I have no post today. So Bill is handling it.

Bill said here’s your post. Don’t forget to watch the whole thing:


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  1. Bill, that was a cool video. Good job.

    Why am I awake?

  2. Way to go, Uppity, and ‘ditto’ Bill.

    Awhile back I ordered two of your/FF’s ‘Nobody says nothing’ stickers, intending to put one on the rear window of my car. Because of one particular town I park in at times, that seemed a bit scary. So I wound up sending one to Russ Feingold who was soliciting for some kind of progressive group, and in his enclosed literature was a quote from Obama which Russ hoped I would find as fascinating as quoting Confucius. The other was returned in a Palin mailing; thought whoever opened her stuff would get a laugh seeing it, and maybe even order some from you.

    Now I need more. Don’t know who will get them next, but they are addictive. Thanks to you both.

  3. my new favorite economist and guest on Morning Joe… Jeffrey Sachs! He just laid out in 1 minute what is wrong with America and what to do about it. He said that Americans are not polarized, that there is a large consensus that we have to stop spending money on wars and the military Ind complex and tax cuts for corporations, along with the public option to lower healthcare costs. He said that citizens do not have a say because the corporations that buy the politicians do not allow them to vote for getting rid of tax loop holes.
    He is so right. This country is not run for or by the people anymore. Here is his wiki page. Can we get him to run for Pres?

  4. Pam, Stroudsburg? Don’t answer.
    What has happened to the Poconos in the last 10 years has not been pretty. Every night on the news there is another murder or drug bust brought to you by the scum leaving NYC and moving in to Monroe county.

  5. What teresa said @6:20.

    I’m off today and awakened earlier than when I’m going to work.

  6. teresainpa: What has happened to the Poconos in the last 10 years has not been pretty.
    True, no argument from me. But I give the state police a high five for doing their part by snagging the drug dealers for speeding, broken tail lights, etc. Once the car has been pulled over, they are pretty good at getting around to searching the vehicle, then finding significant things. Sometimes I am foolish enough to think that the drug war here can be won.

    As to my location, I give clues now and then; it’s not particularly a secret, but as you have already surmised, I don’t wish to advertise either. 🙂 For now, suffice it to say that not a lot of people are willing to live where I do, so the immediate area remains fairly rural, sparsely populated..

  7. MKBill! Thanks for the morning chuckle! We used to enjoy jig saw puzzles- but Kozmoe and Sabrina enjoyed them a little TOO much!

  8. Pamela, are you bitter and often clinging to your guns?

  9. Miami suffered the same fate as Poconos. Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue were the place to be, the first major outdoor shopping district. Everybody headed to Miami for some fun and entertainment, and there weren’t any horizontal bodies blocking your path. Now, you might not even get out of the airport intact.

  10. Pamela, you can get her Nobody Says sticker by clicking on the link on the right sidebar.

  11. Hi everyone going to go out and weed garden today and the off to try out the new lens I just got. We will see what this baby can do once I get it figured out lol.

  12. News: That f*ckwad weiner’s wife is taking time off from her job and from him. That POS deserves to find his clothes in the driveway when he gets home.

    Abedin, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child, plans to take time off from her senior job with the State Department as well as some time off from her husband by heading to an undisclosed location.

    Now you can jerk off on the web all you want, f*ck face. She’s smart enough to be embarrassed and you aren’t even that.

  13. RIP Flippy Cat. He made countless dominoes videos in his heyday.

  14. Chavez has cancer. Chaves IS a cancer.

    Well Hugo, so much for you convoluted imagining that you could be president forever.

    What a fundamental error,” he said at a podium, flanked by the Venezuelan flag and a portrait of 19th-century independence hero Simon Bolivar, the namesake of his Bolivarian Revolution political movement.

    What a Narcissistic Despot you are.

    Expressing confidence that he will continue to get better, Chavez said: “I invite you all to continue climbing new summits together.”

    Translation: I will continue to climb over your bodies as long as I can. He had to leave his own shithole to get treatment. His subjects don’t have that kind of luck.

  15. I hope Huma’s undisclosed location is a divorce lawyer’s office.

  16. Hi all! I’ve not vanished completely, but have been lurking as time allows. Had a friend in last week for Pride Weekend and then the mom and brother of my recently-moved friend and neighbor who was a victim of suicide by anti-depressants on May 5th. They came down from Tennessee to get his stuff out of storage and take it back home. It’s a long, sad story, and they had with them a 48′ semi truck and we FILLED IT UP. I’ve not had as much sleep as I would want (or as I am used to) AND I have “the curse” after 15 months sans the annoyance, so I am really not in a good mood! LOL. Cramps and everything that goes with it. ^$@#((!)$……

    Also, Pat’s mom gave me his hardly-ever-been-used HP Pavilion Desktop computer. I have been upgrading it. When I turned it on I saw it had not been used since 2003 and it ran like a scalded dog. After updating the thing with 10 Million Microsoft Updates, it now slugs along like they all do after Microsoft get done with you. But it has a great Graphics card and two hard drives so all I need to do is add a bit more memory and I might actually be able to use Illustrator AND Photoshop in the same machine. But right now, I am moving FIVE HUNDRED TUNES from my old desktop to the new one. In addition, she gave me a BRAND NEW KitchenAide Stand Mixer! WOW! (I will be watching for Karen lurking in the pantry when I break it in!)

