General Washington, Revolutionary War Vet and MK Bill.

On July 3rd, the day before America’s birthday, our own Freedom Fairy posted the above header of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Lo and Behold, there was our own Moderator Kitteh Bill on that boat, right there in the arms of The Man Himself! Father of our country! Kitteh of our country!

Bill! we gasped! It’s Bill! How did Bill get there! Look, Bill was There! Bill fought for our country! Bill knew George, and I don’t mean Bush! The Real George! And how Dapper he was on that boat! Our Bill, Kitteh of our Country!

After our initial excitement at seeing our own Bill in that portrait, we were a bit flummoxed, of course. I mean, Bill would have to be seriously old in the triple digits if that was him. Not that Bill isn’t capable of just about anything, as you who have been spammed deliberately can attest. But, I mean, even the best of us have only seen our cats hit the early 20s. We knew Bill was special, but come on!

To the rescue, our own blog historian, the immortal and inimitable Revolutionary War Vet, who has been simply Everywhere, clarified the portrait for us:

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all the citizens of Uppityville!

Now, since I was actually on that boat when we crossed the Delaware on that cold, blustery Christmas night in 1776, please allow me to clarify…

See, it was in fact one of MK Bill’s ancestors who made the trip with us. He shared the same name, but the Continental Army knew him by the more proper, William. He carried the rank of Sergeant, and was assigned to the Quartermaster Department. There really wasn’t anything to the job, since we never had much food to eat. But Sergeant William always did his best for us. Once, he even offered to share with me a scrawny mouse he had caught, but I decided against it, and ate my left shoe instead. Anyway, we all loved Sergeant William.

Now, that night, General Washington was very reluctant to permit Sergeant William to make the crossing. But, at the last moment, as the boat was shoving off, William jumped aboard and into the arms of the General. What could Washington do? So, he just tucked William tight, as we rowed and poled our way to the Jersey shore.

We were headed for Trenton, of course. Where the Hessians had about 1000 men posted in the town.

Well, after a long march with bloody feet (and paws), we finally made it to Trenton. We attacked just after daylight. All was confusion, as we stormed into the streets from every direction. Sergeant William headed straight for the Commander’s headquarters. Truth be told, since he knew full well that the officers always ate better than enlisted men, William thought he might find some tasty leftovers there. He was always a sucker for German food, particularly Wiener Schnitzel.

Now, just as William made his way into the headquarters, Colonel Rall, the Hessian Commander, was stumbling out of bed, trying to get his uniform on, sensing that the cannon fire outside his window meant a surprise attack was well underway. And it was here that Sergeant William performed the heroic act that we all remembered him for afterward.

William bit into the ankle of Colonel Rall. Hard. There was blood.

So disoriented was Colonel Rall that, by the time he reached the street, half-dressed with bleeding leg, he never saw the Patriot soldier that fired the bullet that left him fatally wounded. And, seeing their Commanding officer shot down, the rest of the Hessians quickly surrendered. It was a glorious victory! And for his part…

General George Washington himself honored Sergeant William with a medal:

The Order of the Catnip.

It was, to my knowledge, the first and only time that decoration was bestowed.

Well, after the War, I lost touch with Sergeant William. But I heard that he met a sassy Long Island feline named Katrina, who most people called Kittie. (But, for some reason, she always preferred to spell it, Kitteh.) So, William and Kittie settled on a farm in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York, and lived a long and very quiet and serene life; while proceeding to give birth to many healthy litters, the present living descendant of which is – our very own MK Bill!

Just thought I’d set the record straight. 😉

Dear Vet!!!! What a beautiful and historic account of our Bill’s notable ancestor!! We are so fortunate to have you as blog Historian, particularly with regard to the presence of our own Bill’s forefathers at so many of our most important and/or historic moments in time!

The Order of The Catnip! This honor certainly explains MK Bill’s entitlement attitude with respect to paypal donations being  snatched and used for the Ordering of the Catnip.

