Enjoying Nature: Part 2

Yesterday we showed you ways in which you can enjoy nature here.

Here are some more awesomely exciting ways in which you can enjoy nature!

Communicate  and share affection with humanlike creatures.

Drive by a family picnic after all the bananas and budweiser have been consumed.

Experiment with wearing bright colors in the wild.

Strut around with a captive creature and show everybody you are in charge.

Demonstrate how rugged your vehicle is.

Try out that new waterproof, break-resistant camera.

Offer a biscuit to a lost domestic animal in the forest.


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  1. Is it bad that I am cheering for the non-human animals?

  2. It’s not bad, just so long as you remember not to cheer for yourself should you ever be on the receiving end of one of those attacks. Just some food for thought.

  3. Hahahaha!! Those are hysterical..especially the monkeys. People always think they are “sweet” and get too close to them. And that dummy with the camera and the Kangaroo!! LMAO!!

    The birds ones? Scary. just plain scary. Where’s the xanax? lol.

  4. When I lived in Florida the first city I lived in was old and the trees where all several stories tall. I used to walk 2 miles every day unmolested by birds or other wild life.
    Then we moved to Davie which is kind of western Fort Lauderdale. The buildings around me were new and the trees were only maybe 10 feet high. I tried walking but the birds who all had nests or were just sitting in the trees would dive bomb my head. It’s wasn’t fun, but it was kind of funny. I dined out on those stories for years.

  5. Continuing the Armagnac conversation from the previous post…I’d never heard of Armagnac, so I looked it up. Among other medicinal values, this:

    And when retained in the mouth, it loosens the tongue and emboldens the wit

    I need to try this out!

  6. I live with some very mature trees, lots of them. Huge trunks and heights well above several stories. That is why the hawks hang out here and I do wish they would go somewhere else. I find these large large large birds to be prehistoric and I do not look upon them with awe in a good way, although I do look upon them in awe. I can always tell when one is out there. Cats tend to go hide, squirrels scamble. People walking little dogs freak out. Stuff like that. I do not appreciate seeing a hawk in one of my trees eating a squirrel. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of birds, although I have grown to appreciate some of the more beautiful large pet birds, eg parrots and macaws, etc. However, I really DO NOT like simians and would never go out of my way to watch them. I would however go out of my way NOT to watch them. I simply cannot understand why any mentally normal person would have one for a pet. It rarely turns out well, does it now? Ditto for constrictor snakes. You need only go to Florida now to see the way released constrictors have inundated the area. “Released” = “This thing is big and dangerous, I gotta get rid of it now and have it kill somebody else instead of me”. I wonder how many more babies and pets have to be suffocated and/or swallowed up before these freaky creatures become illegal to own as “pets”. i can’t even imagine living next door to a person with a large python. I think a rule of thumb is, if you have to cage something with a lock, it really shouldn’t be a pet, should it now? I guess large snakes are pets for people who can’t have a pit bull. A person has to know they scare the crap out of people to the point of worry. I mean, a dog or a cat or a smart bird even, will give you companionship. A constrictor sits there waiting for you to feed him a living thing while you get to watch.Then you would hope he was full and didn’t have his eye on the family cat. Another good rule is, never have a pet that domestic animals avoid like plague.

    I had a neighbor who had a capuchan monkey, or however you spell it. It didn’t last long, considering he couldn’t even bring a woman home without that monkey interfering in everything from conversation to…..everything else. And his place stunk all the time. All I could think of when he got that thing was that movie Monkey Shines. It didn’t take very long for “I told you so” to kick in.

  7. And when retained in the mouth, it loosens the tongue and emboldens the wit.

    Armagnac…based on that description, I’d say it is the official drink of this blog. There’s certainly much loose-tongued wit on this board.

  8. agmagnac is truly one of my favorite things to cuddle up with.

  9. I agree with you on the wild animals being kept as “pets.” They belong out in the wild and not in someone’s home to be a status symbol or someone’s baby. This includes birds taken from the wild to be put in a cage, in addition to snakes, large cats, monkeys, etc.

