Pork chops on a stick, fried butter, fried Twinkies, corn dogs and GOP Presidential wannabees

The Place To Be. You are so Jealous!

Well, I am finally going under. Somebody medicate me, because I am actually watching FOX’s coverage of the Iowa State Fair. This is because, I don’t know about you, but I kind of figure there has to be something wrong with the collective mind of a political party whose Presidential nominee is tied directly to the Iowa State Fair.

I also kind of figure that those Iowans spent weeks figuring out what artery clogging sh*t they would force down the throats of these yahoos who are begging to be The Nominee. Then they get to watch elitist snobs pretending to be regular “folks” while scarfing down disgusting  fried Twinkies, pork chops on a stick, corn dogs and fried butter ( yes…gag…fried butter).

Now let’s be clear. The trick here is not to be a potentially good president who will represent all the people of the USA. No sir. That’s not the trick. The trick is to eat  all that fried shit without allowing  your eyes to water, your gag reflex to take hold or your vomit to move any further than your mouth. The candidate who can do that is In, baby, IN!

….And so without further ado, we are once again about to be burdened with the Very Important Iowa  Straw Poll, which  will be crammed with at least a couple of hundred voters (okay, okay, maybe 2000).  Hell, ACORN could have collected up that many votes in a couple of hours without Barack even eating one pork chop on a stick!  Not to worry, though. It is obvious to everyone that these few people know what America needs. That’s why they hold it during the state fair. State Fairs are what America needs. America needs lots of stuff stuck on a stick and shoved into hot lard. That should fix things.

The Iowa Straw vote will be held tonight. I know I’m personally all excited and you are too!

Okay, so let’s talk candidates.

Old poster, but still good, right?

Ron Paul, as usual,  has already  brought in his buses crammed with the same overly-zealous sycophants he delivers to the Iowa straw polling place  every single Presidential election season since I was young enough to kick the slats off my cradle . A little older some of them are, but they are still the same lovable zealots they always were. And Ron always makes sure they have the $25 needed to cast a vote too.

Although the rest of the Iowa people have tried everything to keep Paul’s people from voting in the past, including voting late at night, not even a surprise vote can keep the Pauly people from voting, even if they have to eat a box lunch and sleep in the room where the voting takes place.

That’s how Paul won the CPAC straw poll last time. See: Ground Hog Day: CPAC People Have Their Yearly Convention.

You can’t fool a Paul zealot. No sir. They just love them their candidate who says things that sound like,  Oh What The Hell…Let Iran Have a Nuclear Weapon. They Can’t Reach The USA With It So To Hell With It.

Apparently, there is no concern that Iran could turn the rest of the Middle East into a crater and take over all the oil, or that they could, as the quote goes, “Wipe Israel Off The Face Of The Earth”. No sir. Nothing to see here. Move along.


These yahoos don't remember I got run out of the Speaker job on a rail.

Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine Newt Pillsbury Doughboy Gingrich eating pork chops on a stick, in fact, he kind of looks like a pork chop on a stick himself. So I don’t expect him to do very well in the poll. As it is, he already looks like a heart attack waiting to happen so I wouldn’t blame him if he is advised to avoid the Fried Butter. Not that he will. There’s a saying in the part of Corporate America I hail from: If you can’t manage your own self, how can you manage others?

They say Newt was last seen babbling some adjunct professorial shit somewhere on the fairgounds near where a cow was about to calf and all that stuff was oozing out. To get rid of Newtie, all they would have to do is ask him to don the long rubber glove and help out, and Newt will be Gone. More importantly, if Newt can only pull this President thing off without hanging out near some cow slop, he could conceivably be the first USA President to enter the White House with one wife and leave with another. The fundies just love them their multiple-marriage brethren, so long as they marry them one at a time with divorces in between, not all at once like those damned Mormons.

The bottom line is Newt is just a pompous ass. He doesn’t suffer fools well, except for himself.


They know if they don't vote for me, Jesus will smite their asses.

Newtie might shy away from that messy cow with her vagina hanging out, but Not So with Michele Bachmann. As a side note, I used a sexy photo of Michele even though sex is dirty and none of us should have it unless we plan to have a baby, whether we want to or not. I did this to spite Tina Brown and her malicious cover photo on that magazine nobody reads.

I hear tell Michele is standing right by there where that cow is moaning, just waiting for that cow to deliver. Then she is going to don that glove and help that calf right out of the womb, all the while yelling Life! This is what Life is All About! Cows give birth! And birth! And birth! Do you think this cow refused to give birth just because a bull raped her? No sir! She’s doing what she’s meant to do. Give birth! Lots of birth!  If a cow can be raped and give birth, why can’t you women do it like God and I want you to do?

At the right moment, Michele will most likely deliver the calf and declare it a heterosexual calf, for she would have no other!  If there is a slight inkling the calf might go to the Other Side, she has her husband’s clinic on Speed Dial, and they are prepared to whisk the calf away for a Cure. All of this will be good for an extra 20 votes for Michele  in the Straw Poll and Newt will be knocked right out of the box after everyone watches him hurling all over Mitt’s suit.


I love running while not running. It's much safer. You betcha!

I suspect Sarah Palin is standing by near the calving area too – to supervise the delivery if necessary.

You will actually come to know if Sarah is running during this calving event, which is probably being held right near the Twinkie Fry area. If  at the right moment, Sarah jumps in and fights for the rubber glove to help out the grunting cow, then you will know she’s running. Otherwise, no sense of getting all the afterbirth on her own self  if she’s not running.

Still, this is a great place for Sarah to network and book some of those lucrative speaking engagements. And this cow thing will be great material for our Regular Girl, won’t it?


Now, about Jon Huntsman…

Jon is probably nowhere to be seen on the fair grounds right now, since he nearly broke down and cried during the debate, so expect him to come in last in the poll, even though we girls all love a man who’s in touch with his feminine side. Besides, Jon doesn’t hate gays and lesbians, so he’s finished with this Iowa bunch for sure. But I think it’s just so sexy that his name is Jon instead of John, don’t you?

I have no platform, but I sure am a hottie.

But Yee Gads, he sure is pretty, isn’t he? I mean who doesn’t want to just pinch Jon’s butt? I mean, since I still can’t figure out what he would do as President, and even though his website is about as specifics-vacant as it gets,  I am still writing about him. That’s because if I dedicate enough room in this post to Jon Huntsman, I get to post a hot photo of him.

I mean, since I still can’t figure out what he would do as President, and even though his website is about as specifics-vacant as it gets,  I am still writing about him. That’s because if I dedicate enough room in this post to Jon Huntsman, I get to post a hot photo of him.

I mean, since I still can’t figure out what he would do as President, and even though his website is about as specifics-vacant as it gets,  I am still writing about him. That’s because if I dedicate enough room in this post to Jon Huntsman, I get to post a hot photo of him.

I mean, since I still can’t figure out what he would do as President, and since his website is about as specifics-vacant as it gets,  I am still writing about him. That’s because if I dedicate enough room in this post to Jon Huntsman, I get to post a hot photo of him.

There, I think that’s enough room, don’t you?

If Jon can just get the Black Panthers to stand in front of the polling place with night sticks on his behalf, he has a chance. But alas, they are not legally able to do that again until, coincidentally, Election 2012. Sorry Jon.



I deliberately made sure a few hairs were out of place in this shot.

In spite of the belief that he is not participating, Mitt is probably actually tooling around the fairgrounds right now wearing rubbers on his shoes. He isn’t going to let those $800 loafers come in contact with some squashed corn dog  stuck to the ground. No sir. Mitt is way too groomed for this bunch, much less for some cow dropping birthing slop all over the place. Although, Mitt experienced something similar when he strapped his crated dog to the top of his station wagon for a family trip, only to find the dog so scared witless and chitless in the wind, that he had to hose off the entire car, including the windshield,  upon which the runny doggie doo was so prolific as to force Mitt to stop the vehicle. I imagine that, since the dog was emptied out and practically catatonic at that point, Mitt just restrapped him and completed the trip. I know we can all count on a President Mitt in to give us two-legged charges the same caring attention and consideration.

So Mitt is “Kind of” participating in the Iowa Straw Poll thingy, since he doesn’t really give a rat’s ass one way or another if he wins.

Mitt already knows he can’t come in first in Iowa, what with being a Mormon depending on the votes of a bunch of Right Wing Jesus freaks and all. He knows these religious zealots won’t vote for him. He also knows that means plenty of other Americans will, just to get rid of the Right Wing Jesus freaks running roughshod over government.

Mitt finds this whole Iowa thing boring and probably will never visit there again if he gets nominated. He has no intention of relating to a bunch of  children of the corn who think Pork Chop On A Stick is a gourmet offering that everybody just can’t wait to scarf down. Mitt has eaten from the room service menu every day since he arrived in Iowa. He just considers it a success that nobody has asked him if he is wearing his Magic Underwear today.


I've saved every company everywhere, baby. Now I'm free to fix the country.

Now rumor has it that Herman Cain was last seen standing on a horse trailer telling everybody that they haven’t managed the state fair properly and giving management tips and plan points for next year. Herman probably managed plenty of state fairs, since, if you listen to him, he’s pretty much managed everything else in the world.

So I’m thinking,  maybe Herman can be the Iowa State Fair manager next year, but if he is, he won’t be allowing anybody to watch a disgusting thing like a cow showing everybody its vagina and giving birth all over the place. And agreeing to run the state fair next will will give him a full year to solve World Hunger before he gets there.


Did I leave anybody out? It’s just so hard to keep all these assclowns straight.

Oh! Yeah! That’s right. Tim Pawlenty. (Slapping head).

Pick me and you will never need another sleeping pill again.

I’m sorry I forgot about ya, Tim, it’s just that you’re so damned forgettable! And it’s kind of hard for me to take seriously a guy whose name reminds me of  an Italian cornmeal dish.

Tim is a very special candidate, as he is the poster boy for the typical Republican Personality Bypass Operation. His surgery was obviously a complete success. Toast without butter is mouth-watering next to this guy. Let’s face it, Tim is a walking coma-inducer. This guy not only ate a corn dog, he IS a corn dog.

I’m told that Tim was last seen being run off the grounds on a rail because he insulted  Michele Bachmann constantly during the debate. Every right wing crackpot evangelical in Iowa knows Michele was picked personally by Jesus to run for President.

God is gonna getchu for that Tim. You shouldn’t be messing with Jesus’ personal candidate, you hear me, Tim?


Okay, I am supposed to mention Rick Santorum, because he says he has a chance to be president – so here goes nothing.

A First Family we can all be proud of.

I wouldn’t bother  mentioning this nutcase at all, but I want to be fair. I also want room to insert his iconic Dysfunction-On-Parade family photo. Therefore I am including this throwback from the witch burning days as an actual candidate.

Let’s face it, every Republican race has one just like Rick Santorum, just like every Democratic race has some moron who combs his hair with an eggbeater and believes Sharia law isn’t so bad and fits in just fine with a few Constitutional tweaks.

Now here is a nutcase that got run out of a PA senatorial race by someone as odious as he is, who was able to win because he was “Not Rick,” and yet here he is running for President – again. The frightening part is that there are actually people in Iowa who would vote for him.

Rick is probably cruising the state fair even as we speak, with his family of course. Who wouldn’t want this obviously normal-looking family as our First Family?


Okay, don’t think I am leaving Rick Perry out. I am not. Rick Perry left Iowa out.

Jesus loves me and I have good hair. It's over for the rest of you yahoos.

