Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “H”. Hermoine and Hillary – heroines!

How many of us have read the Harry Potter books, and/or watched the movies?  I saw the first one, and I fell in love with what I saw in it.  What I saw were three young people, a team, intelligent, well-meaning, and with their whole futures in front of them.  And they were in school – I’ve always found school to be a wonderful place, a place where all kinds of new activities can be pursued, new interests gained, new challenges surmounted.  Hermoine, Harry, and Ron – the world was theirs for the taking.  (I wasn’t very thrilled that violence came to play such a large role in the movies following that first one, but that’s another subject.)

Hermoine was the “bright one”.  She was an intelligent young girl, and she studied incessantly.  She saw the value in knowledge and hard work. 

The similarities in intelligence and hard work of this character to our Hillary are pretty clear, aren’t they?  And besides that, they both get more beautiful with age, they’re both called witches, neither suffers fools gladly, and they both have leadership abilities! (Hillary got past her “let Bill shine” phase, maybe if there were more Potter films, the author would let Hermoine get past the “let Harry shine” phase!)  I’m sure you can all come up with more similarities!

And can’t you just see Hillary saying to Obama, “WHAT an IDIOT!” lol   Here’s a clip of her fighting the dark forces, forcing the apeman to show his face in the light, and offering to show him how to iron his OWN shirt.  Hillary can handle ANYthing!

Now check out this article someone recently wrote!  It’s a blast!

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In preparation for the final Harry Potter movie, I’m rewatching all of the films to date. Thanks, ABC Family, for that well-timed marathon last weekend and sorry, my DVR, for taking up so much space. In the middle of Prisoner of Azkaban last night (I’ll admit that I had this thought before last night) I had a revelation.

The books should be named after Hermione Granger.

Yes, yes, sad times about that whole your parents dying thing, Harry. Please see the condolences card I sent you 12 YEARS AGO for my sympathy. In the meantime, look at how many people are COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK to be your new mentor. Even McGonagall is like, “Hey kid, here is a free fancy broom. Just because that one time when your parents died and you’re good at catching shit.”

On the other side of the common room, we have Hermione, who is Muggle born, which means she simply doesn’t have that same built-in support as Harry. She can’t go home to her parents and talk about how people keep trying to kill her because her parents just wouldn’t understand. And while she’s at school, instead of having every single teacher fall over their magic wand to get on her good side, she’s held down. People won’t stop talking about her Muggle parents and it’s all she can do to keep up her studies. By which I mean, BEING BETTER THAN ALL OF THE SCHOOL.

And when Snape assigns homework, Harry is all, “Wah-Wah, there is sport tomorrow, fulfilling my responsibility will be so hard.” MEANWHILE Hermione is MOVING FUCKING TIME so she can take more classes. Because girl knows SOMETHING is happening and she needs to STUDY THE EFF UP.

When the time comes around to fight, the boys are like, “oh wow, look at this thing that happened! Isn’t that crazy?” Meanwhile Hermione is like, “idiots, I figured that out like 5 books ago. CAN YOU PLEASE FOCUS.”

Who actually forms Dumbledore’s army? Hermione. Who has the perseverance and planning to help them survive for the 1908830 thousand pages when they were just sitting in a tent in the cold? Hermione. Supes glad you mastered the patronus charm, Harry, but without Hermione, you wouldn’t even have your wand.

And after she saves the day and just about everyone in the entire book/series/magical world tells her that she’s “the smartest witch for her age,” is it Hermione who finally gets the fancy broom? Of course not. SWOOP IN AN STEAL THE GLORY AGAIN, HORRIBLE HARRY.

In the final book, the girl has to wipe her parents’ memory of any trace of her so they’ll be protected. Essentially orphaning herself. But do people feel bad? Do they start going all Harry Potter on her? No. They are like, “Oh, hey, Hermione, all of my friends and family who still love me and still know who I am are getting together for a massive party. You can come if you want.” and she’s like, “Jolly, fucking jolly, assholes.”

And in the end? She gets stuck with Ron. Ron who did not age well, Ron who really hasn’t done much more than sulk since that one time when he moved the pieces correctly in Wizard’s chess. Ron. Even Snape is hotter than Ron. I mean, at least let her have a little something, something going on with Sirius before he dies. Sirius is deserving of a woman like Hermione.

Finally, I present you with this photo from last night’s premiere. Here are our favorite kids (God, Neville, stop being so goddamn hot), and who stands out? Hermione. Girl is like, “Fuck this bullshit. I own this series. I OWN THEM ALL.”

Here’s a video montage someone put together (it has clips of both the actress Emma Watson and the character Hermoine Granger).  The song is okay (“I’m supergirl”), although it includes phrases about “who is going to save ME” and “I want to know, why I feel so alone”, so disregard those!  Hermoine IS a supergirl superwoman.  So is Hillary.  But so are we ALL!


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  1. Lorac hits it out of the park again!
    “which means she simply doesn’t have that same built-in support as Harry”

    Built in support- what a cute euphemism for penis.

  2. Built in support- what a cute euphemism for penis.

    LOL! I typed “spit take” and then had to delete it when I realized it was a pun…

  3. Uppity just emailed this to me.

  4. girls rock!!!!!!:)

  5. Was just over at DE’s place and saw a pic of the Obama girls. They are such adorable girls. The little one looks like a clone of her grandma. She’s an old soul, I can tell.

    their father on the other hand….I have no idea who he takes after.

  6. I “encountered” a “Teeny weeny weasel” shouting the very same thing in Indianapolis during a rally for Hillary ( she wasn’t there ) back in 2008. I won’t get into the specifics of what happened but i will say this… after I walked up to him and said my piece, I’m sure he had to go home and change his diaper!


  7. Oh SNAP, Lorac! What a brilliant analogy! Thanks for combing the snarls out of this tangled web and making sense out of it all for me.

  8. Just tossed the snake that tried to bite Zoe yesterday into the canal. Both pieces.

  9. I love it Lorac! I’m a huge Hermione fan and Emma Watson has aged exceptionally well. And yes, she’s like Hillary–also Muggle-born, if I can take your analogy there. Hill isn’t from the royalty either.

  10. Well if the stories had featured Hermione as the heroine with Neville as her side kick – they would have had everything wrapped up by the fourth book. Sooner if they had been sorted into other houses and did not have to deal with Harry and Ron.

  11. Brilliant lorac!! I’m a huge HP fan; and, yes, a huge Hermione fan too. One more point in Hermione’s favor: Dumbledore, that very WISE man, left her the ‘Tales of Beedle The Bard’ in his will. Why? Because he wanted her to school Harry’s understanding and reaction to the story of the Deathly Hallows; put differently, he didn’t trust Harry to get it right without Hermione’s mediation.

    So, why didn’t Rowling make the protagonist a female instead of a male? She has been asked this question many times; in my view her answer isn’t satisfying. It goes something like this: males are more unbalanced and their characters need leavening out; to become the fully alchemized hero, Harry had to find and merge his female-side with his male-side. Sounds like an excuse to write another adoring tale of the male savior, doesn’t it? Jesus, not Mary Magdalene; Neo, not Trinity; and the like examples.

    Btw, Emma Watson has those intelligent good looks that’re infinitely more satisfying than just good looks. Hard to believe she was only 10 years old during the filming of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone; she looked much older and wiser.

  12. Well, Mt. Laurel, one can’t deny that Harry is a very brave, act-now-ask-questions-later character…a necessary trait in a hero destined to destroy the prime purveyor of evil. Until the last book, Neville was too much of a scaredy-cat, and wouldn’t have made a good “side-kick” for Hermione playing the protagonist. I actually think Harry and Hermione are the strong duo; Ron adds little, if anything, to the quest.

  13. Does anyone else here find Severus Snape HOT?

  14. lorac, have you seen the new HP movie? Haven’t seen it yet, alas, but I hope to cure that particular deficit this weekend.

  15. Which was your favorite HP movie (leaving aside this latest one)?
    For me, it was the Half-Blood Prince. Lorac? Sophie? Mt. Laurel? Other devotees?

  16. I think Rowling made the title character a boy because she’d have a bigger audience. Girls will read stories with a male hero, but boys will not necessarily read a story with a girl heroine. We’ve seen that for years with mens and women’s athletics. It’s beginning to change, slowly. The most recent example is the World Cup Soccer match with the USA Women’s team competing for the prize. It did get a lot of attention. I was watching a local news program this morning talking about it. They had this sports-talk radio guy on who was mocking soccer, in general, not just women’s. He told a story of how his young daughter asked if she could play soccer and he supposedly said no. Then, he said, he watched the USA Women play this weekend and changed his mind! Now his daughter could play! He’s starting to get into soccer now, and he added with a smile, “It doesn’t hurt that the women are good looking too”. [wink-wink]

  17. Yes, imust, you are right. Rowling just couldn’t admit that. Perhaps now that she’s established a readership, she can make her next series about a girl.

  18. Great post and so right on the money. Favorite was the Prisoner of Azkabahn. Snape – yes hot. I adore Alan Rickman, always have. Hermione was always my favourite character – her wisdom and strength was always evident throughout. I must admit that Neville was my third favourite, behind Maggie Smith.
    My daughter and SIL came last weekend and took all the HP movies so they could watch them prior to going to the new one next weekend. I’ll wait till it’s out on rental.
    Hillary is magical for sure. After all the crap that’s been thrown at her, it’s amazing how she just keeps on going. I on the other hand would tell everyone to blow it out their ear and leave them to rot in the ruins of their own shenanigans.

