Screw the Government Kitty – Americans Need More Cats

I know, I know – you’re thinking “Oh Noes! Not another Blog about Cats!” But that is exactly what this is.

I realize that on Uppity’s Blog, cats are a Big Deal. So, with that as a Starting Place and while she is on a vacation in the Adirondacks (so she says) with Mr. Uppity and The Needle Nose disguised as a deer, I will continue that tradition in her honor and hope you will at least have something to do while you are drinking your morning coffee (or tea or bowl of milk or whatever.)

Nevermind that MKB is off trying to figure out the new Password on Uppity’s PayPal Account. He told me I could do this – in the interest of Diversity and Foreign Relations (in a H/t to HRC).

So, here we go.

Americans Needs More Cats.

MKB. Working.

But not just any cats. Bill can take care of that. So long as they are Black, White, Black and White, the occasional Tortoiseshell, or Orange or run-of-the-mill DSH, Bill has got THAT aspect of the American Cat Population covered.

What I am talking about is Americans needs more Maneki Neko Cats.

If you are not familiar with Maneki Neko Cats, then you are about to learn why we, The Little People, need more of them.

If you are familiar with them, then I am assuming you have at least one somewhere in your home or at your office. Perhaps in your yard? How about one in your Pool Room or in your Pachinko Parlor? Maneki Neko aficionados are never shy about where they have their cats. I myself have two. (I also have a Tuxie who looks a lot like MKB – but that’s another story.)

A descendant of the Japanese Bobtail, the story of the origins of the Maneki

The original Meanki Neko: The Japanese Bobtail

Neko is as long and varied as it is ancient. According to Wiki ;

“While it is believed that Maneki Neko first appeared during the later part of the Edo period (1603–1867) in Japan the earliest documentary evidence comes from the 1870s, during Japan’s Meiji Era. It is mentioned in a newspaper article in 1876 and there is evidence kimono-clad Maneki Neko were distributed at a shrine in Osaka during this time. An ad from 1902 advertising Maneki Neko indicates that by the turn of the century they were popular.”

With Kimono-clad cats running around Japan as early as 1603, it’s astounding Americans are just not up to speed by now

Especially in these trying economic times.

As our Corrupt Elected Officials, from the White House on down, along with their Pals at Treasury and The Fed openly steal this Nation blind and tell you it’s all gonna be paid back “in the out years” to quote the President (like when he is OUT of office and doesn’t have to answer to anyone – THOSE out-years), American’s are looking for something to help them keep their head above water. Since JOBS are out of the question for the next several years, and the Black Market is all tied up by the TSA Mexican Drug Cartels, I suggest to all Americans to invest in the benefits of Maneki Neko ownership.

Despite their long and Royal Heritage, they are very inexpensive  although more elaborate varieties are available – they bring you hours of joy, they won’t rip your nylons and they will not steal your PayPal Donations to go out on the town or on a cat-nip bender.

You see, the Maneki Neko, unlike The Government, BRINGS WEALTH AND LUCK TO YOU. They even come with their own Stash!

Maneki Neko comes with his own stash!

Again to Wikipedia;

“Maneki Neko are sometimes depicted holding a coin; usually a gold coin called a koban used during the Edo period in Japan. A koban was worth one ryō, another early Japanese monetary unit, though the koban most Maneki Neko hold is indicated to be worth ten million ryō – an extraordinary sum of money.

A ryō can be imagined as worth a thousand dollars, although the value of the coin, like the value of the dollar, varied considerably.”

So, let’s see – 10,000,000 x $1000.00! Whoa! That’s a lot of dough!

If your Ninety-Nine Weeks of unemployment is about to run out (and Congress doesn’t extend it yet again) your little Kitteh with the funny name will help. If your Social Security Check gets “lost in the mail” after August 2nd, your little Japanese Feline will see you through. Have that big, burdensome Obamacare Insurance Premium to pay? No sweat. Kitteh is very obliged to help. And goodness knows, if your home is in foreclosure, your Maneki Neko will do far more for you than Obama’s Save Our Home Program ever did for anyone!

Don't even try a bell.

And not only is your Little Kitteh richer than George Soros – he comes well-attired! Being a Tuxedo Cat and all – Bill would be so proud!

“Maneki Neko usually have some sort of decoration around their neck. This can be a neckerchief or a scarf but the most common attire is a collar, bell and decorative bib. These items are most likely in imitation of what was common attire for cats in wealthy households during the Edo period. Red collars made from a red flower, the hichirimen, were popular and small bells were attached for decoration and to keep track of the cat’s whereabouts.”

