Don’t mess with old people series: Gramma brings down jewelry store robbers


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  1. There are PUMAs everywhere

  2. Those girls were our mascots in 2008.

  3. They must be tea partiers – “Make tea not love.”

  4. We should assign them to the Philly polling place in 2012, sic em on the panthers.

  5. Ever seen this one, My?

  6. Adds whole new meaning to the word Redneck.

  7. Granny Fail.

  8. This makes my blood boil:

  9. And this one:

  10. Tasers have emboldened the worst cops on earth.

  11. Here in my hometown (Merced, CA) the cops tasered a man with no legs.

  12. That’s a favorite one UW.

  13. Did you see the next video UW

  14. Tasers should only be used where a cop would normally use deadly force. Who can we get to pass that legislation?

    Tasers have become the refuge of lazy and/or scared cops who are not up to their jobs. It reminds me of the S.W.A.T. team at the Columbine shootings. They took hours to go in to the school, hours when the shooters were not a threat because they were dead. Instead of the SWAT team acting like a SWAT team, a teacher bled to death from a gun shot wound that didn’t have to be fatal. When did cops become entitled, entitled to an easy non threatening, non annoying job?

  15. OT but we need this in EVERY voting precinct in the country!
    BOSTON (Reuters) – Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls in 2012, with a photo required before casting a ballot in 2014, his office announced on Wednesday.
    “Notably, I spoke with representatives of our state’s minority communities, and I found their concerns about voter fraud and their support for this bill particularly compelling,” he added.
    But in Rhode Island, where Democrats control both legislative chambers, the bill was introduced in the Senate by a Democrat and co-sponsored in the House by members of both parties.

    “As a minority citizen and a senior citizen I would not support anything that I thought would present obstacles or limit protections,” state Senator Harold Metts, a Democrat, said in a statement after the bill passed.”

    Voter ID- every time- in every polling place!

  16. When did cops become entitled, entitled to an easy non threatening, non annoying job?

    Imagine firefighters waiting until the fire is out before they did anything, or soldiers waiting until the war is over to attack the enemy..

    “It’s not safe to go over there, I could get burned!”

    That’s what you get paid for, buddy. If you don’t want the job, let somebody else take it. Any cop who can’t handle an unarmed little old later without tasering or pepper spraying her needs to turn in his badge.

  17. Voter ID- every time- in every polling place!

    The Big Dawg really disappointed me when he compared voter ID laws to Jim Crow.

  18. good morning (((UPPITY’S))))

    the vid’s aren’t working on my computer today,
    so I’m missing alot, they’d probably piss me off anyway,
    not the one with granny taking them down, but the other ones

    will be lurking—–

  19. I love the Brit lady! It was hilarious watching her dash across that street to get not one, but three guys breaking in the store when no one else was doing a thing!

    She’d be tasered likely here…frightening.

  20. Now they say that voter ID disinfranchises voters. It disinfranchises people who are not SUPPOSED to vote. So that argument is getting more lame by the minute. I remember when I was required to show my voter registration card. I have to sign even now each and every time I vote and the people know me. No exceptions. So I don’t get this bullshit. You should not be allowed to vote unless you are a legitimately registered voter, and showing ID was never a problem when there was a question. This is bullshit and it’s getting obvious. We had cartoon characters registering to vote during the last presidential travesty. We had people voting several times in different counties, and In Our Face saying so after the fact. We even had these shitballs trying to register a goldfish. See link below. We had people voting in states they didn’t even live in. Our election system is being deliberate corrupted and filthied up by corrupt politicians right In Our Faces. They should all be indicted for blocking the safety of our sacred election system. When you lose your legitimate voting system, you are officially in Iran. This is raw bullshit and every American should be sick of it and protesting loudly. Our congress, by deliberately refusing to enforce safeguards, is working very hard over the past decade to turn the USA into a banana republic where despots they choose rule and ruin us.

  21. From Uppity’s second taser link:

    Though the grandson said, “Don’t Taze my granny!” an El Reno police officer told another cop to “Taser her!” and wrote in his police report that he did so because the old woman “took a more aggressive posture in her bed,” according to the complaint.

    How do you take a “more agressive posture” in your bed?

    In Madera, California a police SGT decided to taser a man who was hogtied in the back of her patrol car. Unfortunately she accidentally drew her .40 caliber pistol instead of her taser and shot him dead. There four other officers present.

    The mistake was one thing, but why was she going to taser him in the first place? He was already hogtied in the back of a patrol car. JUST TAKE HIM TO JAIL!

    (sorry for the threadjack)

  22. This 64 yr old woman’s cat woke her up- the woman grabbed the burglar by his beard. We should send this to goatf&^istan!

  23. Anthony will serve another month maybe two as she is sentenced to 4 years in prison for lying to law enforcement.
    What did we lie about that we got 4 years of barry.