Rick isn’t going to be standing around pretending he likes corn dogs, because Rick doesn’t have to. That’s because he’s already in the tank and all the Iowan-stroking and fried-shit-eating in the world isn’t going to change that. Besides, Rick held a prayer session and said Jesus a lot and that means he just ran over Michele’s back. Rick is going to show everybody that even Jesus can change his mind, you know what I mean?


Well folks, this about wraps up the roster of Republican assclowns, specially selected to guarantee plenty of people will stay home on Election Day, 2012. …And just in case you haven’t figured this out yet, the pork chop on the stick gig is just for show. Later on,  the candidates all go back to their hotel rooms and laugh their asses off while their servants clean the cow crap off their shoes.

….And Rick Perry will be nipping at Mitt’s tail starting next week, regardless of who wins this poll comprised of enough Iowa voters to fit into a phone booth. The Democrats can just watch. They already have their assclown picked.


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  1. Rick Santorum is going to be SO J when he realizes that the “Rick” everyone is talking about is not him.

    Great post Ups, and just so you know, even with his Joel Osteen tabernacle, all those bat-shit crazy people at Greta’s blog HATE Perry. So, maybe he isn’t SO bad! LOL

  2. Fantastic post, Uppity!!!

    Freedom Fairy, Gov. Perry is that bad. Really. He makes me wish Jeb Bush would enter the race.


  3. FF I can’t stand those two plastic Olsteens. He looks greasy to me. All of those mega ministers get that way.

  4. FF they don’t like him because he’s a closet gay. Which also makes him just one more religious hypocrite. They aren’t that rare, really.

  5. UW: You crack me up:

    As a side note, I used a sexy photo of Michele even though sex is dirty and none of us should have it unless we plan to have a baby, whether we want to or not. I did this to spite Tina Brown and her malicious cover photo on that magazine nobody reads.

    Still laughing…

  6. Pawlenty–“Pick me and you will never need another sleeping pill again.” But you may need a defibrillator and/or cattle prod to wake me up. ZZzzzzzzz.

    This has to be the worst trainwreck of a so-called candidate line-up that I have ever seen. It’s going to be 1988 all over again. I’ll just stay home.

  7. Uppity, are you saying cowboy Rick isn’t from paint chip Texas, but from Brokeback Mountain?

  8. So funny. You know what’s also funny? One of these clowns will be our next president thanks to Obamalamadingdong.

    oh…waitaminute…what the hell am I laughing about?

  9. Ten bucks says the cow wins the straw poll (unless Newt unleashes his vagina and gives birth to something first, just to steal her thunder)

  10. The cow DESERVES to win the straw poll.

  11. oh…waitaminute…what the hell am I laughing about?

    It’s a nervous laugh, Jay.

  12. great write up!! And it feels just like being at the Ohio State Fair. But then people from the left and right coasts are always getting our two states confused. The difference? I don’t think we have fried butter at our fair…..

    On another note, I think that this “obedience to husband” meme the LSM is swirling around Bachmann is a tempest in a teapot. It is largely just semantics. All couples have to figure out power sharing arrangements. And I am certain that in many relationships where “obedience to husband” is never ever mentioned, many women have much less room to maneuver than Bachmann. It seems to me that Michele Bachmann is her own woman and that Marcus is ok with that. I’m so EXHAUSTED by the constant attempts by all sides to marginalize women with the big four stereotypes—-witch, bitch, nut, slut. Here are some ways to fight back:


  13. Don’t kid yourself,Cynthia. The Submit To Your Husband isn’t just a meme. It’s preached. Heavily. It’s just obeyed on the surface. Behind Daddy’s back…well that’s another story. But the idea here is you stand by your man’s blatently stupid decisions, even if it means he’s investing in Missouri Wagon Wheel and Buggy Whip (those automobiles are just a fad!), and you end up standing by your man again in bankruptcy court. Submit To Your Husband also comes in handy when he’s slapping you around, and it’s all hushy-hush. Gotta stand by that man and protect him even if he might kill your ass one day — until one day, you blow his brains out and everybody is shocked when the real story comes out — the kind of thing we’ve read about in the past and will read again in the future. Unless she’s only pulling our leg about her heavy involvement with this ‘movement,’ I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Michele did have to ask her husband if she could run first, not to be confused with “discussing” it.

    Just to be a sport, I am going to break my own rule and tell you how I know this. A number of years ago I dumped a guy I nearly married after he got swallowed up by one of these churches. As soon as the Wife Must Submit thing came out. I submitted to my better sense and told him to go find someone else whose co-marriage money he could lose with his abject financial stupidity. And that was that. Oh it hurt, but not as much as it was GOING to hurt if I put up with the crap he was starting to hand me, taught to him by the Men’s Ministry. Predictably, his life went to hell in a handbasket under his pastor’s tutelage, up to and including his pastor’s help in selecting one of what turned out to be five wives over time. Shrug. Till the evangelical movement took hold, I never even knew a person who had three, four and five wives or husbands. Now it’s just one of those things. But hey, it least it’s always between a man and a woman, wink wink.

    Make no mistake here, please my friend. This movement, led in whole by very nasty men with angelic smiles on their faces, would have your ass back in the 50s if given the opportunity, and trust me, they are constantly on the watch for the opportunity.

    Edit: I might add, if I may, that they aren’t beyond using their captive women to help facilitate their goals either.

  14. Oh Uppity! ROFLMAO! What a way to start the day! Our own county fair is coming up and thank God it is an off year- no Gubernatorial or Senatorial or ANY races attracting the loons.
    In the last thread FF left this link

    I wish I could go slap the young punk who wrote it for his choice of photo and all his commenters as well. FF was correct in her assessment of the author as having the mentality of a 15 yr old.

  15. Now THAT photo should get that author’s ass fired ASAP. That is disgusting. And so typical of the creepy- looking creatures like the author, who has probably spent most of his quasi-adult life HOPING somebody will do that for his comparatively very little pee pee. In the meantime, he is still forced to keep in touch with himself and bring his laundry to his Mommy.

  16. We can thank third wave No Feminism for this. This is a bunch who thinks Naomi Wolf is a feminist when she swoons over the day she wore a hijab and felt sooooooo sexy!

  17. The photo is bad- many many of the comments are as bad or worse. The photoshop freaks will have a field day with that one.

  18. Hey, what’s wrong with a deep fried Twinkie?!? JK – never got into Twinkies myself (no chocolate, what was the point), much less the deep fried variety. But hey, one thing we now know – you can freakin’ fry ANYTHING!!

    As for the Submission thing, I do think Bachmann handled her response well, even if it was just a tad disingenuous. Ahem. And thank you for sharing your personal experience with that.

    There is more to the verse in which this injunction is contained, like mutual submission, but yeah, it is a statement of its time, and should be treated as such (one should consider the culture, the historical situation, the translation from the original language, etc., with such statements anyway)…

  19. (no chocolate, what was the point)


  20. It’s true about frying anything Amy. I am convinced people would eat the sole of your shoe if you deep fried it. especially if you include BBQ sauce. That’s why the annual Turkey Testicle Festival is so popular.

  21. Can you fry chocolate? Never mind I can’t wait that long.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAH. Besides, it’s always better chilled! That way you can savor it longer, lick it, you know…

    You guys have GOT to check out MYIQ’s post photo.

  23. You make a cup of coffee. You take a piece of belgium chocolate out of the fridge. You take a good sip of coffee and pop the chocolate in your mouth, roll it around before you bite into it. To hell with frying it in lard.

  24. Hilarious post. I’m crying here.

    It’s a bad day for Mitt. His 2012 spoiler will announce.

    Just think, this is the best and the brightest of the same old Republican Party and the best of the New Democratic Party is sleeping over in the White House believing “they” have now earned the right to stay another four?

    What’s the point?

  25. There is a Penis Festival in Japan…maybe not fried… but chocolate covered replicas.

  26. Also this one…

  27. What are those? Japanese training videos?

  28. Now see here- they can run all the creeps they want- teh on’es victory is assured! Assured I tell you! CUz for every three of these they get- ten more are hired by acorn for a pack of smokes
    “Three Wake County, North Carolina, Democrats have admitted to voter fraud charges, according to local news reports.

    Kierra Fontae Leache, Shelia Romona Hodges and Brandon Earl Mclean each admitted to casting two ballots in recent elections. Local reports indicate all three voted for President Barack Obama twice in 2008.”

    And notice in the article this “related” post
    “While NAACP President Benjamin Jealous lashed out at new state laws requiring photo ID for voting, an NAACP executive sits in prison, sentenced for carrying out a massive voter fraud scheme.

    In a story ignored by the national media, in April a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee.”snip
    “The NAACP has had other problems with voter fraud. The NAACP National Voter Fund registered a dead man to vote in Lake County, Ohio, in 2004. That same year, out of 325 voter registration cards filed by the NAACP in Cleveland, 48 were flagged as fraudulent.

    But the NAACP’s voter fraud record doesn’t approach that of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. At least 54 individuals employed by or associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud.”


    Nope- crickets
    So you see, between the bought media and organizations and idiots like those above- barky has nothing to worry about.
    Unless his “sponsors” decide to kick him to the curb and anoint another of their own.

  29. “FF I can’t stand those two plastic Olsteens. He looks greasy to me. All of those mega ministers get that way.”
    7-8 years ago, I “ran into” one of the Osteens that I hadn’t seen for a while. Said he had moved back to Houston to work in the “family business”. Years ago, when he was in school, daddy would send the church plane to fly him to Houston for weekends with the family.

  30. Cynthia, I really appreciate the succinct way you highlighted the 4 categories into which women are placed. Spot on analysis.And you are right that all couples figure out the power dynamics. While I think Bachmann did a good job explaining it, what makes it a bit disingenuous is the kind of theology to which she and her husband ascribe. Still, yeah, he seems comfortable with having a powerful wife.

    Uppity, lol abt the sole of the shoe and the Festival. Yikes. But yeah, if you have a good bbq sauce, then that’s all that matters, right? 🙂

    FF, PMM, and Uppity – that photo of Bachmann was reprehensible. It is a far worse depiction than the Newsweek one trying to make her look nuts. I don’t know if anyone else saw this or not, but the new Miss America was talking abt how Newsweek consistently represents women in a very sexist way on its covers. No freakin’ kidding. But this one in the Telegraph takes the cake. Or at least the deep fried butter.

  31. If they did that corn dog shot with Hillary, and they have done worse, we wouldn’t hear a peep out of the right wing blogosphere, Which is why I just don’t give a shit. I still maintain that more than 15 years of harassing hillary with downright filth is unforgivable, and the far left learned it from the far right. They even used some of their photoshopped crap. When one of these social conservative women catch up to Hillary, then I’ll know they Get It. Sorry, but that’s how I feel and it’s not going to change. I am not going to strain myself for people who would trample upon my rights as a human being and who had no problem with the skewering of Hillary.

    Addendum, the best I can offer is I won’t participate in the skewering of a woman, unless of course she skewers Hillary some more. Or refers to me as a rabid feminist or some such equivalent. This tells me this woman has no respect for anybody except those who agree with her desire to regress women’s rights brutally and finally, without so much as a hint of consensus, to choose or do anything else they want to do as full human beings, to fight for and acquire equal pay for equal work and to take control of their own bodies. I want no part of a woman like that, either in politics or in blogging. That, to me, is totally unforgivable at all times. This is why I won’t give Sarah Palin the time of day with her own watch.

