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I am including these disclaimers:

Disclaimer – this is meant to be a fun story!  I’ve highlighted in blue the different concepts that the reader may recognize as part of Freud’s screwing of women lives. 

Disclaimer:  I’ve used many generalities in order to make a point – (and after all, Freud used generalities, and he portrayed women in black and white – adopt a female role that makes men happy and it leads to happy and healthy second class woman.  Don’t do so – for example, be your own woman, feel good about your womanhood, be an UPPITY WOMAN and it leads to unhealthy, unnatural, very unhappy women – and a very unhappy society of MEN!)

Disclaimer:  Utah – it’s all to make a point, hopefully in a humorous way – I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else go gay!  🙂

Disclaimer:  Freud did come up with some new, useful ideas.  But for the most part, he was as mired in his own cultural assumptions as any of his contemporaries, especially in relation to women…..

Disclaimer:  I personally believe in both competition AND cooperation.  This is just a story to make a point….

So the first part is from wiki, a refresher on this part of Freud’s “little stories” about us.  The second part below is where I write my own more favorable, more realistic “little stories” about us.

PART ONE – (ed.’s note) the boring, male-identified view of women, developed by a man who only studied a relative handful of people, and oh!, by the way, they were all in his psychoanalytic practice.  He (non-scientifically) studied a (small) sample of mentally disturbed patients in order to develop a theory of………….  wait for it………….   wait for it…………… are you ready to guess, “a theory of abnormal psychology”?…. Because you would be WRONG!!!!!  Our bright man didn’t have a moment’s hesitation when he chose to characterize his theories, based on abnormal subjects, as a theory of PERSONALITY!  In other words, meaning they apply to EVERYONE!  Anyone catch that major faux pas? 

So here we go.  Keep your eyes open for all the assumptions he makes, the conclusions he makes based, not on science or evidence, but on his own introspection (yes!  let those misoygynistic juices ferment your thoughts – that won’t affect those thoughts coming out unbiased, will they?????)   Ok, here’s a little Freud for your Wednesday morning!  lol

In Freud’s psychosexual development theory, the phallic stage (approximately between the ages of 3.5 and 6) is the first period of development in which the libidinal focus is primarily on the genital area. Prior to this stage, the libido (broadly defined by Freud as the primary motivating energy force within the mind) focuses on other physiological areas. For instance, in the oral stage, in the first 12 to 18 months of life, libidinal needs to concentrate on the desire to eat, sleep, suck and bite. The theory suggests that the penis becomes the organ of principal interest to both sexes in the phallic stage. This becomes the catalyst for a series of pivotal events in psychosexual development. These events, known as the Oedipus complex for boys, and the Electra complex for girls, result in significantly different outcomes for each gender because of differences in anatomy.

For girls:

  • Soon after the libidinal shift to the penis, the child develops her first sexual impulses towards her mother.
  • The girl realizes that she is not physically equipped to have a heterosexual relationship with her mother, since she does not have a penis.
  • She desires a penis, and the power that it represents. This is described as penis envy. She sees the solution as obtaining her father’s penis.
  • She develops a sexual desire for her father.
  • The girl blames her mother for her apparent castration (what she sees as punishment by the mother for being attracted to the father) assisting a shift in the focus of her sexual impulses from her mother to her father.
  • Sexual desire for her father leads to the desire to replace and eliminate her mother.
  • The girl identifies with her mother so that she might learn to mimic her, and thus replace her.
  • The child anticipates that both aforementioned desires will incur punishment (by the principle of lex talionis)
  • The girl employs the defence mechanism of displacement to shift the object of her sexual desires from her father to men in general.

A similar process occurs in boys of the same age as they pass through the phallic stage of development; the key differences being that the focus of sexual impulses need not switch from mother to father, and that the fear of castration (castration anxiety) remains. The boy desires his mother, and identifies with his father, whom he sees as having the object of his sexual impulses. Furthermore, the boy’s father, being the powerful aggressor of the family unit, is sufficiently menacing that the boy employs the defense mechanism of displacement to shift the object of his sexual desires from his mother to women in general.

Freud thought this series of events occurred prior to the development of a wider sense of sexual identity, and was required for an individual to continue to enter into his or her gender role.

PART TWO – Freud’s Theory Biased Story Upside Down

A page from a future textbook – Freud turned upside down….

Eve, Lorac.  (2053).  Sexual development theory in the cooperation-based world of 2053; Throwing out Freud’s baises and proscriptions led to the emergence of the true natural order.  Somewhere City, New York:  Uppity Woman Press.

Normal Development

A child, when first born, learns immediately through the mother’s breastfeeding and attention that the mother provides her with nourishment, love, safety, and comfort. As she gets older, the child’s view is reinforced by the mother’s continued caretaking and nurturance. The child, appreciating these efforts, identifies with the mother. She both wants to be like the mother and to have a mate similar to the mother.

The presence of other children propels the child into the “competition stage”. The child wishes to be the only recipient of the mother’s attention. Eventually the child develops the higher attributes (now called “world skills”) of cooperation, compassion, and harmonic coexistence as she moves into the more mature “cooperation stage”.

The father, being less involved in the process and in many families often non-existent, is seen as a distant and punitive figure, one not capable of relating on the more complex interpersonal and emotional levels. The child grows to realize just how fortunate she is to have been born a female and to be able to nurture relationships with other females, forming relationships based on the higher attributes of compassion, cooperation, similarities, and interpersonal abilities. The child at first finds it disheartening to find the father so incapable of emotional involvement (the “despair stage”), but later comes to understand that males have only one complete X chromosome, the other being broken (the “acceptance stage”).

The experience of the minority

Some children are born male. They do not have a “time of the month”, because they are affected by hormones EVERY DAY of the month, leading to a greater likelihood of physical and sexual aggression. In addition, these children learn that they do not have the greater interpersonal abilities of communication and cooperation, or the greater emotional development of the female. They compensate by developing their physical strength and stressing competition over cooperation and compassion.

Historically, these males dominated the more superior females by virtue of physical strength, and relegated women to the ranks of the dependent. Society, formed by these men, reinforced their notions so well that women learned to devalue their own superior strengths. The males limited the females’ contact with each other and trained them to be dependent on the male, thereby ensuring that for many centuries the males could overturn and control the natural order of the world. The males’ stress on competition led to many divisions in the world, between rich and poor, between countries, between the sexes. Many lives were lost to starvation, many to wars, many to subjugation.

The males’ control has long-ceased to exist, but males still compensate for their less developed abilities by overdeveloping their physical selves and by trying to stress the ancient, less productive ability of competition in the modern, progressively cooperative world.

