Why we need to replace Congressional Critters with cats.

….They pay attention to details, you can’t pull one over on them,  and they let you know when they are sick of this shit.


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  1. ha ha ha, love that cat

  2. See! This is why MKBill has to step up his campaign for POTUS!

  3. imust, MK Bill is hoping you will be his campaign manager.

  4. Sad when a cat’s intelligence and personality captured in a home made video far surpasses all of the episodes of the President and our members of Congress performing on all of the major networks.

    Run MKBill! Run! (We need a Cat-Span channel!)

  5. Just think, if we fire them all and start over, they get a pension, incredible benefits for life and a high-paid lobbying job to train their replacements to perform their jobs like they did. 😯

  6. Okay if I’m going to be Bill’s campaign manager, my first announcement will be that MKBill will have full transparency of all of his records.

    1.) His college diploma

  7. And for you doubters out there….here’s a photo on graduation day!

  8. And for any conspiracy theorists…..here he is hitting the books.

  9. And just in case Katie Couric is lurking….yes, Bill reads the newspapers!

  10. Now that’s hilarious, imust!

    But, where’s the Certificate of Cat Birth!? I want to make sure that MKBill is not a human being pretending to be a cat.

    Thank goodness, I figured that out on my own the last time and stayed home.

  11. 2.) Birth Records

    (hey it worked for Barry)

  12. 3.) The All Important Passport

    See! MKBill is a World Traveller…..so he knows a lot about foreign policy.

  13. “2) Birth Records” Yeah, on a ‘fill in the blanks as needed’ form.


  14. omg! I’m dying here!

  15. 3.) All of Bill’s congressional records. Okay, he wasn’t actually in congress so some of his congressional friends let him put his paw print on theirs and gladly gifted them to Bill.

  16. Didn’t freedomfairy do a header with MKBill and Washington crossing the Delaware for July 4th?

    You could use that as the cover for Bill’s book “Dreams of my Father”?

  17. Whew! That was a lot of work. Bill says we need a vacay. You’ve all got his Blackberry number…..call him if you need him. And for the sweetie tuxies out there….he won’t have his phone on vibrate…heh!

  18. Good idea Why Not! I’ll tweet Bill about it later….he’s hit the hay already, early tee time in the a.m. you know!

  19. 3) Congressional records – lol!

    Bill should just use “The Library of UppityWoman’s Posts”

    He would win hands down.

  20. That was fun, imust – very creative! Don’t know how you did that all so fast?


  21. 3.) All of Bill’s congressional records. Okay, he wasn’t actually in congress so some of his congressional friends let him put his paw print on theirs and gladly gifted them to Bill.

    Even though BO was in the Illinois legislature, he did shite-all, but his political-pluggers made sure he got to claim ‘authorship’ of key bills he did no work on. After all, the guy was going places, nationally….

  22. Bill has been on Congress many times. He’s a cat, they never know when he’s around. His favorite places are the congressional steam room and Nancy Pelosi’s office. She has two cats there, you know. But he only visits when she’s not there. He says even her own cats can’t stand her. He wants a steam room header. He says he learns about a lot of sneaky deals in there and all those boyz are in the closet in a BIG way too. When he’s president he will have Bring Your Cat To Congress Day too. That’s when cats get to write and vote on bills and their owners have no say. Any congress critter without a cat is not allowed in.

  23. Imust has certainly earned her stripes as MKB’s campaign manager!!!

  24. Wow, that looks like my passport!

  25. Did Bill see Weiner self-photographing in the steam room? If so, why did he spare his dangly thang?

  26. Will Bill demand Cat-Nip be served every day in the white house Cafeteria?

  27. Bill’s got my vote!!!!

  28. Yes, teresa, the famous Congressional Bean Soup will be modified to Congressional Bean and Catnip Soup.

  29. NES Bill noticed that Weiner’s Weiner had a hook and he got grossed out and left. Besides, Bill couldn’t get to it anyways, because Weiner was busy with it himself.

  30. Bean and Catnip Soup..YUM!!! 🙂

  31. Realizing the importance of an “impeachment proof” VP, Bill has chosen for his running mate…….Tigger!

  32. Oh and speaking of Anthony Weiner, MKBill is already considering this guy for chief of staff for all those folks who miss seeing Anthony around the congressional gym. (or Rhamn E. for that matter)


  34. Oh yay! Obama’s on TEEvEE lecturing again! This time he’s at the Navy yard…..poor sailors have to be subjected to his historic-ness.

