Okay all you muggle Harry Potter wannabees….now you can play Quidditch too

Imagine walking you dog and coming upon these crackpots. This is what some people might be doing while Barack Obama tanks America. Just saying. And we let them vote.

I imagine it won’t be long before we read that somebody tried to fly on that broom.

And here’s a comforting thought. Harvard geniuses, AKA America’s future Presidents, play Quidditch. With better brooms, of course…


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  1. That was torture to watch AND to listen to.

    I’m going back out in the 105 degree heat index. It will make me feel better.

  2. Sigh. I confess, I am mother to an ivy league geek. This is where my daughter is this week:


    10,000 garb wearing goofballs that pay little attention to the real world and hence voted for obama because he used to be their hopey-changey prince.

    She is a princess and will be a queen next year. Where did I go wrong?

    (she is an engineer and pays her own way and is a great kid otherwise!)

    They also go to those sci-fi/fantasy conventions and put on spock ears…

  3. That last thread was amazingly funny. imustprotest outdid even her always entertaining self with the Bill slogans.

    Great to read the humor on this site when the world is going to shite. We always need to laugh. I hope we have reason to soon and they do actually announce that the fraud will have a democrat to face for the nomination.

    I’d support his opposition even if it were a toad. Then vote for the republican in the general if it was a better toad than the one who won the D contest. If obama ends up in a greek temple again, i’d puke.

  4. Karen, you didn’t go wrong at all – once they get past 14, they have minds of their own. My own beloved went through four years of expensive first rate university in Sciences (forensic) and is now a pastry chef. She also was enraptured with Obama, until I sat her and her hubby down at a table (food provided)_ and outlined exactly what he had done. That is the problem, people do not investigate, they go the Entertainment tonight route and accept what People magazine writes, or Oprah or The View or whatever assinine program.

  5. HT, i am grateful that i will never have to “bail her out” or worry about her getting into trouble of any kind. The worst thing that can happen is she might have an intellectual discussion on the physics of the enterprise that gets a bit heated. That or calligraphy gone awry might cause a tiff.

    I love my kid. he he.

  6. Hey Karen, did you get your Merrell’s yet?

  7. she is an engineer and pays her own way and is a great kid otherwise

    You’re way ahead if she pays her own way. It’s kind of rare these days.

  8. Karen, we all love our kids, so you’re in good company. Silly story, my female kid likes to change her hair color – constantly. She was gifted genetically with the most amazing thick abundant hair – dark blonde. Her first foray into dying was red. I warned her about that because her brother is a redhead, as was my aunt and my daughter had tons of red in her hair. Anyway, my warning went unheeded. She did the stupid and turned out orange with green highlights. Moral of the story, kids always think they are smarter than anyone – they don’t learn until they experience the worst.

  9. The shoes were shipped but are going to arrive Fed-ex, whenever that happens. Any day now. I am psyched.

    Yeah, she paid off her student loans too. She was raised to appreciate whatever she got from her hard working family and pays it back now that she’s successful. She never shows up at my house with empty hands. She always gets me little thoughtful things that I miss from NYC when she comes out here to PA. She brought me 3 boxes of specialty teas that I like.

    I hit the kid jackpot. I didn’t deserve it since I gave my own parents hell. 🙂

  10. karen, you did deserve it – without you, your kid would have not turned out as well as she did. Pat yourself on the back sister, you done good.

  11. Karen, zappos usually delivers really fast if you use UPS. I have placed orders using their regular free shipping and received them the next day! Don’t know about fex ex though. by the way if you don’t like them, the return shipping is free too. Zappos has really done in other online shoe vendors. They have everything and pay shipping both ways. You can order shoes in two sizes and return the pair that doesn’t fit. They have super customer service too and send out links to VIP area if you buy from them a few times. Free overnight shipping then. I got them locally though, but I always check out zappos to find shoes when I want a huge selection, or just to see what’s New.

  12. I’m feeling nostalgic today – just got back from John Smarts where some are crapping on baby boomers again, so I came back here where I feel welcome, then went to youtube for a while.
    Found my favorite lady – Barbara Cook. So for all the parents in Uppityville, here’s When you wish upon a star by my favorite singer – bar none.

  13. I ordered the shoes through Amazon since I have gift certificates, etc. there and other things on my wish list.

    They send them through a shoe company named Foot Smart.

