Newsflash – “flash mobs” aren’t too flashy anymore

From the youtube description:

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of “Do Re Mi”, in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of “The Sound of Music”.

This was my first introduction to “flashmobs”.  It was probably only a year ago that I saw it, but it appears to have been posted on youtube 2 years ago.  I remember thinking how cool it was, what a creative idea!, and yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it, it gave me a nice feeling of “wholesome goodness”:  it’s a positive song, sung by Ms. Julie Wholesome Andrews, the dancers’ ages spanned childhood to older age, and everyone participating or watching was smiling, laughing, having fun.

According to wikipedia:

Flash mobs are a specific form of smart mob, originally describing a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual and pointless for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse. The term flash mob is claimed to have been inspired by “smart mob”.  Since its inception, however, “flash mob” has been used by news media and promoters to refer to nearly any form of smart mob…..   A smart mob is a group that, contrary to the usual connotations of a mob, behaves intelligently or efficiently because of its exponentially increasing network links. This network enables people to connect to information and others, allowing a form of social coordination.

So, a flash mob can be a type of a smart mob, the “smart” referring to the ability to network.  The “smart” definitely doesn’t apply to the characters we see in today’s flash mobs.

My understanding is that the current London riots started because cops tried to apprehend a young black MALE with a criminal record who was suspected of selling weapons.  Shots were exchanged, and he was killed cops are racist.  At first it was young blacks causing the rioting, but it seems all colors of youths are now participating.  I see some people writing that it’s because of the class divide, and the poor are cutting off their noses to spite their faces showing the rich they have power.  While there may be some truth nestled in there, on the whole I don’t buy it.  There have been poor people forever, and these poor kids today have social benefits.  They don’t have to worry about a roof over their head or food on the table.  No, this rioting behavior isn’t about not having money, it’s about not having values.

NES posted an interesting article along these lines.  In part, it asserts:

Most have no jobs to go to or exams they might pass. They know no family role models, for most live in homes in which the father is unemployed, or from which he has decamped.  They are illiterate and innumerate, beyond maybe some dexterity with computer games and BlackBerries.

They are essentially wild beasts. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable; of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong.

They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others.

I think there’s a lot of truth in these words.  However, I suspect that it isn’t the whole story – at least not for everyone engaged in mob behavior.  Yup, I’m thinking of obots.  Many of them were NOT poor, but they certainly participated in thuggery, showed no conscience, acted as though the end justifies the means.  Just as these London thugs now seem to be rioting just to satisfy their immediate urges to have a new TV or new clothing, the bots cheated in the caucuses and with the RBC to satisfy their immediate urge to get this historic figure into office, with no critical, moral thought to the means they used to get there, or of what the long term consequences might be of electing an empty suit.  But again, it still boils down to a big void in the values department – and sadly, it describes a large number of our youth today (and some “mature” (ahem) people in our political parties).

Philadelphia has been having a lot of problems with black flash mobs which are wreaking havoc on the city and its inhabitants.  The mayor, Michael Nutter (a big Hillary supporter), himself black, recently took these kids and their familes to task:

Way to go, Michael Nutter!  I’ve always respected Bill Cosby for his ongoing attempts to get his fellow blacks to shape themselves up, instead of always blaming others.  Of course, most in the black community seemed to condemn  him, shooting the messenger, insisting any criticism was racist, and preferring to find solace in the race baiting of the accepted black leaders, who wouldn’t make any money if they didn’t encourage blacks to feel victimized and helpless.

Make sure you read Reverend Amy’s excellent piece on Nutter’s reaction to the violence in his city.  I read it, and when I did, I found PMM had posted in the comments an excellent video of Bill  Cosby addressing these issues within his community.

But again – the problems in the black community aren’t the whole of it.  We have a whole lot of people who seem very egocentric, whose social conscience seems to be virtually non-existent.  The republicans are rightly drawing attention to these problems, but OMG, that’s all we need is for a far-righty to be determining the solutions.  They’ll throw the baby out with all our rights the bathwater.  But the left won’t address the issue, because it wouldn’t be pc, and goshdarn, it might hurt some people’s feelings!  Well, I know one person who could have bridged the divide and come up with some solutions.  Sigh…..