  35. imust – what a great campaign manager you’re going to be!! Amazing start. Now, you need Anthony to do a campaign video – something like this one.

  36. Yay! The speech is over!! Why does he always sound so angry? I swear I’ve never understood this rep he has as a great speaker.

    HT, I always loved Socks! Well, he WAS a Clinton after all! RIP Socks!

  37. I’m so sorry I missed his speech. You all know how I always drop everything to hear my messiah speak.

  38. Uppity – irony or sarcasm? Either way, too funny.

  39. You DROP everything? I THROW everything! Oh wait….that’s during his speech.

  40. I just hate when I miss one of his Important, Historic speeches, don’t you?

  41. OT but I don’t care. My tomatoes look AWESOME. I’m talking a platter with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh torn basil and olive oil coming to the theater soon. With crusty bread and wine, of course.

  42. Uppity, there are times when I feel hostility towards you – this is one of them. I have one green tomato – lots of flowers but no little tomatos yet. It’s not fair (whine simpers snivel) I had to buy tomatoes at the grocery this morning – I have 15 plants and one green tomato. The rosemary and basil are robust, but they’re pining for some ripe fruit. Not fair.

  43. I can just hear him saying nothing again (which is probably why his die-hard supporters love him; they are as deaf, blind and dumb as He Who Thouest Dost Loveth to Speaketh Bullsh*t.)

  44. Hahahahaha, UW!!

  45. Tigger won’t stand a chance unless he’s a member of The Cracked Head Club (or so says Joe Biden anyway).

  46. Hey imust, I never understood his rep as a “great speaker” either. I think it’s a manifestation of the soft racism of low expectations and the fact that he succeeded a prez who could barely grunt. WJC beat the pants off him on the speechifying front.
    Anyway, Noonan’s editorial of today has declared him NOT a great speaker after all! WTF, what a volte face on her part!!

  47. I think you’re on to something with the soft racism/low expectations. Remember, Mr. Cracked Head said he was, “Clean and articulate”.

    As for Tigger…..I think he probably qualifies as a member of the CHC, he bounces on his tail all day, that’s why MKBill picked him!

  48. Then Tigger’s IN!

  49. Don’t forget: Bill didn’t vote for that dumb war either so the NutRoots should be willing to dispatch their paid blog trolls on his behalf.

  50. Chit! You’re going to start drinking wine now, Upps!!! Hey, some of us are at work (drinking awful coffee); have pity on us.

  51. Sophie, good point. I’m on it! Unfortunately, no press or people were actually AT MKBill’s anti-war speech….so we’ve painstakingly re-enacted it as proof. Never mind the faux WH seal in the background….a trick we learned from OFA.

  52. Imust, dare I suggest Zeke as Attorney General? He’s brutal, tries to kill me on a daily basis, thinks nothing of stealing food from the dog and beating her to a pulp while he’s at it – and he declawed. He’s also the closest to a tuxie that a cat can get _ a little too much brindle. I’d suggest Figaro who is a ture tuxie, but she’s 18 years old and tired of human stuff.

  53. Hmm….Attorney General….actually we were thinking of Zeke for CIA Director…..but Attorney General might work too.

  54. This was Bill’s first pick for Attorney General:

  55. I checked with Zeke – he actually prefers CIA – goes with his tendencies of secrecy and he can designate anyone for death – Obama okayed that right. I do think that you should think twice – I’m his human and he has tried repeatedly to kill me. Doesn’t indicate confidence in a for the people scenario, however – CIA brilliant. They kill quietly/

  56. It is without a doubt double Karma that you have recently mentioned BO’s speachification abilities for I just now returned with the day’s mail and it includes a solicitashun from BO for his Prezidenshul campaign. The part of the enclosure he hopes I will tack to the wall somewhere for inspiration comes with the header: President Barack Obama … In His Own Words.
    It goes on to provide quotes with headings Where it Began, The Challenges We Faced, The Changes We Made, and the Road Ahead.

    I feel compelled to affix FF/UW’s Nobody Says Nothing sticker midway down on the first side of that momento and return it to his Chicago PO Box. I’ll put my own stamp on it (this is definitely worth it). And as is my custom, I will include the card which states my name and address.

