Petition to reverse the ongoing raid on the social security fund

Petition here.

Also please refer to my previous post entitled “I can’t find the missing 2.2 Trillion!

Next time you hear the Republicans and/or Democrats,your cold, fear-mongering President and their hitman Alan Simpson throw around the bullcrap, remember this petition. It affects you, because even if you are not a senior, that 2.2 Trillion Congressional thieves have skimmed into the General Fund all these years is your money too. These people are thieves and they don’t know how to wiggle out of their thievery, so they have decided to punish their victims instead.

Petition text:

To the United States Congress

Whereas, Congress for more than a quarter century has been engaged in a shameful Raid on Social Security surpluses and leaving behind IOUs written to itself; and

Whereas, Social Security no longer is running regular annual surpluses; and

, Congress must take immediate action to reverse the raid and replenish the Trust Fund or it will have to increase taxes, raise the retirement age or borrow more money and accumulate more public debt to meet its obligations to Social Security recipients without cutting benefits; and

, Congress can easily reverse the raid and replenish the Trust Fund simply by cutting other federal spending and earmarking the savings to redeem sufficient Trust Fund IOUs to cover annual Social Security deficits without having to borrow more money and accumulate more debt;

Therefore, I petition the Congress to Reverse the Raid and Replenish the Trust Fund by redirecting revenues already authorized for other spending and earmarking them instead to be devoted exclusively to redeeming sufficient Trust Fund IOUs to cover annual Social Security deficits.


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  1. I’m going to call my mom to make sure she’s not freaking out about Obama saying they may not send the SS checks. Maybe we should all take this opportunity to tell all the older people we know, and remind them (or reinforce their already existing knowledge) that Obama is an idiot.

  2. This morning the wake up call for the shuttle astronauts was from Michael someone from REM. He said thank you to “all the WOMEN and men” who work at NASA – he said “women” first! I like it! I’m firmly of the belief that women always being second reinforces the societal perception of men as the norm and us as… well, what’s left over….

    In other news, they caught more auto workers (at a different company this time) smoking pot and getting drunk before work in a union parking lot…

  3. the missing 2.2 trillion post is brilliant and a must read for all elected politicians and all people who pay taxes. In a few minutes I have to leave to see a dentist about a tooth. But when I get back I am going to make a comment that makes it easy for everyone to send this to their congresscritters and to their family and friends.
    My family and friends will refuse to read it because they will see it as another stealth attack on mr Wonderful Obama. But I will try anyway.
    I seriously do not know why we are not in the middle of the “American Spring”….but a real one, not one where the men get even more power to screw us women for life.

  4. lorac, do you not know that unions are the worst problem we have in this country? It is all their fault that jobs have left the country, damn them greedy lazy no good drunken commie union workers. /bitter snark.

  5. The news showed the funeral services for a little boy who was murdered in NY – he was part of that Jewish community that is so extreme, Hasidic…?

    They said thousands came to the service, and they showed a huge ocean of people men. I didn’t see a single woman. Just lots of hats and facial hair…

  6. teresa, they said those caught are going to be suspended, not fired. I don’t like that unions protect people who can’t do their jobs, or who break rules that any one else would get fired for. If I were showing up to work drunk or high, I wouldn’t have a job…

    I seriously think there needs to be some outreach to address the apparent substance abuse problems in that industry. Of course, not every one of them have that problem, but it sure seems to be higher than many other jobs…. Not many people would even WANT to be drinking in the morning, or even WANT to be operating dangerous equipment when intoxicated. Then again, maybe they just lke hiring stupid people lol

    Uggh this comment box is drinking too – it doing that thing again where all the little icons are in the box and I can’t see what I’m typing!

  7. Women aren’t allowed to show their faces in that convoluted community, lorac. Yes, that’s the bunch that removed Hillary’s photo from the situation room photo during the Osama raid–and placed the photo with the missing body in their whacko newspaper. Basically, the only reason they have women around is because they can’t drop their own babies and cleaning up after themselves is such a drag.

    Still, you have to wonder what kind of demon would do this to a child — and then wonder how many more just like him live next door to the rest of the country.

  8. Oh, yeah, that’s right, I remember that. They could have just manipulated the photo by putting a hat and facial hair on Hillary, they didn’t have to erase her lol

  9. No thanks, teresa. I don’t particularly want to spend the rest of my life preparing for my next audit and whatever else these nasty people who have hijacked our government can think of. I would far rather work on my garden. I’m sure you don’t want to wake up one morning and click on a “suspended” link to this place either, or have me field a couple of dozen nasty obot comments every couple of hours. So just get people to sign the petition and toss them a link to the piece if you think it will help get them to strain themsleves and lift their pen. That’s the important thing. We have a country of people who know they are being reamed and they can’t even lift their asses to sign a petition. Congress knows it too.

    But to have Barack Obama dare say that their checks might no be there in August, knowing damned well that if they didn’t remove all the money from the pot, they wouldn’t have to make “payments” for their DEBT to an account they had no right to, is just plain beyond the pale.

  10. ……which further explains why their vehicles are shitboxes.

  11. lorac, it was Chrysler again. This is the third time they’ve been caught boozing and drugging. And of course, you want a Chrysler, don’t you?

  12. So how did Fox 2 News get them yet again?
    Simple: co-workers at the Trenton Engine Plant called the news station complaining about their consistently high or drunk co-workers, hoping the news station could help expose the problem and force Chrysler to get rid of the workers.

  13. Make sure you watch that video, it’d disgusting.

  14. Cripes, the Chrysler exec they talked to sounds like he had a few tokes himself.

  15. Signed the petition and am going to send a link – to the petition not to here- to all my family and friends.
    Much as I love you Uppity- I agree- if we post a link to this post the bots will be here like white on rice.

  16. Yes Mom and they are such a pain in the ass, taking up time and energy, while sitting home sucking down their parents’ retirement fund. Just odious little misfits.

  17. I see that the freak who cut up that little boy “Liked” the Facebook page, “Is your family safe?”.

    Now the wheels will begin to turn and we will coddle this freak and talk about how what he did is society’s fault and his parents’ fault and everybody’s fault and he’s the REAL victim here, and, well, golly, let’s put him in a mental institution. For a little while. Till some moronic psychiatrist who needs a psychiatrist decides he’s no longer a threat to society.

    I’m telling you, we need to hold these doctors who recommend release of these freaks accountable when they do it again. I mean really accountable. As in accessory to the crime.

  18. Also incidentally, FOX news may be in for a world of hurt. They found that Rupert’s kingdom was hacking voice mails in Australia too and now they are investigating his organizations in the USA. This may turn out to be standard operational procedure for Rupert’s media kingdom. It is going to be the fall of his spawn who ran the UK operation. Would be nice if it were the fall of Rupert himself, since his media monopoly is disgusting, shaping the news. Just like Jeff Immelt did with MSNBC, but on an even larger scale. These guys all belong in jail for treason or something. When your news is corrupted, what’s left?

  19. I happily signed the petition. Also, this a.m. on Fox (as you won’t hear talk about social security on the other obama channels), but a woman was being interviewed and said what no one in the media ever wants to say publicly…social security is not an “entitlemen”, it’s OUR money, mandatorily taken out of our paychecks every month.

    We need another petition demanding that Congress quit referring to SS as an “entitlement.”

  20. I see our bankers and Moody are downgrading us
    The credit ratings agency sparked worldwide concern when it placed Washington’s triple-A debt rating on a downgrade watch because of rising prospects that bitterly divided US leaders would fail to strike a deal.

