Your open thread and Bill is watching.


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  1. Oh – UW, I was asking last night if anyone was doing something for today. I put some news snippets up for an open thread – why don’t you take mine down (I don’t knw how!)

  2. gawd I love this cat.

  3. UW – ok I think I successfully pulled out the open thread I had posted – I think it’s rescheduled for Saturday am for now. FF said she’d do something for tomorrow. Pull mine back out if there are already things for the weekend (I don’t know how to tell what’s scheduled!)

  4. Atlantis touches down for the last time, and now Obama can be the unrivaled “Inspirer” of the idiot guys who were so tripped out by his b s speeches and “America Sucks” tour… a creep who called harvesting inner city votes “Community Organizing” can be expected to have a fool’s take on a program that brought us virtually everything the o bats couldn’t live without. The internet, small phones with cameras, even the spray paint cans that makes their grafitti art such “cool” waste of worth…the “kids” now have the O and MO to inspire them. Have at it Earthbounders.

  5. SWPAnnA,
    But O said something vague about Mars. That should be enough to keep us thinking of ourselves as space explorers even if he didn’t mean it and won’t do anything about it, in fact will probably do all in his power to keep it from happening. After all, we have more important things to do like help support the Muslim Brohood.

  6. My friends cat telling her to “Keep your foot off the pedal before I introduce you to the five razors.”
    bills bff

  7. UW you have mail.


  9. The lead up is even more fun if you have the time

  10. He should have just asked, “where’s the tingle gone?” Great clips Anthony.

  11. Anthony, that WAS delicious!

  12. deadenders
    Your friend’s cat is beautiful with interesting markings.

  13. Two idiots in my opinion – Mathews and Walsh. And this silly feud between Wasserman-Shultz and Allen West is over the top too. To call her vile and dispicable is pretty personal. We need some grownups, please.

  14. All we ever hear anymore is BS from these people. WHY OH WHY can Chris Matthews not STFU long enough for Walsh to answer. I have a hard time figuring out if Walsh IS an idiot because he is steamrolled all the way by Matthews.

    How on earth did we get here? (Rhetorical, of course.)

    THIS is why I cancelled my Cable TeeVee. Why on earth would I PAY to see this? I can just go buy a bunch of talking dolls, pull all their strings all at once and listen to them whine for a lot less money.

    I really cannot stand this freak.

  15. FF, I cancelled my cable subscription too, and for the same reason.
    Matthews has become even more unbearable during the Obama presidency. Stupid self-appointed guardian of all that’s Obama.

  16. LOL NES! I did two things to “replace” TeeVee Access. I bought a Digital Antenna for $50.00. I get 42 Local TeeVee broadcasts ( A few in Spanish and a few Christian ones included) I have ALL THe networks, ALL the local network news, and a bunch of shows in the evening I never watched anyway. I can still get CNN online if I care.

    I also bought a “Roku”. About $75.00 and I had a $50 Wal-Mart gift card tye gave me for screwing something up. With the Roku, I can watch Netflix ($7.99 per month) right on my TeeVee as well as a BUNCH of other stuff – mostly for free. If I want to subscribe to other places (Like Amazon movies or something) I can.

    Between that and the internet – I need nothing more. Also, have an old big computer I have suped up and will be hooking up to the Digital TeeVee so I can have “the Internet” on my flatscreen.

    I still need to get a Digital Converter box for the office TeeVee, but that can wait (it’s not digital)

    So, for less than $125.00 total I did away with $52.00 additional per month for Cable Tee Vee. (I Still have to pay internet) And there is more than I will ever watch!

    Now – if the government would hurry up and supply me with Free Wi-Fi…..! (LOL)

  17. Gotta get back to work – BBL

  18. Wow FF, thx for the info on Roku — i hadn’t heard of it before, but will certainly look into getting it now.

  19. FF – right on. I got rid of cable 15 years ago – at that time I was paying $60 per month, however money wasn’t the issue – kids spending too much time watching tv was. Now I have reasonably educated adult children who never watch tv – although all three of us have a library of DVDs that we exchange quite frequently. Hmm, let’s do some math – 60x12x15 close to 11K in savings (Mind you, I’ve probably spent that in buying movies). I used to get 40 channels on antenna – before the U.S. went digital. Now I get 7, however with Canada going digital in September, guess I’ll have to break down and get a converter. I also just joined netflix. Doesn’t have everything I’d like to see, however for 8 bucks per month, not a shabby deal either.

    Is Beill really going to be in charge? Please tell me no – Zeke will never let me hear the end of Cat Power.

  20. Whoops, that should have been Bill. Those little boxes get in the way of typing, damnem.

  21. NES, why are you and Uppity commenting on a thread from February?? Are you trying to hide from us???

  22. Nope imust — no veils here. It’s just that some spammer commented on an old thread and, since she/he appeared to be an UW fan, I fished the message out of spam.

