Open Thread Monday because the other one is too long


If someone has a post, go ahead and change this. I’m working most of the day anyway.


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  1. I left my eye glasses at a cafe so I am temporarily blind. With the cost of things today it is such a relief that they found them and are holding them for me.

    The corn dog post is a classic. Uppity put all those republican pols into boxes just like the adorable kitteh up above.

    Up Rocks!

  2. It was a great post Karen – but at 308 comments, including Video – it was taking forever to reaload. Hope Uppity doesn’t mind.

    Glad you have your glasses

  3. ROFL! I just gave Kozmoe a new box yesterday. Well not really a “new” one- I recycle his boxes. When he gets bored with the current box I bang out the dust, put it in the closet and take out one of his “old” ones. He thinks it is new. lol
    And if I put a plastic grocery bag in it- hoo boy! Kitty heaven!

  4. cute kitteh!!! 🙂

  5. The granddads are getting in on the act. These punks need to think twice about going after “the elderly.”

    A robber messed with the wrong man in Florida on Thursday night. 63-year-old, 5-foot-7 Fred Kemp used a foot sweep and a rear naked choke to disarm a robber who pointed a gun at Kemp and his wife.

    Maybe we can send some of these folks to England and teach them how to deal with the ruffian hooligans?

  6. Go gramps!

  7. Vindicated! Or am I psychic?
    “What Double Dip? Americans Say the Recession Never Ended”
    So when do we get to the part where they admit we are in the 2nd Great Depression? Dec 2012?
    And more psychic revelations- have we not been saying this for going on two years now?
    “New High: 93% Say They’re Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago”

    Well DUH dammit! I am beginning to believe the pollsters do not actually call anybody- they just read the posts and comments here- and publish the results a year or two later.
    Though it could be we are just smarter than the average bear.

  8. Tethered to the house today. Handyman, plus waiting for Boy’s gait trainer to be delivered. Gonna be a heck of a MOnday.

  9. Yup, Mom, you’re psychic

  10. Has Zero started his B.S. Bus Tour yet?!? I know you’ll all be following it closely.

  11. Gallup has O down to 39% job approval. First time below 40.

  12. Good tidings, gumsnapper. Now that he’s broken the sub-40-floor, I predict he’ll continue on a downward trajectory.

  13. imust, I was looking for that link you posted at JWS’s today — the one on Perry and his hostility to social security, et al. You should post that here as well. Pretty please.

  14. Isn’t it raaayyyyyyyycist for the Dems not to primary Obama now that he’s fallen into the sub-40 polling zone. Any white Dem prez would’ve been primaried. They’re treating O differently because he’s black. Where’s Sharpton?!! Where’s the outrage?!! Bring out the race-PC-police?!! Give the O the dignity of being primaried when he deserves it, dammit!!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks Mom. Unc Jay is brilliant, as always.

  16. You UW, I did it, I recovered everything! Thanks for the info, with out you, I would not have been able to do it!

  17. saw this at crawdad hole

  18. Unc Sam — Great to see you again.
    Say, I’m curious about what the rednecks think of Perry. They like him, right? What’s your view of him? Will he do for the RW-base?

  19. Uncle Sam – sorry you were in moderation. I just got in from the vet. Angel has a $1000.00 surgery tomorrow. I am a little shell-shocked. BAD uterine infection that manifested Saturday night. She is having a full hysterectomy. I’m pretty worried. She’s 11-1/2. But I trust my vets with every bone in my body. This is gonna hurt financially, as I have some real big deal med stuff to do too in 2 weeks and house insurance is due – but there is NO WAY I wouldn’t do it for her unless Doc told me it was more bad for her than helpful. Bottom line – I don’t do it and she dies.

    Sigh. Murphy’s Law. Get a big job – get big bills to take it all away.

