Republican Clown Squad Debate

Go for it.




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  1. They all look so purdy. And you know they are all gonna say what we they think we wanna hear.

  2. There seem to be more Ron than Mitt cheerleaders in the audience.

  3. Am I the only one in this room? Where is the food?

  4. Apples! Get cha apples here! Free dropped apples nice and mushy for throwing at the clowns!

  5. Where is Code Pink? Shouldn’t they be there?

  6. Is Huntsman there?

  7. ACK! Blind! I am blind I tell yah! I turn on the tube and there’s Polenta and then Santorum!
    Is bat shit crazy catchy do you think?

  8. Can you even BELIEVE that embarrassment Rick Santorum is standing there in a Presidential candidates’ debate? My God.

  9. Yeah Huntsman is there looking like GQ’s model for August.

  10. Why the hell do the talking heads ask them to attack each other instead of asking questions about their positions? Cheese and Rice!

  11. I would like a streaker or something to add to this.

  12. Polenta made a funny.

    And Bachmann just chewed his guts out.

  13. After that migraine crap that they unloaded in the msm, she’s in fighting mode.

  14. PawPaw is such a jerk

  15. Paw has a big stake in this. He’s spent a lot of time and money in IA. I am not sure it will pay off.

  16. He’s a, and I know this is sexist, but he is the reason the word was invented…he is a pussy.

  17. Bachman is Pro-choice (for light bulbs)

  18. lol Romney should have a slogan. A chicken in every pot and a lobster in my pot.

  19. hahahahahhaa


  20. ROFL McN! A streaker would be perfect!

  21. I dunno, I think Rick Perry has better hair than Mittens.

  22. Not a hair out of place on any of those heads. We’re talking minwax here.

  23. Does minwax know? Shouldn’t they be sponsoring?

  24. Pat Cadell (sp) called PawPaw a sexist!

  25. Why the hell do the talking heads ask them to attack each other instead of asking questions about their positions?

    Because if they didn’t, the audience would be in a coma. What is it with this party? Is a personality bypass a requirement for running for higher office?

  26. Hahahah on pro choice, FF.

  27. ROFL! MinWax! HAHAHA!
    Is plastic hair Hannity giving lessons?

  28. Bachman declares CFLs Gay.

  29. nEWWWWWWWt – go away

  30. Yippie, Newt is his usual asswipe self.

  31. Newt’s got a sunburn? Or is Boehner catchy?

  32. Did you catch Newt taking a trip to the 80s? Did somebody mention to him it’s 2011 and he got run out othe speaker’s seat on a rail for being an asshole? And you would think he was the president during Clinton. Now he is truly the biggest asshole up there.

  33. The man is insufferable.

  34. Shoot me! Shoot me NOW! Newt wants them to go to “issues”- ack! didn’t I just say that?
    KILL ME!

  35. Whoa. Wallace tells Gingrich to answer the question, please.

  36. Is there something wrong with my TV or are they all looking like they got locked in a tanning bed?

  37. New thang, home spray tan.

  38. Is there something wrong with my TV or are they all looking like they got locked in a tanning bed?


  39. See? The crackpot audience doesn’t like Huntsman. He’s not crazy enough and actually doesn’t mind working with people. He’s not rabid. Like they are. And that’s the problem with the REpublican party. They want rabid assholes for president.

  40. Except for Cain. He’s the real deal on the tan.

  41. Mcn! BWAHAHAHAHA! DO NOT get me started! All trying to look post racial? Non Racial?
    I know! I am really on the wrong channel! I must be watching ancient aliens!

  42. I heard on the History Channel about that ancient alien thing. I wonder if this is the coming out party?

  43. ROFL McNorman is on a roll.

  44. Alligators and a moat for illegal aliens. ROFL! The truth is, half this country wouldn’t mind.

  45. I’m in! Hell, I’ll kick in a few extra bucks every month. Two days ago, the cartels kidnapped a baby in town.

  46. How about Janet on the front line?

  47. My God, when Polenta talks, I glaze over!

  48. That’s some power UW.

  49. Who’s winning?

  50. Paw’s puttin’ UW in a coma.

  51. Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! You RUINED my home state! Leadership? You led MA down the primrose path to Romneycare you you you *&**!!!!!