  19. OK HT, that’s one for Prisoner.
    And, one for Half-Blood.
    Anyone else?

  20. P.S. Uppity, thank you so much for your blogroll. My computer buddy took a massive hit last week from a hacker, and didn’t make it (RIP lil buddy). Mind, it was over 10 years old however it would have kept on going had some a@@hole had something more important to do other than sitting in mummy’s basement and devising destructive code. Yes, I could have cleaned it out, but it was past it’s prime. Anyway, I have a new one, delivered today, and your blogroll has all my favourites on it, so I’m good to go! Hooray for me!

  21. Sheesh, now I feel like I should be watching Harry Potter Movies – it’s an itch I can’t scratch! Darn you lorac, NES and the rest of Uppityville!

    P.S. DE, so glad you disposed of the reptile that had the unmitigated gall to try to attack Zoe. Only two pieces – I think I would have turned it into chopped liver. Good show.

  22. My favorite movie was Half Blood Prince but my favorite book was the first one.

    As imust said, Rowling said in one of her earlier interviews that girls will read stories with a male hero, but boys will not necessarily read a story with a girl heroine. It was the same reason her publishers had her author as JK, not Joanne. Sad thing about boys, that.

  23. Yes, very sad, Sophie. I didn’t know Rowling had admitted that fact.

  24. HT: My niece has been to several HP movies with me but hasn’t read any of the books yet. After this last movie, she announced that she wants to read them all, so I gave her my first book and told her that after she reads it we’ll watch that movie and continue through the series. She’s really into this plan.

  25. My favorite book is Deathly Hallows.

  26. One of my favorite authors growing up was Beverly Clearly. I wonder if she would have enjoyed a wider audience if she’d been B. Cleary. Anyway, it’s nice to see she’s popular with a whole new generation.

  27. Can’t pick a favorite. Goblet of Fire? Prisoner of Azkabahn?
    My grandsons have not seen them yet- their Dad wants them to read the books first- smart Dad!
    I did borrow The Lord of The Rings from the library and we watched those over the last two weekends.

  28. Sophie, I read all of the Harry Potter books to my two – Still have them on the bookshelf. Anything to get kids to read. Actually their favorite books were Tolkein – The Hobbit, Sillmarillon, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. From there they moved on to my favourite author – Jane Austen, and others of her ilk. Last Christmas, as a joke gift (cause I told them they were too poor to be thinking of Xmas presents) the son gave me Sense and Sensibility and SeaMonsters, and the daughter gave me Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I enjoyed both and it spurred me to read the originals for the 100th time. Funny, when they were little I used to make up stories at bednight (our word). Last week, daughter asked me to try to remember them and write them down and son jumped in to insist that I try. Shock of the year, I didn’t know either one of them remembered those stories.

  29. JK Rowling probably didn’t put a girl as lead was because, given how brilliant, brave and organized hermoine was, she wouldn’t need 2 guys help. Heroines are the ultimate multi-taskers, so the whole series would be just one book long.

  30. I haven’t read or seen any Harry Potter stories. I wouldn’t recognize the actors from the films if they fell on me.

    My favorite books growing up were “Girl of the Limberlost” and “Little Women”. I am obviously older than dirt.

  31. Carry on…

  32. Beata, I grew up reading Shakespeare and Winston Churchill (and I snuck Freddie the Frog and Carolyn Keane’s Nancy Drew as a fun read), so who’s old as dirt? Also read Wilkie Collins, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, GBS et al. You’re only as old as you feel, and trust me, I’ve got a lot of life left!

  33. Well, Beata, hurry up and catch up.

  34. Favorite book was Half Blood Prince. Favorite movie was Goblet of Fire. I think I loved Goblet of Fire because it was when the children became aware that life was real and real people can die. It reminded me of the stories I read growing up, Little Women and Tolkien’s books. What do these have in common? Life in these books is much more like an old fairy tale than a modern one. In other words, even though HP is fantasy it teaches lessons in real life.

  35. And she is going back to finish her college degree
    Emma Watson: I’ll return to Brown next year

  36. Mom, good for her. She’s the future for our girls and grandgirls. They need someone other than those horrendous Kardashians or those Jersey girls. They need someone to look up to and emmulate.

  37. You know someone is gonna pay for it….heads will roll.

  38. Okay, this comment from the RCP video made me LOL!

    I’ll take clueless unqualified idiots for 1000 Alex.

  39. Love that he told the crowd it was a joke and still no one laughed.

  40. As to Hermione and Neville, I was speaking about the characters and their potential – the author’s ideas not withstanding. I always thought that they had much more interesting stories than Harry. Harry’s type of quest as the hero has been done to death and beyond but he did work well with Hermione – for the first five books. Not so much in the last two. Ron was a decent idea (to fill out the archetype trio) that just went south really fast.

    I originally started reading the books after the book burning stories surfaced with the first one. The first is still I suppose my favorite for I can see why kids would be drawn to the story. My mother was a librarian so I probably have read books no one else ever even heard of – but a little voice in the back of my head has always insisted that I have read this story before. But its a new twist for the younger set.

    I did see early interviews but quite frankly Rowling has changed her stories (both real and imagined) so much its hard to follow and now its just one giant media package. I do know that she thought the Boo Boo was just the ticket for president – so there goes having any girls leading the way.

    Prisoner is my favorite of the movies because its such a beautiful film. It’s rare to see a film aimed at young people done with such an artistic eye. I am getting old – but in a way it reminded me of The Little Prince. But it worked better – probably because that source book is so – abstract.

    As to Rickman, I first saw him on Masterpiece Theater – as Obidiah Slope. Maggie Smith would have been Murder on the Orient Express. Still enjoy their work. I do think that the kids were well cast and have managed to grow into young adults without all the craziness so often associated with child actors in the USA. Perhaps because they were surrounded by actors/actresses who consider themselves professional craftsman, not movie stars, on the set.

  41. I do know that she thought the Boo Boo was just the ticket for president – so there goes having any girls leading the way.

    Ugh! Rowling’s an Obot?!! Say it ain’t so, Mt. Laurel….

  42. I do think that the kids were well cast and have managed to grow into young adults without all the craziness so often associated with child actors in the USA. Perhaps because they were surrounded by actors/actresses who consider themselves professional craftsman, not movie stars, on the set.

    Good observation, Mt. Laurel. It’s worth noting that the actor who plays Harry recently confessed to developing a drinking problem during the shooting of the Half-Blood Prince. But, being the sensible fellow he is, he quickly recognized and acknowledged the problem and stopped taking even a casual drink. Not like the child actors we see on this side of the Atlantic, who act up publicly, seek help publicly, and continue to act up even after coming out of rehab.

  43. Too cool on Teh Won’s joke falling flat. He really should be advised to stay clear of jokes — the guy is just not funny.

  44. Brown University’s very lucky to have Emma Watson as a student. What a prize catch!

  45. The Chapter entitled “King’s Cross Station” in the Deathly Hallows book is one of the best in literature. It packs in a lot of philosophy too. Worth reading and re-reading all by itself; I must have read that chapter fifteen times over a month.

  46. Mt.Laurel – Maggie Smith – Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Pumpkin Eater, Travels with my Aunt etc etc – you’ve missed a lot of wondrous performances. She is amazing. Rickman is just as amazing.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your observation about the young actors being exposed to people who actually have a profession in acting, rather than what happens in North America where people seem to be merely celebrities who have self inflated opinions of their own importance. With all the crap that is being produced out of Hollywood lately, one wonders how long their bubble will continue.

  47. Well…it took me five years to see Star Wars too…

  48. NES I do believe we have a Brown graduate right here in Uppity’s asylum. But I’m not telling.

    Ok I see what’s happening here, I’m not around much so poor Harry is my substitute.

  49. Obama flopped. He flops with us daily, so they are a little slow on the uptake. Truth is, EVERYBODY knows that this turkey can’t hold a candle to Elizabeth Warren, but hey, he’ll do what he’s told.

    Pathetic. Nothing to laugh at here, Barack. Unless we consider YOU.

  50. My favorite books growing up were “Girl of the Limberlost” and “Little Women”. I am obviously older than dirt.

    Carry on…

    Ding Ding DIng Ding! Today’s comment winner.


    Jimmy Carter: It is a crisis of confidence.

    Barack Obama: Our economy may be weakened, and our confidence shaken…

    Carter: Our people are losing that faith.

    Obama: It’s tempting to turn cynical and to be doubtful about the future.

    Carter: The people are looking for honest answers, not easy answers.

    Obama: We cannot rely on quick fixes or easy answers.

    Carter: Not politics as usual.

    Obama: We are tired of business as usual.

    Carter: You often see a balanced approach that demands sacrifice.

    Obama: A balanced way where everybody’s sacrificing a little bit.

    Carter: A little sacrifice from everyone.

    Obama: We need shared sacrifice.

    Carter: Congress must enact the windfall profits tax without delay.

    Obama: If the wealthiest among us are willing to give up a little bit more, then we can solve this problem.

    Carter: I’m asking you to take no unnecessary trips.