  20. Hahahahaha, helenk, that was most enjoyable.

  21. LOL – Drudge has a head line with Obama getting on his Bus

    “Magical Misery Bus Tour”

  22. “Magical Misery Bus Tour”


  23. FF, so sorry to hear about Angel. I’m sure she’ll pull through though.

  24. How the Democrats think: (this is getting more and more twisted)

    Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Chair of DNC) about Governor RIck Perry to CBS Face the Nation (Aug. 14, 2011) –
    “…It’s extremely difficult for him to deserve credit for that job creation when you have rising gas prices that created oil jobs that he had nothing to do with, when you had military spending as a result of two wars that created military jobs that he had nothing to do with, when you have the Recovery Act championed by President Obama that created jobs in Texas that he had nothing to do with…..So it is way overblown to suggest that the job creation in Texas is squarely on the shoulders of his policies….”

    So, let me get this straight:

    The rising gas prices created more oil jobs? For who, the CEO Accountants? And even though OBAMA has a moratorium on Off-Shore oil drilling?


    The Military Spending from BUSH’S WAR – the War Candidate Obama vilified – has created Military Jobs.

    and the “Recovery Act” “championed by” Obama has created (or saved) ALL the other jobs in Texas for the past 11 years. Including all those (not) shovel ready ones that weren’t?

    I see.

    So, if i read this right, Obama wants gas prices to continue to rise so there will be more jobs. Obama wants to continue the wars so there will be more jobs.

    Obama wants another “Recovery Act” to create MORE “Shovel Ready” projects in Texas with another Stimulus that will put is further into debt.

    Good. The Obama Democrats in a nutshell.

  25. Aw, FF, I’m sorry to hear Angel is hurting, and I know what you mean about helping her at all costs. SO long as he can fix it, she will reward you as I am sure she has rewarded you many times during your time together. She’ll do fine. Poor baby, that’s gotta hurt.

    Thanks for putting up a new thread.


    John, you are welcome. You know I am always at your service with it comes to the computer and stuff like that. Glad you got through it, and see…you are smarter than you think you are about this stuff. And hey, I’m not too dumb myself for one o dem broads, eh?


    Now, I wonder if I buy imust a present if she will come back. I suppose it will have to be an expensive one though. Dayum.


    We have a tree down and it’s not pretty. It’s no small tree either. One of thos hundred year old numbers and what a mess. Now I have to figure out a way to get rid of it without paying some thieving tree guy a zillion bucks. I’m thinking of offering up some firewood. As in enough firewood to sink the queen mary.

  26. Thanks NES – it’s pretty worrisome. And she really isn’t feeling well.

  27. I see Bawaak is finally polling in the direction he deserves to travel. Sweet.

  28. Ups, thanks.

    Is the tree a hardwood? Bet you can offer “Discount Firewood. You Earn It – You Burn It”

  29. Didn’t get the details, but heard there was another big Ground Beef Recall for meat dated through the first week in August. Publix, Winn-Dixie and someplace else carried it. E-Coli. Same thing Angel may get if not treated right away.

  30. I am SO close to becoming Vegetarian. I really could do it easily. Almost.

  31. Ouch on the tree Uppity! (I saw imust over at John Smart’s- no I am NOT a stalker lol) Tell her if she comes back I will make her a peach pie of her own and throw in a jar of the peach salsa I am making. lol

    FF- sorry about the Angel. ANd yes there was another big beef recall.
    “Winn-Dixie Stores Inc., Publix Super Markets Inc. and Kroger Co. announced the recalls mainly in the southeastern U.S. and said they stem from problems at the National Beef Packaging Co. of Dodge City, Kan.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Friday that National Beef was recalling more than 60,000 pounds of beef after the Ohio Department of Agriculture found the bacteria during routine testing.

    The recalls affect products sold mainly in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee, but the meat was sent to several distributors and could have been repackaged for consumers and sold nationwide.”

    Our old friend e-coli. ANd I see that the Ohio people found it- though the article says the stuff was sold “mainly” down south. And here I thought my husband was the only person who thought OH was south of PA. I better go back to school and retake that class about the Mason/Dixon line.