    Thing is, the sticker has FF’s copyright stamp on it, so it is traceable to this place. There could be retribushunz. So I request permission before I go ahead with this. UW/FF: what say ye? I will accept your decision without quarrel, so reply freely!

  57. Mom, so good to hear you’re okay and are still as spunky as ever.

  58. Fine with me. Screw em. It’s what they do to us, so they should feel right at home.

  59. solicitashun


    I did catch a snippet of his drivel about how when he said “Change We Can Believe In” he didn’t mean nowwwwwwwwwww or next weeeeeeeeeeek………..

    Is this guy for real or what? That’s what I said, but that’s not what I meant!

    How about three years, blowass?

    The only Change I see is we traded a moron for an even bigger moron.

  60. OK, we’re on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Sealed. Stamped. Going out tomorrow. I’m loving this.

  62. dow up 74 points..yipee!! 🙂

  63. My dog Trouble would like to be considered for a position in MKBill’s administration. He is currently employed at begging for Milk Bones, chasing Squirrels, but carefully not catching them, barking at thunder and licking everyone. His life philosophy is that everyone should have an equal opportunity to love him.
    He is very loyal, the most loyal creature ever. But he is also passive aggressive. If he thinks there is any chance you are calling him to in any way bath him he will just look at you with a sad face and refuse to come.

  64. my cat, Buddy, says screw work just bring on the running chipmunks for him to chase around the yard.

  65. After consultation with MKBill, we’ve decided that your cat Buddy is far more qualified for a position in his administration. He will be an Official WH Council. Trouble has not been ruled out. We see him as perhaps possible Press Secretary.

  66. teresa. trouble in the FBI, Buddy in the HHS. Seems appropriate.

  67. Imust
    Very nice background work for Bill.

    And for all of those old enough to remember this gem, here are those runners from the youth worshiping culture meeting up with the Old Man and his congressional cats.

  68. Interesting HT. What about Buddy as Sec of Labor? Trouble is still being considered for Press Secretary.

  69. Pamela, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be attached to a Chicago thug’s shit list. These people are gangsters. If I were you, I wouldn’t do it at all, much less include me. I would reconsider the entire project. FBI has knocked on doors for less.

  70. Regarding admistrative appointments, Bill prefers to check on who donates what to his coffers first. Just like real life!

  71. I agree on the appointments UW. MKBill never said he was actually going to appoint these cats……I mean he didn’t say “tomorrow”!!

    Another good Hillary for Prez article:

  72. Aha, MKbill is a true politician – money first favors later. In today’s climate seems appropriate, but I do have an inate hatred of legislation for sale. Just me of course.

  73. Kind of amusing–all these conversion stories all over the intertubes. Why couldn’t they just listen to us from the beginning?

  74. HT Bill’s a cat. He doesn’t care what you think. Now go fetch him some catnip.

  75. Damme Uppity, my catnipt got nipped – happens when you’ve got Zeke around. Would you kindly apologetically ask Bill if he would accept the dried version?

  76. Well, I would nominate my cat, but I don’t have one. Am allergic. (snurfle) Plus, my cat would probably insist on lactose-free milk in the Congressional Catfeteria and be summarily meowed out of office.

    Uppity, those tomatoes sound drool-worthy. Nothing like a fresh tomato off the vine – it tastes like candy!

  77. I think we should concentrate on getting MKBill into the front running position – strategy and all that. We need a campaign slogan – cmon folks. I’m lame at slogans but I know that Uppityville is full of brilliant people.

  78. HT – “Vote Third Purrrrty for President!”


  79. “Vote for Bill and get two for the price of one”……
    But then I think Bill is going to have to get married.

  80. Trouble would be a very good press secretary. He can stand at the podium with a goofy smile on his face and his tongue hanging out to the side. But he has a mean growl when he needs one.

  81. Madamab – good one and definitely a groaner, but it will catch on with the basement dwelling cheetoeaters.
    teresa, like yours as well, but Bill will not get married – he’s a tom after all.
    Humans have not done anything for the people, so why not a cat? Cats have a vested interest in the health of the human race. Imust will come up with a great slogan, but till then – Vote for Bill, unlike DC elites Bill cares for you. He has to – he does need someone to feed him.

  82. Bill says he’s only appointing black and white cats, black cats and white cats. You guys know the rules!

  83. “Vote Third Purrrrty for President!”

