What I am Doing On My Summer Vacation.

As you all know, I have decided to more or less take the rest of the summer off, slack off, malinger and play in the comment section of this blog. Like a good manager, I managed to take the pressure of posting every day off of myself while others do all the work. It’s working out well. I like it. But alas, I have recently been informed that our own lorac has called in sick.  We will not dock her pay. This time.

So, due to the postponement of Lorac Wednesday this week,  and in keeping with my effort to not stress myself writing posts about irritating people who are destroying my country, I will  instead give you a report on my Summer Vacation, particularly as it pertains to my garden.

Below you will see a photo of some of my freshly picked cranberry beans, right from my own garden. I plan to shell them and take those big succulent beans and cook them up with olive oil, garlic and Vidalia onions. Then I plan to scarf them down with some crusty Italian bread. Or……..I might just make some pasta fagioli with them. I haven’t made up my mind. I’m open to suggestions, just so long as you don’t suggest I feed them to you instead.

Not bad for a city girl, hey? Dog thought they looked so good while I was picking them, that she ate one.

I swear, if I hear one Jack and the Beanstalk remark, there will be Punishments. Lorac, you are welcome to Lorac Thursday.


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  1. Gosh darnit, they are beautiful and I wish that I could come over for dindin. 😀

  2. Why was there always a conversation going on in the garden?
    Because Jack and the beans talk!

    —————->>> running and ducking


  3. ……..and to think Curly, Larry and Moe never had the opportunity to ask Freedom Fairy to join their act.

  4. Wow, Upps, them be beautiful!!! Sigh… I wish I lived in a more temperate clime. I’d love to grow stuff like this without spending $$$ to put 40% shade cloth all over my yard.

  5. Can’t grow em in desert sand, Allie. lol. Our growing season is short up here in Four Season land, but the yield is always beautiful. My tomatoes are looking awesome. I’ll be reporting with photos soon. My late Mother used to grow cranberry beans, using beans from the previous year. When she died, I was looking for her growing beans stash but never found them, dammit. But somehow, I felt the need to grow them because they remind me of hers. I think she would approve of my results.

  6. I love cranberry beans and yours look fabulous. I usually dry and shell them and have them over the winter. They’re not cannelini’s but I think they go fairly well with escarole. They work in chilli too and I make this bean stew with them. I like your idea of pasta fagiole as well.

  7. How about Beanstalk Bunny with Daffy Duck in the role of He Who Must Not Be Named ?

    Notice how the opening fills the screen with a color quiet reminiscent of those lovely cranberry beans!

  8. He Who Must Not Be Named ?

    I was expecting voldemort.

  9. Sophie, my mother used to shell them and freeze them for winter! Bags and bags of them. I think they are better than cannolini in pasta fagioli.

  10. Hey when you get a chance, can you put that bean stew recipe in the recipe tab up above?

  11. My grandmother used to put them in polenta and bake it with marinara sauce atop. It was really good.

  12. Yumm….Look-it, now I’m getting hungry at 10:30 at night. not good.

  13. Me too. LOL.

  14. I’m thinking of opening the fridge, tipping it forward and letting all the food just fall into my mouth at this point.

  15. Pretty beans. Sorry lorac is still sick. I told her to get her cat to make some soup. The cat blogs, so why can’t he/she make soup? Uppity blogs, and she makes soup!
    See I can do Obot-logic!

  16. Yes imust, you just impersonated an Obot very well. My head almost hurts.

  17. Still4hill has been on fire lately! She has a photo up of Hillary standing behind the presidential podium and O is standing next to her with his typical nose-up-in-the-air pose. I just closed my eyes for a minute after looking at it and imagined a world with Hillary as our POTUS. Try it! It will make you feel better….for a minute anyway.

  18. Hey Sophie, I am eating the most delicous big fat butter cookie stuffed with walnuts in brown sugar. We ate at a lebonese place and took the cookies home. They are sprinkled with powdered sugar too, and the taste kind of reminds me of the Christmas cookies my mother used to make that kind of melted in your mouth from all the butter.

  19. I didn’t call in sick. Who called in sick for me? Was it my cat? lol

    I’m better than last week, but not 100%, so okay, I’ll do a lorac Thursday! 🙂

  20. Stillforhill rocks.

  21. Where do you think Voldemort got all his ideas? Loony Tunes and Merry Melodies! I mean is the Acme Company not right up his alley? Moldy Voldy had more trouble with one orphan than the Coyote had with the Road Runner.