    China also expressed concern after its Dagong credit ratings agency echoed Moody’s by putting US sovereign debt on downgrade watch, citing weak US economic growth and the likelihood that fiscal deficits would remain high.

  21. An interesting Kabuki article on Moody’s and the fight between Odious Obama and the Odious republican party. Basically, who are they kidding. They both want the same thing. Fuck the middle class. Fuck old people. Fuck everybody. Except themselves, their friends and their sponsors. Sacrifice for Thee, Not Me.

    I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I won’t yield on this.”

    Yeah we’ve heard that line before. Or maybe he’s looking to do another Executive Order. After all, he is an Imperial President.

  22. I thought it was interesting when Obie said in yesterday’s meeting:

    At this point, Cantor explained, the president became “very agitated” and said he had “sat here long enough,” that “Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this”

    Funny how Ronald Reagan came to his mind.

  23. Three years ago a bunch of dipwads had this guy prepped to be carved onto Mr. Rushmore one day. I don’t thinkkkkkk sooooooo.

    He’s a petulant ten year old. And besides, he wants to tank the USA anyways. What better way than this?

  24. I signed.We need another petition demanding that Congress quit referring to SS as an “entitlement.”AMEN!!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. I think we need to get a petition that says that Congressional pay should be considered an entitlement.

  26. Let’s start by cutting off ALL funding to ACORN. Drop in the bucket I know-and another glaring example of it’s who you know. Laws do not apply to these people!
    “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded two separate grants of $79,819 and $461,086 to ACORN this year, according to

    But you might not know that unless you know the organization receiving the money – the Affordable Housing Centers of America – is the same group that was formerly ACORN Housing.

    Although the group changed its name, it still uses the same tax identification number and still appears on the government website as ACORN Housing Corporation, Inc.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  27. hello ((((uppity’S))))))

    PMM: so sorry about Sabrina,hope all is well when you return

    I never heard SS/mdicare referred to as ‘entitlements” until this administration——I so hope the old people do raise hell, I know I’m ready, willing and able to STORM washington

    i couldn’t connect to link for petition, anyone else having the same problem

    HT: waving hello!!!—–hope millie is okay–have a quick question about davey, can use some advice

  28. Uppity- you’ve got mail
    Michelina- thanks. I have been wallowing in self pity for the last few days- very very depressed. sigh. Thank goodness for Uppity and the blog!
    The link to the petition works for me- so not sure.

  29. I’ll tell you what’s an Entitlement. A congress critter serves one term, gets thrown out of office and collects full pay pension.

    Alan Simpson. He’s an entitlement parasite with the audacity of picking on people who average 13k a year, and calling the SSA a cow with millions of teats. Well Alan is sucking on the equivalent of a whole boatload of those teats himself.

    The entire congress is an entitlement program.

  30. AMEN Uppity! They are forever carrying on about entitlements, welfare queens, shared sacrifice- take our pick of left or right cliff rhetoric- and they are the most entitled, arrogant bastards on the planet. Pelosi and her gazillion dollar flights with booze comes to mind right away. They get health care for life- and I mean health care – not crappy insurance that denies everything. Pensions working stiffs can only dream about. Lackeys (aka Congressional aides) to do their work for them. Vacations (read fact finding tours) all over the world- didn’t you cover that story about how the State Dept gives them money for local spending and they never give any back and buy luxury items?
    We need to put them all in a public housing project- I am sure there are some barracks left over from base closures- and leave them there to do their damn jobs.
    And they need to be reminded that THEY work for US!

  31. I love ya Mom. And I know how awful you feel.

  32. Don’t forget the congressional gym, now infamous because of A.Weiner…
    Why should they get their own gym??


  34. I was attempting to stop delivery on my Mom’s local paper at the old house and see if I can get her delivery of another paper at her apartment (at least for the time she will be there) and saw this – one of our favorite topics.

    Farmers sued for saving Monsanto wheat seeds:

    Happy Bastille Day!

    Oh and I see Bam Bam walked out in a storm yet again to gain sympathy because some people who have not been drinking their koolaid are expecting him to actually do his job and not just go on photo shoots.

  35. Imust, your “Funny how Ronald Reagan came to his mind,” is perfect. I have long thought that President Obama is a Reaganite. He certainly is no Democrat.


  36. Yes, imust, thanks for mentioning that! He’s no patch on Raygun! What a puffed-up, arrogant twit.

  37. Good one in the ‘facts are hard things’ department:

    ….the President is really not in a good position to take a principled stand against a shorter term deal. As I posted earlier this week, the President has already signed off on 3 increases in the debt ceiling since entering office (totaling almost $3 trillion), and the last 6 increases were enacted while Democrats held a majority in both houses of congress. Not only were all these deals passed without an insistence on tax increases, but as you can see from the table below, the average period of time between each of them was only about 8 months.


    If the GOP is willing to entertain the prospect of another debate over this in an election year, it seems to me they have an extremely strong case to take before the American people that contrary to the President’s whining, an 8-10 month extension is not “short-term” by historical standards. It’s typical, and in fact two of these deals, one of them signed by the President, lasted less than 3 months! So if the President is threatening a veto over this it’s clear the only “principle” he is standing on is the importance of his own hopes for re-election.

  38. Hope for change may be on its way:

    I know Perry is massively flawed, but he could be Bam’s worst nightmare. Given TX’s strong jobs report during the recession, he can run as Mr. Jobs.

    Also, the GE match-up b/w O and Perry will be historical: two closeted gay men facing off for the WH. Let the games begin!

  39. Interesting read on the short term deals already made NES. But you know Obama….he’s the king of re-writing history. And no one in the mainstream media ever calls him on it!

  40. They are eating their own. Both sides. Nothing like playing chicken with OTHER people’s lives, hey?

  41. Perry is confortable because he’s governor of a state that was long taking off before he showed up. It’s disingenuous to take credit for the mass entrance of Americans to Texas. They go there because their legislature has made it easy to do business in Texas, they have made it difficult to commit violent crime in texas if you want to stay alive yourself, they have warm weather, and subequently, there are jobs resulting from these decisions. Oh, and some governor, signed all those laws, most of them before Perry as well. Texas is a magnet for people who want to work or start a business. The tax money other states rob from your paycheck is yours to spend and so your income goes farther. Just so long as you stay away from border towns, which are war zones. Unless of course, you don’t mind having your head cut off and put on a stake. When is Perry going to fix that? Or will he bring that mentality to the rest of the country as well?

  42. I know i don’t have to tell you what I think of Barack Obama. But there is one thing I have to say in fairness. Every president since the first president has had a higher debt than the president before him (and it’s always a Him, isn’t it now?). An incoming president assumes the debt of the previous president, and if he doesn’t give a shit about other people’s money, he increases the debt and passes it onto the next president. And so, I remember long ago reading how St Reagan of La La had accrued a bigger debt than all the presidents before him combined. So did his predecessor, but we forget those things unless we don’t like the president. This has occurred with EVERY president. Except One. That would be Bill “We have surplus! He’s Popular! Let’s Impeach Him!” Clinrton. He was the only president who actuall worked cooperatively enough to take down the previous decidits he inherited. So who’s the saint again?

    Barack Obama doubled Bush’s debt. But he didn’t even inherit one from Clinton, so he made HIS mess ALL BY HIMSELF. Now Barack is doubling Bush’s debt. Just like St. Ronnie did before him. Only at least Ronnie could talk to people without offending half the people in the room–and at LEAST he smiled and inspired the feeling we had a strong person in charge instead of a petulant pissant. At least goatfucking countries respected and even feared him when they needed to. And at least he was decisive, whether you liked his decision or not.