    I hike a lot so this is something I have needed for a long time. My old hike sneakers have holes in them from 10 years of rough wearing on trails. I put holes in hard heavy suede and tough leather. Canvas doesn’t last long at all if I wear them on the mountains. I am a nature woman – my old shoes become gardening/mud shoes. They look like a puppy got a hold of them.

  14. Aww, thanks HT. That was soothing. I agree with FF, that video of the quidditch thing was annoying.

  15. oh heck Karen, I’ve been trying to keep Milly indoors outside of supervised walks. If she got to you shoes (she’s decimated mine) you have my sincerest apologies.

  16. Karen, merrells are really fine quality shoes. They’re also very trendy! You’ll be a cool mama decked out in them. Can’t wait to hear how you like them.

  17. Hands off my hot Merrells!

  18. I know Foot Smart. I got burned by them once. And they make you pay return shipping, so I prefer zappos. No muss no fuss. Order all the shoes you want, keep one pair, pay nothing for shipping either way. I do use amazon for things though, so long as it’s over 25 dollars total and the item is part of their free shipping over $25 rule. Otherwise, I go somewhere else because I find their shipping to be outrageous.

  19. Yeah socal, she’s gonna look hot in that plum colored trim too.

  20. These young people crack me up about baby boomers. They want to deplete all their parents’ retirement money, then they want to take their social security away from them. Then they bitch and moan that baby boomers aren’t retiring and giving their high level jobs to them, as IF they earned them. Meanwhile, they push age 30 and still crash on Mom’s couch, eat their parents’ food, get free heat and shelter and regard themselves as having Arrived as Upscale. It’s all just a big laugh. What a bunch of little assholes who are due for a real dose of reality that hasn’t even started yet. Fact is, their messiah has made it so baby boomers aren’t going to retire. Especially now with the rumor that they will raise medicare to age 67 for anybody born after 1948. Oh yeah, they’ll retire all right, and pay thousands of dollars a month for health insurance, which includes coverage for their little 25 year old pissant, because 25 is the new 15. Oh yeah, they’re going to give up their jobs. When haley’s comet rolls around. That’s how stupid barack obama and his silly little dependent sycophants really are.

  21. I hit the kid jackpot. I didn’t deserve it since I gave my own parents hell.

    Well don’t let HER know that! LOL. Sounds like a young woman I would like to know. I know a few like her too. Problem is, they are the minority.

  22. Well I see another flash mob wreaked havoc in PA again. It’s time to make flash mobs illegal without a permit. End of story. Time for curfews everywhere too. End of story. Time to get these pissants off the street and make laws that make their parents wholly responsible for their violations. Time to taser a shitload of these little assholes too. Time for store owners they loot to have guns behind their counters and shoot a few of them in the head. That should slow them down.

  23. I need a water bottle IV. 110 in my garage.

  24. hydrate every 20 minutes. Do not go overtime.

  25. Gonna go walk the horsey.

  26. Been doing that Uppity – just got to feeling spacey. I had to stop. CANNOT WORK from about 3-7 right now. It’s SO HOT and the humidity is brutal.

  27. LOL Uppity. Funny visual.

  28. Yep FF that’s how hot it was in our garage throwing pots today. Florida is now on convection broil.

  29. FF make sure you are well hydrated. Even I – in my northern clime am feeling the effects of over 100 degree weather. I hate it, so I feel empathy with you who have it more often. Drink lots of water – while it is still affordable. Water is the next money making venture for the 10% who want to have all the money in the world.

    Uppity, Are your tomatos really ripe. I’m so envious.
    re the boomer issue, I am sick to death about every issue being blamed on boomers. Obama was not elected by boomers – although he was probably groomed and pushed by some. So was GWB and Cheney. However the few who pushed these idiots did not elect them – that was left to the electorate, which is not all boomers – Obama was elected by the Gen X crowd.

  30. DE – make sure you and Angi take care of yourselves as well. Water, water and more water. Now about those soup bowls.

  31. I followed your link, imust. The comments were positive for the most part. What will it take to make the wish come true?

  32. Are you ready to order some soup bowls HT, we’re throwing then next few days.

  33. **Snort***

    Obama receives a 54 per cent favourable rating, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, 52 per cent, and Vice President Joe Biden, under half at just 46 per cent.
    Clinton enjoys extraordinary popularity among women with 77 per cent of women over 50 backing her. She also receives support from a solid slice of support from independents and 40 per cent of Republicans.

    Even among men across the age spectrum her popularity was found to be 59 per cent.