  32. Nah the pie would only work on karen. Any food stuff works on Karen.

    I know about the recall. It’s in Florida and I am hoping FF offers to take those evangelicals out for a burger.

    FF what’s the sense of becoming a vegetarian. Veggies are recalled just as much as meat is now.

  33. Yup FF, it’s a whole section of a three prong oak, the size of a tree all by itself.. Very old. And that is exactly what I am going to do. It’s a whole tree from a three prong tree, so there’s a lot of wood there. I’ll be damned if I am going to pay a hauler big bucks to take it so HE can sell it. I’m going to give it away. It’s huge. LOTS of wood. Thank God I have some land because it fell nowhere near the house or I would be dead. I’d say the section is a good 40 feet if not more.

  34. Veggies are recalled just as much as meat is now.

    I know – and based on some salads I have had lately, it’s a wonder I am alive.

    Maybe I’ll settle on Rice Chex.

  35. I’m checking out all the polls. Barack is going to have to kill Osama Bin Laden again.

  36. LL Uppity. And I don’t put it past him. After all – we never saw the “other” Osama…..

  37. That’s why I grew my own lettuce this summer.

  38. Thank heavens the rabbits didn’t find me.

  39. NES – I just sent you a note but it was returned. WHAAAAAA

    Drop me a mail and let me make sure I have the right address.

    It’s important.

  40. Gotta run to the store for some stuff for dinner. Back in a few.

  41. Barack’s Brother Love Traveling Salvation Show.

  42. Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow show

  43. UW,

    Love Yoga Cat. What position is that? Obviously not Downward Facing Dog.

  44. Was this part of Perry’s “texas miracle” or whatever he calls it? Neat way to help balance the budget.

  45. Does anybody have a CNN to English translator? Cuz this article makes no sense- must be written in some kind of code

    Barack Obama’s base is behind another term for the president, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll.
    But of those losing faith, the poll reveals that moderate Democrats are more likely than liberals to say the party should nominate someone else and younger Democrats are more likely to favor a new nominee than those who are older.

    Margin of error 4.5% Geez it gets harder every day for them to keep supporting him.

  46. PMM: I thought it odd the that the liberal wing of the party is okay with him but the more moderate wing says get someone new. same for the *younger* Dems being in favor of a new nominee. I thought that was his base.

  47. Fredster- left me wondering who they think the base IS? Or did they forget Donna Brazile said we are no longer welcome? Oh I see now- the more moderate wing- that would be us- the BASE- the ones Donna Brazile said were no longer needed cuz she got herself some new coalition.
    Wonder how that’s gonna work out for them? Both D and R parties- as Uppity says- have been hijacked by the extremes. Moderates are not welcome.
    As for the young- fickle bunch anyway. Off to whatever bright shiny new object attracts their attention at the moment. Even Obama girl forgot to vote did she not?

  48. Fred = that Texas LEAP Program thing sucks. But I imagine many states do similar thievery. Not letting him off the hook by a long shot, as I believe he would have to sign any legislation changing the goals of the Program – ie – a NEW Bill….however, if it is like SS, it really was never in a “Lock Box” but was part of the General Fund. I betcha it was the same way there, they just changed the allocation. Same thing they are trying to do with SS with no change in Legislation (ie, a New Bill)

  49. And who would know more about the electability of a handsome “rascal” than WJC.

  50. FF so sorry to hear about Angel. I hope everything goes well tomorrow and recovery is uneventful.

    I can relate to the unexpected high vet bills. I swear before he dies my bichon will truly be the million dollar dog!

    UW, so glad that huge tree didn’t hit your house!!!!!! Maybe if you put an ad on Craig’s list about free firewood, people will come and take it.

  51. “Outside on the sunny pavement, the president worked a line of about two dozen handpicked guests”

    I THOUGHT this was a listening tour = a TAX PAYER FUNDED Listening tour. How do you have “hand picked guests” on the sidewalk at a TAX PAYER FUNDED listening tour.

    This guy needs the Hatch Act thrown at him big time.