  52. Why isn’t anyone asking Mittens about Mittcare?

  53. Geez, I’m catching it too. I’m watching lips move with nothing coming out.

  54. Paw. ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZ

  55. 2nd time PawPaw has called Bachmann a liar

  56. Mittens is clearly getting a free ride.

  57. They feel sorry for Mittens. Perry trounced his jumping balloon when he announced today.

  58. Santorum – Pick Me! Pick Me!

  59. I noticed that as well. Why NOT ONE question on romenycare? Looks like the msm has annointed their selectee.

  60. Somebody find me an old sominex commercial so I can post it.

  61. Mittens is FOX favorite. Gee, can you tell?

  62. Santorum – Pick Me! Pick Me!

    Or Jesus will smite you!

  63. Even the hard core right blogs are noticing how Paw and Bachman are being pitted against each other.

  64. You know you want the Santorums as the first family!

  65. Geez, it’s the Addams Family.

  66. I’m talking the old song, Take Sominex tonight…….and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp.

  67. Cripes I feel sorry for those sheep in that commercial.

  68. When we come back, Santorum will be jumping up and down. Gosh that guy is obnoxious.

  69. Still looking for the old one Ups- I like the title of that one I posted though- quite fitting for tonight- redundant jumpers! Fits the crowd on that stage no?

  70. FOX Streaming is doing commentary in the commercials. Both consultants are chewing FOX a new one re: the questions

  71. Here you go Uppity- it’s not you tube- so I don’t know how to embed it

  72. OMG! What did that guy do to Bachmann?

  73. ROFLMAO on the UPDATE, Uppity!

  74. What? Is Huntsman asking to be Perry’s VP?

  75. He made such a big deal that she wasn’t back to the podium. Couldn’t he have just cut away from her til she got back?

  76. Bret Baier (sp) trying to start a cat fight Bachmann/Palin

  77. Well it’s not exactly smart decorum to leave the stage in the middle of a debate. People will imagine all kinds of things.

  78. They hate women. From either side.

  79. LOL FF. Yeah it seems right, that update.

  80. So she’s the only one who left? Do we know that?

  81. Anyone here think Ron Paul is morphing into Ross Perot?

  82. I swear I am not drinking.

  83. Where’d she go?

  84. No mcnorman – but she stayed to wash her hands….

  85. Thank you FF. I don’t think it was wise to leave, but when you have to go…you have to go.

  86. Newt God help us. He scares the beejeezus out of me- he just might be the one who can rile up their base. ACK!

  87. I think they all step away from the podium when they cut for commercial. She was late and Bret or whatever made a big deal about it. I thought it was a cheap shot that’s all.

  88. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing things here FF.

  89. The boys probably went too mcnorman – but the boys just have to shake it off – not adjust their hose (Unless you are Santorum)

  90. (Unless you are Santorum)

    You’re in my head FF.

  91. I wouldn’t put that past Brett one bit. FOX is just riddled with pigs.

    By the way, I caught some act with Brett with his son, who he brought to work on site with him and he went on and on “interviewing” his kid like anybody was interested. I mean it dragged on and this kid was looking like a 50 year old in an old man’s suit, and I hate to say it Brett, but your kid sounds like a fruit. And stop spit combing his hair.

  92. I can’t watch. It’s nothing like 08. Now that was must see tv. Oh, the memories.

  93. imustagreewithimust- cheap shot is right. They could have kept the camera on the moderators and there was absolutely no reason to call attention to that.
    FF- stayed to wash her hands. Undoubtedly. The stats on men and their lack of handwashing after restroom use is deplorable. less than 20% I believe

  94. but the boys just have to shake it off – not adjust their hose (Unless you are Santorum)

    Yeah and they probably all have dribble stains on their suit pants right now too.

    I bet they all stood at the same urinal together and compared pee pees.

  95. Good Gawd, Santorum just pulled a tantrum.

  96. Thanks PMM!
    Santorum is losing it….so is Paul.

  97. LOL Uppity!

  98. “Obama: Something is wrong with country’s politics”

    For once he’s right. And the thing that is wrong is the politicians- he being the worst.

  99. Upps, ya think? Now you’ve got me wondering.

  100. All the boys should have read this.

    Penis Size: It May Be Written in the Length of His Fingers

    The camera is on them fingers.

  101. Santorum is talking in the 3rd person like Bob Dole. Paul is getting fired up.

  102. Did Santorum just complain about Iran discriminating against gays?Sanctimonious Santorum? Who the hell is he kidding?
    Oh I see- no gay rights here- just a talking point against those “others”

  103. I think Ron Paul is spitting. Seriously. That man is off his rocker- but then imo there is a lot of that going around on that stage.

