Enjoying Nature! Part 1.

Get out today! Enjoy Nature!

Here are some examples of things you can do. More tomorrow!

Climb a Mountain.

Cool Down and Visit the North Pole.

Bird Watching.

Go fishing with a 12-pack.

Visit a Kitty Reserve in your environmentally friendly car.

Get up close and personal with awesome animals.

Feed the poor hungry wildlife.


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  1. Hahahaha!

  2. You know, I love being out in Nature – it’s soothing to me and takes my mind off the stupidity of so many humans and their systems. However, being out in Nature does require some awareness and respect of the animals around you – like, maybe they don’t want you in their ‘hood and will do what they can to get you the hell out of there.

    The going fishing with the 12 pack should be listed on the Darwin awards – what a bunch of idiots. Same with the guy and the hippo.

  3. OMG!! heebie jeebies!! BAD. I have a weird phobia about birds doing just what I”m seeing in those photos. I”d have a freaking heart attack if it ever actually happened to me. *shudder!!*

  4. What a hilarious stash of animals in a human world. Makes me really happy that all I have here today are mosquitoes.

  5. Rofl! Have been to Alaska (Denali and the Kenai) and out to Yellowstone and places in between. Glad to say I have never been attacked while on vacation. Have seen Moose, Bald Eagles, fox, bison, grizzly and black bear, elk and lots of deer of the white tailed variety.
    The closest I came to being mowed over was in my own back field last summer when the dog ran right into a mother turkey’s nest. She charged and the dog came running back to me- turkey flapping and hissing madly right behind him. YIKES! Oh and there was the attack swan on Cape Cod- stupid tourists had been feeding it and it decided OUR lunch was fair game. Sheesh! I don’t count being bombarded by sky rats/dump eagles (aka seagulls) as that happens to people all the time on Cape Cod- again- stupid tourists feeding the damn pests!

  6. Seagulls really do this! Steal the food right out of your hand! I ran a concession on a Cape Cod beach and for every twenty hot dogs we sold one got stolen right out of the bun in the customer’s hand!

  7. According to the press, he comes every day to the store, and he only takes doritos.

  8. LOL! See, mom it’s always those damned BIRDS!

  9. Seagulls and pigeons, both flying rodents.

  10. Reporter interviews seagull about his life of crime.

  11. Yep, flying rodents NES! haha, caught stealing cheetos.

    Filthy, cunning winged devils with eyes on either side of their heads. I just cannot abide them! Where’s my tennis racket for those barn swallow swooping screech demons…lol.

  12. Ahh, nature! Where is the kitty reserve, it looks like there’s a liger in the bunch.

  13. Alice, I prefer to call them flying shithouses.

    Speaking of tennis racquets, i can still remember the day I pulled into my Mother’s drive and saw her out there with a tennis racquet, her jaw set firm. I said Mom! What the ferstunnk are you doing with that racquet? She said those goddamned crows won’t let me go to my tomato garden! I said, What? She pointed the racquet toward a huge maple tree, which was inundated with applicants looking to audition for the remake of The Birds. Then she said, Watch!

    She starts walking toward the garden and all of a sudden a whole shitload of those flying shit houses swooped down from that tree and headed straight for her. I almost hit the deck. But not Mom. No sir. She was wildly swinging the racquet and yelling, This Garden is Mine You Little Bastards! It was just plain hilarious.

    So we called some wildlife bunch who said there was probably an injured bird there and they weren’t going to leave until the bird died or got better. Well my mother said, Can’t you come and get then the hell out of here? And the lady says, we could relocate the sick bird but then they would only go where we put the bird. So my mother says, I don’t care where you put them, let somebody else worry about them, I need to get to my tomatoes! Well, that didn’t work.

    Later in the day, the birds were gone, so all was well. But I learned something that day. Never mess with a mother’s children or her tomato garden.

  14. Foxy, your comment won’t appear in this thread because you clicked on the photo and commented on the photo.

    When you guys click on a photo in a post and comment, your comment lands in oblivion in the end, and will not appear in the thread.

  15. yeah Mom,s are funny that way.. 😆

  16. I like your moms approach Uppity. lmao!

  17. Wonderful pictures!

    Here is one I have to share. I have linked to it so I don’t violate the WaPost copyright, but it is a wonderful picture of First Ladies, including the late, great Betty Ford and Lady Bird, with Hillary front and center:



  18. Hey! Here’s somewhere to send some of the goat f*ckers and tell them what a fabulous place it is and how they would just love it! Sent by one of my sisters…

    Olympic Park visitors urged not to pee near trails
    Jul 8, 2:04 PM (ET)

    PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) – Olympic National Park in Washington state is urging hikers not to urinate along backcountry trails to avoid attracting mountain goats who lick urine deposits for salt.
    The advice is part of a plan to avoid aggressive goats like the one that gored a Port Angeles, Wash., man to death in October.
    The Peninsula Daily News reports the popular park also may close trails where goats follow people or enter camp sites.
    Backcountry campers are advised to urinate 200 feet away from trails to prevent the trails from turning into “long, linier salt licks.”