But have no fear, your Little Buddy will stay where you put him, never run away, and you will never have to worry he has jumped the garden wall or been accidently locked in the garage! As a matter of fact, there is no maintenance at all, unless yours runs on batteries, although I suggest the Solar-powered variety. Hey! What could be better!? You bring wealth and luck to yourself, your family and your home, and you are doing it in an environmentally-conscious way! YAY!

So don’t be fools waiting for a handout from the Obama Stash! Don’t be depressed because you cannot find work! Get your Maneki Neko today! It’s the only Kitty American’s will ever get their hands on! And just think how nice it would be once again to see “Made in Japan.”


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  1. Hysterical FF. I have one objection, possibly two, to getting the Neko for my very own home. One, it will make it look like a restaurant entrance. Two, it will potentially remind me of tsunamis and radiation, just saying.

    It will also incidentally clash with my “log cabin” early Americana schtick.

    One of my favorite authors years ago (Tolkein, too, of course) was James Clavell. I fell for the Taipan-Shogun-Noble House books before they were mini-series/made for TeeVee movies.

    Komenichiwa. Dozo.

  2. Do you suppose the “fat cats” on Wall Street and the bankers have Nekos in the likeness of Obama? He has certainly given them good fortune. Middle/working class….not so much.

    So I guess we do need a Neko to maybe balance things out. Hey maybe DE can design one in the likeness of MKBill!

  3. How is that pronounced? This cat is new to me, thanks for the info.
    P.S. I’m a Tolkien fan too.

  4. A good laugh, FF!!

    It is curious how the Japanese attach such significance to these cartoonish objects; another example is the daruma (one of which I brought back from Japan many years ago).

  5. Peggy Noonan FINALLY gets it, ripping Bam a new one:

    ….He’s becoming box-office poison. His numbers are falling. The RealClearPolitics composite job approval poll rating has him down six points since June 2, when the debt ceiling crisis began. That fall, from 52% to 46%, exactly tracks his heightened media presence and his increased attempts to be seen as dominant. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, said that if he ran for president today he’d lose, that his job numbers are “worse than they appear,” and that he continues to have real trouble with undecided voters.

    And if you’ve watched him lately, you know why. When he speaks on the debt negotiations, he is not only extremely boring, with airy and bromidic language—really they are soul-killing, his talking points—but he never seems to be playing it straight. He always seems to be finagling, playing the angles in some higher game that only he gets. In 2½ years, he has reached the point that took George W. Bush five years to reach: People aren’t listening anymore.

    The other day he announced the Gang of Six agreement with words that enveloped the plan in his poisonous embrace: “I wanted to give folks a quick update on the progress that we’re making.” We’re. He has “continued to urge both Democrats and Republicans to come together.” What would those little devils do without Papa? “The good news is that today a group of senators . . . put forward a proposal that is broadly consistent with the approach that I’ve urged.” I’ve urged. Me, me, me.

    That approach includes “shared sacrifice, and everybody is giving up something.” He was like a mother coming in and cheerily announcing: “Dinner’s served! Less for everybody!”

    We’re trying to begin a comeback, not a famine. We’re trying to take actions that will allow us to grow.

    He’s like a walking headache. He’s probably triggering Michele Bachmann’s migraines.

    The Gang of Six members themselves should have been given the stage to make their own announcement, and their own best case.

    The president, if he is seriously trying to avert a debt crisis, should stay in his office, meet with members, and work the phones, all with a new humility, which would be well received. It is odd how he patronizes those with more experience and depth in national affairs.

  6. OSLO!
    Trouble in paradise.

  7. Hey there all. I am in computer hell today. Something or someone keeps hijacking my network. One minute I am on line – the next 0 nada. So please help me out with Moderation when you can.

    Sorry this post fell off at the end. It was after 2AM when I finally got it scheduled as I was fighting all the way.

    Thanks for your support. I’ll do better next time! LOL

    And NES – THIS is Priceless:

    “He’s like a walking headache. He’s probably triggering Michele Bachmann’s migraines.”

    Right On Peggy! For once! (At least since Obama was put into a job he was never qualified to hold)

  8. DE – I heard it was a car bomb. I’ve been outside putting together a large and heavy sign and have only heard snippets.