    Just saying.

  43. I was able to sign the petition but don’t know if it ever registered. I finally gave up and came back to this blog. Also in the lower right of the petition page is a box that talks about the welfare state and lists social security as one of the welfare programs. Who is behind this petition

  44. Agree with you analysis of Texas and Perry, Uppity.

  45. UW: they are all so worthless

  46. Barack Obama’s snottiness and higher than you attitude will be his downfall, along with his complete disdain for America and its people, group by group. But don’t think that will ensure his defeat. He will do what he has to do, instill fear in old people, even. He will break legs, ruin lives, do whatever it takes to win, just like any well-honed Chicago gangster. This president emerged from the well known Number One Political Cesspool in the USA. Try not to forget that as you watch him Find A Way To Win.

    And don’t think he’s being ‘Principled” for the People. He’s counting down to 2013 and fears the thought that this same fight will occur next year, right smack dab in the middle of his We Are The Ones We Must Keep In Power campaign. And that is exactly what will happen in a ‘short term” agreement. He knows it. And they are not without blood on their hands, The Republicans. THEY KNOW IT TOO. These people are ALL slime.

  47. Oh cheese and rice! I followed NES link to hot air and clicked through to another piece that sounded interesting. It took me a while to substantiate it- but the clown in chief actually said this

    “President Obama, who was perhaps not even aware of it himself, identified a source of revenue that it is hard to imagine the two sides can’t agree on including in a major deal. That source is the nation’s additional income reserve (AIR), also known as income that you don’t need.

    Here was the statement in which the president mentioned this rather ingenious fix:

    And I do not want, and I will not accept, a deal in which I am asked to do nothing, in fact, I’m able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that I don’t need, while a parent out there who is struggling to figure out how to send their [sic] kid to college suddenly finds that they’ve got a couple thousand dollars less in grants or student loans. [Emphasis added]”

    Sure enough- it’s on the white house page from the presser he gave

    Okey dokey- he has income he doesn’t need. “Able to keep” huh? Is that not the point of getting a job and the income that goes with it? So we can KEEP what we earn?
    The hot air piece is good and snarky.

  48. ROFL! Uppity! Forbes has an article up that is surprisingly familiar to your “Hey I can’t find the 2.6 trillion” I read it and thought maybe they are stealing from you!
    What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?

    Too bad this kind of stuff is not required reading at every dinner table in the country!

  49. It’s always enjoyable to know it’s possible that well-paid mediocre writers get their stories and research from me for free. Not. But then again, at least it’s planted in their little brains, so some good comes from it. But honestly, I just don’t think they get information from me. I just think they are slow on the uptake about what is going on. Most of what they are covering should have been covered years ago when it was possible to save us the trouble. That’s what pisses me off. They were robbing from “Sosh Scurity” during 8 years of Bush too. Thus George’s remark, “I won the lottery!”.

  50. As for using ‘college loans’ as his line of defense, somebody needs to tell barack that these dumbed down degrees that we are now giving to simply everybody aren’t worth shit. These are the least employed. They are all home on their mother’s couches and in their mother’s basements. In fact, most of them are shouting that their degrees weren’t worth it. And a large proportion of them had cosigners called parents, who are just about tapped out of the Sponge Off Me game.

  51. UW someone sent this to Angi.

    “For all those men who say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free??” Here’s an update for you…now-a-days 80% of women are against marriage…Why??? Because women realize it’s not worth buying the whole pig just for a little sausage”

  52. DE! ROFLMAO!!!!! I spit on my computer screen! OJ came out of my nose!

  53. What was OJ doing in your nose? Looking for the real killers??

  54. imustnotdrinkandblog!

  55. you crack me up imust.

  56. Just to show you how Deadbeat-Enabling this guy is, “Income you don’t need” is often called “Savings For The Future” among RESPONSIBLE people.

  57. What was OJ doing in your nose? Looking for the real killers??


  58. Yeah DE and in this day of technology, the little sausage might not even be able to do as well and his substitutes.

  59. oky doky UW, I was just going to post some links to the congresscritters email and such. I would love to think of them getting a copy of your righteous rant…not that they would read it.
    My new idea is a youtube campaign where we all make videos calling them out on their entitlements and making them look lazy and stupid and a drain on the nation. If they really can not solve our problems they are effing stupid and shouldn’t have tax payer funded employment.
    As far as Obamas gun snapping hair flipping “talk to the hand” walk out: I don’t really blame him, the republicans are even worse than the democrats in their ideological loonyness, however Obama had two houses of congress under democratic control, with veto free majorities and they did NOTHING with their advantage. So flouncing out while snapping his gum really is not a good option for him.
    Obama may love Reagan because he loves the idea of having “Obama republicans” like Reagan had “reagan democrats”. But he seems to be clueless about how Reagan did that, it was NOT by moving left. Reagan stood his ground and brought people to his POV.

  60. Lorac, getting you to be pissed off at unions is all part of the plan and media are in on it. It is called divide and conquer. What makes you think that union workers are any worse than other workers. I had a boss once who was a coke head and other people I worked with who were half in the bag most days. If they were higher ups they got sent to cushy rehab vacations. You reacting the way you do, blaming the other serfs for what is wrong in society, rather than the lords who are screwing all of us is exactly what “they” want you to do.

  61. teresa- not sure that Reagan brought people to his view or if the voters were so sick and tired of Carter that they would have voted for Donald Duck rather than give him a second term. What does the term Reagan Democrats mean anyway? Voters who saw that the D’s no longer were the party of the working people?
    Carter was the worst president until the current piece of work. He was just so damn depressing. Now we have a bozo who does not know what his own position is on anything- other than that he thinks he works too hard and he is always happy to get out of DC- on our dime.

  62. Sorry if I sounded like I was giving a lecture. It’s just the way I talk, except you can’t see my face or hear my tone of voice.

  63. It is true that the people just couldn’t wait to get rid of Carter. he was like a shot of despondancy, day in and day out. ironically, people felt the same way about gettting rid of republican rule, methinks. That’s how Barack sailed in. More ironically is the fact that Obama invokes the same depressive malaise that carter brought us. He is so like him in so many ways, only not as smart and considerably meaner.

  64. I think many Democrats went wih reagan because he made them feel good. carter just dragged the entire country down. It was horrible.

  65. I think the Reagan Democrats wanted someone who was strong on defense. The hostage crisis and the constant reminder/countdown on the evening news made us look weak.

  66. That may be true, imust. I just recall how awful he made everyone feel and that “crises of confidence” speech.

  67. And those gas lines. Look how long ago that was, you would have thought we were going to run ouf of oil tomorrow. And here we are all these years later listening to the same tripe all over again. And the auto companies were in the crapper back during Carter too, and they just SWORE they would change their ways. More bullshit.

  68. Remember Bailout iococca on TV, working hard and getting ready to fuck America with one of the worst cars ever made, the K Car? And people were stupid then too. THey were yelling for him to be President.

  69. Lee’s Fuck America car.

  70. And it came in a convertible.

  71. And that was on the heels of Vietnam. It was a depressing time. I agree with you that we have a similar feeling now. This time it’s more of an economic weakness than military. Obama should have focused like a laser on jobs from day one.

  72. Scientist turned comediene.

  73. scientist turned comedian, powerpoint comedy. Wattch to the end. I see the odds here.

  74. Funny videos Uppity! This video seems like some kind of parody, but it appears to be real. I got it from a comment by angienc over at Crawdad Hole:

  75. Oh for Chrssakes. Comparing this turkey to Job. Is this woman out of her mind? Good God, somebody pull this nutcase off with a hook.

