He’s stolen everything ELSE, but he can’t steal my HOPE!

Take a little trip with me down memory lane…..

Yes, that’s right.  Sophie and UW got me reliving the past on the last thread.  Not *remembering* it, because none of us has forgotten.  But *reliving* it.

…. and the backstabbers….

….and the rampant, well-docmented caucus fraud….. We Will not Be Silenced 1-4

…. and MORE thugs……

…. and the teachers contributing to the delinquency of youth…..

…. and the attempts to fight back by the creative among us….

……..and our love and respect expressed in song….

….and last BUT NOT LEAST, the inimitable Sophie B. Hawkins!

….. and a new video…. a dentist from Chicago who has the right idea!

The stock market plunged today to lose all the gains it had made in 2011, and they ALL seem to want to get rid of social security.  I understand that today, in speech# 5 millionth, The Leader from Behind says that now that the darn Tea Party made him vote for this republican bill that he wanted to vote for anyway, he’s now going to work on jobs.  He’s been “working on jobs” since he was “elected”.  PLEASE – STOP “working” on it! 

So he’s stolen so many things.  But, yes, I still have hope.  Now, I know there’s very, very, very little chance that Hillary will run again, challenge a sitting president.  But here’s my hope – I hope that 2-3 other people step up to the plate to challenge him.  That’s a fair “hope” to have, right?  Not “too” out there…..

And THEN Hillary can jump into the race!!!!!!


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  1. Never forget. Never forgive.

    Get revenge. I want revenge. Fuck playing nice.

    As much as I would love to see Hillary in 2012, I sense that it’s just not going to happen. But I can still hope that some other true Democrat (I know there are at least 18 million of us out here) will step into the breach and…

    Primary that incompetent, narcissistic, fraudulent SOB of a POTUS.

    P.S. Hey Bambi, have a very shitty birthday, k?

  2. I’d be for the repeal of the 22nd amendment and vote for Duhhhbya before I would pull the lever for Obamalamadingdong.

  3. Unfortunately, this little trip down memory lane has reminded me of what the “new” Dems are all about

    Because of that, I could never bring myself to vote for Hillary in 2012 simply because I don’t trust the party she would be representing. If she ran as an Independent, she would be in twice as much jeopardy.

    The Democratic Party, now under the “leadership” of the Progressives (who in my estimation are the Left’s version of the Tea Party) destroyed her candidacy in 2008, and I believe they will do their best to destroy her Presidency should she run against Obama and win.

    Fuck them. I have no use for them or anyone who represents them. Let them primary The Boy Wonder with Alan Grayson. It would serve them right.

  4. I could not watch the videos. It makes me sick that the DNC could screw all of us this way. I don’t need the spike in my blood pressure. Maybe later, tonight, I can watch, after I have a vodka or two.

    anthony, what’s your agenda? I’m not making sense out of what you said. But it’s early and maybe it is me.

  5. I have no agenda, Teresa. I’m simply stating what I think.

    I wouldn’t expect the Progressives (who now comprise the majority of the Democratic Party) to support Hillary. Can you see any of the Obamacrats actually pulling a lever for her? They still hate her.

    And if she won (and that would happen only because of the Independent voters), the Democrats would finish the hatchet job they started in 2008.

    In short, I don’t trust her own party to do anything but bring her down. They’ve already shown us they would go to that extreme, and there is no indication they can be trusted not to do it again

  6. thanks anthony, I don’t see things quite that way but I believe you are sincere. I think the majority of the democratic party is progressive as is the majority of the American people though they think it is a dirty word. Still I don’t know anyone who doesn’t cash those Social Security checks when they come in and who wouldn’t use their medicare when it kicks in, who doesn’t use the library sometimes or drive on public roads. The overwhelming majority of us were educated and sent our kids to public schools. Republicans and independents use food stamps and medicaid when they need them.
    The majority of the democratic party voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008. She has described herself as progressive. It is the fake progressives who suck. Fake progressives who couldn’t wait to be the entitled elite, who are sexist dudebro, iron my shirt a$$holes who attack the MSM and then turn in to it. They scream about stolen elections until it is their team doing the stealing.

  7. Teresa-

    I’m sorry if I struck a nerve, but perhaps the people you define as the True Progressives should spend a little more time highlighting the differences between yourselves and the “fake” ones.

    And so you know, I’ve never voted anything but Dem until 2008, when the party stuck it to us.

    I was also one of Hillary’s most ardent supporters until she capitulated to the R&B Committee. I did phone banking for her campaign, and volunteered countless hours to her primary efforts I continue to admire her, but I have no trust in the party she represents.

    The self proclaimed Progressives I speak of can be found on The Daily Kos, The Democratic Underground, and a few similar places. They can be identified by their unwavering and unconditional support of Barack Obama and define anyone who dares to disagree as a racist, Tea-bagger, or any number of pejoratives.

    Was it not the “Progressive Democrats” who put the nails in Hillary’s coffin? (The DNC represents their agenda as Progressive)

    Just to fine tune this a little – do we not contribute to our own Social Security? Medicare benefits? Are we NOT entitled to recoup that money after spending a lifetime working and paying taxes?

    Roads, libraries, etc are maintained through tax revenue. Why shouldn’t we use them?

    I think you might have my lack of trust in the Democrats confused with the sentiments of someone who thinks of tax -funded programs (such as Medicare, Social Security, maintenance of infrastructure, facilities, etc) should be discontinued.

    Hope that cleared up any confusion

  8. Anthony they are not progressives. They are regressives and I don’t think they are anywhere near the majority of the party. Just the loudes. ,most obnoxious faction. But Obama has Marginalized them every single day of his presidential life and it serves them right. Limousine liberals make me SICK. And they have this habit of enchanting the children who haven’t as yet had to support themselves so they haven’t got a clue. Unfortunately, the “children” are now older. 25 is the new 15. Think about it. We have “kids” pushing 30 still leeching off their parents. They are enchanted too, but no so much anymore, since none of them can find jobs with those dumbed down dime a dozen college diplomas the regressives created for them. The majority of the democratic party are not part of this, in fact, they were disinfranchised in 2008. Without them, this turkey wouldn’t have been elected. They were in the Where Else Are They Gonna Go mode and the regressives knew it. This time around, not so easy for them. They have watched the regressives and the creature they pushed on us dismantle America and they don’t like it.

    It all rests with the Republicans now. If they continue to mind everybody’s business and push social agendas instead of agendas involving what they are SUPPOSED to do, if they continue to abuse the middle class, they might just find a lot of us staying home in 2012. I’m with jay. I would actually vote for W before I would vote for Obama. At least I knew he was a bag of wind with the social issues and had no problem screwing the insane evengelical right, and at least I know he actually likes America. And the Independents are similar to the disinfranchised Democrats. They are socially ‘liberal’ in that they are not interested in telling people who to sleep with and bashing women. They are interested in common sense. It was the Republicans who gave us Obama when their batshit right went off and sulked over McCain and stayed home in 2008. The Republicans pandering to them is the same as the Democrats pandering to Move On.

    As for pandering to the very very rich and corporations…well, they own both parties now. No difference whatsoever. The difference is the Republicans never pretended to give a shit about everybody else, and the the Democratic Party did just that:: Pretend. It’s all too obvious now. “Where are they going to go” no longer applies. My party has been hijacked by the mirror image of the batshit right, without the religion. They have used me for a bargaining chip for the last time. They have no idea how many like me there are, who are “registered democrats” but despise them. Their numbers are no longer real. People like me are counted in their numbers and there is no way they can count on me.

    Revenge? Yes. Revenge. Either way, middle America is fucked. Might as well take my useless party down with us for spite. Because we Remember. We remember shitbags like this.


    There’s an old saying about spitting in the air. It has to come back down and it might just land on you.

  9. Lorac: thank you for the memoris, I still tear up when I see the Vids

    good morning ((((uppity’s)))))

    will be catching up and lurking

  10. Let them primary The Boy Wonder with Alan Grayson. It would serve them right.

    ……and that would be exactly what these dumb shit fake geniuses would do too. Laughable, they are. Naked and laughable. Or as their own messiah’s camp called them, “The Professional Left”.

  11. For you, Vet. Screw YOU, New Democratic Party!

  12. They thought they’d tame you by now Vet. WRONG!

  13. lol lorac. Great job! You reminded us JUST HOW PISSED OFF WE STILL ARE.

  14. “It all rests with the Republicans now.”


    We’re screwed……

    Agree with what you say above, UW, which is why I say that the true Progressives should make the distinction between themselves and the Cheeto’s more clear

    Those who most loudly identify themselves as “Progressive” are the Dem’s “Tea Party”, except less organized.

    As in Independent, I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That used to be called “a Democrat”

  15. Eh don’t ask me what they should do Anthony. I’m a moderate. I want everybody to stop minding everybody else’s business and want a practical government that doesn’t pander to extremes.

  16. I will never forget sitting in that R&B committee meeting and hearing all their bull. I will never forget. My hope is Obama will be ousted and replaced by a real democrat, Maybe then the rest of the so-called dems will figure out that we want the democratic party back.as it was. I cannot stand what is there now, and especially the POS sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. GO HILLARY. I am ready to work on her campaign again, but this time we will know how dirty the other side plays, and I, for one, would like to reciprocate in kind.

  17. “I want everybody to stop minding everybody else’s business and want a practical government that doesn’t pander to extremes.

    I prefer to believe that the majority of US citizens feel the same. Is it a fantasy? Hope not…

  18. Anthony I am fiscally liberal to moderate and socially liberal and that too was called a democrat. I don’t think we should be throwing people out of the party because they are more right or left than we are. What makes a democrat in my mind is someone who cares about the well being of the majority of society and the health of the nation. Fiscal conservatism doesn’t often get defined that way, but it can be and so can being fiscally liberal. It depends on the circumstances.

  19. Terrfic post and videos , thanks

  20. PS…yes one would need at least two videos to get in all the HRC back stabbers…and she had been helping them for decadesof course

  21. I live with a man who defines himself as a conservative. He is definitely a republican but I am unconvinced as to how conservative he is. He votes on guns, but he wants his SS left alone. He claims to be against abortion. But I think he only thinks he is supposed to be against abortion because his favorite politician Ronald Reagan **>said<** he was against abortion. I know for a fact that the man I live with has no particular belief in the sanctity of human life (lower forms of animals, yes, but not human). He is not religious. He doesn't get the idea of forgiveness of sins and is sure that if there were a God he'd be going to hell.
    So what is he? He's a republican through and through, but he wouldn't mind if millionaires and billionaires were taxed to keep his medicare off the table.
    So, I am not a big fan of boxes or tents so tiny only people exactly like us can fit in ours. What matters to me is democracy, women's equal representation, individual rights and equal opportunity. Right now we do not have any of those things. I do not believe we will ever have those things as long as women on the left and right refuse to work with each other. Consequently, as long as there are men in the democratic party who are far to the right of me, who would throw me under the bus for one more white male vote, I prefer to vote for women of any party.

