I Believe Hell Has Frozen Over

Thanks for NOTHING DNC! Brazile! Dean! And YOU – you fraud! Yes YOU up there in that public housing at 1600 PA Ave! This Rasmussen report story certainly says it all. The voters they surveyed now trust the Republicans more than Dems on a whole array of issues. The economy. National Security. (Ok I give them that one- it seems the R’s have always had more trust on that one.) Iraq. Iraq? Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that “Bush’s” war? Weren’t people protesting in the streets against the Republican president and his cronies over that bit of business? But now they trust the R’s more?

Alright then. Iraq and National Security aside- this poll says people trust the Republicans more on health care. HEALTH CARE? THE signature Democratic Party issue for umpteen years? Health care that Hillary worked so hard for? Wait here please while I check the temperature in Hades.

Ok I am back. Yup. It is damn cold down there.

The parties are nearly tied on the issue of Social Security, with Republicans holding a statistically insignificant 42% to 40% lead. In May, Democrats barely edged the GOP on this issue.

SOCIAL SECURITY?????? OY Vey! Oh they might call is “statistically insignificant” (like us bitter clingers) but think about it. The R’s having ANY kind of lead on Social Security is the equivalent of a 10.0 earthquake.

How about this chart that lays out the naked truth.

The only category where Dem’s were trusted more was education. And we see how that is working out for us don’t we? The damn Dept of Education gives us broken schools and children who are so stupid they can not count the money they get in their graduation cards.

We watched it happen.  The DNC gave the Democratic Party a poison pill in May of 08. In Denver that summer they thought they were having a coronation. In reality we watched our party have a self inflicted massive coronary. The DNC , instead of excising the cancer, allowed it to take over. Now we get to watch the funeral.

No wonder it is so hot up here. Hell has frozen over and all that heat had to go somewhere.

This is an open thread. I will try to check in as I can in between packing and getting ready to go.


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  1. I watched this (below) yesterday morning and was later stunned when my son’s MIL said, “Are you listening Barack?” as we talked about the Tavis Smiley comment at the end of “Sunday Morning” on CBS.
    She was/is the strongest obot I have ever met. In fact, we stopped talking about politics after May 2008 when the DNC stole the party and destroyed any understanding I ever had in my “party of choice”. Frankly, I had hoped, but never trusted that she and her family and friends would ever be able to look at the Fraud in Chief without drooling. But there it is. My hope springs alive once more.


  2. My comment was in support of your title ” I Believe Hell Has Frozen Over “ 🙂

  3. I just received an email from a male Republican friend. I had sent the Youtube link to Boehner’s ‘I know he’s worried about the election but my god doesn’t he care about the country’ statement and this friend responded by stating:
    “I would say that he is really telling like it is. Why doesn’t the left see this or don’t they care?”

    Which gave me the chance to fill him in thus spreading the cancer antidote which would be truth.

    Thanks PMM – although you have little free time just now, you came through with a great and timely post .

  4. leslie, the link is brilliant. Thanks for bringing it here.

  5. leslie, thanks for that Travis clip. He stuck up for Hill and was attacked but kept right on going. He has deep moral roots and knows the difference between chicken shit and a chicken sandwich.

    Mom, we all must have strong bs detectors and a healthy heaping of common sense because we knew without question, and immediately, what was happening to our party back then. We watched it clear as day.

    That this would be the result isn’t a surprise, sadly. He was everything we said he was and he caused the damage we knew he would.

    The bamazombies are waking up. Watch them carefully and do not let them fall back into their trance.

  6. I am worn out. I watched Morning Joe for a while and with all the different people talking, two made sense. One was Congressman Clyburn who said the debt commission was not a commission on SS and Medicare/Medicaid, so we should have one that is specifically focused on those programs to make them solvent for 75 to 100 years.
    The other person was a guy they have on often and I still have no idea who he is ….. oh okay, I just went to the web site and his name is Steven Rattner. He is a financier, whatever that means. Here is his page. http://stevenrattner.com/

    He had some charts showing how the wealthiest are paying on average 18 percent of their income in taxes and of course we know the rest of the population pay a much larger percentage. So he made the case for getting rid of loop holes. The charts were very informative. I can’t find them online or at the show’s site.
    Bottom line, corporations are doing better than ever and so are rich people. The rest of us are getting screwed.

  7. Great post PMM. Those stats are unbelievable. The Republicans were even higher on “ethics”. Although saying ethics and congressperson in a sentence is an oxymoron.

  8. Obama’s getting desperate. He’s trying more scare tactics:

    Meanwhile, the president has canceled his appearance at two fundraising events Monday night in Washington because of the debt-ceiling situation, an Obama campaign official told CNN.
    Vice President Joe Biden will attend the events instead, the official said.

    {shutter} he’s sending Biden to the events…..

  9. KforC, bamazombies, I LOVE it.

    Pamela (BTW, love the name Pamela. I have a cousin with that name and she was/is a real southern bell who attracted men/boys like bees to honey) I think both sides can make a case for what politicians don’t care about the country. Your friend should be able to see that too.
    When I think of it, I still think that women’s talents and leadership ability is the greatest untapped resource in this nation and world. Solve that and look how things turn around. I am convinced of it.

  10. Tavis did stick up for Hillary and if only that had been enough. Poverty affects women and children most. No other candidate has spoken or acted on their behalf all their career as she has.