Instead of accepting that they are lacking a second fully developed X chromosome and trying to learn appropriate world skills as best they can, these males fall victim to “X envy”. They realize that they are basically “incomplete women” and to overcome this feeling of being second-rate, they remain fixated at the competition stage, always trying to prove themselves. As if to make up for the lacking part of their second chromosome, these males at the competition stage, always place inordinate emphasis upon their penises and they remain fixated at the immature penile orgasm stage.***

A small number of men are able to overcome their biology and fit into the world. These men accept their genetic inferiority and are able to move past their “X envy” stage. They do the best they can to learn world skills such as cooperation and compassion, and they are able to experience mouth orgasms. Learning to appreciate the mouth orgasm is an important indicator that a man has reached sexual maturity*** and can finally, truly please those women who choose to have sex with a male.      ***can anyone figure that one out?   🙂

Abnormal Development

Some children are very disturbed by the distance of the father figure and through a genetic disturbance, are more likely to take the father’s distance personally. They become fixated at this “despair stage”, and without therapy, will spend the rest of their lives trying to nurture relationships with men. These women are called “heterosexual”. They are consumed by a need to “tame” a man, to somehow help him grow and mature so that one day he might be more similar to how women are naturally, all in a misguided attempt to solve their childhood frustration at the alienation of the sperm donor.

Women who are fixated at this stage are unable to fulfill their potential as humans, for their misspent energies keep them from developing normal, healthy relationships with female mates. Instead of growing in a relationship which supports and celebrates femininity, in which both participants are capable of higher interpersonal skills and cooperation, these fixated women are doomed to relationships with the less developed male of the species, relationships in which the women are held back.

The males in these relationships are threatened by the two complete X chromosomes of the females and respond with the ancient tactic of trying to make the women believe that interpersonal and cooperation skills are inferior to the competition that the male favors. The women in these relationships, without help, will never move forward into the “acceptance stage” and will never fulfill their potential.

It is hypothesized that nature will always produce some women who are genetically predisposed to become fixated at this stage, so that babies will be produced for the continuation of the species. It was long ago shown to be a myth that females born to such women and raised in such households are more likely to turn out to have this “heterosexual deviation”; all research studies indicate that the number of such abnormalities is just high enough to maintain population levels.

Healthy Compensation

Those males who do recognize the superiority of “world skills” seek out other similar males with whom to form families, thereby attempting to emulate the success of equality based female-female relationships. While they cannot fully complete their identification with the mother figure as they are not themselves female, they at least are not fixated at the competition stage as are other men, and they do not cause the societal fractures which lead to repressed women, wars between countries, or poverty.


So, what about you?  Are you also tired of a history full of men defining the world based on themselves (and their own problems), and then adding women in as an afterthought, and having to figure out how to “explain us” (of course, from within their own adrocentric framework). 

Chime in with any thoughts!!!!  NYSMike – as one of our very-bestest feminist males here, I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.  And Delphyne – come talk with us!  Pretty please!  NES, FF, Sophie – ?????  And Karen – honey, don’t you give one thought to what that darn Freud would have said about your oral fixation food stealing!!!  (JOKE!  🙂  )


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  1. No green alert last night! Phew!

    Maybe another time. It’s probably better to have some suspense and anticipation thrown into the mix. “Will the green alert go off on Lorac Eve, or not? Gotta go see!”


    Now I have to get some sleep so I can try to work tomorrow morning! lol

  2. I love this!! It points up exactly the way it is so fundamentally different for females to live in this world. Everything from art to science is skewed and male centric. We are swimming in the soup of it. So much so that most males not having to experience this just do see it at all. Many females don’t realize the extent to which this affects us but, most know on a deep level that “something” about they way they are addressed or dismissed in this culture is horribly askew.

    I was always deeply bothered in school by the male centric text books, the lessons always leaning to “great” men as if half the population hadn’t even existed in history or if they did exist it was as some “helpmate” to men or the odd woman in science or letters we spent five minutes on.

    All of the studies in science and arts are still male centric. This is the crux of what needs changing. This ideal that woman are inferior and therefore we don’t need to be recognized in this culture as equals. Wow! This was excellent and reminds me of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s take on the bible. Wonderful blog piece!

  3. Sorry lorac. Bzzzzzzzzzz. Guess you’ll just have to get me going another time!!

    Jaysus was a dysfunctional F*ck up Freud was.

    I only know two psychiatrists socially. They are both walking malfunctions. One of them is a hopeless drunk besides. Both of them need….a psychiatrist. lol.

  4. So much so that most males not having to experience this just do see it at all.

    They see it. They just don’t give a shit because, as the Jewish Prayer goes, “Thank God I was not born a woman”.

  5. Good one, Lorac!

  6. Yes, Uppity someone we all know recently said on a blog talk radio show that his wife had taught him that women fundamentally experience the world in a different way than men. I thought…”How could you not know that!” I guess because they don’t have to acknowledge it unless it is pointed out to them.

  7. I am strangely aroused.

    Wanna see a picture of my Obama?

  8. Legal Insurrection:

    It’s getting hard to tell anti-Bush and anti-Obama bumpers stickers apart

    That’s because it’s hard to tell Bush and Obama apart.

  9. Well,finally some people ARE waking up. myiq, it’s just too bad we are all paying for their stupidity from 08.

  10. Gotta love West Village! I hear they have had sharp rise in crime in that area of NYC lately. Sad. I love it there.

  11. Got THAT right, MyIQ. Actually, Bush had a better personality than Obama has and Bush hardly had a personality at all.

  12. I’d buy that pet store’s concern if I knew they weren’t getting their puppies from a mill.

  13. Dear Anthony,
    Strangely, I am suddenly wishing for a hot dog.

  14. LORAC! Yet another great post. IMO, a lot of what Freud had to say was really him trying to explain his own issues. And look what a mess he left behind.
    Didn’t I read somewhere that all fetuses start out female? Then that “other” chromosone rears it’s ugly “head” and all hell breaks loose.

    Will somebody please tell me what imusts new gravatar is? I can’t get it to enlarge.
    Uppity- said a prayer for the dog.

  15. Bush has a personality? I thought that was Laura pinching him or yanking on that ear behind the curtain.

  16. I heard something years ago that is compatible with the “loracian Theory”….men have not only X envy, but actual womb envy. This is evidenced by their obsessive need for “pockets”. All men’s pants have at least 2 pockets, usually 4. Sometimes the pants pockets in front have little mini pockets inside the pockets. The more successful the man….the more pockets. Suit jacket pockets on the outside and even special hidden pockets inside of the jacket….the CEOs often wear vests in addition to their jackets and the vests have… guessed it….pockets.

