian Urn! Jon will catch a fly during one of the interviews and they will compare it to barack’s fly and lo and behold Jon’s fly is bigger!

  130. … where their knees almost touch, but not quite, ala Grecian Urn!

    Also, David Brooks will drool over the crease in Jon’s trousers and declare him presidential.

  131. G’nite Uppity sleep tight – don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  132. scccccccccccccccccccccrrrrreeetttchhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  133. Of course the size of the fly is absolutely critical! The bigger the better.

  134. […] No, it’s not just Israel, or North Korea, or foreign policy. While Obama evolves from amoeba to paramecium on gay marriage, from overt gay-bashing to an S&M relationship with gay people – Hillary Clinton outrageously, flamboyantly, expressed her views on a matter of mostly domestic concern: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday offered her approval of New York’s just-passed same sex marriage law. […]

  135. Of course the size of the fly is absolutely critical! The bigger the better.

    …and the fly will always be recalled as much bigger than it actually was.

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