  104. Rick Santorum discussing others trampling on the rights of women from his parallel universe. He’s just mad because Islam gives his crackpot religious zealot friends some serious competition. Trampling on the rights of women is HIS job dammit!

  105. Doucg Schoen just said, when asked who is looking Presidential – “This is a good night for Barack Obama”

    Oh god

  106. MOM, paul is an eccentric to the nines. But next to his son, he’s sane.

  107. Mcnorman, that’s just what I was thinking when I saw that Time interview of Perry. Very long fingers (like WJC’s) and he uses them often (ditto again).

  108. Hahah Mom, we both caught Santorum’s act at the same time. Gays and women. He needs to go find a job and get the hell off the public stage. he’s nothing but a crazy zealot.

  109. Oh NES, ROFLMAO…exactly!

  110. ooo….they asked Bachman the submissive wife question. Got some boos.



  112. Why don’t they ask the boys if they will submit to their wives? ASSCLOWNERY at it’s finest.

  113. Byron York IS a sick Shit

  114. The country is in the economic shitter and they are discussing marriage. These people are just throwbacks the the puritans. Why don’t we just start burning witches and kill all of dem der homos. If you ask me the Right is jealous of Iran.

  115. Husband : How come the Independents aren’t running someone?”

    If this is all the R’s have to offer say hello to 4 more yrs of the fraud.

    Can we please have somebody just a little left of center? This swinging from cliff to cliff is giving me motion sickness.

  116. Why don’t we just start burning witches and kill all of dem der homos.

    Don’t give them any ideas.


  118. They just asked Santorum if his views were too extreme.

  119. Okay I can’t take these fucking assholes another minute. Throwing women to rapists and making them give birth to psychopaths’ babies, and then declaring that it’s cruel to put that woman thru the trauma of an abortion. YOU ASSHOLE! If it were YOUR WIFE or YOUR DAUGHTER!? Why don’t you ask WOMEN which is more traumatic, yOU PIECE OF SHIT!


  120. Now there asking TPAW if Santorum is more “pro life” than him….they’re having a “who’s the craziest” contest!


  122. I hear you UW. I should have been drinking before this started.

  123. I agree Uppity. Miss Trump yet?

  124. Translate Huntsman:
    the regulations made him do it…voice was shaky…

  125. Ok- jusband is taking over th tv- take notes so I can catch up in the morning! He says he is with UW- he can not watch one more minute- he has to go to work later and he doesn’t want his blood pressure skyrocketing.

  126. LOVE Big Pinks Headline for the new post

    Republican Debate Tonight – The Eventual Nominee Will Not Be There

  127. I dunno, Huntsman needs to get past the bobblehead motion when he speaks. I hear nothing because I’m focusing on that motion.

  128. Perhaps this is not his forum. He looks weak. And where is Gary Johnson?

  129. That’s it. Obama will be reelected if the GOP nominee is one of these clowns. We are so fcuked.

  130. Gary is probably toking up right now. Seriously, that is why they call it the land of enchantment.

  131. Is it me or are the moderators of the debate mocking and laughing at the participants??

  132. LOL mcnorman. And Perry will blow all the folks out of the water. And then Trump will blow HIM up – and Obama will benefit.

  133. Someone needs to step up to the plate. This is bad.

  134. Romney said Obama is “out of his depth”. Ouch!

  135. Instead of a bell, they should have used a faux gas sound.

  136. I see an SNL skit here.

  137. Is Huntsman gonna cry?

  138. Thank you all for watching this debacle and reporting on it. I knew I could count on you. We are screwed. I’m going to be stocking up on more supplies.

  139. Be sure and include liquor Senneth.

  140. ASSC:LOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say hello to Barack Obama’s second term.

  141. ahahahahaha ff I had seen that and forgotten.

  142. I saw the part where they asked Bachman about the submission to husband. I actually was glad they asked (although of course, like all of them, her answer really wasn’t direct).

    Her husband suggested she study to become a tax attorney (which is what she did become). Her feeling was that it didn’t sound appealing, but because the bible says women should submit to their husbands, she decided to do it. Apparently this factoid has been out in the press already, and that’s why they asked her what she would do as president – ie, would she do what her husband thinks she should do.

    Her weasle (IMO) answer was that in the bible, “submit” means “respect”. To me, that still doesn’t answer the question of why she pursued a field of study she didn’t like, or what she would do when in office if her husband told her to do something. She really set herself up for that question by her religious beliefs, IMO, so I don’t think the question had sexist origins. I sure wouldn’t want a president who is going to make decisions based on her “submission” of her husband lol even pretending it means “respect” doesn’t make sense – just because you respect someone doesn’t mean you do what they say because they say it….