  9. hello ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    dropping in, going back to lurk

    FF: nice piece, sorry you’re having so much damned trouble

  10. FF – very funny post. Personally, I have more than enough cats in my life already, and Zeke, Figaro and Cleo would not be partial to the introduction of one more, so I’ll pass.
    WRT your computer problem, I fought a virus for days then finally broke down and went to Geeks to Go. They were really good and best of all, were free. Here’s the link to their site in case you’re interested.

  11. Oh, fuck. I so hope SkyNews is wrong on this. Poster on Hillaryis44 listening to them on the Norway bombings:

    July 22nd, 2011 at 12:17 pm
    Sky sources: Widespread reports of attack on children’s summer camp in Norway
    Jesus, i hope not.

    July 22nd, 2011 at 12:20 pm
    Norwegian PM: “There is a critical situation at Utøya, and several ongoing operations as we speak”
    Reports of someone dressed as a policeman firing indiscriminately at children.

    July 22nd, 2011 at 12:20 pm
    Unconfirmed reports: Norwegian Labour’s youth camp under attack at Utøya. Reports of shots fired and people ’swimming’ away in despair.

  12. Hey FF are we getting together next month?

  13. FINALLY! A reason to resume watching TV.

  14. The great Cornholio should visit the Westboro crowd

  15. Yeah DE!! You’re a Beavis fan too, ain’t ya?

  16. More fruits of Obamanomics:

    But, by all means, let’s increase the tax rates (so businesses can lay off more workers, who, in turn, will have less to spend, leading to less demand for goods and services, leading, in turn, to more lay-offs….and so on into a ‘death-spiral).

  17. Is Al Qaeda responsible for the Oslo terror attacks?

  18. huuhuuhuuh Judas Priest rocks but this video sucks.

  19. No one had taken responsibility yet.

  20. Kewl, DE. Say, can one see past Beavis episodes on DVD? I need a refresher.

  21. Yes, indeed-y, it smells of Al-Qaeda ‘spirit”:
    Ironic that it’s Norway — the country that is most PC, has been the most welcoming of immigrants from Middle-Eastern countries, and the most critical of the war on terrorism.

  22. They were all on YT at one time.

  23. Eyewitness Tells Norwegian Broadcaster NRK Up to 25 Bodies at the Norwegian Youth Camp, AP Reports

  24. 20-30 dead at the kids camp.

    Fucking jerks.

  25. Here you go NES

    A terror group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or the Helpers of the Global Jihad, issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, according to Will McCants, a terrorism analyst at C.N.A., a research institute that studies terrorism. The message said the attack was a response to Norwegian forces’ presence in Afghanistan and to unspecified insults to the Prophet Muhammad. “We have warned since the Stockholm raid of more operations,” the group said, according to Mr. McCants’ translation, apparently referring to a bombing in Sweden in December 2010. “What you see is only the beginning, and there is more to come.”

  26. All that killing because of a cartoon?

  27. These sorry excuses for humans don’t give a sheite for anyone who thinks differently. Their whole raison d’etre is to annihilate the west and everybody in it. They don’t need Afghanistan as a excuse, they just use whatever to justify their murderous intent.

  28. All evidence points to those goat lovers and their religion of not so peaceful.

  29. Diane Feinstein regarding the Obama WH ““We always knew what was going on (w/ Bush, Clinton)…none of that (information) is available to us now, and that’s not good…It doesn’t help you build a team.”

  30. God, what a crappy post. Only 30 comments after 13 hours and three – um four – are mine.


  31. FF- I know just how you feel- sigh. What’s a girl gotta do to get a comment on a post? sigh
    Sorry I did not post earlier- today is the day son returns from his NCO academy and I wanted to have everything just right. This is the last weekend here for me- returning to PA Tues. Will try and check in over the weekend.

  32. The One’s gonna be on teevee in a couple of minutes for major announcement….anyone watching?

  33. He’s on the boob tube AGAIN? NOW WHAT?
    One of the nice things here is I watch hardly any tv. lol

  34. FF – it’s just one of those days when everyone is running around getting ready for the weekend. Just got back in from major grocery shop – who knew fruit and vegetables would become so expensive.

  35. He’s on tv because apparently, Boehner walked out of a meeting with him. He’s demanding Pelosi, Reid, Boehner et al meet him at 11 am tomorrow. Poor Bambi, no golf tomorrow, unless he has an early tee time.