    Information from: Peninsula Daily News, http://www.peninsuladailynews.com

  19. That is very useful information, Delphyne — thanks!! My condolences to the friends and family of Mr. Boardman.


  20. The article says the goat followed his party for about a mile before it attacked. Maybe if he just could have urinated as he passed along the trail, it would have distracted the goat.


  21. We had a sea gull attack us at Sea World. We were having lunch outside and the bird swooped down and not only flew off with the food, it knocked drinks and splattered food all over us….it was kinda traumatic, esp. for the kids! The restaurant gave us new food for free though.

  22. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704289504575313181930072638.html

    But it’s also true that among Democrats—and others—when the talk turns to the presidency it turns more and more to Hillary Clinton. “We may have made a mistake. She would have been better.” Sooner or later the secretary of state is going to come under fairly consistent pressure to begin to consider 2012.

    A hunch: She won’t really want to. Because she has enjoyed being loyal. She didn’t only prove to others she could be loyal, a team player. She proved it to herself. And it has only added to her luster.

    I split this part of the article into two paragraphs. I like the first paragraph.

  23. I just noticed that last article is from a year ago….

  24. She didn’t need to prove she was a team player. She already had that reputation in the senate. She did not show up with a blowtorch like the Republicans expected. She in fact worked with them many times. She even worked with that shitbum Newt on some things.

    Frankly, who would want to clean up the horrid mess this president has made. If it can even be cleaned up.

  25. The article says the goat followed his party for about a mile

    In some quarters in the middle east, this would be considered courtship.

  26. Daily Caller, pfffffft. Turd stirrers. Like they give a rat’s ass about hillary supporters. Same website that printed the editorial on how great it would be to perform corrective rape on lesbians. written by a judge no less. A batshit, crazy right wing judge. Pretty much what hangs out with Breitbart/Daily Caller these days. I wouldn’t spit on daily caller if it were on fire. So you’ll excuse if I don’t click on their bullshit turd-stirring links, okay? These cliff jumpers would figuratively burn hillary at the stake if she were the candidate.

  27. LOL that’s okay lorac. We feel the same way this year.

  28. UW – sorry, I just go to a handful of PUMA sites that I have in my favorites, but sometimes I follow their links. The Daily Caller article mostly covers what Amy Siskind told them, and also HireHeels. But at the end it has the obligatory, “where else are they going to go (so vote Obama!)”

    Though many Hillary Clinton supporters clenched their teeth and supported Barack Obama in 2008, many remain frustrated with the president’s failure to champion women’s issues and believe he should expect a lower turnout among women for his 2012 reelection.

    “After 2008 [Clinton voters] were basically told get over it, and they haven’t gotten over it,” Amy Siskind, president of the feminist advocacy group The New Agenda, told The Daily Caller.

    Women, however, did vote for Obama in droves with the hope that he would tackle the issues important to them once in office. This has not been the case according to many Hillary Clinton supporters.

    “Barack Obama wasn’t the women’s candidate in 2008 and he is not the women’s president midway through 2011,” Diane Mantouvalos, a 2008 Clinton supporter and co-founder of HireHeels.com (“a forum of power chics for Hillary”) noted.

    According to Manatouvalos — who pointed to a March 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed 90 percent of recovery jobs had gone to men in the prior 12 months as proof — Obama has hardly been the women-friendly executive so many thought he could be.

    Indeed, while women did vote for Obama by a margin of 13 percentage points over the GOP in 2008, Democrats lost the women’s vote to Republicans by 1 percentage point during the 2010 elections, based on exit polling.

    “I’d say few if any Hillary supporters have warmed up to the president…I certainly hope that changes by 2012, but it’s too late for women to feel like they’re doing better than they were 3 or 4 years ago,” Mantouvalos added.

    It is not just the job situation either. Feminists have also taken issue with the fact that Obama’s cabinet only has a comparable number of females to the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

    In Obama’s coalition, women do not play as strong a role,” Lara Brown, assistant professor of political science at Villanova University and former President Clinton appointee, said. “From my perspective, even though Obama and his administration have talked about giving women appointments, I think that, in fact, they have been much more interested in reaching out to other constituencies that they feel are more important.”

    The perceived neglect of women likely will not escape the administration’s attention as they embark on their 2012 campaign. Obama will need to decidedly win the women’s vote if he hopes to be re-elected.

    “I think it’s partly why he installed Debbie Wasserman-Schulz as the head of the Democratic National Committee, to mollify women, to be serious about making women very visible in his administration and in his reelection campaign,” said Kellyanne Conway, CEO of the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, in reference to the relatively few number of women surrounding the president.

    However, Sam Bennett, president and CEO of the Women’s Campaign Forum and a former Republican, explained that no matter how frustrated Clinton supporters might be with Obama, Republican policies and attacks on choice will make the 2012 election a no-brainer for most women. They will just vote against the Republicans, not necessarily for Obama, she said.