    I do have a small parrot – her parents were hand raised in California and Millie was hatched there. I have her hatch certificate. She was a rescue from a neighbor who didn’t want her – she’s 17 now and I still consider her slightly wild because of that beak which has drawn blood several times. She’s somewhat unpredictable – I understand that, I respect that and I leave her alone with she’s pissy. I don’t know how many people would be willing to put up with that – and these birds can live a long time, some of them outliving their humans. There are many birds in rescue because their owners were not prepared for the time and energy it takes – and they are messy. They can be deafeningly loud (Millie is a quiet bird for the most part). They are very smart and clever and can get into lots of trouble.

    As to birds of prey – I think they’re gorgeous, but I like birds of all sorts. They need to eat just like everything else. It’s not pleasant seeing them feasting on another bird or a rodent, but, hey – it’s a cleaner kill than those factory farms which feed humans.

    Both of these posts were great – the pictures funny and your captions even funnier. Now, I have to catch up on the comments from yesterday!

  10. I was laughing when I read your comment about pets with locks Uppity! BOTH the horses could open their gates and if the chain on the goat’s gate is not just so- she can escape as well. The older mare now passed away- taught her daughter how to lip the gate closure open. We had to go to wrapping a chain around the gate and post with a hooked closure. Too funny to watch them working at getting a gate open.

  11. and if the chain on the goat’s gate is not just so- she can escape as well.

    Whoa, Mom has a goat!!!!!!

    Mom, aren’t you worried you’ll have a goatf**ker infestation on the farm? (Keep that lunge whip ready, with the end dipped in poison.)

  12. Delphyne, I’ve mentioned this before here but it fits right now.

    When I was a kid, my grandfather inherited a grey parrot from a cousin who passed on. In those days, you took in people’s kids and pets when they moved on to the other plane. Anyways, the parrot’s name was Cawcaw, the two ‘caws’ said rapidly, with an Italian accent mark on the second caw. lol. Anyways, this parrot knew every horrid Italian swear word that was ever invented, and he used them liberally as well, having no qualms about calling women putanas and other even more offensive things. I remember we would be having dinner and Cawcaw would say, “Niente per Cawcaw?” Nothing for Cawcaw? Anyways, I remember vividly the day Cawcaw said something dirty to my mother and she looked him in the eye and said, “You had better pray the Old Man outlives you, you little bastard”.

    Throughout my entire life with my family, whenever one of us was eating something that looked delicious, one of us would invariably say, “Niente per Cawcaw”?

  13. Mittens has to be quaking at this prospect, which appears to be materializing.

  14. They say perry is a closet gay, which is okay to the far right evangelicals, so long as it’s a secret.

  15. Upps, great parrot story. My grandparents also had a parrot, an African gray. He used to scold people and tell them to quiet down and go to sleep, among other commands. And, of course, he did it in their native tongue and in English.

  16. NES they live a LONG time. I think he was something like 40 years old when my grandfather got him. He lived at least another ten years that I recall. I don’t think that bird knew any clean vocabulary words. My mother wanted to change his name to Fungula.

  17. Inevitable, not to mention well-deserved: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/10/world/asia/10intel.html?_r=1
    Creates an opening for China tho’, which I’m sure it’ll exploit.

    U.S. Is Deferring Millions in Pakistani Military Aid

    Published: July 9, 2011

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is suspending and, in some cases, canceling hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the Pakistani military, in a move to chasten Pakistan for expelling American military trainers and to press its army to fight militants more effectively.

  18. I think the bird had Tourette’s or something. lol.

  19. Fungulu? Sounds racy, but what exacly does it mean?

  20. It means f*ck you.

  21. More like f*ck off.

    I think it’s actually va funculo, as in go fu*k yourself.

  22. Yup here ya go. Everything you wanted to know about italian swear words.

  23. Rick Perry and TX are trying to bypass the silly federal law banning incandescent bulbs. Hooray for TX.

  24. bet lulu knows 😆

  25. Yes! May the rest of the states follow! Eh! I have enough stocked up incandescents to last MY lifetime. I am NOT going to use those bulbs.