    An think about it. Daffy, all in black with a funny face, plays J*** who many feel is the real villain of the Beanstalk tale. After all, the story portrays young man unscrupulously hiding in a man’s house, playing on his wife’s sympathies in order to repeatedly rob and finally murder the owner of the house.

    imust is making my head spin.

  22. lorac, no stress here. Just get better. It doesn’t matter which day you post. This place is always open for your great stuff. Till then, just get better for chrissakes. Your cat called and said he was being neglected.

  23. Interesting comparison, Mt. Laurel.

  24. Done.

  25. Yum! I shall make this for sure.

    And damn, now I’m wishing for peppers and eggs.

  26. Great looking beans! I’ve never had cranberry beans, hmmm I must check them out. I hope they taste as good as they look.

    Lorac, I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

    OT and pardon me if someone already mentioned this, but did anybody else see Megyn Kelly take on Mike Gallagher over his comments about her maternity leave?? I didn’t see it live, but I’ve seen it since then. She’s still sharp as a tack.

  27. Funny you should mention Gallagher and Kelly, somebody. I plan to post the videos. What a horse’s ass that guy is, where the hell did they get that sexist turd. She ate him alive. I loved it. I will put up my post on this small small man later today after this post has a run.

  28. Somebody, cranberry beans are as pretty as their shells. They are very meaty beans.

  29. I watched Inside Job tonight. I am freshly outraged at the Banksters. Seriously, when the American people decide to take up pitchforks and torches or set up guillotines, I hope that Greenspan goes first.

  30. Sophie, I suspect Greenspan has already been dead for years and he’s on Weekend At Bernie’s watch.
    Andrea takes him boating.

  31. LOL

  32. Greenspan says he judged how the economy was doing by, are you ready? Sales of mens shorts. For sure I’m sure he has to change his often.

  33. Gorgeous beans!! You must have a green thumb!


  34. Thanks, somebody!

    And now gang, take a look at something that is both horrendous and funny at the same time


  35. By golly, I think I might. I really enjoy gardening. I grew a ton of great butter lettuce and mesclun mix too, and I’m growing red onions, except I keep cutting the tops off and eating them. lol.

  36. Really the beans are super easy to grow. All you need are some nice, secure poles for them to climb. And there are bush beans too. If you don’t secure them, they tip over because their stalks get heavy.

  37. Well that kinda pisses me off. Gatewaypundit, besides stealing FF’s bumper sticker and selling it, they hate all Democrats. I resent them lumping us all together. You got a D on your registration, gateway pundit hates you.

  38. I remember what I wanted to say about Casper Greenpants. He’s the strom thurmond of the federal reserve.

  39. You can grow beans in pots, you know. But you will have to move them to a bigger pot once they get moving.

  40. From the link I posted, in the comments

    Obama downgraded from POTUS to POS


  41. The mention of peppers and eggs sparked memories and now I am hungry as well. My one aunt would diced up the leftover baked potatoes and toss them in a skillet with a little olive oil to brown and would then add peppers and eggs. If it was for dinner, she would add sausage and Romano cheese. Good eats.

  42. Obama downgraded from POTUS to POS

    Now that’s funny.

  43. Lorac writes: “Obama downgraded from POTUS to POS”

    As in he has been downgraded from not being a real potus but playing one on TV to just “playing possum”?

  44. Bella fagioli,, Donna Uppity!

  45. Zero’s at 50% disapproval on Gallup. Going dowwwwwwwwwn….

  46. I’ve never heard of or seen cranberry beans before. Those are fresh and not dried so do you need to soak them or anything before cooking? Do you cook them with a little seasoning meat of some type?

  47. Those beans look good. I’ve never seen them before either. Last year was my first try at growing green beans. I only grew a few. I decided this year I would grow a bunch. Well, some how the beans got mixed up with the cucumbers, I don’t know what happened. No green beans this year, and more cucumbers than I know what to do with. So everyone I know has been eating cucumbers. They don’t know it yet, but they get to try my pickles too.

  48. I am SOOOO J! As you all know I was deprived of my garden this year due to excessive rain in March, April, May and June. I left for grandson duty right after Mother’s Day and the garden was still inundated. Husband never did manage to get anything in the ground. sigh
    The rain did manage to produce a bumper crop of blackberries and our ancient apple trees! Need a hard hat in the orchard as the apples are dropping all over!
    Apple butter and apple sauce this week. And probably next week and the week after as well! LOL

  49. Fresh cranberry beans do not have to be soaked like dried beans. They are not as hard, of course. but you do have to rinse them and check them out. They cook a bit faster than dried beans. I learned to cook them as with all beans, with enough water to cover them and some kind of flavored meat doesn’t hurt in that pot, like say a chunk of ham or some bacon. Don’t salt till they are just about done, taste for salt first, if you are adding salty meats. After they are tender, salt them late to taste, drain them and then use them as you please, sautee with garlic, onion, fresh basil, olive oil, or make a pasta dish or stew etc with them.