    Obama: Don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas.

    Carter: To use carpools or public transportation whenever you can.

    Obama: We can’t drive our SUVs.

    Carter: And to set your thermostats to save fuel.

    Obama: We can’t keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times.

    Carter: I do not promise a quick way out of our nation’s problems.

    Obama: I wish I could tell you there was a quick fix to our economic problems.

    Carter: There are no short-term solutions.

    Obama: There aren’t going to be a lot of great short-term solutions to this problem.

    Carter: There is simply no way to avoid sacrifice.

    Obama: We are going to have to ask everybody to sacrifice.

  52. I’ll have to take a look at one of those books. I never encouraged laker to get into it becuz he was into sooo many stories that involved sequels and expensive crap to go with it, Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR. I couldn’t deal with one more. A lot of the homeschoolers in my area are major fans of HP though, and they had a big party and went to the midnite shows, which were sold out where we live. I would have encouraged laker to go, but he wanted to see Albert Lee (guitar show) instead. He’s going to see this latest HP later in the week.

  53. That’s a bullseye, NES. He IS Carter. And for those of us who remember, we thought we were out of oil then too. the man IS Carter. Depressing, Uninspriting and obsessed with keeping everybody down and bummed.

  54. UnFreakingBeliveable.

    NFL quarterback Michael Vick will be speaking to Congress tomorrow on a subject he’s quite familiar with, and it isn’t how to read a zone defense.

    Vick and and Humane Society president and CEO Wayne Pacelle will be testifying before Congress tomorrow in support of the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which would strengthen laws against animal fighting.

  55. Regarding Vick, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Casey Anthony appears before Congress to testify on behalf of missing, abused and exploited children.

  56. imustconcour

  57. imust, Good One!!!

  58. imust, sadly I must agree. Sad state of affairs ain’t it.

  59. Vick. They ought to feed that shitbag to the dogs.

  60. I’m so old I can barely REMEMBER what I read when I was a kid – so THERE!

  61. And Rich Michael Vick “Saved and Created” a lot of jobs too! For Lawyers…

    Wondering if HE pays HIS “Fair Share”

  62. And just a thought – I wonder how all of O’s Bro’s in the NBA feel about him wanting mo’ of THEIR Money too…

    Everyone always talks about the “Small Business Man” and the CEO’s and not the multi-millionaire stupid jack-ass sports stars who are always getting put in jail, picked up for drugs, or shooting off guns in bars.

    Oh, I forgot. They hire folks too. Mainly Bodyguards. But hey – they’re creating jobs. (Shrug)

  63. Yep. All credit to the person who put together the remix.

  64. Upps, let’s hope then that he gets a Carter-sized drubbing, thumpin’, and shellacking in the general elections.

  65. Lorac said: “I’m so old I can barely REMEMBER what I read when I was a kid – so THERE!”

    FF says “I’m so old I can barely REMEMBER all the drugs I did to make me forget what I read when I was a kid – so THERE!”

    (except, of course, almost anything by A A Milne I could quote by heart. Funny, that.)

  66. I still say feed him to the dogs.

  67. lorac is so old she farts dust.

  68. Wow, socal…is Laker going to see the six precursor movies before he sees this new one? The eighth movie only makes complete sense if one has seen the priors, so to speak. In order to make up for your failure to encourage him to take up the HP-addiction, you are hereby sentenced to buy him a complete box set of all the HP movies out on DVD.

  69. The disgusting Michael Vick just got a Nike contract.

  70. Now Beata’s going to say she does archival dust.

  71. Thanks NES! I’ll have her scanning ebay tonight! I’m glad to have you for my lawyer. Also, I really want to go back to San Francisco. We only spent a day there last Dec. It looks really cool.

  72. Awwwwwwwwwww…… this website has the first interview post-first-movie of Hermoine – she’s so ADORABLE! The interviewer is off camera, but his voice suggests he’s a mature male – and she says to him, “I don’t know if you’ve heard of Oliver Twist, or Little Orphan Annie, but….” So cute lol

  73. Wait – how old is Laker now? Emma is 21, maybe Laker is just a couple years less? They’d make a cute couple!

  74. I wonder if the actor who played Harry had that drinking problem when he did that stage show in which he had full frontal nudity lol

  75. I haven’t watched part one yet, maybe I should do that tonight. It’s in my computer. Maybe I should first watch the first one again, though, for the stark contrast in development. I love character development (I love movies, but plays are my favorite – good character development in those usually) both on screen and off. It’s fun to have seen these kids mature. And I always suspected that if Neville lost that weight, he’d be a looker. Poor Ron – he’s kind of like the middle child – I wonder if he is developing any complexes having to play the one of the trilogy who is just sort of along for the ride….

    I haven’t read any of the books. I plan to buy them and do just that!

  76. UW – if you’re still around – what did I do wrong with scheduling the post? I thought I scheduled it for 5 this morning, same as I always do. Could you tell what I must have done differently?

  77. Oh. I’m talking to myself. lol

  78. Hey Lorac!

  79. Hey DE, hey lorac!

  80. So, what are people’s thoughts on this: If the magical world was at peace for an extended period of time, and the characters went to college, what do you think each one would pursue (if the characters could pursue the same choices we can)?

    (and I trust NO ONE on THIS site would dare say that Hermoine should go to school for dress design, or anything like that – not for our brillirant and hardworking Hermoine! Maybe she could go to law school, and become a judge. OR maybe she could develop the military defense systems that would keep the bad guys out of Hogwarts forever. OR maybe she go into human rights work, and get rid of the discrimination against muggles!)

    Anyone else have any ideas for Hermoine, Ron, or Harry? Snapes, no, because he’ll have no more career, NES is going to abscond with him and keep him captive in her basement for just the right moments….

  81. Hi DE and imust!!!!!!

  82. imust you said some funny stuff up above, I have to go back up to find it!

    DE – your wife Angie – what is her posting name? I think now it’s not angieNC – I thought it was because I saw the name Angie in it, but then I saw another person with just the name Angi or Angie – then I realized I probably told the wrong person that her husband has great hands. Hope I didn’t start a fight back in that other Angie’s home lol

  83. then I realized I probably told the wrong person that her husband has great hands. Hope I didn’t start a fight back in that other Angie’s home lol


  84. I followed the link to the joke Obama told that no one laughed at….. maybe they need to bring a snare drum and a cymbal to announce the joke like they did in Vaudeville…..

    “Back in the 80’s, Richard was also a five-time Jeopardy champion and a semi-finalist in the Tournament of Champions. Not too shabby,” President Obama said as he announced the nomination of Richard Cordray to run the consumer bureau on Monday.

    “That’s why all his confirmation — all the answers at his confirmation hearings will be in a form of a question,” Obama said to silence.

    “That’s a joke,” he reminded the audience.

  85. imust – does that mean there ARE two Angies who post here? I know I screwed it up!

    Oh, man, she went home and cornered her husband, “how come lorac knows what “nice hands” you have, huh? You been going around touching women, giving free back massages, patting a few rear ends….? You’re sleeping in the doghouse TONIGHT, buddy boy!!!”

  86. I don’t know if DE’s Angi comments here or not. I know she used to comment on his site once in awhile. LOL at your imag

  87. then I realized I probably told the wrong person that her husband has great hands. Hope I didn’t start a fight back in that other Angie’s home lol

    To quote madamab: Jesu Christe!!!

  88. HT
    Murder on the Orient Express is the first time I remember Maggie making an impression (I was about 12) and that is saying something given that large cast – but perhaps it was becuase I was familiar with everyone else and concentrated on her charachter. Although I always loved old British films (I watched these and Perry Mason reruns as a preschooler rather than cartoons), I had not really seen her in anything prior to that movie. Rickman made an impression from his first moment on the little tv screen. He was even more mesmerizing on stage. One can have such fun with the HP movies as the cast includes a wide variety of actors.

    Yes, JK was fawning over BO from the get go. Here in koolaid central it was considered a major coup. I was not surprised and it was not unexpected but I thought she went way over the top – especially since she does not have to live with the consequences.

    I cannot answer your questions but at least you know someone is listening.

  89. I love Murder on the Orient Express. laker likes Agatha movies also. Also Alan Rickman. Loooove that voice. Loved him in Dense & Densibility.

  90. De nada, laker. And, excellent on wanting to visit SF again.

  91. Maybe so, lorac. But, laker can’t marry her if she insists on a pre-nup.

  92. lorac, I’m shocked you haven’t read the books. They’re immensely good. Get to it!

  93. lol NES. Always the attorney, working to protect her client!

  94. I would have to be highly skilled in the art of seance to communicate with Snape.

  95. Yes, I need to get them!

  96. lorac, angi is definitely not angienc. angienc is a lawyer and used to be best buddies with myiq2xu. DE’s best buddy Angi is too busy being incredibly creative.

    Mt Laurel, I loved Perry Mason! My favorite tv show growing up. Rickman – well he’s just too amazing.

    socal, there are episodes of Poirot starring the amazing David Suchet on youtube, in case laker is interested. Also episodes of Miss Marple with the various marvelous ladies.

  97. Oh, I could only accept ONE Miss Marple!

  98. lorac, which one? Margaret Rutherford or Joan Dickson? I’m a Dickson fan myself, but there are many Rutherford afficiendos out there. Dickson in A Caribbean Mystery (where she met the Jason Rafiel who set her up for Nemesis) absolutely brilliant.