  84. Okay, Cleo, Zeke and Figaro are definite considerations for the cabinet. Cleo is all white, Zeke is just zeke, Figaro is a tuxie. I might caution Bill re Figaro (she’s really lazy) but given the current clueless crowd in major “Czar” positions, she couldn’t be worse.

  85. How about this:

    There’s no free will…..youmustvote4BILL!

  86. Uppity I think MKBill should really consider more diversity in his appointments. Does he really want to anger the Tabby Caucus??

  87. Ooooh, nice gif, Uppity! 😆

    I agree with imustprotest. I hear the Calico Caucus is especially purrrticular about their votes.

  88. Imust, lol you must vote for bill…..

    it’s too bad my cat Moo is no longer with us. He ws black and white and mean to other cats though he was really good at sucking up to people…that or terrorizing them.

  89. Here’s another one:

    He won’t need a vacay cuz he sleeps all day!

  90. Bill: Putting the Power back into Napping

  91. “I Regret That I Have Only 9 Lives to Give to My Country!”

  92. ROFL, imust!!!

  93. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen….Lift Up Your Beers!”

  94. “You Scratch My Back…And I’ll Be Happy”

  95. imustprotest, on August 5, 2011 at 8:46 PM said:

    “I Regret That I Have Only 9 Lives to Give to My Country!”

    We have a winnah! 😆

  96. Had Your Fill? Vote 4 Bill.

    Got Milk?

  97. I hear the Calico caucus is a bunch of bitter kneaders.

  98. Great one theresainpa.

    Do we get to ride the Unity Tabby?

  99. “I Regret That I Have Only 9 Lives to Give to My Country!”


  100. Is Bill a DemoCAT or RepubFELINE?
    Or maybe an IndepenCAT?

  101. madamab, Bill doesn’t date Calicos. Well, there was that one little number up the road that time, but that was a fluke.

  102. I don’t object to a token Calico.

  103. Yes, Calicos are impawsible to live with. 😉

  104. In my first 100 days I’m going to modify health care reform to include free CAT scans.

  105. Madamab, et al, do you know there are no male calicos?

  106. MK Bill, tell us more about your Purrty Cat-form!

  107. Uppity – Whoa, girl, seriously? I had no idea.

  108. Bill’s going to invest in more infrastructure…..a scratching post on every corner.

  109. imust, I knew you would produce a slogan worth millions. I absolutely adore the nine lives slogan – it’s a winner.
    Now that we have a slogan, we need a policy statement. Food for everyone, every cat deserves a home – you know, the bare knuckles stuff that will appeal to the electorate. For Bill’s electoral chances we need policy – mind you that didn’t help Hillary. Hmmm – what to do, what to do.

  110. Well, for starters, I wanna scratch Dick Armey’s face.

    And I’m gonna hang out in the Congressional Gym and go for dangling objects. I hear those guys love hanging out and letting it all hang out in front of each other. Especially the Fundies.

  111. I’m kinda hoping Michelle is allergic to cats and packs up early.

  112. A salmon in every dish!

  113. My Bubba-Marie is white with some gray spots. Not old man gray, just gray gray. I believe he still has all nine lives left. He’s still young. I think Bill could whop him into shape. He’d be a good roll model for him. Eight years working for Bill might put Bubba-Marie in line for the following eight. He surely doesn’t have the experience to try to take on Bill now. Please consider us for vp.

  114. Interesting fact about Calicos Uppity. Bill may have trouble with the Maryland Delegation if he doesn’t include at least one Calico…they’re the official cat of Maryland.

  115. HT! Policy-Smolicy!! Slogans – Chants that’s all we need! Beer and bratwurst and free rock concerts don’t hurt either.

  116. vivien if your cat is gray he must be willing to color his fur for the election and then let it go back to gray when there’s a crisis and he needs to seem older/wiser/hard working/stressed

  117. Well I suppose I could date a Calico for my country. Yeah, that’s it. For my country

  118. So far this is the best Cat-form I’ve heard in a long time!

  119. Interesting fact about Calicos Uppity. Bill may have trouble with the Maryland Delegation if he doesn’t include at least one Calico…they’re the official cat of Maryland.

    My home state. No wonder I brought them up! 🙂

  120. Dang right madamab, you vote for me and you avoid a CATastrophe

  121. Good one Uppity.

    Bill: The CATalyst for change

  122. 😆 Uppity!