    Here is what they look like out of the pod. they lose the spots in cooking and turn a dark pink. These beans have also been known to be called “Roman beans”.

  50. Hey! It’s my lucky day today! I have the old comment box! Whoopee! (I can’t use the admin page everywhere- so it’s nice to see it back!)
    Never had cranberry beans- will have to give them a try. You know us Scots/Irish. Oats. Oats. More Oats. Mutton. lol

  51. Just a Reminder that Clara, of Depression Cooking With Clara, has her 95th Birthday on August 18.
    If you can send her a card, that would be so very sweet. It would be great if Clara were inundated with cards!

    According to the youtube channel, she is going to “close up shop” after one more video. The address for a card is

    Send Clara a birthday wish (August 18). Send a card to: 72 Onondaga st. Skaneateles, NY 13152.

  52. Another post is scheduled for around noon. don’t miss it. Have a good day.

  53. Fredster, like UW said, you can cook them right from the shell. I just dry them so that they’ll keep in a jar for the winter months. Of course, then you have to cook them like all the other dry beans.

  54. PMM enjoy your apples!! Boy just one tree typically yields more than one family needs. I had two apple trees at my last house as well as blueberry bushes. I can do all sorts of things with apples and blueberries, LOL!

    I once thought I had a green thumb and so did everybody that knew me……but I can’t grow crap at this house the soil is terrible. Slowly I’ve tried amending it but then I’m faced with fact is doesn’t drain well. I would love to have a garden but technically I’m not allowed to grow vegetables per my deed covenants. In order to do anything I would have to first put up a fence and only certain kinds are allowed so it’s expensive. Then I’d simply have to build some kind of raised beds with better soil and drainage. A pretty big investment, but maybe one day. I’ve always had gardens and lush flowerbeds but here just some basics, shrubs and ornamental grass mostly and half of that dies every year.

  55. Somebody- lol you don’t know from bad drainage! All clay soil here in NW PA- very very heavy and takes yearly amendments with organic matter. It took three years for us to get the soil workable enough for even a basic garden- lots and lots and LOTS of horse manure!
    As for the apple trees- they are ancient heirloom apple trees with tons of carpenter ant damage. Some years they give, some they don’t. We had them topped a few years back to take some of the stress and weight off them.
    The berries are wild. Raspberries- red and black, Blackberries. And now the elderberry has grown back and is making the wild turkeys and birds very very happy!

  56. Speaking of Greenspan and the feds……is there some futures market for men’s underwear they look at for their projections?? If there is it must look dismal.

    The Fed announced yesterday that they intend to keep interest rates where they are for two years until at least sometime in 2013. I don’t ever recall the Fed telegraphing what they intend to do beyond 3-6 months……does anyone else ever recall them making such a statement??

    I don’t know if the Fed was trying to inject stability and calmness, but to me the effect was they were saying they see no recovery in sight and we’re all screwed.

    My daughter is reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. The creature created on Jekyll Island was the Federal Reserve. She says the author leans a little right, but from what she’s told me I’d say he leans a little libertarian. So you have to take his opinion in places with a grain of salt and recognize it for what it is an opinion. His opinion does not overpower the book according to my daughter, but it does pop up in a few places. Otherwise the book is a complete guide to all things federal reserve, how it came to be, when, where the players and all the changes through the years. The book is replete with footnotes and has a huge appendix so the reader can do as much or as little research as they please, but it puts everything together nicely if you have any curiosity about the fed.

    I plan on reading it after she’s done…..haha…..it’s my book to begin with, one of those in my to read pile!!!!!

  57. I have never even heard of cranberry beans, and I grew up in the South where EVERYONE had a garden. They are beautiful!

    Sorry to hear lorac is sick – I hope she gets well soon. So nice to see her posting here! And PMM, too – such great women, such great posts. I tell you, Uppity, you know how to do it right at this blog!

    Now, get back to that malingering! 🙂

  58. I have black raspberries, Mom. And a huge mulberry tree taller than the garage — that grew all by itself after some bird crapped out the seed or something. It’s in a good spot too, so I suppose the bird did me a favor.

    Gang, don’t be afraid of beans! They are easy to cook. All you need is some water and some time!