This account most definitely clarifies our Bill’s staunch and loyal patriotism and only serves to confirm what a fine president he would make, especially when we consider his inherited prowess at capturing and dispositioning rodents, of which there are so many in DC.

I am convinced now, more than ever, that MK Bill must pursue his Presidential bid with vigor just as soon as he wakes up from his nap. Even though Bill is actually a Clinton Democrat, there is no sense of him bothering with a Primary with that current bunch, as Bill just remarked the other day that the New Democratic Party is seriously Shovel Ready. Instead, I am going to suggest that, being a cat and therefore having multiple wives, he should consider posing as a Mormon. So long as he doesn’t reveal his intentions to provide free CAT Scans as part of his health plan, I am sure this will be enough to convince the Republicans to give him a nod. Besides, he’s exponentially more interesting than the creatures they have as candidates to-date.

Vet, thank you for renewing my faith in Bill’s love of Country, as I do admit I was losing patience with him, what with his constant use of my charge card to investigate the Playcat Channel and the Live Nude Cats website. Now I understand that these are just the necessary diversions of a very patriotic cat who, like Newt Gingrich, is so patriotic, he sometimes ..…strays, and who, of course, aspires to fill Anthony Weiner’s seat, if not his shorts.

Trenton will never look the same to me again, and believe me, it never did look like much to me. Who knew?


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  1. Phew. Frightening to think we almost missed the entire and historical legacy of Bill.
    Thank you Uppity. Thank you Vet. And most importantly, thank you MK Bill. (That ought to keep me out of spam for awhile.)

  2. If anybody remembers what was in the upper left of the left sidebar let me know. I accidentally deleted some things and can’t even remember what they were. Doh.

    Pamela, don’t count on Bill buying your suckup without a whole chicken as a bribe.

  3. For Sale.

    Colonial red herding dog. Dog’s color was changed to dark red during painting episode. Dog is quite lovely, albeit a wierd color. Would come in handy as a street sign. Very gentle except when she’s not. Owner will not have to bend down to pet her. Good with old people and children, also with small animals, except possums and squirrels. Excellent child control at picnics. Knows the difference between cheap food and expensive food. Comes with own dish and 20 pounds of squeak toys, mostly ducks. Knows lotsa impressive humiliating tricks. Discount if you own sheep.

    Inquire within. Ask for Bill.

  4. Dear MKBill- does the dog you are offering also take down pit bulls? If so I will gladly trade you one tuxie female, (spayed!) and 5 bags of fresh, organic catnip.

  5. If I am the successful bidder, please e-mail a shipping address. Of course it must be a real, physical address as I would be shipping a cat. And you know cats must go in style. No cargo hold for cats!

  6. It’s all in the genes and Bill’s are impeccable.

  7. (Psssssst Mom, if you get MKB to cough up that address, please sell it to me.)

  8. NES- I will take bids!
    At least we wrote our essays- no punishments for us! When will grades be posted?

  9. Bill, you brilliant, virile, and handsome gift to the feline world, whatever Mom or anyone else offers for the red needle-nose, I’ll double. Also, a ton of ‘nip for you on the side.

  10. Name your price, Mom!
    Of course, it’s a commodity that you can sell many times over, ad infinitum theoretically (or at least until Aunt Uppity comes after you).

  11. Just stole this from the pink place (where I am unable to register or comment- oh well it is good reading!) Thought you all would get a chuckle out of this

  12. Yah, let’s send the guy home!
    Good one, Mom!

  13. as soon as we find out where home is 😆

  14. Anyone read that bizarre story about Fox’s Twitter feed being hacked?

  15. I think MKB should apply for membership to the Sons of the American Revolution’s Order of the Catnip Chapter. It might help him with the Country Club Conservatives in his run for POTUS. Stuff like that impresses the Kennebunk types.

  16. Need advice from cat people here:

    Blackie is bringing his friend, Me Too, to my porch to dinner in the evening. The problem is that Blackie has bad manners and eats all the food I put out, leaving Me Too with nothing. Last night, poor little Me Too was trying to eat bird seed off the ground under the bird feeder. Blackie is the alpha cat, no doubt, and Me Too is very timid and thin. So, how do I get food to Me Too before Blackie chows it down?

