Advice From Curtis and Leroy

Advice From Curtis and Leroy

Limit all US politicians to two terms. One in office, one in prison. Detroit and Chicago already do this.

Let them all join Rezko! This is your open thread!
**Caption added  is not part of original cartoon.


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  2. Yes Anthony, this is another very good summation. The bottom line is that many of us are actually living in reality not in the government’s parallel universe.

  3. Anthony – that video needs to go viral!

    And MOM!!!! OH MOM!!!! Your caption should get you the Pulitzer!

  4. Brilliant!

  5. FF! Thanks but it was an e-mail sent to me by a dear friend. I looked all over the net- but it has been used so many times there is no telling who it belongs to. Of course we will give credit if anybody knows the original artist.

    And a big thanks to Uppity cuz she is the one who fixed the cartoon for me- really this should be her post- when I saved it it was teeny tiny- so she fixed it for me!

  6. It’s pretty clear the Senate is TERRIFIED of the Tea Party. Face it; the whole Tea Party, back-to-basics romance of the Patriots has appeal to those whose jobs fail to satiate their fantasies.

    Truly, those who HAVE jobs (in Government, with benefits and good salary) aren’t fighting from the same level as those who would just as happily dress up like Minute Men and give these guys a heave ho.

    We have our churches and our guns, and isn’t that where our forefathers kept the records, held the meetings and taught the respect for fire arms? Even us immigrants looked, first, to our churches for identity, common language and protection. George Washington, in a defiant effort to hold onto his Mount Vernon properties, tried everything to make a go of farming. He resented the cheapskates of London who gave him low prices for his tobacco, so he turned to other crops that sold better locally, and he accepted military duties for “expenses” rather than submit to the congressional insult of low pay for his military service! It is becoming obvious that the “have nots” aren’t too worried about the Economy that left them behind on May 31, 2008. If the Global Economy is what it’s going to be, then so be it. Our skills are legendary. We have only to market ourselves to get the word to those around the world who will be buying what we will be selling.

    Getting the Governing trolls out of the shake-down business with the approach these pig farmers advocate is a great idea.

  7. One of my friends jokingly told me that when Carter was president, he considered suicide. With Barack as President, he says he might actually do it.

  8. Nonetheless Mom, it’s a winner! You need to tweet it! I’ll pass it on!

  9. UW: who says he might do it–commit suicide—Am I mssing something here

    PMM: great cartoon—–UW: Great caption

  10. FF left a link in the thread below- worth the read so bringing it up- Obama is petulant- and more!

  11. Another brilliant statement from some twit on today’s unemployment numbers for the week:

    “A reduction in firings is a necessary step toward the point when employers are more willing to add workers.”

  12. OK, I gotta get in gear! BBL (and thanks Mom – Mission Accomplished!)

  13. LOL FF. A true genius. Too bad the unemployment numbers are fudged. The real number is probably closer to 18 percent when you include the people who gave up long ago and fell off their rolls.

    Now they are talking about Obama pulling the ‘Nuclear Option”. Obama IS the nuclear option.

  14. Fudged indeed:

    The continuing claims figure does not include the number of Americans receiving extended benefits under federal programs.

    Those who’ve used up their traditional benefits and are now collecting emergency and extended payments increased by about 62,400 to 3.76 million in the week ended July 9.

  15. OMG! Take a look at the “prison” that kid murderer creep in Norway may stay:

  16. imust! Unbelievable! I see Norway, like the US, does not believe in punishment. Hell they live better than I do! Makes me wonder if I should go get a passport………

  17. The truth is, a small business owner who takes a cut by being taxed more is going to find a way to recoup. They do that by laying people off. What people do not understand is the reality of business. People take financial risks to start a business. They do not do this to become employers. They take the risk in hopes of being more successful financially. It could go either way. The truth is, people do not go into business to become employment agencies. They go into business to make a profit. If they lose, nobody gives a shit. If they succeed, they are bad people from that day forward, also known as an Employer. But their success means employment for someone else. That’s how it works. If a small business owner finds his income reduced he will lay off employees because he can recoup his income reduction that way. nobody in his or her right mind is going to reduce his or her own income while owning all the risk to being a business owner. A small business is not a commune. It’s a place where a person at financial risk shares success by employing others. What they don’t do is take a hit for the sake of others. So when Barack decides to tax them, they still have the same monthly bills. They still have to pay off equipment. And they still plan to pay themselves. If another cost increase is added, which is what a tax increase is in essence, you WILL see more unemployment. I know it’s not what people want to hear but it’s the truth nonetheless.

    Michelina, it’s not my caption. It was in the post, I just fixed the problem Mom was having with editing.

