HAH! I’ve Been Waiting For This!

It was bound to happen! I just KNEW it! It’s all OUR fault! Damn voters- yup- it’s all our fault!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dear voter: Want to know why Democrats and Republicans in Congress find it so hard to work together to solve tough problems like the debt ceiling, health care and Social Security?

Look in the mirror.

Americans gripe about cowardly, self-serving politicians, and Congress doubtlessly has its feckless moments and members. But voters are quick to overlook their own role in legislative impasses that keep the nation from resolving big, obvious, festering problems such as immigration, the long-term stability of Medicare, and now, the debt ceiling.

See? He says look in the mirror! YOU! And YOU! And ME! All Our Fault!

The author of the above is apparently deluded as he states

Here’s the truth: The overwhelming majority of senators and House members do what their constituents want them to do. Or, more to the point, they respond to people in their districts who bother to vote.

Seriously? How old is this “author?” Not old enough to remember Kerry et all using their super delegate powers to wipe out the votes of their constituents. You know- those pesky people in states like MA who voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Hillary Clinton. They voted for the fraud.

The author blames it all on voters who do not show up for primaries. Completely ignoring the rigged primaries of 08. The caucus fraud. The stealing of delegates from the people’s choice to prop up the selected one. Totally ignores the fact that if the DNC had listened to the voters we would have had a winner at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Not one mention does he make of how my primary vote was hurled off the heights of the Rocky Mountains like litter on the wind.

He does get a couple things right- to be fair.

For a growing number of senators and representatives, the only risk is in their party’s primary, not in the general election. Most voters, and many news outlets, ignore primaries. That gives control to a relative handful of motivated, hard-core liberals (in Democratic contests) and full-bore conservatives (in GOP primaries).


But many House districts today aren’t balanced, thanks largely to legislative gerrymandering and Americans’ inclination to live and work near people who share their views and values.

The result is districts so solidly conservative that no GOP nominee can possibly lose, or so firmly liberal that any Democratic nominee is certain to win. In these districts, the primary is the whole ball game.

THAT part about gerrymandering he got right. Take a gander at some of the legislative districts. Snakes, yo-yos, lollipops.Course he does not mention that lovely little quirk that gives places like Philly a greater proportion of delegates because they have a higher population. Even though small districts like mine have a higher percentage of registered voters turn out on election day. As far as I am concerned if they don’t turn out- screw them. Why dilute my vote? That feeds right back to the DNC taking delegates away from Hillary in Michigan because people “might” have wanted to vote for the fraud.

It’s all our fault! It was only a matter of time til some kid threw that out there. The race card is getting old.

Rant over. Your turn.


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  1. Silly PMM, the race card never gets old. It is as fresh and lovely today as it was in the Summer of ’08.

  2. I think anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 should be prohibited from giving advice or expressing their opinions in public for at least ten years.

    Markos and all the rocket scientists on the left who thought Obama was so great that it was okay to cheat to make sure he won should have to carry around signs like lepers used to carry warning people to stay back.

    “Unclean! Don’t listen to me, I supported Obama. I am an idiot. Unclean!”

  3. myiq…..good idea. I don’t think we can make them wear the signs, but we could stick them on their lawns.

  4. My, what a lovely rant! Couldn’t have done it better myself, PMM!

    So, the accomplishments of the Tea Party (you know – those racist bastards!) who made no secret of their coming attempt to cut spending 9 MONTHS AGO – – those freshman who, on day one, told Obama to “Circle the date, Bitch! we’re going to cut spending in August if you don’t come out with a workable budget beforehand!”, that group of anarchists who actually did what they said they were going to do, much to the dismay of BOTH parties – is our fault???


    Now that entitlement reform, military spending and tax revision is finally on the table, lets get the job done (and get some jobs created while they do it)

  5. Excellent idea myiq! Ditto teresa- yard signs!
    I still have my Hillary yard sign- safely in a window on the second floor.

