Republicans: Doing Barack in using his own stupid, arrogant, snotty words

Maybe Barack should play golf even more often between fundraisers. This is what you get when you let children pick Presidents.

Obama feels very much like the obnoxious, intrusive host at a party we are not allowed to leave.

—John W. Smart

You “New Democratic Party” just keep running this cranky dissaffected snot, you hear? Then we will finally get rid of your shitty hijacked party and return to a real party of actual people instead of a party of elitist, snotty, limousine liberal, academic,  head-up-your-ass, Do As I Say Not As I Do bunch of misogynist hypocrites.  Maybe you should run Hypocrite Of The Year Al Gore as his VP, for a “change of pace,” hey? You nutcases have made a shambles of the Democratic Party and the USA. Now you will force America to return the country to your mirror image, the far right.

You should all be indicted for this.

I don’t think there’s enough cheating left for you to pull this re-election off. I’ll bet they are saving the best for last. This isn’t going to be a John McCain campaign, so you’d better start conjuring up more dead voters and Race Baiters, as if that will work again this time.

…..Or…you can admit you were a bunch of assclowns and run Hillary Clinton. Either way, have fun. We’ll wait.

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  1. don’ ya just love it??? :lol:
    WORDS DO MATTER!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Yeah. Just Words.

  3. I put john smart’s quote in the post.It’s perfect.

  4. Loved the young man from MI- as bad as it is- he believes he WILL make it!
    What is it that Aunt Uppity says? This IS AMERICA! We WILL come through this- somehow, someday.
    From your lips…..

    It is infuriating though. We knew he was full of hot air and we shouted it from the rooftops. We were unfortunately drowned out by the bought and paid for MSM and a horde of basement dwelling cheeto eaters.

  5. Yes, dear Mom. We will endure. It’s what we do. We are America. No snotty pissant will change that no matter how hard he tries.

  6. I work at a small liberal arts college in the Pacific North West – need I say more? Already the Obama 2012 bumper stickers are showing up on campus. Not terribly plentiful but it is summer. I had an argument with an administrator about the THREE wars Barry has us in now and all this person could say was that it was Bush’s fault. I actually laughed out loud when he used that as it was the first time I heard it in person. He said with great agitation that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan cleaning up after Bush. Well, I pointed out that we aren’t in Libya cleaning up after Bush. At that point the person turned his back and walked away.

    There was another staff person who said that she doubted anyone could make a difference as President (her way of excusing the terrible economy under Obama’s supposed leadership). So I suggested that perhaps we should then just leave the office vacant.

    There are some people who will NEVER take a good hard look at Obama. If they did they might have to admit that they were wrong.

  7. Skip to 1:18 to hear a the last Democratic President on the current economy.

    And if memory serves me correctly- I believe we had a damn good economy on his watch. Even though a bush left him with a mess.

  8. More of the President that was a DEMOCRAT! That knew how to fix the economy! Those were the days!

    Funny but I don’t remember Pres Clinton after two years in office still blaming everything on Bush I. Nice to see the Clinton Global Initiative is working on OUR economy. Nice, but scary in a way. I am used to him working on problems in third world countries- oh wait- barack is trying as hard as he can to turn us into a third world sharia shithole

  9. Hello ((((UPPITY’S))))

    Yeah, bill was dedicating a whole month to helping save our
    country from financial ruin, unfortunately a month isn’t long

    I’m happy he’s there, I always feel better when somebody I trust, gives a damn

  10. Jon Huntsman’s son crashes Romney rally.

  11. Well that was tasteless. Figures, Gen Y.

  12. I miss Bill Clinton :(
    And is it me or does he look not-so-good? Hillary looks younger every day and he looks older.

  13. He’s a heart patient. Nuff said.

    But Wolf looks like a corpse. Why the hell don’t they retire him. Along with that carcass cafferty.

  14. Yeah, I suppose that’s it. Cheney was a heart patient for decades and he only started showing it recently.

  15. Cheney’s been dead for years. They just jump start him and do a Weekend at Bernie’s thing with him. He doesn’t even have a heartbeat any longer. Testimony to special treatment the filthy rich who got there by robbing America get. You or I would have been buried more than a decade ago in his condition. They would have shoved a sear’s die hard in our chests and left us for dead.