  17. Beata- Uppity is the expert- but off the top of my head-can you put out two bowls of food- separated so Blackie can’t guard one while eating the other?
    With the horses, we always threw out three separate piles of hay in the field. The boss mare could guard two, but not three. That way the young filly could get enough to eat. An old horse woman taught us that- always put out one more pile than there are horses.

  18. NES- I caught that story- very strange.

  19. Now where is Karen when I need her? I have a LOT of leftover cake and some potato salad that needs eating.

  20. NES, I saw that. I don’t support the President’s policies but I don’t think it is funny joking about his death. I hope the FBI finds out who hijacked the thread and lets them know exactly how serious what they did is.


  21. djmm, apparently some group called something like “Scriptkiddies” has taken credit for that hacking job. Quite right — the FBI (and Secret Service) should bust them, big time.

  22. PMM,

    ha! Like sure, like, wow, like, like, like — I need to be solicited???


    And imustgoonanotherdiet, soon. Gained five pounds in no time flat.

    That send obama home vid is great. Sweet home, Chicago. Just GO!

  23. Gee whizzakers! I leave for a couple of hours and teh cat is selling my dog!!!! I better check ebay! I wouldn’t put it past him!

    Beata, Me Too may be skinny but he’s not dumb. Now here’s what you do. You let The Hog and Me Too see two dishes in your hand. You put one down and let the hog grab it. Make sure there is LOTs of good in Blackie’s bowl to keep him busy. Then you show Me Too the other dish up close and personal and put it away from Blackie. Then you stand between them with your arms folded. I’m kind of surprised he lets the other cat tag along and then gives him no food at all. If he’s eating bird seed he is VERY hungry.

  24. So Karen, I read you elusive post of yesterday and of course, I am insanely nosy curious.

  25. This is incredible. Must read. And make sure to check out the comment from the guy in UK whos says it’s not illegal to use black trash bags.

  26. Yep. NES was right Casey Anthony found not guilty of murder. Only guilty of lying to authorities.

  27. Just as I thought. A quick verdict and not guilty. There simply wasn’t one iota of proof.

    Anthony has been found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter. She was also found not guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. But she was convicted on charges of misleading law enforcement.

  28. Well. Somebody killed that baby.

  29. Every single minute of the prosecution’s case was circumstantial. There wasn’t a shred of evidence, unless you include being a lying piece of white trash as evidence, which it is not. The system worked properly, there was reasonable doubt by the barrel full.

  30. I think she was guilty. Just didn’t have the evidence. Too bad.

  31. I guess Casey will spend her days looking for the real killers. Not her nights though….got to have time for partying.

  32. unlike UW, I think the circumstantial evidence was powerful and enough to convict her. It would be far from the first time that circumstantial evidence convicted a person.

    I think the jurors were not able to understand the science. There was too much thrown at them by the defense and congratulations to them for a job well done. They did exactly what they were supposed to do.
    But there is no doubt in my mind she got away with murder.

  33. Hello (((UPPITY’S)))))

    sad day for our country, she walks—

    She waited so long for the authorities to do anything regarding her child being missing I’m sure any evidence on her would be gone

    I believe they say, it’s the first 48 hours (that matters) that serves the justice for the crime
    when did the police get involved—31 days later. I believe she is guilty as sin, I believe she didn’t do it alone,
    I can only wish Karma to someone who so deserves it. i hope her parents enjoy their child NOW that she’s free—BARF BARF !!


  34. The science yielded no proof whatsoever to understand. They didn’t even know how the chlld died for certain. The entire case was two stories made up by Prosecution and Defense, a trip down the lane of “What We THINK happened”. The prosecution jumped the gun on this, probably due to politics/pressure. They should have pursued this case for years if necessary. Sooner or later that piece of trash and anyone else involved would have slipped up. Now….she’s been acquitted and they can’t try her again. If they had added the charges of “being a white trash piece of shit who killed her daughter but we have no proof” she would have been convicted on that count. Look, I hate her too. I honestly think she did it. But you don’t convict on what you Think, you convict on hard evidence, espeically in a murder 1 case. The jury followed the letter of the law and did the appropriate thing, for there was reasonabile doubt dripping everywhere off this case.