    MK Bill is probably right to stick with black and white kittehs. Tabbies don’t always look so good in the morning. Today’s candidates must be telegenic!

  123. The guy who always runs has something to say.

    “What [Obama] did this week is just going to energize that effort,” Nader promised in an interview with The Daily Caller. “I would guess that the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100 percent.”
    The only question, he said, is the stature of that opponent and whether it will be either “an ex-senator or an ex-governor” or “an intellectual leader or an environmental leader.”
    In approximately a week and a half there will be “another chapter of this effort,” Nader predicted…
    Nader said he doesn’t plan to launch another campaign for president, either as an independent candidate or as a primary challenger to President Obama.

  124. Helllllllllllp! I’m blinddddddddd!!!

  125. Elect Bill and Get Free CATscans and CATaract surgery!

    wait….never mind that’s not good

  126. S&P just downgraded our Obama Degraded country.

  127. What a Dog that President is. I’m telling you silly people, only a cat can fix this mess! Specifically, a Tuxie! S&P would have never downgraded with my five razors in their faces!

  128. Obama’s Toast. ONLY PRESIDENT EVER to get the USA downgraded. Doesn’t matter who/what did it. It’s on his watch.

    Buh bai Barry


    U.S. Long-Term Debt Downgraded by Standard & Poor’s

    Standard & Poor’s removed the United States government from its list of risk-free borrowers on Friday night, citing concern about the rising burden of long-term federal debt.

    The ratings agency had threatened the downgrade if the government did not act to reduce the federal debt by at least $4 trillion over the next decade. Earlier this week, Congress instead passed a plan to reduce the debt by at least $2.1 trillion.

    Two other ratings agencies, Moody’s and Fitch, both have said that they have no immediate plan to downgrade the country’s credit rating, giving the government more time to make progress on debt reduction. The split verdict limits the impact of the S.&P. downgrade as many consequences would only be triggered by a reduction by at least two agencies.

  129. Deadenders – I am sure Nader is serious. Good for him. At least something different is happening. I’m sick of hearing about Bachmann, Romney and all the other repubs. And whoever thought of calling Tim Pawlenty, the cure for insomnia, TPaw? Oh PULEEZ.

  130. The dog next door endorsed me and promises free LAB work.

  131. Really Uppity? I heard they were thinking about it but can’t believe they actually did it.

    Here’s a slogan for MKBill:

    I’ll Crap in My LitterBox….Not in Your Portfolio

  132. Or, more simply, as my local news put it….

    “Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of the United States, stripping the world’s largest economy of its prized AAA status.”

  133. If Nader wanted to help America, he would go back to doing what he did best and start exposing those death trap pregnant roller skate cars, and airline safety, and our POISONED FOOD SUPPLY.

  134. We lost our AAA. What a disgrace.

  135. Tpaw? Don’t vote for Tpaw…..Vote for Bpaw (he has real paws!)

  136. Six more years of this asshole and we will be -A, at least

  137. I should say THESE assholes

  138. UW – Yes, he was really good at that, wasn’t he? I’m glad he finally stopped running for President…it was getting embarrassing.

    Yes, Obama is now officially WPE. Worse than Reagan, worse than his twin brother Dubya. Disgusting!

  139. imustprotest, on August 5, 2011 at 9:40 PM said:

    Tpaw? Don’t vote for Tpaw…..Vote for Bpaw (he has real paws!)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Another winnah!

  140. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL, At least they had the “decency” to wait til after 8 to do it. Now NO ONE will be able to get their money out in time Monday when the market opens.

    No one that is except the after hours traders. Can’t wait to see Dow futures on Monday.

    Yes, Barry – hop on that bus and see Real Americans. Go ahead. It’ll be FUN!

  141. Do you guys really think Obama will take the fall for this? In a weird way I think it helps Obama. The Tea Party will be blamed and Tea Party = Republicans. Right now, polls show more people are angry with the tp than with Obama.

  142. And that is SO STUPID imust. The tp hates this deal. As do world markets. Either way, it makes Obama look weak(er)

  143. imust – I said the same thing over at my blog on Wednesday. Literally, the only person who won in this deal was Obama.

  144. Hey! But wait!

    We have ANOTHER HISTORIC MOMENT for Obama! Historic! I tell you!