  16. And speaking of dicks, my cousin who lives in Wyoming, tells me that the stadium at the U of W is named after Cheney and is referred to as “the dick.” Not a Mark Halperin reference.

    I love the fact that the Chosen One is able to watch all of the rats jumping from his sinking ship. Maybe he is in a postion to appreciate what is former mentor said—all the chickens are coming home to roost.

  17. Huntsman’s son just started Plebe Summer yesterday at the Naval Academy, so I am sure that all the fun and games are over for now. (It seems the picture was taken on June 22nd.)

  18. Have to run, but wanted to drop in to share a couple of things I saw today:

    From Australia: Another ME freak kills his daughter. (This is from AOLHuffpo, so don’t know if Upps wants links to Huffpo or not so heres the gist of it):

    “Ramazan Acar, Australian ‘Facebook Killer,’ Gets Life Sentence For Murdering Daughter After Social Media Threats

    An Australian man dubbed the “Facebook killer” after posting he was “bout to kill ma kid” on the social media site before repeatedly stabbing his two-year-old daughter and leaving her to die has been sentenced to life in prison.

    The AFP reports that Acar had picked up Yazmina at D’Argent’s home earlier that day, telling her was taking the girl to a local candy shop. After taking Yazmina, Acar communicated with D’Argent by phone and via a bizarre series of text messages, at one point telling her she would not get her child back and asking whether he should kill the girl in a car crash or stab her. “How does it feel to not have your child when I did not have mine for three months?” he is quoted as saying. He also said: “I loved you Rachelle and look what you’ve made me do.”

    Melbourne Magistrates Court Justice Elizabeth Curtain reportedly called the crime “chilling and horrific,” and said life in prison was the only appropriate sentence for Acar, who had pleaded guilty”

    Why is life in prison the only appropriate sentence for this beast? I think a slow and painful death would be far more appropriate. I am so disappointed in the Aussies lately.

    And of course, notice how he blames the mother…”look what you’ve made me do”. Hate these mfers.

  19. Alas, huffpo is okay now. We’re stuck with them. Besides,the obots are being driven away by their mirror images. Arianna threw them right under the wheels and walked off with cool millions on their backs. Karma. It is soooooooooo good.

    Kinda like what Taylor did only it’s the big time instead.

  20. One more goodie. Corps are complaining that they can’t find “skilled workers” in America. Of course not. The only skilled workers are in third world countries where a buck a day is considered a good wage.

    ‘Skills Gap’ Leaves Firms Without Worker Pipeline
    By AP, Posted Jun 30th 2011 @ 7:23AM

    “… the president of Ultra Scientific Analytical Solutions [a chemical mfg] has found himself in a vexing spot, struggling to fill openings that require specialized training in a state [Rhode Is] where the jobless rate is close to 11 percent, the third-highest in the nation. “It’s very difficult to find the right person, and there’s all walks of life trying to find jobs. I honestly think there’s a large swath of unemployable,” said Russo, “They don’t have any skills at all.”

    The article rattles on about how states are trying to train their stupid unemployed citizens.

    Now I realize there are plenty of dumb Americans, but in the good old days of my youth, companies had no trouble finding bright enough workers to t r a i n to do jobs. When I was only 18, I was trained to do complex electronics wiring for a satellite. Had to learn to operate a stitch welder and read blueprints. I had no previous experience, enjoyed the work and did a beautiful job according to my boss. Funny how corporations have no problem training little kids in China or bumfkistan. As Uppity says…just sayin’.

  21. That’s bullshit. Skilled labor abounds in the USA. They have been layed off over a period of a decade or more and they are all UNDEREMPLOYED now. Liars!!!!

  22. […] will it stop? When will it stop? When will the racism against Obama stop? How dare anyone (et tu Willard?) use Obooberama’s own… [Alright, at this point we might as well confess we are stealing liberally from an Uppity Woman's […]

  23. Yes H44!!!!!! Steal me! Steal Me!!!! Poach! Poach!!! Do it! More! More!

    “Uppity Bitter Clingy Woman”.