  35. Now thanks to a DA who had an itchy trigger finger and couldn’t wait to blow it, she will end up wealthy, on all the talk shows, find a ghost writer for a book, and there you have it.

  36. What I don’t get is they didn’t even convict her of negligent child abuse. Hello? Your child is missing for 31 days and you don’t call the authorities?

  37. Reminds me of that politician, forget his name. Went to a baseball game, got drunk and hit someone with his car and killed them. Left the scene of the accident, went home, fell asleep, and then conveniently faced authorities after the alcohol was out of his blood.

  38. UW: I know, god knows I know—-it’s such a travesty—-

    well like I said, the little narcissist and her parents get to
    live a HAPPY home life once again,

    Karma——like uppity says for John Edwards, we have somewhere for you to VISIT!!

  39. I think Ispelled narcisist incorrect, will have to look it up–no pengy for me

  40. has an article up about why parents need ipads for their kids here’s a snip:

    Other than the obvious — games, education and creativity — there’s a slew of reasons why I think the iPad was created for kids — at least tech-tech loving adults with kids.
    Reason #1: Your kids are going to get on your nerves
    Every parent has been there. You’re in a restaurant, out shopping or even chillin’ at home when your kid has a breakdown of sorts. They are uncontrollable. They won’t zip it up no matter what the heck you do or say. Just when you’re about to flip your lid, bust out the iPad. It’s like using duct tape to cover their mouths — but legal of course.

    The last sentence: It’s just like using duct tape to cover their mouths–but legal of course. Wasn’t that an argument in the Anthony case? That Caylee’s mouth was covered with duct tape?

  41. Here’s a link to the article. Kid in the photo has a striking resemblance to Caylee too.

  42. imust how about when Bob Novak ran down that homeless guy and kept going. It was determined he had a brain tumor, which explained what he did. But it didn’t explain the complete disregard for the guy he hit after the fact, just because he wasn’t important. It was just swept under the rug. Personally, I hope Bob Novak, who should have died in jail anyways (See valierie Plame for glaring example of how we sent the wimmin to jail but not the big boy), is spending eternity with Tedward Kennedy in a VERY small room.

  43. Yeah, Bob Novak. Excuse me while I spit. I have to spit when I say his name.

  44. Oh! Look at MKB sitting at the Resolute desk! And notice he isn’t kicking back with his feet propped up on it….looks like Bill is ready to get to work.

  45. Obama website hack, invites people to attend events held by “Commie Obama”.

    Looks like both sides have their pissants out in force.

  46. Spitting is okay under the circumstances. i did crack up when the cameras rolled one time and a person asked him how come he wasn’t in jail.

  47. Here’s the Chose One at the same desk:

  48. If I were a parent, I would organize a petition to CNN insisting they pull the money out of their asses for ipads for every kid because their parents have been already bled dry and have no more money. CNN has its head up its ass anyways. Who do they think watches them? People are struggling to pay mortgages and feed their kids and CNN is pimping ipads.

  49. actually, Michelina, you spelled it right the first time.

  50. “imustprotest, on July 5, 2011 at 3:42 PM said:

    Reminds me of that politician, forget his name. Went to a baseball game, got drunk and hit someone with his car and killed them. Left the scene of the accident, went home, fell asleep, and then conveniently faced authorities after the alcohol was out of his blood.”

    That wasn’t a Politician POS – that was that POS Rick Sanchez – formerly of TeeVee ‘fame’ – a fact CNN ‘forgot’ to ever mention

  51. Yeah well Karma visited Ricky too.

  52. Imust say, even though I am not imust, that Bill is looking VERY presidential in that header. Being nocturnal, he will always be ready for that 3 AM call.

