Finally! A subject which we and the Incandescent One totally agree upon!

Yes, we agree. We agree it would be “Nice” if you would “Get out of Washington”.

Shamelessly stolen from Hillary Is 44.


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  1. ROFLMAO! I saw that over there and liked it so much I finally fought through a couple of hours to register to comment!
    Please Barry, GO! Get out of Washington! Get out of politics! As a matter of fact- get out of our country!

  2. He was cheated…nobody told him he might have to do some work when he went to Washington.

  3. poor guy.dontcha feel sorry for him??? 😆 😆

  4. Let’s all work hard to send Dick on a permanent vacation.

  5. myiq- AMEN! He loves him some vacay- let him and his family- and all their attendants and courtiers- do it on his own time and dime!


  7. Hillary wouldn’t have been complaining about being in Washington DC working in the Oval Office, just sayin’

  8. Organize him right out of town!

  9. No, Michelina, that won’t do since the cat is a male. How about Hillary for Prez and MKBill for VP?

    (As for my “crossroads” thing… it is a no – go. I decided I’d been down that road before and it was a dead end. I am happy with the way things are and with the way things worked out. I finally have closure over an old scar.)

  10. Karen: Always Hillary for PREZ

    I can’t beleive we have no other dem to go up against BO,

    Never in my life do I remember no one else not running
    VERY BIZARRE–or is it too early

  11. Captain Spaulding for President!

  12. Karen, as the old saying goes, You know what you’ve got, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

    But there’s another saying too. If you are careful enough, nothing bad or good will ever happen to you.

  13. hmph karen- now that is just not fair- I am not in on this mystery crossroads of yours. And to think I shared my birthday cake and potato salad with you.

  14. Mom, you gave Karen potato salad? This was a mistake. She’s like a raccoon. She’s coming back.

  15. Well Uppity- maybe I will put some bait out and hold her hostage til she gives up the details! LOL

  16. myiq, that guy would need a helluva military budget. He also wouldn’t do much diplomacy. Seems he has a bit of a… temper. He’s a clear reason why we need less testosterone and more wimmenz in the political world.

    He would ruin the linen with all that makeup, too.

  17. Yeah put something tasty in a humane trap crate and she’s yours, Mom.

    Casey is getting out of jail next Weds or something. Any wagers on how long she is going to live if the doesn’t spend the rest of her life hiding in a rathole?

  18. Vet just called to see if lady Diana is doing all right. She’s her old self today, but definitely attempting to milk it.

  19. Mom, my past came back to visit and it wasn’t what it used to be. Oh well.

    Oh and mom, just wait till you get home! I’m missing my cross state jaunts and midnight icebox raids.

    Is it zucchini time yet? Blossoms? hmmmmmm, yummy.

  20. Upps, you are the vets best customer, of course he will give you excellent service. We human’s don’t even get a follow up call from our doctors.

    Give her some soft mushy food. By hand. And grind her some prime rib…
    On second thought, leave the prime rib on the counter. See ya soon!

  21. Karen, rule of thumb on the past. Never turn back.

    Bzzzzzzzz. You ain’t getting prime rib.She’s eating her regular food just fine. No pain at all.

    She gets speciall treatment from the vet because he wants her. No kidding. he said if for any reason I couldn’t keep her to please consider him. Now I have to worry about my vet killing me.

  22. Alas karen- when I left PA it was still raining and as of the last “conservation” I had with the husband- he had not planted the garden- though I had left all in readiness. PFFFFTTTT on it. But that is a different story.

  23. PLEASE READ!: This case is a very very bad test. It is an attempt of the world court to override our constitution and our supreme court. Once that demon is let out of the rathole, there is no end to what these freaks can do and get away with here, particularly with respect to women and girls. This piece of shit raped, tortured and brutally murdered a 16 year old girl. If Barack Obama weren’t president, they wouldn’t dare even try this.

    White house objects to execution of this shitbag. Says it might ‘violate international law”. Somebody explain to this America hating president they we are a country of laws and our laws are not international laws. You want to rape and kill in the USA, you pay the USA price. And then somebody explain to Barack that we get it that he hates women and regards their suffering as incidental -and back atcha barack: You’d better break all our legs before election day because we sure as hell aren’t voting for a woman hater.