    But it’s too late now. So much of this was preventable. Now the obots who are disappointed are on about how she was a “war monger” when that isn’t what really happened at all. This is really all just Alice down the rabbit hole.

    It’s Obama who has wanted those cuts since he set up that Cat Food Commission and stacked it with people who have been wanting to gut those programs for ages. He could have picked other people to head such a committee but, he picked them. The tax structure of the fifties was far more far than what we have now. The top 1 percent didn’t get away with paying nothing while the rest of us can eat our peas.

    God, Obama is such a disaster.

  11. imust- “Although saying ethics and congressperson in a sentence is an oxymoron.”
    Right on!
    leslie- thanks for the link- there are some things i wish were required reading/listening. It just kills me- there WAS a candidate who talked about poverty-
    They stole her delegates.

  12. ATTENTION Karen for Clinton —

    NES – that was not my intention, quite the opposite in fact.

    Karen — Of course that was not your intention. Emotions were running high at that moment and I made an unjustifiably sharp retort. I sincerely apologize for that and hope you’ll forgive me. Your presence on this page is one of the reasons I turn to it every day.

  13. Look at this piggie. There is so much in this story that makes me just shake my head. They didn’t like the opponent pointing out that he is a rapist so they voted for him. okay then.


    NES, It made no sense so I figured it was just lashing out. No problemo.

  14. Thanks Karen, that’s very gracious.

  15. The Social Security stat is also amazing as you point out PMM. Did 42% of the survey just blank out the 1990s? The steady drumbeat of Newt Gingrich and his privatization mantra? I’m sure the Wall Street investors are salivating at that one…..”oooo…Igor, more fresh meat!”{insert maniacal laugh}

  16. Comparing Democrats with Republicans is like comparing Coke with Pepsi….both are the same crap, just the advertising is different.

  17. Obama is side-lined. Yeah!


    It’s no surprise that Republicans, led by House Speaker John Boehner, went out of their way to insult the president, but remarkably Democrats also went forward over the weekend with Capitol Hill debt talks that did not even include a symbolic emissary from the White House.

    After a perfunctory meeting with Barack Obama on Saturday — a session he had hurriedly called to maintain at least the appearance of leverage — Democrats and Republicans returned to their caves on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue for the real talks, without anyone from the White House included.

    This served to reinforce Boehner’s vow to exclude Obama from the discussions. The internal logic of Washington’s byzantine protocol indicates a bipartisan snub of the president.

    While the GOP obviously would savor a solution to the debt-ceiling crisis that gives Obama no credit, why are Democratic leaders so willing to cut him out?

    The answer might be found in growing concerns among veteran Capitol Hill Democrats that their president is a lousy negotiator.

    Although they see him as a talented public communicator, his short time as a senator and painfully slow learning curve as president leads congressional Democrats to think it best to take over and provide cover for him once the deal is done.

  18. NES, my god. The guy needed training wheels…nobody could have predicted…nobody saw this coming. riiiiiiiight.

  19. karen- I saw that piece too. He went off the deep end during his campaign- but the ptb let him win. (scratching head) These people make absolutely no sense wahtsoever!

    NES- oh that was juicy and delicious! Still some stroking of teh one- but sliding. “Talented public communicator” yeah- I have some bridges for sale too.
    Painfully slow learning curve is correct as is lousy negotiator.
    They could have had a REAL Democrat. A real negotiator. A Real communicator. But NOOOOO- they wanted the penis.
    Idiots- now we ALL have to suffer! Reminds me of elementary school when the teacher would punish the whole class because of one group of screw-ups.

  20. Hai guize!

    There was a lot of snickering about Boohoo Boehner, but who knew he had cojones?

    As many of you are aware, I tend to lean to the right somewhat, but I’m reasonably cynical about politics and politicians in general to not trust anyone from either party; however, the fact that the political pack of both colors in DC is turning against its allegorical alpha is very telling and, in a way, very satisfying.

    Nobody here can be surprised, really – it was just bound to happen. It’s the fallout from this that will be the interesting part.

    What’s new with y’all?

  21. That’s a great quote from Craig Crawford. But he has always been above the fray. Didn’t he leave MSNBO in disgust?

  22. I don’t know what you guys think about the credibility of that guy Ulstermann, but his “DC Insider” seems to be saying basically the same thing as Craig Crawford.

    “President Obama will sign whatever is put on his desk at this point and be damn thankful for it. The guy has been a total flake on this issue from day one. Everyone involved knows it. Everyone.”
    “Daley is a party guy, and so he’s out there attempting to protect the platform, right? Trying to convince the constituents that the party, not so much the administration, but the party is still loyal to their interests. The fact Geithner is the one publicly indicating a short term deal is fine for the moment indicates that this deal is likely already done, and secondly, that Geithner is on his way out of the administration. They are remaining connected to the issue from all sides in order to take credit however it might break. That’s a Clinton-like strategy so it’s likely coming directly from Daley. Look for a “surprise” announcement to come soon after the deal is made regarding Geithner’s departure. It seems that on this situation then, both Daley on Geithner are actually on the same page. I would not be at all surprised to hear reports coming out within 48 hours that a deal has been made between Democrats and Republicans. Obama will then attempt to take credit, and despite whatever bullshit he has been saying beforehand, President Obama will sign whatever is put on his desk at this point and be damn thankful for it. The guy has been a total flake on this issue from day one. Everyone involved knows it. Everyone.” -D.C. Insider

    Read more: http://socyberty.com/history/the-ulsterman-report-democrats-and-republicans-ignore-obama-on-debt-ceiling-talks/#ixzz1T85fN2Um

  23. The damn Dept of Education gives us broken schools and children who are so stupid they can not count the money they get in their graduation cards.