    FIRST PRESIDENT EVER to have the US downgraded while in office!

  145. Wow! If this does help Obama….ya gotta wonder about the crash of ’08 and now this……Who wants Barry in office so bad and why?

    (taking off tin-foil hat now)

  146. Buh Bye Geithner, too

    (In April)

    “There is no chance that the U.S. will lose its top credit rating, Geithner said, forcefully disputing the notion that S&P or other ratings services might downgrade U.S. bonds from their current AAA rating.

    “No risk of that, no risk,” Geithner said on the Fox Business Network. ”


  147. Didn’t Barry just recently announce that he was keeping Timmy Boy? Too bad Timmy…..squeeze in under the bus where you belong.

  148. Just 2 days ago Timmih was being “pressured to stay”

  149. This blog thread has more cat puns than a Rita Mae Brown novel. I hope I don’t go catatonic.

  150. You know, as much as I hate Obama, I really wish I had been wrong about him. I can’t stand to see what he and his enablers are doing to this country.

  151. All I can say is that I really wish I had listened to Joe Biden 3 years ago! He said to “Gird My Loins” and I did nothing!

  152. FF, Barry doesn’t want to interact with the roiling masses – he’s into the money folk.
    imust, only time will tell, but as madamab and others indicated, this is the first president to oversee an economy that lost it’s triple A rating globally.
    and I love the paws reference.

  153. imust – and that would have helped so much, too! Darnitall!

  154. I hear ya madamab…..we knew he was going to be bad but I really couldn’t have imagined he’d be THIS bad.

  155. FF you were right on the “historic-ness” from Politico

    DOWNGRADED: Standard and Poor’s on Friday downgraded the nation’s top-notch triple-A credit rating, the first downgrade in U.S. history and a historic vote of no-confidence in the world’s largest economy and its political leaders

    Ayep…he’s “historic” alright.

  156. And where does our “historic” president go on this “historic” day?
    Why on a little vacay of course! Also from Politico:

    President Obama has left the White House for Camp David.

    The pool reports Obama left the West Wing around 3:40 p.m., waving to a crowd as he boarded his helicopter. Valerie Jarrett, Reggie Love and Pete Souza are tagging along.

    Bye Barry! Bye!! Buh-bye!!!

  157. That bus he’s taking, that’s not the one we’re under, is it?

    I don’t know, Bo has been the face on all this. I wish that fucker would quit. I wonder what Hillary’s had to say. I know what I’d like to hear her say, “He’s out, I’m in. Lets get this fixed.”

    Would Bill still run if Hillary tosses her cat in? I mean hat.

    imust I’ll let you color Bubba-Marie’s hair, he’s not been declawed yet.

  158. He really, REALLY needs to take a loooooong vacation. He deserves a rest after all his hard work, don’t you think?

    In the meantime, we can have a coup d’eCat and replace our whole government with MK Bill’s picks.

  159. Well Obama wanted to go down in history as a notable president, so now he is. The ONLY president who presided over a credit downgrade for the country he tanked. You can’t say that isn’t Change. And you’d better believe it.

  160. It’s not just geithner. Bernacke has been fucking the USA for a long long time. He should be run out of this country on a rail.

  161. “There is no chance that the U.S. will lose its top credit rating

    The same sleazeball who said we would never monitize our debt.

    I don’t get it. the only way this freak could still be in charge of the treasury is if a president wants to destroy a country. Anyone with a lick of sense onlly has to look at him when he talks to know he is the greasiest thing in DC. And what COMPETENT president puts a tax cheat in charge of the IRS?

  162. Can’t Hillary step in as a National Security Crisis? Seriously Obama

  163. imust nobody will take the blame for this but the president of the united states. he can bullshit all he wants. It all points to him when the rubber hits the road. Somebody needs to remove the charge card from this man’s pocket and the pocket of congress. Period.

  164. did not finish

    Seriously Obama….I have 3 letters for you, not words-just words….3 letters:

    Do it now, for the good of the country

    No wait….pull a Nixon and resign…better.

  165. He should pull Obamacare, NOW. Then he should call an emergency cabinet meeting and call congress back from break.

  166. Uppity, he said he wanted to be a “transformational” president, just like Reagan.

    Well, he certainly has been!

    imust – Speaking of Nixon…interesting that Burnt Orange Boehner hasn’t started impeachment proceedings, isn’t it? Guess the guy must know a fellow Republican when he sees one!