  18. File under “Both sides suck” and “So what he owes the first wife child support- he’s gots hisself anudder wife now” and “I kin haz multiple marriages cuz I’se straight!”
    “CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, the tea party-backed Republican who squeaked into office last year by vowing to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington and who has been one of President Barack Obama’s most outspoken critics during the standoff over the debt ceiling, is being sued for more than $100,000 in unpaid child support, a newspaper reported.”

    So let’s see. He runs for Congress but he has no job so he can’t pay his child support but he can go on “intenational vacations”
    And this guy ran on the fiscal responsibility ticket?
    No wonder we are sooooooo screwed.
    Oh wait I see he is from Illinois- from whence came teh one. And the guy with the fake hair that tried to sell a Senate seat. And Rahm. And Wright. never mind.

  19. He runs for Congress but he has no job so he can’t pay his child support but he can go on “intenational vacations”
    And this guy ran on the fiscal responsibility ticket?

    Oh he can pay it, he just doesn’t want to. He shot a wad, made some kids and he’s all set because his despicable last name will be carried on. The rest is that broad’s problem. Just shows you what shitbags these people really are. If he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his own kids, what makes you think he has an attack of guilt over fucking Americans?

  20. Correct, Upps. That’s how it works for small businesses.

  21. He is being “fiscally responsible”….to himself! Like Uppity said, he doesn’t WANT to pay child support. He found a way around it and saved HIMSELF $117k!

  22. Oh, and Uppity’s other point is also spot on; he doesn’t care about his own kids….he most certainly doesn’t care about the American people.

  23. Hmph. I am beginning to think young women should get some kind of upfront escrow account to cover all child support in the event of the sperm donors default.

  24. Oh great. US soldier found in a motel room near Ft. Hood with bomb making materials.

  25. “A search of his motel room revealed that he had some components which could be considered bomb-making materials,” Vasys said.
    In June, the U.S. military approved Nassar as a conscientious objector to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that status was put on hold after he was charged with child pornography in Kentucky.
    Nassar applied for conscientious objector status in 2010 after he decided Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the U.S. Army in any war, military officials said.

  26. Just saw that imust. Why was this guy not on a watch list? Did they learn nothing from the first Ft Hood incident?

  27. OMG! John Smart has the greatest cartoon in his post today!

  28. Shocking that such a thing could come so close to happening again.

    OMG how could they miss the red flags?? I read where this guy was a conscientious objector due to his faith….hmmmm. Apparently that didn’t raise any eyebrows either.

  29. Unbelievable isn’t it Somebody?! And he wasn’t caught because of the red flags:

    Abdo was arrested on Wednesday after a “concerned citizen” reported that he had firearms and smokeless gunpowder in his motel room in Killeen, Vasys said.

  30. imust how does this fit in with his faith.

    FBI Special Agent Eric Vasys said the soldier, who was absent without leave from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was being held in a jail in the city of Killeen, Texas near Fort Hood, on an unrelated child pornography charge.

  31. LMAO!


    That would interfere with The Vineyard!

    Greta Van Susteren
    @gretawire Greta Van Susteren
    Rep Bachmann just invited Pres O to join her on bus tour in Iowa /NPC

  32. It makes ya wonder if there is “A”specific target at Fort Hood these animals are after.

  33. Silly DE! So rational!!

  34. FF, either that or more sick symbolism. Or just copycat.

  35. Does Obama even GO on buses? I can’t even imagine him lowering himself. I just wonder what Bachmann is trying to do with that invitation. Is she trying to bait his camp into making fun of her?

  36. oops, edit please….buses. (Freedom FixitFairy was here)

  37. Well, I tried

    Bitter Clinger has a Message for POTUS!

  38. FF, I don’t know. The last one I posted was embedded for me by a moderator. Sorry. 😦

  39. Try this:

    Inserting an image file into a blog comment is very straight-forward, once you know how. Here’s the tiny piece of code you need.

    [img src=” “]

    Simply insert the http:// address of your uploaded image between the quote marks above, then replace the square brackets [ ] with and you’re done.

  40. It didn’t work 😦 nevermind

  41. Thanks Imust. I’m larnin’!

  42. Apparently there were no goats available so Abdo went for the child porn. I guess he wasn’t in a “Shariah Controlled Zone”. But then, if he didn’t smoke or drink or play music, he would be compliant. The signs in the UK say nothing about being a fucking pervert, molesting children or making bombs.

    Oh I wouldn’t be suprised if they DID see red flags on this shitbag. Our political correctness has gone way to far to the point of being a national security issue. This is the military for chrissakes! I say give the bastard to Texas for disposition.Quicker and definitely more satisfying.