    I can’t help but think of Arlo Guthrie and his Alice’s restaurant massacre song on that album. He gets arrested for littering when they find his name on an envelope at the bottom of a pile of garbage. And he’s sitting on the court bench waiting. Next to him are rapists and murderers. And they all move away from him when he tells them he got arrested for littering. It’s come to that in real life. Assholes.

  26. What this stupid bullshitting country has come to.

  27. Part 2. The courtroom

  28. Was unable to visit yesterday, but OMG! Those are some seriously scary/hilarious situations involving animals! The first one, today, had me ROFL! Looks like a set up! One monkey gets the human involved in something while the partner comes and clubs him! LOL!

  29. Very humanlike, yes, NYSMike?

  30. Love that song Uppity- haven’t heard it in years!

  31. LOS ANGELES—A California State Bar panel is considering whether an illegal immigrant who passed the exam to practice law should be admitted despite his status.


  32. I liked that video above – I went to youtube a watched a couple others. He was a good story teller.

  33. PMM – this part from the article you linked was particularly clever:

    Just let those “While You Were Out” pink slips pile up to 9.2, 9.5, 10.2, 10.5 percent.

  34. From lorac’s link
    “LOS ANGELES—A California State Bar panel is considering whether an illegal immigrant who passed the exam to practice law should be admitted despite his status.

    The case of Mexican-born Sergio Garcia could be the first reviewed by the panel since California began asking applicants about their immigration status in 2008, the Daily Journal reported Wednesday.

    Garcia attended college in Chico and passed the Bar exam in July 2009. Since then, he has been waiting to see if he can be admitted even though he is an illegal immigrant. He now works as a paralegal. ”

    EXCUSE ME? And just WHERE is he working as a paralegal? In THIS country?

  35. Does anyone know how to get a book from itunes (where I can’t read it) to pdf form or somehow to kindle? I was playing with hamstersoft, but it seems to be for the opposite (moving something TO itunes, not FROM itunes) – unless I still haven’t figured it out.

    I thought it was a “book on tape” that I could listen to on my ipod, but it’s just a regular book. I don’t have ipad or whatever the newer, bigger things are, that (I think) allow you to read books. I need to either get it on the computer itself, or onto my kindle.

    I could just buy it again, as a real book, but I hate not being able to solve problems!

  36. PMM – I know. The article said that only some states even ask for a bar applicant’s citizenship – I pretty surprised that CA is one of the states that does. I imagine the way they will solve this problem is to just get rid of the question, and let him take the bar.

    CA allows anyone who lives in CA to go to school at in-state tuition – that includes illegal immigrants. Given that it IS illegal to be hired at ANY job if you are not a citizen or here legally, it just blows me away that no one stops to think, “gee, if we give them cheap college educations, we’re going to put them in the situation of not being able to work using those degrees”. And here’s one of the examples. (Of course, we all know, plenty of people are working here illegally – no one seems to enforce the law, except every once in a while they seem to raid chicken processing factories for political benefit….)

  37. That article also mentioned the guy had lived here since he was 1 year old (or some infant age). It’s possible he doesn’t even speak Spanish. Then again, people have always seemed able to go back and forth across the border, even if they’re not here legally, so he probably learned Spanish in the home, may have been there many times and be very familiar with Mexico. Who knows.

    I feel for the guy, he has basically lived here his whole life, BUT. The government has caused these messes, they need to enforce their own rules, and have the rules all sync with each other. If you entice people to come here and stay here with jobs and education and other benefits, they’ll keep coming and breaking the rules, IF you don’t enforce those rules. Our “leaders” (and employers) have caused this whole clusterf*ck.

  38. FF, I think it would be so cool to see Hillary kissing MKBill’s cheek or vice versa. Maybe on Valentine’s Day lol OR the day she challenges The Fraud!!!! Wait, on one side it could be Honora kissing Obama “goodbye!” on the lips, and on the other side it could be MKBill kissing Hillary! 🙂

  39. Wait, on one side it could be Honora kissing Obama “goodbye!” on the lips….

    Honora must have a very strong stomach.