  24. I’m thinking the Dems are looking at 2012 as a throwaway, & are saving their decent candidates for 2016

  25. socal, horror upon horror. No wonder so many folks are depressed – so many evil things are happening.
    WRT Obama – does anyone with any kind of sense listen to him anymore – other than the students to which Katerhina referred?

    PMM – Clinton was a democrat for sure, and the last one other Hillary to have any kind of integrity and influence. Sad that.

  26. Then we will finally get rid of your shitty hijacked party and return to a real party of actual people instead of a party of elitist, snotty, limousine liberal, academic, head-up-your-ass, Do As I Say Not As I Do bunch of misogynist hypocrites.

    Which is why I think of them when I see this episode of South Park.

  27. Hahah wait till imust sees that clip, Fredster. You’re dead. Hahahaha.

  28. If you have a chance, go over to The Widdershins and leave a kind note for chatblu. She lost one of her furbabies last night.

  29. MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    That’s it! I’ve had it with these clowns! I’m running for President! You with me?
    23 Jun

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    Looking for campaign slogans for my Presidential Run. A candidate has to have slogans. They don’t need brains. Just slogans.

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    In addition to the free CAT SCANS. If I’m elected the dog next door will give you free LAB WORK. That’s more than health care reform gave U.
    23 Jun

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    One well placed scratch from me and no dirtball will be messing with the USA, let me tell you. I go for dangling objects. Ouch!
    23 Jun

    imustprotest imustprotest
    by MKBill2
    @MKBill2 I have some slogans for you Bill, no charge: CHANGE… litter box YES WE CAN…..sleep in a sunny windowsill all day
    23 Jun
    23 Jun

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    @imustprotest I like them. Must steal. I’m a NY politician. It’s what we do.
    23 Jun

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    I need slogans for my Presidential Race! Because like the clowns we have in charge, I am not going to do anything but make promises.
    23 Jun

    MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh
    What do I have to do to get a nomination here? Become a Mormon? Or just be mean about silly women who think they have rights?
    23 Jun

  30. FRED-STERRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  31. Actually, I thought the clip was funny!

  32. Wow Uppity. Hillary is 44 really liked this post! And why not? It’s great as usual. (I know you think I’m just being a suck up so you’ll forget about the dog thing last night….but I’m not, really!)

  33. My dog will read your comment just as soon as she’s done filing her teeth, imust.

  34. Sneeky Weekend News:

    Federal wiretapping nearly doubled in the past year.

  35. Well then, I’ll just have to introduce your dog to my toothy penguin! Pengy’s teeth are always sharp. And clean too, thanks to Aquafresh toothpaste!
    Oh, and here’s a PIE. Your favorite. Apple Carmel Walnut! :)

  36. ….perk!….Apple caramel walnut?
    I forgive you!

    Unfortunately, my dog doesn’t eat pie. Can I have hers?

  37. imust: But you’re not one of those San Fran snooty Dems who took over the party. ;-)

  38. I’m a “San Fran” bitter-clinger.

    (You know, doncha Fredster, that San Franciscans hate having their city called “San Fran”?)

  39. Perhaps Obama should just retire from speaking in public? Every time he opens his mouth lately, he inserts foot – kind of reminds me of a 60’s song – “Everything I touch turns to tears” – I think it was Cilla Black.

  40. Oh joy! Oh joy! I just opened my mailbox and what do I find? A three page letter from Michelle Obama of course! She’s asking for my help to Win The Future! My help….little ol’ bitter me!! WTF!! How should I respond? Listen to her last paragraph:

    “This campaign will be tough-even tougher than the last one. It will take all we have-all our energy, all our commitment-not just to win this campaign but to win the future. But we can prevail the same way we did in the last one: together.”

  41. imust, you gonna answer the letter? Please tell me you’re gonna answer the letter!

  42. This campaign will be tough-even tougher than the last one

    ……….now that everybody knows for sure what a bumbling, inept lazy snot my husband is.