  99. Sorry, that should be Joan Hickson, not Dickson. I’m getting senile in my old age (redundancy there).

  100. Whoa socal…Dense and Densibility!!
    Do you have license to insult Ms. Austen?

  101. Don’t be silly. I’ve read everything of Austens. Thats just hubbies pet name for that movie, which I love.

  102. In response to your request, lorac,for speculation on what the kids would study if they attended a muggle university:

    Ron — Whatever jocks take.

    Harry — Psychology or Philosophy

    Hermione — Physics or Mathematics

  103. Relieved to hear that, socal. (Please give hubby a (playful, but form) slap from all Austen fans.)

    Rowling’s favorite author? None other than Ms. Austen herself.

  104. Hubbie didn’t make it up btw, it was a Saturday Night Live skit in the 90s.

  105. HT – we’re opposite on this! I like Margaret Rutherford 🙂 (but I’ve never seen the other)

  106. Ha! Well then, hubby’s forgiven.

  107. NES, thanks for looking out for my interests again. (the prenup) Sounds good. She’s cute, she’s rich, and she can buy me booze!

  108. Quiz for all Uppityites: If UW were a HP fan, which character would she like best (not limited to the trio of protagonists)?

    I’m guessing Dumbledore.

  109. And lorac, thanks for thinking of me for Emma. I like the idea of having a witch for a gf. Probably.

  110. I’m guessing Hermione. She’s smart independent and bossy. I saw some of the first one and the last one, and that’s what I remember.

  111. Am I gonna get in trouble for that?

  112. De nada again, laker dude. All in a day’s work.
    Quite right on what Hermione can expect to give you — anything else will cost her additional bucks.

  113. HT, we have watched some of the David Suchet Poirots. Laker is a Brit fan, loves everything british. He like one with Peter Ustinov as Poirot, can’t remember the title.

  114. Trouble?? Not with your lawyer, dude. Hermione is a “witch” — in fact, in Sirius’ words, “the cleverest witch of her age!” As you know, the term was used in the Middle Ages to denigrate, punish and/or dispose of women who were feared by men because of their intelligence, knowledge or skills. It’s a term long in need of rehabilitation. (Incidentally, we have plenty of witches in Marin County should you want to meet one on your next visit to the Bay Area.)

  115. socal, Ustinov was Poirot in Evil Under the Sun. Death on the Nile, Murder in three acts. He was good but not nearly as good as Suchet. Ustinov was brilliant in movies about Roman times – Spartacus, Quo Vadis etc. Suchet is the quintessential Poirot.

    lorac, Joan Hickson was chosen by Agatha Christie herself. Some of her stuff is on youtube – check it out. I like Rutherford, and I like Geraldine McEwan and Julie MacKenzie, but the one true Miss Marple was Joan HIckson. Sadly she has died. BTW, not sure who decided that Jennifer Garner would be a good choice for the next hollywoodized Miss Marple, however – pshaw.

    Laker, you are one very precious person. I hope you realize that. If you have any questions about brit stuff, feel free to ask – I’m also a fan.

  116. We have several wiccans right here in Uppityville. They have cats! Love me those wiccans, let me tell you. They have a respect for the earth, life and other living things. Something usually expected from others who criticize them, also known, or at least calling themselves, Christians. Seriously.

  117. Yes, laker, maybe UW would like Hermione best. Well-reasoned.
    I’m still going with Dumbledore though — he’s the guide, the wise mentor, the literary ‘god’-figure trying to shape minds and events. And, our Upps is, well, not unfamiliar with these traits.

  118. Wait, wait, laker, you meant you might get “in trouble” with UW; right? Never fear! Our Upps is, above all things, honest: she won’t contest that she (like H) is “smart, bossy, and independent”; in fact, I reckon she’ll embrace it.

  119. HT, we saw the first two Ustinov/Poirot movies you mentioned. To laker though, he will always be Blackbeards Ghost, or Bluh-bluh, as he called him when he was a baby. Agree that Suchet is a better Poirot. What did you think of Albert Finney in Orient Express, btw?

    When I saw that about Jennifer Garner being cast as Miss Marple, I thought, wtf?

  120. NES, yes, I think he meant get in trouble with Upps about the “bossy” description. He likes strong women though!

  121. Well, I know whom she would NOT want to be – one of those little banker/mole kind of short people – can’t remember what they were called. They were yukky! Maybe they were just in one of the earlier movies…? They went to get money, it was Dumbledore and Harry, it was on that strip of wizard shops.

  122. I think Emma/Hermoine would be a good match with him. She’d make sure he studied hard in college. If she caught him with a drink before he turned 21, she’d say, “Laker! You could get in trouble with the police. Or worse – expelled!!!!!” If he didn’t listen, she might just have to throw a “stupefy!” wand command at him! lol

  123. And Emma has probably been so busy with the movies she’s been making. Laker could show her lots of stuff she has missed, the music concerts, etc. And he could educate her on all the “old bands” that he’s learned about due to socal’s tutelage. She’d be impressed he doesn’t just know the new stuff, but also knows all the old bands, too!

  124. I love you Uppityites.

  125. …. and Ron AND Harry would be SO jealous of Laker!

  126. I’m fascinated by the idea of someone putting a spell on me. Sounds exciting.

  127. I bet it WOULD be, Laker 🙂

  128. The Carter/bo vid is excellent. Carter was at least original.

    Obots: Toss the bum out. For the love of God.

  129. Actors say “drama is easy comedy is hard”. Someone with cloddish timing who can not remember his lines would never be good with comedy. Obama shouldn’t try it and if he insists, then he needs better writers.
    You know who is good with comedy? Hillary Clinton is good with comedy, but Al Gore kills. He has the best timing and sense of humor and he doesn’t use gag writers.

    The first career I thought of for Hermione was teaching. I think she would study education and become a teacher. Then eventually she would be headmaster at Hogwarts.
    HP would be a psychiatrist because he needs one. Ron, Gym teacher so he could be near his wife.
    I predict Ginny, after years of marriage, decides she likes girls and becomes a very happy business owner of some sort and throws great parties for artists and poets. She and Harry share the children and are best friends because he finally comes out too.

    I fell in love with Rickman in Dense and Densibility. He is so attractive, but then I think John Malcovich is incredibly sexy. So, I am not sure most women would agree with me. That’s fine.

  130. oh and obots: this is what a doer looks like:

    Hillary is running all over – backwards and in high heels comes to mind.

  131. teresa, yes, HRC is very funny and it is so natural. She gets that twinkle in her eye and that little good-smirky grin before she delicately lets out a well crafted one liner.

    Al, not so much.

  132. my favorite character is the blond… I think her name is Lorna? She cracks me up, she is also an empath which is very familiar to me. It’s a painful “gift”, which she practices with grace. And of course any character that Emma Thompson plays is fun.

  133. I have my Hillary pom-poms and cheerleading bullhorn ready today!

    I was just looking at Hillary poll approval ratings and came across this on the Crooks and Liars archives from last May by Susie Madrak :

    As someone who backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries, I’d like to remind readers of some of the reasons progressive activists gave as “why we simply can’t have Hillary as President.”

    “Everyone hates her.” (That’s probably why she’s so popular.)

    “She has no foreign policy experience.” (I suppose that’s why Obama named her Secretary of State.)

    “She’s a corporatist from the DLC wing of the party.” (Hmm, I’d call that one a wash, considering we instead elected the man who hired Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.)

    “The right wing will go after her, and the country can’t take another eight years of that.” (This is the one that really makes me laugh. When will Democrats learn it simply doesn’t matter who we nominate? Anyone we support will get the same treatment.)

  134. Read the comments on Susie’s post

    Koolaid is a helluva drug

  135. myiq, yep, the left and right cliff jumpers love to demonize her and wimmenz as a group for that matter.

    I’ve been getting those cartoons in “forwards” lately about Bachmann. The kind I got for Hillary in ’08 and S**** P**** since she appeared on the scene. The kind of cartoons that demean the candidate as an airhead bimbo haus frau who has no place in any political position and should be home making cookies and ironing shirts. I can see how regressive these cartoonists and comedians are, how come the obots that send them to me can’t see it? They all think they are so hip and kewl and righteous by sending these awful jokes around. Nearly every single joke is on them since they are entirely inaccurate depictions of events and are not at all funny or clever.

    They take cheap shots at wimmenz.

    Hillary in 2012 (bill the cat for vp)

  136. socal, Albert Finney was over the top in Murder on the Orient Express, which was hard to digest because everyone else was so good. If you get the chance, watch David Suchet in Murder on the Orient Express (came out earlier this year) and compare the two – Suchet hands down.
    Teresa, agree about Rickman (of course) and Malkovich – sexy beasts, but then I think Ben Kingsley, Enrico Colantonio, Peter Coyote et al are hunks.

  137. OT- THIS is being held in a juvie facility??? He is 17 and accused of killing BOTH parents – and then having a party with 60 FB friends????
    “WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A 17-year-old boy is accused of bludgeoning his parents with a hammer, then hosting dozens of friends for a party while their bodies lay in the bedroom, police said Monday.

    Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie is charged with twin counts of first-degree murder in the deaths, which authorities say happened Saturday. He is being held without bond at a juvenile detention center in Fort Pierce and it’s not immediately known whether he has an attorney.”

  138. Lorac, those fellas are goblins; they run Gringotts, the bank of the magical world. They’re pretty key to the plot in the last book.

  139. Hillary in 2012 (bill the cat for vp)
    sounds like a winner!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  140. Like the Harry-Ginny coming out story, teresa. If there were any justice in the world, Ginny and Hermione would’ve wed. (The Ron-Hermione pairing always seemed unpersuasive.)

  141. Teresa, that’s Luna Lovegood.

  142. Hilarious that it took a blog piece on Harry Potter to unlock HT’s lusting heart. (Proof positive that Snape is a powerful wizard.)

  143. Snape! (Shudder) Blech. Gave me the creeps in the book- and the actor about sent me running from the room- he is aptly cast for the head of Slitherin House imo.

  144. Ginny Hermione, love it NES

    MyIQ, I went to crooks and liars but could not read the comments. They would just piss me off and since it is so long ago I can’t even argue with them.

  145. A good piece:,0,388623.column

    Now keep in mind that tax hikes (or what the administration calls “revenue increases”) are Obama’s idee fixe. He campaigned on raising taxes for millionaires and billionaires (defined in the small print as people making more than $200,000 a year or couples making $250,000).

    During a primary debate, he was asked by ABC’s Charles Gibson if he would raise the capital gains tax even if he knew that cutting it would generate more revenue for the government. The non-ideologue responded that raising the tax, even if doing so would lower revenue, might be warranted out of “fairness.” As he said to Joe the Plumber, things are better when you “spread the wealth around.”

    Earlier last week, referring to the fact that he is rich, the president said: “I do not want, and I will not accept, a deal in which I am asked to do nothing. In fact, I’m able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that I don’t need.”

    Leaving aside the fact that the man lives in public housing and has a government jet at his disposal — so his definition of “need” might be a bit out of whack — what is pragmatic about this position?

  146. Hey Mom, what if we stuck Snape on a horse and gave him a beard?

  147. NES, in answer to your inquiry, yes I would say that Albus Dumbledore of the mentor type might just be in me, especially given the authors assessment of him, which is, among other things,
    Dumbledore regrets “that he has always had to be the one who knew, and who had the burden of knowing. And he would rather not know”.

    But in truth, as literature goes, I guess I’m just a Gulliver’s Travels and Tolkien kind of gal.

  148. NES- nope, sorry, the guy just is creepy snaky looking. And his hair is always greasy.

  149. MOM, that POS is 17 and he’ll be 18+ when he’s tried and then they will give the little bastard the needle.

  150. Uppity- One can always hope. That is one psycho kid.

  151. Fair enough on Tolkein and Swift, Upps. One has one’s literary preferences Tolkein’s Ring series is more complex and on a grander scale than HP, although, obviously, both share major themes. Swift’s Travels is a work of satirical genius, although it, too, is about a young man’s alchemizing journey.

    Knew you’d be most simpatico with Albus Dumbledore!

  152. Does seem odd that one kid could kill two parents in the presence of one another…with a hammer. Just saying.

  153. I always had a soft spot for Snape because of what he endured as a child. He was bullied for being different and he turned out to be a bit of a hero in the end didn’t he?
    PMM, if you have not seen Sense and Sensibility rent it. I dare you not to fall in love with Rickman.

    HT we have the same taste in men. I also fell for Ben Kingsley, not so much in Gandhi as in “Schindler’s List”. Part of my attraction for these men has to do with them being really brilliant actors who do a high-wire act between acting and being. I saw Malkovich on stage in “Burn This” (at least 26 years ago) and I swear every woman and most of the men in the audience would ha years ago)ve done him right on stage if invited. There was a scene where Joan Allen walks in to the bedroom and leaves the door half open, he waits for a few second and then follows her.. … Oh My!
    Then the last two entries in the difficult men I fall for, Richard Dreyfus and William Hurt.
    The men in my real life have always been equally challenging. I have come to accept that about myself and I have stopped looking for steady nice guys.

  154. oh jeez, if someone can make sense out of that last comment and wants to fix it I would be grateful.

  155. I wondered that myself Uppity- two dead with a hammer? Done in their sleep? Why would one not try to defend the other if they were awake?

  156. Finally, a biz guy has the guts to say it:

    And I’m saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime. And I can prove it and I could spend the next 3 hours giving you examples of all of us in this market place that are frightened to death about all the new regulations, our healthcare costs escalate, regulations coming from left and right. A President that seems, that keeps using that word redistribution. Well, my customers and the companies that provide the vitality for the hospitality and restaurant industry, in the United States of America, they are frightened of this administration.And it makes you slow down and not invest your money. Everybody complains about how much money is on the side in America.
    You bet and until we change the tempo and the conversation from Washington, it’s not going to change. And those of us who have business opportunities and the capital to do it are going to sit in fear of the President. And a lot of people don’t want to say that. They’ll say, God, don’t be attacking Obama. Well, this is Obama’s deal and it’s Obama that’s responsible for this fear in America.

    Read more:

  157. NES – I haven’t indulged my lustful heart for 21 years, yet I still feel stirrings. Alan Rickman – mmmmmm David Warner, double mmmmmm. Odd that although I’m older now, I always related more to character actors. Cruise leaves me cold – now and twenty years ago. Bogart was a character actor before the studio realized they had a winner. Unfortunately today’s studios only count money and don’t look to the future. And it’s not just male stars that stir my lustiness, however my female list would be as odd as the male one. Emma Thompson, Natasha Richardson (RIP), Holly Hunter, Renee Russo, Michele Pfieffer. Which reminds me, Liam Neeson – hmmmmmmm.
    I do think that Emma will plow through the bad stuff associated with Potter (the nutso fans) and will go on to great things. She’s quite a unique individual. Harry – Daniel Radcliff – I’m not so sure about. He seems to have been entranced by the celebrity sickness. Ron – is already working in solid dramas in the UK. He’s a respected actor.

  158. teresa- I have seen photos of this Rickman guy and he does nothing for me at all. Sean Connery? Oh YEAH! The guy who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings! YES!
    The Tom Hanks and Snapes types do nothing for me at all.

  159. Unfortunately Mom, Sean baby is a woman abuser.

  160. Ah yes Uppity- I found that out and my heart broke. That is one guy that just kept getting better looking the older he got. The accent was very sexy as well.

  161. Luna, yes that is her. I would have been her when I was a kid.

    OT.. can I just say that not having air conditioning in Pa is getting to be more and more difficult. I HATE this effing humidity. What is worse is that I have no place to swim. Our pond has a leak so it is real low and full of weeds etc… I am going to go down and jump in the Susquehanna river, which is not clean, and Al Will have a fit. I am a fire sign. I crave water, to be in, to be near, to hear, to be on and Al doesn’t get it.

    Oh that reminds me. I have decided that I am going to sky dive in September. I plan on being at my goal weight (have lost a LOT since December) and that will be my celebration. It is expensive but I think I am going to love it. Has anyone here ever done it and what was your first time like.

  162. Uppity- I thought you were going North to relax? lol
    And is Big Dawg doing a “double dog dare you”?
    “That’s much stronger language than anything we’ve heard from the sitting president during the grinding debate over whether and how the debt ceiling can be raised. Some legal thinkers–including, quite clearly, Clinton himself–take the view that the Constitution grants the president the authority to raise the limit by executive order without Congress’s approval. The Fourteenth Amendment states: “the validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned.”

    “I think the Constitution is clear,” Clinton said. ”

    Constitution? Barky hates that old outdated thing!

  163. Mom, as Uppity pointed out, Sean has a history of beating up his wives and girlfriends. He’s not a nice man. I haven’t watched a film with him, nor with Mel Gibson in years. There is no way I would contribute to either one of them making more money – slime bucket scum sucking pigs.

    WRT to Rickman, I think you have to see him in many movies to appreciate his appeal – much like Gorden Pinsent. Watch that man in Away From Her and tell me he doesn’t have sex appeal.

  164. Ah- and Big Dawg? Definitely sexy! better looking now than 20 yrs ago- though I wish he would put back just a few of the pounds he lost

  165. You guys can have Rickman. He just has no appeal for me whatsoever.
    I have not gone to a movie with Sean Connery in it since I found out. Still- to me he is handsome.
    Guess I like a more rugged type. Rickman is just- blah imo. You all can have him as he does not appeal to me in the slightest.

  166. Guess we have radically different ideas of what is handsome- as Pinsent also has no appeal to me.

  167. Great post and fun comments!

    I thought you might enjoy seeing what a male feminist looks like:

    “Despite representing 51% of the country, women account for just 16.6% of Congress — 17 of the 100 seats in the Senate, 72 of the 435 seats in the House. When President Obama had his “Big 8” meeting to talk debt ceiling a couple of weeks ago, there was only one woman present, Nancy Pelosi.

    “Now I don’t claim to be a great mathematician, but that just seems off to me.”


  168. djmm – same old, same old. If these aholes had any idea of what they are unleashing, they wouldn’t be so complacent. Women are over 51% of the entire world. So far, men have had it all their way. Women have been reluctant to put their power into action. It’s time, and I hope all women feel the same. It’s time.