  22. Teresa, sorry if my posts indicated I condoned any kind of purge of either party.

    In 2008, I officially dropped my status as a Democrat and registered as an Independent. I don’t have a dog in the (partisan) fight, so the idea of purging either party of their extremists is of no interest to me.

    If the Dems or the Repubs want to be branded by their extremist factions, than they must both reap what they sow and accept the rewards or consequences that come with that identity.

    Re: fiscal matters – I totally favor the Clinton “pay as you go” model, and think it would be wise to adopt that policy now.

    I do believe in social programs (or “entitlements”, as both parties identify these programs) but only for those who truly deserve them. There are too many freeloaders grabbing at funds that could save a life, provide an education or housing, and provide additional support to senior citizens and the infirm. It has always been my philosophy that we care for the very old, the very young and the very ill.

    I’ve lived in Manhattan since I’m 3 years old, so its not as if I have no “blue” ideological orientation, but unfortunately, blue has now morphed to a muddy color that has no depth, no sparkle, no inspirational energy any longer.

    If my posts appeared more militant than intended, I apologize for that, but I cannot move from the center.

  23. please delete the extra comment. Don’t know how that happened.

  24. Anthony, you didn’t indicate any urge to purge…. I was just defining my positions. I used to think of myself as more moderate. I do worry though that when we see other’s as leaching off the system it is more about the powers that be having been successful at the game of “let’s you and him fight”. In other words divide and conquer.

  25. when does Obama admit to himself that he has NO business in the white house and announce his retirement after one term? LBJ, even with Viet Nam was a much better president and he retired. I am just so tired of how completely WRONG Obama is for the U.S.

    ps… Anthony, I type like I speak and I am very straight to the heart of what I want to say. I hope it has not seemed like I was attacking you or your beliefs.

  26. *knitting bitterly* Never forget. Never forgive. not today not ever!!!

  27. thanks Lorac.beautiful thread. 🙂

  28. “when does Obama admit to himself that he has NO business in the white house and announce his retirement after one term?”

    Answer: When Valerie Jarrett tells him to…

    Teresa, I think we can agree that we both shoot from the hip; a refreshing change from the PC pussy-footing daintily around the issues (no offense, Kitteh Bill).

    I can understand your position (voting for a woman, no matter which party) but I’m a little gun-shy about such commitment to an agenda.

    Although I agree that Hillary would’ve been a better POTUS, it has nothing to do with her gender, despite women getting shafted from the boy’s club.

    It had to do with her performance as a Senator who represented my state, and her enormous accomplishments while she occupied that seat.

    I’ve learned from 2008 that my vote will go to the person most qualified to address the immediate challenges of our country, and imo, that would be the economy, jobs, and China (in that order).

    I could care less about what party they represent or what gender they might be. The clock is ticking, and our economy is continuing to flatline, despite many attempts at defibrillation.

    Show me a qualified, experienced candidate who says “I don’t give a damn about the Republicans. I don’t give a damn about the Democrats. I DO give a damn about our country, and poll numbers be damned, I’m going to do whatever it takes to fix whats broken”, and he or she will have my vote, once they submit a detailed plan of how they’re going to do that.

  29. Rev War Vet — No one will primary BO b/c he’s AA. Markos came out and said it and it’s true. BO’s election was about weaponizing his skin color. Now, it’s happening impliedly. Hopefully, the rest of the country (the majority of the electorate) is over that.

  30. Show me a qualified, experienced candidate who says “I don’t give a damn about the Republicans. I don’t give a damn about the Democrats. I DO give a damn about our country, and poll numbers be damned, I’m going to do whatever it takes to fix whats broken”, and he or she will have my vote, once they submit a detailed plan of how they’re going to do that.

    I don’t trust them to say what they mean. Consequently I think character matters. Obama has no character, I knew that in 2004 when he lied about being DLC. I have a huge BS detector and mine went off at that statement, just like it did when I heard there was this guy named Edwards from NC, who had just been elected to the senate but he should run for president because women would vote for him because he was sooooo cute. Barf.
    Anyway the point about women is not that they are better. It is about fairness. A woman was the choice of the people and she could not be the nominee because it was okay to tap in to sexism to mask that she was cheated.
    Electing women to office, is just the right thing to do. It’s time for the country to start to see women as half the brain trust because we are and because women deserve equal representation whether they are good bad or indifferent.
    I think of it as a high school sports team. Pretend you have a High school where half the girls are blue eyed and half the girls are brown eyed. It is tradition that only blue eyed girls are ever placed on the Basket Ball team. Do you think that school might have a better team if they stopped ignoring half the talent in the school? Then pretend that the way girls got on the team is by the student body voting after exhaustive try outs in front of the student body. Imagine that the tradition of only blued eyed players was so entrenched that even when a brown eyed girl completely dominated the floor, still she could not be elected to the team and even if she was elected by the people, the vote counters denied that she had been elected and they selected another blue eyed girl instead….and it continued because people agonized that maybe they just didn’t have enough superior brown eyed girls in the system and maybe after they brought themselves up through the grade school, middle school and frosh teams, maybe then and only then could they be considered good enough to get on the team. But even after a generation of brown eyed girls came up through the system the school still had not a single one on the HS team because they worried if they had truly found a brown eyed girl who was really really superior to the blue eyed girls they were comfortable with.
    At that point I think the government, assuming that it is a functional one, steps in the orders that to make things fair half the team has to be brown eyed or they can play themselves in b-ball and will no longer be allowed in any league.
    Women are the government. We are half the people. We can step in and say “get over it” and to force people to get over it, we are just gonna make the three branches of government look the way it should look. Will we elect some losers in the process? Sure we will, but we do that NOW. How the hell do we know we have the very best of males in government? I think we can all agree that we do not. So why are we so sure mediocre women would be worse than mediocre men? Why should I prefer to be betrayed by a democrat male rather than a republican female? All things being mediocre, I think parity is just simply the right thing to do. Besides being fair, getting America to see women as leaders will ensure that some day soon we stop ignoring half the brain trust of the USA and we can only have a better team when we have twice as many people to chose from.

  31. Wow this post is really wonderful to see. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. And maybe they would do it again. But I will never in my lifetime see another candidate who has spoken up for women the way she has. NEVER. So if she runs again, I’m in. I’d rather lose trying to help a smart as a whip woman who I know will represent women far better than ANY of this asshat men. I”m TIRED of going to D.C. and seeing all the paintings and statues and portraits of men only. I’m sick of having that be the “norm” Of having all the people I admired in politics be men only. It’s been HOW many years now?

    The push to get someone as smart, and strong on women’s issues in there to me is worth everything. I still think she’d be a great POTUS too. This record stands about what they did. And it will stand a hundred years from now. I am not voting or working for another democrat unless it’s her and I sure as chit ain’t voting republican with the tea party in there. The rhetoric from them online alone is scary enough to keep me from going down that road.

    If she runs again, I’m voting for her. The progs always make excuses for why they don’t vote for women. Sure Elizabeth Warren would be good they say…and I like her but, she’s not outspoken about the very issues I want to see addressed for ONCE.

    I’m an indy now and I’m going third party all the way unless Hillary runs and if she does she’s got my dollars, hours and vote. But this time I’m a little wiser and “get in their face” can work both ways. I know their game now and I’m not afraid to play it if I have to. Men have proven that 99 percent of the time they do not represent me and mine, they haven’t got a clue what women’s issues even are and when they do get a clue they are terrified and throw us under the bus. I’m tired of putting those issues second to everything else because everything else is ALWAYS more important.

  32. Poor Bammy, Putin is using BO’s own tactics about blaming others for Putin”s own mess. I saw this news story a couple places but this station in Israel got right the point:


    So much for that ill fated reset button.

    As to Putin, how much of that debt of ours over the years has been borrowing more money so we can send $$$$$ to Russia to help their economy (or at least that was always one of the reasons touted)? Why are we still just handing countries money? Why not just cut out all THOSE PARASITES and save that international money that just goes into the pockets of people like Putin for real problems (e.g., Japan recent devastating multiphase blasts form mom nature and man are an appropriate use of resources, deals to send cash to Central & South America so others can have access to oil, but not us, not appropriate).

    Oh and why do we pay the UN so that all those useless leeches can live here in luxury so they can bash us for our evil ways and demand more money. Money that never gets past their greedy little paws to the real world. All the while their own people, the ones the pretend to represent, often live in squalor.

    As to their using race as a chip. No one outside the US seems to give a fig about BO’s half black whatever. Although more are pointing out that his skin color would not help him in the middle east even with his Arab lineage. BO is a mutt just like everyone else. As we have stated before, the missing Bo the cute dog has a more impressive family tree and far better documentation.

  33. Reprinted without permission, but I feel sure it would be OK.

    Sophie KNOWS the score:

    Q: What will it take for rock and roll to stop being a boy’s game?
    A:Rock n’ Roll is simply a business game, and no one knows how to make money in it anymore, except for touring, sponsorships, and endorsements. So it’s anybody’s game who knows how to cross collateralize and seize marketing opportunities in which music is a part of selling something else. Licensing falls into that category.

    If you’re asking why women give away their power more today than ever as a social opinion I don’t have the answer. Why women accept what they accept and give themselves away for free boggles my mind. It makes the whole human race weak. Every great species depends on strong women to define and lead and teach them. Women need to set the standards for how to treat women. Don’t get me going on this issue.


  34. sorry if my posts indicated I condoned any kind of purge of either party.

    Hey why not? They purged millions of us in 2008. Came right out and said they didn’t need us. Told us to stay home. How’s that working out for you, Donna? Haven’t heard from you much. Not hired by Barack after he used you? Remember hillary and bill? I wonder what you would be doing for a living if it weren’t for them. But nevermind.