  32. Oh yes, the family ministry is definitely a family business with these big boys. Check out Franklin Graham inheriting the domain of the lord. And how about the two Orals, two crooks in a pod if ever there were two. It’s a business to them and a very lucrative one. I wonder what Jesus would say if he came to their churches and saw the opulence surrounding those four thousand dollar suits? How about that crystal cathedral crook? Or if he stopped by the vatican and counted up all the luxurious rooms, the crowns of jewels and the gold boullion in the little Fort Knox? Can you say destroy the money changer marketplace, anybody? Just saying. Jesus came with a match. These guys come with a blowtorch.

  33. what makes it a bit disingenuous is the kind of theology to which she and her husband ascribe

    Exactly, sister. Either they are liars and putting on a show for power, or they are hypocrites of the Do As We Say Not As We Do mold, which is so common too.

  34. Kind of difficult to pick one horse’s ass from another when the fair itself is crowded with the real thing.

    My money is on the one who can convince all the others that he/she is the one sitting on the Right hand of god before taking over the world. Or when Palin decides to rev up the bus, mowing down the crowds and tents then blaming Obama.

    Good times!

  35. ROFL! This is epic Uppity! Personally I hope it’s Romney cuz I can never hear enough of Obama saying “Rahmneh” in his preacher voice. Love the heartwarming santorum photo as well. *Snort*

  36. Here in Butler County, where Rick Santorum went to grade school, we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Jeep with a festival… http://www.bantamjeepfestival.com/ – favorite bumper sticker from the Santorum-Casey race was dumprick and we did. I guess if Perry gets elected, we can reprise that great one:) … and I think it’s $30 bucks to vote tonight. My Fundraising idea for the Butler County fair raised thousands over the years: we got a 3″ button maker, took pictures of little kids with their Pap and Nana in front of the Stars and stripes (it made their little eyes stand out so brightly) printed the photos and mounted them on the buttons as souvenirs @ $5. each. We sold hundreds of them night after night, dated by year – and families have a series of them taken annually.

  37. SWPAnnA – are you saying the Iowa Straw Poll is a Fundraising tool for the Fair?

  38. I bet Perry is scaring Obama. Perry sounds like he loves the country. Perry is not talking down to people.

  39. But ya sure can’t help seeing Bush when he is speaking… ugh

  40. Here talking to myself, eating lunch and taking a work-break, but what I will say is that at least NOW it looks like the Republicans may have a legitimate candidate. He already makes the others look wimpier.

  41. ff. I was just watching those videos of Hillary from the Colbert report and thinking “If Only…” Watching creep for all time John Edwards was both sickening and reminding me that policicians and their “handlers” can sure Present one way and be another

  42. The daughter was visiting so haven’t turned on the computer. Just looked through the captions above quick (before I run off again) and have to say lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, you are a freaking riot, upps!


  43. OK, back to work sitting on the sidewalk at Best Buys waiting for the Christmas Sales. BBL

  44. On this, the 3rd anniversary of the murder of Bill Gwatney, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gwatney, I am thinking about Michelle Thomas, who circulated the Petition of 300 to require a roll call vote at the Denver Convention which the Obots tried to prevent, and I cannot help saying a little prayer to him. If he had the courage to break the glass door and be the first State Chair to sign that petition, and within a week was dead, I believe he’s watching over all the PUMAs now, with a gentleman’s choice to uplift his former First Lady. I don’t think it would take any time at all to nominate Hillary in Charlotte. A well-organized resistance to the Obotomized could be Life-Threatening, but life with that jagoff as president for another four years isn’t worth living. Rest in Peace, Mr. Chairman, and I sincerely HOPE you’re riding around in a Pink Cadillac from your dealership in the clouds:(

  45. Well cripes, when a Democrat craps out in NY, he’s gotta really be a turkey.

  46. … what I will say is that at least NOW it looks like the Republicans may have a legitimate candidate. He already makes the others look wimpier.

    That’s what I think too, FF. The Odious little man has to be quivering.

  47. NES – that Perry page sounds like something Our Uppity would write has written.

  48. Oh my UW you outdid yourself with this blow-by-blow of the list of candidates for the State Fair Prom Queens/Kings!

  49. I know, FF. it’s short, sweet, and draws an attractive contrast with Obama and Obamanomics. Very promising start for The Hair.

  50. Uppity is on T O P of her game today! Hilarious post! Loved it all, and the captions and pix were perfect. I did feel like I was there, as someone up thread said.

  51. This post makes me sadder than ever that the dems don’t get a primary of their own. Also, this should make it in the year end all time fav post rounds.

  52. That fried butter on a stick looks truly disgusting. I think we should do our own straw poll re: which one of them is the best looking and runner up.

  53. Killer-funny post, Upps!
    Hilarious on my former BFF, JonH. (He’s still cute, even if catatonic).
    The choice of photies was great too — the Paul one especially.

  54. Socal, I’ll play…Jon H for best looking; Michele and Sarah for runner-ups; Perry in third.

  55. I dunno NES, Perry looks pretty handsome in that photo – but I’m gay, so what do I know!

    And As for the women, Megyn Kelly, (oh, whoops) Sarah, then Michelle.

    But it wasn’t specified “Best Looking WHAT?”

    Santorum’s daughter and matching doll has got to come in SOMEWHERE

  56. I’m close to NES, Perry 1st, Palin 2nd, Jon 3rd, Bachman 4th. Megyn is very cute. That pic of Santorums family was hysterical.

  57. If the best looking one wins, it would have to be Megyn. I’d say Bachman second, Perry third, and Jon fourth. Palin’s not running, right? But she’s there. I bet you won’t see any pictures of Sarah eating fried mystery meat on a stick. That had to be the biggest corn dog I’ve ever seen.

  58. Jon first, Jon second, everybody else a distant third. How the h did megyn get in here? Ok i’ll bite, she’s good looking.

  59. Megyn was still here from the other night. I liked her better than the rest.

  60. Paw Paw Polenta must be freaking out.

  61. I guess I don’t find Sarah attractive mainly because, like Newt, her voice makes my ears bleed. Voice is important to me. Let’s face it, if you are with someone, you have to listen to that person day in and day out…without wanting to blow your own brains out.

  62. Well, that takes care of crackpot right wing Iowa. Now onto the normal people. I predict this is the first and last win for Michele. Sorry, but real is real. It’s already down to mitt and perry. Death by drowning and death by fire. Lovely. But then there’s barack and that’s enough to make people vote for Dracula if necessary.

  63. FWIW – Perry didn’t make me FEEL BAD after listening to him. Obama always does. No doubt, I will be sick of him too in another month, but hey – enjoy the feeling while ya can!

    And for all those Bots out there screaming “not another Texan” – let me remind them it was LBJ – a Texan – that gave America “The Great Society” the bones of cradle to grave welfare. Rejoice!

  64. Any rabid evangelical makes me feel bad before he or she opens his or her mouth. And they should make you feel bad too, FF. These are people who think you are a sick son of a bitch who needs some shock treatments. Just saying.

  65. Frankly? I’d rather have mitt than perry because I know he will leave women’s lives alone and avoid the social issues once he’s president. Perry? NO WAY!

  66. I think you folks need to attend one evangelical sermon about women and gays and lesbians. I think you should do it really fast because you folks are deluded if you think your lives aren’t going to be as miserable as they can get.

  67. Uppity… I disagree … Bo days are over!!! I listen to people talking and they are soooooooooooooo disgusted with the liar in the closet…. 😯 And, I do disagree with the comment about Sarah Palin… I have been in Politics for about 20 years and I have first hand knowledge how ruthless and evil this is….. 😡 👿 I have done my research on Sarah Palin and I have to give her some respect for what she has done for the people of alaska…. 🙂 She along with Hillary has been beaten and drug through the streets by the political machine and the media…. My hat (even though I don’t wear one) and heart goes out to these very courageous women…. 😉 🙂 And, NO I don’t agree with SP or Hillary a 100%…. But, that is not the issue…. I do believe they both love this Country and will do their very best and above to care for the American People… JMO…. No, I am not a far left… Just in the Center… and, will vote from the Heart and support those who try/want to improve the quality of life for the American People…. 🙂 Oh, 100% percent about the Rep chit chat last night…… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Just terrible…. 😡 👿

  68. I do have a brain, Uppity. But isn’t it better to KNOW about your enemies than to BELIEVE your ‘friends’ and find them the ones holding the knife. Like Obama.

  69. No FF it’s not better, when the enemy is the president of the united states and most of congress. Knowing a personal enemy is definitely small potatoes next to this. better we all should seek out those who are trying to draft hillary than to delude ourselves that we have a better alternative in a right wing freak who wants us all hobbled and can succeed at it by virtue of their position. I find it seriously scary that people do not realize this.

  70. Casper – we went to dinner last night and before we even ordered our iced tea, the waitress, unsolicited, started innuendo about Barack. When we “got it” and she knew it – she just went off! LOL. But because I am a True Blue HRC supporter, and ASSUMING she was a Republican or worse, I said, without equivocation, that I was a HUGE Hillary supporter. She stopped and said, loudly “ME TOO, and I cannot wait for this Ahole to be GONE from office”

    Then she asked us what we wanted to drink….

    Also, a car in the parking lot COVERED with Anti-Obama and Anti-Communist stickers. Nope, people don’t like him.

  71. Casper, sister, you have NO IDEA how deeply I have been involved in politics. Let’s just say I REALLY gave at the office! Do not delude yourself by jumping out of the frypan into the boiling pot. That is all I am saying. As for SP she is persona non gratis in my life and I won’t do a thing for her because she has insulted me and Hillary one too many times to suit me. She gets nothing from me any longer and that is THAT. Now I want you to do a search on this blog for how many times i defended that woman, only to find her calling me names. I won’t lift a finger for her. WHen it comes to research I don’t know anybody who takes it more seriously than I do. I watch. I listen. I’d like to think you notice that three years on this blog shows that. And I have Seen. I do not trust her. Her last shot in her last book was the Last Straw for me. And no I am NOT going to repeat my thoughts on her. I don’t give her that much room here. I don’t hate her. I just happen to know she is NOT representing ME and she is NOT going to reach out for any consensus either. And when she’s had 15 years of torture like her people gave Hillary, then we can talk about the balance of unfairness.

    Now either, you are a Hillary supporter or you are not. It’s not a Sometimes deal.

    Courageous yes, dangerous YES YES.

  72. Uppity – I will not abdicate myself or my vote to a RW Nut Job. Nor will I cast it for a LW Nut Job, who, IMO are doing JUST AS MUCH to curtail the rights and destroy the hard-fought battles for women. Obama IS one of those people, as are Harry Reid, Pelosi to some extent, Clyburn, Kerry and the rest of them.

    I will vote AGAINST Obama if I have to, but I have been around long enough to know where that vote should go.

    I also have serious doubts that HRC will throw her headband in the ring for 2012.

  73. All I am saying FF is don’t get caught the way others did by falling for the same trick all the Obamazoids fell for in 2008. It’s not a scratch and sniff thing. Know what your enemy is capable of, yes, but don’t help them do it to you for Chrissakes. We are speaking of THEOCRATS here.

  74. Casper let me just say I see little difference between SP and Barack Obama. They both have the same type of blind followers and rabid sycophants who will do their bidding and excuse anything for them. And they both know how to fire up their followers to be malicious. Neither of them is very curious. And both of them make my ears bleed when they speak. Many people who rejected Obama fell for the same tripe elsewhere after being shocked that anybody could fall for his bull. It’s amazing, really. She’s the right wing mirror image or barack obama.