  143. The last two presidential elections I keep having to look at crooked noses (I never saw slanted noses like this in my life!) 2008 was that evil Brian Williams, and now it’s this Santorum guy.

  144. Slanted noses often come from having them stuck so far up someone else’s business, they become distorted. Williams and Santorum both qualify.

  145. Wasserman-Schultz weighs in with the Obamocrats talking points:

    (don’t bother to go read. I’ll paraphrase; “Blah, Blah, blah – Tea Party Extremism, Millionaires and Billionaires, Oil Companies, Most extreme group ever, destroy Medicare as we know it, Special Interest, Big Business, ignore middle class”

    too bad she is almost right. Only the Obamocrats could be worse.

  146. …and it’s not just crooked noses. It’s crooked politicians.

  147. If a picture paints a thousand words, then is this not the resulting dysfunctional family of a religious nutcase?

  148. That picture is really freaky.

    God, I cannot believe I wasted two hours of my evening watching that when I could have been nestled in bed with a good book and a Golden Retriever.


  149. I think the absolutely last straw for me was some shitbag making remarks about how he doesn’t want to traumatize a woman with an abortion after she’s been raped by a goddamned psychopath. Isn’t that considerate of this son of a bitch?

  150. FF at 12:05 EST – darn, you’re such a TEASE lol 🙂

  151. It’s sad to think that this (including Obama) is the best America has to offer.

    Time for me to cash out for the night.

    See y’all tomorrow.

  152. Huh?

    OH! LOL. The dog.

  153. I’m sorry folks. I can’t do the New Democratic Party in any way, shape or form. But these neurotic social bedroom meddling, women hating assholes are not an alternative.

    FF, it wasn’t a waste to watch them. It was informative. I was informed that these assholes are not for me.

  154. What I didn’t say was that it would have been in HER bed, as she is too old to hop up on mine any more.

  155. PMM – if you see this –

    On the last thread, you posted in the comments that video I hadn’t been able to find

    (and thanks to the two heroes who found it!!!!!!!)

    1. how do you put videos in comments?
    2. I tried to put it in the post afterwards, but it wasn’t youtube, it was from Colbert’s site – I couldn’t figure it out…. do you know how I would have done that?

  156. Lorac, I must say you did it again with your lorac thursday post. They love you. I love you. You’re a hit. Who knew????Thank you.

  157. (lorac picturing FF snuggling up with a 100 pound golden on a 2′ x 4′ dog bed on the floor with a book)

    how romantical!

  158. OhMyGoodness SUBMISSION…..
    “Submission” means respect, says Bachmann in response to question about relationship with husband. What dictionary is she using?

  159. lorac, you have to put non youtube videos into vodpod. When you try to insert a video, WP offers you the “Post to wordpress” button. Then you join You play the video and click the Post To WordPress Button on your taskbar and it will capture it and send it to your wordpress account in an open post. You can then copy it and paste the code in your post.

  160. PJ, can I call you PJ? Plainjane is so hard to type.

    If this is the best of the republicans, I’m out.

  161. I honestly don’t think men should have any voice in the abortion debate. Not that all women feel about abortion as I do, but men have no skin in the game. They make it all about “life” (one of them was saying how from the moment of conception, it’s GENETICALLY human — yeah, so?) – and make it nothing about having to carry a child for 9 months (even one who may be the result of a rape), or what happens to the child after.

    They sure wouldn’t like it if women massed up and tried to force men to get vasectomies after a certain age, or after they’ve had x number of children, or if they were deadbeat dads. But it’s okay for them to have a voice in something for which their entire experience and “suffering” is limited to squirting for a couple of seconds.

  162. I was doing my duty, cleaning the litter box. I just scrolled up and read the comments I missed.

    UW loves me. Neener neener neener lol

    It’s nice having an opportunity to write. It’s a learning experience – I’m trying to figure out which topics and which voice seem most interesting to others…. but I have to admit, I get a special joy when a screen name I’ve never seen posts something to the thread – on the thread this morning, it was two names I’ve never seen who were my heroes and found the video I wanted! 🙂

    (and I stayed up late, past my bedtime, trying to find the darn thing, but just couldn’t find it!)

  163. Oh! p.s. – I’m going to copy and paste those instructions – thanks, UW!

  164. Welcome sister!

    Hey did you guys read about that psycho 17 year old who killed his principal because he didn’t like her?