  6. Why thank you Anthony!
    Yes let’s get it done- starting with that, as Uppity says, biggest of ALL entitlements- Congress.
    Throw the bums out!

  7. Very good PMM. Perhaps this is the new ideal med for lowering blood pressure. 😉

  8. Anthony! ROFL! Is that your work?

  9. I would just continue your excellent rant with the fact that everyone is piling on the Tea Party. I guess if you’re in the public eye it helps to have a bogeyman, but the way I see it, all of this piling on the Tea Party just gives them more power. It has been hard to stomach watching the TP vilified and then the echo chamber that results. How the TP has finally ruined the US, blah blah blah. right. The TP defined the entire debate. What a wonderful lesson to all!! And I love the idea from myiq2xu who said

    “I think anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 should be prohibited from giving advice or expressing their opinions in public for at least ten years”.

    Indeed. I’m so sick of hearing that it is STILL George Bush whose fault everything is. I guess the past two+ years have counted for nothing since O has had to be on a steep learning curve while he eats his peas………

  10. Righteous rant, PMM. Demonizing the American public seems to be standard operating procedure for DC elite/Obama supporters. I don’t know if the link will work but I found this posted on Hillary is 44:

    July 30th, 2011 at 11:37 am
    Sign this petition


    Mr. President, we thank you for your service. However, we must ask you to do the right thing for your Party and your country and step aside, much like Lyndon Baines Johnson did in 1968 when he read the writing on the wall as to his own chances for victory. Renomination is not mandatory, nor is it a right. It is a privilege granted by us, “We the People.” On faith, the Party and the nation gave you a chance as a newcomer with little experience to lead us out of the wilderness of recession. We must now ask for the keys back to the Party and to the White House.”

    As Palin recently tweeted, it’s time to “woman-up”.

  11. No, not mine PMM. I wish I had time to make a “Little Anthony” video and get it all out of my system (his system? Sometimes, I wonder who’s driving the car…..)

  12. Get ready for the spin of how the Republican Leadership forced his hand, wouldn’t budge on sharing the sacrifices, etc.

    It’s his last-ditched hope for reelection – “I tried so hard, but the ruthless Republicans are bad! You have no choice but to vote for me. The next four years, I will…. I’m going to…. we need to change Washington…. my second term will be a defining moment in history.”

  13. Well, well. It is our fault because we are peasants with pitchforks who are too dumb to see the big picture.

    It is time to revolt and vote them all out of office so that they can enjoy being public citizens. Governments lose their legtimacy when they do not pay attention to the needs of their citizens. I think you have lost it.

    All I got out of this was that they were trying to threaten my 82 year old mother’s SS–which she paid for. And my 82- year old father’s disability-100% disabled PTSD. Nice going guys–maybe since you are playing mine’s bigger than yours it will increase the size of your, umm, parts which in your DC juvenile minds is the true measure of a man.

  14. Then, get ready for the spin of how the Republican Leadership’s policies of tax cuts and bailouts protects and creates jobs.

    LONDON — British banking group HSBC said Monday it will cut 30,000 jobs worldwide by 2013 and sell almost half its retail bank branches in the U.S., part of a new strategy to focus on fast-growing emerging markets.

    The bank, which reported a better-than-expected 3 percent increase in pretax profits to $11.5 billion in the six months to June, has already cut 5,000 jobs this year. Another 25,000 will be slashed by 2013, spokesman Patrick Humphris said.


    Humphris declined to give details of where the job cuts would be but said the group is still hiring in emerging economies such as Brazil and Mexico.


  15. Anthony- yes he is sliiiiiiiiiddddddiiiiinnnngggg. Like an avalanche! Here is the RCP page- I like this one because it shows gallup, rasmussen, cnn etc all in one place. Sort of the at a glance view. Even his CNN poll is in the crapper. BWAHAHAHAHA

  16. Ha! Here it is! It could have all been his stealth strategy for getting reelected.

    Did Obama capitulate — or is this a cagey move?

    “Even an apparent capitulation by Obama helps present him to voters as a reasonable compromiser doing battle against rigid ideologues, his aides say.