  40. NES, she’s a true patriot. She’s willing to do it if Obama steps down. She IS strong!

  41. …and it would be only right for US to buy her the scope mouthwash.

    On second thought, it should be listerine! Get ALL the germs out!

  42. He’s not supposed to be admitted to the BAR, he’s supposed to be deported. And that’s a federal law not a state law. His test should not even be considered. Don’t all states fingerprint these people when they take the test? In NY you get fingerprinted to take the LSAT for Chrissakes. I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s here illegally and he may not have known it at 1 year old, but he’s known it for MANY years. WHose Social Security number is he using? Some poor schmuck whose life was ruined? Somebody’s dead father? He needs to stand in line like the rest of the legal immigrants who built this country and had to wait. He’s a felon before he is even admitted.

    Lorac, there is not such thing as a cheap college education. Somebody pays for it in taxes.

  43. It’s the story with the song that is so NOW, Mom. In the USA you can get away with murder, you can rape and molest children and get out of prison for ‘good’ behavior and do it again. But if you use the wrong light bulb, you are scum.

  44. Obama needs to poll in the 20s where he belongs before the “party” puts the heat on him.

    The nutroots are out there being screwed in the ass by him daily and they still poll for him because, like all arrogant spoiled snots, they hate to admit how wrong they were. They are ruining America with this game.

  45. Good point.

    Whose Social Security number is he using? Some poor schmuck whose life was ruined? Somebody’s dead father?

  46. Then again, if you have a president whose social security number is from CT, where he never lived, and it’s “not worth pursuing”, why would they bother investigating the “little people” lol

  47. Nope, Upps, one doesn’t get fingerprinted to take the Bar in CA. I think it’d be very odd if that were a requirement.

  48. NES, are there any rules about not having certain kinds of convictions in your past in order to take the bar? There are in other professions. How ironic if criminals can become attorneys, part of the legal profession lol

  49. Heck lorac, we should buy her a good year’s supply of listerine or Scope. But, really, would either of those, or its like, work on the noxious BO germs. I doubt it.

  50. NES so how do they know that a person isn’ getting someone else to take the bar for him or her?

  51. It’s been 20-plus years since I took the Bar, so I don’t recall exactly. But, I believe it was a combo. of having to register with something received in the mail coupled with a picture ID; don’t recall specifically, but there was definitely no fingerprinting involved. I thinking requiring fingerprints of persons taking a professional exam is way overboard. There’s a limit to information about oneself that the government is entitled to in the normal course of business.

  52. Hmmm…. and if someone is using a fake social security number, other ID could be fake, as well. Who is to say that they didn’t have a bad criminal past before they changed their ID, went to law school, and wanted to take the bar. I think only fingerprints would show who they really are – or rather, it would show if they’re a convicted criminal, maybe under a different name.

    There are other professions which require fingerprinting before licensure – actually when *applying* to *start* the licensure process.

  53. lorac, there is a ‘moral character’ requirement to getting licensed, and the form does require a sworn disclosure — subject to verification — that one has never been convicted of a crime, been disbarred in another jurisdiction, and the like. But, taking an exam is a different thing — anyone can take an exam, but that, by itself, doesn’t entitle one to a license to practice law (ie, it’s necessary, but not sufficient).

  54. I imagine that professionals who work with kids might have to be fingerprinted, but I’m not aware that, eg, accountants have to be fingerprinted. If one wants absolute certainty on identity, a police state would be foolproof, but who wants to live in that sort of system. There’s a reason why we don’t have national ID cards in this country — it’s thought to be too 1984 for American tastes, and I agree with that. Sufficiently winnowing out abuses can be done without undercutting the things we love about the system — yes, some miscreants will still succeed in gaming the system, but that’s the cost of living in a freer society.