  36. Oh cheese and rice. The debt talks have been canceled. He wants to be clear. Pelosi and Reid are awesome, partisans suck- it’s not his fault. He has been consistent. Blah blah blah blah
    Somebody tell him to STFU! He has said consistent so many times in the last 5 minutes I lost count.

  37. Ha! You’re watching it PMM! I got the impression that Boehner walked out the the meeting. I guess Boehner just sent word that he wasn’t gonna meet. Sure shows what a weak “leader” obama is.

  38. oooooo…..Obama’s mad now! Here he went and put the entire New Deal on the chopping block and they didn’t go for it!

  39. imust- no really I wasn’t watching it- I had a live feed on in another tab- listening is bad enough! When I actually have to WATCH him lie, I want to throw things.
    No need to watch anyway- ssdd.

  40. From what I heard, Barry called Boehner and was told that “he wasn’t in”! Ha! Then Boehner didn’t call Obama back for hours!

  41. Thanks for the update, DE. It’s really tragic. Well, at least Western Europe will now wake up and smell the coffee!

  42. FF
    I was enjoying the post when I heard the news about Norway. It kind of dampened the day. Up to that point all the alerts had been for the 100+ temperatures/humidity/haze/bad air.

  43. Coming from DiFi (as we call her here), that says a LOT, FF. She’s pretty understated (unlike Boxer), and therefore taken seriously.

  44. Obama is such a liar. Notice he avoided answering “What is YOUR plan?”

  45. Hi gang. Just checking in. Spent day on water. Groomer will charge me double after she sees dog.

    Now I am sad to report that I am reading verboten remarks on the subject of this horrendous terrorist attack by goatfuckers. But Kindly watch what you say, knowing fully well that bloggers can get fatwas placed upon them by some very mean people. These people are animals. So, you KNOW they’d love the opportunity to kill. Kindly temper yourselves in my absence and let me have a goddamn couple of days off will you? Jesus Christ. Cut me some goddamned slack!

  46. He can’t STFU, PMM. The only thing he’s “consistent” about is falsely claiming that he’s been “consistent.” The guys a joke — everyone can see now what we saw back in ’07/’08.

  47. imust and PMM — Don’t you understand!! His birthday’s coming up soon (Aug. 4th) and he needs to go to this expensive resort in Martha’s Vineyard. Sheeeesh…

  48. Here he went and put the entire New Deal on the chopping block and they didn’t go for it!

    Hilarious, imust!!

  49. Boehner should’ve had his office say, “Sorry to have missed your call…gone golfing.”

  50. I think that BO believes all his machinations make him look – manly/macho. Instead he comes off as a obnoxious child playing dress-up.

  51. ****** There’s been a clean up in Aisle 6 on some Oslo-related comments. Let’s keep it diplomatic, all (I include myself in the slip-up).

    We stand chastized, Upps. Sorry about the agita.

  52. Regarding Norway, they have someone in custody who is Norwegian. Perhaps another Timothy McViegh type?

  53. It’s just NOT FAIR TO ME. I am FURIOUS. HOw dare any of you chain me to this blog! YOu know who you are and you should and do KNOW BETTER.

    NOW HEAR THIS! I am taking the rest of the summer off. If people can’t follow my FEW rules, why the hell should I interfere with MY life.

  54. Agreed Mt. Laurel. Well put.

    To all: who do you believe won this round?
    I think Boehner, but I’m so biased against Teh One now that I need a reality check (assuming, of course, that there’re any truly objective persons on this blog…).

  55. I thought you all might like to know more about the Oslo bombings. It appears that a 32 year old Norwegian who was ethnically Norwegian is responsible for all of the killings today.

  56. There’s more evidence that this is more of a Timothy McVeigh type. The Prime Minister there is comparing it to the Oklahoma bombings.

  57. The CNN people are saying that Obama comes out on top with this latest. I don’t agree. I think he looks weak and ineffectual (of course I always think he looks that way). Then he comes on tv and looks angry and summons the congressional leaders like he’s a dictator or something.

  58. HEY I have a JBT — he is the best cat EVER.

    HE can walk on a leash. Yes he ca!

    He knows when we are coming to a rest stop on the Interstates — he starts meowing because he wants to take a walk.

    My cat is smarter than 0bowma. And my cat gets along with the dog — so he puts to rest the myth that dogs and cats can’t get along.

    They are an old breed and they are very different from the tailed breeds. My cat thinks tails are strange and abnormal.