  75. Blind loyalty to ANY politician, IMO, is a bad decision. They are people, like us. They have faults, and as you know Ups, Politics is a very smarmy game. I learned that THOROUGHLY doing to 08 Deal.

    Sarah, Bachmann, Santorum and O and others – including HRC – have “Blind Loyalists” as followers. Personally, I look at track records, at life work, at the character of someone (as best it can be seen) and the POLICIES that candidate espouses to make a choice. We never get 100%. HRC is my choice, and no, Palin is not, but neither are running, and it’s 15 months away. MOST Americans, I feel safe in syaing, are sick to death of cliff-dwellers. We are getting the most noise from the Republicans right now because there IS NO CHALLENGER to Obama – yet. If there is, I do not believe it will be HRC. I also so not believe if the REALLY Far left mounts one, it will be some OTHER real wack-job like Bernie Sanders. I could be wrong, but Hillary is smart. She is tired, needs a break, IMO, and O has SO DESTROYED the Democratic Brand that the Pendulum has swung the other way in this election. I don’t KNOW if HRC would win if she got in – in 2012. By 2016, the Republicans, if they win, will have so screwed it all up again that the Dems may have another shot.

  76. Listen, FF, I don’t like Obama either. i don’t even have to explain it. But remember that when a batshit religion is in the mix, you, as a woman and a lesbian do NOT have a friend. It’s not even a POSSIBILITY.

  77. freedomfairy01… I was at a gas station yesterday and while filing up…a car pulled up next to me and there were about 4 guys ( I am sure they were gay guys) between the ages of 24-26… Anyway, I went inside to purchase my gas and two of them were behind me… they were discussing the closing of Borders Book Store and one of the guys bought a Sarah Palin book… The guys were saying that they were sooooooooooo sick of Obama and that he is nothing but a liar and out for his own self interest…. So, after I gave the teller $$ for gas I turned around and said… “so, are you guys supporting Sarah Palin”? The guy that purchased the book said…” YES!!! WE JUST LOVE HER” I did not comment… but, after filling my car and listening to the conversation next to me… It was all about that false piece of shit liar in the closet….. They, were disagreeing with one another about the particulars about BO….And, how he was the worst EVER!!!!!!!!!! I just laughed and thought……….TIMES ARE A CHANGING!!!!!!! 😉 🙂 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 And, yes, I am a die hard supporter of Hillary… I have her Posters/pictures hung in my office and home…. But, I could NOT SUPPORT HER WHEN SHE ASKED ALL OF US (WHO WERE SHIT ON AND TOSSED TO THE CURB BY THE DNC) TO SUPPORT BO……. Sorry, I drew the line there…… NOT ON MY DEATH BED WOULD I SUPPORT THAT PIECE OF SHIT…..NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!! 😡 👿 😉

  78. FF I believe the batshit left movey Ony people will challenge Obama with something I hate even more.

  79. You wimminz need to all remember that the ERA clock is running out and the opportunity is about to expire.

  80. I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama. And I will NEVER vote for a batshit religious right freak either. I will stay home first. I am not going to participate in the subjugation of my gender. Although I don’t know why I even give a shit, since these young pissants don’t lift their asses to realize they are being punked by degrees.

  81. freedomfairy01 post 10:31… I do think you are right!! 😡 👿

  82. Uppity – I will not abdicate myself or my vote to a RW Nut Job

    You do understand you just described perry, right?

  83. Uppity… I understand and truly appreciate what you have to say…. 🙂 🙂 Yep! the younger generation of women don’t give a crap…. I am 48 and had the opportunity to discuss this with a young woman who is 27 and just graduated with her Masters degree… she is clueless…. 😯 😯 She will and does support Bo at any cost…. Unfreaking real!!!!!!!!!! I told her, you will be in for a reality check when you (hold on) “start looking for a JOB” UGH!!!! really, sad and sickening at the sametime….. 😡 👿 😡

  84. Uppity – OK, I no NOTHING about Perry. other than about his “Prayer” for America.

    THAT in and of itself DOES NOT make him a RW nut job, in my book. Look, I am a Card-carrying Democrat. I support and worked very hard to have Hillary win.

    Stop lecturing me.

  85. I’m not lecturing you FF. I am just amazed that you will go for someone who wants to hobble you in place of someone who wants to hobble you.

    And if he attends the church he attends, he is not your pal, as Sarah would say.

  86. I believe mittens holds nO interest in dominating people with social issues. he is a safer bet and who knows what he will do otherwise and at this point, it couldnt be worse than what Obama has done. I do not feel that way about Perry. That is all.


    I SAID “He didn’t make me FEEL BAD when I heard him speak” THAT IS ALL I SAID. Now you have me CAMPAIGNING for him.


    I am going to bed.

    You are sounding like DU and GretaWire all rolled into one.

    I am an ADULT.

    A GAY, WOMAN, ADULT. IF I don’t know MY interests as a GAY WOMAN…they YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS I went through hell for just BEING GAY…HELL from Republicans, HELL from Democrats, HELL from Blacks, Latinos and Whites…PLEASE give me the CREDIT of KNOWING MY SELF INTERESTS. I mean, for real

  88. I don’t understand how not agreeing with you about perry makes me be treating you like you are not an adult. If I were DU I would be banning you for even breathing something I disagree with. lol. I was responding to your comment that Perry made you feel good.

    And NOW you sound like the freedom fairy I know.

  89. Republicans! Give us a methodist if you must insert religion in government!

  90. uppity and freedomfairy01… love both of YOU…. 🙂 Love the discussion and input…. have a wonderful night…. Bonne Nuit!!!

  91. Off to do some major searching on Mittens and Rick and what they have or haven’t done to women and gays.

  92. OK, maybe Perry made you feel like shit because you see something in him, or know more about him, but if I cannot SAY “He didn’t make me feel bad” (A COMPARISON to the ALWAYS DEPRESSING BARACK OBAMA) without a lecture about how he is going to burn me at the stake the same day if he is Inaugurated and how green I am at all this then I don’t want to say ANYTHING good about ANY Candidate on the Republican side, least it bring about this response.

    I’m pretty irritated right now.

    Try being gay out for 38 years in America and THEN tell me who my friends are.

    Good night.

  93. Well one thing is for sure, FF. I AM your friend and just maybe since I don’t have the same skin in the game, I can be a bit more like Outsider objective when looking at what a man has planned for women in general and women who are lesbians in particular. Not that you haven’t already seen it all, but let’s face it, FF, Barack obama is so damned awful that it’s easy for ANYBODY to look better. That doesn’t mean they ARE any better. That is all I am saying.

  94. Casper, no need to worry about FF and me. We’re solid and we fight allllllllll the time. It’s kind of like I can yell at my family but don’t YOU try it.

  95. Now i have to go uninstall windows 7 service pack 1 and IE 9, before they both collectively destroy my computer. I am just so sick of microsoft I could spit. maybe those mac people DO have the right idea.

  96. Uppity…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 that’s for sure…. Oh, and that would include my cats…. 😉 🙂 Love to you all…. Bonne Nuit….. 😉 🙂 Have a wonderful and peaceful Night…. Remember, tomorrow is another day…. 🙂

  97. Rick Perry used to be a Democrat, he was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager.

    I admit I don’t know a lot about him, but of the things I’ve heard about him, right wing nut job isn’t one. I’ve heard he plays both sides in more ways than one, LOL!!

    I know he did some kind of prayer session thing. Honestly, I think that was proving his Christian bona-fides for the religious right. Makes sense to beef up those credentials running for a Republican primary.

    Romney, Huntsman, nor Perry have really been described as far right.

    I have NOT decided which of the Republican candidates I support……didn’t watch the debate either. I do know that I don’t want another four years of Obama.

    McNorman is from Texas, there are probably a few others on here from Texas. All you Texans…..what say you??? Is Perry a right cliff dweller???

  98. Yes Somebody I have heard more than once that he is a closet gay. More than a few far right republicans have been caught in that Do As I Say And Not As I Do Thing and it always feeeeeeeels so good. I am doing some research on Perry and Romney right now regarding their decisions. So far I see Romney as a serious fence rider, going whichever way the wind blows to get elected. Haven’t seen that on Perry. Yet. Not that it isn’t possible. Yes McNorman is a storehouse of Texas stuff. They call him Governor Good Hair there. lol.

  99. The Jesus-jumpers need to shut the hell up. Religion has absolutely NO PLACE in our government; but as long as people still vote for them, they are being provided a podium from which to attempt to oppress me. Can’t they just be like Bill and Hillary? Go to church on Sunday but don’t wear it like some damn merit badge on your Brownie vest. Moderation in all things–isn’t that what the Bible teaches anyway? Everything you’re saying about these so-called ‘evangelicals/fundies is spot-on, UW. They are NOT my friends.

  100. We just got home from spending the afternoon & evening at the beach. It was gorgeous. Perfect weather. Anyway, just read this thread & the JWS piece. I didn’t know Perry was so religious. I’ve always thought of Mormons as being very religious, but Huntsman & Mittens seem less religious than these others. Its a frightening cast of characters no matter what.

  101. Thanks for not letting me walk through the dark alley alone, Irlandese. lol.

  102. I’ve been getting a dose of these fundie folks and their agenda lately. The last thing anyone ever wants to do is to tell ME what to do. Or tell me I’m wrong to live my life the way I see fit. Especially when they’re living in Dysfunction Junction but that cross around their neck somehow gives them some sort of superiority over me. I’m throwing the bullshit flag on that. And that is precisely why I will NOT vote in 2012, but will stay home like I did in ’88. Fundies vs. Fraud? If this is the best that both sides can come up with, then forget about it.

  103. I’ve been of the same mind. Give me a normal person for a candidate or I’m staying home.

  104. Hi socal, I’ve been missing you a lot lately on the forum. I actually went to bed at a normal hour a few times. lol.

  105. Yeah, I’ve been working a lot lately, temp job, and been swamped with getting stuff ready for lakers senior year. I’ve read all the posts at nite, but there wasn’t always someone around to visit with late. Lorac has been sick, etc.

    I love “Dysfunction Junction” iriandese! Perfect!

  106. …..sitting quietly on the bench outside Best Buy with my arms around FF and UW……

  107. I deleted IE 9 the day I got it. It put my tabs on a third of a row on the right side of the screen – instead of allowing me to have tabs across the whole of the screen. I like to have a lot of tabs open.

  108. I think you should buy us both a present.

  109. Hey now that I have you captive, what’s with all that writing talent you’ve been hiding from me all this time?

  110. Oh man, don’t even MENTION IE 9. Oh Jaysus, my PC went berserk. I had to do a system restore to yesterday to get rid of the damned thing. Even still, it F’d up a few things that haven’t gone away and now I will have to jerk around solving them. So I trashed Windows Service pack too. I figured if I waited enough months, it would be debugged. i was wrong. I don’t even use IE so who cares.

  111. This is why I NEVER set my windows updates to Auto. Microsoft will make you SO screwed. Most people don’t realize you can set it to let you know there are updates and then YOU can look them over and decide if you want them.

  112. lol i hid both updates so they will NEVER bug me with them again.

  113. lol I WISH I had writing talent. I seem to be pretty good at research papers or articles – you know – dry stuff, boring to most people. I wish I could write fiction – I think that would be so cool. But I’m not creative enough. Can’t write – or discover other deficits you might have – if you don’t get any ideas for stories to write about in the first place lol

    But I like writing stuff for here. I really don’t have the background in politics or economics or that kinds of stuff – really didn’t even pay much attention to politics until Hillary – just voted for whomever ended up being the dem candidate. So I can’t get a lot of depth into my stuff here, but I can rant my opinion anyway!