  53. Speaking of novak and brain tumors, exactly how many people have to get brain tumors that were once rather rare, for you to realize that cell phones DO deliver radiation to your head and need to be used far more judiciously than they are being used in this country. Just saying. Incidentally, blackberries give the highest dose. Carry on.

    When radar guns first came out, cops used to hold them between their legs while driving. then came the testicular cancer statistics and now they don’t do that any more. Just saying.

  54. Highest and lowest radiation cell phone list. I have a full list somewhere that has blackberry first.

  55. Right! Rick Sanchez. Thanks FF! Did I get the story right on him? Oh well, you’re right, karma did visit him too. Imustagree that MKBill does look presidential. I know we have the wonderful historical account of Bill’s roots. But is it possible that Bill is also related to former First Cat, “Socks”? He looks an awful lot like him.

  56. Yeah I thought of that shot of socks at the WH too.

    What’s Sanchez doing now, selling shoes, I hope?

  57. Bill Clinton messing with Oboob’s head. Says corporate tax rate too high.

  58. Video tribute to Socks Clinton:

  59. Aren’t ALL tuxies related – eventually?

    as for this: Highest and lowest radiation cell phone list.

    Glad to read mine in in the “Lowest 20” List instead. May be why it is half the time a POS

  60. MKBill at the helm of state! What a relief that would be!
    Vote MKBill- no unread bills shall pass on his watch!

    OT- I see the old comment log in box is back- YAY! I am sure it is short lived and some awful new fangled thing will be right along.

  61. Rick Sanchez’s “friends” started a website called, of course, “Friends of Rick Sanchez”. According to the website, Rick hasn’t been doing much.

  62. That IS good news, Mom. Damned comment box was a pain right in the ass. I was trying to comment on a blog this moring and when I got past the box size, I couldn’t see the letters I was typing. Had to get out, type it out in an email, not send the email, copy and paste from it. What a pain in the arse.

  63. LMAO from Greta’s twitter

    “David Duke – NO: David Duke says he is thinking about running for President. David Duke needs to stay home. He…

  64. I agree Uppity- why in heaven’s name do they keep trying to fix what is not broken? I surely do not need a log in box with facebook and twitter log ins. Never could figure out what the hell that was about.

  65. FF he might actuallly appeal to the far far right.

  66. MOM, I just checked and it looks like the same difficult box to me.

    I do wish I could number the comments using this template. turns out I would have to change templates to do that. this would turn out to be a world of work, because you just KNOW things wouldn’t go smoothly with sidebars, etc.

  67. Maybe so Ups, and then the Daily Kooks and the KKK Kooks can go off and fight each other, wipe each other out – while we get REAL Adults running the country

    Duke is a FREAK – but then, so is half of DC…… (sigh)

  68. David Duke. Oh great. Just what the Obama racecard players need. All Duke will do is stir things up which is probably what he wants to do.

  69. heh maybe it is just my luck then Uppity? anybody else have the old comment box?
    I just hope it stays!

  70. Mom – all that Guest, Twitter and Facebook crap is still there, as well as a click box to see my own blog, my avatar and it’s identifying comment that I am logged in as me…..

    I STILL have to scroll down to hit “Post Comment”

    it really sucks

  71. I disagree FF. I think David Duke will make it more of a circus than it already is…..a mockery of our election system, which it already is….an embarrassment to our country…..oh never mind…

  72. imust – the Obama Race Card Players have been doing just fine without Duke

  73. True FF, but the race card may be playing very thin. Duke will just juice it up again.

  74. HAH! maybe it’s a belated birthday present from wordpress! I have the lovely old plain comment box. You remember that one? With the name on top and then email and then website? No having to mess around with the gravatar line! Which I had jsut figured out fills in a link to your gravatar page- not your blog if you don’t click on it and highlight your blog address.
    I want THIS comment box!

  75. Sadly, Imust, I agree in reality – and you KNOW the MSM will center on HIM as the “Face of the Republicans” (If that what he is running as this time – as he has been both) and no sane or Moderate Rep will get ANY coverage.