    LOL! I could have written that.

    Lorac, I am making you a moderator. You have definitely earned your wings and pulled your weight, and then some. Congratulations.

    And hi everybody. Carry on.

  24. Hey Uppity!!

    Hillary has now commented on the Debt Ceiling. When have you ever seen the Sec. of State have to weigh in on a domestic issue?? Damn you Obots!!!


  25. imust- i have seen a few of those DC insider things and have always wondered (and perhaps, just a little, lol, hoped) if there was any basis in fact there. We (meaning anti-obama from the beginning) have always suspected that there is no there, there when it comes to that empty suit. A meltdown of “historic” proportions is not out of the question imo.
    I try not to think too much about him having the keys to the really bad weapons. Thank God it takes more than one to launch anything nuclear.

  26. ((((UPPITY)))) Hope you are enjoying your down time. Thanks for the compliment on the Education line!
    Lorac! Congrats on your promotion!

    imust- great that Hillary is chiming in- too bad the snot won’t listen.

  27. Have to run out and return library books. BBL

  28. Her remarks give facts and details…honestly. I knew she’d have to say something because every time Obama is up against the wall the word goes out…she or Bill have to comment so the obots can say “SEE!!” but, she carefully parses her words there. Interesting. If he needs her to comment on domestic matters as no other S.O.S. is required to do then he just should have let her be POTUS to begin with. Stupid narcissist asshat.

  29. FWIW, my bullshit radar went up the first time I saw the “Insider’s” comments. I think the “interviewer” and the “insider” are one in the same and I don’t think he’s a Democrat either. No elected Democrat ever refers to the Democratic Party as the Dems. I think this is a small scale Obama tactic. Tell people what they are already saying and thinking. The Insider never tells us a thing we don’t already know, is as general as it gets. He is telling us what we want and need to hear to rile us up. When was the last time he told you something you didn’t already think, say or see somewhere else? Nobody does dirty tricks like the Republicans, that’s for sure. That’s why Obama is so good at it. He’s no Democrat. Just saying.

  30. Even S**** P**** is calling Barry a “Lame Duck President” ha! I can almost see the smoke coming out of Barry’s ears.

  31. saying ethics and congressperson in a sentence is an oxymoron.
    😆 ain’t that the truth..

  32. Right Alice! Here’s an interesting snip from Hillary’s comments above:

    In prepared remarks to the American Chamber of Commerce here, Clinton called on Asian economies to boost domestic demand and to promote “open, free, transparent and fair” competition so U.S. companies aren’t “forced to trade away their intellectual property just to enter or expand in a foreign market.” Some nations are making “short term gains” with less-than-transparent business practices, she said.

  33. Anybody ever heard of Buddy Roemer? He’s a former LA governor and he just announced he’s running for POTUS last Thursday. Here’s a snip from his announcement. Notice the similarity to Hillary’s comment above? Coinky dink??

    “I’m not a Wall Street guy, I’m a Main Street guy,” he said. He said the middle class “is in trouble. I’m one of them. It’s why I stepped out of my private life.”
    He said existing free trade policies are harming the United States, as it tries to competes with overseas manufacturers that use child labor and pay poor wages.
    “It’s very fair to ask our trade partners to trade fair. Fair trade’s when both nations win, not just one,” he said.

  34. Roemer announced at Dartmouth College in NH.

  35. Imust, I bet there’s a ton more she’d love to say, in detail but, cannot. She’s got more know how on economic matters in her little finger than just about any pol that we’ve had in modern times. She’s right about Asia too….wow. I’m just sickened we were cheated out of someone so competent right now. We’re down the toilet because Obama cannot be a real democrat. Uppity, you are right. I’ve said Obama is no democrat for a long, long time.

  36. Hey Upps. Great news re lorac.
    Lorac, congrats!

  37. Doesn’t this just make your blood boil??!!!! Our tax dollars at work.

    Pentagon Report: Afghan Truckers Funnel U.S. Funds to Taliban

    “…documented, credible evidence…of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy”

    — Report on a military investigation obtained by the Washington Post that shows proceeds from U.S. trucking contracts with Afghan firms being funneled to the Taliban

    Four of the eight Afghan trucking contractors serving the U.S. military were found to be directing some of the $600 million the Defense Department has paid out in contracts in illegal payments to the Taliban and highwaymen who routinely blow up U.S. convoys.

    Taxpayer dollars are not only being used to pay protection money, but that money is being used to fund attacks on U.S. troops across Afghanistan.

    Afghan truckers haul 70 percent of all food, fuel, weapons and construction material for U.S. forces in Afghanistan under an Obama administration initiative called Afghan First, according to the Washington Post.

    The idea for Afghan First was to avoid paying out billions to the same American contractors who provided such services in Iraq. (Starts with an H and ends with alliburton…) Aside from avoiding politically embarrassing payouts to companies denounced by many of President Obama’s 2008 supporters as war profiteers, the Afghan First program was supposed to be in service of Obama’s larger goal of nation building in Afghanistan.