    They purged us. I say let’s purge them and send them back to their fringe party whatever they feel like calling it. The Republicans ought to purge their nutbag mirror image of them too. Crazy bastards trying to lord over people’s lives in one way or another. Tell us what to eat. Or tell us who to sleep with. It’s all the same, a bunch of meddling crazies.

  35. teresa, the problem of communication here is what looked accusatory when you said you didn’t know what his agenda was, when he was simply doing what you and I and everyone does everyday….giving his opinion, to which he is entitled..without having to explain himself or be on the defensive.

  36. People like KOS, Arianna Huff-in-Puff are not Democrats, they are former Republicans. And yet they were given so much power over the Democratic party. That video of Markos with Dobermann made me sick not just because of the Dobermann…(which is enough to make me heave by itself), but WHY DOES MARKOS GET TO SAY WHETHER OBAMA SHOULD OR COULD BE PRIMARIED??? Who voted for HIM and made HIM boss? Why does he have so much power?

  37. Obama gave him the power, Imust. Just another frat-boy invited to become a “White House Correspondent” and puke Obama’s agenda all over the airwaves.

  38. He doesn’t dare bite the hand that feeds him. Keithy too. They are up to their necks in this administration and don’t want to change that. And for all Olbermann’s bluster about primarying His Boy King, it is that – bluster. He’ll fall in line when he is told to.

  39. BTW, great post lorac!

  40. Yes lorac, GREAT post. I’m getting to LOVE being a participant instead of a beaten up blogger!

  41. Lorac, you are not UW but you are an adequate Wednesday substitute.

    *ducks and runs*

    all joking aside – way to go, girl. HILL-A-REEEEEE – any year, any time.

  42. Women are the government. We are half the people. We can step in and say “get over it” and to force people to get over it, we are just gonna make the three branches of government look the way it should look. Will we elect some losers in the process? Sure we will, but we do that NOW. How the hell do we know we have the very best of males in government? I think we can all agree that we do not. So why are we so sure mediocre women would be worse than mediocre men? Why should I prefer to be betrayed by a democrat male rather than a republican female? All things being mediocre, I think parity is just simply the right thing to do. Besides being fair, getting America to see women as leaders will ensure that some day soon we stop ignoring half the brain trust of the USA and we can only have a better team when we have twice as many people to chose from.

    Hear! Hear! Totally with you on this, Teresa.

  43. Killer post, Lorac. Another GREAT Lorac Wednesday!

  44. UW, Anthony said he would not vote for Hillary because of the party she would represent. Most of us, I think, would say we would vote for her no matter what party she represented. It made me curious and so I asked a question I knew Anthony would either answer straight or start dancing around. He was straight about what he thinks and so I apologized.
    I might not agree with him on every point, but I trust him and trust is preferable to me.

    Sorry again Anthony. I might have read hundreds of your comments, but if so, being the forgetful old bat that I am, I guess that I had forgotten your name.

  45. I would vote for Hillary if she ran as a hari krishna. She’s the best we’ve had to ever try and do anything for women at all. I voted third party last time and for a woman too. Seeing some of the things coming out of republicans platforms these days, I cannot vote for them. As if our vote counts anyway which I’m not too sure of at all. When they got away with what they did on the dems side, after Bushco well…it sent a clear message they can pretty much do whatever they want. Threaten John Lewis, no problem, threaten Tavis, no problem, put out every hate meme against women in the msm, not a problem…and now for your entertainment a democrat dismantles the programs of FDR!! No problem.

    Did you guys see that Tavis’s grandmother was threatened again recently? Meanwhile Michelle Obama puts her healthy kids program in place with funding by cutting funding to food stamps! WTF, Obama was and is a trojan horse. The republicans should adore him since he is roundly destroying the democratic party for decades to come.

  46. Michelle Obama puts her healthy kids program in place with funding by cutting funding to food stamps!


  47. Lorac, you are not UW

    I’m much cuter!

  48. Yeah but lorac has wings!

  49. FF is the story about meeting Hillary in the woman’s bathroom around somewhere that I can read it?

  50. Teresa – You have a better memory than I! If i ever WROTE about it, it would probably be on my old blog. I don’t know that I ever did tho (write about it) although I DID have HRC walk in on me in a bathroom at U of Miami! And the Secret Service…..00001 Nanoseconds later.

  51. Hillary goes to the bathroom?!

  52. I found my way on to an old thread about Tavis Smiley and saw you comment. I think if it had been me, I would have giggled then made an ass of myself because I had nothing clever to say. I did that once in HS, I giggled and walked away when a boy I liked talked to me. I was such a dork and I am betting I still am.

  53. Imust, only to wash her hands I am sure.

  54. Teresa and Imust – THANKFULLY the only person washing her hand at that moment was me. Five seconds earlier and, well….

    As it was, although I believe BOTH of us were rather stunned, we laughed – and I QUICKLY left through the door in which I had come in. I assume she did too. But it is a memory I will never forget – and that is the truth!

  55. And knowing Hillary, if you ever met her again….uh…under different circumstances of course….she would probably remember you! Bill is like that too, photographic memory.

  56. imust – I actually DID speak with her later at a rally here in Tampa and DID mention it. (She was campaigning for O then…kinda, although you could not convince me her heart was in it – and certainly at least HALF of the crowd’s was not – they just came to see and hear her)

    Anyway, she laughed again and said “Oh God, that was so long ago” It had actually only been a few months, but I am sure, from her POV, as it was post-Denver, post-everything, it seemed like Dog Years to her. But she did remember!

    Gotta go back out and work for a bit. My schedule got screwed up today by an intransigent client, so I have been working at home on the Super Big Job DE is coming to help me with! 🙂

  57. What?! You and DE together!! Awesome! You too should do a live blog about your meeting…play by play!

  58. amazing how raw all of those memories still are!! I like that scenario—-that a few others primary O first and then HRC jumps in to save the day. That may be the only way to get her in. I’m just so disgusted at what the Democratic Party has become. A party of sheeple who have become so piously authoritarian in their views. A party of sheeple who have forgotten how to listen to other points of view. I shudder to think that I might have even been like that!!!

  59. Latest Romney ad:

  60. I’m moving in for a week imust. Should be fun!

  61. Cynthia I see both parties that way. Sheeple who follow anything anyone says to do. I mean look at KOS right now telling us we cannot primary Obama because he is the first A.A. POTUS…so that tells me most dems want him to be challenged but, now we can’t…hmmm. THAT wasn’t planned or anything. Obama kisses corporate rear and he’s totally not a democrat. He’s ruined the party and brought it to it’s knees. The other side thinks Obama is a communist. There’s an echo chamber on both sides.

  62. lorac, I look forward to your posts and you never disappoint.
    Re voting for women only, I would if the woman was running on solid policy statements and kept her nose out of other women’s private parts – same with men. Keep your gosh darned nose out of my uterus, and out of the bedrooms of everyone. Put forward solid fiscal policy, build, rebuild and maintain infrastructure – in other words, do what a government was intended to do. Oh and before I forget, equality for all – this second class status for the poor (not the welfare leeches who are few and far between), the elderly, women and LGBT is so bleeping old, it’s stale and quite frankly, it’s flat out discrimination regardless of color or race or religion.
    BTW, I would love to have someone like Hillary running – vote for her in a minute! There should be a picture of her beside the definition of integrity in the dictionary.

  63. Hillary goes to the bathroom?!

    LOL! You never cease to crack me up. If you ever leave here again I swear I will send my Uncle Louie to beat the sh*t out of you.

  64. Ah Gawd, I made the mistake of looking at my investments. What a great president! He’s like a dull razor blade to the wrist. Oh yeah and he’s focusing on jobs. Again. I wish I had a thousand everytime that bullshit line fell out of his mouth. I hope he realizes that none of the baby boomers can afford to retire and they don’t want to hear any bullshit about how they should move over and give their jobs to pissants. They aren’t going to do it and it’s your fault, Barack. Nobody’s moving. You had the “Jobs Program”. Bust. The “Shovel Ready”. Need a shovel for your bullshit. Then you had the “Jobs Summit”. Another bust. everything this guy touches turns to shit.

  65. Re Romney Ad. Cripes, even he looks better than Obama. I don’t suspect he gives much of a rat’s ass about social issues so the crazies off the Right Cliff won’t go for him.

  66. Take China to the mat. Oh man, it’s so easy to do Obama in using Ads. He’s such a liar.

  67. Re investments – got my first quarter report – lost money – and I only invest in solid blue chip. Says a lot about the current atmosphere.

  68. I know you all!! My son last night got the papers to open his first retirement fund with Starbucks…so we are going over the papers while stocks are tanking and he says to me “Mom, which of these should I say I want to invest in.” I almost wanted to tell him to just get a mattress or a jar for burial in the back yard! This situation is awful…the paper there saying “T bills” are one of the safest….ROTFLMAFAOOOO!!

  69. Alice, I know, my son was asking me about investments, and I was at a loss. He’s been doing some day trading in currencies and yesterday he asked me about the U.S. dollar and whether he should divest. I didn’t know what to tell him, although honestly, I think it is going to get worse before it gets better given the current environment. BTW, he’s working two jobs, while studying for his music certification, so he’s not a basement cheeto eating dweller and I know that none of his friends are either. I keep trying to get them all involved but there is such a complete lack of confidence about how they could change things that it’s impossible at this time to engage them. I hold out hope, because they all want to start their own businesses.

  70. HT, good kid! Mine is too. Working full time at Starbucks became a manager there in five months flat since some of the others didn’t want to do the hours. Is in school, a volunteer EMT, goes to Kendo and speaks two languages. Yeah, he’s at home but, he helps with our bills too on top of the rest of it. He’s got good friends too. Great young people all of them. The bad ones get the press.

    I don’t know what the future holds for these young people….really worried about it.

  71. Aww…Uppity you know I can’t leave this place. BTW I’ve never had someone say that they would have the s#%T beat out of me in such a nice way! Only in Uppityland!
    RE: Romney, I’m not a fan…but at this point I’d vote for a cheeseburger for POTUS before I’d vote for Obama.

  72. now I’m hungry….

  73. Maybe this is what he meant when he said “Focusing like a laser on jobs”

  74. Folks, annuities are not terribly sexy, but they are safe if you chose the right one. Anyone who has questions about them can ask me. I used to sell them before I could not longer be in a car/office/clients kitchen table without endless pain.