  43. Hey, Meeechelle tried to warn us, remember? She said he was “stinky and snorey.” She was right.

  44. Will there be toasted-weiner jokes this Fourth?

  45. OT I know, but I wish to point out that my veggie garden looks fantastic.

  46. Thanks for the quote shout out. The good news is I actually said it!

  47. It’s the perfect quote, John, Embodies exactly how we all feel. Hell, I’m thinking of sidebarring it.

  48. It’s the kind of one-liner that embeds in one’s mind, JWS.
    We’re soooo J.

  49. Yes I agree with NES, John. I am sooooooooo J.
    I’ve been trying for three years plus to come up with one that good.

  50. re imusts letter: eww.

  51. Socal I captured that story of the shitbag who killed his daughter too. GMTA.

  52. Uppity, I thought it might have already been posted here but wasn’t sure, since I was gone all last week, and I thought the quote was so ridiculous, I thought I should post it anyway.

  53. Oh I didn’t write it up yet socal. Captured it today. That scum.

  54. Sorry NES, didn’t know that. I lived there in 1977. I was fresh out of high school & dated a record producer which was fun. I got to meet the SF rock community and go to all the North Beach clubs without waiting in line, which was hilarious I thought. We’d walk past the lines up to the door, and the bouncers would look at my bf and open the door.

  55. My mother used to say that if someone’s farts smell like roses, it is a sure sign that he or she is a saint. I guess I have yet to meet any saints, in San Fran or anywhere else.

  56. NES said: You know, doncha Fredster, that San Franciscans hate having their city called “San Fran”?

    I’m sorry. :-( It’s so much to type. Is S.F. acceptable to the natives?

  57. Uh-oh… Supernatural is getting ready to come on. That’s eye candy for moi.

  58. SF is cool.

  59. People living in Bumfuck County revel in being called “Bumfucks”. It is a source of pride to us.

  60. Beata yer my favorite Bumfucker of all time!

  61. Aunt Upps started that Bumfuck County business!

  62. I refuse to accept responsibility for anything I am really responsible for.

  63. Maria Shriver has filed for divorce from that neanderthal she’s been married to.

  64. WTF? DC is full of psychos and they start young. Five year old shoots four year old in back at DC playground.

  65. The shooter’s uncle, 29-year-old Dee Johnson, told the Washington Post that the boy found the gun outside and claimed that the boy’s mother, who lives in the apartment with three other children, does not keep guns in the house.

    Yeah and the fork ran away with the spoon.

  66. From the previous thread

    “NoEmptySuits, on July 1, 2011 at 11:49 AM said:

    FF – new idea for a bumper sticker:

    What Halperin Said!”

    Love it, but sadly no one watches MSNBC or knows who he is. Now, had it been someone important, you would have a great idea.

  67. Hahahah Freedom Fairy is right. Ten people will know who Halperin is.

  68. San Fran is pretty bad, but “Frisco” is the worst. And Uppity, you may have your dog’s pie, after all, Meeshoe said we have to all give up part of our pie.

  69. Well listen you San Fran people, the name of your city is just too damned long. So either change it or put up with Frisco.

    Besides, everybody knows that every few years or so, the country tips sideways and all the wierd people slide into San Francisco. The rest of us are really grateful.

    Octomom would last about 15 minutes where I am.

  70. Ah I see the death penalty is officially trashed in Illinois. This is good news for all the beasts that live there. now they can just kill over and over again what with that parole option. I’ll bet leslie is just thrilled.

  71. That frigging Google is trying to buy up Hulu. Somebody ought to wake up and think about anti trust laws with that shitty spyware company.

  72. That crazy bitch octomom is in the news again. This time she says she hates her kids. She said the oldest 6 are animals becuz she doesn’t have the time or energy to discipline them (I think 2 of them are disabled in some way) and the others are too much work. She only gets a break by eating a meal in the bathroom and cries all the time, blah, blah. What did this loon think having 14 kids would be like? Thats part of the problem with these stupid cable shows making “celebrities” out of these idiots that choose to have more kids than they could ever afford or take care of on their own, like the duggies and goblins, or whatever the heck their names are. Octodummy probably thought she’d get her own tv show and a team of nannies and a big house.