    But the program has been a disaster, since most of the Afghan trucking companies have no trucks but are instead just conduits for payments to a group of subcontractors and to provide kickbacks to corrupt officials and protection money to American enemies.

    While this kind of corruption is small and relatively banal compared to some of the high-flying allegations against the ruling Karzai clan, the trucking scandal is concrete and quantifiable thanks to a Pentagon report on the Afghan First program. This scandal will have staying power.

    The Pentagon is promising an overhaul of trucking contracts in September, but for now, all of the companies are still U.S. contractors.

  38. From FF’s link:

    Watching the one-third-of-a-term-senator-turned-president negotiate brings to mind a child spinning yarns about just how the living room lamp got broken. Now, though, the grown-ups are in charge; the kids have been put to bed. Ten days ago, the president warned the speaker: “Dont call my bluff.”

    Well, Mr. Boehner has. He’s holding all the cards — and he’s not bluffing.

    I loved the first comment: “I guess we owe Joe Wilson an apology”
    Ha! LOL!

    Uppity said it best: Oilsoc!

  39. “This served to reinforce Boehner’s vow to exclude Obama from the discussions. The internal logic of Washington’s byzantine protocol indicates a bipartisan snub of the president.” This the quote of Craig Crawford.

    No Craig this is not byzantine at all. Obama excluded the House Dems and Pelosi, and the entire Senate. He wanted Boehner only but tried to tell Boehner that he could not bring the House Majority leader elected by the Republican caucus. When you play games with the invitations, then try to pit one group against the other, tell each side something different, you find yourself all by yourself. Obama managed to piss off everyone, threw a tantrum on live TV, and can stew in his own hubristic juices. Everyone is tired of the smart-ass, lying thirteen year old. When a bill is hammered out he can sign it or go to his room.

  40. Great post! Thank you, Leslie for Mr. Smiley’s commentary. Do you think he would primary President Obama??? I don’t know if he wants to be President, but it might open the door to other candidates.


  41. A poll like this is meaningless when the Democratic party now promotes conservative views and our Democrat president is a Republican in all but name.

  42. I love the 1/3 of a term senator descriptive. Except BOO did not even work out those two years in the Senate. He was already running for president. His puppeteers got him that slot so he could officially run as “Senator Obama”. It is quite obvious that there are hidden forces that wanted this looser in the White House.

    So now we have Oilsoc, the Petulant Child. He and Imelda are in some ways perfect for one another. So together they can be The Petulant Pair. Which is consistent with the ripples throughout DC that they are one ********* duo (and the rest of the family/friends are not far behind) and the WH has become a living nightmare for the staff.

  43. Imust – I LOL’s with that comment as well. Didn’t have time to read others. Trying to get some invoicing done before I am living in a barrel.

    Will BBL to play. In the meantime, I wonder if NES felt this. Rather shallow as EQ’s go.


  44. Mimi and Sally- i let you out of the spam filter – thanks for the comments!
    Indeed every one IS “tired of the smart-ass, lying thirteen year old”
    and as long as the room they send him to is in Chicago and permanent I am all for it!
    Yes indeed he is a closet republican!

  45. When a bill is hammered out he can sign it or go to his room.


  46. I didn’t feel it, FF.

  47. Wowie, zowie! Another speech from the side-lined, petulant looooooooser:

    Jay Carney (EOP) POTUS to address nation, 9 pm tonight, re stalemate over avoiding default and the best approach to cutting deficits. Watch @ wh.gov/live.
    28 minutes ago via web

    I know y’all will be watching, intently. Me? I gotta wash my hair.

  48. For those of us who cannot look away from a train wreck – I may tune in to see him slamming his rattle on the podium and claim victory from the confines of his high chair

  49. I know many here hate Drudge – but ya gotta see the picture of OZero on the splash

  50. slamming his rattle on the podium


  51. Mom @ 4:12 . . . Please, please send him somewhere else. It’s bad enough having to work here (chicago) when TehOne is not here. Having him here is more torture than I can handle.


  52. djmm ~ I only wish Tavis would primary teh liar/loser.

    I said when I heard him, though – “Tavis for President!”

  53. FF, that photo of Obama is funny but I think this captures his current mood.

  54. Many thanks to whoever embedded the photo! 🙂

  55. LOVE IT that they have included that creepy growth on the side of his nose in the Obaby Photo

  56. Everyone have their popcorn?

    This is Prime Time!

  57. ‘Countdown to crisis’— ABC has to be kidding

  58. That useless b@$tard!! I tuned in to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent because it’s the episode with Patti Smith (a rerun, I missed the original). And WTF! This idgit takes MY public airwaves (that cost me $179/month) to have his bitchy hissy fit. Get off my TV you freeloader.

  59. Class Warfare: The SOP of this POS

    “A Predecessor of mine” WTF????

    Channeling Reagan again

  60. Okay I turned on the teevee……yikes!! That’ll teach me to get HDTV.

  61. Did he just quote Reagan?

  62. I thought he was gonna quote Clinton!

  63. Sophie ROFL!

  64. Nah! Why quote Clinton. He was the guy with the surplus.

  65. Threatening the seniors again….watch out granny.


    I’m SCREAMING at him

  67. I’m really tiring of the “kick the can” phrase.

  68. I have an idea, Obama. Volunteer to remove yourself from the 2012 ballot in exchange for the deal you really want from the Republicans.