  167. imustprotest, on August 5, 2011 at 10:30 PM said:

    He should pull Obamacare, NOW. Then he should call an emergency cabinet meeting and call congress back from break.

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

  168. I just was reading the the Silver Eagle by the US Mint is the ONLY Silver that can be held in an IRA. Interesting. Might be something to think about.

    Funny though, Face Value is $1.00

    Costs $59 and change. It’s ONE OUNCE of Silver. I understand the premium charge, but silver is around $40.00 per ounce. What Yahoo other than CONGRESS would use it as a DOLLAR?

  169. There can be only one explanation to why Geithner and Bernanke are still walking around with an ounce of power…bigger people than Obama demand it.

  170. I hate to detour this, but you know Ahmadinejad has to be close to being executed when you don’t hear a peep out of him with respect to the USA’s misfortune. He’s been silent ever since the Genies got discovered.

  171. You’re right Uppity. Even the Russians have poked their nose in and said “nanny nanny nanny”. Odd.

  172. FF, there was a day when pennies were actually copper and silver dollars were actually silver. We have been off the gold standard for a long long time. Our money does not have its value backed by precious metals. It’s basically not worth spit. I can assure you that silver is held “on paper” but it doesn’t really exist physically.

  173. Can someone bring me an Obot? I need to smack one around a little right now! It’s 3 AM OBOTS!!!!

  174. I have a 1924 double eagle gold $20 piece. Far as I know, it’s the only coin worth ‘its weight in gold”.

  175. yeah and the little pissant in that ad, whose part was an old stock clip, came out and identified herself and said she supported Obama. I wonder how she’s sleeping now.

  176. My friend’s dad passed away recently, and left him a bag of change – quarters and dimes. They were all silver.

    He cashed it in for $7000. (It was worth $8000, but the silver brokers charged a fee.)

  177. imust, I suspect Achie is a dead man walking. He pissed off the Eye-a-tola and we know what a psycho he is. Last news from Iran was they were ‘investigating’ his last election, which is hilarious since the rigging was arranged by the Eye A Tola. Of course, that part won’t be noticed.

  178. Wow madamab! That’s a lot of coins! I have a few Walking Liberty and Morgan Silver Dollars, some Mercury Dimes and a bunch of foreign currency that has a lot of silver coins in it. Time to hang on to that stuff, for sure.

    But really – I say invest in Powered Milk! Ya can’t eat silver or gold, and if it gets really bad(der) (And this downgrade will not help) Milk, water, food, gas, etc will be the real barter commodities. And bullets, of course.

  179. imust, the best times for America is when congress is gone. They only do damage when they are there. They will just make things worse as usual. Congress is riddled with mediocre minds.

  180. this economy is in serious trouble and the president has no clue how to fix it. He has no more half measure he can try. His biggest mistake was never being able to fully commit to any particular plan. He has been paralyzed, standing stupidly in the middle of the road, neither moving left nor right. The reason Timmy G is still there is that Obama doesn’t have any idea who to put in his place.

  181. You think the Obots will actually blame Obama? I just posted on a facebook post Worst President Ever and do you know what an Obot replied?

    Not worst president ever id say just didn’t really tackle the econ problem the right way

    Seriously? Seriously.

  182. On a “lighter note” TSA confiscates pregnant woman’s insulin. You can’t make this shit up.

  183. FF – hubby has some too. They are beautiful coins. I don’t know if he is lucky enough to have a Double Eagle though!

    It’s true, food and water will be the most valuable things if we continue to go down the tubes. This is what happens when you have a bunch of greedy psychopaths running the world – all they know how to do is grab more for themselves. They don’t care if everyone else dies of starvation as long as they can live in luxury.

  184. Do you guys think he’s going to cancel his fundraising gigs? He has a huge one next week:

    Behind those big sunglasses, Anna Wintour only has eyes for Obama when it comes to presidential politics.

    The Vogue editor-in-chief is co-hosting a fundraising dinner with HBO exec Harvey Weinstein for the president next week in New York. The “high-powered, intimate” dinner and discussion costs $71,600-a-couple and will take place at Weinstein’s home in the West Village, according to Page Six. Some notables expected to attend: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Lyor Cohen, Tory Burch, Alicia Keys and Quentin Tarantino.