  165. It was one of those nutbag 7th day adventist schools. I guess Jesus must have told him it was ok.

  166. Yes I love you lorac, but not in the bibilical sense. You know that’s reserved for NES.

  167. Men kill potential babies all the time because they can’t keep their hands off themselves.

  168. Oh, taunting me with NES! I need an emoticon for fuming! lol

    Where is the esteemed attorney, anyway? I hope I didn’t get her sick. lol

  169. I wonder if Hermoine has a spell to throw you back to when you were younger and didn’t really pay attention to politics. We probably get grey hair when we’re older because we pay more attention and KNOW how awful our choices are (apart from Clintons, anyway….)

  170. Hrrmph. I go outside for ‘five minutes’ to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers and I come back to find this:

    “Oh, taunting me with NES! I need an emoticon for fuming! lol”

    Now I REALLY AM going to leave! I’m so J! Taking the dog’s bed and going to go sleep outside Best Buys and wait for the Christmas Sales.

    See you all in January.

    (stomps out)


  171. Noooo, I’m NOT busted! FF, I was playing to the crowds! I’ll meet you at the bench outside Best Buy, and we’ll make that little dog bed a cozy little home!

    (but…. does it have a lot of hair on it? Does it smell like dog? Is there slobber on it? Oh, wait, I can’t go to Best Buy, I have to be at work tomorrow….. lol)

  172. I used to have a Newfoundland. Boy, I couldn’t keep up cleaning the slobber – on walls, on furniture, everywhere! They just shake their heads and it goes flying! lol But they’re excellent dogs, and wonderful to hug! (as are Golden Retrievers and little fairies on benches!)

  173. No. Yes. No. Figures.

    I’ll just freeze – as soon as it’s gets below 90 here.

    good night!

  174. It’s too late! (And Newfoundlands are great, but yes, slobbery)

  175. Couldn’t watch, but it sounds to me like Perry played it right by skipping this round and will be the R’s selected.

    He’ll have the money behind him, he has the looks, he prays publicly with his supporters (and a scared and hurting country) and he has that uncanny ability to completely transcend criticism, confrontation and political adversaries on every level.

    He’s never lost an election because he has power-brokers behind him that know how to play the real game – and one where the race card doesn’t phase them in the least.

    He can beat Obama, imo.

  176. OMG! So glad I missed that. Thanks for the “synopsis.”

  177. You know that’s reserved for NES.

    Ha!!!! Yeah, don’t forget that lorac!!

  178. Aww, c’mon you guys, FF and lorac. Kiss and make up — you make such a cute couple.

  179. I agree on Perry, WhyNot. Also, turns out, he has those winning FINGERS he wags around, a la WJC.
    (See mcnorman treatise on fingers upthread)

  180. I just want to say,

  181. WOW, FF and Mom were up late last night! I guess it takes 7 Republicans to keep them from their beds.

  182. OK, here’s a case study on FINGERS and politicians:

    Looking forward to those hands swatting OZero out of our lives.

    I have to say, there’s something strangely compelling about this guy.

  183. strange is a good word for him, NES. But you know me, I have a problem with somebody who declares that he’s been “called” by his creator to run for president. And then there’s the long held rumor of his gayness while declaring himself an evangelical. I think he’s greasy, and not a little narcissistic himself. Just saying.

    But out manning Obama ain’t hard. I have a whole collection of photos of Mr. Limp Wrist that tells me Man isn’t what comes to mind when it comes to O’Wimpy.

  184. I just want to say,

    What a coinkydink! We love you too!

  185. I believe it was Santorum with the ridiculous comment about not wanting to traumatize a woman with an abortion after she was raped.
    NOOO let’s just make her carry the spawn of the devil for nine months and then she’ll forget all about it?
    There should be a law forbidding men from talking about ANYTHING having to do with women’s bodies. period.
    Last week there was some brouhaha about the fundies being all in an uproar because ins companies now have to cover birth control.
    But they are all good with the ins companies paying for MEN’S recreational drugs (viagra etc)
    I am with Uppity. If this is all the R’s have say hello to 4 more years of the fraud.

  186. XO

  187. Ya know, I only like Perry for what he can do to OWimpy, Upps. Being entirely mercenary here.

    Mom, I wonder if people are as fixated with the options and their politics as we — daily steeped in politics and current affairs — are. Sometimes, like now, i think maybe most of the electorate just looks at an incumbent and what he’s done, and goes with the alternative if the answer is “not much” or “all shite.” There are certainly unusual circumstances that become intervening/superseding factors — 9/11 being the classic case (favoring W ) — that favor the incumbent, but otherwise he’s out if he underperforms. What I’m trying to say is, people will judge Obama, not his opponent (unless it’s Bachman, and I don’t see that happening). I don’t see how Obama gets reelected with this economy.