  43. AMEN Uppity! Rat bastages.
    On a happier note- dinner here will be Pork Chops stuffed with apples, onions, mushroom and sage. Fresh sweet corn on the cob. All locally grown (well the shrooms came from Pittsburgh- but still)
    Dessert- fresh local peach cobbler with peach ice cream made two miles from my house.
    Beverage suggestions?

  44. Did someone mention PIE?
    🙂 (cobbler is close enough)

    As for the Abdo dude, he probably considered it

  45. Hey you did it FF! And thanks for the edit too!

  46. Beverage suggestions?

    Why, Ice Tea, or course! Freshly made with mint and lemon!

  47. (Is my Southern showing?)

  48. Yeah he was a “Conscientious Objector”. Didn’t want to kill people in war. Just with his own freaking home made bombs. This freak wants to pick his targets. Like maybe Non Muslims.

    I bet this shitbag never got picked by the TSA for a grope either.

  49. On another Reality Note: Illinois of course….
    Former state trooper gets 60 days for watching child porn. In his squad car. We pick 7-11 employees in this country with more thought than we use on selecting cops.

  50. 60 days in jail and ten yrs probation? WTF?????
    Does it ever occur to these assholes that the porn they are watching/looking at is pics of somebody’s child? Someone’s son or daughter?
    What the hell is wrong with this country.

  51. NES, this is for you!

    VIDEO: Governor Huntsman outside White House gets swarmed!
    by Greta Van Susteren Posted in: 2012, Governor Jon Huntsman

    Jul 28 2011 – 4:00 PM ET

    Just a short time ago, and outside the White House and the Treasury Department, we interviewed candidate for President, Governor Jon Huntsman for tonight’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm. He was swarmed by fans – Chinese Americans and Chinese tourists. He is VERY popular with them having been the Ambassador to China.

    (And by the way, no, he was not at that location to “measure the curtains.” We, not the Governor or his campaign, chose the location because I had to be some place nearby – National Press Club – and he had to be some place nearby and, with all the scheduling issues, the interview could not happen unless we had a mutually convenient location. The promenade in front of the White House and the Treasure was perfect since the people in the area – security – are used to the media and we could make the arrangements at the last minute. Let me repeat, WE chose the location and the Governor did not. He was trying to accommodate our scheduling issues.)


    I have to wonder if Barry has the same type of exchanges with his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. Middle East..

  52. Thanks FF! Aww, he’s so cuuute. Too bad he’s never going to make it.

  53. I don’t understand how one can claim CO status on the basis of not wanting to kill co-religionists? A religious objection could be based on the injunction against killing, period; but, in that case, one shouldn’t be in the military at all (and that’s OK because it is, after all, a wholly voluntary military). But, it can’t be based on: “I don’t have an objection to killing the enemy unless the enemy is my co-religionist Iraqi or Afghani.” What a person with this objection is really saying is that he/she is a muslim first and an American second. And, there’s no place in the military for this kind of divided loyalty that undermines the very notion of citizenship. What the hell is the Pentagon thinking giving these guys a pass on certain wars — they should be booted out, not given selective-CO status. This sort of PC madness is scary.

  54. Yes, FF, your Southern (slip) is definitely showing. Quite charming.

  55. That placard is HILARIOUS!! I especially love, love, love the ‘branded’ b.s.-O.

  56. Yes Mom, only 60 days. No sense of wasting a good police officer who has many more years to “serve” on some other force.

    America’s finest.

    NES, it all kinda makes you wonder why he joined the military. But you don’t have to wonder for too long.

  57. Rick Sanchez’ promotion:

    Radio announcer for Florida International University football games.

    You’ve come a long way baby! Maybe you should get drunk and kill somebody with your car again and leave the scene….and MSNBC might pick you up.

  58. For Uppity. Italian soul music that doesn’t look like what is heard. So used to the three tenors in tuxes and with the ginzo image down pat. This is disjointed.

  59. I see they wore their best clothes for the peformance.

    Good voices. It’s good to see teens carrying a tune for a change instead of following those talent-less rappers around.

  60. The ring is getting a tad crowded over there in R land- I just read Pataki is considering throwing his hat in.
    George Pataki thinks only George Pataki can beat Obama in 2012

    Pass the peanuts please- this circus is getting busy!

  61. Yikes, MOM, what a zoo!
    Upps haaaaaaaates Pataki.

  62. Yikes indeed and I thought I recalled Uppity’s dislike for Pataki. Though the article said he has been “considering” for quite a while. Flying well under the radar? I don’t recall hearing he was a contender prior to reading it today.
    What the hell is going on? Are the R’s just going to keep on floating names until one gets a hit with independents and their base? NAHgunnahappen! The independents I know will not vote for a right cliffer and the R base won’t go for a moderate.