  55. lorac, I’ve always wondered about that CT social security number meme. Is it for real? Or, is it something that the right wingnuts cooked up? After the whole BC thing, I’m disinclined to believe these sorts of memes. (UW was always too wise to put much credence in the BC controversy; I took a while to wise up.)

  56. myiq, I ‘signed’ the pledge. However, I don’t see Obama as being insufficiently lefty. I think he’s too lefty, altbeit of the cronyism strand (picking and choosing winners and losers in the market in exchange for campaign contributions and strengthening of unions and other cronies of the Dem party).

  57. I don’t see Obama as being insufficiently lefty.

    Reasonable people can disagree. But we can all agree he needs to go.

    NObama 2012

  58. NES, in NY I believe the fingerprinting was to ensure that soomebody didn’t take the LSAT for you, using your name because YOU personally can’t do well on the LSAT. It HAS happened in NY. Given the current crop of It’s Ok To Cheat students, I would say it’s a damned good idea. Besides, I never saw anything wrong with fingerprinting. THey do it with newborn babies now in the event of kidnapping. I took the lSAT. I was fingerprinted. Didn’t even put a chink in my routine. I have no idea if they still do it that way but I sure hope they do. It is way to easy to pretend to be someone else for the purpose of a test score.

  59. I don’t see obama as being sufficiently competent. Or sufficiently interested in the welfare of the USA. Or sufficiently honest.

  60. CT social security number is just some more bullshit time-wasting diversion. Frankly, I think Obama put out the BC rumor. I think he enjoyed it. And it kept people sufficiently diverted from the real things they should be questioning.

    Conspiracy theorists eventually end up raving mad.

  61. I don’t think Obama is too left or too right. I think he has no clue what or who he is and floats around not doing anything at all effectively.

  62. I don’t really think about right or left as being a way to distinguish political leaders. I am more concerned with populist/elitist. Obama is an elitist or wannabe elitist which is even worse.

  63. Not sure how to describe this one…..CAPTION THIS!

  64. DE! Damn- she looks like something out of the Wizard of Oz!
    “I’ll get you my pretty-and your little dog too!”

  65. Yes, couldn’t agree more on that, myiq.

  66. don’t see obama as being sufficiently competent. Or sufficiently interested in the welfare of the USA. Or sufficiently honest.

    That’s a much better way of putting it, Upps.

  67. teresa, I’m guessing you liked FDR and JFK…few more “elitist” than they. Just because one’s elitist doesn’t mean one can’t, through a sense of what’s traditionally called “noblesse oblige,” act in the general good. I tend to find “populists” a bit frightening, frankly.

  68. Agreed on the conspiracy theorists point, UW. And, that’s what I suspected on the CT social security number meme.

  69. I don’t know, NES. They’ve published his number, and it is true that the first three numbers of your SSN indicate the state it was issued in.

  70. Did you hear where that goatf*cking UN did a report that declares THEY need 78 TRILLION dollars to “Implement” “Climate Change”. To implement them all into billionaires is more like it. Talk about Redistribution of Wealth. What a bunch of thieves. The UN has been taken over by goatfuckers who want to drain the west and then turn it into a shithole just like where they live. It’s far too much work and takes too many brains for them to lift themselves UP so they want to bring everybody else down to their level instead, while lining their own pockets besides.

  71. One person’s wondering is another person’s conspiracy. If you tell most people about May 31, 2008, they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist.

  72. The one thing I like about the Republican party is they don’t even pretend they think the UN is anything other than a bunch of goat screwing thieves.

  73. Okay I’m going to put the social security number thang to sleep right now. First, if “They” published his social security number, it sure got past me. And not much gets past me. So what is his social security number? I have yet to see a site that has this published social security number.


    The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant’s mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.

    There are plenty of insane, borderline insane and not yet insane website owners where anybody can go to get all worked up over bullshit while the entire country is falling apart based on what we DO know. This is NOT one of them.

  74. You solved it, UW lol

    He lived in Hawaii and had a PO box in CT that he used to apply for the SS card! (long commute to pick up that mail!)