Well, I wanted to end with a video clip of that time Hillary went on a late night comedy show, and they pretended they couldn’t get things on the set to work, and Hillary came out, asked a few questions, and then solved the problem.  I’ve been looking forever and I can’t find it.  If anyone knows what I mean, maybe you could post it in the comments!

Note:   I was disgusted by the sight of what those hoodlums are doing in England, and hearing that social media or blackberries were being used to orchestrate it, it reminded me of the Ms. Julie Wholesome Andrews’ flash mob.  So, here I was, innocently writing this piece, but going back and reading the threads I missed while I was at work.  And what do I see, but UW posting this: 

The time is now to ban flash mobs in the USA without a permit. Period. You might have known this generation would turn flash mob dancing into terror. Little bastards.

Grrrr.  FIRST she demonstrates that she knows when I am lurking.  NOW she is reading my mind.  It’s SPOOKY!  lol


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  1. lorac — You really hit this one OUT OF THE BALLPARK. That you did it whilst sick speaks to your considerable gifts as a blogger.

    I love, love, love Mayor Nutter. What a speech he gave. And, Cosby’s speech is still a classic. Too bad they’re not getting through to AA youth, too many of whom graduate from prisons instead of colleges. If only they could learn to ‘sell out’ a little they’d be happier. Don’t hate The Man, BE The Man. It’s tragic that, of all the immigrants to this land of manifold opportunity, this community of ‘forced immigrants’ can’t get with the program, melt in the pot, join the rat race. Why? I blame the parents. They need to judge their own kids so a court won’t have to down the road.
    I’ll tell you something…if I had been born AA in a slum in this country, I would’ve taken myself off to the nearest military recruiting post as soon as I looked the minimum age. It’s a sure route to upward mobility and takes one out of the perverted and inverted society of ghetto youth, where success is defined by spawning at 13, killing at 16, and going to jail every few years.

  2. Seriously, flash mobs qualify as a formal gathering and should require a permit. In this way, the reason for the mob is apparent and authorities are aware it will exist. That should slow them down.The right to assemble is important, but the right to terrorize and interfere with people’s lives and well being does not fall into the category of the right to assemble. It falls into the category of looting, maliciousness, terrorizing, and assault and battery. And parents should be made responsible of their children’s behaviors. That should slow them down. While congress is busy trying to figure out what they will allow us to eat or who they will allow us to sleep with, things they OUGHT to be addressing just slip right by their feeble little minds. This is a serious problem and requires legal intervention. If this doesn’t work then it is time for a curfew on the streets of the USA, with hefty parental fines to go with it. Recently, we had a case of a FIVE YEAR OLD, yes, that’s right…A FIVE YEAR old who was ON THE STREETS scratching cars at………are you ready? 1 AM on Saturday. Now if a parent can’t control his or her own five year old, excactly why should this not be punishable by law?

    No permit? Then no legitimate intent. Round em up in the paddy wagons and let their parents come down and pay the fine. If the law doesn’t take care of this problem with written laws, then one of these days really soon, a bunch of malicious kids are going to die when a citizen decides he has had enough of this shit. People have a fight or flight reaction to these things. They have the will to defend themselves, their property and their loved ones………and sooner or later…they WILL do it.

    As for the UK…I have never known a time when they looked stupid and ineffective to the world as they look right now. It took Vigilantism to get them to move past thinking about rubber bullets, for chrissakes.

  3. Lorac! Another hit!
    It never ceases to amaze me the damage done by the agencies/laws that were supposed to help people. I have been sitting here trying to come up with an apt description of those programs and can’t do it. Let me just say that they suck the life out of whole communities- and now we see- out of whole cities and countries. Try getting OFF welfare- damn near impossible. Once in, it’s a fight to the death to get out of their clutches.
    No accountability whatsoever.
    Call me Scrooge- but “are there no parks needing sprucing up? No roads and streets needing cleaned?”
    There is no such thing as a free lunch- and I fear we are now paying the price!
    I will look for the video clip- I remember that Hillary skit. Was it SNL?