  76. Hey she grew up with Job so she would know.

  77. “Obama should have focused like a laser on jobs from day one.”

    I don’t think he believes day one has happened yet.

  78. Yeah. I hate to say it but Nancy really has me worried about her sanity. Was she always this crazy and I just ignored it, or was she just not as exposed and could get away with it??

  79. Upps, I like Big Dawg as much as the next person here. But, let’s not give credit where it isn’t due: WJC’s economy was the resulf of the quantum leap that technology made in the 90s. Bill, like other pols before and after him, can’t take credit for those entrepreneurial gifts. Fact is: gov’ts. don’t create prosperity by any affirmative acts, markets do; the best gov’ts. can do is not be hostile to wealth-creation.

  80. Precisely Mom — it’s that “able to keep…additional income” attitude that makes Bam more socialist than anything else. He fundamentally believes in the politics of leveling (as long as he’s in the privileged aparatchik skybox, elevated above the leveling field). You can see it in his current debt-ceiling stance: he’s obsessed with equal-burden-sharing, as if that, by itself, were a virtue. The person without a job doesn’t feel better just because Mr. Goldbricks may be forced to pay more in taxes; Mr. Goldbricks will have paid more in taxes, but the jobless person will still be jobless. But, that redistribution-of-wealth bit is what gives Bam his jollies. That’s why I don’t understand why commenters here routinely refer to him as Repub. or right-leaning. Repubs come with all sorts of warts — often serious ones — but NONE of them want more taxation or other wealth-confiscatory measures. Obama is an old-school, resentful socialist — full of class hatred and predisposed to class warfare.

  81. Brilliantissimo DE!

  82. Aw c’mon, Upps. Bawaaaack doesn’t have to save for the future…the people will support him. Talk about a p*g who grew up in the shadow of the trough.

  83. Uppity:

    ……which further explains why their vehicles are shitboxes.

    This explains why my Chrysler 300 is a piece of shit!!!! Damn thing has been in the shop 9 times since I bought the damn thing…For the same damn thing!!!!


  84. That’s right, UW. Reagan made people feel good — that was his gift.

  85. Obama is an opportunist. He has no principles. He’s not left, he’s not right….he’s not a centrist. He says/parrots whatever he needs to say to get through the particular moment of time he’s in and the audience he’s talking to. He’s a shape shifter, a con man. Nothing less, nothing more.

  86. Reagan didn’t make me feel good.

  87. Another winner from imust. A perfect description of our Dear Reader.

  88. imust, reagan ran a campaign of good cheer after a period of a finger-wagging depressive. He made people feel like there can be some sunshine sometimes. That’s how he won. Well that and Carter was just do unwanted any longer.

  89. Dragon, try dumping some cocaine and gin in your 300’s tank. It will probably feel more at home.

  90. NES, industries of ANY kind can’t make “Quantum Leaps” with the government sticking their noses in their shorts every two minutes. Obama would have never seen that boom because he would have shaken the tree for quarters before it even started. Clinton inherited a shitty economy from GHW Bush, just like Reagan inherited a shitty economy from Carter.

  91. I agree with you that Reagan ran on patriotism, American exceptionalism and was the opposite of Carter in that way. I’m just saying that I personally didn’t feel good about him. He didn’t inspire me or make me feel like voting for him.

  92. Hope is only productive in combination with Faith. Life has taught me that Nature – backed by legitimate, focused work, finds a way. SS recipients who still have their wits about them have seen these actors and can tell us what they see is actually going down. Seniors enjoy a life expectancy of good health exceeding that of my grandparents by a good twenty years – and THEY lived into their 70’s and 90’s. The “brainiacs” of this country are the 65 year olds. They’re not too old to understand technology and they had a glimpse of post-war financial growth. The BOOM generation is neither fearful nor readily pushed around; they’ve got all their work ‘in the bank’ and have been driven to strategize against the young thieves since they created accounts. Our Elders are our transition teams. Watch what they do with their retirement funds and get a sense of what they know better than let this crowd pull on themz;-

  93. Back to Chrysler. I have been a union teacher and I have been management. I also come from a family that owned a union company. So I’ve been around a few blocks and both sides can really suck. But I am going to say here and now that unions protect shitbums. This is why we have teachers who molested children or committed other offenses coming to work for years but not being allowed near kids. They collect their salaries in NY City and jerk around in their own rubber room. I remember when a piece of shit on a second shift got caught in a high level manager’s office, sitting at his desk, jerking off in the secretary’s shoe. The union tripped over itself to protect this scheeve. This is a major thing that is wrong with unions today. There are times when a union can protect you from shitbum management, and believe me there are plenty of those too, but today they protect the absolute scum from the barrel.

  94. Signed the petition, Uppity.

    I agree with both of you about Raygun. He ran on feel-good sound-bytes, like Obama – and although they both won, they both left me feeling like sh*t instead of “optimistic” and “hopeful” as was their intention.

    Pod people like Raygun, Bush and Obama leave me cold. I almost croaked when I saw poor Hillary being forced to sit between Michelle Obama and Dubya at Betty Ford’s funeral. On the plus side, Bush looked so drunk I don’t even think he knew who she was. Michelle just looked bored because it wasn’t about her and her alleged fashion sense.

  95. Uppity. I am a union person. I can tell you that the purpose is not to protect child molesters or crooks. The purpose is to provide due process. I have seen with my own eyes, teachers get fired, so it can be done…but not without due process. I have also seen good, very good teachers broken down and humiliated with false accusations and eventually leave the profession. I won’t go back and forth with you on this, we obviously have very different views on this subject.

  96. imust due process is one thing. Years of sitting in a rubber room with full pay is a travesty. You and I both know that these cases take as long as five years, with the defense doing everything they can to delay justice even in the face of solid evidence. The taxpayers pay for that. That might be just fine if the scumball that is convicted is forced to pay back every damned penny.

  97. Frightening as it sounds, madamab, Bush looks good to me next to Obama. At least I thought he liked the country. And he certainly wasn’t any dumber than Obama.

  98. He’s counting down to 2013 and fears the thought that this same fight will occur next year, right smack dab in the middle of his We Are The Ones We Must Keep In Power campaign.

    That’s what I was thinking, too.

    …We Are The Ones We Must Keep In Power campaign

    ROFL that’s a keeper!

  99. imust, i saw plenty of good teachers leave the profession, period. That’s because America wants the best and brightest to teach but expects them to become teachers even though we think all teachers are dog shit. In other countries that have a far better educational system than ours, and there are many, teachers are held in very high esteem, higher than doctors and engineers. They are carefully selected and treated with the highest esteem and dignity. Here in the USA, we get scum to join the ranks because plenty of good teachers leave and plenty of potentially great teachers never join. Why would they? So I am not anti teacher by any means. I have known some great teachers and wondered why they stayed. But conversely I have known teachers who should have been thrown out on their asses long ago. And yes, I do know that some teachers are set up, not only by rotten kids but by bad administrations. But you know, when a piece of shit sends a photo of his penis to a kid, I kind of don’t want to pay that piece of shit’s salary for three years. I am not against due process. I am against due process held up for some shitbag.

    I left teaching for money. No teacher should have to do that. Not a good one anyways.

  100. As I’ve said, have not seen the type of cases you mentioned and I have had an bird’s eye view of this process. I have seen someone who was accused, get investigated (in a matter of a couple of weeks), cleared of any wrongdoing….but was never the same. Became so disheartened…yes, I actually think it broke her heart…that she quit. Due process is what I have seen. I saw another get harassed and basically bullied to the point that the person took an early retirement (at a extreme financial hardship), then the person ending up getting cancer and dying within a couple of years.