    Mom, we’ll agree to disagree. I see nothing in Connery, but in Washington – he’s different. I also was interested in Sam Elliot – that voice hmmmm

  169. This thread is getting creepy.

    LOL – just sayin’

    I’ll go back to work now. And I know, I know – If I want something different – I should just post it – right?

    As I said, back to work.

    Carry on!

  170. FF, sorry if I’ve been out of line – many apologies. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Time for me to retire for awhile.

  171. djmm- great link! Loved this!
    “Women use both sides of their brain more effectively and thus are naturally hardwired to be better communicators, more creative problem solvers and in moments of stress, less likely to walk out of meetings — debt-ceiling variety and others — than men.
    “Furthermore, testosterone not only prompts a fight-or-flight response to stress, it suppresses oxytocin, the hormone that encourages bonding and positive social behavior.

    So while culturally people like to cast women as mentally weak and unable to control their emotions — supposedly making them bad leaders — the science suggests we really don’t know if Eric Cantor and President Obama abruptly left their respective tense budget meetings as a negotiating tactic or if they simply couldn’t control their hormones.”

    Finally some push back on the “periodically down” BS!

  172. Ha! PMM, good one! Obama was feeling “hormonal”!

    Okay, as the official blog PIE Tzar imustreport!
    Did you all hear about Rupert Murdoch being “PIED” at the hearings??

  173. imust! Saw blurb and knew you would give us “the scoop”- do tell all! Is there video? I heard his wife defended him from a pie wielding assailant?
    (You Do have an alibi no?)

  174. What kind of pie was it? Was it a whipped cream on a pie tin fake one or was it a real deep dish fruity crusty sugary delightful concoction?

    If the latter, what a waste of great food.

  175. The R’s rework the 3am phone call ad- gee whillickers- hmm- who would this be targeted to? and do they really think I am that dumb?

  176. imust, don’t answer that alibi question!

  177. A 17-year-old boy is accused of bludgeoning his parents with a hammer, then hosting dozens of friends for a party while their bodies lay in the bedroom, police said Monday.

    What, no sympathy for an orphan?

  178. Aww c’mon, FF. Party-pooper! I was just getting ready to ask if anyone was up for (the #2 BadBoy of the series) Lucius Malfoy….

    Don’t retire, HT. If the gay girls (not to mention, Aunt Upps herself) can periodically pant about Sophie Hawkins and Melissa Etheridge, surely you straight girls can have a swoon over the guys now and then.

  179. Winner snark, myiq!

  180. But, PMM, it’s a clever re-work of the 3 a.m. ad. What’s your objection to it?

  181. Ahhh…the Brits — always more passionate than their Transatlantic Cousins about public affairs:

    (Two good vid. clips embedded in the article.)

  182. NES is right, HT – and why did you believe I was singling you out?! I wasn’t targeting ANYONE!

    Truth be known, I have a whole list of Hot Men of Hollywood in my closet too.

    As I said, carry on!

  183. NES- Oh yes- it is very clever- no doubt about that. If I recall correctly- the original was a Hillary ad. Hillary voters did NOT vote for the fraud because “he spoke so beautifully”. So are they aiming the ad at US- the Hillary supporters? Or at disillusioned Obama voters?
    We (Hillary voters) new Obama was a fraud- and would be writing a “blank check” to his handlers. The time to have taken that away was in Denver.

  184. I think the Repubican ad is taking a pot shot at Hillary (que surprised?) while aiming at Obama. It’s a 2-fer! Theymustbesoproud.

  185. The PIEing of Rupert…..karen you can rest easy, it was a shaving cream pie on a paper plate. The PIEr was a comedian named Johnnie Marbles.

  186. Doncha love how Murdoh’s wife (in the pink) jumped up and smacked the PIEr?

  187. Here’s Anita Bryant getting “pied”

  188. I’m not seeing that potshot at Hillary. Maybe I’ll watch it again.

  189. The potshot is subtle NES. By making the reference to the 3am call they are subtly mocking it.

  190. PMM, the original was a Hillary ad (about a 3 AM national security emergency), but so what? In fact, imitation is the highest form of flattery.
    I think the targeted audience are the Obot women — not unlike the young mother in this ad. Sorry to say, most Obot women did vote for Obama because “he spoke so beautifully.” I don’t forgive women for that nonsense – – it’s precisely that kind of gender-traitor conduct that made me then (and still tempts me now, whenever I recall it) want to throw my gender under the bus. What good are women if they bloody well can’t unite behind an amazing female candidate for president?!!?

  191. Gotta love that Chinese (young, second) wife of his, imust. (Maybe she’s Chinese-American, but I seem to recall that she was born in Taiwan, or something.) In any event, she clearly doesn’t take any shite. Go babe!

  192. imust, I don’t know if I agree with that. I think the Reeps would rather have Hillary than BO as president, in a heartbeat. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Hillary’s 3 a.m. ad has historic antecedents too; i.e., I don’t think the basic format, message and/or gestalt of that ad originated with her. (If I’m wrong on that point I know the blog-ferret will catch me out.)

  193. NES- point taken. Flattery or not though- they are doing exactly what bammy did- copying off Hillary’s hard work- and to bring it back to the post here lol- just like the boys in HP were always trying to do to Hermione.
    Can none of them come up with an original thought?
    never mind…..

  194. NES, are you thinking of this?:

    But perhaps its closest cousin is the 1984 “red phone” ad that Walter Mondale ran against his primary opponent Gary Hart: “The most awesome, powerful responsibility in the world lies in the hand that picks up this phone. The idea of an unsure, unsteady, untested hand is something to really think about.” That ad was made by media adviser Roy Spence, who now works for the Clinton campaign.

  195. Not sure of the history on the 3 am ads- Hillary’s was the first I remember. As far as the R’s wanting Hillary instead of the fraud- hmm. Interesting thought. There was that Dem for a day stuff- which I believe Limbaugh started and then bammy used in PA. Would they prefer Hillary because she could actually get some work done? Or because in their tiny little minds it would be easier to beat a woman than the most historic prez ever to cheat his way into 1600?

  196. Here’s another very on-point thing that Wynn said about Obama:

    The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don’t invest, their holding too much money. We haven’t heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. Everybody’s afraid of the government and there’s no need soft peddling it, it’s the truth. It is the truth. And that’s true of Democratic businessman and Republican businessman, and I am a Democratic businessman and I support Harry Reid. I support Democrats and Republicans. And I’m telling you that the business community in this company is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States. And until he’s gone, everybody’s going to be sitting on their thumbs.

    I know most of you here think Obama’s is just a rank opportunist (with no paticular ideology beyond me-my-I-mine) or even a secret Reep. But, I actually think he’s a statist-socialist at heart, who managed to fool people into thinking he was a moderate in the American mold. There’s nothing American about his idee fixe on the notion of ‘redistributive justice.’ It’s a radical concept in American politics and should be on the dustbin of history (having failed whereever it was applied, worldwide), not touted as a goal by our WH.

  197. Here’s Mondale’s Red Phone ad (excuse the commerical at the beg)

  198. Thanks FF, that makes me feel better. I would absolutely hate being the cause of any discomfort to you or any other Uppityite.

    Re Anita Bryant – while I don’t agree with Pie-ing, she is one person who absolutely deserved it. What a miserable excuse for a Christian that woman is, and I could never figure out why – was her husband a closeted gay, is she a closeted gay – what is her problem?

    As far as Murdoch is concerned, he made his bed, may he rot in hades it it. He’s an evil sumbitch who only cares about money and power. Sadly, I’m glad that he’s finally in the hot seat. I’d just like to see some of his minions sharing the heat – like Ailes and O’reilly et al.

  199. I can’t agree with you NES. Exhibit 1.) NO public option even considered (really) let alone single payer or a nationalized system. And that’s just one example.

  200. I’m not saying they would’ve preferred her then, PMM; but, I do think they’d prefer her now because, unlike BO, she’s not a statist-socialist, a lazy incompetent, or an America-hater.

  201. Yes, I think that’s it, imust. Although, it is probably a cross between Mondale’s red-phone ad and the infamous Daisy ad (in its use of a child to evoke protective instincts).

  202. Mom, the R’s helped Barack get nominated. For starters, that slob rush had hs crazy sycophants voting in Democratic primaries. “Operation Chaos”. That POS Hannity had his “Stop Hillary Movement. They preferred barack beause they thought he would be easier to beat, probably because he was black, in their minds. How well did that work out for you, you assholes? The truth is any Democrat could have beaten them after the dismal 8 years of their rule–which ended in a crippling crash.

    And now they all deserve to regret it. As for the 3AM ad, it probably is a double slam…….”just in case”. Don’t kid yourselves. Like the Democrats, the Republicans don’t give a shit who is president, as long as the creature has an “R” after its name. Let Hillary run and you’ll see how quick they shelve their fake respect of women they are sporting lately.

    Mom, we are leaving, probably thursday. We’re getting some outside house projects done. Summer is short and we don’t have the luxury of putting things off. But it’s so damned humid today I just couldn’t stand it out there any longer.

  203. As for that shitbag Murdock, whatever he gets he deserves. I only wish the same would happen to that other POS Soros, so that these slimeballs would stop controlling the world and the message — and ruining my country in the process.