  17. Sorry PMM, it is a little small (my gravatar)…it’s a generic protest sign that says “This is my protest sign”.

  18. Thanks Imust!
    Like the pocket theory- and womb envy! Explains why a vast majority of the male population is always trying to get back in and/or to dominate/own one.

  19. imust for some odd reason, when I click on your gravatar I get a message that it’s been deleted. Clicking on an avatar is how someone can see a big version. But since yours is “deleted,” imust and her avatar are obviously not really here. Who are you and what have you done with imust and her gravatar.

  20. hahaha on the hidden pockets. Interesting. And not even hardly as stupid as Freud’s theories. I do wish to point out that men continue to want to nurse.

  21. imust, you should have the protest sign say “Obama is the problem.” I’ve seen pics of Tea Party protests where such signs were brandished.

  22. Hey imust, I have tons of hiden pockets inside my jackets too (in addition to the usual ones outside). It’s probably because I never used my womb to spawn.

  23. Freud was obsessed with his penis… or maybe he was the one with penis envy. Did anyone check his superman underoos before they buried him?

  24. On the gravatar, the reason it says it was deleted is because I chose to not display my profile. I thought it might show my email address. I tried to delete the whole gravatar and start over, but it didn’t work. Now I just have a frozen gravatar. Oh well, the best laid plans.

  25. Freud probably never got a date in high school.

  26. imust, the gravatar doesn’t show one’s email address.

    (Hey, maybe if you make her several pies, FF will design a protest sign gravatar for you. Just a thought.)

  27. We have a dumb-ass male cardinal that spends hours each day flying in to the french doors. Some one suggested that he thinks he is seeing another male cardinal rather than his reflection and is trying to fight it for dominance over the bird feeder. How can I stop him before he kills himself right on my deck?

  28. I thought I read once that Freud’s original theory (based on the women he saw in his practice) was that many women were molested by their fathers as children. His theory was met with outrage so he changed it to, women fantasized that they were molested by their fathers.

  29. teresa you may have unknowingly just proven lorac’s theory.

  30. teresa- Male birds will do that. AND kill themselves in the process. I hang suncatchers in all my windows to alert the birds. Have had too many inadvertently fly into a window and stun themselves. Clean windows are the bane of birds I guess. Kind of like that commercial on tv- I think it is for windex?

  31. Imust lots of women are molested by their fathers. Sadly girl’s molested by their biological fathers is the largest group of girls molested…. more than step fathers, family friends, strangers, teachers, clergy…

    But Freud changed his theory because so many people, men I am guessing, protested. Thank you Mr. Freud. Women all over the world thank you for helping out.

  32. No, imust the clickthru does not reveal email address.

  33. NES I remember when they made women’s suits and jackets with no inside pockets. Eventually enough women got pissed off about the ripoff. I guess the boys who designed the clothing figured wimminz didn’t have that many important things for all those pockets.

  34. If I could fit it I’d have a gravator that says the Far Left is the Problem. The Far Right is the Other Problem.

  35. imust – many of his patients were the daughters of men he knew, men with high-ranking jobs, well-known around town. Yeah, they didn’t like their little incest secrets coming out want to be blamed for their daughter’s psychological problems and acting out. What to do, what to do? Oh, yes! Blame the victim! She’s just having fantasies of being raped by her father!

    I’ve always been blown away by Freud’s making observations of people with mental health issues, and then generalizing that to the whole population. That would be like wanting to understand men, but only studying the population of killers on death row to develop your theory about the personality structure of men!

  36. They always said in the 70s that “pockets are power”. Without pockets, whether you want to or not, you have to carry everything in a purse. You have to babysit that purse, you can’t run too well carrying that purse, etc. A thief on the street won’t know which pocket a man’s valuables are in, and it would be more difficult to get it. A purse he can just grab and run.

    The theory is that a man is more self-sustained, more equipped to move through the world efficiently and safely, when his belongings are carried on his person, and aren’t in a separate container. Women don’t get to avoid victimhood so easily!

  37. I still maintain that the only way to stop child molestators and incestuous relatives is to erase all of them from the gene pool. And talk about a deterrent, while we are erasing them, the Would Bes get to watch and have some second thoughts. This has never been a sickness to me. This is a perversion. These perverts should be executed. All of them. Sorry but that’s how I feel. I put them in the same category as serial killers because they kill girls’ and boys’ souls. Ditto for rapists. Just wipe them all out like a cancer, because that is what they are, a cancer upon a civilized society. Half of congress would probably be in that line too. This is a problem. We don’t put people in congress who are as good as most people we know.

  38. I didn’t finish reading your post this morning, but will be back later to finish it. I can remember borrowing a book on Freud from my Mother back in the late 60’s or early 70’s. Freud was considered a genious and THE authority on pyschology/psychiatrity. I was appalled by the nonsense that I was reading and I thought I gave the book back to my mother. Several years later she insisted that I had never returned it, so I wonder if in my disgust, I threw the book in the trash. Not like me, but it is a possibility. Hehe.

  39. Now I am really ticked! I can not comment unless I log in to wordpress? WTF?

  40. NES – I found a picture of you in your British court wig!!!!

    Question – double jeopardy means that Casey Anthony couldn’t be tried again. But what if she really killed the kid, and comes forward later to admit to the crime? How would that work?

  41. “For two decades in the late nineteenth century, the disorder called hysteria became a major focus of inquiry. The term hysteria was so commonly understood at the time that no one had actually taken the trouble to define it systematically. In the words of one historian, “for twenty-five centuries, hysteria had been considered a strange disease with incoherent and incomprehensible symptoms. Most physicians believed it to be a disease proper to women originating in the uterus.” Hence the name, hysteria.

    As another historian explained, hysteria was “a dramatic medical metaphor for everything that men found mysterious and unmanageable in the opposite sex.”

    —Judith Herman

  42. teresainpa, I had a male cardinal that did that for three spring seasons in a row at my den window! He’d fly up and bang into the window repeatedly for hours on end every single day. This would last a month or so then he’d go away. The next spring one day he’d be back at it again. I never found out why they do that. It was a sickening “thud” on the window and then his body would fall to the ground. Back up he’d fly immediately over an over. It drove me nuts! One year he didn’t come back. Probably finally knocked himself out.

  43. Disclaimer: Utah – it’s all to make a point, hopefully in a humorous way – I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else go gay! 🙂

    That dear Lorac would also suggest I would have to put out . lol. I like being a NONE. Geez I feel a headache coming on.