    I wonder how much Obama’s Camp paid him to run

  76. Hey! I want a comment box like yours!

  77. OT – did anyone know Rosanne Barr had a nut farm? 😡

  78. Just saw that on a Tee Vee promo for Oprah rerun

  79. Yeah I read that somewhere awhile back, about her nut farm. I think it’s a perfect profession for her.

  80. Uppity- you have mail- I could not figure out how to put it in a comment

  81. Dayum, Mom, it was so good to see that comment box. Alas, I still have the shitty one. Go figure.

  82. Well I am not logging off ever now- it might go away and I will be stuck with that new pos again! LOL

  83. HAHAHAHA. You read my mind. I just rebooted to see if I could get that old box. No dice.

  84. I’m a nervous wreck. My dog has to have her teeth cleaned tomorrow. I have to drop her off at 7:30 AM. I worry about anesthetic and herding breeds and the MDR1 gene and all that shit. If I lost her I don’t think I could recover, seriously. She’s really my bestest friend.

  85. UW,
    You draw a comparison between MK Bill and Newt. So in the interest of full disclosure…how just many accounts at Tiffany does Bill have? And is he going to tell us that it is a private matter?

  86. AnnE, Bill says that’s most definitely a private matter and he also wishes to point out that Dog forgives him no matter what he does and you should too. Yes, Bill does have a slight case of dyslexia, but it’s not serious. But being a dyslexic agnostic, he often ponders whether or not there really is a Dog.

  87. HuffnPuff pimping Michelle’s Fourth of July “Outfit”. Looks like a peacock threw up on her. And what’s with Bawaak’s pigeon toes?

  88. Please, does anybody remember what was at the upper left sidebar above hill’s pic, something that I accidentally deleted?

  89. Lorac Wednesday coming up….

  90. Upp, I don’t think there was anything above Hill’s pic.

  91. Well shucks, Upps, what can I say?

    I am humbled and honored. Although quite undeserving of the title (I consider myself an amateur historian, at best) I shall do my best to fulfill my duties to the blog; and, most importantly, to the candidacy of MKB, as soon as he formally declares. But beyond that, as a good soldier, I am ready to provide support and assistance in any area.

    Whether it be speechwriting, campaign stumping, stuffing ballot boxes and providing whiskey and ale to voters (do they still do those kinds of things?), or, running out for midnight mouse burgers and arranging late-night “meetings” with willing feline admirers (I know that they still do those kinds of things), well, I’m the man for the job.

    And, once MKBill reaches the White House, I will be happy to serve, at his pleasure, in any government post he should wish me to. Thinking…

    Maybe, Ambassador to The Bahamas?


  92. AAARRRGGGHHHH The damn new comment box is back!

  93. But being a dyslexic agnostic, he often ponders whether or not there really is a Dog.

  94. If Revolutionary War Vet is Ambassador to the Bahamas, can I be the official PIE taster?

  95. Hey Aunt Upps, I rarely ever use my BBerry for phone calls; it’s primarily there for emails and web-surfing. So, set thine mind at ease with respect to me.

  96. “And what’s with Bawaak’s pigeon toes?”

    He really is a Big Ole’ Fag

  97. I love how the Big Dawg is messing with OBowma. Let him bow to Bill (both of them)!

  98. That’s all fine and good, Mom, but ‘nip-bribes will have to be made before any bill is handled by MKB.

  99. David Duke should run as a Democrat.

  100. Right, imust and FF. Maybe the DNC is secretly paying him to run. /s

  101. I wonder how much Obama’s Camp paid him to run.


  102. Eff on the anesthesia. I say, scr*w the tooth cleaning, Upps. It’s not worth the risk — needle-nose will be charming even with less-than-glimmering teeth.

  103. I’ll be WH Counsel to MKB.

  104. Poor Mom. Welcome back to our world.

  105. Join in the ROFL re “…whether or not there really is a Dog.”

  106. Wait, wait,…screw the WH Counsel position. I want to be Chief of Staff to MKB.
    And, assuming I get that position, my first staff appointment will be imust as the Official PIE-Taster.