  204. I know most of you here think Obama’s is just a rank opportunist (with no paticular ideology beyond me-my-I-mine) or even a secret Reep. But, I actually think he’s a statist-socialist at heart, who managed to fool people into thinking he was a moderate in the American mold.

    That is sad and disturbing when you think about it – Obama’s been POTUS for 2 1/2 years and people can’t agree on where he stands ideologically. He’s all over the map.

    Guys like Raygun and Dubya, you could hate ’em but you knew where they stood.

  205. myiq is right. It’s very unsettling not knowing where he stands on much of anything. He swears he will do one thing (“I will not sign a bill that doesn’t contain a public option”) and does another (“Public option isn’t really that important). He does this with every critical decision. You just never know what you are going to get from this creep. He reminds me of a toy top. Spin it and see where it stops. His word is worthless.

  206. Words?…..Just words???

  207. NES — I think you’re right the 3 Am ad is definitely aimed at disaffected Obot women. Did you see the family picture on the nightstand did not have a father in it? Just a single-female-headed household.

  208. Fembots, good catch on the nightstand photo. I had missed that.

  209. My crush: Colin Firth

    Oh, Mr. Darcy! What a big estate you have…

  210. I missed that about the nightstand photo also. I bet there’s a lot of subliminal stuff in these ads.

    Mom, the thing about Rickman isn’t his looks, its his voice.
    HT, we will watch that Orient Express. Speaking of English actors, Emma is married to Greg Wise, who plays the hunky n’er-do-well in Dense & Dbility. Handsome man. I also like Jeremy Northam, who was in the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma and a lot of other movies. Brits have great voices, mostly.

  211. Teresa, have never been skydiving. Always meant to, but never got around to it. Now I’m afraid I’m too old to land safely. Have you ever thought about parasailing? We love it–have gone several times. It feels like flying, and you’re over the water.

  212. Love Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley!

    “Badly done, Emma.”

  213. Re Obama and where he stands – I believe it was Imust who nailed him as “Shapeshifter”

    I couldn’t get that image out of my head all weekend while gardening.

    Very disturbing.

  214. From purported Light-Bringer to actual Shapeshifter. Another Historical First.

  215. Gillibrand not happy with Gen Y third wavers.

    None of those numbers sit well with Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand of New York, a Democrat who has now made it her mission to stand at the forefront of women’s issues in all aspects of life — from abortion to national security and economic concerns. “I have been very troubled” about the slowdown in women’s participation in public life, she told me, and that was why she introduced a national campaign, called Off the Sidelines, to fire them up.

  216. Sometimes the right really needs to read the full story.

    Law enforcement sources say the FBI has arrested an agent of Pakistan’s official state intelligence service, accusing him of making thousands of dollars in political contributions in the United States without disclosing his connections to the Pakistani government.

    Syed Ghulam Fai will appear in federal court this afternoon in Alexandria, Va. He’s not charged with being a spy. But he is charged with being an unregistered agent or lobbyist of the Pakistani government.

    He’s the exective director of a group called the Kashmiri American Council. …

    Fai’s largest contribution, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, was to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to which he gave $5,000
    in 2006 and $1,000 in 2008. He gave smaller sums more recently to the DSCC and the DNC, and has given $5,000 to Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), $250 to Barack Obama and $500 Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.).

    Yep you give $250 to obama and $5000 to the RNSC and you’re and Obama donor.

  217. imust — imustconcede that your Exh. 1 does significantly knock my thesis. I’ve long-pondered whether this is a seeming or actual inconsistency, but have come to no conclusion. My initial thoughts, in no particular order of significance are:

    A) He knew he couldn’t get a single-payor or serious public option through Congress when a significant portion of the Dem caucus was comprised of Blue Dogs.

    B) He was desperate and impatient — in his childish, one-uppsmanship-way — to succeed with healthcare reform where the Clintons had failed.

    C) His narcissism demands a fierce-urgency-of-now collection of ‘Historical First Evah’ labels, and healthcare reform was ‘low-hanging fruit’ in that regard.

    D) Obamacare allows him to put his hand deep inside the underwear pockets of the insurance industry, from whence he can squeeze their nuts them for unceasing and larger campaign contributions (classic crony-capitalism).

    E) He wants to use Obamacare to destroy the employer-based healthcare system by making healthcare too expensive for most employers to shoulder. Eventually, most employers will cancel their healthcare benefit programs, leaving their employees to the ravages of individual mandates, which, in turn, will increase public support for a single-payor system. (Too diabolical? Not for the Light-Bringer.)

  218. Beata, you’re quite the Jane Austen fan. I’m in awe. I’m also, however, compelled to urge you to give HP books a read. JK Rowling is a skilled practitioner of the Austenian technique of completely surprising the reader with plot-twist “B” when everything had been set up, plot-wise, to lead one to believe in plot-twist “A.” Part of it is the mypoia that the reader is made to adopt by being perched, like a camera, atop the head of the protagonist, seeing only what the protagonist, in his or her own shortsightedness and prejudices, is seeing. So, eg, in Emma, one views events and people only through Emma’s eyes, thereby being blindsided by the same twists and turns she is; with Potter, one does the same, and one is often floored when the truth about an event or character reveals itself.

  219. Wow FF, that’s quite the comment. And, quite incendiarily put. Thanks for sharing.
    Listen, I’m not that much of a libertarian, but I don’t view paying taxes as a virtue either. I do find offensive — extremely so — Obama’s suggestion that one needs to have one’s “additional income” taxed. Too many of the things the feds spend taxpayer money on are revolting or utterly wasteful, so one necessarily chafes at the idea of forking over even more.

  220. Perhaps Barkey is going dealing with the onset of menopause? Without the hot flashes or he would never be able to stand keeping the thermostat “high enough to grow orchids” as one white house worked was quoted.

  221. FF, you know, doncha, that you’re not supposed to think of Obama whilst gardening on the weekend. (At least not till you get to the composting part!)

  222. Hey UW here’s that Cat Treat Jar after it came out of the kiln today.
    Cat Treat jar

  223. Yes Mom, with Rickman its the voice and his acting choices. After Barchester, I actually like Galaxy Quest for a change in pace.

    I would second David Warner and would add Christopher Plummer. Always liked Plummer just because he seems so comfortable in his skin on screen and on stage. However, one Christmas I was watching the infamous Sound of Music while doing the holiday baking and it hit me – just why that movie was Soooooo popular with women. Something that of course went completely by me when I first saw in the theater as a very young child.

    Julie Andrews has some great anecdotes and one is that she was talking with a woman who went on and on about how wonderful that movie was and that she had seen the film X number of times (this was before tapes and dvds) and just as Julie is getting ready for the final compliment – the woman finishes up with “I just love a good Christopher Plummer picture”.

    Now in all fairness, either version of murder on the orient express has a diverse cast and lots of eye candy and some not too shabby acting so there is something for everyone.

  224. Gillibrand, didn’t she support Obama? I like her, but is she one of the Obama is a better feminist types? How about some of these brave women stand up for equal treatment and respect for all women even the republican variety?

    Beata, did you see “The King’s Speech”? I loved it and Firth was so wonderful, he always is. But my real motivation for seeing the movie was Jeffrey (Geoffrey?) Rush. He is one of those people who always draw me to see a movie.

    SoCal, I have not thought of para-sailing. That would be a consideration. It looks like fun. I do want the rush of doing something that challenges all of my fears.
    I am planning on a tandem jump, so I am not afraid of the landing. Well I am not afraid as long as the parachute opens.

  225. We have the Kings Speech here. Hopefully we can watch it tonite. Parasailing is completely awesome, I think you would love. At first its a big rush, then it feels calmer, but still high, like a good meditation, as you’re drifting over the water like a bird.

  226. DE, love your kitteh jar! All the people that I gave your pottery have told me how much they loved them. One of my friends has framed some of your cards. You gave me so many boxes of cards, that I included a box in with the vases. They really liked that.

  227. Mt.Laurel – Galaxy Quest – yeah! Rickman and Colantonio in the same movie! And Christopher Plummer – yes. Amazing man, amazing voice and oh so gosh darn funny. And I hesitate to mention William Shatner, but I love the guy.
    Here’s Plummer in an interview with one of the best interviewers in the business – George Strombolopoulos.

  228. NES, I pick B, C, and D. I don’t think he’s smart enough for A or E (I don’t believe in the 11th dimensional chess theory!). I think this “socialist” talk comes from being raised by communists and spending his young adult life around Rev. Wright, etc. He says what ever suits the moment; a pathological liar and yes, an opportunist. To Serve Obama, that is his motto. Narcissists are like that.

  229. Thanks Annie, and we’re glad you found a use for the cards. We’ve been giving away 2 to 3 boxes of notecards with every pottery purchase from Etsy. We had a friend buy a platter and I used 10 boxes as packing material.

  230. I almost hesitate to say this, but I think Obama is a racist and his socialism is only for a small group of people for whom he understandably thinks the world has been unfair. I am still of the notion that he isn’t anything in particular but that he blows with every wind. He hears or reads something that sounds good and so that becomes what he thinks. He’s a giant vacuum. I doubt he thinks there should be socialism for typical raycist white women who say things that make him cringe.