  101. Get ready UW barry’s giving a press conference tomorrow. Man loves being on the TV.

  102. imust: Obama is an opportunist. He has no principles. He’s not left, he’s not right….he’s not a centrist. He says/parrots whatever he needs to say to get through the particular moment of time he’s in and the audience he’s talking to. He’s a shape shifter, a con man. Nothing less, nothing more.

    imust – I think you are so right on. Matter of fact, if I had a penguin, I’d give it to you! 🙂

  103. DE, he has his press conferences wired from the start. He picks who asks the questions and they are always answers built into the questions. Always answers that benefit Barack. His “press” picks are his cue cards. This man stages his press conferences. Who’s going to ask him questions? Huffpo and Ben Smith? Why bother watching his bullshit press conferences. There is no such thing as a real press conference or a real town hall with this turkey and we all know it. Nobody is going to say to him, WHY ARE YOU DELIBERATELY PUTTING THE FEAR OF GOD INTO SENIORS WHEN THE MONEY IS THERE?

  104. teresa – it’s not the black/white situation you seem to be implying. No one has made me hate unions. There are certain behaviors I don’t like, though.

  105. imust, who was bullying that person? The union? or the other employees? or the (non-union?) management….?

  106. Here’s one article on NY CIty, imust. But it’s not the one I’m looking for. I’ll find it eventually. The one I’m looking for contains some far more interesting case descriptions.

  107. How is Casey Anthony going to pay her lawyers? Are her parents (the ones she won’t talk to now) paying the tab? Just curious, if anyone knows….

  108. Her lawyers to date have worked pro bono in order to gain fame. That’s usually how it works. You can bet Baez is a sought after guy now.

    Also, they may have some contract with her for future profits in the event they won the case, which they did.

  109. It was administration that was bullying and she got her cronies to help her. Uppity, I’m sure you can find links of bad teacher and other examples….as I can give you examples of the opposite. I happen to think that your examples are the minority. I think the vast majority of teachers are good and I think unions protect them with due process and collective bargaining. You don’t need to find other links.

  110. lorac, if a principal doesn’t like you, you can be dead meat as a teacher. So I do understand what Imust is saying. Also kids can falsely accuse you for fun. I can imagine how malicious they are today, since bullying is a sport with these little freaks.

    Unfortunately in the private sector if a boss doesn’t like you, you are dead meat too. So you tend to be a bit more cognizant of yourself.

  111. Oh yeah I have seen administrations try some pretty bad shit.

  112. Some of the worst teachers I knew went on to be administrators. What’s up with that? lol.

  113. Uppity its not just that a principal doesn’t like you….they have cronies. There are people who become friends with the principal and have a lot of power. They get what they want, and if another teacher is in the way….well, too bad. I’ve seen these crony types get a teacher pushed out of a grade level or school to make room for themselves or their friends. Often the only thing that helps a teacher is parent support, but sometimes, even that isn’t enough. Really, IMO, its a matter of bad principals rather than bad teachers.

  114. UW do you think it was Google?

    US Government reveals that in the spring, a cyberattack by a foreign government resulted in the one of the largest losses of sensitive information from the Pentagon.

  115. It’s always been that way imust. And it’s that way in industry too, honest.

    There are a LOT of bad administrators. And there are too many of them too.

    Trust me, I had my runins. I had a VP who didn’t like my brother, so he didn’t like me. He tried to nail me while I was in the hospital. Fortunately, the principal thought he was an asshole too, so he lost all the way around. But yeah, I don’t think they pick who they promote very well. It’s a crony thing and many of them are just plain not good at the job. And of course, there is the power trip, but like I said, it’s like that EVERYWHERE you work.

  116. Read this on Big Pink. I feel certain it came via Brenda at RBO. Interesting…

    “John Batchelor on BO:

    Spoke Larry Kudlow, Jon Hilsenrath, Steve Moore, John Fund, and Devin Nunes, re the debt limit contest in Washington, and learned that the Democrats and GOP are farther apart now than when they started in June, and that there is no chance for a settlement by August 2.

    Devin Nunes added that the rumour in DC is that POTUS will back up the hysterical remark that Social Security checks will stop after August 2 by ordering letters sent out next week to the recipients. Social Security Babylon. And also the rumour includes a letter to the military personnel that they will not be paid after August 2.

    In sum, POTUS is out of ideas and plans. Still, all POTUS can do is threaten and sign and intimidate and pout.

    The polling from Florida shows that 54% of 1000 likely voters disapprove of the POTUS job performance. The White House is in denial. The jobs number last Friday 8 was so weak that it will take 300,000 jobs added each month for the next year to bring the unemployment rate down from 9.2 to 8.2 — and that is unacceptable ground for reelection.

    The debt limit contest is about the sinking ship of the Obama reelect. Asked John Fund, is there screaming at the WHite House. Answer: complete denial while blame-shifting onto the GOP. Will it work? Nah.

  117. I read about that awhile back, DE. No I think it was China. China iS our enemy and we keep dancing around that.

  118. also – bedtime for me. I had a sweet tooth. Only thing I could find were gingersnap tea cookies and mascarpone – YUM

  119. OOOOOOOoooooooo marscapone. Cannolis.

  120. problem is batchelor is so far off the right cliff, it’s a wonder he has a finger left to type with. Not that I think things are dandy at the white house right now, but don’t kid yourself. Obama has plans. Not plans for Americans. Plans for making himself look good and the R’s look worse. That’s all he knows how to do, really.

  121. Another 44 comment. If this is the case (and I have no doubts it is) Obama is going to look like an even bigger dip-shit than he is….

    July 14th, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I talked to a friend yesterday retired from the Social Security Adm. She said SS checks cannot be stopped without a 60 notice. The checks cannot be adjusted in amount without a 60 day notice. Supplemental Security Income checks require a 30 notice to be stopped or changed. She stated this is federal law so people will not be caught without anything without advance notice. She also said notices take weeks to send out. So even if notices were sent out by order now, the soonest they would be delivered is 10 to 14 days or about July 23 with the first month not to receive benefits in October. And recipients have appeal rights. She said he does not have a legal leg to stand on and is spouting off.

  122. OMG FF. ROFL! He’s such an asshole. Now you would THINK the Republicans would know that information. Dumb shits.

  123. Uppity – try mascarpone on a white pizza with red and yellow peppers with spinach and goat cheese – OMFG!!!!!!

  124. You know, I am beginning to be convinced that the collective IQ in congress is not very high.

  125. Yes, I’m beginning to think that Maxine Waters and the guy who thought islands could tip over are NOT just outliers…

  126. I can’t remember his name, but actually, the tipover island guy was considered brilliant in his field. But not unlike many Too Bright, Narrow Focused people, he probably has no common sense and is a little on the eccentric side. Maxine, however, is another story.

  127. FF to me, if it ain’t in a cannoli it’s a waste.

  128. Mother of God, you all have simply GOT to read this crap.

  129. You gotta excuse me, FF, but being of Italian heritage, I have a visceral reaction to pizzas that don’t have red sauce on them ..unless they are garlic pizzas.

  130. So Obama is being less than truthful about Social Security and purposely scaring seniors??? You know what Hillary is 44 says:

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

  131. local news is on the Obama bandwagon. Doing a report right now pushing the meme that seniors may not get their SS checks….shameless. They’re piling on Cantor now.