  75. Alice, that is spooky – son has been at starbucks for 7 years and still going on a part time basis. As long time readers know, he’s a heavy metal musician – they make butkis money – but he’s also a classical pianist and guitarist – that’s why the certification so he can teach. Daughter also worked for Starbucks for a few years. Funny, both were on the fast track for management and both turned it down – I suspect they inherited more than I would wish in the F##k you category – meaning that they are too much like me, poor fools.
    I also worry about our youngsters, and believe me, I’m scared for them.

  76. From Gretawire

    “Wait until you hear what Donald Trump has to say about Sec of State Hillary Clinton and Gov Romney!”

    I tweeted this link to DT today. May be interesting to watch.Hope someone will grab it, I don’t have cable, but MIGHT be able to see it on the internet. There are a few pirate sites I can check.

  77. Teresa, UW, et al-

    To be clear: My statement about not voting for her is more about what the Dems would do to her (again) than anything else.

    If she runs as an Independent (which I doubt she would), then I’m in. But I just don’t trust the Obama-crats to do anything but humiliate her again like they did in 2008. I would hate to see her go through that again, and I do believe they’re a spiteful enough bunch to do that to her.

  78. FF I don’t twitter and don’t follow Greta, so spill the beans please! What’s happening? BTW, did you get all your painting done?

  79. ROFL!!!! Obama MUST be desperate!! He’s taking a BUS TOUR!!

    Yep gonna visit all those bitter-clingers on a bus!! Do you think he’s ever actually traveled by bus before?? Oh, and will Meeshoe come with him!?!

  80. I went over to Gretawire to see about the Trump/Hillary/Romney thing. Raging case of CDS on the comment thread.

  81. Don’t let it bother you imust. It’s FOX. These are people who think Huckabee should be president.

  82. ROFL bus tour. They’ll be washing that bus twice a day from all the eggs.

  83. Anthony, honey, I don’t think Hillary is in the least bit afraid of the regressives.

    Re: Trump. I completely lost respect for him when he led people on about running. He was playing people. I’m done with The Donald.

  84. Anthony, she’s been treated that way since she first married Bill and with stood it all. I lived in Little Rock in those days and the press was so vicious. She changed her last name and announced it on t.v. so people could “stop focusing on my hairbands, and my last name and look at these education issues I am trying to address here.”

    I think whatever they would do to her she could take it. Probably better than most can. I understand your position though. It was hard on everyone seeing the lies they told, how they hid her entire record to say obama has as much experience as he did…laughable. All of it.

    Uppity!, A bus tour!! In August!! In this heat!! Obama???? He’ll have Rahm, Valarie Jarret, and Barney Frank standing around him like harem girls with large fans and glasses of ice water. He might need some smelling salts for the fainters, himself included. blech! I bus tour!! Next thing you know he’ll start showing up and southern rock fests and singing along to Black Oak Arkansas…anything, anything to pander!!

    I can’t read anymore CDS imust…I just cannot.

  85. imust, it’s so predictable, yet I still don’t understand it – working against one’s best interests seems counter productive. Back – way back in high school, I was in one of the first “gifted” programs. I didn’t ask for it and actively fought against placement, but I was put there regardless.
    All of the kids in that class had to daily deal with the vitriol and abuse from some kids in other classes. That is exatly what is happening with CDS – an adult form of infantile envy.

  86. How’s that working out for you, _______? Haven’t heard from you much. Not hired by Barack after he used you? Remember hillary and bill? I wonder what you would be doing for a living if it weren’t for them. But nevermind.

    Tx UW, this one sentence is fun. I took out Ms Brazille’s name and am playing a little game…You can fill in any number of names.There are so many to choose from.

    How’s that working out for you,Bill,(Judas)? Haven’t heard from you much. Not hired by Barack after he used you? Remember hillary and bill? I wonder what you would be doing for a living if it weren’t for them. But nevermind.

  87. Anthony, I get it. I am sorry I questioned you.

  88. Ht, Hillary is the strongest woman in politics in our generation and some people despise her for that but, cannot articulate that’s why they hate her. She wasn’t a prissy sit quietly first lady and she has done what SHE thought was right, some people cannot stand a woman who sticks her head up that far. Alot of people actually. She doesn’t fit with their world view of women so she has to be punished. You know just in case she gets too far out of line and upsets the balance of power. So scary for them. In generations to come the record on Hillary will be her work, her words and their actions will stand out as an example of how backward the times were for women like her.

  89. AliceP are you saying that Hillary is an………Uppity Woman?

  90. Jealousy, fear…probably have a lot to do with it.

  91. Alice I agree 100%. Hillary has been a trailblazer, and thankfully Geraldine Ferraro and Eleanor Roosevelt helped to cut down some of those nasty killing vines that clog the road.
    All three women were not what the “Leave it to Beaver” folks wanted or expected – hence the vitriol.
    I hope you’re right about generations to come because Eleanor Roosevelt was nobody’s baby, yet how many young folks know about her and can recognize her amazing legacy? I’m not feeling very optimistic about womens’ rights in the current climate. My fear is for my daughter. I’m set up until I drop off the mortal coil, but I hate leaving my daughter in a situation that is even more backward thinking that I experienced in the 60’s.

  92. Why, yes I am saying that imust, and thank goddess for it too.

  93. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces that Cargill — the giant meat processing company — will recall 36 million pounds of its ground turkey after a salmonella outbreak causes at least 76 illnesses and one death.

  94. Yes, HT if men these days had their way women would go back to working in offices where they held no higher position than secretary and hopefully go back to dressing like something off of Mad Men.

    I remember my mother having to dress like that for work with girdles and high heels that were freaking torture devices all while trying to work inside AND outside the home and be castigated for daring to have a job or go to school. Wasn’t that long ago…

    And back down that road we’ve gone in many ways. That’s why I think we need a Hillary in our time. Someone not going to let if phase her and move forward.

  95. De, guess we’ll have to get Mom to start breeding turkeys.

  96. Jebus! DE! I am going back to only local organic meats. We have a farmer here who sells them and he keeps a very small operation.

  97. Can you believe that…36 MILLION pounds.

  98. That’s a lot of turkey. That’s why I always cook meat very well done. They say 165 F.

  99. Alice – girdles – I remember those – my mom, brilliant woman that she was was a “corsatier” which meant someone who measured women to determine which undergarments they should buy. MY mom was so smart, but that is all that she could get in terms of work for money. She taught me to appreciate poetry, language, culture, politics – she was a genius, yet she was relegated to second class June Cleaverdom because of her gender. I am so frigging sick of this current situation that pretends that females are important, but does nothing to make their lives more palatable. If there is anyone who believes that Bachman, the latest pretend we care model, is not being controlled, raise their hands. She is knee deep in sheite but no one is paing any attention. I give up.

  100. Lorac, excellent post! Never give up, never give in. HRC 2012.

    UW @ 8:59 AM: Righteous rant!!

  101. I still want revenge on the ones who said “I know you spent decades working for us and our rights and we are using our rights! We don’t want to vote for Hillary. I’m sorry. She’s not “the one” It’s not your time right now.” OMG! I want to throttle the little bastids to this very day. The one kid who wrote a diary online about how “then I walked into that booth and broke my mothers heart.” She should have aborted your ungrateful ass.

  102. Anne, better still, I listened to an interview with three women – one who was 80 years old, one who was 50 and one who was in her late twenties. The 80 year old was amazing – still had all her faculties and still recognized the problems that had blossomed in the last few year. The 40 year old was ambivalent – there might be a problem but we can deal with it. The 20-30 year old was adament – Feminism was dead and the girls and boys just had to get together to discuss stuff and agree. They didn’t do much – according to her, all that is needed is for ladies like her to talk to their male partners. No wonder I give up. My own daughter is becoming something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. My son is more of a feminist, and he’s a bleeping heavy metal jock.

  103. May 31st 2008…..I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 👿 😡 👿 I left the Dem Party and registured Uncommitted….. I say, screw those sick twisted pieces of no good road kill to the crub…. What they ALL did to Hillary and her supporters ( And, yes the ones who DID NOTHING but, hide) and they hoped we would all forget…. NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!! 😡 👿 😯 😯 Hey, how many Pumas want to run for President??? We could do something that has Never been done before…. clog the system and overload the process…. At least the cheating one…. which is all the kicktothecrubpieceofparasitebois….. and does. 😯 Just a thought… 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  104. Girls Need Not Apply

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wednesday, August 3, 2011 — 9:03 PM EDT

    Bloomberg Investing $30 Million of His Money in Program to Aid Minority Youth

    The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in a blunt acknowledgment that thousands of young black and Latino men are cut off from New York’s civic, educational and economic life, plans to spend nearly $130 million on far-reaching measures to improve their circumstances.

    The program, the most ambitious policy push of Mr. Bloomberg’s third term, would overhaul how the government interacts with a population of about 315,000 New Yorkers who are disproportionately undereducated, incarcerated and unemployed.

    To pay for the endeavor in a time of fiscal austerity, the city is relying on an unusual source: Mr. Bloomberg himself, who intends to use his personal fortune to finance about a quarter of the cost, city officials said.

    Read More:

  105. Her you go Casper

  106. lol

    NQ just came to the “says it all’ juxtaposition of Hillary and The Fraud in the rain…


  107. WARNING. That turkey recall spans MANY BRANDS. I use shady brook farms and have some in the freezer now. How the F am I supposed to know if it’s part the contaminated product? I didn’t keep their damned package for Chrissakes. I made burger patties and froze them. What a bunch of bullshit this is. Can anybody find out WHICH STATES this affects? None of these bullshit MSM outlets are smart enough to give out that information. Too much work for them! Getting off their asses is just too hard!

    Brands listed here. TONs of them

  108. Nice of them to use the same words I use on my sidebar too lorac. The friend who emailed them used to read here. I guess she still does. Idea snatching. I suppose a little credit is too much to ask. Rev Amy I am sure, doesn’t know that came from here. Eh I love when my thoughts go viral. Especially when it takes more than a year.

  109. Here’s the turkey producers web site. Shoot em an email and tell them how much you appreciate Filth That Kills.

  110. Yes! deadenders it feels like it was just yesterday…. 😡 👿 😡 👿 However, I just have a gut feeling that Bo will not be re-selected…. After all, he was NEVER Elected….. 😡 👿

  111. he was elected, Casper. It’s just that he cheated to become the candidate.

  112. UW: About your turkey: if you like your meat well done, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you like it juicy and succulent, maybe the Cargill turkey in your freezer’s not worth hanging on to,

    On the bright side, there are plenty of farmers in NY (& CT) raising turkeys. Free range, heritage birds, the whole nine yards. Check out this: http://www.localharvest.org/ and find yourself a new turkey!