  69. Washington’s political warfare? I thought Bambi was going to change all that???

  70. American people already became collateral damage in political warfare when you gamed the primaries.

  71. I love it Sophie! I’ll sign on that!

  72. What are we fed up with Barry?

  73. Oh–now he likes the middle class. F you.

  74. I’m bone tired of him.

  75. He’s taking it to the American people.

  76. Cannot wait to hear Boehner’s reply

  77. Once again he votes present.

  78. They put too much make up on him.

  79. Carter’s Malaise Speech Part Deux

  80. Ha! CBS news anchor. Said, a “tough speech” “times you could almost see the steam come out of his ears”

  81. I want the wealthy to pay more but it sounds incredibly insincere coming from Obama.

  82. Yeah, Malaise 2.0 with anger.

  83. Yeah Sophie, he really is no Bill Clinton.

  84. Did Boehner just say, “I serve as Speaker of the Whore House?”

  85. You all are gluttons for punishment. How about I give you a giggle.
    We made this treat jar for a lady in CA.
    treat jar
    Spoke to her today to see how she and her cat liked it. Come to find out it wasn’t for her cat but for a condom container on her night stand.

  86. So, if we lose our credit rating, do they repossess our wars?

  87. There’s no picture there DE.

  88. Like Obama, there’s no there, there.

  89. Boehner is out ‘presidenting’ Obama

  90. ROFL Sophie!

  91. He was on AGAIN? WTF? Get OFF the airwaves and get to WORK!

  92. Boehner needs to blink more.

  93. Boehner’s tie is blinding me.

  94. I think he comes across as more real than Obama.

  95. Hey, didn’t the talking head just say this was Obama trying to help Boehner with his unyielding freshmen? He’s not sounding very grateful.

  96. A rock would sound more real than Obama.

  97. Al Gore seems loose and animated compared to Obama.

  98. LOL Comment from a poster at Big Pink

    “I cannot watch this, my blood pressure cannot take it.

    Let me guess, corporate jets (like the one Meeeeechelle took for Aspen fundraisers), evil businesses, millionaires, billionaires, eat your peas, I am the greatest, I won, radical tea party people, I know everything, I won!”

  99. ROFLMAO DE! You sure can pick ’em!

  100. BTW that lady in CA is not me! Socal? NES? lorac?

  101. DE- rofl!
    We do have quite a few Californian ladies here as imust pointed out. Hmmmmmmm

  102. ROFL! Hillary is 44 called Obama, “Jell-O’bama! Perfect!

  103. Hey, and I know for sure it is not ME….. 😯 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉

  104. Imust said:
    “Al Gore seems loose and animated compared to Obama.”


    Al the Big Bad Bore and Imperial Emperor of the Faked Green Agenda also appears to be a better dancer. And although that staged smooch was high on the ick factor, probably even a better kisser. Maybe Al could have the Child on his new Tee Vee show and give the Petulant One some pointers.

  105. No, it’s not anyone here. But Casper did order two?!?!?!

  106. Seriously Mt. Laurel, why aren’t his handlers helping him?? Then again….maybe they are!

    Casper! So sorry to have left you out…apologies! Did I leave anyone else out of the CA Crew?

  107. Casper! Now we know what the smiley faces REALLY mean!

  108. You should move, leslie. Come to Calif.!

  109. Yep, LOVE it (the inclusion of the creepy growth) too.

  110. American people already became collateral damage in political warfare when you gamed the primaries.

    Go Sophie!

  111. He’s taking it to the American people.

    WTF! Haven’t the American people suffered enough??!!

  112. Poor Bammy…who can blame him for being angry? After all, all the big boys and girls took the ball and went elsewhere, leaving Bammy to ‘play house.’

  113. imustprotest….. 😉 Thanks! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 🙂

  114. Hilarious DE! In that case, a more appropriate label might’ve been “Treats for Good Pussies.”
    Casper, how about it?

  115. Well gang the packing is about done- just today’s clothes to put in a bag and the few toiletries I need for tonight and the morning. I will probably be off line all day tomorrow. Don’t you hate travel days? If I am not back in a few days you will know the TSA got me. Send hostage rescue!

  116. That comment from Big Pink is ROFL-hilarious.

  117. Hey, wait a minute, …lorac and I have no need for a condom jar. So, if it’s not imust (giving her the benefit of the doubt), then it MUST be socal!
    CONFESS socal!!! (We’re all friends here….)

  118. Great idea, Mt. Laurel. Bam could join Obly at Al’s TeeVee company. They could co-host a show called “Petulance and Grandstanding with Bammy and Olby.”

  119. But Casper did order two?!?!?!

    WHOA Casper!! Upps will be so J.

  120. Well well well- I just read the transcript of his latest bunch of baloney and this was interesting
    “Interest rates would skyrocket on credit cards, mortgages, and car loans, which amounts to a huge tax hike on the American people. We would risk sparking a deep economic crisis – one caused almost entirely by Washington.”