  75. I’m telling you lorac, drop it. It’s more BULLSHIT. It’s the 911 people who need more to do. It’s never ending. Never ending and they are ALL insane and/or full of shit. How do you KNOW his social security number came from CT? DID YOU SEE IT????GIVE ME THE NUMBER! AND MAKE SURE IT’S HIS!


  77. Holy Ch*t! Trillion with a “t”?!?

  78. “I’ll get you my pretty-and your little dog too!”

    A winner!

    I think UW is talking about MeeChelle.

  80. You actually read my mind, NES, I was going to put in my comment, “That’s a Trillion With A T”–B. H. Obama”.

  81. Well yeah there’s that too, DE. But the truth is, I don’t have a zillion rules, and EVERYBODY knows how I feel about bullshit conspiracy theories mucking up reality. I just don’t understand why anyone needs to do these insane conspiracies. I mean, the reality of this man is bad enough all by itself. I had to listen to 8 years of bullshit conspiracies about Bush…and the “IMPENDING IMPEACHMENT”. It’s the same bullshit every year. The only thing that changes is the name. When I hear ‘impeachment” and “Waterloo” I just want to haul off and smack somebody.

  82. “I’ll get you my pretty-and your little dog too!”

    A winner!

    Penguin Worthy!

  83. Saw something about that latest UN baloney. They want 3% of WORLD GDP- for the next 40 years- on top of what they already gouge us for?
    How about the UN takes the fraud and just leaves the planet? At least make them leave the US!

  84. YAY! More pengys! Or is that Pengies? Better ship em to my PA address- it is still in the 100’s down here!

  85. I changed my mind- it might be THIS scene

  86. It’s beyond belief, PMM! Bleedin’ parasites! How they have the gall to make this request is mind-boggling. The UN should re-locate to Europe where people still take it seriously.

  87. UN needs to be told to take a hike.. Seriously. They do more harm than good and their “Human Rights’ commissions are made up of countries that are the worst human rights violators on earth. I think they sealed their own obvious agenda when they stuck their nose in State’s rights in the US of A, while far too busy to do a thing about burying women up to their necks and stoning them to death. The UN is the embodiment of greed and evil and the good they once did, kickbacks notwithstanding, is far outshadowed now by what they are. They deserve to have somebody assigned to them from the USA that tells them to shit in their hats. And if you recall, in 2009, they called the USA “deadbeats” because they didn’t get their payout fast enough. Screw them. Take care of our own. I am sick and tired of them demanding everything of us and returning nothing but hatred and disdain.

  88. Amen Uppity! I too am sick to death of the UN. Gimme, Gimme gimmee. Whoever thought that whole scan up deserves to rot inhell forever. What the hell were we thinking?
    Personally I am sick to death of giving up money we can not afford to that bunch. They take our money and none of it ever gets to the people who could really use it. It goes to communist, socialist, islamic whatever ism asshole goatf*&ers that hate us and usually hate their own people. The the dictators blame US for our success and the UN chimes right in and agrees.
    PFFFTTTT on them! A pox on all their houses! It is chillingly similar to a woman who keeps going back to her abuser. Kick them out and make them stay out!

  89. Mom, I don’t think we should do a thing for anybody any longer without getting something in return. That’s how everybody else operates. I am sick of being their nannies at OUR expense, only to have them hate us for it. Let them all kill each other as far as I’m concerned. And Libya should be paying us in oil right now. If they want our might, they should be forced to pay for it.

  90. Let the Taliban and Hamas kill each other off. They are all animals anyways.

  91. UW, I wasn’t pushing the theory, I included it in a joke, then when you guys labeled it a conspiracy, I mentioned what I had seen. It was a light subject for me, but then it felt like I stepped in a landmine – I guess I just don’t know what all is on the official conspiracy don’t-mention-list.

    On a different note, I just stumbled on a short video “of” Obama. I think he’d look good in the crown lol


  92. NES I am not too sure Europe is taking them so seriously anymore either. Look at how the countries, one by one, are rejecting Islamification”multiculturalism” now.