  4. Yep Mom, I believe it was SNL.

  5. Excellent post, lorac (and thanks for the shout out – you rock!).

    It is astonishing what is going on in England, and very disturbing. Prime Minister Cameron has made clear that these people are a bunch of thugs, and how. I love that the citizens are taking back their communities…

    Great post!

  6. I am about to install some serious driver updates. So if I disappear, you know my computer is in deep poop.

  7. Uppity you are looking for a clip form the Colbert Report at the time of the PA primaries. This link should take you to the clip

  8. lorac – my bad. You wrote this peice not Uppity

  9. Erin and Tatertot! Thank you!
    And here is the you tube clip of the same!

  10. Thanks for posting about this.
    I am reading some lefty blogs take on the London riots and a lot of them are saying well, it’s because these are poor disadvantaged youth and it’s somehow the fault of govt not providing enough for them.
    (The irony being that these are the same bloggers who always say that Tea Partiers are rabble and are destroying society. So people peacefully assembling and using lawful means of shaping political debate are scary and terroristic while people rioting and looting victims of societal oppression and marginalization finally fighting back?)
    I don’t get it. I have been, ever since Sicko came out, envying the UK for it’s healthcare, as well as for it’s safety net, and then I see these violent kids trash their own.
    I am thinking that maybe the UK govt should provide one more thing — employment via required conscription into the military, for all youth. I think that at least would provide rudimentary discipline and respect for legitimate authority that seems very lacking.

  11. Yay! lorac’s back!
    Regarding the mobs, hasn’t there been mobs attacking here in the US lately. Something happened at the WI county fair.

  12. Mayor Nutter is authentic. So great.

  13. Lorac Rocks. Nutter Rocks. Hillary Rocks.

    Great post. And damn, Hillary is so funny, unlike our petulant little man-child who does not have ONE funny bone in his anorexic body.


    I lived in London for years in my tens and in my teens. Went to college there too. It makes me SO SAD what has happened to that country. It used to be so safe. I rode the bus at 9 alone, walked for miles and miles to the shops with friends at 11 and even took the train into London by myself often at 13 to pal around with my buds. My mom & dad knew I was alright because the ENGLISH were alright. I lived in downtown London (near the Albert Hall) for ages and even in college when we would go out to the pubs and we would get a little loopy and I would walk home alone, there was NEVER any fear. Ever. Now, it’s a multicultural hell-hole in London where everything has been given to everyone in order to make it “fair.” The Government has taken away ANY incentive for people to better themselves and to offer their own society something of value.

    The Dems have done this here too for DECADES to the American Black Communities, creating now, like London, GENERATIONAL DAMAGE where one EXPECTS more and more with no requirement to “give back” to the society.

    WHY the Blacks continue to vote for their own destruction is beyond me.

    If you haven’t watched the film “Precious” – do so. It’s a damning indictment of “The System” created by Democrats and supported by Barack Obama and so many others in our once proud Party. IIRCC, Bill Clinton was the only Democrat in recent memory who tried to change it with “Welfare to Work” – and he was hated for it – by the Dems.

    Great job Lorac!


  14. FF- you are correct on the Welfare to Work- God Bless Bill Clinton!
    It reminds me of the rich parents who give their spawn a shiny new toy when they act out- instead of a smack on the behind. Then they wonder where the family fortune went.

  15. Oy I have made a mess of my computer. But at least I’m here! For now…

    UK has asked Boston and NY CIty police forces to help them out with advice as to how to get their ludicrous control problem solved. What a bunch of fools. They need guns, that’s how. And some tear gas. And maybe their military. But if they think this touchy feelly shit they pull, where their police can’t even carry a weapon, is going to work, well good luck with that, fools. And by the way, if they are asking the USA for help (and one good national guard could fix it), I do hope they are going to pay for the service. They criticize us for having guns and now they need US to tell THEM that you don’t stop rioting little assholes with whiffle balls.