    “In the short term, everyone suffers politically,” Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said in a recent interview. “In the long term, I think the Republicans have done terrible damage to their brand. Because now they’re thoroughly defined by their most strident voices.”


  17. Why Not- OOOHHH it’s that eleventy dimensional chess again! Screw that axelrove and rahm and brazile and dean and and and.
    Well screw them ALL AND the horse they rode in on!
    Strident voices? Gee that immediately brings Pelosi to mind. She of the pass it before we find out what’s in it disaster. Strident? “for the first time I am proud of my country. America is mean”
    There are strident voices on both sides, no doubt about it. Problem is those are the voices the msm covers and they are drowning out the voices of reason and common sense.

  18. I just read a comment on another blog. Despite their belief that Obama caved, that he’s a bad prez……[sigh]….women will “have to” vote for him in 2012 to preserve their right to choose. Do they really think Obama will protect ANYTHING?? Seriously, besides the ton of bricks that has already fallen on them….what more do they need???

  19. the race card never gets old. It is as fresh and lovely today as it was in the Summer of ’08.
    fresh yes !!!!!!lovely NO 🙄

  20. imust- highly annoying is it not? Roe has been here since 72. Through Dem and Rep controlled DC. No changes to Roe have ever been seriously contemplated.
    And yet the ptb continue to beat us over the head with it- from BOTH sides.
    My response from now on is “Pass the ERA.”
    THAT and not abortion should be THE issue for women. If we could all unite on that issue- what could we not do?

  21. They will leave Roe alone absolutely. They need it to hold over us and keep us divided because you’re right, if we ever actually united….we really could pass ERA.

  22. David Axelrod: “Republicans have done terrible damage to their brand.”

    Yeah David, taking in homeless Democrats day by day is just tearing the Republican Party apart. The R’s are tainted, ruined, washed up. Guess they didn’t learn a damned thing after the results of giving America eight years of Bush-Cheney?

    Brilliant analysis, David.

    (Interesting that Axelrod and Obama managed to re-brand the Democratic Party as race-baiters, gangsters, snakes, rats and sexist pigs when it came to trying to take down the very best of one of their own – Hillary Clinton?)

  23. I retract “take down one of “their” own.”

    What an insult to Hillary Clinton. She is so above them, they can’t touch her. She has soared and left them all behind with exactly what they deserved.

  24. I’m so homesick. I miss believing in TRUE Democratic principles.

    American Industry, Jobs, Equality, Peace, Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

  25. Have a nice day.

  26. Yup and them there teapartypoppers were going to get rid of O’Fucktard care! Ya sure……..bullshit from all. A pox on them and theirs!

  27. The cheeto types (yeah, I went there)…they’re saying that Bambi will use the “leverage” he has on the expiring Bush tax cuts at the end of 2012. Bambi won’t let them destroy SS or Medicare because you see he’ll have all this leverage……and don’t you know that’s whats gonna get him a 2nd term…all this leverage he has……
    Yeah and I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…..

  28. Well, he’s done on the left too. Now October 6 they intend to voice their displeasure. Get the popcorn.

    David is an idiot. It’s Obama who has branded himself as a closeted republican and Regan lover. This is what Obama wanted. He didn’t “capitulate” He didn’t “go along” He never stood up or fought for a thing the democrats say they believe in. HE offered up Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid all on his own without being asked. HE formed the Cat Food Commission and stacked it with people who have wanted to cut those programs for years and years. He did not have to do that months ago but, he did because that’s what HE wanted. Then just like with the health insurance industry bail out bill he pretended he was “fighting the republicans”

    The problem is that no one is buying the performance art any longer. Obama has branded himself as a Trojan Horse, and manchurian candidate. He ought to step down like LBJ did but, he wont’ and his billionaire buddies will buy him the White House again. There is no disgrace too low for him to engage in with that faux “D” beside his name now.