    Lorac = your post was great yesterday. I read it and all the comments late last night and you had me LOL when you were in the exchange with NES about your name. You are one funny woman, Clearly, Uppity’s influence is showing (in addition to your own very dry and quick wit!) I was thinking about you yesterday as I was walking into Best Buys….and if you are half as good looking as you are funny (AND SMART!), when is the wedding?

    The weather here has been dismal – very hot and humid with thunderstorms ALMOST making it to where I am daily but not quite. Not good for painting at all, so despite Uppity’s thoughts I am raking in the dough, I am not right now – but needed the break.

    Also, despite rumors to the contrary, Sophie B and I are not BFF’s. Sure, I had an early AM Breakfast with her and Gigi and others, but I don’t “correspond” with her as I do Gigi. You might characterize it as three degrees of separation, but I do feel blessed to be in such company, no matter how electronic in nature it is. Now, let that be all I read about that. I wouldn’t EVER want her or Gigi or anyone they know who may read here to think I was insinuating something that was just not the case. I hope to stay connected to both of them and see them when they are back in or near my ‘hood. I like and respect them both, and they are both TRUE PATRIOTS and love this country and see the ills the Dems have wrought, but I don’t think they are so mad they would take ANY Republican just to make a point. If I ‘know’ them at all it is politically and through reading SBH’s blog postings and my exchanges with Gigi, but to characterize us as pals would be wrong and imply something that is not.


    OK. I have to get going and get some paint samples for color match to my paint guys and then go see a client, but will BBL. Will have a holiday header and perhaps an “Uppity Mood Code” sidebar graphic soon…so beware! In another few days, life will be back to normal, and you will have to put up with me delurking!

    XOXOXO to you all

  17. votermom, on July 1, 2011 at 10:17 AM said:

    I hope Huma’s undisclosed location is a divorce lawyer’s office.


  18. Oh yeah. We all had breakfast with Sophie. No big deal.

  19. Hey votermom, he should consider himself lucky she didn’t kill him in his sleep.

    Weiner will soon be the poster boy for how low you can sink. No skills. No privileges. No elbow-rubbing with the Clintons. No wife. A patronage job. A crooked dick that everybody saw.

    Maybe he can do a speech circuit to lecture on how to sink lower than whale shit using your dick.

  20. Now – here is something that will scare the crap out of MOST Americans!

    “It’s only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go,” Obama said…”


    OMG! What a nightmare of a thought!

  21. See Uppity…even FF thinks Sophie reads this blog!

  22. votermom, on July 1, 2011 at 10:17 AM said:

    I hope Huma’s undisclosed location is a divorce lawyer’s office.
    for sure she is too good for this piece of s….ht


  24. Very O/T, but we have a baboon loose here in Jersey. No, not the governor. And like the Bronx Zoo Cobra, he has a twitter account – not as deliciously humorous as the Cobra, but some amusing Jersey stuff mentioned.



    I don’t blame you.

  26. So I suggested that perhaps we should then just leave the office vacant.

    Hell, I think it already IS vacant.

  27. Oh well now Delphyne, I have seen bears show up, only to be run over. But I tell you true, if I saw a baboon on my land, I would need a change of clothing.

  28. Alas, the jersey baboon twitterer should have left it to the person who did the cobra tweets.

  29. The Bronx Zoo Cobra was truly wonderful – arise and slither; any organic mice at Whole Foods – very, very clever and very funny. The baboon, not so much, but he did tweet the cobra about his escape. I’ll have to check Bill’s tweets as I’m sure that they’re quite clever, too!

  30. Are you reactionary Democrats planning on celebrating the 4th of July this year, or have you joined the New Left in denouncing this evil Right Wing Republican hate-fest? http://ace.mu.nu/archives/318311.php

  31. Yeah adagio, we’re planning on burning a coupla flags, maybe throwing some rocks through Repbulican store fronts. The usual.

  32. Geeze I better take the flag down from my sidebar or they will throw me out of my party. Oh wait a minute. They already threw me out of my party. Guess I will just have to work against them every chance I get.

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