    Somebody, I grow my lettuce in a raised bed. It’s just too big a pain in the ass to weed near lettuces. You can buy raised beds online. Or be creative. Buy thos long plastic outddor planters or the cedar ones, stuff em with good soil in the sun and you’re on your way. I do that with things all the time. I have a really nice three tier garden of wood log-type settings with dowels to drive them into the ground. It’s perennial and I have thought of using it for veggies too. But it’s so mature and well developed with flowers and all those black eyed susans and Phloxes and day littles, I just can’t do it.

  59. These rotten lousy kids in England are running wild. They made a poor woman jump out of her window and run off screaming from the rescuers. They set a familly furniture store that has been around for five generations aflame, just for the fun of it. Little assholes. They beat the shit out of people and then loot them and the wussy UK police are talking about rubber bullets. Now the people are taking charge and soon some of these pissants will die. The truth is, one bullet to the head of one of these little assholes in front of a crowd and that party will be broken up. This has been going on for nearly a week. These are nothing but spoiled entitled Millineums, lititle assholes stealing TVs and terrorizing people. Shoot them. That’s why god made things like the National Guard. Let this serve as a bad example of what happens when you ban guns. Even the police are useless there. So others are about to fix the problem, but good. If you ask me,that’s what PA needs to do with these flash mobs too. Shoot at the little bastards and watch them scatter pissing their jeans.

    The time is now to ban flash mobs in the USA without a permit. Period. You might have known this generation would turn flash mob dancing into terror. Little bastards.

  60. Uppity, I took your advice, and today, am making the transition over from Blogger to WordPress. Thanks for the push on this!

    And yeah – what’s going on in England is nuts. Many of them are YOUNG, too. WTH is wrong with people?!

    Spot on abt the USA. Mayor Nutter had something to say abt that (I don’t mean to step on you by mentioning this, but my post today is on this very thing). He minces no words, either, wooey…

  61. Lorac writes: “Obama downgraded from POTUS to POS”
    😆 😆

  62. The old song “spinning wheel” is going through my head. “what goes up must come down”, oh and another song too… “I read the news today, oh boy”:

    “So much for the Fed-inspired rally. Investors’ attention has turned back to the weak economy – and that’s bad news for stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 413 points, or 3.7 percent, to 10,827in morning trading Wednesday. That erased nearly all of its 429 point gain…”

  63. 3R Amy,

    It is SO good to see you here. I still lurk at the other place and still admire much of it, but I couldn’t take some of the off the wall comments. Some of it was great but some of it was just awful. IMHO.

    You are in the all ACES category! In my not so humble opinion!

  64. What’s happening in London and now in other UK cities is extremely troubling, Upps. I believe it’s the beginning of the age/generational wars — the youth against the Boomers. Note that Obama’s ’08 campaign began it all with its mantra of “turning the page” (on the Boomers, that is) and marshalling the pissants into armies of Obots.

  65. First, good for you, Amy! Now you can have more comments, in the volume you deserve! Google sucks.

    Yes I read about Mayor Nutter. He’s the Hillary Supporter that those bastard Obot email bombed in 2008, remember? He didn’t wince for a second at those pissants’ threats either.


  66. It is Wednesday Without Lorac. We can wait 24 hours.

    The other post at noon is sure to be a goodie.

    I have plumbing issues. I have ignored them and cannot do so for much longer. Now I have 4 things I have to take care of. I either have to work a lot more overtime or I have to do some research and get out the monkey wrench and elbow grease.

  67. Thanks so much, Karen for Clinton – I have missed so many of the folks I see here. I am GLAD y’all are here – Uppity is just the best, isn’t she? Love her.

    Anyway, I know exactly what you mean, Karen. Heck, it is hard for me to get through comments at my own posts. With the gearing up for the next election, the Obots are out in full force again. That is why I am so thankful for spaces like Uppity’s.

    Thanks again – you warmed my heart!

  68. Karen, or you can date a plumber for a few weeks.

  69. Uppity, I’d be better off dating a chef!

    3R Amy – xxoo.

    I went to the “thugs/nutter” post and the comment by UW are blistering. That is what you call speaking truth to power. When we were in the bizarro world of 2008 there were a few bloggers who saw what was REALLY going on and knew how to put it into words. Nobody said it more “right to the heart of the matter” than UW. Their knee caps hurt when she was done slamming them back!

  70. For what it’s worth: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/08/10/jeb_bush_jr_endorses_huntsman_110886.html

    Bush Jr. will formally endorse Huntsman in Miami on Wednesday morning and announce his new post as national chairman of “GenH,” the campaign’s youth and young professionals outreach. 