  52. No kidding about the Hatch Act. He’s making us pay for his bullshit campaigning tour, who the H does he think he’s kidding. Listening Tour? Obama listening? That would be a First.

  53. Somebody should find out if he’s hand picking audiences too. That would be the end of that. It ain’t a “listening” tour if you only allow your echo in. It’s an Obama campaign stop instead.

  54. Thanks Somebody. She really is lethargic today. Has me worried. She’s been with me since she was 11 months old.

    Also, this came on SO fast. Friday evening she was bopping around with Timmeh the Chihuahua boyfriend and Saturday afternoon late she was a mess.

  55. Somebody should find out if he’s hand picking audiences. That would be the end of that.

    See my post

  56. FF she probably has a fever. Just hug her. She’ll be fine once the vet takes care of it. Is she on antibiotics? That would make her listless too.

  57. Yeah I saw that he has some sycophants on the sidewalk for hand kissing. I want to know if the whole damned crowd is hand picked.

  58. that moderate Democrats are more likely than liberals to say the party should nominate someone else and younger Democrats are more likely to favor a new nominee than those who are older.

    No. Actual Democrats want somebody else. Regressives don’t. The New Democrats who aren’t and never were. And as for the young pissants, they gave us this mess. I hope they are all unemployed.

  59. Yea Ups, they gave her a shot of the “Big Guns” antibiotic (my vet’s words) and I know that makes her groggy. I’ve been on the floor with her for a while.

  60. AnnE, you’ll have to ask Hayward about the cat yoga position.

  61. This cat isn’t shy about telling people what he thinks about yoga.

  62. OH ROFL! HE IS SUCH A WIMP! Look at this pic! I work in 100 degree heat ALL DAY many days and he pulls out a FOLDED hankie and pats.


    Use your sleeve!

  63. No kidding on the Hatch Act, FF. The gall of it — having a campaign event on our dime when we wish nothing less than an abjectly-humiliating electoral defeat!

  64. GMTA Upps, I just posted an almost identical comment (Hatch Act) in reponse to FF’s…and then I saw yours!

  65. FF: We have that in AL and in Louisiana but it is a *voluntary* thing. Wonder what would happen if the good residents of Texas paid their utility bill *minus* the one dollar? If they were to cut off someone’s power just because of that it would sure make the news.

  66. Whether people want him to win OR lose NES, you know a Campaign Event with the Taxpayer’s Money is illegal as hell.

  67. WUSS is right! That’ll be the election-after-pic too.

  68. I bet he doesn’t hear one damn word from anyone who isn’t licking his shoe.Even if they are unemployed, it will be some evil Republican who made them lose their job before Obama saved it.


  69. Fred, I think they should withhold the dollar.

  70. It’s an Egomaniac’s Echo Tour.

  71. He doesn’t give a crap if he’s in violation of the Hatch Act. He has gotten away with worse in 2008. He just waits till he gets nailed, and then reimburses. Otherwise, he tries to get away with it. That’s how he rolls. Nobody is going to do a thing to him. He’s president and, since he’s a chicago thug, he’s going to pirate anything he can and just reimburse where he can’t. He’s been plundering the entire country with his friends for nearly three years.

  72. I’m telling you I have a whole file of wussy pics of this guy I have to post some day. He’s a pansy, pure and simple.

  73. FF just keep some water near where she’s sleeping so she doesn’t have to move anymore than necessary. It’s painful, probably.

  74. Holy Chit! I posted the free wood thing on a local site less than an hour ago and two clowns emailed me already. Man, life must be really tough. I wish the rest of that damned tree would fall too.(In a convenient spot of course). I already had one leg of it come down a few years ago and it just missed my garage. I was hoping it would have at least done some damage so I could call the insurance company. I thnk it’s partially uprooted or something. Why else would it be falling over in pieces. Well, at least I won’t have to pay a tree thief to cut it up, haul it away, and then sell it for firewood.