  107. Just what I was thinking FF. He’s sooooo,…..well, fey.

  108. Fabo-brill new Header, FF. Bravo! MKB goes from the sewer, into the arms of George Washington, through the Fourth of July fireworks, and to daydreams of being prez. It’s a great personal story; and, as we say in ’08, not much else is needed to successfully run for prez. Bill will be a shoe-in.

  109. Ignore the linked story (about silly internet games), and focus on the title:

    Nice, eh? (It’s on today’s wordpress home page.)

  110. My Pleasure, NES. Now All I have to worry about is where he will be when he wakes up! The Mayan Calendar comes to mind…..

  111. The Mayan Calendar will be yum. Can’t wait.

  112. At the rate we are going NES, I hope the modern interpretations are right. Another “five and a half years” seems like Hell to me with this man as Pres. And when I think we did EIGHT YEARS OF BUSH – if Obama wins (and he may well) that would be SIXTEEN YEARS OF REALLY CRAPPY PRESIDENTS. Can we withstand it?

  113. Agree with Beata, UW — I don’t recall there being anything above Hill’s pic either.

    Tomorrow’s ‘Lorac Wednesday’ — Yippppeeeee. In light of that one has to ask: will there be a Level-Green for Upps tonight? Will lorac be chided? Pass the popcorn.

  114. Did someone say PIE? I will bring ice cream.

  115. imusthavepie on lorac eve. Tuesday nights are the best!

  116. Thank you NES for your vote of confidence in my possible appointment as Official PIE taster! OPT for short.

  117. Yes, FF, we can withstand it…with a little help from Aunt Upps.

    But, really, I think we are mistaken in thinking Obama’s likely to win in ’12. No president has been re-elected with an economy as in-the-dumps as this; none. And, it’s not like the GOP isn’t going to have at least an OK nominee — Mittens or Perry, probably. I think we all mistook Obama’s win in ’08 as some sort of amazing feat that made him near-invicible. In fact, he won because the economy tanked and McCain was such a loser he couldn’t turn out eno’ of a GOP vote. So, let’s keep the faith! I’m going to go out on a limb and say “No way Obama’s going to win!”

  118. OPT for short.

    Qu’est-ce que c’est, imust?????

  119. I’m going to go out on a limb and say “No way Obama’s going to win!”

    NES, from your keypad to Dog’s ear.

  120. O.P.T. = Official Pie Taster
    Acronyms are always more lofty sounding. Well, at least very bureaucratic.

  121. NES, was talking to a researcher/historian friend today – she seems to think there is no way he will loose, as the Dems will be toast for many years to come after O and they know it – so it’s Katy Bar The Door, or All Hands on Deck or whatever – even if they have to cheat again.

    IMO, they (TPTB) would rather see a revolution than allow Obama to lose fair and square.

  122. And the precedent has been set in the DNC – they took votes won by one candidate and gave them to another. They awarded delegates to a candidate in states where he was not even on the ballot, and they took votes away from two very large states to install him. Barack Obama was cheated into the nomination and was cheated into the Presidency (not that McCain won) and his puppetmasters will do it again if they have to. Lock and load. It’s gonna be rough.

  123. Barack Obama is the Biggest Hoax that has ever been foisted on the American Voter. BAR NONE.

    I’m off to join MKB in dreamland…

  124. We don’t call him the fraud for nothin’!

  125. hmmm….thinking aloud to myself here…..I wonder what lorac will write about for “lorac Wednesday”? Will she come on the blog tonight and ask Uppity a bunch of questions? Will Uppity go to level Green? Tune in tonight…same time, same channel.