  132. imust I just do NOT understand how the republicans can be so dumb and not expose the law about notices, etc. that FF commented about. Obama would look like a complete and deliberate fear mongerer. Why are they so stupid???/

  133. Uppity, I read the article you linked.

    I hope that guy is honest and tells his girlfriends how gay he is…. that’s some sick infatuation he has. Usually infatuation fades pretty fast – either because the person gets together with the object of infatuation and gets to know them better (infatuation is pretty based on superficial knowledge of someone), or they realize that the object is not interested in them.

    We can surmise this author is not an item with Obama. So either he’s really dense and doesn’t yet notice that Obama is not into him – or he’s into S and M and likes being taken for granted and being walked all over lol

  134. Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

    44 has been SO RIGHT all along. He cannot be trusted. He never tells he truth. he is a liar and a con man of the highest order.

  135. lorac, thank you for that assesment of that assclown who wrote that piece. I was just figuring he was stupid.

  136. My guess is that neither side wants the public to know the truth (either about the timeline rules, or that SS is self-funding and can only be halted as a bald political act), because they both want to keep the option open of further raiding the kitty, or using our assumed ignorance to manipulate us (as O is attempting to do now).

  137. My guess is that neither side wants the public to know the truth (either about the timeline rules, or that SS is self-funding and can only be halted as a bald political act), because they both want to keep the option open of further raiding the kitty, or using our assumed ignorance to manipulate us

    Oh man, I was afraid of that.


  138. Although, on second thought – I have read that members of congress are generally NOT all that familiar with the constitution – so maybe there is a LOT they don’t know. They may actually not know the rules about SS. I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t have a lot of respect for people who would pass a bill (especially anything with as many ramifications as the health care bill) without READING it. That really blew me away. Not too wise to sign your name to something you haven’t read and that affects the whole country.

  139. F**king AARP. THey should be doing this!

  140. Well Cantor is another arrogant cold ass. He deserves whatever he gets. he is greasy and I get a visceral reaction every time I see him. Something’s up with that guy and it’s not good.

  141. What Obama is doing to seniors is JUST PLAIN SICK AND EVIL.

  142. Listen up everybody. Let’s make a pledge to talk to every senior we know and tell them about this. Leaving them in fear is just plain evil.

  143. Killer of that boy in NY’s confession. The very thought that people like this walk our streets daily is simply frightening.

  144. I know it’s superficial to say, but that kid looked slow to me. All of those pics of hasidic men, they all look slow to me, like they are inbred or something.

  145. I saw an interview with the guy’s ex-wife. She was really bizarre. Laughing inappropriately throughout the interview.

  146. Somebody actually married him?

  147. I remember a welfare scandal and false ID thing with hasidics in upstate a few years ago. I gotta look that up. They do intermarry you know. and I’ll bet they have many health issues if that’s the case.

  148. Hey everyone! Just got back from a fantastic guitar show tonite. We took laker to see Albert Lee & John Jorgenson. They were a w e s o m e!!!

    Oh, when we were walking in the club, who was right in front of us but Peter Asher! He is such a sweetie! He let me take pix of him and laker and hubbie! So there’s my celeb sighting of the week for you guys. Also, after the show, I got to take a bunch of pix of laker and some of lakers young friends that were also there to see the show with Albert & John. They were so nice, these old legends always seem pleased to see the younguns at their shows. What a fun night! I’m still buzzing.

  149. Also, we signed the petition! Sorry to get off track, we get excited by good guitar shows!

  150. I gotta say I’ve got some doubts about some of those folks with that Soc. Sec. Institute.

    Did you all check the bio’s on some of those folks? Some were in the Reagan White House or associated with it, some with Jack Kemp and his Empower America. One worked with Reagan when he was governor.

    I’m going to hold off on signing anything with this group till I can check it out some more.

  151. Why he has any support at all is beyond me.

    The federal government asked the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday to reconsider its order last week demanding an immediate halt to the enforcement of the ban on openly gay troops in the military.

    The Obama administration filed the emergency motion in response to the appeals court’s decision last week to lift its stay of a lower court’s ruling last year that found the ban, known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” unconstitutional.

    Read more:

  152. He’s constantly fighting the wrong battles. Why the republicans don’t love him is beyond me too.

  153. But hey he’s got a party to attend

    the president is planning an extravagant fundraising bash Aug. 3 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, including a birthday concert teeming with celebrities and – for couples contributing $35,800 – a private dinner with the president. All this just one day after the government is scheduled to run out of cash!

  154. And it begins

    CHOUTEAU, Oklahoma — An Oklahoma woman believes outrage over the Florida murder case almost cost her her life. The 26-year-old says a crazed woman tried to kill her because the woman thought she was Casey Anthony.

    It happened in Chouteau last Friday night, July 8, 2011, just days after the Casey Anthony verdict.

    Sammay Blackwell hopes she never hears this again:

    “You look like Casey Anthony, I’m like ‘okay,'” she said.

    Blackwell doesn’t think it’s funny after what happened last week.

    Blackwell works at a convenience store in Chouteau and said Shireen Nalley came in that night around 10 p.m. and looked strange, very suspicious, then left after buying gas.

    “I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her,” she said.

    Sammay got off work at 10:30 that night and walked out to her car, which was parked on the other side of the building, and got inside.

    “Began to back out and looked and I could tell she was staring directly at me; I could almost see the whites of her eyes,” she recalled.

    “I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, and she was right behind me,” Sammay said.

    Blackwell drove a few miles and says Nalley suddenly rammed her van into the back of Blackwell’s truck.

    “I said, ‘Oh my God, help me,'” Blackwell told News On 6.

    She then pulled into a parking lot to get away.

    “She hit me again, causing my vehicle to flip two and a half times, landing on the driver’s side, and I just laid there playing dead,” she said.

    Blackwell’s mother says she’ll never forget her daughter’s reaction.

    “I got to her, she was crying, she was shaking, she says, ‘Mama, this lady thinks I’m Casey Anthony and she tried to kill me,” her mother said.

    Police chased Nalley for a while and finally arrested her for assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Nalley told police she was “trying to save the children.”

    “She said that I was trying to hurt babies, I was killing babies and she was going to stop it before it happened again,” Blackwell recalled. “She could have taken me away from my family, my daughter.”

  155. What kind of nubag does this kind of thing to someone? This is supposed to be the USA. This lynch mob mentality is disgusting and embarrassing. I do hope she got the license number of this crazy assed SOB. People who do this kind of shit are unstable mentally deficient assholes and should be incarcerated and made to be a public example. This is nonsense.

  156. Fredster, I don’t give a shit if Dracula wrote that petition. The truth is, it says EXACTLY what I want it to say and not a word more. Would you prefer MOVEON on that board? The truth is, nobody in this Country takes the bull by the horns and most people can’t even lift their asses to sign a petition. If you are waiting for some totally non political person to write such a petition, please do not hang upside down waiting for it. A petition says what it says. And this one says what needs to be said. In spite of some things about reagan, I don’t ever remember him wanting to trash all the seniors. If I saw Dick Armey’s name there, then I would take the petition down.

  157. DE Obama has thrown more monkey wrenches into the gay community than all the republicans put together. Talk about protesting too loudly.

    He wants it both ways in more way than one.

  158. If this doesn’t get you all out with pitchforks and torches, I don’t know what will!

  159. Good

  160. I would love for them to mess with cat owners. This is not a passive bunch.

  161. Barf:

    And, apparently there’s ANOTHER presser coming up. Double barf.

  162. It’s pretty simple, DE…Repubs don’t love Bam because he believes in forcible redistribution of wealth. What he said to Joe The Plumber is what he believes; why the electorate didn’t take him at his word is beyond me.