  24. don’t mess with Grannie!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

  25. Re: ID cards and how easy they are to get

    I am disabled. I have an inoperable brain tumor that causes numerous neurological problems. I cannot drive. Because of my disability, it is also very hard for me to take the bus. I needed a new state ID card in order to vote. I was unable to find a ride to the BMV, so I took the bus. The BMV is 1 hour and 20 minutes each way on the bus from my house. When I got to the BMV, there was a long wait. I had to stand because there wasn’t anywhere to sit. After about an hour, the computers went down. Everyone was told to come back the next day. So I took the 1 hour and 20 minute ride home, exhausted. I went back the next day, again on the bus. The computers were working but the wait was very long. Again no where to sit. Finally I got my card, but I had missed the bus, so I had to wait another hour for the next one to come. I don’t know how many hours all of this took. I am not very good with math. But easy to get an ID? It sure didn’t feel like it to me.

  26. Beata- so sorry to hear of your trouble. But then- you are exactly who this country needs more of! In spite of the difficulties you chose to endure the tribulation and get the id so you could exercise your civic duty.
    It is not right that ACORN can register a bunch of phonies. And I absolutely detest mail in votes, early voting, and same day registrations. Too much opportunity for fraud.

  27. Wow Beata, sounds like you have more than your share. The amazing thing is how far you went to ensure you could vote. There are plenty of people sitting on their asses who could have had an easier time of it than you did. So mom is very right about America needing more people like you.

    I’m thinking, most people have some form of ID. They were born. They pay for heat, they pay rent. They pay taxes. They work. They are on welfare. They are on disability. Whatever, there is a method of ID in order to get that far. While a uniform photo ID is ideal, anybody who has NO way of identifying themselves is a person who doesn’t exist. However, I am incensed at the level of disgusting disrespect and disdain your motor vehicles department shows disabled people, without some kind of accomodations to make getting a legal ID easier. So very typical of what has happened to our government departments, that now treat taxpayers and residents like they work for the government and the government is THEIR customer.

  28. It’s easy to get a phony ID ..not a for real one like you did Beata, Bless you!!. I’m sorry about all that for you . You are one hell of a woman!
    I take the bus too and people don’t understand how long it takes to get somewhere and do something . A friend can drive from her house to here in 10 mins…but it’s 90 for me to bus it…if you are going somewhere via the bus to do something, it’s hours, often all day . You don’t run errands while riding the bus…you crawl them

    okay, rant off

  29. Beata made the argument that has to be made about voter IDs. I think most of us who are liberal and/or partisan democrats agree with Bill Clinton that it is a Jim Crow law. However, in this new age of stolen elections I think we have to do something. I will reluctantly agree to voter IDs being a good idea (even if it is one more way for big brother to track me) as long as there are laws put in place to help people get those IDs in a much easier manner than Beata experienced. I drive so I have a Licence to use. For people who do not drive, well it is much harder to obtain that ID.
    In the meantime I think reforming the primary system will do more to ensure democracy than picture IDs. We need both.

  30. I too reluctantly agree the ID idea might be needed. But that’s because of our politicians who refuse to allow people to do what was ALWAYS done: ID a person who arrives to vote. This was NEVER a problem. It BECAME a problem when people began arriving here illegally, with politicians willing to corrupt the system for their votes. I remember when someone asking for your ID wasn’t an insult. The reason they asked had to do with proving who you were and they had every right to do so. People who have a problem revealing who they are have the problem, not everybody else. DC is so interested in their own reelections and their own stupid useless parties that they just don’t give a fast fuck what they do to America any longer. Look at TSA, examining old ladiies’ diapers and letting people wearing full body trash bags “inspect themselves”. If this isn’t a glaring example of how our own politicans are not upholding the constitution and national security needs, I don’t know what is.

  31. it pisses me off that politicians like Obama and Bush 2 think of cheating the system as having run a superior campaign. If the DNC and the Surpreme Court can make rules as they go along about whose vote is valid and whose is not among legal voters, all the fake voters in the world are not needed to steal an election. What we are missing most is a sense of fair play, that when an election is stolen even if it is your guy who steals it, you should be outraged.
    They say that every great society eventually dies and I think we may be dying faster than most. If we do not have valid elections we have nothing. We are just serfs serving lords and politicians are on the quick and easy track to become part of the new royalty.

  32. so what do we do?

  33. If this isn’t a glaring example of how our own politicans are not upholding the constitution and national security needs, I don’t know what is.

    Quite right, Upps. However, this particular problem — PC over common sense — is, uniquely, a Dem-politician problem (the Repubs. having NO truck, whatsoever with political correctness). (Before you say it, I’ll concede that the Repubs. have their own unique problems — e.g., wanting to look inside wimmenz panties is, uniquely, a Repub.-politician problem.)

  34. Did Big Dawg just call Chafee a raycist? You’d think he’d at least get it.For cryin’ out loud, it’s not a literacy test or a poll tax.

  35. Sophie, Big Dawg’s a Dem first (albeit, thankfully, not an ObamacRAT) — the Dem pols love loose voting because the result in votes benefits them more than the Repubs. If illegals tended to vote Repub., I’m sure the GOP would find a way to love them some loose-voting practices.

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