  16. Tear gas, tasers, & water cannons.

  17. Excellent post, Lorac! I respect and salute Michael Nutter!

    I have walked, as others probably have, those streets in the UK. I am saddened and angry at the “entitled to commit violence and destruction” animals there and here.

    A couple of talking points: The scales of justice are so damned tipped with the power of money, corporations (Monsanto owning patents to what People can eat or grow) and politicians who are facilitating the empowerment of such regimes.)

    Sadly, generation after generation has given in to power structures that use and abuse people. Their offspring have become even greater victims (learned helplessness dis-empowered) or abusers and losers (the imploding dis-empowered) or the too few and far between Hillary Clinton’s, Michael Nutter’s and “average Americans” that see what has happened and speak truth to power, out if real love for people and country.

    I hate what has happened, but am hopeful that the sleeping giant is awakening in horror to what “WE” have allowed to happen to “US.”

  18. Yeah votermom, that should slow them down. They need to ask an entire other country what to do? What are they, brain dead?

  19. But if they think this touchy feelly shit they pull, where their police can’t even carry a weapon, is going to work, well good luck with that, fools.

    In the past, I greatly admired the mutual respect between citizen and law “enforcement” that I have personally witnessed there.

    This generation doesn’t know what that means and needs an alternative “enforcement” – – OBVIOUSLY.

    They, like America, will rue the day that they forced their law enforcement agencies to view all citizens as potential enemies.

  20. This is what happens when you let kids make their own choices. Including presidential choices. Children need rules. Children grow into animals without rules and laws. UK is sans rules. They have done it with their children and they have done it with their “multiculturalism”. They are begging to serve as a horrible warning to the rest of the western world. If we don’t cut this Everybody Is A Winner and Here is a Trophy for Nothing and “Let Em Express Themselves” and “Parents Can’t Discipline their Kids Without Getting Sued” attitude, soon we will be Them. Kids aren’t SUPPOSED to have the same rights as adults. They are SUPPOSED to be SUPERVISED till they grow up and get some sense of their own. If not, they grow up without any sense at all and then they are ADULT criminals.

  21. Boston and NY huh? What they didn’t ask Chicago? Maybe they missed that convention in what 68?
    On another note- do these idiots not get that the number of new filings is down because we are running out of people to lay off and fire? Soon only the govt will be employing anybody.
    “NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are rising after news that fewer people joined the unemployment line last week and word that a technology bellwether’s profit beat expectations.”

    Will the last employee to leave please turn off the lights?

  22. This generation doesn’t know what that means and needs an alternative “enforcement” – – OBVIOUSLY.

    This is what No Rules brings. Kids are KIDS. Given their own choices, they will make bad ones more often than not.

  23. Here- somebody send this to Cameron

  24. Boy Mom, you read my mind. If these pissants think America is going to put up with this again too, then they need to get aquainted with the National Guard ASAP. A nice visit would work wonders so they don’t have to meet them the hard way.

  25. “Unexpected” is the New “Historic”

    It is meaningless

  26. Uppity, they did have rules – that past generations largely respected.

    You are so right about, I’ll call it “new-age parenting.” Welcome to violent computer games spilling out into the streets of real life – – just the latest version of “intense”.entertainment for the ever-increasing, clueless generation.

    And, as you said, “multiculturalism.” Welcome to multiculturalism correctness, without borders and boundaries, that also brings the influence of those countries whose people are conditioned to “power in violence” as a way of life.

    The perfect mix for future generations of a plethora of boundary-less, action figure infidels.

  27. PMM:

    I don’t see the comparison in “demonstrations”? The riots in the UK seems driven by a different kind of “radicalism” to me, for some reason.

    That video makes me wonder about the lessons taught to a whole generation about “fall in line with the system, or else.”

    Just like the women’s movement of that generation, those protesters were right about a lot of things, quite frankly, and were attempting disruption by relatively, peaceful demonstrations.

    Many protests of that time were over vehement concerns about Democracy, Peace, Human, Civil Rights and about Environmental Impacts, Corporate and Political Corruption, and Win-less Wars.