    I get my turkeys (and all other meat) from local farmers. I really believe in the know your farmer thing and I am never afraid of my food. Sure, it’s more expensive but well worth it in my opinion. (Aside from being safer, you wouldn’t believe the difference in taste!)

  113. Wow…wonder if Rev Amy realizes that since someone sent her the pix. I’d leave a comment to let her know, but they have a dunky login thing that I don’t do.

  114. Yes! Uppity I understand that… but, that piece of shit was NOT Elected by the people…. the bullshit that was pulled at the DNC meeting and what happend with the delegates…. and all of the dead people and their pets that were suppose to have voted (Bo campaign) included and all of the illegal foreign $$$$$$$$$$$ that came from the middle east…. 👿 😡 This was a SELECTION and NOT an ELECTION…. The FRAUD will NOT get away with this again… and the fucking REPB sat on their lazy asses ( very afraid of Hillary) and did not (1) Vote at all or (2) Voted for BO… Fuckers!!!!!!!!! 😡 👿 I know, I live in a 72% Repb City/County almost 3 million people…. and, the Repb did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to Help McCain win…. As a protest Vote I handed out materials (made by pumas) to educated the people here about the FRAUD….. And, everyday and night I worked 6-10 hours a day calling for Hillary….. I pray and will do everything in my power/control to see that Karma visits that piece of shit…. 😡 👿 😯 😉

  115. sophie, I like Shady farms’ hot turkey sausage too.. I just want to know if my state is affected. If so, I have to throw the turkey sausage out without getting a refund, unless i drop the damned links on the customer service counter. That’s what pisses me off. They pretend you can get a refund when you can’t because who keeps receipts for food they freeze without the package. And who freezes food in its packaging. Scheeve. So basically, the customers are screwed. I’ve already eaten some of that turkey and I’m still here so I guess it’s not affected. I’m just so sick and tired of being poisoned by big agra. and they give these animals antibiotics besides, which is why their diseases are resistant when we get sick.

    I would imagine the pics with the captions made an email route and I’m SURE Amy AND Artemis had no idea. The photos are fair game anyways. It’s just that it’s pretty obvious the wording with them came from here. It’s really no big deal. It’s not like a major post was stolen, even though that has happened too. now THAT pisses me off royally.

  116. I HATE WELL DONE MEAT. I want the days back when I could eat rare beef. There is NO excuse for this filth.

  117. Poor FF. I think she was over at Greta’s trying to comment rationally to the CDS crowd. She’s gonna need some {{{{hugs}}}}!
    We love you FF! 🙂

  118. FF, WTF?
    bloomberg is financing a quarter his campaign to help minority males. Oh, how big of him. The thing is, the tax payers are paying the other 3 quarters of the money for a project that tells girls to go to hell.
    Where do these young woman grow up? Do they have more advantages?

  119. Yeah well Bloomberg isn’t financing the other three quarters of the cost of helping MEN only. The women of NY CIty should be carrying pitchforks right now.

  120. Now, now teresa and FF. Those girls don’t need any help! All they have to do is keep themselves lookin’ purdy and they’ll find themselves a nice man to take care of them! 😉

  121. lol imust, it’s what you get when you hang out where the far right crackpots are most at home.

  122. (Reuters) – Scientists have identified an emerging “superbug” strain of salmonella that is highly resistant to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, or Cipro, often used for severe salmonella infections, and say they fear it may spread around the world.

    The strain, known as S. Kentucky, has spread internationally with almost 500 cases found in France, Denmark, England and Wales in the period between 2002 and 2008, according a study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

  123. Yes it’s true Casper, sister. They had to pull delegates out of their asses to drag his ass over the line. And that was AFTER they stole delegates from Hillary and decided to channel Michigan voters as to wether they “would” have voted for barack if he had had the balls to put his name on the ballot. He knew exactly what he was doing and what he was going to do. He knew he was going to get his ass kicked in michigan and Florida, so he played this little I wont run and I wont campaign game. That way he could just steal delegates associated with votes he didn’t even get. Shamlessly sleazy bunch.

  124. Uppity, I hate well done meat too. All I’m saying is that it is possible to opt out of the BigAg/BigFood system. I did. Yes, it’s more work, more expensive, has to be cooked from scratch, and you have to learn to “put by” for the winter. But Uppity, I am NEVER afraid of my food. And the truly funny (not ha ha) thing is that when the authorities (USDA and FDA) “crack down,” they always go after the small farmers and effectively put them out of business. Cargill won’t even get a wrist slap.

  125. DE the reason that salmonella is resistant to antibiotics is they give antibiotics to the animals, thus the bugs they carry are already resistant by the time they get to us from the meat. Nobody is regulating these pigs any longer. They don’t care who they kill for the holy buck. I am sick of handing food like its toxic waste.

  126. This latest turkey recall reminds me of the egg recall last year. Didn’t the owner of that farm have a sordid past as far as…well…cleanliness?

  127. Sophie, I cook EVERYTHING from scratch. Cooking is my hobby and I’m dayum good at it too. I grow my own veggies in summertime but there is only so much you can grow unless you are a farmer. I buy from farmer’s market too. i get my red meat locally as well, and I buy chickens from a nearby farm outlet, but some things you just can’t get locally, such as the turkey sausage Shady makes, which is so good I defy you to tell the difference between it and italian sausage made with pork. In winter, I am dependent on bought vegetables. you can’t grow them in the snow so they are trucked to the North East. I hate to say this, but I never thought the day would come when I actually LOOKED for food from places like Chile instead of the USA. As for seafood, I eat a lot of it and refuse to buy anything that came out of the gulf. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. I would rather take my chances with fish that came from somewhere else. I try to buy as much from Maine as possible, but sooner or later I have to depend on Big Agra for things like fruit.

  128. Yes, imust. Decoster is repeatedly being fined, but the fine is so slight compared to what he makes. It’s just a business fee, as far as he’s concerned.

  129. Decoster, that pig, is a perfect example of how our own government restrains the FDA and allows pigs to get away with killing people. That animal should have been imprisoned long ago for murder as well as animal abuse.

    Incidentally when we grow our own veggies, it’s getting pretty damned hard to buy seeds that aren’t monsanto genetically engineered.

  130. (((((((((((Uppity)))))))))) I knew YOU would understand…. Just promise me You will never change…. 🙂 You are the BEST!!!! 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  131. I’ll give it my best shot, Casper!

    I wouldn’t worry though. Who I am comes all to naturally to me.

  132. 134 comments on lorac’s thread and she’s not even here to see it! lorac!!

  133. She’s a star now. Between her and mom and FF I can officially retire.

  134. Nooooooo Uppity!

  135. i’m lorac’s cat. lorac is under the weather this week. She’s been sleeping a lot. She fed us today, at least. The rain pictures got her to laugh, though, and now she’s laughing because now it’s over at His44 comments, too…
    August 3rd, 2011 at 9:44 pm
    who we could have had and who we got.



  136. lorac’s cat blogs too? I really got to get my dogs in some kind of training program. They’re slacking off.

  137. Feel better lorac! Have some chicken soup. No turkey burgers though, they’ll make you sicker.

  138. Yeah uppity loves when her ideas are stolen and sent around virally.

    Listen, lorac’s cat, keep the faith, pal. Bill says he will stop over and help you out if you want. And if lorac forgets to feed you, just lie on her head.

  139. ROFL! This is the opening of a diary at the Hufn’ Puff so I didn’t link it but if you want the link I’ll give it…..

    My lawn sported the first Obama sign in our mid-Michigan neighborhood, even before the local campaign office had them available. I did more to support him than I had ever done for any presidential candidate.

    I was convinced he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton. I was dead wrong. Voting for him in the primary was one of the biggest mistakes of my political life. He has turned out to be one of the worst presidents of recent times — not actively horrible as Bush was, but passively so. The debt ceiling debacle proves it to me, not that I needed any more proof of his incompetence.

    But every time Obama gets criticized even by people like me who voted for him, the excuses roll out from diehard supporters….

  140. I updated with the four caucus fraud videos… better late than never!

  141. imust – i hope he gets some karma – ie, I hope his previous obot buddies start calling him RACIST! I guess we had congenital racism, and they have…. latent racism….? lol

  142. lorac! You’re feeling better! Your cat is nice.

    Here’s the title of the above post, hope it pastes right:

    Lev RaphaelAuthor, ‘Rosedale in Love’
    My Three Favorite Excuses for Obama’s Epic Failures

  143. Here’s another good part:

    I dismissed Hillary Clinton’s jibe that Obama wasn’t much more than a good speech, but I realize to my profound regret that she was right. He can give a good speech now and then, though most of the time he drones. It’s pretty clear that Obama is a prime example of the Peter Principle: he’s risen to his level of incompetence.

  144. I even read the comments and so far, more are favorable to Hillary….the first string Obots must still be in the locker room. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time…..

  145. s/b most are favorable, not more

  146. Love the update lorac!! Thanks! It’s best not to ever forget that debacle. There’s also another video of where they paid off the supers…they PELOSI.

    Uppity! I was here that day you did that juxtaposed photo. I remember talking to you about it on the thread and voila, you put it up. It’s perfect! It would be nice if permission were asked. :S geez!

    OMG, that huffnpuff things is too, good! Too little too late but, still good you dumbasses! Let the comment section ensue with excuses and how Hillary would be the same as Obama because Bill did x, y and z and Hillary the war!! That’s the full extent of their knowledge of her. No credit for anything she ever did for 35 years but, he got credit for speechifying and being a blank screen.

  147. Women’s rights are human rights – 1995 – China

    part 1

  148. part 2

  149. obama’s historic speech:

    I, I, I, I

    me, me, me, me

    buy my brand

  150. Damn, what a great speech. That right there is one of my all time favorites.

    Great post lorac. Read it this morning and was happy to come back and see you’ve added more HOPE.

    This guy over at Huffy Puffy sounds like a liar to me. He got to vote for Bo, in Michigan, in the primary?? Their HOPE is gone, and we got to keep ours. Thanks for reminding us lorac.

  151. ROFL!

    It’s HERE, too!


    rain, rain, everywhere! lol

  152. What are you trying to do, aggravate me? Now everybody will think I swiped the idea from an NQ post without credit or something. Not that Amy would care, but go bug somebody else about it. Thanks!