  29. Wonderful post, PMM! Thank you!

    Alice P, you are right on the mark with your comment: “Obama has branded himself as a Trojan Horse, and manchurian candidate. He ought to step down like LBJ did but, he wont’ and his billionaire buddies will buy him the White House again.”

    They will certainly try. Either someone will primary President Obama or some Democrats will stay home.

    I see that the administration is throwing a long overdue bone to women:

    But note that it does not kick in until 2013. Is that to create fear that a Republican president would undo this?


  30. By the way, if I were an insurance company, I’d have done this a long time ago: pills are a lot cheaper than pregnancy.

    And overall, the President has screwed the pooch:



  31. Even here in Chicago the cry is “I’m voing against every incumbent”. AND the news analyst commented that the bill is “good” until just after the 2012 election so that Obama is “safe”. The commentator said that
    the only winners were the Republicans and Obama.

    So even here the idea that Obama did just enough to keep his re-selection protected – and nothing more – is alive and well.

  32. djmm, that link to Birth Control coverage – it’s mind boggling in this day and age that there should ever be any question in a total health care package. I wonder if it’s just another biscuit tossed out during an ongoing election campaign that never seems to end? My dog likes biscuits – I use them to train her. I’m not trying to be facetious, but they keep tossing out little goodies to rope in voters, then based on Obama’s history, they forget about them when elected.

  33. I don’t buy it, WhyNot. It can’t be any president’s strategy to look weak, irrelevant, and bullied. The electorate may well think Obama’s not as Left as his base; but, they’ll also think that he was beyond-his-depth and that he got taken. With the economy in the tank, Obama has to convince the electorate that they shouldn’t change him out for another (which is going to be their natural impulse….his policies haven’t rescued the economy, so try another’s policy). We make fun of those who thinks he plays ‘eleven-dimensional chess’ and yet we fall prey to this assumption that he’s probably going to win a second term. Not every president wins a second term, and almost never in a recession (ask Jimmy and GHW Bush). I say Obama’s probably going to lose.

  34. Yes, it is to create that fear, djmm. And, I’m pretty sure a Repub. president will work to repeal Obamacare. If the Senate also goes GOP in ’12, goodbye Obamacare. If Obama’s still in the WH, he’ll veto any repeal, but I’m sure a GOP-dominated Congress will figure out a way to delay implementation of the law.

  35. Obama LOVEs playing the victim. He’s been doing it since Day One.

  36. imust check out this kos link. They sound like us now. Don’t forget to scroll down and read about 1) Hillary and how Hillary supporters now have “permission” to say I Told you so.
    Note: I left an x before the COM. Remove it and put the link in your url line. I refuse to send them traffic from here.


  37. GREAT rant, Mom.

    Yes, it’s The Voters who are screwing it all up! Nancy Pelosi reminded us all of that back in April. That elections shouldn’t matter so much!

    Hey – you win, we win. Doesn’t matter – we all have the “shared values’ of screwing over Americans and taking it all for ourselves. Now, can’t you just control YOUR side?

    ASSHATS – ALL of them.

    (wish I could embed the video)


  38. Oh My! It’s a blackberry jungle out back! Gonna have to draft my daughter and her friends. jeans and long sleeves- in this hot humid muck!But the jams and pie are worth it! lol Gotta get it done before we leave for FL. Well at least the picking- I can freeze the berries and make the jam when I come back.

  39. Oh we have their permission do we? Like I’d ever bother caring what they think. After all we were told it was eleventy dimensional chess! We would see! We saw who that chess was being played against from the beginning “day one” and it wasn’t us. Except now we all get to pay for their total ignorance and willful blindness.

  40. Have to say- as much as I hate, loathe and detest the great orange satan, (their web design and that bull of having to click on every comment tag line to see the comment- ugh) it was worth it to see/read them eating crow!

  41. Mom- your Blackberry Tails remind me so vividly of my childhood! We had four acres of our own that backed up to thousands of acres of woods – and streams – and the blackberries were there by the basket full. Long sleeves, jeans, prickles, old barbed-wire fences and the occasional tick. Wet and spooky, but what a reward!