    A second poll from Quinnipiac University released yesterday showed that 48 per cent of voters disapproved the job President Obama is doing and almost half said that he does not deserve to be re-elected in 2012. The figures are all-time lows in the university’s tracking of the president.

  34. When I saw gates’ name, I realized that UK article is from April, though.

  35. FF, why are you working in that kind of heat in the garage? I pushed myself the other day and ended up in the grocery store dizzy and feeling like I was going to pass out, couldn’t see straight. That was after I got out of the heat an in to the air conditioning.

  36. DE – you throw them, I’ll order 6. Daughter is moving out from her inlaws and will need stuff. Mother (me) will provide whatever is required, but mom wants daughter to have beauty in her life, hence DE’s works of art.

  37. O/T Some dweeb on salon.com wrote a piece about why Hillary would not be better than Obama. It was in response to all the op eds in the last few weeks saying she would be better and should run. But the piece was so stupid paragraph after paragraph that even as I tried to pick one claim to discuss, I had to just give up. And he topped it all off with a variation of “no one could have predicted…”.
    If anyone would like to go give it a shot, here is the link:


  38. Sorry UW. The link was just posted on a Still4Hill fb page, by someone other than still4hill. I thought it said aug 6, but it was last updated aug 6th.

  39. OMG! teresa here’s my response to that article: What a bunch of hooey!!!

    He just kept saying that Obama was “constrained by….” fill in the blank.
    His main point seems to be that because Hillary isn’t the president, there’s no way to know if she’d be any different.
    UHHHHH!! Yeah there is! Like that she had an actual RECORD of achievement! Like, um….35 FRICKIN YEARS WORTH!!

  40. teresa- I have to. I have a huge job. 3 fans blowing a lot of hot air don’t help much

  41. Ok HT I’ll throw them tomorrow. Send me an email letting me know how big you want them.

  42. Alright gang. I am off to dreamland. Early day tomorrow. I have to go oversee installation of two signs, then come home and paint another one. Then another. 7’5″ x 12′

  43. I’ll see your sign soon FF.

  44. Imust, what was the line, there was no way to tell if she had any negotiating skills or a good poker face? huh? she was praised during her time in the senate by both parties for those skills.
    I could not figure that writer out at all.

  45. YEP! And we will have so much fun! BTW – I am in your room right now! Hope the laptop is fixed by then, or you wont get much sleep! HA!

  46. Is my room WIFI enabled FF?

  47. FF, just be careful in the heat tomorrow

  48. Yes, but I have to get either a new wireless router or get this one re-set or new firmware or something. It keeps dropping the wireless connection. You can hardwire in here too, but I’ll have this problem solved by then. It’s making me crazy.

  49. And I gotta fix it or we can’t get Netflix on the TeeVee in the other room without resetting the router every now and then.

  50. So – when it’s all done, you can be in here and I can be in my room, and we can pester Uppity & Co.

  51. Your room is my office – but it’s pretty cool. I think you’ll like it and be comfortable, and you even have your very own bathroom! LOL

  52. But the main doors (to the bedroom) are Shoji Screens. So don’t run around nekkid with a light behind you or I’ll post pics. LOL

  53. You don’t want to scare everyone now.

  54. LOL. Well – Uppity is already all hot over your hands!

  55. She’s been picking out music for my next pottery video.

  56. ROFL!


    OK, gotta go snooze. Y’all have a good night!

  57. But I love the music to this song and will be using it.

  58. Nice – I kinda fast forwarded through it because I want to go to bed, but I can see it as “Wheel” music, to be sure!

  59. Night Night, I’m off to Zoe’s spin class.

  60. unchained melody aside….sputter…here’s wheel music.

  61. It does take an easy touch.

  62. Well in that case..

  63. I love, love, love Grieg. It’s amazing what one brilliant mind can create. I have often wished I were that brilliant – alas, sigh, I was not.
    There are so many folk that were brilliant

  64. Responded to your email ht

  65. DE, responded.

    Has anyone heard from Herlo?

  66. I mentioned herlo’s absence from the net several months ago. For whatever reason, she chose to or had to leave. Her site is gone. She is gone. End of story. We have no way of knowing what happened or didn’t happen, or if she just got sick of it all. The internet is like that and we all just move on because we can’t discuss what we don’t know. I think her last tweet and comment were back in April, so it’s pretty much settled and I just respect that. If she wanted to let us know what’s up, she would have.

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