    Got a new lens and am dying to try my hand at Marco so all this sex talk will have to go on hold. Photography is far far more rewarding.

  44. It doesn’t matter, lorac. Double jeopardy means she can only be tried once for the same crime. She’s scot-free if she wants to confess, but why would she.

  45. Now I am really ticked! I can not comment unless I log in to wordpress? WTF?

    Welcome to the club. It is annoying as hell and I do not like it a bit. Somethings were better left. Change is not always a good thing. After 50 rounds with the log in each time I wanted to post it finally allowed me to stay logged in.

  46. Good point, lorac. That’s why I wear custom-tailored suits, with lots of pockets, to work and virtually never carry a purse. Being a lez helps with that look.

  47. ROFL. Send me that pic lorac. It’ll be me in a parallel universe since I’ve never worn a “court wig” (or any other wig).

  48. Whoa, lorac! Great post — just read it and get the reference to the wig now. More later since I have to run now.

    P.S.: UW and the needle-nose will object to your calling me your attorney.

  49. Six months and Anthony is on the strip club circuit, and in less than a year some Nancy Grace zealot will kill her.

  50. That’s a nice photo of Hillary btw lorac! Great post too!

  51. Lorac, that oral fixation came from quitting ciggs. The reason I smoked ciggs, well, that must have been freudian, for sure. I wanted to be kewl and ended up becoming an addict to a piece of paper and brown leaves.

    As for my crossroads – I passed the fork in the road and a few milestones, but haven’t gotten to the point of no return yet. That is likely to either happen or not happen tonight. I will keep you all guessing until it is time for you to be informed. Need to know basis only. (smirk)

    ps: it does NOT have anything to do with food.

    Thank you Uppity for making Lorac Wednesdays. Thought provoking as always – both of you.

  52. When it comes to psychiatrists, remember it was a psychiatrist that commited the Fort Hood massacres . That alone should tell you what I think of that science

  53. Lorac, I love this post. Very creative and original ( and just what we would expect from a WOMAN!!! ).

    A few little known “facts” about Freud: Poor Siggy never did have a date in high school. He took his sister, Rosa ( to whom he had an unnatural attraction, imo ), to the senior prom. He really wanted to take his mother, but unfortunately she was, well, “busy” that night with Freud’s father. Siggy never fully recovered from this “betrayal” and we all paid the price later. But, hey, it was the mother’s fault, right?

  54. “Female hysteria” defintion: When a woman finally sees things clearly, calls a man out about his sh*t, and refuses to take it anymore.

  55. I did not have any little brothers so I don’t think I realized boys were different until I was about 8 and a friend’s little brother escaped from a bath while I was visiting. So I skipped the whole penis envy stage (if there is such a stage). I know I did not envy him — just thought of his differences as odd.

    Lorac, if you see the purse-snatcher in time, you can hit him with the purse. It helps if it is large and heavy and if you hit him very hard.

    RalphB linked to this on Crawdad. I thought Uppity and people visiting/posting here might be interested, though it is off topic:


  56. I love this post, Lorac!! I literally choked when I read:

    but later comes to understand that males have only one complete X chromosome, the other being broken (the “acceptance stage”).

    I thought I was the only one who thought of that Y chromosome as broken and that the only way it might work is to turn the thing upside down so that it might be a bit more balanced! Either that or do some genetic modification to elongate that short part of the original X. You think that’s why so many of the Y chromosome humans are always talking about size? After having to drink about a full glass of water to stop choking, I laughed for about 5 minutes. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m insane since all of the doors and windows are wide open and they know I live alone.

    The pocket theory is interesting, but I like purses or pockahbooks as they’re known in Jersey – they’re like exterior wombs, come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, make quite the statement, can carry lots of interesting stuff, can be used to smack someone upside the head, they’re off limits to men except those creeps who want to steal them which is why I suggest all women be trained in martial arts, carry a gun and/or have a dog who’s “nice until she isn’t.”

    Man a the default sex? Ridiculous – default should read the fault.

  57. Beata – love that definition!

  58. Ditto Beata! That was spot on.

  59. Just got call. Needlenose is doing fine and I can pick her up at 4.

    Glad THAT’s over. I am going to crash the minute I get her home.

  60. YAY! The dog is all good! Hooray!

  61. What was wrong with the Needlenose? Glad she is doing fine and will be home with you soon!

  62. I never carried a purse in corporate America. Shoved everything in my case.

    Including an over-ripe banana one time….but nevermind.

    Anyways, I still avoid them like plague, since they are just one more thing to slow women down. If you think about it, many fashion assessories and “staples” are ways to slow women down.

  63. Delphyne, she needed to have her teeth cleaned and that new sealant put on. I was worried about her reactions to the anesthesia. SHe came through like a trooper, so now she’s just got to stay there will she’s all clear of the anesthetic and meds. When it’s a cat I can just carry them and watch them when they get home if they are wobbly. I usually pick them up really fast, but I can’t carry my dog out and don’t want her to fall down and go boom. So I will go get her at 4. Cripes, I miss her. So does her cat. I’m gonna give her a big snout kiss when I see her.

  64. I swear if I hear one more stupid repubican say “Kick the can down the road” one more time I am going to smash my TV. Why do they have to have a new buzz phrase to beat to death every damned year? Can’t these people think and talk without a bag full of stupid repeated phrases? And why can’t these morons pronounce Social Security?


  65. On Siggy Freud — I knew it!! It’s almost always the case with maladjusted guys.

  66. Gack! I just read the NEA has ALREADY endorsed the fraud for 2012. This on the heels of reading about the big teachers fixing (read cheating) student standardized tests in Atlanta.

  67. Yay on the Needle-nose! Do tell her that her lawyer is pleased as punch.

  68. The twit in chief is doing a live twitter town hall? Did MKBill submit a question? What is this country coming to? Is this supposed to be dragging up support from the youth?

  69. Upps in your response to Delphyne you forgot to add: “…and I’m a neurotic mother-hen”, or words to that effect.

  70. and I’m a neurotic mother-hen”, or words to that effect.

    Well yeah, there’s that too.

    LOL on the Lawyer is Pleased.

  71. If you can stomach listening to his endlessly repeated bs- my thought is that all the questions are going to be softballs for him- of course

  72. UW: I’m glad you puppy is doing fine, and YES, she will be wobbly

    I just had my big girl done, and they had to pull wo of her teeth,

    she’s a trooper, but it was the one time she was in real live pain,
    and I knew it—-good thing she was so doped up,

    it took a couple of days for the pain to subside

    MY big girl will NOT and I mean NOT take any kind of medicine,
    I have dissolved it, put it in a syringe, put it in her mouth and she STILL
    spits it out—-she won’t firiken touch it

  73. Mom, I guess know we know where kids learn to cheat and why three quarters of them think there’s nothing wrong with it and have done it. Boy are these people in for a surprise in the real world.