  75. Well done on the tree thing Uppity. Hope those guys can make a few bucks on it, since Electricity Prices Will Necessarily Skyrocket and all…

  76. More power to them, FF!

  77. OK gang. Off to go cook early. Doing a pork tenderloin on the grill with new potatoes and portobellos. BBL

    and thanks for all your well-wishes for Angel.


  78. Sorry to hear about the tree, UW. Watch your head!

  79. Didn’t this joker already give us a robot (with that viral vid.)?!!??– the historical first Robotic President!

  80. Oh yessssss, Upps…please DO post wussy pics of ‘our’ prez.

  81. Not to worry NES. I’m not getting near that tree. I will supervise from a respectable distance though. Heh. If I got hit by that tree, my carbon footprint would definitely be Nil.

  82. UW,

    Thanks for the Yoga cats. Too Funny. My Maine Coon is styling my hair as I type.. Yeah, Don King Kitty Hair!

  83. Bite your tongue, Upps!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Rendell thinks Hillary in ’16:
    Of course if he had real cojones, he’d implore her, publicly, to primary O now.

  85. FF: Hope your little one is better soon.

  86. NES: That might be a shot across the bow to HRC to *not* consider stepping in for 2012.

  87. You think, Fredster. I don’t know…Rendell has been a strong Hillary-person even though he eventually went over to O (but, she did too).

  88. The MSM-O-Fluffers have begun their mindless Perry-is-dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks drum-beat.
    Yep, he shurrrrre is dumb (LIKE A FOX):

  89. Reportedly, Perry really fills the crotch of his pants. Bammy is gonna be so J!

  90. So true on on how he’ll roll on this bus tour fraud. If anyone has the cojones to find him in violation, he’ll just pay a fine. Like he did for all those blatant campaign-finance-law violations in ’08. He’s really a piece of work.

  91. NES-eh, it crossed my mind. Rendell kept saying 2016 and emphasizing Obie’s reelection. I could be wrong and reading too much into it.

  92. Vivian, I saw your comment in the other thread about the cranberry beans. I used Vermont Cranberry Beans. They grew about six feet tall or so and you do have to support them as they get taller, so they don’t fall over. Here’s a shot of the plants for you.:

    When removed from their pod, they look like this:


  93. NES: Google Perry A&M pictures. I saw some somewhere. Can’t see a filled crotch but I heard/read the same thing somewhere.

  94. Well hey I appreciate a good package as much as anybody.

  95. I think Rendell is doing the Talking Point thingy to keep people where they want them. It’s what they all do once they are forced to follow the duck..

  96. Hey, there are many ways to one’s heart, Upps. Perhaps The Perry Package will be it for you.


    Package not in evidence. But, sooooo gaaaaaayyyyy.

  98. heck NES, you seen one you seen em all.

  99. Facing falling enrollment, the school had begun admitting women

    Hey Billy Bob! We needs us some more o dem dere too ishuns! I guess we gonta hafta gits stuck with sum broads.

  100. Maybe he could pose nekkid for Cosmo like scottie brown. If you’re a republican, it’s not filth, it’s art or something, and nobody hardly even blinks about it. Ask Scottie.

    “When he finally won elective office his senior year — he’d been prohibited from doing so before because of scholastic probation — it was thanks to the votes of his fellow cadets. ”
    Ok then. Lots of people screw up in their youth. I MIGHT let that s;ide.

    As far as his buddy supposedly intimidating a bunch of bikers by eating live crickets- I call BS. Oh wait- maybe he’s talking about those AARP types on the Goldwings. He surely did not intimidate any Hell’s Angels, Outlaws or Rumpot Rustlers eating crickets. Those guys would eat college pukes for lunch lol.

  102. If you’re a republican, it’s not filth, it’s art or something, and nobody hardly even blinks about it.

    Unless you’re a woman. Oh wait- women who run for office generally think ahead and don’t do nudie shots while in college. They are too busy actually attending classes and getting A’s.