  93. And if Bill Ayers’ Flotilla gets blown up, then Israel will have removed some vermin from the gene pool. There has to be something mentally wrong with “Americans” who support Islamofascism and want to destroy the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.

  94. Could not find the original article I read but here is some info on the thieving UN’s latest scam
    “The survey says $1.9 trillion per year will be needed over the next 40 years for incremental investments in green technologies. At least $1.1 trillion of that will need to be made in developing countries to meet increasing food and energy demands. Major investments will be needed worldwide in the developing and scaling up of clean energy technologies, sustainable farming and forestry techniques, climate-proofing of infrastructure, and in technologies reducing non-biological degradable waste production.

    This UN study is asking for 3% of world GDP for an accelerated conversion to green technologies, revamping agriculture according to their agenda and tossed in poverty elimination”

    The whole thing is sickening. We are to be punished for success? And I am not buying any BS on it’s all the fault of us evil old colonialists. That is just plain horse puckey. Our ancestors came here and worked their fingers to the bone to get ahead. In a country where individualism was praised and self improvement encouraged. I refuse to feel bad about being and American!

  95. We never landed on the moon.

  96. Are they kidding? Can you not just SEE them cracking their knuckles and salivating over that money. I say tell them to start without us.

  97. They want to build a new building in NYC on a city park too.
    F the UN.

  98. NES, I was a little child when JFK was assassinated and FDR was way before my time. Those were different times. It doesn’t make much sense to me to try and judge history by today’s standards.
    I don’t think of elitism as a matter of money, but rather a matter of attitude. You can be rich and well educated without being an elitist. You can be a populist without being Hitler. Neither Bill or Hillary Clinton are elitists. It’s why DC society hated them, because there were “not the right kind of people, darling”.
    Today is what matters and in this particular time the division between the haves and the have nots is larger than it has been since the turn of the last century. We need pols who respect the rights and dignity of all people.
    One if the things I hate about some of my fellow liberals these days is the crazy idea that they are superior to people who think differently than they do. They imagine that those people are too stupid to vote for their own best interests. They assume that people who didn’t support Obama must be ignorant racists, that people in PA cling to their guns and religion and “can’t hear a message of hope from a black man”. They think it is fine to throw away the votes of the unwashed masses because they are unwashed masses. That is elitism and I have no patience for it.

  99. A new building? We ought to throw them out of the old one, which I am sure we paid for anyways. They already are spending that “climate change” money. I say tell them to build in Iran.

  100. The United Nations, which is already spending $1.9 billion to renovate its New York headquarters, hopes to build a second high-rise nearby on two-thirds of an acre that is currently used as a city playground.

    The new building, which could be as much as 900,000 square feet in area, could rise as high as the U.N.’s landmark Secretariat building, and according to a New York City real estate expert consulted by Fox News, could cost anywhere from $370 to $475 million—excluding land costs. Those figures do not include any additional costs for security features, which could hike the total much higher.

  101. I saw a study that said more than 80 percent of college students score high on the Narcissism test. So it’s way more than 1 percent. Hell, Corporate America is riddled with them. So are college faculties.

  102. lorac, while I over-reacted, I know, it’s only because I have seen these topics get out of control and take over an entire thread within a blink of the eye. Suddenly crackpots show up in all their crackpotted-ness. Like flies to a garbage pile. Next thing I know I am reading all about chips in people’s heads and finally, it moves on to Mabus and the anti christ and all kinds of ludicrous bullshit that makes me want to reach thru my screen and throttle somebody.

  103. Suddenly crackpots show up

    They’re worse than cockroaches. If you let them hang around your blog people start thinking you’re one of them.

    Back at TC we would tell people certain topics were taboo and they just wouldn’t listen so we would have to ban them.

    I sometimes wondered if they really believed the crazy shit they said or if they were just ratfuckers trying to discredit us.

  104. Oh hell, myiq, you are probably just pulling my chain. But even if you are, ironically, what you wrote is exactly how I feel. Conspiracy theories just make me itch all over. And watching someone develop one makes me think, whoa, glad I don’t live next door to you!

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