  126. Do you like my new avatar?

  127. AAARRRGGGHHHH The damn new comment box is back!


  128. Totally love your new avatar, imust. Brilliantissimo.

  129. Get with the method! Czar. Not Pie Taster. Pie CZAR.

    NES, it’s not vanity that causes a dog or cat’s need for tooth cleaning. Truth is, if you don’t do it with a dog or cat that builds tarter, it can have dramatic effects on the health. Bad teeth can kill them if you let it go. It can affect their major organs, specifically their kidneys and digestion. Dog’s creatnine is on high line of normal right now. No teeth cleaning could almost surely kill her down the road a few years. I can’t have that. And so, she and I have had a talk and I made her promise she will be fine. Her MDR 1 gene testing, done by her breeder, show she is mutant/normal. That means it’s not likely she will be effected by things that go bump in the night, namely some drugs, but she “might’. This is why I refuse to give her ivermectin, because I will not take a chance. I love my puppy that much. Ivermectin is a number one culprit, found in the most popular flea/heartworm combo meds, like Frontline. So she’s on Sentinel, no Ivermectin. I am not taking any chances. However, my vet has told me he has never said this to a client before, but should a situation arise where i could not keep my dog, he would gladly take her. He thinks that much of her beauty, brains and grace, not to mention that pittie takedown. So I know he will be watching her like a hawk. She’s going to get oxegyn and IV fluids immediately after the cleaning and I know he will see to her like a daddy. Still, I worry and won’t rest till I know she’s been done and is awake and on her feet. It’s just who I am. There really is no reason I should be so paranoid. Probably. But I am because I just adore her. She’s not going to be getting any of the target drugs anyways, but I do know her breed, like some cats, can get very despondent and kind of give up after an anesthetic. I’ve seen cats nearly give up and die after surgery. I don’t want that going on with my girl.

    Basically, I am just being a neurotic.

  130. Czar! You are so right! PIE Czar, love it.

  131. Youtubes are showing up as blank black boxes on my computer. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  132. I hear you Uppity. My boy darn near died from vaccinations as you know. I can not even put him through surgery. I have to clean his teeth with daily brushing and hope for the best. I titer test him and then when he shows no more immunity I get non preserved vacs and pay through the teeth. He has to be on IV with benadryl drip before they give them then stay to be monitored. Any of these proceedures are routine for the most but you have cases like mine that it will take them. She will be fine I am sure and she likes her vet so that is a plus too.

  133. Utah I brush her teeth too but she still builds tarter. I figure I should take care of this before it gets bad. She won’t be losing any teeth tomorrow, it’s stage one. But I don’t want my fear to keep me from doing it in a preventative way.I could regret it later. I think the thing that worries me is, you know how those needlenoses are senstitive dogs. I”ve read where they sometimes give up, so I aim to be close by when she comes out of that anesthetic. he’s using valium and keytenes for anethetic, so I think she should be okay and he promises he won’t use too much. It’s just I worry about neuro drugs for a good reason. But She did go thru spaying well as a puppy so she’s be okay, it’s I who am not okay. If Val were here reading, I’m sure she’d tell me to cut out the neurotic mother thing. lol.

  134. Beata, youtubes are ok for me. log off, shut down browswers, run CCleaner and reboot, xo.

  135. Where’s lorac? We’re less than 2 hours from “lorac Wednesday” (PST)

  136. NEW POST UP.

  137. Yeah where’s lorac. She could be AWOL. In which case, you got no post for tomorrow and must determine punishments.

    NES when I asked you how long jury would deliberate, I almost came out and said I didn’t think they would last a day.

  138. UW, if you check in, I just got home from my trip, later than I expected. I’m working on the article now! 🙂

  139. Oh this doesn’t look good. Massive sand storm today in Phoenix.

  140. Yay lorac! I hope you weren’t anywhere near Phoenix!

  141. K lorac, hope you had a good time!

  142. NEW post up. Interview with anthony alternate juror puts a fine point on why that verdict was what it was.

  143. ROFL I was getting the computer turned on while I was unloading the car, and in my hurry to get a note in, I didn’t see UW and imust had just commented on where was I lol

    and imust – please cross your fingers I don’t cause a green alert lol

    I actually was near there, but I didn’t see that sand storm. Thankfully. The 110 degree weather was “fun” enough….

  144. fingers are crossed lorac! But I actually LIKE Uppity’s green alert phases!

  145. fingers are crossed lorac! But I actually LIKE Uppity’s green alert phases!

    The woman is mercenary.

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