    But I do really appreciate your support. When you first said you’d take the summer off, I didn’t realize at first that you were really serious. I was thinking maybe I’d try to do a couple of extra posts (since summer is almost over lol).

  114. I think they are all trying to mimic Chrome, which is so simple it’s dumbed down for morons. Firefox has a firefox 4 that blew up on me, and it’s dumbed down too. Thousands of people complained at their forum and they pretended you couldn’t get 3.x back and then they tried to give instructions on how to reverse it that were deliberately complex. So I went and found 3.16 elsewhere and just loaded it right over 4 and killed 4. Then I posted on how to do it. I don’t think they like me much anymore, but hundreds of people sure were happy. lol. Then I went into their config and set a flag to stop them from trying to force 4 on me. I’m happy now.

  115. imagine putting tabs above the url line. I mean you have GOT to know some dummmy millenium designed that POS. Oh, and with 4, my google opt outs no longer worked. Forget that shit. Google must be paying mozilla now too.

  116. FF won’t let me buy her a present.

    I know. Maybe I’ll buy one of those ads they put on benches, write the “ad” as a special note to FF, and have them put it on the Best Buy bench ROFL

  117. Great put her name on a bench. Me, I want my present. NES always wants to buy me presents. See? You can’t pull me away. So make it good!

  118. I once bought a theater billboard with my message flashing. Now that gets attention.

  119. And what did that message say?

  120. Hey go right ahead and do extra posts if you want. The place is yours. Your stuff has been a regular hit so I feel pretty confident they be lovin’ your work. You can write. Very well, I might add. And none of it is dry. So go for it. Just don’t get me killed. lol.

  121. “I love you, Mr. Uppity!”…..? 🙂

  122. And keep it G so WP doesn’t lable us adults only and make people gyrate to get to us. Other than that…….eh!

  123. I know – no posts on the M people lol

  124. Hey. He’s mine!

  125. He reads this forum all the time. Cracks him up. Says he wouldn’t want to be the only guy in the room with all you Uppityites.

  126. I know – I have to be respectable now – sigh – it’s so lonely at the top lol

  127. You mean the billboard? Hell no, it was much better than that..

  128. sigh – it’s so lonely at the top lol

    That’s why I love the comment section.

  129. I don’t know what M people is and I don’t want to.

  130. Well…. there are a few of us who wouldn’t molest him lol

    I’ve been thinking – it’s scary thinking there’s going to be no good choice in the election. But I thought of a bright spot – I at least want the R candidate to be someone who is truly going to challenge Obama – McCain really didn’t do that. I guess Sarah did some. But I want all his garbage, that we all know about, to be told to the world.

    And it’s all well and good, all these articles of people expressing their regret of voting for Obama over Hillary. But (and I won’t hold my breath), I want to go further and hear them saying they shouldn’t have stolen her delegates or behaved as they did at the caucuses, they should have let her have her win. Because the most they ever say is that it was a close election. People think you’re crazy when you tell them the truth. I really want that truth acknowledged. I want the regretful bots to do it, and I want the attacking Rs to do it. Although, I’m not sure the republicans even really know about it.

    Well, a woman can dream….

  131. So what did it say? I promise I won’t tell 🙂

  132. You might not molest him but you could scar him for life. Hahaha.

    Yes, it is scary. I want nothing more than to feel gung ho about a candidate and I’m on a perpetual stall. It’s not as if I’m looking for perfection, I’m not. I’m just looking for people to stop meddling into the lives of others and stop trying to control women and keep them down. I want my gender to have a little respect like they used to have before that PIG showed up in 2008. It’s been downhill ever since. He is THE enabler of all of this. he’s a goddamned pig. Wanting these things SHOULDNT be a lot to ask but it seems it is now. And yeah, all those ‘regret’ people……screw them I can’t warm up to them. And besides, they will end up voting for their torturer again. Because that’s what stupid people do.

  133. fegettawbowt the billboard. It’s personal.

  134. I should really go to bed.

  135. Well, around the net, I see a lot of people saying that this Perry guy is going to have broad support. Maybe, maybe, maybe that will scare the D establishment to tell Obama to spend more time with his family, and allow Hillary to step into the race.

    At first I was thinking if enough people tried to draft her, she might run. But she had more support than Obama did all along – as we know, the D establishment stepped in to take care of that. So now I think the D establishment is going to have to make it clear to Hillary that they aren’t going to cheat her, and are going to change the meme of their MSM puppets. But I think the polls are going to have to be REALLY lopsided for them to do it.

    Or rather, their internals would have to be really lopsided. They can manipulate the polls, such as by polling 70% dems but not making that clear, just putting it in the fine print. When it comes time for the election, the reality on the ground is what’s going to matter – so if the internals are awful, MAYBE they’ll do the right thing.

  136. I knew you wouldn’t tell – I was just teasing you along a little. lol Sleep well.

  137. lorac, they won’t tell him because if they did he would call them racist. Secondly, even if they DID tell him to move along, he would refuse, because he is a spoiled, obstinate ten year old narcissist.

  138. Freedomfairy: Pls. read:


    Those people he’s associated with are just nuts.

  139. You all really have such a good time while I am away from the keyboard lol.
    Uppity- gotta hand it to you- when you wrote about that service pack, ie9 and Firefox 4- I did not bother to install any of them lol. Thanks to you I have the thing set up to ask my permission before downloading and installing anything. AND I make sure before I do install anything that I manually create a restore point first.
    No sense in fixing anything that is not broken lol.

    As for Perry- when I turned on the tube this morning there was some bucktoothed teenager (he looked no older than 15) going on about Perry. Not one word about any of Perry’s positions or accomplishments (are there any?) just about how he could “unite” the base and the Tea Party and how Perry alone could beat Obama.
    Scared the bejeezus out of me- shades of 08 and the bots. Personality cult led by out of work youngsters.
    Is my hair on fire?

  140. Happy Sunday! Paw paw polenta is out. One down- how many to go?

  141. Fredster…link cannot be found. Looks like somebody knows barack’s game. lol.

  142. Mom, are you able to get that link? I’m getting a lot of “not found” returns since yesterday and “cloudfare” error, it looks like one of these creatures in charge of people’s computers, eg Microsoft, IE, firefox, etc, installed Cloudflare in some update. Complaints all over the net about it returning a zillion Not Founds.

  143. Ladies: loved the cat fight. I read your late-nighters the mornings after – in the light of “ready to live up to my potential.” It’s reassuring to see that you guys “fight” and – like families – keep it contained. Unfortunately, Jim Burn, PA State Democratic Chair, uses that bullshit to reassure non-thinking dems that, in the end, we’ll all vote for the incumbent. Truth is: if this is how these guys treat their families, they are in default. The Dems have had their butts kicked up to their teeth in the last two elections, and will relive that “shellacking” again in 2011. Local and Judicial seats will go overwhelmingly to Republicans. At the June PA State Committee meeting, they were squiring Catherine Boockvar around as the “Presumed Nominee” for Commonwealth Court, while the fu#%ing RECOUNT WAS STILL GOING ON. She stood on stage and asked for support from a room half-filled with Barb Ernsberger’s supporters! Women may not be voting R but they are deliberately withholding their votes, contributions and instructions to their abiding family members to back Dems. The stupid men of the Party refuse to see that it’s not the TEA Party costing them their majority, it’s the HRC supporters they stiffed three years ago who STILL have the support of REAL MEN like Mayor Nutter, who understand what FAMILIES expect of each other and pull together to make sure all members are treated properly.

  144. Paw Paw has dropped out of the race. I’m glad. For him. he really was not impressive. He probably IS impressive in action, but it goes to show you how communication stills and personality development are so important in the real world.

    I caught that nutcase Rand Paul saying he wished his father had stood outside of…….are you ready?….walmart in Iowa. Rand says it would have been good for WAY more votes. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. I really suspect he’s close to certifiable.

    Anyways, I don’t know what the big production is with IOWA and the press. Iowa never means a thing in the end for a nominee. I mean, Huckabee won last time, if you need a barometer.

  145. Ok I just stifled “Cloudflare”. For those of you who are having trouble getting a lot of “Cannot be found” searches, your browswer may have updated with a POS called “Cloudflare”. It’s supposed to speed things up or some such crap. Obviously, it also cuts off half the web when it feels like it.

  146. In retrospect, I now know that the idiots (Bob Casey, Caroline Kennedy) who claimed their KIDS convinced them to support Obama were the most egregiously dis-loyal Democrats. How can they be excused for essentially telling their kids and grandkids: “You’re in charge. Let me know how you’ll be covering the mortgage, tuition and cell phone bills. Who’s Your Buddy?”

  147. mornin glories!!! 🙂
    (Uppity said)
    Well cripes, when a Democrat craps out in NY, he’s gotta really be a turkey.
    saw some pigs flying around too. 😆

  148. SWP, there is no excusing them. They cannot be forgiven. Ever. At least that’s how I feel. We are talking about the destruction of our entire country here. This is not some offense at a cocktail party where somebody is insulted and later you forgive them. What these people have done is simply criminal. And I think they used their kids as an excuse because they knew how absurd their endorsement really was. As for caroline, obama tossed her right under that moving bus when she tried to run. Sweet. And let’s face it, casey is only in that slot because Santorum is such a horrible tool of a man.

  149. Democrats who win Iowa (Obama, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Mondale, Carter) go on to win the nomination. Thus, Michigan and Florida objected to the Nomination being – essentially commandered -the choice of white land-owners and tried to stage their primaries before Iowa, and were “disciplined” by the Chicago Mob that ultimately took over the DNC.

  150. Foxy, I mean NY would re-elect weiner again. I mean, they re-elected Rangel. That’s how forgiving they are. So if Barack is tanking in NY, he’s truly a major Turkey.

  151. Yet, the DesMoines Register endorsed HRC…proves that a Prairie Fire has legs, I guess.

  152. Yes but REPUBLICANS who win IOWA don’t always have so much luck. I mean if IOWA were any indicator, Huckabee would have been the candidate last time. In IOWA, the most far right candidate always wins these days. We are talking Far Right, as in fingernails hanging onto the cliff. More specifically, the one who convinces people they are the closest to Jesus.

  153. You have NY Senator Schummer WHO CAN’T EVEN READ their press releases with any comprehension, yet they keep putting him out there on the press conference mike to dispense the party line. NY sure understands patronage.

  154. more than far right, it’s Farm Rights. The landowners are holding onto those corporate welfare deals they have and are just letting the flash obscure the solid deals they nail down in the back tent – the one behind where they’re birthing the calves.

  155. They build penalties into their deals, and collect, like the Grim Reaper, on any politician who thinks they can fool all the people all the time.

  156. He does a good job with this speech: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/08/13/perry_joins_2012_race_a_great_country_requires_a_better_direction.html

    Interesting that he doesn’t mention any ‘social’ issue.

  157. Just to show you how batshit the NY legislative branch is, in addition to deciding nobody should have any salt in a restaurant because his old man can’t have salt, one crackpot made legislation against salt. Another one, whose daughter had a transplant, bless her soul, tried to implement legislation whereby the state owns your organs when you die and can harvest them without your permission unless somebody lets you know you can “opt out” and take your body back. And earlier this year, another psycho tried to implement bicycle licenses. No kidding. Complete with yearly fees, insurance requirements and plates on your bike. Unfortunately for him, he nearly got hung in the public square, thank God.
    New York is batshit.