  42. Many of them are still up to listing Bill’s issues and actions as if Hillary did them and then saying “See, Hillary wouldn’t have been any better”

    Because you know Bill and Hillary are exactly the same human being. *roll eyes* She’s NEVER disagreed with him and doesn’t have her own brain. They sunk themselves and all of us along with them.

    The one question they never explore is why the republicans and establishment democrats were SO afraid of her, so vicious to her. She’s the one they were afraid of you thick, thick progs!

  43. Yes PMM, and thanks Uppity for the link. At least some seem to finally be coming to their senses.

  44. Gabby Giffords on the floor of the House

  45. All the obot sites have officially put down the kool aid and drunk the bitter cup of regret. Boy, those guys are slow on the uptake by about 4 years. It didn’t take much to see the man was a walking talking fraud.

  46. Gabby Giffords! Wow!

  47. The bill officially passed.

  48. Pelosi talking about Gabby Giffords.

  49. will someone who remembers their name and password as dkos please ask those dolts why Hillary wouldn’t have been much different? Really, based on what and I want specifics.
    Those dumba$$ toad faced boys are just as stupid as they were years ago.

  50. Well, here we are imust, here we are. Now the super congress can get to work on Cat FoodII. I may go to that protest in October.

    I wish this POTUS would just run as an “R” and be done with it.

  51. Alice we need a Super congress about as much as we needed Super delegates in ’08.

  52. teresa the say it’s because she was kabuki too and is DLC and yada, yada, yada, throw in a few things Bill did they didn’t like, blame it on Hillary and move along. She’s not a prog, she wouldn’t have been different than Obama because she is a centrist…more yada, yada, with a few remarks about the “LBJ” remark frequently debunked as an Obama campaign lie but, who cares when you need to let yourself off the hook for falling for mister lying Manchurian Candidate.

    And here is what they are missing. She had thirty five years of working for the middle class, women and children for them to access and all they saw was one vote they didn’t like. She was ALREADY better than he was and they roundly dismissed her whole career. Which btw is sexist as hell.

    It’s loopy cognitive dissonance waiting for another savior to come along who is “new” and who will bite them right in the butt yet again.

  53. Imust the Super Congress will give them ridiculous behind closed doors powers to pass chit even more then tell us what they have done after. Welcome to your owners. Votes will matter even less because if the uber elites with the money want something done they will Super Congress it!! Like Super Size Me but, for the wealthy corporations.

    Why bother arguing anything on the floor just go to the SUPER Congress! It’s a push in that direction taking even more power out of the hands of the voters.

  54. And here is what they are missing. She had thirty five years of working for the middle class, women and children for them to access and all they saw was one vote they didn’t like. She was ALREADY better than he was and they roundly dismissed her whole career. Which btw is sexist as hell.

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

  55. super congress just adds one more wall between us and the representatives who are supposed to be answerable to us.

  56. Sorry to be hit or miss in and out today. Just got off the phone with the sister in law- the music director at the church in FL is understandably very nervous about working with someone (me) she has never heard of. Afraid I am going to pick some music they do not know. LOL Not happening.
    As I feared, they want the Ave- Shubert- and my days of B flat are LONG gone. My own pianist from here is working on getting me an alto transposition. The rest is cake- same stuff that gets sung at every Catholic funeral. Amazing Grace, Eagles Wings, I am the Bread of Life. Whatever Mass parts they want to play I can sing. Have to call FL in the morning and reassure the poor pianist/liturgy director down there.
    Will check in as I can.
    Gabby Giffords huh? How did she look?

  57. Thanks mom and they are still using right wing talking points against her too not even realizing they are doing it. Oh those astute, whole foods, birkenstock wearing, holier know better than thou progs!

  58. Wow mom, I feel for ya! I just went through that whole funeral planning in two days scenario in Feb. It’s like planning wedding with no time when you are already exhausted. Eat and sleep well….as much as you can!