  24. Uppity’s, I would NEVEH vote for this man, just based on what happened in 2008, but the route he is going, I am acually beginning to Despise HIM—-and I never felt that way except toward Buch SR,
    and Cheney—-this president is coming a very close SECOND

    and if he accomplishes, he will be Numero UNO

    I want to know why we DON’T have another DEM challenging this man, before he destroys our country, with him helping the GOP’s

  25. Unfortunely, this is a capitalist country, so pieces of shit like Casey can write all the books they want. Profits can be seized by injured parties, like they did to that other crapbag OJ, but that’s about it.

  26. I want to know why we DON’T have another DEM challenging this man

    That would be rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycissssssssst.

  27. I bet this stupid country ends up paying for Casey’s new identity. You watch.

  28. UW: I guess she’s got a half million dollar in he works,

    I’m so tired of seeing her on the TV, I actually feel angry when I see

  29. I’m so tired of seeing her on the TV


    Seriously – I don’t watch any television news – not even local. It’s not news, it’s propaganda. I barely even heard of Casey A until the other day.

    Actually, I don’t watch much television period. It’s the new opiate of the masses.

  30. Quite right, karen. Bill is a guy and, therefore, must run as Hillary’s VP. (There’s also the sex-change operation option.)

  31. For GOOD CAUSE shown, it is hereby ORDERED that: The Needle-Nose can “milk it” up to and through Sunday, the 11th of July, in the Year Of Our Lord 2011.

  32. Eff the vet! What about your g@dd#@m%ed attorney?! Maybe The Needle-Nose wants her over the vet.

  33. Yeah but the vet got there first, NES. Are you telling me if I get hit by a bus, you want Norma Desmond shipped to you? Will you worship her as expected? Honor her perfectness and put up with her fur?

  34. Some qualified relative of Caylee’s would have to bring a civil suit against Casey for the outcome where Casey’d have to fork over dough. In the OJ case, the parents of Nicole and Ron G., respectively, sued for the fatal injuries of their kids. Lower burden of proof in a civil case (50.1% or more), but one can only get moolah for that injury.

  35. Then don’t see Casey on TV, Michelina. I don’t.

  36. I’m totally with you on TV, myiq.

  37. I pledge all that to Norma Desmond (aka, The Needle-Nose).

  38. I pledge all that to Norma Desmond (aka, The Needle-Nose).

    Be careful what you ask for!

  39. Does Norma Desmond have a new throne?

  40. McN she’s really only Desmond when she comes down the stairwell after being groomed.

  41. Wait till NES finds out her food costs fifty bucks a bag and her grooming is 75 a pop.

  42. Well, that might put a kink in all that lovin now, might it not? Ahhh, she is worth every penny.

  43. Wait till she wakes NES up at 2 AM with her barking because there was a noise outside.

  44. Wait till she needlenoses NES in the middle of the night and pokes her on the eyelid.

  45. she’s really only Desmond when she comes down the stairwell after being groomed.

    She doesn’t look like Norma with bedhead when she goes running through the water, does she?

  46. Ah yes, buh bye to the cockroach in TX- good riddance to bad rubbish. AMERICAN law at work, in AMERICA!
    I hope this gets the attention of any like minded illegals.

  47. I don’t think NES understands how terribly intrusive that poke in the eye is during a deep REM 4.

  48. No NES, in water, she looks like a mutant rat.

  49. I sent the Needle-Nose two dozen get-well-soon roses.

  50. What does her mani-pedi cost? Slacker!

  51. She only barks ‘cos she ain’t IN bed.

  52. Wait till she needlenoses NES in the middle of the night and pokes her on the eyelid.

    Hey, that’s been done.

  53. I don’t think NES understands how terribly intrusive that poke in the eye is during a deep REM 4.

    Chit! “…in the eye”??! I misunderstood then.
    Oh well, she’s still good.

  54. I’ll avert my eyes when she’s in the water.

  55. Needle does not get a pedi, but she does get her nails dremeled.

  56. Silly, you don’t send roses to a dog. You send hand made biscuits. Or a rib roast.

    He could dump the body off the S.S. Vinson, “in a manner consistent with Mexican Catholicism.”


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