  158. He could take over a conservative megachurch tomorrow and outpreach the pastor – says the Beast article… another Favreau-Obama Speech fest … and when the first crisis hits, will he host a prayer fest? You’re right, UW, give me a Methodist.

  159. NES, let’s see down the road. Remember how Jon was your BFF? lol.

  160. The problem with republicans is they are anti regulation except for women and gays.

    I caught that moron Hannity talking about the laws involved with waging war. And he said something that infuriated me. He said, I don’t like it but i’ts “The law of the land”. Funny, how abortion is the law of the land but you don’t see him shutting up about that one.

  161. Poor mittens: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/61332.html

    AMES, Iowa — Neither was competing in Iowa, but Rick Perry won an in-your-face victory of sorts over Mitt Romney Saturday: The Texas governor bested the nominal frontrunner by 151 votes in the Ames Straw Poll.

    Adding insult to injury, Perry did it the hard way— 718 Iowans wrote his name down on their straw poll ballots, compared to the 567 votes that were cast for Romney, whose name appeared on the ballot.

    It’s an meaningless statistic from an artificial, non-binding political event but it’s one that was widely noticed in Ames. And it underscored the anticipation for Perry’s entry into the race, as well as his sudden emergence as a top rival to Mitt.

    Perry’s straw poll write-in total meant that in less than two weeks, the Texas governor was able to scrape together a third of the votes that it took Tim Pawlenty a year of time and more than $1 million to assemble. And Romney wasn’t exactly a stranger to Iowa—in 2007, he won the Ames Straw Poll with ease.

  162. Begala is such a whore. Look how quick he fell into line with Obama. he was a Hillary person all the way. I wouldn’t feel sorry for Mittens on my worse day and don’t count him out. And I hate to say it but he’s starting to look good to me when I put him near the rest of that bunch. I don’t think he really gives a rat’s ass about social issues unless it’s to pander for a vote.

  163. When that crazy stuff starts flying, the property owners just put their heads down and get under the radar like floaters in the Big Brother house or on the Survivor island. Let the crazies knock each other out and resume good business with Christie, Cuomo and the others who listen to their lawn mowers. (Don’t be surprised if Spitzer makes a comeback.) Except for that hooker stuff, he wasn’t any dumber than Chicago’s Patrick Fitzgerald, or Eric the Bag Holder

  164. NES did you see where pawlenty pulled out of the race. Thank God. He was pitiful to watch.

  165. I’m sick of Iowa being the boss of us. Why do they get to decide the nominee? Just think of all the $$$ that gets dropped in Iowa every cycle. I’m sure all the hotels and restaurants are packed with the candidates, their entourages and all the press people. It’s a scam if you ask me. I think no state should get to go first. They should hold all primaries on the same day, and do away with caucuses all together.

  166. Spitzer was a very good governor, to be honest. He took out bruno and that’s how he got taken out. Bruno was the closest thing to mafia I’ve seen since Al D’Amato. Bruno and Silver have ruined NY. Spitzer exposed him. That’s why he got taken down with the hooker thing. The problem was, Spitzer was busting prostitution rings, so he looked REALLY stupid when he got nailed. Fugly as hell, he is, but stupid he is not. When he was AG he went after wall street with a vengence and made them walk with two feet in one shoe. So naturally, he was going to get nailed with a skeleton in his closet. It’s what they do. Not that he isn’t a pig, but if he had pandered to bruno and wall street, he would have never been exposed. It’s what they do.

  167. HONK HONK imust.

  168. I know, Upps, I’m so fickle when it comes to men.

  169. Begala, Carville and the CNN divers. Remember the Democratic 40 year Majority Op Ed? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, still crax me up.

  170. Agreed on Mittens. He’s an old-style ‘country club Republican,’ but can’t admit that for political reasons.

  171. Iowa rules nobody. They just enjoy the attention since they only get it one day out of the year. The rest of the time, nobody cares. They don’t pick presidents or candidates. In the end, Bachman will be out of the box. She’s already knocked out by Perry in the God department. He wasn’t even on the ballot and got enough write in votes to let people know the handwriting on the Iowa wall. But now, he’s got to go to the other states. So we shall see. I think Mitt will can him. I could be wrong.

  172. Yep Upps, saw that about Paw Paw. Bye-bye Paw-Paw.

  173. Yes I agree on Mittens, NES. Not that his is a good thing, but there’s nothing good about the New Democratic party either. I am looking for the candidate who minds his own social business. Mitt is a fence rider and that’s the closest we can get. His only problem is the evangelical right won’t go for a mormon, but the rest of the party, the moderates and establishment Rs aren’t into that. I suspect if elected, he would mind his own business and keep his nose out of women’s crotches. I don’t get that feeling with the others. None of them pleases me, including Mittens. But I just can’t stand Obama any longer. I couldn’t stand him from Day One and he has proven us all right. He’s a horrid president. Now all I am looking for is a center right candidate from the Rs. I could live with that. Huntsman was our best bet but let’s face it, he was pathetic.

    I figure if the far social right questions your stances on social issues, you are a good bet. I just hope the rest of the party feels the same way.

  174. SWP, but at least Carville still takes shots at obama. Witness if Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, they would both have two. Begala is just a wuss-out.

  175. so, what we’re watching here is Mafia Wars. Is anybody playing that on FaceBook? From what I hear, Vegas is catching buzz again and the folks are just getting back to just being Americans welcoming tourists and money that trades… I recognized MOB JOB getting Hillary’s “kiss” of Identification and knew instinctively, (having lived in New Jersey) to just get off this track and let it run without me. The Instant Obama was in, while he was delivering his inaugural address, I was called into HR and fired. It’s how they play. Economic Oppression is both a Republican AND a Mafia tactic. The mob just takes a bigger piece of you.

  176. NES, I’m pretty fickle myself when it comes to men. I was a horrible bet in my day.

  177. SWP, make no mistake. Corporate America treats women according to the attitude of the sitting president. Shit rolls downhill. I keep trying to make people see that because it’s a FACT. That’s why it is important not to elect someone as bad as Obama. As for MOB, Chicago politics has always been gangster land. Obama is their product. These are thugs. In NY at least they are Italian so you can pick them out. lol.

    Oh shit. I just got a lightening bolt from my dead aunt. She died not speaking to me when I told her Columbus didn’t discover America since there were already people here when he got here.

  178. Navigation Skills are a good thing – it’s just that survival level existence is the lowest form of life. That story about Jesus calming the storm is the one people want to see re-enacted. Can anybody just put a lid on it and get back to contained crazy instead of the all-out disruption all day and night? Obama’s seat of the pants management style wouldn’t even do in a classroom.

  179. I disagree with you about Iowa Uppity. It filters out candidates. The people who do well in Iowa get more donations and build momentum. It gives candidates “legitimacy” and gives the press and TPTB in the party machines ammunition to push the candidate of their choice or push out the candidate they don’t want. When Obama “won” Iowa he became a “front runner” and they immediately started pushing Hillary out. The trouble was, she didn’t go willingly. If it weren’t for Iowa, we wouldn’t have Obama IMO.

  180. You mentioned Schumer. The only reason he is there is because he ran against Al D’Amato and never was there a bigger mafia wannabee than Al D’Amato. he was disgusting. And embarrassing. He sounded like a bum from the streets and had no social redeeming qualities at all. During their debate, Schumer looked like a prince next to D’Amato, who was sweating profusely through the whole thing, like a grunting pig. Getting rid of him made electing Schumer worthwhile.

  181. Your aunt was right to be offended at that, Upps.

  182. My Italian Dad just gets in the lowest rumble of my left ear and says things about how classic these Italians are. As for the “spooks” my Uncle Johnny called them, they have electronics. It’s my Irish Aunts who turn the lights on when nobody’s there and “warp” the audio to make me “hear” their advice.

  183. NES, yeah she was pissed, but it’s true, you know. You cannot discover a land if the land has already been inhabited. Native Americans got the shaft on that one. Thank God they aren’t all that violent about it. Because if ever there were a race that was treated unfairly, it’s them. He didn’t discover the country. He came upon it and it was already inhabited. It would be like one of us “discovering” France.

  184. I give the NY Delegation credit for one thing: They held the united front for their obligation to their Sister New Yorker, Senator and Home State Favorite Daughter. It was just that damn Rangle who ‘couldn’t hold his bros back any longer once the final primaries were held and “Chairman” Dean was telling them to Rump their own Convention.

  185. If it weren’t for Iowa, we wouldn’t have Obama IMO.

    Agree with that.

  186. Yes SWP and most of that NY delegation for Hillary got roundly punished for it too.

  187. …and don’t we all “discover” pretty much everything from ignorance? Those Italian aunts are helping us “wise up.” from where they sit, they see it all. I think it’s called “Grace.”

  188. Uppity- yes I can get Fredster’s link-
    The cartoon is strange- can’t tell if it supposed to be the vatican or the white house in the background- and Perry with the halo- looks like the ole obamassiah crap
    This should be enough for you- sorry for the delay- I had to go stick my head under the faucet to put my hair out-
    “But Engle’s larger aim is Christian control of government.

    “The church’s vocation is to rule history with God,” he has said. “We are called into the very image of the Trinity himself, that we are to be His friends and partners for world dominion.”

    Allrighty then. These people are a couple of fries and a shake short of a happy meal. The article is creepy scary. Nutjobs!
    RUN – far far away- quick- my hair is on fire again!

  189. there’s plenty of defeated, dissed dems under the bus with a real life lesson to teach. Even when you do their bidding, they eat you alive. So what do we have to lose? Hillary 2012 – she ain’t Obama.

  190. When I read Jefferson, the Federalist Papers and Franklin, I notice they didn’t necessarily believe in god, but they respected that a lot of their voters did, so they set a place for God at the head of the table to avoid a fight over who would sit there. Good politics.

  191. Yikes, you know the Obot beta-males are going to go nuts with this photo of Bachman.

  192. SWPAnnA- “Hillary 2012 – she ain’t Obama.”

    I wish I were the clever sort and could think up slogans and such- cuz this assclown at 1600 has given a GOOD DEM- a real one- not Brazile’s new coalition types- a boatload of material to use.
    The yahoos gave the man child a chance- he blew it- can we have the adult now?
    imust- agree one hundred percent on getting rid of caucuses- and I would also get rid of mail in voting, same day registration/voting and early voting. That crap drives me nuts. Early voting- yeah right- make it easier for these thugs to vote in as many cities and counties as possible. Mail in ballots? Let’s just invite ACORN to go steal the ballots out of the mail, fill them in with the selectee and mail them back.
    Gives new meaning to vote early, vote often.
    All primaries on one day is an excellent idea! It would make it hard for them to vote in more than three or four states.
    Or regional primaries- N, S, E, W- with the regions rotating for first up. And all in one month dammit! This primary BS goes on and on and on and the second the 08 was over- the next cycle started. UGH

  193. Don’t you think people are getting tired of this “bend the arc” kind of rhetoric? How about some JOBS?? I’d like to bend a few arcs.

  194. actually, there WAS somebody more hassled: Muhammad Ali. He was forced to give up his title, held to his conscientious objector status and lived to fight another day, in the rink, where the rules were enforced and won the respect of a Boxing writer, Howard Cosell, who helped him show us his “Pretty” side. There isn’t a sweeter, more heroic guy than the Champ. And life continues to course through his veins so they can’t USE him.