  59. Oh, we have a kitty running for governor of Louisiana you may want to follow on Twitter. His SN is Biscuit4LA. Here’s a few of Bisuit’s tweets!

    Biscuit4LA Biscuit ForGuv
    Scratch or get off the post RT @MelindaDeslatte Marionneaux says he’ll decide within 2-3 weeks whether to challenge Gov. #Jindal.

    Biscuit4LA Biscuit ForGuv
    Jindal’s hazard mitigation plan dumps too much $ into the Shaw Group Mine just dumps baking soda into the litter box.

  60. Perhaps MKBill will ask Biscuit to join him on the ticket for 2012! Biscuit will no doubt still have more experience and judgement than Obama!


    “Change Our Litter Box”
    “Yes You Can”

  61. Biscuit is funny….looks a lot like MKB too:

    Biscuit4LA Biscuit ForGuv
    Scratch or get off the post RT @MelindaDeslatte Marionneaux says he’ll decide within 2-3 weeks whether to challenge Gov. #Jindal.

  62. Thanks imust. Good to know you see it the same way.

  63. Actually I found a reference to the JBT in a travel book published in the last 1890s about a round the world trip and the group’s stop over in Japan. The group witnessed tail-less cats tied outside of shops. The group noted that these cat were very different from the European cats. They do have a tail — it is just extremely miniature — you can see that from the photo of the JBT. In the Caribbean the fad is to crop cat’s tails and claim that the cat is a bob tailed cat. I had a Vet in the Caribbean tell me this story when he doubted that he was seeing a real JBT. So I told him to feel my cat’s tail.

    The JBTs now being bred in North America are here because one was brought to the states from Japan by a Navy family. Someone who knows their cats saw that cat and headed to Japan to track down JBTs in the wild. The bob tail on a JBT is caused by two recessive genes. There is one island, a fishing village, where there is a huge free ranging population of JBT. These cats are said to bring good luck — which perhaps they did since this island was not damaged by that tsunami.

    My JBT cat is from Canada.

    Right now the cat is waiting by the door so he can take the dog for a walk.

    There is a yahoo group devoted to JBT and there is an active JBT rescue which notifies the Yahoo group when a JBT needs a home.

  64. Northwestrain = WOW! That’s such great information, and so interesting. Perhaps you should go edit Wiki! I thought they were really cool looking (the real ones, not the Maneki Neko). I once had a Manx named monster- what a wonderful cat he was. But that is as close as I have been to a bobtail!

    As for cats and dogs – all my cats have really loved my dogs. Just came in from outside where my Golden was licking the head of my Tuxi as she pinned him to the ground. He seeks her out when we go outside

  65. This is not cool at all. Apologies are due to UW from the guilty parties. That they were erased isn’t enough. They should never have been put up on her blog. The world isn’t what it used to be, we must adapt to that fact.

  66. Uppity = as it was my posting I apologize too. Although as I have said since Wednesday I have had really bad computer problems and have had to work, I should have been more diligent in patrol duties.

  67. FF the blame lays solely with me.

  68. Karen, what’s also not “cool” is your butting in and trying to add fuel to the fire. Suppose you leave it to Uppity to mediate her own relationships, as she’s quite capable of doing.

  69. Nice of you to say DE, but we all know Uppity has had a pretty tight policy on this stuff.

  70. FUNNY commentary from H4T at Big Pink

    “Krugman is panicked. He is evidently astounded to discover that he helped elect a feckless dick to the presidency.

    I am among those in a state of suppressed rage and panic over the president’s negotiating strategy.
    I’d like to believe that it’s all 11-dimensional political chess; but at this point — after the midterm debacle, after the big concession on taxes without even getting a raise in the debt limit — what evidence do we have that Obama knows what he’s doing?

    Um….that would be NONE, Paul. But then, that’s not new. There was never any evidence whatsoever that he knew how to govern. But it’s a bit late now, after the Democratic party and the starry-eyed progressives went tripping down the unicorn trail assuring us all that experience didn’t matter, and his history and record were not to be examined, that what mattered to a country in deep deep trouble was that THEY got to have their selfish orgasmic white-guilt-expunging experience of Obama in all his glorious historicness.

    I suggest you try to plug the fucking massive debt hole with some styrofoam Greek columns, Paul. Maybe he should give another speech. You could faint on the front row, and see if that raises GDP. Tell the groupies that you encouraged in their madness to whip up some more “how I came to Obama” testimonies, maybe that will create a cosmic resonance that will spit out some damn jobs.