  73. Octomom should be spayed ASAP. The only things she knows how to do are pop out kids and bilk the taxpayer for support. She disgusts me.

  74. I saw that socal. She says she’s thought about suicide. CPS needs to get over there and take all those kids away stat.

  75. Yes her kids need to be removed from her air space and then she should be told to go ahead and jump.

  76. LA Times calls it “Single moms stress”.,0,7144718.story?track=rss

  77. Now *she* is a breeder for sure.

  78. Bahahah Halperin’s 2008 gaff is front and center now, where he called Barack a “Pussy”. I think he got it right. Both times. But wait, check out THIS bonus

    HALPERIN [discussing John Edwards’ potential endorsement of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama]: I can tell you, he’s really skeptical of her ability to be the kind of president he wants. But, he kinda thinks Obama is…he thinks Obama is kind of a pussy…He has real questions about Obama’s toughness, his readiness for the office.

    Read more:

  79. I see they framed Klaus’ victim just long enough for him to be released, return to france and ensure he will never go to trial.

  80. Upps, Klaus is out on bail but not allowed to leave the US.

    The story is developing, so I think it’s too early to rush to judgment, isn’t it? Unfortunately for her, she’s been caught in a number of lies; that doesn’t mean DSK didn’t assault her, but it does mean her credibility is compromised and she’d be subject to severe cross-examination on the stand. I know there’s not much tolerance on this board for how slowly and deliberately ‘the wheels of justice grind’ in our criminal justice system, but I, for one, think it’s far better to have a system that honors the constitutional principles of the presumption of innocence, the beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof, and the accused’s right to confront his or her accuser (cross-examination at trial). It’s true that sometimes (although less frequently than rumored) the guilty walk, but better that outcome than one where an innocent person is convicted for a crime he or she didn’t commit. Trust me, if one of you were falsely accused of a crime, you’d want and deserve those protections.

    Time to don my flack jacket and duck-and-cover against the incoming missiles….

  81. NES, regardless of her history, the question is, DID he or DID HE NOT rape her?
    I may have dumped the link, I’m looking, but the prosecution said the rape was not in question. What’s in question is other information she gave. Now I don’t care what you say, the crawdad hole put it in perspective. This is a redirect. The Powerful pulls of the smoke screen when the real issue is WAS SHE RAPED? This all reminds me of the Obama camp and what they do when they are caught standing in shit. They attack how the shit got there to redirect.

    Now all he needs to do is pull a polansky and get to france. They will NOT extradite him.

  82. Funny how previous criminal history of fucking rapists, child molestors and killers aren’t allowed in court, but let a woman who cleans rooms and is a Nobody be handled by a powerful man and there you go. This reminds me of the stories of murdered prostitutes, ah well they were hookers anyways, so what if we gang raped her and killed her.

  83. I couldn’t agree more — whether he raped or otherwise sexually assaulted her is the ONLY question that matters and will be the only question on which the jury will be instructed to deliberate. Her prior sexual history won’t be allowed into evidence either. But, what will be allowed is the cross-examination of her on her falsehoods, and those will affect her credibility and may mean the prosecution can’t meet the burden of proof. His version vs. her version will be on trial, and even if the jury thinks he is probably lying they have to — only on the evidence they hear in court — be almost certain that his version didn’t happen. The prosecution’s job is a difficult one in this case given the blow her credibility has taken.

  84. Well here’s hoping while he’s in NY that he tries it again and somebody cuts his shriveled dick off and then we can pack him off to France to run for office as a soprano.

  85. Now, that’d be a stellar outcome.

  86. All 536 of them still aren’t DOING anything about jobs. I think it’s up to we the people to remind the elected officials that it’s all about jobs. I think the only way they’ll get it is if they too were looking for a job. I’m asking everyone to put every incumbent out of work this year so they get it. Everyone–both “sides” of the aisle. No matter who, just vote for the person who didn’t have the job last time.