  23. Oh good MKBill is in charge! Is it a coinkydink that Karma has visited that pig Edwards again? To the tune of over 2 million? BWAHAHAHAHA- pig and crook- not surprised! I want our money back or a long jail term for him!
    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Election Commission approved a final audit on Thursday that concludes former presidential candidate John Edwards’ campaign owes the government more than $2 million.
    The report found John Edwards for President got matching funds in excess of his entitlement as a candidate, misstated its cash-on-hand balance by nearly $100,000, failed to itemize loan repayments of more than $4 million and stale-dated at least 128 checks worth $141,808.”

    Karma- thank you and continue on with the outstanding job you are doing!

  24. sometimes that karma is a good thing 😆

  25. Sheesh, and to think I used to like that Edwards! Actually, I always thought the best thing about John Edwards was Elizabeth.

  26. imust, you were right – the only good thing about John was Elizabeth. Too bad he didn’t realize that the scum sucking pig. I feel for the children, particularly for the youngster that he sired with his mistress. Poor little beggar, she’s going to have to live with the crap that her father and mother begat.

  27. Karma is working overtime on John Boy. Hopefully there will be time to pay a long overdue visit to Ferdinand and Imelda & Friends. Soon.

    That header always makes me smile. Gives new meaning to March of the Penguins.

  28. Hey Chris, Hey Chris, My friend, Het Chris…STFU already!!!!!!LOL

  29. Red, luvs ya always.

  30. Now why can’t that karma visit BO — after all, he cheated with fundraising too.

  31. Good one, Red.

    SCREEEEEEEEEETTCH!! C’mon gang, there’re hardly any comments here today. I know it’s sad that UW is gone, but we’ve gotta keep the conversation alive.

  32. A poll we can all GROOOOOOOOVE on:

    Money quote:

    That’s not a portrait of an incumbent rolling toward victory. It’s the picture of an electorate looking to make a change.

  33. The meme of Obama doesn’t know diddly-squat about business is becoming more and more entrenched. Brilliant!!!!!!

  34. NES, I spent the morning watering my plants – the forecast was deadly and I wanted my flowers to survive. It was all of two hours. I tried to sit outside and read, but that only worked till 10am. I don’t usually run an air conditioner, but I have three going full blast – two on dehumidifer and one on actualy air conditioning. All this to say that some folks are busy doing other stuff today – because of the no way there is Climate change (or global warming) The humidex today – 48 degrees celcius – over 118 degrees fareinheit Not a good day for me – I didn’t even walk Milly and boyo was she angry, however I was out at 6am and it was bad, so no way was I going to be ouyt. All this to say that perhaps a whole bunch of uppiyites are in the same situation – and are just staying cool and saving money by staying inside and not using the internet?.

  35. Hey! If Jesus was gonna appear on a receipt, it WOULDN’T be a Wal-Mart receipt, just sayin.

  36. Love the poll NES- We need one of those karma pics for barry in the sidebar- I liked this part about the independents
    “Romney takes advantage of those 2 points of weakness for Obama. He leads the President by 9 points with independents at 46-37. And he earns more crossover support, getting 13% of the Democratic vote while only 8% of Republicans are behind Obama.”

    Without the independents the fraud is sunk!
    Dear karma- please visit 1600 PA Ave. Thank you in advance!

  37. Wow! Sounds hot up there HT! I thought Canada was supposed to be cold!

  38. HT- stay safe in that heat! It has been in the high 90’s here at my son’s place the last week. Before that it was hitting 100 and above every day for three weeks, heat index 110.
    So here it is hot as blazes and I will head back to PA next week and it will be only in the 70’s and 80’s. Just hope it doesn’t start raining up there again- they need it bad down here.

  39. Hey! If Jesus was gonna appear on a receipt, it WOULDN’T be a Wal-Mart receipt, just sayin.

    Hilarious, imust! You’re right…it’d have to be that of a mom-and-pop grocery store, eh?

  40. We need one of those karma pics for barry in the sidebar….

    Yessssssssss, PMM! Maybe FF will oblige….

  41. The title of UW’s post is: your open thread and bill is watching

    ppffffftttttt! He’s not watching! UW is away, hence, the bill is at PLAY! And we all know how he favors white, black, or biracial kitties – but there’s been that ocassional tortie, etc… well, now you know WHY – I’ll bet it always happens when UW is on vacation!

    So he’s not at the computer, watching us! We’re safe!

  42. Oh good, lorac’s here — let the games begin!

  43. oh no….. are you going to use me as a bowling ball again? Please don’t use me again as a bat to hit the baseball that UW is throwing at you! Oh, and I definitely don’t want to be the football! Oh, oh, oh, I am DEFINITELY not going be the tennis ball for your tennis match (that HURTS, you guys have hard swings!)

  44. Can one of you internet ferrets find me that clip from Anatomy of a Murder where the lawyer has his first mtg with his client (who has just murdered someone)? Anyone recall that?