  63. I KNEW there was a reason I got rid of Cable

    Would rather watch a thousand reruns of The Munsters than tune in to this yawnfest on Greta tonight.

    “Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham discuss the latest in the debt battle crisis”

    I just can’t imagine…

  64. Pataki: morally bankrupt flying asshole who tanked new york.

  65. It gets worse….

    THIS is what will let Obama win in 2012

    by Greta Van Susteren Posted in: debt ceilng

    Jul 28 2011 – 6:34 PM ET

    Urgent- House Conservatives Go to Pray re-Debt Impasse

    Per Trish Turner-

    We seem to have a handful of members going to pray in the member’s chapel – abt the current debt impasse.

    Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-SC, who says he is “still a no” just told reporters Rep. Jeff Duncan called him and asked him to join him to pray. There’s an indication others could be on the way.


    Welcome to the Republican Theocracy.

    And Although I do not have a problem with folks praying – for goodness sakes don’t do it on the taxpayer’s dime in the middle of a debt debate and publicize it. God doesn’t give a rat’s backside about USA Debt and these thieves in Congress.

  66. loved this comment someone left re: the above

    “How about going to confession first! “

  67. Their prayer:

    Dear God, please help us to fuck old people and the middle class every which way but Tuesday. Help us to make sure that future generations of old people live on the street so we can hire them for a bag of rice and a nice tent to sleep in after work. Please also help us to help the poor downtrodden Wall Street so that we may continue our good deeds with the money we rake in from our inside trading. Also please help us to stop women from moving from their rightful places under us and in our kitchens and help us to save the Unborn so that we might watch them starve to death after they are born. We believe in Life, except of course when ti comes to bastards we execute. Help us to stop the abomination of homosexuality even though most of us are on the down low. We know You are with us on this and You voted for every one of us righteous bloodsuckers. We appreciate your participation in our prayer stunt and await the cameras. Amen.

  68. Gonna go watch a movie. BBL

    And Amen, Uppity. But what I want to know is, if we ever elect a Muslim FEMALE Congressperson, will SHE be ALLOWED to pray in the Congressional Mosque?!?!


  69. Uppity! ROFL! Me? I went straight to the part about “Deliver us from Evil” in May of 08. That is the best I can do under the circumstances. That and stock my pantry.

  70. FF- the muslims have Friday prayers in a room under the Dome of the Capitol every week.

    Now women muslims I am sure are not allowed. Sharia separation and all that bs.

  71. […] killed the job market and Obama wants to push the pulsing neon arrow away from him. Curtis and Leroy are onto Obama and Obama needs, like most Nero incendiaries, to find someone else to […]

  72. WELL DONE MOM! Big Pink is linking you!


  73. HEY! I must be movin on up in the world! I got a link back to the Big Pink! WOO HOO! They are a riot over there!

  74. FF! I am having a glass of Moscato right now to celebrate! I love that blog!

  75. Ditto what FF typed, well done Mom!
    Uppity, that prayer is so spot on, it’s painful , funny yet very painful. Kinda like the latest on my side of the border – one of the largest cities in the world elects as mayor a right winger on the basis of his promises to cut expenses but not services and not raise taxes – sound familiar? Anyway, one of his targets is libraries. Writer of books which have been very successful throughout the world (translated into hundreds of languages) has a twitter following of millions and asks her local followers to sign a petition to save the libraries. Idiot mayor’s brother, who is on the council steps in to say that he’s doesn’t know the woman and if she wants a say she should run for office, meaning that citizen taxpayer input not welcome, only elected officials matter. Author is busy with latest book, so has not had a chance to respond, and probably wouldn’t anyway because it’s so bizarre – Damon Runyonesque. Aut
    Author is Margaret Attwood – over 50 books to her name, winner of every major literary prize in the world. And these chumps want to close libraries to save money. BTW, they paid a consultant firm clover 500K to come up with ways to cut costs.

  76. I love Uppity’s comment @8:47pm! And congrats PMM on your Big Pink pingback! Wow! lorac with wings….PMM with pingbacks…..I say PIES for everyone!

  77. imust, I forgot to include, “Please help us to defend marriage between one man and one woman and one man and one woman and one man and one woman, for we so love marriage, we do it as many times as we possibly can. Amen.

  78. Eh HT, I’m sure he believes those people don’t need to read. Reading is dangerous. It makes people too smart.

    Wow. An H44 ping Mom. You have definitely arrived.

  79. “Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham discuss the latest in the debt battle crisis”

    I just can’t imagine…


  80. Uppity, are you back home? Hope you had a fun vacation!

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