  153. Besides, it’s not as bad as gateway taking Freedom Fairy’s “Nobody says nothing like Obama” badge and selling it himself instead of sending people to her cafepress. Now that would really piss me off. or like when my “Sorry To Bother You Sir” post went around the world in an email and landed on a zillion sites. I wonder if there is someone out there who has my entire blog under their name? I mean, I’ve had entire posts stolen for Chrissakes, this is nothing. Besides, Amy doesn’t know and she’s the best. I just hope she doesn’t see my sidebar and think I stole it. lol.

    I also wonder how the person who took that photo of Hillary feels because a zillion people have used it and that’s REAL creativity.

  154. Hey Vivien! Where the heck you been?

  155. Looks like Pennsylvania Senator Robert J. Benedict Arnold Casey Jr. has decided his incestuous affair with Barack Obama (since Easter Sunday evening in March 2008) may not be enough to win re-election next year. Perhaps he feels this will be a game changer:

    Only One Senator Stays to Question U.S. Envoy to Syria at Confirmation Hearing

    …As he described the “widespread arrest campaigns” and “atrocious torture” and government-sanctioned “slaughter” in Syria, only Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., was at the dais….
    Story at FoxNews under /politics/2011/08/03/only-1-senator-stays-to-question-us-envoy-to-syria-at-confirmation-hearing/

  156. Imagine that sleazeball casey going down.Wouldn’t that just be a Boo F’ing Hoo moment?

  157. […] UPDATE: Apologies for not having the photo credits, but the friend who sent the email let me know she got the photos from our friend, Uppity Woman’s site. Uppity has an outstanding post along the lines of this one (though better – Uppity Woman ROCKS). Here is the link to, “He’s Stolen Everything ELSE, But He Can’t Steal My HOPE!“ […]

  158. lorac, we longtime readers know. Don’t let it bother you.

  159. Wow..Lorac Wednesday overflows into Thursday!

  160. BTW, here’s something someone could get their rhetorical teeth into – Rhode Island county pays off bondholders (money guys) and stiffs pensioners.


  161. I love this site, absolutely love it. First place I go to in the am and last place I go to at night. I use the poverty recipes – that chicken one is so delicious that I’ve had guests ask me where I found it.
    The commenters and contributers are amazing. I don’t always agree but the cordial way with which everyone interacts is unique. I feel at home here, and have since I stumbled here in 2008. Been three years – I’m still here, so Uppity, Mom, DE, lorac, mcnorman et al, keep on doing what you do best! And never, ever think you are not appreciated.

  162. Well, at the end of the thread I added Hillary’s wonderful speech in Bejing,

    and also – I don’t know what to call it – but the speech she gave at the conclusions of the primaries, but before the convention – when she said she didn’t know what she would do, but reminded us that “we” won the most primary votes of anyone in history…. at the beginning she does a little blahblah to The Fraud, but then she goes on to speak to us, the Real People…. Trying to help us see what we’d accomplished, what we’d gained, instead of focusing on the (stolen) losses….. Even in all the pain she must have accumulated over the length of the campaign, she still thought of us….

  163. Imust, I know no one wants to link to huffpoo, but could someone give me the name of that post so that I can go read it?

  164. the still photo for the speech Hillary gave in China in 1995 looks like the little light is a hand puppet. I was thinking “What the hell, I never realized she used a hand puppet for that speech”……lol, thank god I just had early morning eyes.

  165. teresa, she (HillaryK) is beautiful in her passionate desire to have all women treated as equals.
    Early morning eyes – I like that and with your permission will use it – often. I can adapt it to late evening eyes, mid afternoon need a nap time eyes – Yup, it works for me, but again with your permission.

  166. Boy I feel sorry for the people who really took those photos. I was thinking photographers must get ripped off via google images constantly. I just emailed Amy and said they weren’t my photos, I just used them for my words. And I invited her to come over so we can harass her.

  167. yeah lorac I picked on you at 3 AM. Remind me not to wake up at 3 AM. The pictures aren’t mine anyways. Just the use of them with the words. Ack, thank God nobody took my TV!

  168. Yes I know you’ve been around for a couple of years HT. I remember when Cinie was your favorite and I came in second, so don’t think I talked her into leaving! By the way, the whole blog got removed. I wonder where she is and HOW she is. She was a TERRIFIC writer.

  169. Uppity, speaking of TV, I don’t watch much but up here we’re going the same way you did last year – digital. I now need a converter or else my paltry rabbit ears won’t pull in the signal. Funny that in the record business they are just discovering that analog was better than digital, yet governments across the continent are deciding that digital is preferable. Something to do with the airwaves, control and money I’ll bet. Now I have to go out and buy a converter (I won’t buy a new digital tv) so I can pull down the evening news, which in addition to George Strombolopolis, is all I watch.

  170. Uppity, the loss of Cine was soul bruising – she was incredible, but to be honest I found Cine because of you. I hold out “hope” that she will resurface. Brilliant woman, as are you and all of the contributers here.

  171. Ooops, I should have said brilliant HUMANS, not women. My apologies to all of the wonderful male contributers and commenters.

  172. HT, i just wish I knew she was okay! That’s the hard part. She just dropped off! I kept worrying somebody found out who she was and harassed her. You know how horrible obots can be.

    Get the converter at ebay if you can. They are a dime a dozen now. Digital gives you more channels though, more channels you don’t want to watch. lol. I thought the only people who needed coverters were people who WERENT on cable. If you are using rabbit ears you aren’t on digital cable. So you aren’t digital, your TV is just no longer functioning because your city went digital and the signal needs a converter for you to use your analog TV. You would get a much better signal if you were on the cable. Of course, they would soak you for money though.

  173. Upps, I felt the same when SM77 dropped off the radar at The Confluence – where the heck did she go, how is she, what could I do to help her. Same with Cine, who I still miss.
    Cine had the gift of satirical skewering of anyone and everything – you have it as well.

  174. re your instruction on television, I haven’t had cable for years. Funny story, my son answered a cold call from our telephone provider about fibre optic cable television. His response, which I heard coming up the stairs, was that we had not had cable or satellite for over 20 years and we weren’t interested. During the years without cable, satellite or whatever, I have saved over 14 thousand dollars and have gained two young people who are prepared to face the future.
    As a bonus, I just agreed to take in one of my son’s friends – after my provisos about laundry, helping around the house, etc etc, I advised him that if he wanted to watch tv, he could get cable or satellite, but I would not pay for it. He shrugged his shoulders and advised me that there was nothing on television that was worth the price.

  175. Awwww, well the little notation at NQ was nice!! Anyway, yeah tons of photos get used all over the net if they aren’t copy righted and even then!

    HT, I agree. I read here every day. It’s a voice of sanity outside the echo chamber.

  176. I been working like a dog Upps. RL has gotten in the way. I don’t get to stop by as often as I would like. I had to take some days off to get my house in order. So much for that. I hope all is well. And your tv. What’s up with that?

  177. HT… the phrase “early morning eyes” was original to me just this very morning. You have my permission to use it or any variations you can think of. = )

  178. Alice, that is what make this place like a living room. People with disparate opinions coming in and voicing them, but open to persuasion by others. Utah for example, I don’t have much in common with her, but I really enjoy her comments and she’s made many valid comments. SYD for another, due to her influence, I adopted Milly – she has a great log btw. imust is self explanatory – pie is what she lusts for, but she has an incrediblly accurate read on many politicians. FF – she is one in a million and Uppity is lucky to have attracted her, same with DE (I’m still smarting from that soup bowl). lorac – well she’s in a category that is all her – she’s faNTASTIC. neshey what can one say about one’s buddies. PMMom – I love her she’s unique – (Mom hope you are getting where you need to go without excess nastiness. Please check in when you get there so we know you’re safe)

    I ccould go on and on about the commenters here

  179. I have dish network and that is hundreds of channels I do not want to watch. I hate the 24/7 infotainment networks. So all I watch in the way of news is ABC with Dianne Sawyer and the Sunday network news shows….at least those appearing AFTER CBS Sunday Morning which I still love after all these years.
    Unfortunately the two or three stations I do watch can only be found on dish or cable and we have no cable available here in Hooterville.

  180. ROFL bus tour. They’ll be washing that bus twice a day from all the eggs.
    that will help the economy pick up.both for the egg sellers and the bus washers. :lol; 😆

  181. lorac, on August 4, 2011 at 1:06 AM said:

    I updated with the four caucus fraud videos… better late than never!
    THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  182. The upcoming bus tour at taxpayer expense is outrageous! http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/175185-obama-plans-august-bus-tour-of-midwest

    The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.

    “He looks forward to talking to the folks about growing the economy, creating jobs,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing.

  183. oops, forgot to say HT that I finally gave in a bought an HDTV because my analogue that I kept in the basement (not hooked up to dish) just stopped getting any channels even with the converter. Keep the receipt to anything you buy because even a converter might not solve your problem.

  184. teresa, that Huff/Puff post was titled:

    My Three Favorite Excuses for Obama’s Epic Failures

    By Lev Raphael

    But as Vivian pointed out, which I didn’t even notice, he says when he “voted for Obama in the Michigan Primary”…..we all know Obama wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan.

    I’m going back to read it again.

  185. thanks Imust, I am going to read it now.

  186. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/nov05election/detail?entry_id=94646&tsp=1

    CA Dem Pty “Progressives” explore primary challenge to Bam…sort of.

  187. The Regressives. They probably want to run Grayson. lol. Karl Marx can’t run from the grave, everybody knows Al Gore made 300+ million off his fear program, and Barney Frank is way too old. maybe they can run Donna Brazile, that’s the ticket. I know we will all run out and vote for her. In any event, you can bet they’ll pick a loser and end up pumping up Barack’s ego in the end when he whomps the challenger. They won’t pick Hillary. That would mean they admit that were batshit crazy not to support her in 2008. Can’t have that. The “creative class” must save face. Say! Why don’t they just get it over with and run George Soros.

  188. Surprised Cali didn’t name Nancy.

  189. As Whoppie Goldberg might say….they’re not gonna Primary-Primary him……

    Bernal doesn’t plan to ask the full California Democratic Party to approve the resolution. It was meant more as a statement of conscience than a desire to back a rival to Obama, she said. “Is there a sense of desperation in this?” Bernal said. “I would have to say yes.”

    The caucus, according to a spokesman, hopes that “Obama would rework his priorities to respond to the needs of working class Americans in order to get progressive support in 2012.”