  87. Why is life in prison the only appropriate sentence for this beast?

    I know I will catch hell for this, but: because unlike the USA, Australia is a civilized nation.
    A state coldly deliberating on who should live and who should die (when not in a war to protect our own or neighbors who can not protect themselves from folks like Hitler) is sick. IMO you do not meet evil with evil, rather meet evil with good. Biblical? Yup (the bible says it more poetically than I could) and the way I felt I should live my life long before I knew anything about the bible. Of course I fall way short. Regardless, I do not want the state killing people in my name.
    Besides, did you ever hear of a rich powerful person getting the death penalty?
    Now if the mother of the baby somehow managed to murder this scum, that I would have a great deal of sympathy for and would hope she got a slap on the wrist.

  88. unlike the USA, Australia is a civilized nation


  89. That’s bullshit. Skilled labor abounds in the USA. They have been layed off over a period of a decade or more and they are all UNDEREMPLOYED now. Liars!!!!

    You are confused. They are talking about skilled labor that will work for 2 bucks an hour and no benefits. Come on, get with the program. Corporations should be allowed to do what ever they want to make a profit.

  90. teresa- no disrespect intended- but I disagree on the capital punishment thing. Society must have a way to permanently dispose of the worst scum. Why should we spend all that money housing and feeding murderers and rapists? Or those who abuse children or the elderly?
    And we also need, imo, to do away with all the amenities the prisons are giving the inmates. HBO and other premium cable channels? Steak? College classes? Better access to health care than most of us? Prison should be a punishment. Basic GED, remedial math and reading perhaps but no college classes. How many tax paying, law abiding citizens can not afford college for their children? How many hard working young people have to assume a massive debt load to get through college?
    We have no premium cable channels. Steak is a treat for special occasions. We pay for our health insurance- with its annual limits on preventative care.
    But a scum bag waste of oxygen can go raping, murdering and pillaging and go to prison (IF the jury convicts)- and WE pay for them to have many things we can not afford. Then the scum bag gets let out early and goes out and does it again.
    Nope- just hang them in the public square and make all the petty criminals come out and watch.

  91. Teresa, the bible has a scary strict code for for punishment. Remember the life for a life, hand for a hand, eye for an eye? I’m not for capital punishment if there’s a chance the person didn’t commit the murder, or if a murder was done for certain reasons, for instance if the mother of this little girl killed the evil bastard. But for cases like this beasts case, cold blooded horrific murder of a helpless little child, I say bring on the capital punishment. The bible would have ordered stoning for him. I think living in a horrible jail would be worse than death, also, how could anyone live with themselves knowing they had killed their own child (I certainly couldn’t), so I actually think death is the easier way out, but I agree with Mom that the taxpayers shouldn’t have the burden of supporting someone like this. Also agree with her about the luxuries in various prisons. I saw photos of a beautiful new jail in Chicago with a state of the art new gym and fancy architecture.

  92. He’s eligible for parole in 30 years so he can kill somebody else. THAT’s inhumane, not removing a POS like him from the gene pool.

  93. Also, while I agree with you on many subjects, I don’t at all get thinking its ok to take a life in a just war (I think you mentioned WW2), but not capital punishment for severest offenders (like someone slicing up their 2 yr old to get even with the mother). Not trying to preach at you, not saying I don’t ever think war is justified, but a lot of innocents die in war. Janet Reno once said that if her mother was murdered, she would want to kill the person herself for revenge, but didn’t want the state to murder the person for her. Either way works for me. I can’t think of any reason to keep someone like that alive. They’re a danger to society, and they committed the evilest of crimes. As a side note, we have a cousin who was married all her life to a guard at San Quentin Prison. The stories he told about the inmates there were scarier than any horror movie.

  94. As a side note, we have a cousin who was married all her life to a guard at San Quentin Prison. The stories he told about the inmates there were scarier than any horror movie

    Exactly . If such people as this ” father ” STAYED in prison , one might see less calls for the death penalty…but how else does one make sure such people won’t be back on the street at some point?

    If a life term meant they stayed locked up for life …that would be something

  95. Please keep plying and replaying clips from MSNBC. We need everyone to re-live and remember how we got in this mess. Who put us here and ask why.

  96. ‘playing” sorry, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

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