    DING DING DING! EXACTLY what the banks want- higher interest – for us little people. While they borrow (OUR MONEY) at next to nothing rates. And yes, it is OUR money. Given to them by the fraud and his cronies. Which they are sitting on.
    Sparking a deep economic crisis? HELLOOOOOOOO in DC- we are in a Depression out here! We have an ongoing economic crisis.

    You know- I would dearly love to force every single one of those idiots- and their lobbyists and staffers- to come and live for one month with a regular American. One month on what I live on. One month in the winter with the heat at 68 for an hour in the morning and afternoon and down to 55 at bedtime. One month with everything turned off and unplugged that is not in use. One month of planning every single trip in the car to get the most done in the shortest line possible.

    Just one month- that is all it would take,

  121. Never mind “hostage rescue,” Mom! For you, only the SEALs will do.
    Bon voyage for tomorrow. And, don’t let the TSA touch your female “junk.”

  122. NES… correction…I ordered 3…. 🙂 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😯 Can’t wait for the wonderful treat jars…. 🙂 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉 😎

  123. Mom, I’m sure the Obamas would readily agree to come stay with you for a month, provided that you keep them in lobsters and Kobe beef.

  124. He sure likes the word “Skyrocket”

    Yes. Hmmmmmm. Let’s see. Now where have I heard that before….

  125. Tripe WHOA then, Casper. Obama should impose a Happy-Tax on you.

  126. Yes Casper but that one is a dog treat jar and I wasn’t going to even imagine what your were going to put in that……ROFL!

  127. I’m always a day late & a dollar short because I mainly come on line after work, but I have to say ProudMilitaryMom:

  128. GAWD, that vid clip is sickening. In it, he says “I will cap greenhouses gases…”
    Why the eff doesn’t he begin to cap them by shutting TFU!??! The carbon print generated by his ever-running mouth is HUGE.

  129. Ok!!! you guys are soooooooooooooo bad!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 Now, wake up and get your minds out of the gutter…. 😉 Really, looking forward to the wonderful treats jars… And, yes one is for a friend of mine B-day….she is a dog lover… 🙂 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 See, what you have started deadenders…. 😯 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉 🙂

  130. UW; Lorac, I am making you a moderator. You have definitely earned your wings and pulled your weight, and then some. Congratulations

    Wings?? Penguin Wings?? I can fly away on penguin wings! Yippee!

  131. For those who missed tonight’s episode of Cooking With Barry, it featured a spineless chicken with a malaise glaze.

    comment from GretaWire

  132. McConnell earned his money today. He took it to Teh Won:

  133. FF – ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Off to bed. Otherwise, yawns will necessarily skyrocket. Night all!

  135. OMG, FF, that’s hilarious!

  136. Oh, lorac. Why do you always show up when I am going to bed.


  137. But, FF, she’s there in the morning, ain’t she?

  138. Mt. Laurel, what does this mean?

    they are one ********* duo

  139. FF had another ROFL statement up thread, I have to go find it.

    Can’t you all feel the happiness in the air now that UW is back?

  140. NoEmptySuits, on July 25, 2011 at 10:51 PM said:

    But, FF, she’s there in the morning, ain’t she?


  141. FF – it wouldn’t be a problem if we were in the same place mmmm mmmm I could just hop right in and give you a nice relaxing backrub and then tu5tija’jih’jhgahjarjgmr’jhrojhairejghiha CENSORED!!!!

  142. NES is still fascinated by our ‘breakfasts’, FF 😉

  143. lorac @ 10:58


    and as for breakfast – how about tomorrow?

  144. Sophie is still working on fighting Honora for the funniest person on the blog!

    Sophie, on July 25, 2011 at 9:19 PM said: Edit Comment

    So, if we lose our credit rating, do they repossess our wars?

  145. PMM, great job with all the juggling! Moving is kind off a multi-taking situation to start with, and you added to it a great post!!!

  146. Wow, DE, that strikes me as a large condom container! (but what would *I* know lol)

    I vote for imust – how do we know her name isn’t really imustprotect NOT imustprotest!

  147. For sure, Sophie’s on a roll today!

  148. Lorac

    As to ****** You can fill in the blank. Because the terms I have heard used – well let’s just say Imelda should at least appreciate that they are legitimate street and should not be repeated in a public forum. I was unable to pull polite words from my head that conveyed quite the same meaning. Perhaps – resentful vulgar ingrates with exceptionally nasty temperaments??

    Sort of the opposite of that phase from the Manchurian Candidate: “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

    But then, this is the first pair that greets everyone as if they have deigned to come down from Olympus to meet with the dirty masses (who are of course kept behind ropes at all times). I guess they thought those foam columns were real.

  149. The DNC , instead of excising the cancer, allowed it to take over.

    Ugh. Metastatic Barack. Does that mean the country needs chemo and radiation?

  150. I just got this in an email – anyone from TX know if it’s true? Or just hype? It does seem to have been started by a republican person.
    Liberals Open U.S./Mexico Border?

    ALERT: El Paso Texas will soon become the first city to have a completely unmanned tollbooth going from Texas to Mexico!

    The city is spending $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS on electronic toll booths that will be up and running as early as December. The electronic toll booths will make it COMPLETELY EFFORTLESS for drug dealers to smuggle illicit substances into the U.S. Smuggling PEOPLE across the border will be a cakewalk! The increase in crime will be astounding!