  74. that’s two not wo of her teeth,

    and if it wasn’t so upsetting her spitting it out, like a baby would
    it would actually be very funny.
    She had the bout with cancer last year, so I had to delay the cleaning,
    besides being very very expensive

    I can’t afford expensive, but I do it anyway for either of my girls

  75. Chit, a Twitter Townhall! WTF!!

    I think I’ll tweet him the following: “Barack, don’t tweet me your junk!”

  76. delphyne, she had no extractions. She was stage 1 and I figured catching it early saves a world of pain and health issues for her. So she’ll probablly have no problems and she wasn’t under all that long, just a cleaning and sealing. They have a sealant now, you know. To help aid against gingivitis.

    Hell, my dog will take any med if I push it into a piece of cheese. lol.

  77. Mom, oh don’t worry, you can bet they aren’t going to let Bawaak have to think to hard or be challenged on twitter.

  78. Yes it is expensive Michelina, but it does go a long way to prolong life down the road. Bad teeth can affect their kidneys, stomach, you know the routine. That’s why we do it. I know it has served me well with cats, having had most of my cats live to very ripe old ages, barring any other congentical issues. I did a cat this spring too. I spent a fortune at the vet’s this year, what with my poor cat who died in March. I spent close to $2k on him before I even figured out we were treating what we knew he had but what we didn’t know he had was killing him. I would give up eating to pay to save my pet if I had to. They steal our hearts, they do. My vet says when he dies he wants to come back as one of my pets. lol.

  79. 7.9 EQ north of New Zealand–Kermadec Islands.

  80. Michelina, you need to check your mail.

  81. Oh shit. The wind is bending the trees and there is thunder. Watch there be a thunderstorm now that I am leaving to pick up my dog.

  82. Oh, any anesthesia is worrisome. I just ordered something natural for Kylie’s teeth which are pretty good, but she does have some tartar on a couple of them. I’ll let you know if and how it works. Since she’s a seizure dog and takes pheno to control them, putting her under really isn’t an option. My first border had terrible teeth and had to have them cleaned every 2 years.

    The things we do for our companion animals – worth every penny. Kylie had a kidney infection in February and almost died….had to take her down to Red Bank, keep her there 3 nights, along with the 3 other prior visits to vet/emergency room to figure out what was wrong – and that didn’t happen until she got to Red Bank with a 106.6 fever! Kissed $3600 dollars away in less than a week, but as I said, completely worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    NES – even though I’m not a long time commenter here, I already knew that Uppity was a mother hen! It completely comes through her writing!

    Give the Needlenose a kiss for me, too! You know I love me those herding dogs!!

    Oh – and we just had a report of coyote sightings right where we take our walks!! Next thing will be a bear sighting. We’re surrounded by park land and with all the development in our county and the surrounding ones, the wild critters are finding their way here where people leave them alone.

  83. UW: Got it

    give that lovely girl of yours a big Doggie kiss from Michelina and Davey and Me

  84. Delphyne: I hope your puppy is better, been there, and it sucks to worry so much for them and your right, worth EVERY PENNY!!

  85. Maybe this has been noted (I just came in from work)

    7.8 north of NZ!

    ISSUED AT 1933Z 06 JUL 2011








    ORIGIN TIME – 1903Z 06 JUL 2011
    DEPTH – 48 KM
    MAGNITUDE – 7.8

  86. AS for Lorac’s late-night-post-vacation-post….


    and as a gay woman, WE always said “Men were mutants” because that little part of their other X Chromosome broke off and landed directly between their legs!

  87. And in other good news from “Cleaning Up The Gene Pool”

    “The US Army psychiatrist accused in a deadly shooting rampage at a Texas base will face a court martial and possible death penalty, a general has ruled.”

  88. Yowza on that NZ quake – they are having a time of it down under! I read even Australia had a couple of small quakes.

    Thanks, Michelina – Kylie is good now and has been seizure free for almost a year and before that, a year clean. Hopefully the schedule of when she takes her meds will keep on working!

  89. “WE always said “Men were mutants””

    YOU! UppityMen! YOU KNOW I am not talking about YOU – and a lot of others – just the one’s Freud Loved So Much!

  90. My knuckles are sure getting raw from dragging behind me.

  91. Angi says were jackasses not mutants

  92. Awww Spitzer’s CNN show is being cancelled. poor poor love gov

  93. And Ed Schultz is gonna take Cooper’s place at 10 on CNN – Anderson is moving to 8pm.

    Guess the WHOLE COUNTRY will be watching Greta now

  94. Angi would know DE – But you had better not hurt your hands – Uppity will never forgive you

  95. She’s home. She’s not wobbly at all. She doesn’t seem like her usual ebullient self and is kind of wandering around and gives me that Ma did I do something wrong look, but otherwise okay. I can’t feed her for two hours. I can tell she’s hungry but I will follow instructions. It was pouring out there, so I stood in the rain with the umbrella over her. Truly, I am not a well person. lol.

    ACK! I just noticed they shaved her leg furs! Fie!!!! Blasphemy!!

  96. Delphyne, are you trying that new sealant? I’m asking because I had them do it for her today. They said you can use it every two weeks and it keeps the soft tarter from forming? But you put it on already cleaned teeth I guess.

    And I agree, they are worth every penny.

    LOL on the mother hen thing.

  97. FYI the vet got the colonial red off of her while she was under. He was laughing his ass off.

  98. Ed Schultz is just a scheevy looking thing isn’t he?

    As for Eliot. Boo F**king Hoo.

  99. What is it with CNN and their penchant for scumballs as talking heads? Sanchez, then Spitzer. Did they reallly imagine anybody wanted to watch Eliot? What on earth were they thinking. I lost my loyalty to CNN when they canned Aaron Brown in favor of All Anderson All The Time. I loved Aaron Brown. I wanted to sleep with him. Now they have all these yahoos. Is that cadaverous gas pocket Cafferty still there? Does that guy have a face for radio or what?

  100. Listen DE I watched you throw a vase. I needed a cigarette after it was over.

  101. Whatever Angi says, I’m on her side. Just so you know.

    Here’s DE throwing a vase. Watch the hands.