  59. Call me a cynic, and I am THRILLED AND DELIGHTED Gabby was on the House Floor, but um, SUDDENLY the news is OFF the vote and onto Congresswoman Giffords.

    Typical Obama-style distraction. IMO.
    What. She was SUDDENLY OK to come to Washington today, with no Presser or pre-announcement? On this “historic” Day.

  60. Ohfergawdssake, there hasn’t been an honest election in this country since 2000, and no, I am NOT OVER THAT.

    There is only one group that is responsible for the state of our country, and that’s the top 1%. End of fucking story.

  61. NoEmptySuits, on August 1, 2011 at 4:53 PM said:

    “I don’t buy it, WhyNot. It can’t be any president’s strategy to look weak, irrelevant, and bullied.”

    UppityWoman responded with exactly how I see it, short and to the point.

    With no there, there. he HAS to play the victim card in both his assent and fall.

  62. PMM, if you ever had a b flat are you sure an alto transposition is what you want? I had a B flat for about 15 minutes back in the 80s. But I am a mezzo/contralto and even I prefer to sing my Shubert Ave Maria with a high G. anything lower and it just doesn’t sound like a high note in my voice. Not that I don’t have the low notes, I have a whole useless baritone range.
    It’s too bad we don’t live closer, I have that music in at least 3 different keys. If you have a good sheet music store near by you should be able to find lots of options.
    ah the joys of RCC service music. I have had to learn it over the years just because this area is so heavily Catholic. I have sung more weddings and funerals in catholic churches than in my own denomination.

  63. freedomfairy01, on August 1, 2011 at 8:09 PM said:

    “Call me a cynic…”

    Glad you said it. I too was thrilled as I watched it live – for about 30 seconds.

    Then I thought: How f^cking sick is that? The country is fuming over this entire debacle and the ruthless, heartless Pieces Of Shit use Gabrielle Giffords to temper us into feeling guilty over being so angry?

    The spineless, thieving power-mongers can’t help themselves. It’s all about them sacrificing for us, right?

  64. NES, I’ll tell you what Obama’s base thinks. I know because I am related to them. They think “poor Obama, he did the best he could but the Tea Party held him hostage. Nasty nasty tea party for demanding their representatives represent them.

  65. ProudMilitaryMom, on August 1, 2011 at 8:00 PM said:

    “Gabby Giffords huh? How did she look?”

    She looked good and really happy to be there until…

    The insensitive idiots not only kept applauding loudly and way too long (for most recovering from a brain injury noise is disorienting), but person after person approached her for handshakes, hugs and kisses until she finally was clearly overwhelmed from attempting to respond — by waving to those applauding, shaking hands, etc. She appeared to suddenly lose her coordination and the cameras quickly panned away.

    I’m glad for her that she was there – for her – and that it helps HER to keep progressing toward her goals.

  66. teresa- oh yes- I had the b flat- and the high c- but that was long ago – long long ago. Our pianist here got a copy for me in a lower key. Ask me not- believe it or not I only sight read- lol- but well enough that one time through listening and I have it cold. It’s a gift.
    I want it in the lower key for this as my voice is less likely to crack in the lower registers. Everything else will be straight out of the Breaking Bread accompaniment book.

  67. PMM, I am not a great sight reader. I was told it was because my good ear made me lazy. I’ll stick with that, lol.
    I have sung badly in many different venues, but never church. I’ll bet that holds true for you too. Safe trip!

  68. I figured his base would think that teresa. But, I’m hoping a sizeable group won’t vote for him either because they’re mad at him or not motivated enough to back a bludgeoned-and-now-old-hat leader. He just needs a fairly small fall-off in the number of his ’08 voters for him to lose a close election (which this one will be).

  69. Wow. Yeah people, look in the mirror and see who’s fault it is.

    They’re right. It’s our fault. We let our votes get stolen (twice) without rioting in the streets. We let a bunch of three-piece suit leeches take down the economy AND we paid them our hard earned money for the privilege of watching. We are a$$holes for being this civilized. People in third world nations have more sense than us. When are we going to pick up our pitchforks and torches and educate the “smartest guys in the room?”