  45. This?

  46. Are you talking about this NES?

    In his famous “lecture,” Biegler [the defense attorney in the movie] skates close to the line of unethical witness coaching—that is, knowingly altering a witness’ story about the events in question. When Biegler first meets Manion [his client] in jail, he manages to overcome the client’s intense mistrust and then the discussion turns to whether the client has a defense. How far can counsel go in suggesting a defense to a client who hasn’t a clue? And should the lawyer discuss possible defenses before asking the client what happened? Because once the client has told the attorney his story, that freezes the client’s version of the facts; it’s too late to mold the facts to fit a particular defense.

  47. OK – I am gonna try this post thing soon. I have nothing written YET as I have been battling little Chinese spies all day – or Ugandans, or Bots or something.

    I THINK I have killed them all off and yet they got through and whew! It’s been a battle. Last night I had a string of topics in mind – but after virus-wars today, I cannot think of anything but how mad I am at some dumbass sitting in some hovel picking their nose and writing code just to fuck with people. I have a contractor coming at 7:30 to help me assemble this sign, so I better get on it.

    IF there is no post in the morning it is because once again, my internet connection has wigged out or the browser has crashed and I just cannot stand to run another series of virus scans, malware scans etc.

    So – after SUFFERING through Leslie Howard and Bette Davis in “Of Human Bondage” while running yet another scan, I will now go sit at my desk (where I can see!) and attempt a morning post!

  48. Oh Yay!! It’s gonna be a Freedom Fairy Friday!!

  49. Yep, that’s the movie, imust — and the clip is hilarious. But, it doesn’t have the scene I’m looking for. Many thanks for the effort tho’.

  50. Yep, imust, that excerpt you quoted references the scene I was referring to.

  51. FF looking forward to your post tomorrow. I can relate to your issues with computer stuff, having to spend over $600 for a new one cause I was sick to death of battling virii. As previously mentioned, just find one of those a@!@holes and put me in a room with him – I guarantee only one of us will survive, and it won’t be him. Anyway, looking forward to your post tomorrow – via my new computer which so far is virii free. Makes me darned angry that I spend over $200 per year for antivirus, yet the buggers still get past the firewall.

  52. Good evening children of the night! I’m on a very strange hookup here, since I am sure I am stealing someone’s network bandwidth. Just wanted to say hi and I see you are all still not killing one another. See how well you can get along without me????

    Well I’m off for a late walk with the Dog, who is disguised as a deer. I have done this disguise because I understand NES is attempting to track me down via her lawyer mafia friends up here. I do hope a depraved moose doesn’t try to hang out with her.

    Just to show you how resourceful I am, NES, here is your clip. The part of the interview I suspect you are looking for starts somewhere after 3:00

  53. Oooooh – FFF – Freedom Fairy Friday! It has a ring to it! I’m excited!

  54. Ah, Uppity is checking in! She luvs us, she really luvs us!

  55. Well they’ve finally caught on…..he ISN’T a Democrat!!

    WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s hard to know which is more surprising: a Democratic president pushing historic cuts in spending, including Social Security and Medicare. Or a Republican-controlled House refusing to accept the deal and declare a huge victory for long-sought GOP goals.
    Political orthodoxy has been turned on its head ever since President Barack Obama stepped up his call for a bipartisan “grand bargain” to raise the national debt ceiling and avert a default on U.S. obligations. The deal would include $4 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, mainly through steep spending cuts but also including up to $1 trillion in new federal revenue.
    Those are far bigger targets than typical budget negotiations. And the spending cuts would seem more appropriate for a Republican president than a Democrat

  56. imust, as a committed socialist (sorry teresa) there was never any doubt – Obama has never been a Democrat. He’s actually never been anything other that what’s in it for him. He had almost destroyed the Democratic party, and quite frankly the honchos have no one to blame but themselves.

  57. Imust: Where did that come from at 1:37 a.m. ?

    So someone realized he’s not a Dem? Which is worse, Obama proposing all the cuts to the Big 3 or the Repubs?

  58. Fredster, it’s an AP story so it’s all over the place. I think I got it from Yahoo. But here’s an abc link with the exact story:

  59. From the AP story ( I don’t know how to put the quote in a yellow box – someone help me ). Obama’s “grand bargain” will include:

    “Finding about $200 billion in savings over 10 years through cuts to Medicare and Medicaid providers, including drug companies, hospitals, home health agencies and nursing homes.”

    Just throw Grandma down the stairs, okay? So much quicker and easier. She’s outlived her welcome anyway. Worthless old bag.

  60. Wow Upps, that’s the clip, for sure!! Thanks much for ferreting it out. Very impressive, indeed.

    I do hope a depraved moose doesn’t try to hang out with her.

    ROFLLL! Im sure all the moose tried to hit on Needle-Nose. And, I’m betting you came home with at least one moose carcass.

  61. So, on that scene from Anatomy Of A Murder, I’m curious what Uppityites think. Did the attorney (played by Jimmy Stuart) cross the line, ethically — ie, induce his client-to-be to perjure himself? The scene (at least in written text) is often used in law school ethics classes.

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