  231. When my two were small, I used to recite “I’ll love you forever” to them. I wonder what Obama heard. Both of mine would be considered socialists, in that they care about others and think that corporate oligopoly is obscene. I wonder what Obama thinks.
    There is nothing wrong with being a socialist. I’m one. If my taxes can be used to help others less fortunate than I then that is not a bad thing to me. If my taxes are used to help billion dollar corporations (including banks) avoid the bad decisions of their corporate officers – then I have a problem.

  232. teresa, Gillibrand was very much a Hillary person.

  233. That’s a fair interpretation, imust.
    I don’t believe in the eleventh-dimensional-chess theory either. But, I don’t think he’s just a silly narcissist (although a narcissist he surely is!).
    I think lorac needs to diagnose me. It may be that I’ve spent so much energy and so many years now hating (with FF-force) the guy, that I’ve become invested, somehow, in the idea of him being a worthy opponent (a danger to the polity). lorac, DIAGNOSE ME, s’il te plait!

  234. Here’s Geoffrey Rush in a movie I love – Lantana

  235. And here is my favorite song out of that movie – it starts at the 1 minute mark. This is the end of the movie, but if you have watched it, all the different scenes while the music is playing communicate to you. I just fell in love with this song, and I didn’t even know what they were saying. I got someone once to translate it – I’ll have to find where I wrote that! It’s sung by Celia Cruz, you know how most hispanics in the US are caucasian? (just don’t mention that to them, they don’t like it lol) Celia Cruz is a black hispanic – or was, I think she recently passed. Apparently in her country (Cuba…?), she was a huge star for many many years – maybe like Barbara Streisand here. But take a listen – see if you don’t think it’s so beautiful!

  236. He’s a narcissist who’s a “blank screen” that others project what they want to see. And he’s happy to oblige. The left saw “a light-bringer” “liberal progressive”….the right saw “socialist – easy to beat”….the middle saw, “a centrist” “a healer of the divisions in Washington”
    and corporate America saw $$$ puppet. And Obama saw ego feeding crowds, fame, perks and apparently a lot of golf in his future.

  237. NES, I just saw your last comment. Let me scroll up to get the context – let me scroll through your historical remarks to get the big picture here 🙂

  238. Alan Rickman:

  239. lorac, NES used the intimate familiar – te plait. You should be honored. It’s only used in very close personal relationships – otherwise it would be vous plait.

    imust, the more I see of OILSOC, the more he reminds me of David Hasselhoff – you know, that one hit wonder from Baywatch who is still hanging around.

  240. Ha! HT I can’t think of David Hasselhoff and not think of cheesburgers…and not in a good way!

  241. yes imust, we’re on the same wave-length

  242. Yes, Gillibrand and Hillary were friends well before the primaries. I don’t know where anyone would get that she was an Obot. Not by a long shot, bordering on ridulous. I could find dozens of photos of them together in NY having a good laugh. To me, Gillibrand, if she can break lose from the priggish and piggish patriarchy called the “New” Democratic Party, has a huge future. Voice lessons in order though. Gotta learn how that diaphragm works and lower that range.

    I most definitely would not throw Mr. Darcy out of my bedroom.

    NES, lorac wants to scroll all of you. She’s so J about us.

    As for Obama and socialism, I am pretty sure he is enamoured with the concept, just so long as he gets to be one of the privileged class that dispenses it.

    A JW almost lost her life today. Apparently these obnoxious pests must have lost the notes on my home and they showed up this morning, brazenly walking up the path to the front door. And since the front door was open, leaving them with a perfect view of my entrance and my dog, one of these two brazen obnoctos made the huge mistake of ringing the bell AND concurrently placing her hand on the outer door handle. There is now a dent in the screen and at least one, possibly two, religious nutcases had to change their underwear. How stupid can you be? Are these morons that desperate that they would handle the door of a homeowner with the family dog watching? As they scurried away, I was pleased to be able to say to them good and loudly, ‘You people just NEVER learn do you?”.

  243. Here’s Celia Cruz singing “I will survive” in spanish, with a few of her “friends” (including Gloria Estefan, Albita, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Los Tri-o, Victor Manvelle, Jose Felicianos, Rosario Flores, El Canario Jose Alberto, Alicia Villareal, Luis Enrique, Tito Nieves, Marc Anthony, Mili Quezada, Olga Tanon, La India, and the disco mother of the original – Gloria Gaynor!) Wow, they’re really having a good time up there!

  244. grrrrr….. the stray cat likes to swipe at my legs sometimes when I walk by…. he just put several runs in my nylons…..

  245. That’s quite a watch dog you have there Uppity! Did you see the video of the little chihuahua dog that attacked to robbers here in CA? Too funny! I’m just glad they didn’t shoot him!

  246. Here’s the story. He even chases them out the door and across the street!

  247. NES, after careful consideration and dedicated deliberation, we have reached a verdict. Would the personalities of the jury please rise and face the accused?

    Juror 1, Ms. lorac 1st – innocent
    Juror 2, Ms. lorac 2nd – innocent
    Juror 3, Ms. lorac 3rd – innocent
    Juror 4, Ms. lorac 4th – innocent
    Juror 5, Ms. lorac 5th – innocent
    Juror 6, Ms. lorac 6th – innocent
    Juror 7, Ms. lorac 7th – innocent
    Juror 8, Ms. lorac 8th – innocent
    Juror 9, Ms. lorac 9th – innocent
    Juror 10, Ms. lorac 10th – innocent
    Juror 11, Ms. lorac 11th – innocent
    Juror 12, Ms. lorac 12th – innocent!

    NES, we, the 12 personalities of lorac, hereby decree that you are innocent of needing any diagnosis!

  248. NES, I feel that imust is right on the money about that Fraud. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t dangerous. As you well know, he craves attention, and doesn’t appear to have any real principles, so a smooth talking flatterer can easily get his ear, and lead him to do grave damage to our country (already have!)

    I guess for me, my belief that he has no firm principles, in addition to what I strongly believe is his ignorance of and incuriousity about the workings of government, or the consequences of different decisions, make me feel that he is unlikely to intentionally cause great harm. But yes, I think he is ripe TO cause that great harm, because of other “qualities” of his personality.

    So I don’t think that your belief in his dangerousness and imust’s characterization of him are in disagreement or conflict….

  249. lorac, on July 19, 2011 at 9:58 PM said:

    grrrrr….. the stray cat likes to swipe at my legs sometimes when I walk by…. he just put several runs in my nylons…..

    You are wearing a DRESS?!?!?!

    Wow. (faint)

  250. lol sorry to disappoint, my love! I was wearing nylons with my dress slacks, but I had substituted shorts and a tank top the minute I got in the door – nylons were still on when the cat got me!

  251. Wow, thx Doc Lorac. (Check’s in the mail.)

  252. Get a nice tan, get a nice pedicure, wear open toe shoes and who needs nylons? Why wear them under pants? I thought nobody wore those anymore. lol. I hate those things.

  253. “but I had substituted shorts and a tank top the minute I got in the door”

    a common practice here too when I have been “Dressed” in something besides Artist’s working clothing.

    Usually it happens so fast, the neighbor’s probably get a glimpse before the door closes completely! My old GF told me she had never seen anyone get out of clothes so quickly in her life.

  254. perhaps I should rephrase that last line…

  255. Lorac, that ‘cat’ is FF’s patronus! Next time, take her in….

  256. Do we still get “lorac Wednesday” tomorrow?

  257. oooh FF you’re dancing with the devil elsewhere and you don’t even know it….. be careful….

  258. Sounds sexy, Lorac…..

    (or a warning about a long-running rant)

  259. Or perhaps I should ask “which one?”


    Tell me via email. I’ll read it with morning coffee. LOL

    Big Kiss Goodnight!

  260. lol ok! xxoo

  261. …and besides – I have a painting to do for you – so we need to ‘talk’ anyway.


  262. I suspect at breakfast tomorrow we’ll just be gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes…. 🙂

    you’ve got mail!

  263. imust, sorry, just saw your comment! Yes, I’m trying to eke out a few more creative juices right now!

  264. yay! lorac Wednesday lives!!!

    I was worried that in light of your current….um…uh…mood…perhaps you didn’t have a righteous rant in you!

  265. Would a PIE help?

  266. Jaysus, i thought I accidentally clicked on EHARMONY.COM.

  267. imust, before I hit the sack, I just wanted to say how much I love having you here. And don’t you EVER leave here again. There WILL be punishments.

  268. I agree – I was FORLORN when imust was gone. It’s so good she’s back home 🙂

  269. imust – maybe I have a righteous rant in me! But – I thought it was fun week? I was trying to think of FUN stuff (but not e-harmony stuff, UW lol)

  270. lorac — I’m with you 100% on this! Hermione is so far superior to Harry that I actually, by about book 4, was so sick to death of spoiled, lazy, stupid Harry that I only finished the series because I had started it (and my OCD will not allow me to just stop something like that in the middle — I *have* to finish it til the bitter end).

  271. regarding Gillibrand, must have her mistaken for someone else. And that is why I asked. =)

  272. angienc – isn’t that just the way everywhere? Women do the hard work, and the darn men get the credit!

  273. screeeeeetch!

    (sophie, I’m actually posting this while I am awake! But it’s only 1 am here lol)

  274. Where did angienc puppy icon go? Good to see you again angie, however I miss the bichon icon.

  275. awwww…..meez touched! Thanks guys. [shuffles feet]

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