    What else are the Liberals doing to give illegals carte blanche access into our country? Recently, Obama passed the DREAM act by executive fiat. The DREAM Act rewards young people (who have broken the law and are living in our country illegally) with a U.S. citizenship if they go to college or join the military. Last week, Obama’s buddies asked immigration judges to make special exceptions for illegals who are going to school! A year ago America stood up and spoke out against the DREAM Act. Congress listened and they voted “no.” But we all know that if Obama wants something, the opinion of Americans’ and the vote of Congress do not matter. He just enforces the legislation via executive fiat. He did it with ObamaCare rules and regulations. He did it over and over again with his fanatical Left-wing Czar appointees. And now he’s done it with the DREAM Act!

    Reject Obama’s Stealth Amnesty Scheme!

    Before SNEAKING the DREAM Act under our noses, Obama enlisted the help of ICE to execute his grand amnesty plans. On June 17th, ICE Director John Morton issued a memo encouraging ICE agents to use caution when making deportation decisions.

    According to the ICE memo, an illegal can avoid deportation simply for being here illegally. So there you have it, we have full-blown amnesty! Take a look at the list of reasons that will prevent illegals from being deported. Obama and ICE should’ve saved themselves a headache and just said as long they’re wearing two shoes on their feet they can become U.S. citizens.
    If The Illegal…

    Came to the U.S. as a young child
    Graduated high school, pursuing college or an advanced degree
    Has a relative who has served in the military, reserves, or national guard
    Are pregnant
    Has a spouse, child or parent who is a citizen or a permanent resident
    …ICE Can’t Deport Them!

    Reject Obama’s Stealth Amnesty Scheme!

    Obama is completely DEAF to the dangerous reality Americans face outside the Beltway. Larry Link, 68, is one of the latest causalities in the war to defend our borders. In early June, he was murdered by an illegal on his own property. Unfortunately, the Larry Link tragedy isn’t unique. Across the country, illegals are committing crimes like murder, robbery and rape. Will you help us STOP Obama’s stealth amnesty plans? Will you help us FIGHT for the safety of law abiding Americans across the country? If so, please fill out the Illegal Alien Backdoor Amnesty Poll and make your voice heard!

    States are responding by passing Arizona-style immigration laws. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed the strictest series of anti-immigration laws in the country. According to Fox News, “The bill [known as HB 87] cracks down on illegal immigration by increasing some law enforcement powers and requiring many employers to check the immigration status of new hires. The law penalizes people who transport or harbor undocumented immigrants.” Pro-amnesty fanatics are currently challenging this law in court.

    North Carolina is another state following in Arizona’s footsteps. The bill, known as Senate resolution 1349, will require immigrants to carry proof of citizenship, or an illegal alien registration card. North Carolina has become the 18th state to introduce a bill similar to Arizona’s immigration law.

  151. Lorac,
    Post that over at mcnormans and see what she thinks.

  152. Thx for the suggestion, DE – I just did it!

  153. How do you guys put pictures in the comments?

  154. lorac, mcnorman will know if there’s any there to that story about the Tex.-Mex. border.

  155. Yeah, I want to know too. Also, how do you embed vids in comments?

  156. I vote for imust – how do we know her name isn’t really imustprotect NOT imustprotest!

    Wow, that may be the comment of the day! Pengy (with serviceable wings) for lorac!

  157. Hmmmm…. you know how FF said that her body was one of the first painted bodies in the video her artist friend made?

    I think she owes it to us to do a header with her painted body up there, and the penguins and Bill can all be applauding….


  158. Sweet little FF, off sleeping in Florida Land. Devious little lorac, up awake in CA Land. I thought of a new tease for her to read over breakfast…

    FF! If you come to CA, I bet we just might feel some earthquakes you love to track so much! Very, very localized earthquakes lol

  159. NES, did you get your two briefs down last night? Does that mean you are working on two cases at once? Or, a brief for two different parts of the same case….?

    So, even female attorneys have briefs?

  160. “done”, not “down” lol I really wasn’t going for a double entendre – well not until the last sentence lol

  161. Everybody went to sleep. Guess I have to go back to work in the kitchen cutting up fruit and veggies…..

  162. Fear not Lorac, only the weak need sleep. As Uppity would say.

  163. Did anyone see the Ramirez op-ed cartoon dated July 20?


    Fantastic!! Bravo!!

    (I’d embed it if I knew how)

    It only showed in the Repulsive today, five days after it was published. What a rag.

  164. Ha, lorac! Nope, the briefs aren’t done yet. Still, the light at the end of the tunnel is expanding. Female attorneys have BETTER briefs.

  165. Hey TC, long time no see. War da heck you bin?

  166. Where’re imust and socal? Calis have to hold up the fort at night!



    Come and get them, you fellow-Calis!

  167. Did someone mention PIE?

  168. And, where’s mcnorman these days?

  169. I bet the Needle-Nose misses her attorney. She’s going to tweet me any minute.

  170. TC been an indentured servant. Someone has to pay the bills to offset the national debt. Hahahahahahaha!

    Newsflash to D.C.: Pennies, here they come!

  171. Ha! Allie, that was a good cartoon!

  172. I wasn’t lurking….just got home! Wh-wh-whats that I hear? A bell?? You know every time you hear a bell, a lorac gets its wings!