  71. Eh who cares about Jeb’s kid. Those Bush’s are such assholes, they think the entire world should worship their monarchy and its spawns. Seriously, this family is some kind of cult monarchy, probably led by Babs of the “WHy should I waste my beautiful mind on these people” fame. You look up elitist snob in the dictionary and her face should be rightn ext to Michelle’s. She’s really lucky she arranged that rich marriage into Preston of “Let’s work with Hitler” fame’s progeny, because she is REALLY hard on the eyes.

    If I were Huntsman, I would wince. The Republicans didn’t like W much by the time he left. He didn’t put a theocracy in place.

  72. NES Hunstman has no prayer. He’s too nice and he’s not hanging off the right cliff. I know you are trying to see someone the average person can stand run against The Turkey. But it won’t happen, I swear to you. the R’s will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a completely batshit candidate. Or there will be Mittens. And where is he these days, anyhow?

  73. YAY! Rev Amy comes over to WordPress! You may regret it- I already added you to my blogroll and left comments!

    Amen on what Uppity said about the shrub clan. They are like the stupid wild roses the dumbass game commission brought into PA as “habitat” for quail. Runs wild and chokes out everything else. Cut one out- fifty more spring up. Can’t kill the bastards- not salt, burnt oil, kerosene- nothing kills them. They just keep coming back and sucking up more valuable real estate.
    And I NEVER see any quail around them either.

  74. ***EDIT**** Please note that Uppity accepts the Brain Dead Award this week. She accidentally edited NeS’s comment instead of hitting Reply. So now you see NES name as the person making the comment. I accept my punishment, whatever it is. I hope it hurts sooooooooo good!


    the sumthin’-th prez of the US.


    well that explains it, she’s probably inbred. But it does confirm, she’s old snob upper crust from days gone by. Old money marrying old money. He sure didn’t marry her for her face.

  75. LOL Mom, congratulations. You were even more brutal to the Bush Monarchy than I was.

  76. By the way, the evangelicals will probably stay home again like they did when they gave us Obama, if the candidate is a mormom. I predict this.

  77. Boy, some big boyz sure made some big money in the market between yesterday and today. Buy low, sell high, crash the system again. Buy low, sell high, crash the system again. Rinse and Repeat. Get help from Bernanke in between.

  78. (bowing) You are quite welcome. But in retrospect, perhaps it is a good thing we don’t see “Quayle” anymore. One was quite enough thank you very much!

  79. PMM, I bet your missing quail could spell potato. 😉

  80. karen! ROFLMAO!

  81. Why is it that I heard NOTHING about this in the MSM but saw it online from dinky little Erie (PA) Times? Gasoline and home heating oil- GOING UP!

  82. Hey Upps, how’d you post under my name?

  83. ACK! I’m sorry NES. It LOOKs like instead of copying your line and pasting it into a new post, I must have accidentally edited your comment. Geeze!!! I deserve MAJOR punishments because now your full comment is…..sputter………gone!

  84. Totally OT- but I want a bumper sticker that says “We TOLD you so!” With the obummer symbol with a big red line drawn through it for the last O.Or maybe for all the O’s!

  85. Upps, you’ll have to watch another episode of QAF!!!!!!!!

  86. Don’t worry, Rick Perry will put lead in the evangelicals’ pencils. He rides into the race on Sat. (stepping all over the Ames Straw Poll news, much to the consternation of the self-serious Iowans [who are not effin’ forgiven for giving us OFraud in ’08!!!!]). HEEE HAWWWWW!!

  87. That’s OK, Upps. (It’s no worse than when the Great Library of Alexandria burned to the ground, its treasures forever lost to mankind.)

  88. Upps, you’ll have to watch another episode of QAF!!!!!!!!

    Somebody please kill me. Now please. Just pull the trigger.

  89. An evangelical closet gay. Priceless. But never rare.

  90. They look beautiful!

  91. On Saturday there will be a full moon. If anyone has kids or knows kids this would be a fun thing to do.

    In the light of the full moon, turn on your hose, put it to spray and hold it up in the moonlight. You should get a rainbow effect. It is called a moonbow. Take a picture and save it for the kid

  92. Uppity, I remember all too well what happened to Mayor Nutter back in 2008, AND your excellent post on the matter. You are in a league of your own, friend! If I recall correctly,I wrote him an email of support (or called – can’t remember now). He’s a stand up guy.

    PMM – I have added you, too, and I am DELIGHTED to have you come by!

    Oh, and totally cool abt the mulberry tree, UW. We had one growing up – made great pies and fake blood for when we played Marines (as opposed to Army – a couple of uncles were Marines)!

  93. and fake blood for when we played Marines


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