  188. NES- Wish I had that confidence- but 1. never underestimate the power of ACORN (STILL getting funding under another name) to stuff the ballot boxes. 2. There seems to be an awakening out there- people are realizing they were sold a bill of (rotten) goods. If it makes them do their due diligence this time- not one of the candidates from last night has a shot.
    Of course the right could pick the most bat shit crazy fundie they can find and thereby mobilize their base. Dems and former Dems might stay home.
    The end result is the same- we are SCREWED!
    As Uppity says
    Death by fire or death by drowning”

  189. I know I’ll be staying home.

  190. It doesn’t really matter in our cases, Upps — we both vote in safe-blue states that’ll go overwhelmingly for Obama.

  191. GGGGRRRRRR! My whole comment just got wiped out! This is not starting out to be a very good day! It was a good rant too!
    Suffice it to say that I used to live in a reliably blue state which is now purple leaning red. PA.

  192. NES- VERY interesting article. Children of privilege. Spoiled rotten little brats. And no I do not feel sorry for their parents. The parents are a major part of the problem. They did not get these punks under control while they were toddlers.
    If you don’t lay down the law and make children understand they ARE NOT in charge by the time they are 3- we ALL pay the price later. I could go on and on and on about how this modern nonsense of reasoning with toddlers and letting the lunatics run your personal asylum turns out devil people- but I would be preaching to the choir here.

  193. You would be preaching to the choir, Mom. Kids need discipline (as in, order and rules) and they need guidance to balance their necessarily deficient personal judgment as they’re growing up. This whole new parenting is B.S. (the analogue of New Math).

  194. Have to say, i totally agree with Unc Krautie on this:

  195. You guys are a trip. I had to miss the pageant last night, but the catch-up here was far more entertaining.

  196. NES:

    lol! on the FINGERS. mcnorman has started something here with that info – “Short Finger Complex?” Think of all of the guys that have been passed over for their small height and shoe size? lol!

  197. NES: While he makes some valid points, I can’t get past this phrase: “debt-conscious Republicans.”

    Were the Bush years just temporary unconsciousness? Just because the current guy sucks, doesn’t mean the eight long Bush years were a picture of fiscal restraint! And yet, the right wing framing and naming machine is managing to retell the past through the lens of the current crap and the short term memory of the masses.

    Watch these guys on FOX…they begin by reporting something that is essentially true but manage to sneak in their lying talking points, which seem like innocuous conversational transition sentences, but change the facts of what actually happened. It’s a gift!

  198. NES: Thanks for the interview link on Perry.

    He’s “calm” because he is in the know that he can win it with the full support of the party and his “Handlers.”

    The rest in the field are just Block Party Money Collectors, Hammers on the Dems and the set up for Perry, whether they already know it or not. One-by-one they will drop out and support HIM, hoping they performed their roll into the VP or Dept head slot.

    Bush… Obama… Perry? All come with Party Selection, unseen “Handlers” of the scariest kind that will clear obstacles at all cost and never blink or look back at their roles in destroying the Democratic process.

    We KNOW the drill. Average Americans are too lazy and now too broke and shell-shocked to do something about it.

    So, the Great Pretend 2012 is on.

    I predict Perry WILL “beat” him. Obama has served his purpose in the grand scheme of things.

  199. NES: I read Krauthammer and think he framed it all well, but agree with Sophie on the imbalance as to the “culprits” in the “spending” bubble – popped and flying all over the place for the world to now see.

    “And yet, the right wing framing and naming machine is managing to retell the past through the lens of the current crap and the short term memory of the masses.

    That sums it up for me – the Great Pretend 2012 is on. Because that’s ‘the System that works.’

  200. Well this is ripe for the picking. Obama says “there’s something wrong with our politics”……..yeah like constant campaigning instead of governing….and, oh…I don’t know…..$35,000 A PLATE FUNDRAISERS!!!