    The result in the two will be the same, nonetheless. Violence begets violence and those with the most weapons will win and real progress will be the loser. The beat goes on.

  28. Why not- I was not implying a similarity between the two groups of rioters. It has been noted on the news today that the Brits are asking Boston and NY for advice on how to handle their rioters. Just offering an example to Cameron.
    Having been involved in many many protest back in the day I can honestly say after reflection that we were used. Tools. SDS and various other anti-American groups sucked up a LOT of youth and havoc ensued.
    We have had our share of riots in this country- from race riots to VietNam war protests turned bad.
    Bad things are coming- and I was curious as to why the Brits would ask Boston and NY and conspicuously (to me at least) not Barky’s hometown. After all that 68 confrontation was/is quite famous.

  29. On another note- Mittens did not get a very nice welcome at the State Fair. My eyes are bad but I think the questioner at the beginning is reading off a prepared cue card. Gee where have I seen that before?

  30. The glorified pissants.

  31. Pelosi appointed that racist bastard Clyburn!
    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi today appointed the final three Democrats to the panel — James Clyburn of South Carolina, Xavier Becerra of California and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Budget Committee.”

    The article says the whole committee is in place now- gotta go find out who the R’s appointed

  32. PMM:

    Oh okay, I hear what you are saying now. Yes, riots turned bad, with the destruction of other peoples’ property, needs to be stopped.

    It is curious that they didn’t call upon the Chicago-Way, Anti-Riot Police? Trained, ready and whose presence don’t make a damned difference until the damage has been done, either.

    I guess they have all they can handle, waiting for that hotspot to erupt on a daily basis — which has only worsened during and after Messiah’s ascension to save them – and the rest of us – I believe?

  33. House Speaker John Boehner chose House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan
    Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell chose Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Rob Portman of Ohio to represent the Senate GOP.

    Read more:

    TOOMEY? Our own loon from here in the Keystone State? God help us all.

  34. All men Mom. And Nancy has her one token girl and her token black man

    big of her, eh?

  35. Why Not- tis curious is it not? But hey- here’s an idea- how about we take all our troops out of the GFStans- who hate us and do not want us- and go help our Ally- Britain. Would rather see my daughter in law taking down rioters in Europe than over in that cave dweller hell hole!

  36. FF- about what we expected- and Sen Murray is NOT a popular choice- the spit was flying on the tube five minutes after she was picked. Clyburn is a POS. Saw him at one of the 08 meetings they had in Pittsburgh- condescending bastard. He was part of the elect bo at all costs crowd.

  37. I didn’t vote for any of those picks on that Super committtee. They do no represent me. Congress is made up of reps from all the states and districts. They are supposed to make laws, not 12 of them picked by leaders I ALSO didn’t vote for. The hell with this crap. These infants can’t even come to consensus on where to have lunch if you ask me. They also show more interest in where they eat lunch than they show in the wefare of the country they are supposed to be running.

  38. The truth is, nobody will make a law till blood is shed. Some day, and probably soon, a victim of one of these looting flash mobs in PA or somewhere else in the USA will pull a gun out from under his counter and kill one of these little criminals. Once that happens, more will happen. THEN congress will think about it. I see no reason why victims of these little shits should just stand there and be run over, possibly killed by the little bastards. Fight or Flight. Sooner or later, somebody Fights Back. By the way, you don’t see this happening in places like Texas, where they would all be dead before they got to leave the store with a stolen TV. No sir. You will see this happen in overly liberal states where creeps have protections and victims are shit.

    UK needs to get the tear gas out, don riot gear and wield a few clubs over a few heads. Taser here. Taser there. Standing around trying to figure out what to SAY to them is so silly I am shaking my head. Get a PA system and tell them they have 15 minutes to disappear or they will be shot on sight if they are seen stealing, burning or beating on anybody. Treat them like what they are. Wild animals.

  39. Don’t think for a minute the crazy assed jihad crowd that has infested the UK isn’t watching how well this is going for the criminals.

