Scheevy Cockroach rapes unconscious woman on the street. “I thought she was dead”.

This scheeve is Melvin Jackson. Somebody actually spawned this creature.

He raped an unconcious woman. Yes you heard that right. This bag of crap raped an unconscious woman. In broad daylight.

When asked why his pants were unzipped, he said, “I thought the lady was dead,” which I guess made it all right for this steaming piece of shit.

Police say that the victim told them that she was walking with a friend when she felt light-headed and passed-out in a shaded area. She says that she has no memory of the alleged attack, but that she was told by witnesses that Jackson was having sex with her, and that when she awoke she was no longer wearing her underwear. She was taken to an area hospital for an examination.


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  1. What the heck happened to her “friend”?

  2. AAACCCKKK! Raping a woman is ok because he thought she was dead? There are so many things wrong I do not know what to say.
    And how nice of the “friend” she was walking with to be paying so much attention that she/he/it just went right along while she passed out. What the hell was the friend doing? Let me guess- engrossed in texting and did not notice she fell down unconscious.
    Nice to see somebody came to her aid- you are correct- that is one damn rare occurrence.

  3. Ditto what Mom said. On so many levels

  4. Uppity- this might be the you tube version of the vid

  5. Thanks Muh Ferret! I shall put it up.

  6. The petulent child gives the GOP lotsa ammo for ads —

  7. Beats me kotsu. I recognize your email so fished you out of spam.

    Maybe she prefers not to be harassed by the press and remain anonymous. Maybe she ran, scared witless.

  8. I’m glad PMM said it because I was having the typing version of……{mouth moving} nothing coming out……in other words…..I had no words. Maybe that should be the standard defense line: “I thought she was dead”……or guys can have it put on tshirts. They’d be big sellers right up there with, “Bros before ‘Hos” or “No Fat Chicks”.

  9. You are welcome! Ferret at your service!
    Off to try and beat the crowds at the grocery store. Was going to do it yesterday but we had an air conditioning unit go down (ants shorted a capacitor) so spent all day waiting for the technician. No way can this Yankee deal with 100 degrees (110 heat index) with no ac! I can do wind chills and negative temps- but this heat? PPFFFFTTTT

  10. You need to lock yourself back in your home and spend 27/7 here cause we miss you, Ferret.

  11. Holy Chit, NES. You shoulda put the video up instead of cliff nutbag site. Here ya go.

  12. I should do a post with nothing but videos of how Obama’s stupid mouth is doing him in.

  13. Even Obama’s GOP BFF in the Senate, Tom Coburn, has had eno’ of his lazy and petulant ways:

    In a harsh and cogent criticism of President Barack Obama’s Wednesday press conference and the president’s general lack of action to address the nation’s debt and deficit, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R) today just flat-out nailed it.

    “The leader of our country is the president and he sets the tone and when he’s been inattentive and not in the game until this last week, I don’t think he can throw any darts at anybody else given his travel plans and his campaigning,” Coburn said in an interview on The Laura Ingraham Show.

    Coburn’s characterization of the president made it clear just what a great Campaigner-in-Chief BHO really is.

    “It’s about his next election. You know, all this is about is, this is a political campaign he’s in, rather than a policy campaign for what is best for our country right now,” the senator said. “I think he has traveled more than any other president, been out of the country more than any other president, in the same period of time, utilized his plane more, done more campaigning at this stage than probably anybody else, and yet we’ve accomplished very little towards solving the very real problems that are in front of us. They’re urgent problems.”

  14. Obama, the great orator! The smartest president EVAH!! 11 dimensional chess player.

  15. New post going up in minutes. Not bad for somebody who had no posts earlier. There are tons of R videos doing Obama in with his own snottyness.

  16. What. The. F*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s all there is to say to this…. this… ew!

  17. FF, knew you’d love the Halperin dick thang. Makes a really cool Google search too to couple O and “dick”.

  18. Jokes aside imust…have you ever heard anything as inarticulate as his presser of Wed.? He sounds positively W-like.

  19. FF – new idea for a bumper sticker:

    What Halperin Said!


  21. HAPPY JULY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. . Agreed NES. I don’t usually watch him on TV but he rarely gives live pressers so I thought I’d take a peek. He was just awful. Stumbling, mumbling and mispronouncing words. On top of that was his arrogant, chip-on-shoulder defensiveness that was the most irritating. Like most narcissists, he can sure dish it out but he cannot take it. You could see the anger seething just under the surface. Passive-agressive SOB is what he is…..kinda scary too. I keep waiting for the melt down.

  23. He’s just being what he is. An immature, precocious little snot.

  24. About the rape, I am so sorry for the woman involved. Thank goodness for the good Samaritans! As for her friend–!!! I think I would make new friends. The two people who helped her are a good place to start.

    As for the perp, I hope he will be off the streets for a very long time.


  25. A Barack supporter?

  26. Mcnorman, great to see you again! Missed you and your sage comments.

  27. Missed you and your sage comments.

    ….and your rosemary and thyme too.

    McNorman was probably hiding in the basement due to uncomfortably loud border fire.

  28. Parsley, sage….rosemary and thyme…
    I loved that song!

  29. And let us never forget from whence those songs came.

  30. Whoa, lookee here: another Obama-fluffer sours on The One.
    This is the guy who in ’08 likened Obama to “a god”! From “sort of a god” to a “goddamned Democrat” is a dizzying plunge. Now, Teh Won will have to call Newsweek and have Evans suspended for life.

  31. This is infuriating. These are the people we’ve been expending blood and treasure on.

  32. Imust, you forgot the t-shirts that said “Sarah Palin is a c*nt”.

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