  70. OMG, there is a sickness in Washington DC that is making people nuts.

    I was just reading INSANE quotes. I thought I’d somehow ended up on the Onion site or that I was in an alternate universe… obamaland.


    my head is exploding. I need sleep or liquor or food… all three.

    this one is just a very poor choice of words:


  71. Uppity, you made me buy those shoes. I did so much overtime at work lately that I deserve a treat. I even bought the color combo you linked to. That is what I normally pay for three or four pairs of shoes, not one. I was on the phone with my daughter and asked her if she’d heard of them and she vouched for them and said they were wonderful shoes and that with my penchant for running around they’d be a blessing.

    Thanks, girl.

  72. An amusing excerpt from a WSJ blog:

    All Out of Love

    So, was Peggy Noonan right when she wrote last week that “nobody loves Obama”? Reader William Benedetto offers an observation that tends to support her view:

    In a recent car trip from Washington to Boston, I did not see a single Obama sticker on the many Volvos on the road. In 2008, you rarely saw one without an Obama sign. Have the 2008 stickers been removed by their owners? If so the base is in real danger.
    Maybe the old Volvos were just traded in under “cash for clunkers.” Denise Grady, a New York Times science (!) writer, still has some flattering things to say about the president:

    His brow is mostly smooth, his chin firm, his neck taut. . . . Some men seem to improve with age, as their boyishness fades and is replaced by lines and touches of gray that suggest wisdom and experience. President Obama, despite his acknowledged smoking, may be one of those men who has [sic] become better looking over time.
    Then again, “may be”? That sounds like damning with faint praise to us.

    But the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart has found someone who still loves Obama: “my ex, Giuseppe.” Giuseppe who “fell head over heels for Barack Obama in 2007,” to the point that he made Capehart “uncomfortable,” is still “firmly in the president’s corner.” Capehart has the icky email to prove it (quoting verbatim):

    I LOVE the guy, and I LOVE the family.
    Instinctively. I connect to him like I have never connected with any politician EVER before . . . here or in Italy.
    The man could be my friend. He speaks my language, he is smart, he is funny. I could hang out with him any time. I feel I would talk to him or share my life with him like he was you, or Marques, or Willie, or Maurice or ada!

    We guess Capehart’s argument is that if Obama still has emotionally overwrought gay Italian nationals, he hasn’t lost Middle America.

  73. Another excerpt from the same blog (WSJ):

    Fine! Call My Bluff!

    Remember a few weeks ago when President Obama reportedly said to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: “Eric, don’t call my bluff”? Lots of commentators said that this was a “tell”–that by referring to “my bluff,” Obama was admitting he was bluffing.

    Actually, his play was even worse than that. A bluff is a pretense. The bluffer knows he has a weak hand but bets as if he has a strong one in order to induce his opponents to fold. Obama had a weak hand but thought he had a strong one. His next words to Cantor, according to Politico, were a vow to “take his case ‘to the American people.’ ” He actually believed–for all we know, he still believes–all that World’s Greatest Orator nonsense.

    Obama’s hand wasn’t even this good.
    .Thus he ended up maximizing his losses. Last weekend congressional leaders appeared to be on the verge of striking a deal, but Obama scuttled their efforts and commandeered the airwaves for a prime-time address. As we predicted, the American people were unmoved.

    Obama had looked at his cards and seen that he was holding a 2, a 3, a 4 and a 5. He was sure he had an ace to complete the straight, but in reality he was looking in the mirror. By the time he realized how weak his hand was, there was no time left to improve it or to bluff. Faced with an imminent liquidity crisis–which would have been a political disaster for him as well as an economic one for the country–he was forced to agree to a deal more or less along Republican lines.

  74. Karen, incredible. Another article linked from that page had this:

    Members of Congress receive a salary of $174,000 per year, as well as generous fringe benefits that increase their total compensation to $285,000 per year.
    Members of Congress are among the highest-paid 5 percent of American workers.