  40. OMG. That turkey is on Tee Vee again!

  41. He was on the boob tube AGAIN???? WTF? Do you remember ANY President being on that blasted box so much? What history story was he telling today?

  42. cannot remember where I read it but one of the best comments on the riots in the UK

    day 5 we will use water cannons maybe

    hour 2 we have been using real bullets for 1 hour and 15 minute

  43. He’s on the Tube, AGAIN? Guess he is telling us about this?

    “Here they are! Our Super, New Congress! Brought to You by Eight Years of Bush and My Failed Presidency?”

    Now we need to know who owns them with political contributions?


    Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) – Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Finance Committee. He has chosen to not run for re-election i2012. Like Alan Simpson, he won;t be responsible to the voters anyway. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) – A tea party-aligned Senator. Served as the president of the conservative Club for Growth until 2009. Committee assignments include the banking, budget and commerce, science and transportation committees. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) – Bush Admin U.S. Trade Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Also a ember of the armed services, energy and natural resources, homeland security and budget committees and – wait for it – the Senate Sportsman’s Caucus! What a relief to know we have one of those? So, who owns him to do their bidding?


    Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) – A member of that other deficit reducing commission, known as the Simpson-Bowles panel, he was vehemently for going further to reduce and limit spending in the final negotiations. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) – Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. His position (on record) “is that the super committee’s primary job would be to reform the tax code by eliminating loopholes which would increase revenues – but lower rates across the board to compensate (because eliminating loopholes pisses too many off to get such loophole reform past in Congress without lowering their rates. He and Jeb Hensarling were buds on the Simpson-Bowles panel’s issue of further limiting spending. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) – Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and darling of the ban on those “non-eco friendly light bulbs.” Also on the House Ways and Means Committee which handles tax and entitlement law. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Upton Top PAC Contributo­rs:

    Verizon – $30,000 (Telecom)
    AT&T – $30,000 (Telecom)
    Pfizer – $28,000 (Pharma)
    Exelon Corporatio­n – $28,000 (Utility company and largest nuclear operator in the U.S.)
    K0CH Industries­ – $27,500 (Energy giant)
    (PACs totaling $2.5 million to Upton campaign account and his TRUSTPAC since 2009)


    Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) – He will be retiring at the end of his term in 2015 – nothing to lose if he joins the SS hatchet team? So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) – A member of the appropriations, veteran’s affairs, health education, labor and pensions and budget committees. Present chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and is in charge of fundraising for her 23 Democratic colleagues up for reelection in 2012. So, who owns HER to do their bidding? (They do, for starters)

    Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) – We know – who is isn’t. So, who owns him to do their bidding?


    James Clyburn​ (D-SC) – Former Majority Whip (you may remember he got demoted to Assistant Democratic Leader) He is an influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a Pelosi “That’s right, what Nancy says” kind of a Party’s Position guy. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Christopher Van Hollen​, Jr. (D-MD) – Was chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 2009 to 2010. Ranking member on the budget committee. Served on Vice President Joe Biden​’s bipartisan deficit reduction committee and also seems to be a “What Nancy says.” team player. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    Xavier Becerra​ (D-CA) – Vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Serves on the House Ways and Means Committee (which has the power position of drafting tax law). He also served on the Bowels-Simpson deficit reduction panel but was opposed to their final report. He was offered the job of U.S. Trade Representative in 2009, but he refused. So, who owns him to do their bidding?

    What’s everyone’s knowledge, experience and take on Our New Congress” ?

  44. Here’s my take: Fire in the Hole!

    Oh, who knows, maybe THEY can get something done without all of the Baby Jockeys mounting their Twitter accounts?

  45. I used to enjoy these mea culpas…..but now they’re really starting to annoy me:

  46. Imust: “I used to enjoy these mea culpas…..but now they’re really starting to annoy me.”

    Sickening, isn’t it? “We were right” isn’t going to cut it, now. You can’t shame this President or his die-hard supporters into anything. Their only track record is one of no experience, no common sense and no conscience over voting for him over a proven fighter and leader.