  102. Re Goat-fucker-murderer Hassan – from his Lawyer

    “…“I wonder if the Judge Advocate alerted the c.o. to the myriad of issues in this case,” Galligan said. “I wonder if he alerted the c.o. [commanding officer] to the fact that we are still missing discovery from the White House, …

  103. And one more lovely story from Our Women-loving Friends in Gaza (Hear that Bill Ayers and Jodi Evans?) Putting MORE MEN out of work is a great idea in a country with a 50% unemployment rate, for the sake of “Islamic Credentials” – right?

    The Hamas government in Gaza has begun enforcing a law introduced last year banning men from cutting women’s hair.

    Until now, the law had not been enforced, but this week at least one male hairdresser in Gaza was arrested.

    Male hairdressers for women are regarded by many Muslims as against Islamic tradition.

    The move is seen as an attempt to bolster Hamas’s Islamic credentials against critics who say it has become too moderate.


  104. Uppity Woman, on July 6, 2011 at 4:49 PM said:
    Listen DE I watched you throw a vase. I needed a cigarette after it was over.

    OMG – I’ll join you in that cigarette and I quit over 30 years ago!

    I tried this twice and both times, it freaked me out. Literally. I could barely breathe, had no idea what the heck I was doing or supposed to do and left. I think I have some Karma with it.

    UW – glad the girl is fine. No, I haven’t tried the sealant – I’ll talk to my vet about it next month when Kylie goes in for blood tests, but if it means anesthesia, I doubt I’ll do it. I’ll try the natural spray for now and then see how it goes.

    Well, time for the zucchini pancakes with fresh herbs, sliced heirloom tomatoes and some papaya with lime. It’s too freaking humid to do much of anything else for dinner.

  105. Awww, we’re glad the cutie is home and doing well. That’s nice that they took the paint off.

    lorac, another great post, funny but true! I never liked freud. I found psych in general to be tedious, but especially stuff like freud.

  106. I see where Mr. This Is What A Feminist Looks Like has asked Texas not to execute a fucking rapist/murderer. It was just a wimmin after all.

  107. Oh. My. God.

    “So you’d look back here and there are snakes with their heads sticking out between the siding with their tongues flicking in and out,”

  108. Considering it was in Denver – must be all the left-over Obama Delegates who didn’t get a job in the Administration, Uppity

  109. And the Carnival begins:

    “970 WFLA has confirmed that Juror #6 in the Casey Anthony Case is now under representation by a public relations firm. The 33-year-old Pinellas County man is willing to talk to the media, but only for a price. Offers are reportedly pouring in, with at least one major network offering to pay in the mid 5-figure range. “

  110. freedomfairy01, on July 6, 2011 at 5:07 PM said:
    Hey DE – love the hands! Now, read this! LMAO!
    This family needs to get a mongoose. Why did they not have an inspection done. I lived in the country on a heavily wooded lot for several years. One chilly fall evening I went out back to do something and say a snake snaking his way up my brick siding trying to get to the dryer vent. I went inside. 20 minutes later I looked out the back door to see the snake on my stoop right outside the door. That snake was not a dummy, he was following the warmth from inside my house. I told the story to a coworker who told her husband, who flipped out and told her to insist that I move and stop living in the woods by myself. Well, actually I had 3 dogs and 7 cats, so I wasn’t exactly living alone. Never saw the snake again, but he may have seen me (hehe).

  111. So the Casey Anthony jury refused to talk to the press for free after the verdict, but were waiting to be contacted and made an offer. I hope these jerks enjoy the disdain they will be held in after they start talking about the verdict.

  112. Mongoose? You gotta be kidding. If I owned that house I would be gone and finding somebody to set it on fire for insurance. I don’t do snakes, it’s no secret. A snake on my stoop is a shot snake.

  113. All right, before we skewer the jurors, fess up. Don’t tell ME you wouldn’t enjoy making money for your interviews. Come on, fess up. A reporter shoves a mic in your face as you leave the courthouse, right after another guy grabs your arm and tells you CNN will give you 50k for the first interview. And you do what again?

    Take your time. I’ll wait.

  114. Considering it was in Denver – must be all the left-over Obama Delegates who didn’t get a job in the Administration, Uppity

    Well they are rather reptilian.

  115. Hey DE! On your next throw video, might I suggest this song. Title it Slow Hand. Bet you get a million hits. And sell LOTSA vases. Bucks!!!

  116. It makes me sick that people will be making money off that little girl’s death. And no, if it was me, I wouldn’t do it but I probably wouldn’t have been picked for the jury anyway.

  117. lorac: work in the handbags section of Kaufmann’s and find out how many men have to buy the big Louis Vitton because they are constantly handing things to the wife saying, “Here, put this in your purse.” Or the husbands who are entitled to choose the bag because the wife’s always shoving their handbags into the spouse’s gut with a terse, “Here, Hold my purse.”

  118. Ah my poor starving puppy. She didn’t eat all day and she is only supposed to eat 1/4 of her normal meal, so I gave it to her and she ate it and looked at me like, Is That It?

  119. Poor Girl! Still, we know she’ll be lavishly cared for (as she deserves, heroine dog that she is) by Uppity as she recuperates.

  120. No, even though I could use extra money, I’m not a publicity hound and never will be so I would not talk to the press. And hungry dogs (and cats), my cat and my grandkitty (who I’m taking care of) never get full. They always give you that pathetic sad look, even though neither one is exactly skinny. Makes you wonder if they would eat until they exploded if you gave them all the food they asked for.

  121. I am a sucker for a sad story from a cat or dog. I have a terrible habit of feeding my bestie (otherwise known as the granddoggie) table scraps. But I have managed to keep him at a normal weight even if he is an old guy.

    As for paid interviews: Hell no, first I would hire a ghost writer and write a book and then sell it for movie rights. I want Emma Thompson to play me.

  122. Casey Anthony’s ex fiance.

  123. She really seems fine but i’m just following orders. She can drink all she wants, but not have much food. If she keeps down what I gave her, then later, in a couple of hourse, I will give her more. Apparently, they are supposed to be nauseaus due to the anesthetic. i don’t think she is, but why take the chance. She is hungry though. I bought her some special handmade biscuits while I was there picking her up. they’re for tomorrow. RIght now she’s sleeping with her stuffed raccoon. She’s a bit quiet but otherwise fine. Her mouth doesn’t seem to hurt either.

  124. lol on the ghost writer, Teresa. I’d take that contract.

  125. BCL what I notice is, a dog will eat as much as you give him, even unto exploding. A cat will eat one mouseful at a time and then go back.