  163. Never mind the ferrets on the SS laws Uppity. We need the lawyers to go through that- I have been reading the damn things for two hours and can not find ANYTHING regarding when or how benefits are to be paid. Learned some very interesting things re the “trust fund” From my reading it appears the bastards are sending everything to the general fund and only transferring to the SS trust fund “periodically”
    GRRRRR I think NES would do better at this than this low info ferret
    Here’s some reading on the trust fund –
    “The amounts appropriated by clauses (3) and (4) shall be transferred from time to time from the general fund in the Treasury to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, and the amounts appropriated by clauses (1) and (2) of subsection (b) shall be transferred from time to time from the general fund in the Treasury to the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, such amounts to be determined on the basis of estimates by the Secretary of the Treasury of the taxes, specified in clauses (3) and (4) of this subsection, paid to or deposited into the Treasury; and proper adjustments shall be made in amounts subsequently transferred to the extent prior estimates were in excess of or were less than the taxes specified in such clauses (3) and (4) of this subsection.”

  164. Good on Jake Tapper:

    Finally the press are starting to get Obama’s number –ie, he prefers a default to having another vote on the debt ceiling next summer because the latter’d be electorally damaging to him.

  165. Oh pooh. I said that here before jay trapper. Good on me.

  166. Read the polls and weep, Obots:’s-future-looks-precarious-as-america-faces-its-most-important-presidential-election-since-1980/

    Gallup’s stunning poll today will send a shiver down the spine of the White House, as it looks ahead to November next year. According to Gallup, a “Republican Party’s candidate for president” currently beats Obama among registered voters by an eight point margin – 47 percent to 39 percent. Obama trails a generic Republican candidate by an even greater margin among independent voters – by 44 percent to 34 percent. In a sister poll also released today by Gallup, Americans’ satisfaction with their country fell to just 16 percent in July, the lowest level since February 2009. According to RealClear Politics, which aggregates several national polls, a mere 29 percent of Americans believe the country is moving in “the right direction.”

  167. OT, any cat owners here use Frontline or Advantage for flea control? I’ve been using Revolution, which I have to get from my vet and it’s outrageously expensive. Plus I have to call for it and if a cat is five minutes overdue for a checkup, I get hassled. Is either of these okay, if so, which is better in your opinion?

  168. But, of course you did, dear Upps! But, you’ve always been light years ahead of the MSM; the good news is that some of them are finally getting it.

  169. And another group – the Democrats – are petitioning the King of I-am regarding Soscurity (found on 44)

    197,122 signatures so far.

    ”President Obama: If you cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits for me, my family, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012. I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates who will fight to protect our Democratic legacy.


    Seems he just can’t help pissing off EVERYBODY

  170. PMM, I have saved the link on SS, and will read it later. But, it appears that you’re reading the excerpt correctly. Also, it’s always been my understanding that tax revenue goes into the General Fund first; it’s the loot fund, the grab-bag for all the gimmes that legislators frequently appropriate to their fave causes in exchange for votes or to raise their profiles.

  171. I just don’t believe those so-called “brave progressives”, FF. Come Nov 2012, they’ll all line up to vote for Obama, and he knows that.

  172. I agree NES, but they will do it stamping their foot and saying “WHaaaaaa”

    Now, who besides me is going to endure Obama’s Press “Conference” Lecture to the American People at 11?

    Also – taking bets on how late be will be.

  173. OMG – Steney Hoyer comparing the need for Republicans to “come together” to the American Women’s Soccer Team


  174. We used frontline plus for Zoe for years until it just stopped working. The past four years we’ve only uses flea shampoo called Fresh & Clean which works wonders. Frontlines patent ran out and there is another brand Pet Armor selling it for $10 cheaper. We started using it last month so far it seems to be working. They make a cat version too.

  175. Uppity- I have used both Frontline and Advantage- no problems with either one and both give good results. Had to keep the fleas off Sabrina as she was very allergic to flea bites. (as am I- so don’t want any infestations- ugh) I have found both products to be effective- so use whichever is on sale at the time.

  176. The President has been meeting for FOUR DAYS to have the Debt Ceiling problem resolved.

    Now, that asshat and racist Clyburn is speaking

  177. They are comparing Obama to Reagan again

  178. Pelosi off camera re Constitutional Amendment to Balance Budget “It’s outrageous” then walked it back and said “I want to see it”

  179. Fleas – Comfortis – best stuff I ever used – ever

    Zero babbling now

    they just get better and better!!!!!! 🙂

  181. Same shit from Obama – shared sacrifice, corporate jet owners, etc.

    We need to tax more

    Congress ran up the bills

    REPUBLICANS the Majority, want tax increases! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  182. He has developed a very annoying whistle with his Esses

  183. Well I know Advantage is approved by FDA. I don’t think Frontline is. I was just doing a compare and Revolution is a dewormer too, but it doesn’t deworm for tapeworms, which is the only worms an indoor cat ever gets. From fleas. lol. You have to get Revolution from the vet and I am pretty much sick of calling and begging for this shit. Not that my vet ever says no to me, but I am still sick of it. He’s on vacation and the office person did this dance about how joe is three weeks late for some bullshit shot he doesn’t need. The cat, if he ever dies, will die on a trip to the vet. He’s the worst traveling cat EVAH. WHen I am done vetting him, I NEED A DRINK. So I think i am just going to go ahead and order up some advantage since the only thing I want to prevent is fleas, not roundworms, hookworms and other things that are more likely to occur to outdoor cats. The closest my cats get to outdoors is the window. So I’m just going to stop this nonsense and get the Advantage. Advantage II now kills all stages so I’ll go with that. I hate using spot flea meds. I just hate doing it. But I am allergic to flea bites so I’m not taking the chance of driving myself nuts.

    Dog is on Sentinel, which I have to get from vet, who makes me do a heartworm test first every year. Also a pain in the ass but she’s a herder and I won’t give her Ivermectin because of the MDR1 gene danger. But I see no reason to put up with this for my cats.

  184. Well I know Advantage is approved by FDA. I don’t think Frontline is. I was just doing a compare and Revolution is a dewormer too, but it doesn’t deworm for tapeworms, which is the only worms an indoor cat ever gets. From fleas. lol. You have to get Revolution from the vet and I am pretty much sick of calling and begging for this shit. Not that my vet ever says no to me, but I am still sick of it. He’s on vacation and the office person did this dance about how joe is three weeks late for some bullshit shot he doesn’t need. The cat, if he ever dies, will die on a trip to the vet. He’s the worst traveling cat EVAH. WHen I am done vetting him, I NEED A DRINK. So I think i am just going to go ahead and order up some advantage since the only thing I want to prevent is fleas, not roundworms, hookworms and other things that are more likely to occur to outdoor cats. The closest my cats get to outdoors is the window. So I’m just going to stop this nonsense and get the Advantage. Advantage II now kills all stages so I’ll go with that. I hate using spot flea meds. I just hate doing it. But I am allergic to flea bites so I’m not taking the chance of driving myself nuts.

    Dog is on Sentinel, which I have to get from vet, who makes me do a heartworm test first every year. Also a pain in the ass but she’s a herder and I won’t give her Ivermectin because of the MDR1 gene danger. But I see no reason to put up with this for my cats.

  185. God I cannot stand him – he re-writes history and FACTS to suit his needs

  186. Obama = OILSOC

  187. Hopefully our blog vet Val will read this and toss in a word or two on the flea stuff.

  188. I just turned off the TV. I can’t listen to this lying bag of crap any longer. He’s all about running for president and nothing else.