  47. SOS Clinton has committed another 12 million to Somalia, which now totals over 500 million from the U.S.

    Sadly, wonder when the world will realize that “The Great Equalization of American Prosperity Project” will have drastic repercussions, due to the necessary limits that must be imposed on our aid to others? Will China take our place in that also? Didn’t think so.

  48. WhyNot? I agree that we cannot save the world anymore without disastrous consequences to US, the American Taxpayer (not talking about those on the Dole or the Uber-Rich and Elite) but to be honest, 12 MILLION is walking around money for this effort. HUGE money there – pocket change HERE. Perhaps we need to get the heck out of the GFistans FIRST. There, and of course ENDING the Bank Bailouts and Union Pay-offs would put a real dent in our insolvency. 12 Million – not so much. And although I agree with the premise of “ya gotta start somewhere”, WHERE that “somewhere” is is a LOT closer to home.


  49. Oh, yea…I forgot. Obama was going to End the Wars. Just as soon as he was Selected. Another Change you can believe in.


  50. FF: I agree and it would be unconscionable not to send aid to Somalia. The Drought and Famine are NOT their fault.

    Islamic Religious Wars? 100% Islam’s fault. The need for Corporate Bailouts? 100% their own fault. Job losses in America? 100% failed leadership in both political parties.

  51. Looks like we have a possible Three-of-a-Kind in the making of successive presidential “leaders”:

    America for Perry? Maybe Governor Perry is going for a promotion to get out of Texas before his House of Cards fall?

    For all the controversy over the national debt ceiling, here’s a surprise: Since 2001, the debt load in conservative Texas has grown faster than the federal debt.

    Texas has been borrowing more than most other states, too. And local entities, from cities to school districts to transit authorities, have been piling up even more debt.

  52. good roundup Lorac..happy to see you are feeling better. 🙂

  53. Just read Perry was The Gorical’s State Chair in 1988. That should go over well with the Christian Right.

    Same socks, different shoes. They all stink.

  54. BBL – gotta go cook.

  55. Well said, votermom!
    The Left-Cliffhangers never met a lost cause they couldn’t wrap in blame-other excuses.

  56. our petulant little man-child who does not have ONE funny bone in his anorexic body.

    That has always been one of the more unforgiveable things about Zero, FF. it’s intolerable to have a prez with no — a vacuum of a — sense of humor. Sign of deficient intelligence too, I might add.

  57. FF, I think you and I are political soul-sisters on this point. The culture of generational dependency in the AA community in the US is beyond destructive. I’ve wanted to see Precious for a while now, but I just can’t bear the thought of it and how angry I anticipate it’ll make me. The Dems have created and perpetuated this situation simply for votes — the more gov’t-dependent hopeless people there are, the more they’ll vote for the Big Gov. party. A vicious cycle — no exit. Pukeworthy.

  58. What Upps said!

  59. Clyburn is ridiculous. What’s he there for? To remind the other committee members that any opposition to Barack’s wishes is raaaayyyyyyyyycist. How silly the Cong. dems have become.

  60. Yeah, Upps. I don’t see them doing a deal. The auto-cuts will set in; which is what O wants anyway. Then he can cry that the TP made him do it.

  61. Welcome to the club, imust. I enjoyed them for all of two days; now I can’t bear to read them.

  62. WhyNot, China has been quietly colonizing Africa and sucking out its natural resources while the world sleeps. Nope, China won’t give money for nuthin’.


    Yesssssss!…and make that yesterday.

  64. Actually, WhyNot, studies have shown that 80 percent, or more, of droughts and famines in Africa are man-made, driven by the ugliest of ugly politics (genocide against rival groups). Africa is such a black hole of despair. Seems a perennial condition.

