Your open thread and one lucky penguin.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my horrible governemnt, I feel like this penguin. I just want to know….Where is OUR boat?

You GO Pengy!


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  1. lol oh it underlined itself – it’s not a real link!

  2. Love how the penguin hops up on the rail of the boat as if to say “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! PFFFFFTTTTT”
    So cute how it went right up to that woman and rested its wing on her leg.

    Helen- thanks for posting the latest recall- Listeria is one nasty bug. I only eat guacamole I make myself. It is so easy and no additives lol.

  3. Interlude:

  4. Nice Interlude. Blogging live here from the Best Buys sidewalk waiting on the Christmas sales. It was hot today. My tree wilted a bit.

  5. For Lorac and FF (and the… Golden Retriever? 😉 )

  6. Cool video. Nice smile for the day!

  7. Once again, the little boys in the media have their 15-year-old mentality displayed at the woman’s expense. I hate these people.

  8. WhyNot? Um…isn’t that a little um…deep ….for a blog?


    Maybe we should meet someday first!

  9. Looks interesting? Gloria Steinem premier of “Gloria: In Her Own Words” (on the past, present and future of the Feminist Movement)

    “Gather friends and join the Women’s Media Center on August 15th at 9PM EST as we watch the premiere of the HBO Documentary, “Gloria: In Her Own Words.” As an activist, Gloria has spent over 40 years creating change, now it’s our turn to step up. Gather some friends and learn about the past and future of the women’s movement.

    Wonder if Uppity would be willing to lead us in a live blogging of this? Would be interesting, to say the least (I can hear her now – lol!)

  10. FF: It was lonely here by myself in lorac’s late nite steam room! Thought I could stir things up a bit. lol!

  11. Go ahead and delete it. She’s a no-show anyway (didn’t mean to embarrass you)

  12. I’m not a no show! I’m flittering about… but I’m only flittering between chores – there’s only one bench at one Best Buy for me! lol

    FF – did you see on the bench all the etchings I made during the long hours I spent on it waiting for you? 🙂

    Why not – are you a regular, but with a new name….?

  13. “FF – did you see on the bench all the etchings I made during the long hours I spent on it waiting for you? :)”

    had you REALLY been there, you wouldn’t have had time for etchings. I would have had to bring you home and show you mine.


    Yes, I see them. They are sweet. But how did you get that Cheese Cake to look so real?

  14. Look for a screetching new post at midnight

  15. Gloria can kiss my ass. She gave us Obama. And for a woman who worked so hard to lead the second wave, she has a lot of nerve. Now she wants to discuss what went wrong. She went wrong. In 2008.

  16. MKB’s relative?

  17. What UW said about Gloria.

    Betty Friedan wasn’t her biggest fan either; I think Betty would have had PLENTY to say about what happened in ’08.

  18. Make that three re: Gloria. She can have a premier at Obama’s Vacay spot. Maybe HE will care.

  19. Yeah Irlandese and what Gloria and the others did to Phyllis Chesler, shutting her out for speaking the truth, is unforgivable.

  20. Not to mention Gloria’s FLAGSHIP magazine, calling that PIG a feminist.

  21. My money’s on Phyllis Chesler for the last laugh, I’d say. Gloria and the Clairol FunFeminists have painted themselves into a corner, if the comments on these latest ‘Would Hillary Have Been Better’ posts are any indication. They’re running 10-1 in favor of Hillary. From former Barky voters, no less. My Obot friends have all dummied up. Around me, at least. 😀

  22. I hope you’re right, Irland, because I can’t wait to snub the whole lot of those foolish NOW,MS and NARAL regressives, who have become the enemy of their own original intent.

  23. I think they’ve already gotten the message. Nobody’s showing them the money anymore. They made a serious boo-boo shoving the ‘Smart Girl’ out of the way for the ‘Empty Suit’. Isn’t that where those NOW-founding 50s and 60s feminists came in? It’s like a never ending time-warp.

  24. Yeah Irland, nobody’s feeling The Love for them any longer except the gum-chewing regressives who are doing themselves in. I’ll follow Phyllis on the feminist trail before I follow a turncoat like Gloria. They gave us Obama, now they can have him back, because doing what they did to Hillary is NEVER forgiveable for organizations that are supposed to help women grow and have, you know, ..rights. And it’s especially disgusting because I know that Hillary was part and parcel to Emily’s List’s success. Another bunch of traitors to their own gender. Screw the whole lot of them.

  25. Unfortunately, I live and work with so-called ‘feminists’ like the regressives you mention. Pointing out their pretzel logic and double-standards does nothing but bring forth MORE bile. Funny, but the men these women are married to are mostly a-holes (and I know, because their my hair clients–I hear allllll the dirt).

    I clearly remember the convo with one such ‘liberal’. She had the GALL to say she didn’t like Hillary “because she acted too much like a man” (yeah, it’s called LEADERSHIP). And that liberal women were “too smart” to toss their hats into the political ring, as she was calling conservative women candidates “sluts” and “bimbos”. God. It was like hearing the 2011 version of ‘a woman’s place is in the home’. Lucky for her, I’d already put my shears down. I was tempted to chop some more hair off of her.

  26. No kidding Irland, my hair stylist knows EVERYTHING that’s going on. She does all the important people and man, she could make a million on blackmail alone. lol.

  27. FF, that cat video is adorable. Bill, however, is mucho pissed off. I’d worry if I were you.

  28. It never ceases to amaze me what so-called ‘liberated’ women will put up with from their men. Don’t get me wrong, most of my guy clients are good decent men. But a couple of them are just plain weasels–and those are the ones whose wives are the biggest ‘other-women haters’. Coincidence? I think not. I really have to watch what I say sometimes, they do pay my bills 😉

  29. Re: Live blogging Gloria’s “In My Own Word’s” debut.

    See. This is one group that could make her eat them, based on the facts of how faux feminism gave us the worst of, yet another, HIM of a failure.

    Thanks Ms.! When they make it into recycled Toilet Tissue, I’ll buy it.

  30. Thanks Ms.! When they make it into recycled Toilet Tissue, I’ll buy it.

    It already IS toilet tissue.

  31. yeah, even as toilet tissue it’s a pain in the a$$.

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