  173. OMG! A page of pies! Where’s karen? KAREN!! We’ve got some work to do!

  174. lol imust

    actually, it wasn’t a bell – it was your ears burning – we were wondering why you didn’t tell us that your real name is imustPROTECT not imustprotest, and why did you order that huge jar for all the condoms….? 🙂

    If you scroll up, it will all become clear!

  175. Here’s one on a lawmaker gone bad who wants the system to go easy on him.

  176. The jar is not mine I tell ya’! Where’s my lawyer?!!

  177. Hi Everyone! I just saw this funny video and it made me think of you guys. I should say it made me think of you because you all love pets, not because you’re stubborn. Maybe a little feisty though. Is this a bulldog? Stubborn little guy:

  178. Thanks NES. I really want a good strawberry rhubarb pie. I can never find any. Looks like I’m going to have to break down and make one.

  179. So what do you guys think of bark’s speech & the budget issue? I am no bark fan, and pray daily for him to announce he’s not running again, but I don’t see why that creep boehner is being held up like some kind of hero either. Stomps out like a baby during negotiations? Won’t take a phone call from POTUS? Why is this good? Would we all be fired from our jobs if we pulled this kind of crap?

  180. Laker! Great video!

    I see where you’re REALLY going with it!

    Obama is the bossy one. The pool is the electoral votes, and he’s STEALING them from Hillary!

  181. socal – I think the dem stations are making O out to be the magnanimous one, and Fox is making Boehner out to be the hero. Politics….

  182. “the dem stations are making O out to be the magnanimous one, and Fox is making Boehner out to be the hero. Politics…”

    In other words, same old, same old. Depressing thought. I don’t trust either party with SS & medicare.

  183. btw, lorac, thanks a bunch for keeping things going here while Upps is on vaca. I did check in over the weekend, but was swamped with paperwork, so didn’t have much time for the threads.

  184. Or maybe I should say, thanks Madame Moderator Lorac!

  185. socal – that’s “Mme Penguin Wings” to you! lol

  186. Writer Leopard sure is on the ball.

  187. That’s hilarous, laker! Gus is waaaaay cute…kinda like you.
    This could be Day in the Life of any Uppityite.

  188. Gus is way cuter than Obama could ever dream of being.
    Also, Gus has conviction, endurance and courage…in other words, he’s more like our girl Hill.

  189. Hey socal, when’re you going to start abusing your position as moderator?

  190. Huh? I’m not a moderator, too much responsibility for me!

  191. God, that pie was beautiful. Looked just like my maman’s! Yum!

  192. NES, interesting interpretation of Gus. He does have tenacity. I wonder why he wanted his pool in the house? I wonder if he thought it was his new water dish or something. He’s very cute, not as gorgeous as the resident needle nose, of course.

    “Penguin Wings” Good one lorac! I’m glad you got your penguin wings! You deserve them for all your hard work and inspiration!

  193. Yikes, sorry socal…I meant to say “lorac.”
    So lorac, when’ll start abusing your moderator privileges? You have 48 hours…don’t disappoint.

  194. Rasmussen is a pollster with a Republican tilt and often exhibits a rightward slant. I always take his results with a grain of salt. Quinnipiac, Gallup, Bloomberg, NY Times, Survey USA, Zogby , etc all have to be read to get a handle on any issue.

  195. Why isn’t Bonner crying…there is crying in politics!

    I am writing Bernie Sanders name on any ballott I see……….I want a sticker for my car. Bernie for President he lives! The one we have now has been dead for forevaha!!

  196. Gee Gus reminds me of O’ Fucktard. LOL
    Gus is of course why smarter!!

  197. lorac, you have mail

  198. Hi gang. I could get used to this. 202 comments, Mom. I am so J!

    Do you not have the world’s best moderators or what? They took the bull by the horn. Why am I not surprised?

    Dog looks disgusting. As he does everytime we visit our friends up here, a neighbor who likes to fish feeds her whole fishes. Nobody wants her kissing them. She has burdock stuck on her. Her nose has sunblock on it, and her white parts are off-white. She likes to sail. And run along the water’s edge. She also is working on her goal. Everybody should have a goal and she has one too, for the summer. To finally catch a squirrel. I don’t hold out much hope though. But if she does, she will probably try to herd it, bring it home and play with it. Due to NES’s network up here, along with her commitment to ID us, Dog continues incognito in her deer disguise. We’re heading home soon but plan to return again ASAP.

    I don’t know how long woodpeckers live, but it does seem the same one that drove me crazy last time is still here. Annoying little bastage.

    I put a little thread up with a challenge. Don’t get a headache trying to think of answers.

  199. Awww. I’m glad to hear the beautiful needlenose is having a fabulous time! She deserves it!

  200. Dear Mom, I also didn’t go through the entire thread. I completely concur..Brazille and the rest of the corrupt DNC who could NOT get behind a REAL POTUS are to blame for this shit we are in. They were so afraid of a strong dem. So terrified of Hillary’s strength and the progs can kiss my ass too! NO she wasn’t perfect but, she had the guts to stand up for the working poor and middle class and that’s precisely why they could not let her win. Anybody with an ounce of sense could have seen this from a mile and a half away. SHE was the one who would have fought for us and that’s why they so badly needed her to lose. President “F.U. dems” was a trojan horse. Thank you for this post. I will never forgive what they cost the American people with their suck up to the big donor, vote stealing manipulations.

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