  65. I am only home for a short while on supper break again.

    Pete Hamill wrote a book called “Downtown, My Manhattan” in 2004 and there was a very well written account (a chapter near the end of the book) of the horror show that occurred in NYC for several years when it seemed as if the town was going to go to hell and never recover. We were bankrupt in every way imaginable. The streets were a disaster and dangerous. There were gangs of kids that would grope and rob people on the streets and force you off the sidewalk. There were crackheads and graffiti and garbage and crime everywhere you turned and you didn’t dare walk alone anywhere, especially Times Square. Then, a whole lot of people took a whole lot of work to make their city a better place. It will never be perfect but for anyone who remembers what it was like then it is nothing short of a miracle that it improved drastically.

    We need a Hillary to turn us around and put us on the right track and the whole country could be turned around – it did so when we had Bill and it would have already begun if 2008 hadn’t been stolen from us.

    We sure as hell can have a better world. We need a leader. We haven’t had one that knew what to do in a very long time.

  66. Okey Dokey- I saw this story this morning

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Food prices could level off at the end of the year because farmers are seeing less demand for corn and are expecting a big crop.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday that farmers expect 940 million bushels to be left over when the harvest begins this fall. That’s up from last month’s estimate of 880 million bushels

    YAY! RIGHT? Good news?
    Oh wait- Now I just saw this
    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Americans can expect to pay slightly higher food prices next year, because of expectations that an unseasonably hot summer damaged much of this year’s corn crop.

    But the rise in grocery prices might not be severe because farmers are sitting on larger supplies ahead of the fall harvest, and demand for corn is falling.

    The U.S. Agriculture Department estimated Thursday that the fall harvest won’t yield as much corn as first estimated. High temperatures in key U.S. corn-growing states have damaged about 4 percent of the coming yield.

    So which is it? Too much? Not enough? Prices going up? Down?
    But they don’t manipulate food prices (which have nothing to do with inflation by the way oh no siree bob) NAH- no manipulation here is there?

    Please note- BOTH articles were written by the same Christopher Leonard. One nine hours ago and one at 2:45.
    Christopher got his marching orders?

  67. Anybody remember how Perry was working on building a special highway that opens Mexico’s trucks to Texas? That way it will be even easier to truck over those illegal aliens.

  68. Uppity, you mean the TTC?

  69. I remember when my children were young people would compliment me about what good English they spoke. They still speak well to this day. I and their dad allowed nothing less. I guess young black parents today have no such concern.

  70. Anyone up for the beauty pageant tonight?

  71. Yes imust, yes.


  72. It’s not just young Black parents Candymarl – all you have to do is read the interview with Madonna’s daughter Lourdes about her new clothing line and you will see, uh, ya know, like, she isn’t so well-spoken either.

    OH! And how about Barack Obama. HOPELESS without a teleprompter. Perhaps that’s why the Bots love him so. He can string, extemporaneously, five words together on a good day, while they can barley manage two. To them, he’s BRILLLLLLIANT!

  73. The book I was talking about, Pete Hamill’s “My Manhattan”, is on googlebooks. 5 pages of the chapter dealing with the phenomena of “feral youth” and decline are included, starting at 259 skipping 2 pages and ending the subject on 265. It isn’t complete but it was so well written and so close to what is going on today, it might be worth your time.

    sorry for the google link, upps.

  74. “Feral” is the perfect word to describe these wild animal kids.

  75. Great post and great thread!

  76. Thanks to all for the live blog of the debate. I’ll bet it was better than watching — I was highly entertained, in any event.
    I take it Huntsman crashed and burned; right? Oh well.
    I’m waiting for Perry to out-man Obama. Watch the beta-males (aka, Obot-men) come swarming to their paper-doll hero’s defense.

  77. I’m sorry freedom fairy but I have been watching this for decades. My parents and grandparents insisted upon education and the use of proper English. I don’t know how many times I was accused of “talking white” while growing up. I’m a grandma now. This is nothing new to me.

    On the other hand I concede your point. Many young people, no matter the ethnic group, are intelligible.

  78. On proper English: MOST Milleniums are not fit for the business world. They have learned to write in Text-ese, have a horrible grasp of sentence structure, and pretty much are a huge embarrassment to themselves on paper, regardless of race. All those tattoos aren’t very helpful to their future either. They also tend to have a difficult time communicating in person. Gen Y is in much worse shape, though.

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