  195. PMM, you express a sentiment held by many. But it is in travelling to every corner of this enormous country that a candidate sees what’s actually going down instead of what handlers and pollsters tell them. Unfortunately, though he has the biggest ears on the planet, the President simply has them for show, I guess. No hammer, anvil, stirrup or balancer. Just his own voice echoing his speechifications. Those well organized Obama Beer Bashes were even worse than the gamed caucuses.

  196. http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2011/08/rick-perry-2

    Recommend you read the two linked articles too.

  197. Really, it is increasingly more apparent that it doesn’t really matter what Obama says any longer. people just roll their eyes and know he’s an inept, full of shit liar. The only people who hoot for him are his die-hard sycophants. His audiences are screened to tne nines and opposition is kept miles away from wherever he goes. Where did we see that before? Oh yeah. Bush. The guy is a loser. But the Republicans can snatch defeat from victory by narrowing the ‘values’ of their candidate to the point of offensiveness to others who aren’t standing around speaking in tongues. That would be the Indys for sure and moderate democrats and plenty of other christians who know this sect for the sham it is. So it’s in their hands. If they can bring uppity out, they’ve achieved the ability to capture those votes they will need to win beyond their rabid right. We shall see.

  198. PEE ESSS…

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that pre-picked crowd of people he speaks to are given an “Applause” sign when needed, so that Bawaak can do his famous “Talk over the applause” with inspirational vigor full of bullshit. Applause moves this guy to a boner, no kidding. I’ll bet he gets an erection every time.

  199. And really, MLK must be rolling over in his grave for the shameless way this man compares his horrid self to him.

  200. imust, agree with you about Iowa & caucauses & primaries. Who is PawPaw?

  201. Pawpaw is polenta is pawlenty, socal.

  202. Thanks Uppity. I see, he just dropped out, now that Perry is in. Was Perry really a democrat?

  203. PawPaw made a huge mistake that says he doesn’t Learn. He Lazio’d Michele Bachman. For those of you who don’t know that perptetual loser, Rick Lazio, he’s the asshole who assaulted Hillary during their debate when she was running for senate. Lazio has run for just about everything since then except dog shit collector, and he still can’t get any women to vote for him. It was horrible. It made women bristle and remember that one pig who tried to force himself on them sometime in their lives. He will remain toast till he dies and somebody buries his ass facing down. Pawlenty made a HUGE mistake and he personally got Michele Bachman a thousand votes with that stunt he kept pulling in the debate. Even I was wincing and I don’t even care much for Michele. In analysis, if it is done honestly, this is one of the major moments that tanked Tim Pawlenty.

  204. Well enough reliable people from here say he was a Democrat. I don’t remember him but their word is good enough for me.

  205. Haha! Thats funny about PawPaw. He got what he deserved.

  206. Mayor Nutter is awesome. Wish Obama had half of one of his balls.

    “Starting this afternoon and continuing through this weekend, there will be a visible, increased police presence in Center City.

    “To the few who think they can get away with acting violently and disrespecting our city, you will be caught, and there are serious consequences. This weekend, the Philadelphia Police Department will strictly enforce the city’s current curfew law, which states that children under the age of 13 must be home by 10:00 p.m., and young people between the ages of 13 and 18 must be home by 12:00 a.m. There are penalties for minors and for parents who ignore this curfew.

    “I want to strongly encourage parents and guardians to be vigilant and to look out for their children this weekend. There is no excuse for young people to be able to participate in coordinated, violent behavior if parents are doing their job. It is your responsibility, not the government’s, to watch your kids.

  207. I just read something funny about Herman Cain. There’s a gossip site called dlisted written by a gay NYer that is sometimes screamingly funny & sometimes pretty nasty. Anyway, he had this up this morning about Herman Cain:

    “Herman Cain, the former head bitch in charge of Godfather’s Pizza and a Republican presidential candidate. Okay, before you crawl up into my asshole to eat the crazy out of me, I know nothing about Herman’s politics. Herman could want to raise the sales tax on lucite heels by 100%, rid the country of all Tweezers and believe that my gay soul will be doing shots off of Lucifer’s ass in the 10th circle (aka the VIP section) of Hell. I don’t know. But I do know that Herman knows who the true poets of this country are!

    During Herman’s closing statement at the Republican debate on Thursday night, he slipped in this gem that was a wink to the Pikachu constituency:
    “A poet once said, ‘life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it’s never easy when there’s so much on the line.'”
    The Daily Intel says that Herman’s camp claims the line was taken from the closing song at the 2000 Olympics. But the line is actually a lyric from the Donna Summer song “The Power of One” that was used in Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Need I say more? Any dude who sheds a tear when he sees a cake out in the rain and who is up in the polls in Pokémon Island is the right candidate for all of us!”

    He’s right btw, that silly line is from a Donna Summer song that was used in the Pokemon movie!!!! Am rolling here. Woke up the lazy teenagers with my laughter.

  208. Uppity, Perry was a Gore supporter from Wiki:

    In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat from district 64 that included his home county of Haskell. He served on the House Appropriations and Calendars committees during his three two-year terms in office. He befriended fellow freshman state representative Lena Guerrero of Austin, a staunch liberal Democrat who endorsed Perry’s reelection bid in 2006 on personal, rather than philosophical, grounds. Perry was part of the “Pit Bulls”, a group of Appropriations members who sat on the lower dais in the committee room (or “pit”) who pushed for austere state budgets during the 1980s.
    Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries as chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas.[16][17]
    In 1989, Perry announced that he was joining the Republican Party.[18] At one point, The Dallas Morning News named him one of the ten most effective members of the legislat

  209. Leave Herman alone! He’s solving world hunger single-handedly. This week.

  210. Whats he doing, is there a pizza special this week?

  211. socal he didn’t drop out because of perry. he dropped out because he was a bust.

  212. Santorum will drop out next. Well he won’t really drop out, just sink into obscurity where he belongs. He doesn’t have the money and won’t get the money to run seriously, since he isn’t a serious candidate to begin with. Mittens won’t drop out even if he doesn’t raise the funds, since he has more money than God and can float his own campaign. Neither of them will attack Bachmann, they are far too smart for that. They will just ignore her as if she is just an annoying little inconvenience. You watch. Then they will out fund her to the point of OMG, including finding ways to steal her own sponsors.

  213. Thanks imust. That explains a lot.

  214. Is Cain the military guy from Florida that goes after Obama from time to time?

  215. This writer thinks Perry really doesn’t care that much about RW social issues — all bark, litlle bite, she says.


  216. Uppity, Pokemon was this weird kid craze back in the 90’s. Really goofy. Thank God laker was never into it. It was a tv show, trading cards, games & movies. Ah me! I’m still cracking up, the guy quotes Pokemon & Donna Summer (a great singer btw, but still) & says his silly staff says its Olympics.

  217. never heard of her. Doesn’t matter. Romney will outsmart him. You watch.

  218. Mittens didn’t snub Iowa for no reason. He didn’t not sign those silly meddling Religiously juiced up pledges for nothing either. He’s pandering to the rest of the republican base and indys. He knows he doesn’t need them to show up if he can outsmart Obama in the competence department, which won’t be hard. He’s going to go for the fiscal conservative route.

  219. That whole thing about Perry being a bad student and publishing his grades is probably not even going to make a dent. But what really irks me is; can you imagine a WOMAN with grades like that running for prez??

  220. NES, just read your link. Well, I’m glad he’s just pretending to be a religious ritewinger; however, I notice in the post it says he signed a bill to make abortions more difficult & also signed a bill to make it easier for illegals to overcrowd the already overcrowded junior colleges. wtf? The junior college thing is a pet peeve of mine, since Calif does the same damn thing & its really hard to get into classes nowadays.

  221. Hell his grades are probably still better than the ones Obama is hiding.

    And yeah, a woman could NEVER get away with those grades. She would be skewered. But even if she had all A’s, she would be skewered anyways for something else.

  222. imust, good point. Also, my main beef about all of the conservatives is that they won’t do shit for us middle-classers & will never take on reforming wall st & the banks.

  223. “He knows he doesn’t need them to show up if he can outsmart Obama in the competence department, which won’t be hard. He’s going to go for the fiscal conservative route.”

    Sadly, that will have to be good enough for me

  224. Funny, Obama’s going for the Indy’s too. He’s got his base in a “where ya gonna go position”. But Romney doesn’t have that luxury. We know what happened in ’08 with the Repub base….they were a no-show.

  225. imust, Mccain lost the indy base, that is why he lost. he lost because he ran the worst, most useless and wussy campaign ever, even at the local level. I mean the guy was acting like a complete amateur and for SURE…a coward. here’s a guy who was a POW, took all kinds of shit, but was shrinking like a four year old before Obama and his skin. He was pathetic. McCain lost that one on his own. Obama’s popularity among the indys is bad. They don’t like him. Mostly they are fiscally conservative people and socially moderate. They will go with the R this time, unless it’s a real flake that scares them.

  226. socal, when it comes to fiscal conservativism, we don’t have a choice. Thanks to Obama’s careless spending and the waste monger he has been.

  227. FYI re: my comment about Herman Cain & Pokemon: Pikachu is a character in the Pokemon saga, and “cake out in the rain” is part of the the lyrics to the song MacArthur Park, which Donna Summers covered. I thought it was hysterical, but I guess you’d have to understand what he’s talking about.

  228. Also, my main beef about all of the conservatives is that they won’t do shit for us middle-classers & will never take on reforming wall st & the banks.

    But how has that differered from the so-called new democratic party?

  229. Upps, yes, you’re right about barky & his spendy policies, but I thought that McCain lost the religious ritewingers, the ones who voted for GWB twice.

  230. Yes texas is overrun with illegals. Their people are scared shitless. People who live near the border fear for their lives. Texas is big on not protecting their citizens from illegal aliens. unfortunately. Perry won’t be any better than obama on that one. Not sure what the others would do. You can never be sure because all the big boys benefit from overrunning the country with illegals. Cheap labor and nannies and gardeners. And votes. Lotsa votes if they all get amnesty.

  231. Oh, it hasn’t differed at all, its just what I want. The two parties are both corp owned & operated now. This election seems like a good time to vote 3rd party, to make a statement if nothing else.

  232. OMG John Smart is hilarious! Go see Obama Clamato.

  233. I don’t know Uppity, once again I have to disagree. Romney may go for the country club repubs and indys, but I really think he needs the far right base too. They’re the ones who get fired up, and get out the vote. Romney never got past 33% of the primary voters in 08. (except in MI, where his dad was gov or in heavily mormom states with caucuses).

  234. socal, mccain DID lose them, but the number of indys far outweight them. They are not that big. Just really loud and obnoxious.

  235. So, all you salespeople with a closing instinct, get set. The O can’t close and the ones who show up to vote this one out will have been closed, ’cause he hasn’t sold it, and too much competition makes a choice overwhelming. We need somebody to draw the “Ben Franklin Matrix” with a list on the left of reasons to vote for Obama, and a list on the right of reasons NOT to vote for Obama, hand ’em a pen and shut up.

  236. I just don’t think Romney can close the deal.

  237. imust, it seems a candidate can’t have both the right wing and the indys. And there are a LOT of democrats dying to get rid of obama. R’s need to take care not to scare them off. Obama’s charm came mostly from the independents. The movey onys are like the religious right (and just as mean!). They are loud but they can’t make a win happen when they start trolling to far to the left or right.

  238. UW, Jon Smart had me at 3:38

  239. I predict Perry will be very strong out of the chute. And then fizzle. Now I could be wrong, but then I could be right. It’s kind of like the hare and the tortoise thang.

  240. socal, the problem with our ‘third parties” is they run crackpots. The only thing acheived is one party benefits and one loses. Think Ralph.