    NEW YORK (AP) — Aligning himself with a public fed up with economic uncertainty and Washington gridlock, President Barack Obama declared Thursday: “There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics.”
    His toughly worded message — he said there was frustration in his voice, in case anyone missed the point — came amid a series of polls showing that people are disgusted with political dysfunction and are dispensing blame all around, including on Obama.
    Obama aired his frustration with the ways of Washington at an event in Michigan before pivoting to his re-election campaign and a pair of big-money fundraisers in New York City.
    He delivered a condensed version of that message at a fundraiser at the lower Manhattan home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein, where celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon, were among the approximately 50 guests who paid $35,800 each to attend.

    So he’s running as an “outsider” again? Guess that works, he’s never in DC, always on vacay.

  201. I honestly don’t think men should have any voice in the abortion debate. Not that all women feel about abortion as I do, but men have no skin in the game.


  202. imust- ayup the only time I have evah agreed with teh one- there sure is something wrong with politics-
    big pharma
    big ag
    ins companies
    campaing fundraising read Gaza donations and untraceable donations
    Black Panthers
    and the list goes on and on and on

    Cheese and RIce! naming everything wrong with the politics in this country is a post or two or ten all by itself!

  203. Yep PMM. And add to that list the sycophant so-called media.
    “Stop Blaming Obama!”

  204. agree with this I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ITS COMMENTERS. 🙂

  205. “Uppity Woman, on August 11, 2011 at 10:30 PM said:


    Didn’t watch this shit and don’t know much about the Bachman’s but their religious beliefs seem to fall into the category of Dominionism/Christian Reconstructionism.

    Several months ago, I was in the unfortunate situation of having to attend a fundie wedding at one of those huge mega-churches. Both bride and groom are highly educated professionals. Their “Covenant” wedding basically consisted of a young preacher with a $200 haircut, Rolex watch and $2000 suit giving a lecture on why god requires the wife to be subservient to the husband; even if she knows that he is wrong. The wife and I were throwing up in our mouths but we seemed to be the only ones in the audience who thought that this wedding was fucking bat-shit insane.

    So the “question” to Bachman might not be that off base.

  206. Well now, here’s something else that won’t lift your spirits:
    Consumer Sentiment Plunges to Three-Decade Low – Bloomberg

    …“The mood is very depressed,” said Chris Christopher, an economist at IHS Global Insight Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. “Consumers are very fatigued and very uncertain. In the short term, people are going to pull back on spending….”

    Every day this week I’ve heard LSM blame the market woes on both computers and the Main Street people being wracked by fear.

    Well. I’m pretty sure ‘they’ told us’ they’ fixed the code that caused the wild swings way back when it happened the last time.So what is the story there? And as for consumer confidence,why doesn’t BO just have those rich donors take their $38,500 apiece that they are giving him, and instead spend that money on the things Main Street people need and would buy if they could afford to.

  207. “Obama: Something is wrong with country’s politics”

    For once he’s right. And the thing that is wrong is the politicians- he being the worst.

    I saw that headline this morning. It seems Captain Obvious has smacked Barry on the head.

    I can’t stand the early debates – usually full of the garbage as illustrated by the Uppity Gang. The sad sad sad so-sad-I-wanna cry sad thing is that ANY of these morons is better than the resident in the rented mansion in that reclaimed swamp that is the WH.

  208. Atlanta Appeals Court rules that the mandate part of barkynotcare is unconstitutional- and we inch ever closer to SCOTUS deciding.

    “The Ticket
    Obama strategist threatens to fire staff who smear Mitt Romney”

    Silly silly- of course nobody who “works” for “the campaign” will be doing any smearing. Seriously- the unions and acorn and assorted other swiftboat types will take care of all that.
    Talking points will be distributed and the a-list bloogers will all over the smearing. (I saw the typo and left it- bloogers, boogers- it fits them)

  210. “Well. I’m pretty sure ‘they’ told us’ they’ fixed the code that caused the wild swings way back when it happened the last time.So what is the story there? ”
    Big money can be made with big swings in the market. The worst scenario for traders/speculators is a stock market that has a slow growth or decline in value.

  211. Yes they ‘fixed’ the code so that if the market falls to a certain level, trading is cut off. That way all the big boys can fuck the rest of you early and then you are left holding the bag.

    SHV: I am familiar with the evangelical fundies and some of the lives they have ruined (generally women and chidren). They tend to have bifurcated ministries (women’s ministry and men’s ministry). They split couples up from the get-go. Men get to do what manly men do and women get to go to sessions that spell out their unfortunate lot in life and how to live it with a smile for their man and tend to him. Women submit to their men’s faces and behind their backs there is a whole world of underground. It is truly an insane interpretation of god, life and pertty much anything else, so long as it’s good for the boys. If you ever get the ‘chance’ to attend one of those church sessions, I can assure you that you will run out of the place like your hair is on fire, just around the time when the speaking in tongues starts up while everybody is being “slain”. It’s also a great place for con men and con women to hang out because they can sucker punch others with their “Gifts”. Marriage is very important to them. In fact, it’s so important most of them do it over and over again.