    “This election cycle, more than any other, women have a very clear choice,” she told TheDC. “Even if they do not fully embrace Obama yet, which I completely understand, because Hillary represented so many women — a whole nation of life’s work. But the choice is clear.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/06/20/clinton-voters-still-skeptical-of-obama-for-2012/#ixzz1ReChq2CD

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/06/20/clinton-voters-still-skeptical-of-obama-for-2012/#ixzz1ReCRaT9I

  29. Still almost two months to go until September, when Hillaryis44 says Hillary is going to make some kind of move or do something. Hillaryis44 was very general about it, but I can’t help but hope that it’s what we all want.

    She has said she will just stay one term, until the end of that term. So if she happens to quit early, it will really strengthen my hope that she’s going to challenge him.

    I agree with others who have said that someone else would need to challenge him first, to break the ice and take most of the sh*t. Maybe PUMAs (and rational people everywhere lol) should be encouraging someone to be that person!

  30. So sorry to hear of Betty Ford’s death. A Republican, a Feminist, a person of character and a wonderful human being. I wish that there were Republican women active today that I could admire as much as I do Betty Ford. Where are the real Republican women who support ‘women’s lib’ and do not they feel like they have to parrot the anti-woman drivel that is the Republican platform? They have to exist. Don’t get me wrong, the Democratic women are a bunch of weak, spineless, enablers– but at least they often ‘say’ the right stuff.

  31. UW, I agree that not many would want to try to clean up this mess that Obama, following Bush, has made.

    But Hillary is such a hard worker, she never seems to shirk from a challenge, she just rolls up her sleeves and works her butt off. I hope she does it. (But I’m aware that my hope helps me to cope with what’s happening around us. Maybe if 2012 and 2016 pass by without Hillary stepping forward, I’ll have to try that cognac you guys say is so good lol)

  32. Honora! I saw you saying on another site that you would kiss Obama on the lips! Gross!

    (okay, okay, I’m not putting the statement in context lol)

  33. lorac, I don’t think honora meant ‘with tongue’ though.


  34. Excuse me– I said that if Obama resigned like Nixon did (I will not seek and will not accept the nomination, blah, blah, blah…), THEN I would kiss him on the lips and you are wrong Uppity if it was part of the negotiation then I WOULD do it ‘with tongue”. To get Hilllary as President, I would not even think twice!!! I am a patriot!

    ((Then I would buy some scope and drink the bottle.))

  35. OMG– The thought must be getting to me. Of course, I meant not running for re-election like Johnson…


  37. honora, you would be a martyr to the cause. I salute you!

    Uppity, the pix are hilarious!

  38. Part 2 tomorrow, votermom!

  39. I would be studied in primary school along with Nathan Hale. “I regret that I have but two lips to lose for my country” Honora.

  40. Stop! You’re killing me!

  41. Maybe if 2012 and 2016 pass by without Hillary stepping forward, I’ll have to try that cognac you guys say is so good lol)

    Why wait?

  42. Jaysus, there’s not much left to wreck in Japan is there?

  43. Yeah. I guess it’s safer now that so many of the buildings have already been knocked down! Course that’s not really true. Buildings could be compromised from previous quakes and aftershocks, but I imagine they have been inspected by now. Nothing like kicking people when they’re down. I think I’d move if I lived there.

  44. I feel bad for them. I like Japan. I feel they are a fair trading partner and an honorable people.

  45. Why wait?

    That’s what I’m talking about.

  46. Although I prefer Armagnac.

  47. Hi.

    Just finished watching “Precious”


    Just saw the Japan quake info.

    Double wow. Those poor souls.

  48. On the “Enjoying Nature” front, I was enjoying me birdfeeder today. Lot of little sparrows, a few blue jays, a tone of ring neck doves and those wonderful black-hooded green parrots! They are so cool (and funny) to watch – even though they are boistrous as hell and throw all the food all over the place.

    Well – imagine my surprise this evening, when I came in from my studio, and there on the corner fence post right above the feeder sat what at first I thought was red-tailed hawk, but after closer examination, a call to my friend at the Seabird Sanctuary and a few searches on the internets, turned out to be what is called a Sharp-shinned Hawk! BEADY RED EYES and all, just waiting for a house sparrow or a big bug or maybe the black snake who was sunning himself in the yard this morning!

    Gee – bird-watching sure is fun! LOL

  49. Well – guess everyone went to drink Uppity’s Armagnac and left me here alone.

    Oh well….

    Guess I won’t be able to tell you all about this then…..

  50. I get Sharp-shinned Hawks coming to my birdfeeder, too. I always know when one is around because they have a very high, sharp call. Sort of a rapid kek-kek-kek sound.

  51. When you go into the Great Outdoors, you become part of the food chain.

  52. FF, so…what about Joni? Did you meet her?

    Loved the post Uppity! What fun! Hope all the goofy people in the pix were okay though. Also, enjoyed the linx and vids. I’ve seen the Dorito bird before, but its always worth watching.

  53. my dumb male cardinal is back and busy flying in to the french doors. I am going to get a sun catcher today or I might find him dead on the deck.

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