  126. socal mommy might let her sleep on the bed tonight. She doesn’t sleep on the bed, she either sleeps on the floor nearby or at the bottom of the stairs, so that will be a treat for her. Don’t know how the cats will feel about that though. lol. Once she gets the bed, she will probably try to milk it tomorrow so she can do it again. I know this dog. She has been known to fake injuries too. lol.

  127. Me Too just wandered up to my porch – alone this time. She gets a whole can of Friskies for herself tonight! Smart kitty.

  128. FYI the vet got the colonial red off of her while she was under. He was laughing his ass off.

    When I read Bill’s description of selling the Needlenose, I actually thought that there was a breed of herding dogs named “Colonial Red Herding Dog.” I googled it. I actually made a fool of myself. My border collie is not speaking to me because of that. Imagine her rolling her big brown eyes when I did such a thing and thinking what a dope her mom is.

    Let her sleep in bed, Uppity – it probably won’t be for long as they seem to like their own places. However, they DO like to milk the situation for as long as they can, so who can tell if she’ll hog up the entire bed or sleep at the bottom of the stairs. Good luck tonight!

  129. ROFLEP!
    Rolling on the floor laughing eating pie.
    Angi made a chocolate ricotta pie.

  130. A cat will eat one mouseful at a time and then go back.—LOL

    Delphyne, I loved your story.

    Beata, so glad Me Too is learning the ropes of getting what he wants.

  131. When I read Bill’s description of selling the Needlenose, I actually thought that there was a breed of herding dogs named “Colonial Red Herding Dog.” I googled it.

    OMG! You win the I Made Uppity’s Coffee Come Out Of Her Nose award!!!!! Hilarious!!!!

  132. YAY ME TOO! She didn’t get this far being stupid!!!

    I’m proud I gave Me Too it’s name! I was planning to name any new cat Me Too. Now we found one, only he’s/she’s yours.

  133. Hey Delphyne, this Colonial Red Herding Dog would have to be named Benjamin Moore.

  134. Mmmmmmmmm. Ricotta pie.

  135. The Googled Needle Nose is ROFLMAO Funny!

    Now – Uppity – please send me a mail “test”. I am trying to reload addresses in the new Desktop and I don’t want to type them all in from the laptop – SAME GOES for everyone else here who has my real email. Mom, NES, L O R A C (Honey) and of course DE and all….
    thanks. Keeps me from having to work! LOL!

    BTW – whi is that in the wig at the top of the post? Hmmmmmmmmm?

  136. Damn standard keyboard – all the keys are in the wrong place!

  137. Hey Delphyne, this Colonial Red Herding Dog would have to be named Benjamin Moore.

    More like Benjamina Moore – whose paint I used to color my place.

    Sorry about the coffee coming out of your nose, UW – sometimes, I tend to take things way too literally and the Colonial Red Herding Dog seemed so – well, realistic!! I thought it was a breed I had never heard of. And, of course, it doesn’t exist. But it sure sounds like something I’d hear of in the Westminster show in February! Have you seen “Best in Show?” I’m sure you have – I found it hilarious!

  138. K, done, FF.

  139. All my cats have had real names but they all think it’s Hey, get down from there.


  141. Is that cadaverous gas pocket Cafferty still there? Does that guy have a face for radio or what?

    Best review of Cafferty I’ve evah seen!

  142. Snakes are tasty.

  143. ROFLEP!? Did someone mention eating PIE?

  144. K, done too, FF.
    (I wanted to say “Me too,” but Beata’s new feline has appropriated that term now. )

  145. ROFL, Sophie.

  146. Rattlesnake pie?

  147. NES – I haven’t received your mail – but I have eaten snake.

  148. Whoa! Get a load of this:
    Lotsa slithery recipes, including Rattlesnake Pie. (Only in Tejas!!)

  149. FF, I sent it to your gmail.

    Which snakes have you eaten?

  150. I ate rattlesnake fajitas in Texas, many eons ago. Still recall how the meat was diamond-embossed (from the skin). Quite yum.

  151. You assume there is more tan one?!?!? Rattlesnake, NES…and no, didn’t get the mail. Try again? Verify w/Uppity? Not sure why. I got DE’s and Uppity’s. 😦

  152. Rattlesnake PIE! Here’s the end of the recipe from NES’ link:

    . Bake until the Bisquick is done and serve with sour cream, pico de gallo lettuce and guacamole. Pair with a Texas sweet red wine (Pleasant Hill Collina Rossa).

    Nice to know what wine to pair it with….I would of figured white wine though…since I’m sure rattlesnakemusttastelikechicken

  153. I haven’t tasted snake myself…but I was once married to one. [butum-bump].

    Yes, thank you, thank you….I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress and I recommend the snake.

  154. nice rimshot imust!

  155. I ate rattlesnake as a kid. I like gator meat.

  156. **Behold DE, being just plain cruel:**


  157. Yummy it was good.

  158. Gator is GOOD!

  159. YUM DE! BTW – (Imustisincluded) I did something I have not done before when I made a Cherry Pie this week. I added ONE Granny Smith Apple – sliced VERY thin to the pie. After cooking, you never SAW the apple – or taste it per se, but it added the nicest tart aspect to the cherries – YUMMIE!

  160. The chocolate ricotta pie sounds Yum. The rattlesnake ala bisquick not so much!

    When I worked at a popular golf course for three years (celebs every day, btw), every once in a while we’d get a report of a rattlesnake on the course. The Mexicans that worked in the cart garage would go tearing out to catch it. They would roast them or something. I remember they had a box filled with rattles.

  161. Does rattlesnake taste like eel? Because eel is yummy.

  162. Sounds good FF. Love cherry pie. I’m hoping to find a nice strawberry rhubarb.

  163. Rattlesnake is gamey chicken, IMO. Eel? —-EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW (also, IMO)

  164. Eel deep fried battered. Are you kidding? Its delicious.

    Of course I am pretty much convinced that you could deep fry anything or put BBQ sauce on it and people will eat it.

  165. I’m a fan of cherry pie too socal, if it’s not too sweet. I LOVE blueberry pie packed tight with fresh blueberries. some hagan daas french vanilla with it and oh boy. Of course, you know me. If there were caramel apple walnut pie sitting next to it, well then the bet is off.

  166. I LOVE octopus. One of my all time favorites. Those tenticles with the suckers on them are just plain DELICIOUS and I am NOT kidding. We always have it at Christmas as one of the Christmas eve seven fishes.

    I’m not talking calamari here. I am talking thick tenticles. If you ever get the opportunity to eat some do NOT pass it up.

  167. I made a great chicken waldorf salad wrap for lunch. It was really good. Got the recipe off some site on the net. I really liked it. It had shredded chicken, raisins, crushed walnuts. Dressing was light mayo, dijon, white wine vinegar and you put it on a bed of arugula and wrapped.