  190. She HOPES that Obama will “rework” his priorities. Let me tell ya sister, here are Obama’s priorities:

    1.) Barack Obama
    2.) Barack H. Obama
    3.) Barry Obama
    4.) Barry Soretoro
    5.) BHO
    6.) Golf

  191. Hilarious on his “priorities,” imust! Right on!!

  192. Wall Street not a happy place today…did barry pay a visit or something.

  193. So I just got a phone call from a progressive group, independent voting dot org. They want to open up primaries to independents. They think the two parties are keeping us divided with wedge issues and not solving our problems…all good I’m thinking. He asked what I thought about the current primary system…..well, you can imagine I gave him an ear full. So of course I talk about how we are now stuck with BO because the system was gamed etc in 08 and how Hillary Clinton would have been a far better president yada-yada and the guy says, “I hear ya”. I mention my concern about the “Democrats or Republicans for a day” problem…. So anyway, boils down to of course, money. Wants donations. So I said to give me the website and I’d look at it……first thing I see there is they are bragging about how Independents are the reason Obama is our prez….bragging I tell ya!
    They see Obama as a non-partisan.
    Sawwwy independent voting dot org….no moola from me.

  194. Great day by my lights: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/polls/

    Trending well for us. (focus on yellow-highlighted line for average scores.)

    68.3% say the country is going in the wrong direction. On July 4 it was 63%.
    I don’t care how ‘mystical’ and ‘magical’ he is, or how lackluster Romney is, BHO can’t be re-elected with these numbers. People are going to want to change out the WH occupant just to try something different (even if they’re cynical about the alternative).

  195. Politico is an Obama-Fluffer site, of course — so it’s significant that they’re striking a pessimistic note:

    The politics of the debt fight were a drag for President Barack Obama, yanking his popularity to new lows. Here’s an even bigger drag: Obama emerges from the months-long fracas weaker — and facing much deeper and more durable political obstacles — than his own advisers ever imagined.

    The consensus has been that for all his problems, Obama is so skilled a politician — and the eventual GOP nominee so flawed or hapless — that he’d most likely be reelected.

    Don’t buy into it.

    This breezy certitude fails to reckon with how weak his fundamentals are a year out from the general election. Gallup pegs his approval rating at a discouraging 42 percent, with his standing among independents falling 9 points in four weeks.

    His economic stats are even worse. The nation has 2.5 million fewer jobs today than the day Obama took office, a fact you’re sure to hear the Republicans repeat. Consumer confidence is scraping levels not seen since March 2009.

    Where’s the bright spot? Hard to see. Obama has few, if any, domestic achievements that enjoy broad public support. No one assumes employment, growth or housing prices to pick up much, if at all — something Obama is essentially powerless to change. And the political environment and electoral map are significantly tougher than in 2008, especially in true up-for-grabs states.

    “The historical precedents of what happens to incumbent presidents in these economic circumstances are not positive or encouraging,” said Geoff Garin, a top Democratic pollster. “There has been a false sense of confidence among a lot of Democratic activists.”


  196. imustbebrilliant- your are as usual right on the ticket. Thanks for the laugh.

  197. You’re welcome HT….but not brilliant….this board has brilliant people, including you…I’m just a quipster. So what do you brilliant ones think about Chris Christie? I personally think he’s a bully.

  198. imust, few things require more brain power than the ability to think on one’s feet, and make people laugh in the process.

  199. Interesting coincidence between the two worst Gulf Oil Spills in the last 30 years.

    With record-breaking temps in the south this year, topping records in 1980, I looked up “Gulf Oil spills 1979 – 1980” out of curiosity.

    ‘On June 3, 1979 a platform called IXTOC 1 which was in the Gulf of Mexico about 600 miles south of Texas in the Bay of Campeche, a two-mile exploratory well blew out. What happened next sounds similar to what happened on the Deepwater Horizon.’

    The IXTOC 1 accident is considered the world’s second worst oil spill with 140 million gallons of oil released into the waters.

    The following year, Texas and the South had record breaking temperatures for a duration of 42 days.

    One year after Deepwater Horizon well spills over 4 million barrels (that we know of) into the Gulf on April 15, 2010, it looks like Texas may break those records of 1980, and may record the hottest temperature ever today, at 113 degrees (predicted in Dallas.)

    Scientists say Crude Oil spills change the water temperatures and have a significant effect on the climate. Many reports indicate that much of the BP oil is still on the bottom of the Gulf.

    Interesting similarities as to the spills and heatwaves that have followed them a year later.

  200. Lorac, a most excellent post.

    How maddening it is that of all of the evidence of who and what Hillary Clinton is all about, the Obama voters REFUSE to concede what a horrible, horrible mistake he was.

    SHE WAS THE ONE who would have fought for them at every turn as THEIR President.

    Talk about blind and arrogant ignorance. If they had an ounce of dignity and real concern for this country, they would demand that he step down and beg her to run to right their obvious, tragic mistake.

    Who is “crying” now for THEIR futures?

  201. Hey Lorac! Over 200 comments. If I had any sense I would be slashing my wrists.

    Instead…I am delighted!

  202. Many reports indicate that much of the BP oil is still on the bottom of the Gulf

    Of course it’s at the bottom of the Gult. That’s what all the toxic dispersants were for. Poof! All “gone”! The President should be singularly indicted for making sure coverage was hobbled and further making sure the entire story of the biggest sea disaster in history disappeared from the radar screen. And also for appointing the most slipppery two legged carp to disperse funds to the injured–who has already been exposed as working with BP to help shaft the people who live and work in the Gulf.


    As we speak, animals are dying and fish are mutating. Oil sniffers for seafood. Indeed.

  203. “But there’s a more important reason why Hillary should run — one that transcends party, or personal gratification, or payback, or breaking barriers. She should run for the good of the nation. She should run to prevent a rollback of healthcare, to make sure the Bush tax cuts are not renewed, to protect entitlement programs, to make sure Republicans — who are poised to regain the Senate in 2012 — don’t control all three governing institutions through 2016. It’s not about her — it’s about the future of the country.”

    Long article in Salon – of all places.


  204. I knew I felt a little deja vu-y today…….2008 anyone? Isn’t this what gave us Obama? Isn’t this the reason his poll numbers went up because Obama was better for the economy?

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — In their single worst day since the 2008 financial crisis, stocks plunged Thursday, with the Dow tumbling 512 points, as fear about the global economy spooked investors.
    “The conventional wisdom on Wall Street was that the economy was growing — that the worst was behind us,” said Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital. “Now what people are realizing is the stimulus didn’t work, and we may be headed back to recession.”

  205. Scr*w Salon! Hillary’s done sacrificing for her grossly ungrateful party. Too little, too late…their convenient remorse.
    I have to say, lefties are really CRACKED in their obsession on causing the ‘Bush tax cuts’ to expire. I just don’t effin’ get it!! What’s the point of raising taxes in a down and struggling economy?!!?? Is it going to put one more person to work? No. Is it going to reduce the deficit by any meaningful amount? No. Is it going to hurt small businesses already struggling to make payroll? Yes!!!!!!!! This is not the time for rhetoric-laden leftie class-warfare…it’s time to try and nurse this dying economy back to health, not redistribute money from citizen A to citizen B. The Dems just don’t get it.

  206. A litte deja vu, imust? Maybe. A sign that the party in the WH is going to be turfed out on election day.
    It’s ironic that the crumbling economy in ’08 helped Obama, given that the guy has barely ever made a check in the private sector and everything he knows about economics could be written on a grain of rice. It’s just that between McCain and Obama, Obama was the only one who seemed to have a clue (“seemed” being the operative word!).

  207. Correction, NES. The MEDIA made it seem Obama had a clue. He did not. And does not. Just look at our country.

    Gotta go cook – BBL – if I can stay awake. Almost had heat stroke today!

  208. One bright spot today. That scumbag child rapist Warren Jeffs was convicted.

  209. I agree with that, FF. Trouble is McCain seemed to have even less of a clue.
    You’ll never get a dispute from me on the point that Obama is fairly clueless about anything and everything. He’s a thought experiment cooked up in some college seminar room. The notion that he was ready in ’08 to do anything but make cocktail chit-chat with self-congratulatory liberals (who’d marvel at the affirmative action ‘miracle’ they’d created) and preen and pose as ‘President’ is, and has always been, ludicrous.

  210. Communist Party USA Endorses Obama for 2012

    “Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion,” he noted.


    And I know this isn’t new, but the wording is disturbing. So yes, Lorac, he HAS stolen everything – especially the Democratic Party. He is such a jerk, and I believe a real danger to this country.

  211. John McCain ran the worst campaign I have ever seen, barring none. I’ve seen local mayoral and council campaigns run better than his. It was downright embarrassing. Just embarrassing. If you ask me, his wife would have been a better candidate. McCain truly embarrassed himself in a wincingly awful way. I have not been able to look at him the same since. It made that terrible an impression on me.

  212. NES, as opposed to Vuja De…the feeling that this has never happened before and the hope that it will never happen again.

  213. I swear – this guy just CAN’T get any creepier, can he? Another Party at the White House. bus tour on the taxpayer’s dime, on the day half of people’s saving were eradicated, and may get finished off tomorrow.

    This man need to be GONE. He is SO FUCKING DEPRESSING. He makes EVERYONE feel bad, and he just keep partying right along, all smiles.

  214. imust, I almost did a post on that polygamist child molestor. And to think there are networks that pimped a series on
    Sister Wives, complete with young girls brought to the mix, to solicit sympathy for these perverted child rapists and bigamists and their stepfordized slaves.
    It infuriates me that someone would even give these freaks ten seconds of press or that we even are having such a conversation in the USA.

  215. Gonna go chill and get stupid for a while and watch American Pickers on Netflix. I got SO overheated today, I still need to rehydrate and am feeling funky.

  216. Imust, Hip hip hooray on the jury finding that scum sucking sewer rat Jeffs guilty. He’s a paedophile and deserves to be exposed in prison – however he will probably be segregated. Gaia, forgive me, I don’t usually wish ill on anyone.

    FF – Communist Party endorses Obama? Wow, I think they have lost their way big time. I agree with you that Obama is a danger to the world. I would love to know who is controling the strings (puppet strings)

  217. I have not been able to look at him the same since. It made that terrible an impression on me.

    Upps, that’s so interesting — I’ve had exactly the same reaction to McCain following the debacle. I thought I was alone in the extremeness of that reaction.