  185. They don’t care if everyone else dies of starvation as long as they can live in luxury.

    Agree with Part 1 – disagree with Part II – that comes with Part I. What it is now is a huge International Chess Game. Where all these real mega-wealthy 200 or so globalists, who have ALL THE MONEY they would ever want, are now into the ultimate Power Game. Moving entire nations and economies around for kicks, to see who can create the biggest “Play”. Obama is a very minor puppet in their game, and he will NEVER be “one of them.” It will be, for him, a case of “Use and Lose” and he won’t know what hit him. But it is we, the middle class worldwide, who will be the victims of their sick game.

    Remember when we used to scoff at the New World Order? Well, guess what…

  186. Just read the link in Still4Hill’s Tweet just now. Another letter begging for HRC to run.

    In reading the comments, I found this most disturbing line (to me, anyway) and perhaps a good indication of why we are where we are with this President’s “Laser Like Focus” on jobs

    To me, it’s horrifying….

    “He spent his early political life teaching the powerless how to get their needs met by the government­.”

  187. WOW – saw this on 44

    A real read

    Audit: Fed stole $16 trillion via secret loans to globalist corporations and foreign bankers
    By Stephen C. Webster
    Thursday, July 21st, 2011

  188. OK, I guess everyone went off to look for their silver coins and Double Eagles. Or maybe to buy powered milk.

    See you all with coffee. I’m gonna go sit on the sofa. 🙂

  189. FF! Don’t go! I don’t know what to make of the tweet/comment above regarding obama. He also said this:

    “Governments do not create jobs; bold people and innovative businesses do.”

    Obama makes no sense.

  190. Obama left his brain at the security checkpoint. It’s a dangerous weapon.

  191. nobody will take the blame for this but the president of the united states. he can bullshit all he wants. It all points to him when the rubber hits the road.

    Agreed with UW (and FF), this will be seen (especially by independents) as Barry’s fault. He’s history now; no question.

  192. madamab, I got the double eagle from my mother. It’s a 1924. It’s REALLY beautiful. I don’t think I will ever sell it. It’s a Saint Gaudens

  193. UW: Pamela, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be attached to a Chicago thug’s shit list. These people are gangsters. If I were you, I wouldn’t do it at all, much less include me. I would reconsider the entire project. FBI has knocked on doors for less.
    Sure. To the burn barrel it goes, and we live to fight on, some of us with but 9 lives. This is a terrific thread!

  194. Just woke to the news that 31 American special forces soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. The number of American mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters whose lives just changed forever is countless more. We need to stop bleeding young men and women and money into this Hellhole.

    God bless the dead and the mourning.

  195. good thread everyone, funny and serious.
    My sisters are coming today and we are having a cook out, in the rain, under the pic-nic pavilion. The semi significant other is on his motorcycle in CO. The teenage niece and the BIL are staying home. I love them both but it will be nice to just talk to my sisters. I have to bite my tongue though. If politics come up, it won’t be me starting the conversation and even if it does start, I have to be nice. They are Obama supporters and do not get why I can’t stand him.
    We are going to discuss gardening and probably men and who knows what. My younger sister is in a tight spot right now and needs support. So that is the plan for the day. Wish me luck.

  196. Good luck teresa – kick back, enjoy, avoid politics and have a good time. I love getting together with my sisters – it’s difficult to get them all together, but great fun when we manage it. A gaggle of goofy geeks.

  197. Thursday CBS Evening News Seth Doan video beginning approx. 18 minute mark (took so longto find the story again that I became distracted& did not note the mark exactly) entitled “Road out of Afghanistan” or “Road to Victory” states we taxpayers are spending $16,000,000,000 this year for that military effort there.
    Yes. Billion. approx 18 minute mark
    www DOT cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7375715n

    It was a good interview. The danger was noted, but nothing indicated what has just happened 31 of our dearest gone.

  198. And by military effort, I mean the road building effort.

  199. Why are both our countries still in Afghanistan? Don’t know about you, but our infrastructure needs serious investment in maintenance, so when will our issues be addressed? 16 billion? How many bridges would that repair, how many roads would that fix, how many people would that feed? Bizarre.

  200. Hey folks, we’re at 200+ comments – time for a new thread? It’s taking time to load, and I have a brand new PC, so if I’m having trouble……

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