  168. Yes there are different rattlers. We have rattlers up here in the woods up north. I shoot them.

  169. First time I saw Octo, Uppity was in Naples, Italy on the way to Pompeii and Herculaneum. We got off the train at midnight and were STARVING. We walked and walked through dimly lit streets until we found a little place to eat before we went back to the train – a cafeteria – and ALL they had left were PANS FILLED with baby octos. Heads leaning over, dusted with paprika and their little arms and suckers all spread out like starfish. At 18 years old, that was not very appealing.

  170. You guys like dago stuffed calamari? I’m selling my mother’s recipe.

    Wait….there was a bolt of lightening….

  171. Wow! All this pie talk. imustbeinheaven!

  172. Aw chit, now I gotta make stuffed calamari.

    You eat them with some linguini. Nice. Very nice. Tickets on sale now.

    Wish I lived next door to some of you. I love feeding people I like.

  173. FF the stuffed calarmari are the calamari tubes. That’s where the fried calamari slices come from. They look like fatttened tubes when you stuff them. They are REALLY good. Now the Octo is totally delicious. I just want to say it again. Maybe at 18 it made you cringe, but I’m telling you it is delicous.

  174. while we are on the subject of pie… I simply love broccoli pie! 🙂 🙂 😯 😯 Ok, now everyone calm down… I can only handle one request at a time…. 😉 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 but, true… it is my favorite… 🙂 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  175. Casper, actually, broccoli pie would appeal to me. With cheese, I assume?

  176. Aww, Uppity. That is nice. (I am assuming I am in the ‘some’ category! LOL)

    Anyway – off to bed. Have to take both computers to the Doctor in the am…so don’t expect me around – after am coffee – til late.

  177. speaking of peasant food, my grandmother used to make BIG bracciola with a hardboiled egg in them. Delicious. She also used to make HUGE meatballs the same way. Cripes I miss that woman.

  178. FF the stuffed calamari are baked and simmered in pasta sauce.

  179. God I hate you people. I could eat a whole meal right now. lol.

  180. NES, are you here, girl? I have acquired a new respect for curmin. Just wanted you to know because I said I didn’ tlike it much. Somebody gave me a recipe for egyptian lentil soup with cumin, tumeric and cayenne……and I think I may be addicted.

  181. Yes you are Freedom Fairy. I would cook for you any day.

  182. No cheese…. Just Broccoli, onion and egg…. and of course, a little pastry…. 😆 😆 😆 Not, a big sweet fan… but, love, love the veggies… And, seafood…. Um… maybe, once or twice a year… a little salmon or cod…. mostly, all the good stuff… Beans, veggies, fruits, nuts and some really great dark chocolate…. 🙂 And, yes. I just love a great pizza with everything…. NO Fish… or Fruit… 😯 🙂 Does anyone remember from ‘An American Tail’ the scene with the Big White Cat who just loved “Broccoli” the voice was Dom Deluise who has since died…. What a great scene imo… 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 whenever I think of Broccoli I think of that… 😉

  183. I like a broccoli cheddar quiche. I use cumin in my chili, also chili powder, ancho chile pepper (dark brown powder–the stuff they put in mexican hot chocolate) and a little cayenne of course.

  184. Persistent broccoli addict.

  185. I have a greaaaaaaaaaat 3 cheese and spinach quiche recipe. Stolen from a restaurant in Calfiornia back in the 70s.

  186. Uppity…. just adorable!!! Thank You!!! 🙂 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  187. I put curry powder in my tuna salad. Sounds weird, I know, but it tastes great. Curry has turmeric which is a good anti inflammatory.

  188. My, my…. this post started out about Freud, and is ending up with women talking about snakes (afraid of them, like them, etc). And on top of that, LESBIANS are talking about EATING snakes.

    Freud would have a field day with that ROFL

  189. Cute broccoli kittehs. In the 2nd vid though, I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t let the poor cat have some.

  190. “Female hysteria” defintion: When a woman finally sees things clearly, calls a man out about his sh*t, and refuses to take it anymore


  191. Its the Wednesday Lorac Attack!

  192. Or, in keeping with the Freudian theme, I guess I should say The Hump Day Lorac Attack!

  193. lorac this crazy thread is at 200 comments! You rock girl!

  194. SWPAnn: find out how many men have to buy the big Louis Vitton because they are constantly handing things to the wife saying, “Here, put this in your purse.”

    See? They STILL get to keep their own hands free! lol

  195. Okay, NOW it’s at 200 comments! (do I get a penguin?)

  196. (do I get a penguin?)

    You get a drunk puppy

  197. Eel cooked the Japanese way is yum.

  198. Eat grilled Octopus along the sea in Greece.

  199. Next time, UW, send some to me FedEx.

  200. FF, one must embrace most everything that made one “cringe” at 18.

  201. socal – lol

    I’m not sure how I feel about that new name for our Wednesday lol

  202. Aunt Upps is gonna be J again.

  203. Knew da wussy would cave. ROFL, Big Dawg set him up by saying “no way, no how, should you blink” in the debt-ceiling talks, all the while knowing that Baby Bawaaaak would blink repeatedly.

  204. Breaking news: President Obama offering major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

    I hope this means he is a one term president.


  205. I hope this means he is a one term president.

    I keep hoping this is just a bad dream

  206. Alienate Seniors. Check.
    Alienate women over 40. Check.
    Alienate Jews. Check.
    Alienate Gays and Lesbians. Check.
    Alienate Independents. Check.
    Alienate Moderates. Check.
    Run for re-election. Check.

  207. I agree, myiq: I have been hoping it was just a bad dream ever since Bush was “selected” in 2000. Wish I could wake up!!! Here’s hoping that the American people finally do.


  208. From what I’ve seen of that con man Al, who is now approaching $400 million profit on his bullshit, I’m not sure suffering thru Bush was the worse option.

  209. Cleanup! Aisle Six!

  210. The traitor! Yeah, he doesn’t his ss when he retires. Did you guys note the comments on that wapo link? One of them said “republicans are riding him like a well broke horse”.

  211. Haha, lorac! No, I’m not a big fan of “hump day” either. Just thought it fit in with the post. A popular radio station here, KLOS always called Weds hump day, cuz its the hump in the week.

  212. KLOS always called Weds hump day, cuz its the hump in the week.

    Tomorrow is SHIT day – Sure Happy It’s Thursday

  213. Whoa, Lorac! What a read! Great job!

  214. Freud….total BS….total idiot

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