  218. That’s okay, FF…he’s going to PAH-TY his way right outta the WH in ’12. Good that he’s too arrogant to see it coming. It’ll hurt more that way.
    Feel better. We’ll send lorac around to rub your shoulders.

  219. I could never have been on that jury for Jeffs. The prosecution played an audio tape of Jeffs with his then 12 year old “wife” instructing her how to “please him” to make “God happy”. If I’d have been there I’d probably have jumped over the rail and throttled him right then and there.

  220. imust, I think you would have been too kind. I have this really great carving knife, which I keep sharp via a sharpening stone, and while I’m not a violent person, I’m sick to death of paedophiles taking advantage of the stupidity and moronic yearning that seems to be spreading in the modern day North America. Yeah, knife, testicles – works for me.

  221. Oh hell, I would have never made it onto the jury from the pool. I would have wanted to jump the rail before I was even picked. There is no way I could even fake not wanting his head on a plate before the trial even began.

  222. Upps, that’s so interesting — I’ve had exactly the same reaction to McCain following the debacle. I thought I was alone in the extremeness of that reaction.

    All I can think of now when I see him is 1) My God, what a pandering whore and 2) What a mediocre man and 3) Retire. Retire. Retire.

  223. STOP THE PRESSES! Sitting in a coffee shop today, HT you know which one..haha… I was talking about the election today and all the things contained in the videos and comments on this thread that we KNOW happened. The topic then turned to how many liberals were sorry for their vote and how horrible those of us who saw through him were treated. I swear to god, an OBOT came up to me out of the blue and said “I was one of those people, I’m so sorry for my vote and I’m sorry for how horribly you all were treated.”

    I could have been knocked over with a damned feather.

  224. Wow AliceP that’s amazing! Here’s another positive. A great article about Hillary!

  225. socal, I know you come later, and I’m never around. Just wanted to send you and Laker and socalhubbie big, long hugs. How’s Laker doing these days?
    Just read that one of my favorite people on earth – Hugh Laurie has been involved in a CD from Nola. Funny, I hate that tv program House, but everything Hugh did before House was fantastic – just didn’t pay the way that corporate Hollywood did. I knew that he was a classicaly trained pianist, so am looking forward to his latest effort with pleasure (did I indicate that I hate House but I love Jeeves – Laurie and Stephen Fry were sublimly brilliant)

  226. The notion that he was ready in ’08 to do anything but make cocktail chit-chat with self-congratulatory liberals (who’d marvel at the affirmative action ‘miracle’ they’d created) and preen and pose as ‘President’ is, and has always been, ludicrous.

    agree 100 percent…. and I didn’t think his speech on race was anything new or interesting. I told a friend it was defensive, self serving and boring and almost had my head removed for saying it. Of course I was called racist behind my back, I am sure.

  227. FF, if your heart rate races or gets fluttery please go to the hospital. I am worried about you.

  228. Great article Imust! I never thought his speeches were all that “magical” either teresa but, then I don’t fall in love with pretty words. I liked Hillary’s answers to debate questions and her speeches better because she got into the details, the meat and potatoes. She was always talking about A.) this is where we are, B.) Here is what I will do about it precisely and C.) Here is HOW I propose I can get it done.

    She knew her topics like a REAL scholar. I thought we needed those smarts and experience. At first I was intrigued by Obama and I thought if Hillary loses he’s a contender. That was before the cheating, misogyny and all the rest. But SHE had the answers at her fingertips every single time. Being the fact we were in economic meltdown and two wars I thought he ought to have had a LOT more experience.

  229. AliceP can you believe there were people who thought he had more experience than Hillary? Talk about delusional.

  230. They didn’t think he had any experience at all. They PRETENDED he did.

  231. Lorac Wednesday is still going!!

  232. UW, yes you are right. They just lied about his experience to justify the primary theft.

  233. I have to say, lefties are really CRACKED in their obsession on causing the ‘Bush tax cuts’ to expire. I just don’t effin’ get it!! What’s the point of raising taxes in a down and struggling economy?!!?? Is it going to put one more person to work? No. Is it going to reduce the deficit by any meaningful amount? No. Is it going to hurt small businesses already struggling to make payroll? Yes!!!!!!!!

    That’s where the push is NES. What size of “small business” are you referring to? The hundreds and thousands of small businesses along the streets of every community? Tax breaks for them are virtually non-existence, compared to the tax “breaks” of mega-corporations in control of this country, in all of their many forms.

    I read UppityWoman’s comment on the issue of profit being the goal of every business. I agree that the ability to survive is often the ability to adjust in downturns and market changes.

    Here is the problem: Tax breaks for wealthy corporations for R & D, expansion, relocation and almost every level of growth and development are largely underwritten by US Federal and State taxpayer dollars. Yet, investment in foreign markets have been far exceeding reinvestment in the US market for how many years?

    Mid-range to small business sustainability, and the community employment opportunities they provide, depends on economic growth, which is largely dependent on consistent reinvestment in technologies and industry, by the larger corporations. Why? Because they are the one’s defining, driving and controlling consumer “demand” yet paying a fraction of earnings for the privilege of having so much damned power and control over the markets and purse strings of government.

    What is the point of NOT taxing greater and greater profitability, resulting from SUCKING OFF OF THE TITS of the American Consumer/Taxpayer – vis-a-vis Political pimped-out “leaders,” continuously pandering to those who have milked the tit of consumerism dry in this country? The promise of Jobs?

    The loss of jobs in America is due to the imbalance in investment in “global economies.” We borrow from them now, largely as a result of what the American Consumer/Taxpayer has been underwriting all over the world for the last 60 years – wars included. (Wars, of which many, I might add, have been about nothing more than trying to pave the way for American Corporations to create more tits, at American Taxpayers’ expense.)

    The tits of the American Consumer/Taxpayer is dry and being left in the dust for the new global frontiers (of cheap labor).

    What does it all mean? It means that American consumers either draw a line in the sand and start demanding American-made products or suffer the consequences. When that consumer-power is exercised, “small” businesses and innovators will rise to the challenge of meeting that demand – Wah lah! Jobs, Tax Revenues, Reduction in Deficit!

    Consumer demand creates jobs – not the damned government – that is, until “they” started using the people’s money to underwrite big business in globalizing their investment portfolios. Cheap labor, cheap import products, more profit, yet bigger and broader tax breaks? For what? Jobs??? It ain’t happening! Tit jobs, maybe.

    Call me stupid and shortsighted, if you like, but the evidence of “small business” closings (thousands of “average American” jobs) is everywhere in my community and record “profits” of Big Corporations – laying off because the American workforce doesn’t serve their “global structure” anymore is in the news everyday.

  234. Thanks for linking that article, imust.
    Hillary’s lovely.

  235. WhyNot, we don’t disagree. I’m not for tax breaks and tax subsidies for corporations; we should get rid of that corporate welfare nonsense.
    I was ranting about the Dems’ obsesssion with wanting to raise taxes on individuals making over 200K or 250K (that’s what would happen by letting the “Bush tax cuts” expire).

  236. NES, not sure what you are proposing. What would be your cutoff point? If someone is receiving 16Million per year plus perks, would it be okay to raise taxes?

  237. Pardon my rant. Everyday, I see more business closings in my area.

    “Bush tax cuts” for individuals making over 200K or 250K was what it was – tax loophole training 201, a sure bet voting block and another wave of bubble blowers.

    Did they help GROW (sustain) the Economy and Jobs? Not exactly, nor is this particular “special” group the problem more than others.

    I just don’t buy the “tax cuts saves jobs” theory.

    Even Wall Street knows the gig is up when the greatest number of under 200K earners are being marginalized the most.

    Triple-up economics.

  238. “trickle” up economics or dribble up. lol.

  239. No, HT, it would not be OK. That person should pay taxes under the system we have. It’s a progressive system — it already heavily taxes those in the upper-income brackets. Just because somebody has money doesn’t mean he/she has to fork it over to feed a trough maintained by the Dem Party so it can ‘buy’ votes through handouts and created-gov’t-dependency. I know you Canadians are happy with a certain base-level of socialism — Americans aren’t. And, it’s that feral spirit and intolerance of a NannyStateGovernment that made, and keeps, this country great.

  240. WhyNot, tax cuts may not save jobs, but tax hikes certainly kill them. A small biz owner is going to adjust to higher taxes by laying off one or more employees. The laid-off employee is not going to feel very enriched by those extra tax dollars that hit the gov’t treasury (only to be spent, for the most part, in the most ridiculous ways).
    As Maggie Thatcher tartly noted, “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money,” or something to that effect.

  241. Pardon my rant.

    WhyNot, rants are not “pardon[ed]” here — they’re HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Keep ’em coming…the beauty of this site is that commenters can disagree and debate without being disagreeable; and everyone learns something. Why, I’ve even changed my mind occasionally as a result of debating out a point here. Uppity inspires us all to think outside our comfort zones.

  242. WhyNot, it’s really cool that you’ve become a regular commenter here. Great to have a new voice.

  243. NES, the “job creators” have had the Bush tax cuts (now the Obama tax cuts) for 11 years now……where’s the jobs?? I agree that small businesses/mom & pop types should not be saddled with additional taxes….but the top 1% should contribute more IMO.

    Also, with all due respect to you and Ms. Thatcher, taxation does not equal Socialism. Socialism is government owning private companies. What we are moving toward now is private companies having control over government (public) funds. Rezco did a “great” job with the public monies he was given for low income housing….just sayin.

  244. YES YES YES. Women’s rights are human rights. We are human beings and we deserve a say in the running of this country! I heard OUTRAGEOUS misogyny in 2008 from oh-so-delicate souls who were sooo self-satisfied that were enlightened enough to pull the lever for the black guy. I will never forget women being mocked as ‘vagina voters’. Never.

  245. Maggie Thatcher is not my role model. The term socialism has had many definitions and incarnations over the years and I suggest everyone read at least one fat book on the subject before slinging the term around.

    Oligarchy and monopoly are not acceptable alternatives to socialism, in fact they’ll kill free enterprise dead.

  246. ugsome, you shouldn’t assume that one hasn’t “read at least one fat book on socialism” before “slinging the term around.” I, for one, studied political science and have some understanding of what are and aren’t socialism-related policies, thank you very much. This is a discussion, not a lecture, forum and one doesn’t have to be pre-qualified to comment.
    It’s interesting that “Maggie Thatcher is not your role model” — interesting, but not controlling. I happen to be an admirer, but am not surprised many here aren’t.

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