    The thing is, most Republicans do not fall into that batshit group of fundies. They were watching that silly debate last night too. I am sure they were horrified. The batshit right is the loudest faction of the R party, as the basthit left is with the D party. They horrify everyone else. To ask such a question at a debate is just simply pandering to and pimping batshittedness and of course I was horrified. Any normal person would be horrified.

  212. The THIS IS GOOD Department:

    And things keep falling apart for Barry. No surprise there.

  213. No one is buying the BS anymore Allie, The Left isn’t buying it, the Indies aren’t, the Right isn’t worried about being called RAYYYYYCIST anymore and we, the PUMAS – never bought it. Unless he COMPLETELY CHEATS HIS WAY back into office (and I will not put that past him, THE DNC, Holder, et al) he is toast.

    BBL – having a big night out with my broke married friends – we are heading the Waffle House for dinner!

  214. This is a good read, imo:

    What Business is Wall Street In?


    The only people who know what business Wall Street is in are the traders. They know what business Wall Street is in better than everyone else. To traders, whether day traders or high frequency or somewhere in between, Wall Street has nothing to do with creating capital for businesses, its original goal. Wall Street is a platform. It’s a platform to be exploited by every technological and intellectual means possible.

    The best analogy for traders? They are hackers.

    Just as hackers search for and exploit operating system and application shortcomings, traders do the same thing. A hacker wants to jump in front of your shopping cart and grab your credit card and then sell it. A high frequency trader wants to jump in front of your trade and then sell that stock to you. A hacker will tell you that they are serving a purpose by identifying the weak links in your system. A trader will tell you they deserve the pennies they are making on the trade because they provide liquidity to the market.

    I recognize that one is illegal, the other is not. That isn’t the important issue.

    The important issue is recognizing that Wall Street is no longer what it was designed to be…

    Read the rest here:

  215. I forgot to introduce the above comment “What Business is Wall Street In?” as written by Mark Cuban on his “Maverick Blog”

    Cuban article was mentioned in another article: “Did Mark Cuban Predict The Market Crash?” which I thought was rather lame.

  216. All I can see is there is certainly something wrong in a collective party’s head when they put major emphasis on picking a presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair. Jesus H. Christ.

  217. I put a new open thread up.

  218. lol! “…picking a presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair. Jesus H. Christ.”

    The “Will you Submit” question. Glad I wasn’t watching it live.

    Here’s the right response from a Woman who IS a leader, in her own right:

    “Wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state. I am. So, you ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to be channeling my husband.”

  219. Yeah Why Not, those Iowans probably plan for weeks on the shit they are going to drop in a deep fryer to make these begging candidates eat. Did you see how they were shoving fried butter down their pieholes? Maybe some moose balls, like when they have the turkey ball roast around thanksgiving. Then they all eat this shit and whichever candidate’s arteries haven’t clogged and caused a stroke is the winner.

  220. Yeah here’s the Huntley Illinois turkey testicle festival. Maybe Iowa needs to adopt something like this for these morons.

  221. Indiana Family Values senator caught on craigslist offering a male $140 for a “really good time”. Praise the lord!

    He exposed himself when he met up with the guy, who turned out to be 18.

    The Indianapolis Star reported that emails suggest Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle arranged to pay Kameryn Gibson up to $140 for “for a really good time.” The paper published emails between Hinkle and Gibson detailing a plan for them to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

    I guess Bachmann’s husband can cure him though.

  222. Uggggg, Uppity.

    A video on the Turkey Testicle Festival and a new story of another turkey obsessed with hawking his testicles, back-to-back?

    I need to go brush my teeth WHILE I’m taking a long, hot shower.


    Quite right, Sophie, the Bush years’ level of spending was revoltingly high. That his spending of treasure was matched by his mindless expenditure of American blood in senseless wars made him dooubly revolting. And, I don’t watch Fox because of that ‘talking points’ problem they have. But, having conceded all that, I’m definitely in a the -enemies-of-my-enemies-are-my-friends kind of mood until Nov. ’12.

  224. So he’s running as an “outsider” again? Guess that works, he’s never in DC, always on vacay.

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner here!

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