  75. karen for Clinton, on August 1, 2011 at 10:29 PM said:

    OMG, there is a sickness in Washington DC that is making people nuts.

    “I was just reading INSANE quotes.”

    I’ll see your Lamborn’s “tar baby” gaffe and raise you a Biden”

    Vice President Joe Biden came to the Capitol to see Giffords, after being tipped off by Pelosi that she would be in attendance.

    “I told her she was now a member of the cracked-head club like me, with two craniotomies,” Biden told reporters. “You know what I mean? It was just so good to see her. But that’s a private conversation.”

    Second in line to Clueless.

  76. Salute to Giffords for making that tremendous effort to be there; I’m awed. My bet is, though, that she will not run again, and that her political career is over. I just don’t think she’ll have that stamina needed to survive the Beltway shark tank on any sustained basis. 😦

    But these pieces of _____, Biden included, are just using her for the guilt quotient. A-holes.

  77. How ridiculous that the Reep congresscritter had to apologize for his “tar baby” quip!! ‘Tar baby’ is a perfectly legitimate phrase to use in this situation — having an AA president doesn’t change the rules of language usage, FCS! People are getting ridiculously oversensitive with all this race-card b.s.

  78. Wow, did Biden really say that to Gabby! I’ll bet, though, that she thought it was quite funny. It is a bit funny, actually, if not in the best taste (but then again, good humor rarely is).

  79. Satan sandwich and cracked-head club. They are in 7th grade.

  80. New post up on the subject of Giffords.

  81. Karen, you will love your Sirens, trust me. I also have that color along with last year’s lime green and grey. I go nowhere without my Merrells.

  82. Oooh, lucky Karen!!! New Merrells.

  83. karen for Clinton, on August 2, 2011 at 12:21 AM said:

    Satan sandwich and cracked-head club. They are in 7th grade.

    Probably because he couldn’t really say “Shit sandwich”.

  84. LOL Fredster. You are so Right On.

    But apparently, crap sandwich didn’t come to his mind.

  85. Oooh, lucky Karen!!! New Merrells.

    She’s going to get the shock of her life eh, socal? As in Why didn’t somebody tell me about these before I got the bunions?

  86. looks like the entire bag of insults was emptied out for this debt ceiling debate. The Dems have not learned anything from the healthcare debate and that is that you really shouldn’t go overboard insulting the Tea Party. Calling them terrorists, people who are ruining the country,racists, etc insults alot of people who aren’t even Tea Partiers.If an honest sentiment like we need to spend less because we need to make expenses line up with income makes you a Benedict Arnold subversive, you’ve managed to deride the good sense that most people have.

    Oh well, some people never learn……..hard heads!!

  87. NES, sister, I’d buy the “Tar Baby” thing, knowing what it means to Brer Rabbit, if it weren’t so typical of Republican Congress Critters to spew out what they say in private by accident. I say this because I cannot help recalingl that horrid man Dick Armey, during a press conference with the Pillsbury Doughboy, Newt GIngrich. Now, as you know, I am no fan of Barney Frank, but I still cannot forget and can still hear that POS Dick Armey referring to him at the podium, all the cameras flashing, as “Barney Fag” Now I’m not a gambler, but I heard him say this and it rolled off his serpent tongue far too easily. You just KNEW that’s what the caucus called Barney Frank in private, and Dick said it so many times, it just slipped out. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Tar Baby fell into the same category with these guys.

    I also remember vividly that Dick Armey was pulled off with a hook and was never in the public eye again after that. now, here he is, assuming Americans have short memories and are just plain stupid, making his comeback. And he’s probably right. They ARE stupid and they DO have short memories. Fortunately, though, their memories held out when it came to Poppin Fresh, as his candidacy is where he belongs. In the crapper.

  88. I think anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 should be prohibited from giving advice or expressing their opinions in public for at least ten years.
    imho anyone that dumb should have their voter card tore up. 😦

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