    And after you do all that, Paul, you need to turn in your Responsible Adult Card. Because you have the worst fucking judgment I’ve ever seen. Degrees can’t make up for plain old stupid, Paul. And smart patsies are often the worst kind.

  71. NES – that was not my intention, quite the opposite in fact.

  72. Humdinger of a comment, FF!!!! Your broadsides against Obama and Obots never fail to put a spring in my step.

  73. NES = that wasn’t MY comment – but one by Hillary4Texas at Big Pink. But thanks

  74. Got it, FF.
    Still, my compliment stands based on your similarly fine comments.

  75. I suggest you try to plug the fucking massive debt hole with some styrofoam Greek columns,

    ROFLMAO!!!! The best line I heard all day!

  76. Right NES, he wanted this job and all he does is complain. He prevented the most qualified, hard working, intelligent candidate from having the job…no, getting the job done!

  77. I used to have a calico JBT. Patti was a real character, the best cat I ever had.

  78. I’m tired of Obama doing his job, too.

  79. Nice post, FF. I wish I could get one of those bob tail cats. I am totally freaked out by this horrible Norway story.

  80. Ooops. That was me, not laker.

  81. Ack… I’m confused… can UW or someone else tell me where the lines are? I put a Pat Condell video in a post and I guess I wasn’t supposed to, but I’ve done it before in the comments section. So I thought it must be that the bad guys don’t see stuff in the comments, but keep it out of the front page because they can see it there.

    But now it sounds like some stuff was done in the comments (erased before I got here, it sounds like), and it wasn’t okay. So that blows my front page vs. comment theory. The word “goatf*cker” is always thrown around here, but that’s okay.

    In all sincerety, I can’t tell what the pattern is. What is okay and what isn’t okay, and does front page vs comments have anything to do with it….? Is “goatf*cker” okay, as long as it’s not connected to any terrorist act?

    Can anyone help me here?

    Or am I confused because I don’t know what was posted today….?

  82. lorac and socal….looks like just us socalians up now. What a day. They’ve raised the death toll in Norway to over 80. So sad, so many children killed. And at the same time major drama in “no-drama-Bama” land.

  83. opps I didn’t finish my comment. Major drama with the debt ceiling talks. Democrats getting mad at Barry….Barry getting mad at republicans….Boenher canceling a meeting and then not taking POTUS’ phone call…..dueling press conferences.

  84. I’m really feeling a Carter-like malaise. We need someone to step up to the plate. A grown up. Someone to take charge. I feel like we’re a boat adrift at sea. Bill Clinton!!! Hillary!!! We need you!!!!

  85. Goatf*cker is a-okay with me, lorac.

    I try to avoid patterns. They look busy. I prefer solids.

    I was born confused.

  86. FF! Great post! Funny, but informative, and had pretty pictures!

    And THIS had me cracking up: they won’t rip your nylons

  87. I’m tired of Obama doing his job, too.

    Ding, ding, ding! Beata wins the comment of the day!

  88. Beata, you have some of the best one-liners here. I say that as a fan, without a trace of J.

  89. I try to avoid patterns. They look busy. I prefer solids.

    I was born confused.

    That’s such an interesting observation, Beata. I prefer solids too — now i know why!!!

  90. We are adrift at sea, imust. Take your dramamine and pray.

  91. I had a bizarre islamic experience today, but maybe I shouldn’t tell it. Like lorac, I don’t know what went on here earlier today.

  92. Hehe. My comments about patterns and confusion were a response to Lorac @ 12:27 AM.

  93. I don’t know what went on here yesterday either. I’m so dumb; I didn’t even know that goatf**kers was a reference to a certain group. I just thought it was a general term like a**hole.

    I’m going to stop blogging and re-read “The Girl of the Limberlost”.

  94. and this is the problem with gubment..
    Major drama with the debt ceiling talks. Democrats getting mad at Barry….Barry getting mad at republicans….Boenher canceling a meeting and then not taking POTUS’ phone call…..dueling press conferences. 😦

  95. NES – that was not my intention, quite the opposite in fact.

    Karen — Of course that wasn’t your intention. Emotions were running high at that moment and I made an unjustifiably sharp retort. I sincerely apologize for that and hope you’ll forgive me. Your presence on this page is one of the reasons I turn to it every day.

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