    You know what? HE’s Bush’s fault. lol. If people weren’t so sick of Bush, they wouldn’t have fallen for this creep.

  189. This debt limit thing has to come to an end though. It’s just bad business. Seriously. What if you had a busness and raised your debt limit every year? Don’t even TRY this at home. It’s been going on every damned year and that is why we are in the trillions now.

  190. Let me tell you what debt limit raising has done to us over the decades. China owns us. They screw us with the trade deficit. We can’t control their counterfeits. They steal our technology. They make cheap crap and dump it here. They took our jobs. And they would love to take our children and give them a nice cot to sleep on above the factory. This country is our biggest danger, not a bunch of prehistoric goatfuckers. We can’t do a thing about China ruining us because they own so much of our debt. Do you think they are hacking into our government computers for fun? You would think the far left would notice what they are up to and not encourage them owning MORE of us.

  191. I feel your pain, FF. And, I wonder at your fortitude — you must have a very strong stomach to watch him as often as you do.

  192. Hey Mom, LOL, vet office just called me to apologize. She says she’s new and didn’t know who I am and the techs said Oh Yeah, give her what she wants.

    Considering…I’ve helped pay for some college tuitions, I’m sure. I was just calculating and with my poor Roni’s misfortune, one cat teeth cleaning, one dog teeth cleaning and checkups, I’ve laid out more than 2 grand there and it’s only July.

  193. This debt limit thing has to come to an end though

    Is there an end? I wasn’t aware of any deal?

  194. If there’s no deal yet, as I suspect, then I predict this will end with Reid and McConnell striking a deal along the lines McConnell suggested with some gimmes for Dems.

  195. Uppity: My dearly departed Tortie was an indoor cat her entire 21 years. I had her spayed early but she never had routine shots. I thought they could be harmful and she didn’t need them anyway. I took her to the vet only for emergencies. When she got fleas ( rarely ), I used OTC Advantage. Frontline made her sick. Revolution seemed unnecessarily strong. As an indoor cat, she didn’t need protection from ticks or worms. I also fed her wet food, not dry. It is closer to a cat’s natural diet. And I gave her Friskies, not some fancy-schmancy stuff the vet was pimping. JMO.

  196. Beata- good comments- but my indoor cats always needed protection from fleas and ticks- because we walk the dog in the fields and woods. I learned the hard way that they are little damn hitchhikers and will come in on me and husband and daughter. Then there is all hell to pay.

  197. Mom, my Tortie was an only child. I know the circumstances are very different when there are other pets in the house, especially dogs that are going out for walks.Then ticks can be a problem for indoor cats.

  198. Beata you were right to avoid shots for your cat. For years many were sure (including myself) that many of the shots for cats caused sarcoma at vaccination sites. Finally, after the pharma companies collected all their data off the backs of dead cats, they admitted that certain shots do indeed induce sarcoma. Their next idea was, if you give the shots to the cats in their tail or a leg, well if they get sarcoma, you can always lop the leg or tail off. I suspect in a few years there will be a lot of three legged, tail-less cats walking around. The efficacy of some of those shots are questionable too, such as the feline leukemia shots. Anyways, I only allow my cats to have the required rabies shot and nothing more after kittenhood. And I use the annual shot because my vet tells me that the 3-year shot was one of the ones in question about sarcoma. I agree about the Revolution. The only reason I continued to use it was because I know my cats don’t react poorly to it. I really have a problem putting chemicals on my cats. I hate doing it, I really do. But because i do rescue work, I do occassionally bring in a flea. And yyou know one flea is all it takes to start things up. At end of season, I give them Profender to deworm for tapeworms, and that’s about it.

    I will say I am not fond of any bagged food that contains dyes and friskies is one of them. If I had to buy supermarket brands, I usually go for Purina One though. It has a bit better ingredients. I could do days on what crap Science Diet is, Hill’s should be indicted for charging 40 bucks for a bag of corn, but nevermind. Anyways, I always give cats both canned and dry food. There was a time when dry only was pushed and I never bought that story, since cats aren’t great drinkers by nature. Canned food gives them that water boost. But I’m a little particular about canned, and I look for food that has the least amount of ash, which is believed to be connected to FUS. I also never buy canned fish foods, since they are highest in ash. But both wet and food together just makes sense to me. But dry is easier for people I guess. They fill the bowl and Moocher just grazes all day till he becomes the size of a Buick. lol.

  199. WTF? Three brothers killed their mother at Christmas because she wanted to play Yatzee and they didn’t. One strangled her and the other two demons put a plastic bag over her head and tied a belt around her neck and tightened it. Are you getting this? Then they kept her body in a garbage bag i the shed till the ground softened in spring. Then they buried her. My Gawd, America is raising psychos.

  200. Upp, I totally agree about the canned fish food. It’s not good for cats. I stick with the canned beef and poultry varieties.

    BTW, Blackie and Me Too both came to dinner last night. Blackie arrived first, ate his food, then brought Me Too back a bit later. Blackie was so cute. He laid down, close-by, and watched as Me Too ate. He was obviously guarding her from any intruders. Very protective.

  201. I agree NES. They’ll go with the McConnell plan. My guess is that plan was conceived by some Wall St. dudes and McConnell is just the messenger boy. Obama will stamp it “historic”, sign it with much fanfare of “bipartianship” and “Obama is a healer – not a divider” rhetoric…..then he’ll jet off to his birthday bash/fundraiser to eat Kobe beef and lobster.

  202. Wow imust you just wrote the NYT article.

  203. Barf alert- apparently some kind of puff piece is coming out praising Kerry to the sky- the Shadow Secretary of State- gag hack choke


    The WC women’s team is hoping Bammy will extend them the same honor he promised the men’s soccer team (ie, he’d attend the World Cup final in So. Africa if they were in the finals). Keep dreaming, girls! Bammy doesn’t care about you wimminz.

  205. I have had good luck with Advantage. I have cat with a severe flea allergy and I am allergic myself. I use it sparingly on my other cats (say I am going to have a cat traveling or I know doggies will be about serving a flea ocean liners).

    I loved my Mom’s old vet. Old school – you only give meds and treatments that are actually needed. And no lectures or those annoying courtesy cards telling you that the kitties were 3 days late for their checkup.

    Indoor cats in many instances are way over vetted. I know in this area a lot of vets are now pushing 6 month checkups for all pets.

  206. Oh Pulllllleeeeeze. As IF Hillary wants to hear what Horseface has to say about anything. That dodo is only good at hiding his yachts in other states to avoid taxes.

    Boy this is starting to look more and more like Bush 3 by the day. Remember how Osama always seemed to release an audio or video tape whenever W was in trouble? Well now they are pimping a story about the horrible plan Osama had for us, which of course was thwarted by Barack Obama.

    I’m telling you folks, this man is raw slime.

  207. Beata. awwwwwwwww Blackie is cutting Me Too some slack and taking her in! That is sooooooooo good. I’ve seen it happen. strong cat protects weaker cat and they hang out together in a “Me Too” way. Me Too picked well. This is Excellent news! If Blackie turns out to be a boy and me too is a girl, let’s hope he’s not seasoning her!

  208. Mt.Laurel, yes I do see some vets trying to pimp 6 months checkups. Hey I don’t get six month checkups and neither do my cats. My cat who recenty died did have six month visits because he needed to be monitored. as it turned out, he did of something completely different too. Now they try the 6 month thing once the cat is 7 or 8. You gotta be kidding. At 7, most of my cats were just getting started.

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