  241. The Indys may be higher in number, but not in strength. The quality not the quantity. Perry has the mega church crowd and the southerners…..the Bubbas. If the economy continues to tank, which it will…more will be out of work and really angry. You can bet they’ll go to the polls.

  242. SWP I don’t even think we need to make a list. The trick is to make them want to show up. I am your prime example. I will not vote for a far right theocrat. Period. I will not vote for Obama. Period. So the question is, will I vote at all?

  243. or think that other Mr. All Ears, Ross Perot, whose good fortune it was to have Bill Clinton assimilate his issue and the Clinton/Perot synthesis proved a winner

  244. Uppity there’s a name for candidates who grab both the indys and the fundies they’re called “fusion candidates”, Reagan was an example of this type. Like Perry, he was a former Democrat.

  245. about making them want to show up; a closer will allow them to see how it serves their self-interest. Unlike when Pelosi-Reed strong-armed dems to save the Obama Presidency with a vote for Obama Care that cost them THEIR seats. A graphic which shows a very long list on either side is what weighs on their minds come election day. Right up and until they flip the dems the bird and push VOTE.

  246. Good point SWP, Clinton sucked up Perot. If Romney could do that….

  247. well those two have another thing in common. I don’t think either of them is (was) that bright. It’s just a matter of figuring out how much of what they say is just pandering and how much they really mean. I’ll use pro life as an example because it’s always in the wind during these campaigns. Bush was pro life, but he didn’t do much to harm roe v wade. In fact, he ended up shafting the far right plenty of times, much to my pleasure. So i will be looking at history. History tells the story about whether somebody is just blowing vote smoke or really means things. I recall Bush declaring that god was his “copilot”. Yet, I didn’t see him make any theocratic moves. So he was pandering.

  248. Trouble is…..Perry could merge Romney and Obama….much like “Obamney-care”…..that kind of thing could stick. I think Perry could blow Romney out of the water.

  249. Speaking of Perot, he was dead right about NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound of Jobs Leaving The Country”.

  250. I am not a romney fan. I think he’s slick. And that’s why I think he will be the candidate.

  251. I don’t think it was so much NAFTA, as it related to Mexico. Our biggest job killer is China. Trump talks about that a lot. It’s a point I agree with him on.

  252. imust Reagan had the LUCK to be running against Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut’s polls were dismal, unlike Obama who seems to be below 50 percent but amazingly still hanging on to the high 40s. Don’t ask me why.

  253. We’ve got slick right now. People will be looking for “real”. The old, who you want to have a beer with again. But JOBS, will be the key. Who can make the case that they can bring home the JOBS.

  254. Obama should be polling in the teens by now, since he has screwed simply EVERYBODY.


  256. Obomacare will be resolved by the supremes in the middle of the election season. How lovely. Because he’s gonna LOSE.

  257. But you’re talking the general. Reagan beat up, George HW Bush, Baker, and Dole in the Primary.

  258. In House polling probably shows he is.

  259. Regarding Obies numbers……Carter had Ted Kennedy beating him up . Nobody is primarying Obie.

  260. Well hell imust, baker, dole and old george were no contest. none of them had a personality worth a damned. But then neither does Romney, now that you mention it. lol.

    Must tend my garden. Internet is a waste of summer. Tomatoes are where it’s at, baby!

  261. I still predict romney ala hare and tortoise.

  262. The “Tea Party Downgrade” chorus of last week was a “WTF’s Going On?” moment with all the Up/Down/Up in the markets. Nobody who made any money kept it and everybody who lost it blames Obama. Even Rasmussen has taken to the air and is taking live calls, it’s getting that instantaneous as the worms turn http://www.wlsam.com/article.asp?id=152352

  263. No one is challenging him like they did Carter. Carter also had the hostage crisis drumbeat….

    In 1979 Jimmy Carter’s approval rating was at 54%. The following year Ronald Reagan trounced him in a landslide election.

    Jimmy Carter ended 1979 with 54% approval and was defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1980. Carter’s response to the Iranian hostage crisis, which was seen as weak, and a Democratic primary challenge by Sen. Edward Kennedy eroded confidence in his leadership.

  264. Okay, Uppity, I can’t argue with Folk Tales!

  265. Folk tales?
    Now theres no reason to be snotty to me imust. I’ll shut this fucking blog down if I can’t even have my own opinion any longer.

    People wanted to jump off of high buildings at the end of carter’s term. 1979 was not 1980. Carter was in deep doo doo. That’s why Tedward challened him.

  266. Geez Uppity. I was referring to the tortoise and the hare comment you made. You know, making a joke. But if you think that was an attack, then ask me to leave. What ever.

  267. Aw shit. you are not allowed to ever leave here. I told you that before. My uncle louie will come for you.

  268. I’m just sick of this blog tying my life. I really DO need the summer off, but suspect I may be addicted. Thus my bad temper.

  269. Okay let’s do this then. I think I’m right. If I am wrong, it will give me a dose of humility. It won’t be the first time. So let’s wager. I say Romney will be the candidate. Want to wager?

  270. I’ll bet the blog. It’s yours to do with as you please if I lose.

  271. Okay I’m not coming back till imust comes back. Blog wager stands to anybody who wants to take it. I don’t know why I come here anymore, I hardly ever have any fun.

  272. Garden! Tomatoes! I AM SOOOOOOO J!
    I am making up for it though- right now I have a pot of homemade onion soup on the stove and am getting ready to put an onion/bacon/feta tart in the over.
    With home made peach pie for dessert.

  273. How do we get rid of cloudflare or cloud fare or whatever it is. FWIW, I’ve got the Texas Observer piece up now.

  274. Yes, I’m going to make some PIE too. I feel like having some pie. It’s a good time for pie.

  275. Oh and for PMM (?) I think that’s the TX state capitol behind Perry in the cartoon.

  276. Fredster- thanks- I was SOOO confused lol. It looks governmental but there is a cross on top. Had me going there cuz I thought barky was running for Pope next not Perry.

  277. I had to look at it for a few minutes before I realized it.

  278. Good point on “fusion” candidates, imust. Yes, Reagan, too, was a former Dem.

  279. I’ll take the wager. I say it’ll be Perry as the nominee.

  280. “Obama who seems to be below 50 percent but amazingly still hanging on to the high 40s. Don’t ask me why.”

    WEll…not if ABC World News tonight was to be believed. They had Obama at THIRTY-NINE! Said the WH “internals” were causing deep concern.

  281. O/T (If PIE is EVER O/T?) “Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure. For 16 years, pie eating and making went underground until the Restoration leaders lifted the ban on pie in 1660.”

  282. BTW – I’ve been at Best Buys all day signing up Campaign Worker’s for Rick Perry for President. The place got really crowded after all the Fundi Churches in the area emptied out about 1pm.

    Also, I am now the State Chair. All it took was for me to SAY I wasn’t depressed when he spoke yesterday, and they grabbed me.

  283. I think Trump should Primary Obama from the Right! LOL!

  284. Sub-40 zone in the polls!!! Excellentt tidings, FF. THANKS for making my evening.

  285. It’s now Front Page on Drudge, NES

  286. Not sure which is Waffling more – the Administration or the Article.


    “….want him to maintain a pragmatic strategy of appealing to independent voters by advocating ideas that can pass Congress, even if they may not have much economic impact.”


    “The issue is being framed by the 2012 election. Administration officials, frustrated by the intransigence of House Republicans, have increasingly concluded that the best thing Mr. Obama can do for the economy may be winning a second term,…”

    And it gets better. Hope the link works.


    OH, the IRONY!!!!

    “”The remarks show the racist nature of the official even during Barack Obama’s presidency. This cannot be tolerated,” party national secretary D. Raja said.”

    EVEN DURING????? LOL. No bigger Racist has EVER been President, except maybe Wilson. And he was a misogynist too.


  288. It’s also ironic because Northern (as in, lighter-skinned) Indians think the same thing about Tamils. You want to meet real racism based on light-dark skin color, go to India or Pak.

  289. Uppity Woman, on August 14, 2011 at 2:01 AM said:

    He reads this forum all the time. Cracks him up. Says he wouldn’t want to be the only guy in the room with all you Uppityites.


    Advice for Mr. Uppity: Know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And Know when to runnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  290. FF, your links worked. That NY fish wrapper story sounded like they wanted to close the barn door after the horse got out. Most of the economic advisers have left, wonder who’s coming up with all of their great ideas. Maybe that’s been out sourced to China just like everything else.

  291. Hey Upps, I wanted to ask you about your cranberry beans. Are they the pole kind or the bush kind? A friend at work told me her mother uses them to make her refried beans. I’ve always used pintos, but she says cranberry beans are better. She called them “top shelf.” I’m getting ready to order seed for next years garden. There are many choices. True Red, Vermont, Dwarf Taylor. What do ya say?

  292. Full moon out tonight. That’s what’s going on…

  293. Wonderful post. Although I hear that Scotland could give Iowa a run for its money in the fired delicacies department.

    In helping my Mom catch up with the local news, I came across this little number a couple of Uppityvilles favorite topics – those deadly light bulbs and the ever present China connection.

    Cost of ‘greener’ lighting explodes as China dominates rare-earth supply:


  294. FF……………ROFLLLLMAO!!

    I thought that was you I saw when I drove by best buy earlier this evening!! How come you ignored Lorac on the bench???

    Biggest yawn of the day Pawlenty dropping out. That man can’t do anything but make people yawn no matter what he does. I don’t know much about him and perhaps he was a good Governor….but he is very forgettable.

  295. How come you ignored Lorac on the bench???

    I wasn’t. She was ignoring me while trying to decide what present to buy Uppity.

  296. I stole this from Rev. Amy- gosh darn it some people are so clever- she stole it from her niece-

    “Dr Seuss? 2011 – I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam. I do not like these dirty crooks, or how they lie and cook the books. I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals. I do not like ex-speaker Nan, I do not like this ‘YES WE CAN’….I do not like this spending spree, I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free. I do not like their smug replies, when I complain about their lies. I do not like this kind of hope. I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope !!”

  297. That’s great Mom! Really good. And SO apropos of the Obama Administration….vis a vie vis the Juvenile way they govern.

    Off to sit in the garden and drink my coffee.

    Ooops. Too early to type.

  298. because I know that you all love Donna Brazile as much as I do:


  299. Uppity mentioned the need to pass the ERA:

    Value Inequality – from earnings, retirement and even after death do us part.

    Social Security Checks are not Created Equal

    Why do men get a fatter social security check than women?” When it comes to social security, men and women are not created equal. Equal pay has been the law since 1963, yet almost 48 years later women are still paid less than men – even when we have similar education, skills and experience.

    The financial challenges for women are great. Eighty percent of men die married and eighty percent of women die alone. Because women out live men, women will need more income to retire on than a man. So why do women still make 32 cents less per hour than men? This wage gap costs the average American full-time woman worker between $700,000 and $2,000,000 over the course of her lifetime, according to economist Evelyn Murphy, president of the WAGE Project. That is not even taking into account the effect this will have on their social security check!


  300. Don Queen Brazile – still cooking with grease and trying to stick him up everyone’s rear for four more years? She needs to complete that sex change.

    “The country is looking for President Obama to take control over the economic crisis”

    He did. We want him to let it go and get out.

    “His cabinet can play a role in swaying public opinion”

    We’re swayed – he’s got to go.

    “He should use his executive power to affect fiscal policy”

    Has has, he did, we’re screwed.

  301. Hilarious responses to Brazile, WhyNot!

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