  103. Having some laughs at the expense of Aggies is de rigeur.

  104. Okay, he’s dumb as a brick. But hey, he’s cute and can smooth talk. That makes him at least as good as Bawaak, right? But mercy his grades were dismal. Is T A&M one of those schools that let all the rejects in? I mean you saw the article. They had ot let wimminz in for tuition money. Otherwise, they STILL wouldn’t be letting them in.

  105. No Mom. If you’re a guy it was a youthful indiscretion. If you’re a woman, you’re a whore.

  106. Hey whatever happened to Scottie For President! I guess he went the same place as Bobby Jindal.

  107. Scottie pissed off the RW by siding with O too often; also, by playing B-Ball with him.

  108. Yup- Ho-ahs. All us wimminz is ho-ahs. That’s why the menz tries to gitz as many as they can. The moah ho-ahy lookin the better. Look at Newt- he gets older and the wives get younger and younger.

  109. Hey- I forgot to ask- how many wives have perry and mittens had? Have they each had at least two? Did they marry and marry again?

  110. True that, Upps. On the other hand, as you said, a ‘good package’ is never beyond appreciation (a la Daniel Craig emerging from the sea).

    I wonder if Bam will have a secret crush on Cowboy Perry; a Brokeback Mtn. fantasy….

  111. Daniel Craig emerging from the sea

    Ah well that was different.

  112. Upps Upps Upps…your former school-TEACH slip is showing. Just ‘cuz he bombed at school is no reason to say he’s “dumb as a brick.” Politically, he seems to be sharp-as-a-tack. The nice thing is that Bam and his campaign will underestimate him, big time; which is, reportedly, when Perry does really well.

  113. I hear tell Perty has a very cool wife and she doesn’t take any bullshit.

  114. Mittens wife is probably home tending the ranch. She considers herself lucky she’s his only wife.

  115. Too bad for Newt he has more chins than he has had wives. I think this is his last wife hurrah.

  116. NES Scottie didn’t just piss the RW off. Scottie bullshitted them, the fools.

  117. Nope, Mom. Both Perry and Mittens are still married to their high school sweethearts.

  118. Yes, Anita Perry is nobody’s fool.

  119. I can sense lorac’s disapproval with all this ‘package’ talk.

  120. Heh. I don’t think he looks gay at all. Honestly.

    But Americans are gonna love them some guy in knee boots with a SWORD and a Needle Nose.

    Put them right up there together….next to the Bamster tokin’ on the joint with that creepy Panama hat thingie.

    Bet that will be done by morning. I know if I had photoshop on this computer, I would do it right now!

  121. Yeah FF, but he’s white. Running against barack is Rayyyyycissssssst.

  122. Uppity @ 7:59

    OH GOD! MY EYES!!!!!

    WHY is it that men always hold their dicks?!?!?

  123. Still think we need the side-by-side. Commander in Chief. Commander in Cheat.

    What’s a typo between Pols? Eh?

  124. “When you listen to what the Federalists said about the Anti-Federalists, and the names that Jefferson called Hamilton and back and forth — I mean those guys were tough,” Obama said. “Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me. So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.”

    From one of Obama’s bus-tour speeches. (Don’t forget to pre-order your box-set.)
    The former school-TEACHes here can grade him on the following formulation: “…they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.”

  125. ACK! Who was that fugly guy “adjusting” himself?
    FF- that is the 65,000 question. Never could figure it out- and they ALL do it. As soon as you take off the diaper to change them- ZAP! goes the hand. Like magnets.


    Doesn’t he realize what a dunce he looks like — talking about putting out “a plan” a month from now (after his vacay)?

  127. One of my top-ten favorite shots, Upps. Thanks.

  128. Oh yeah, of course Mom wouldn’t like him — no beard, no long hair, no horse…. That’s Daniel Craig, Mom — James Bond.

  129. Wait, I caught his schtick and he says he’s coming up with a plan for IDEAS for jobs. IDEAS are NOT jobs. Obviously some academic is writing up the “plan’.

  130. Yes, great idea on the side-by-side, FF.
    I’m glad you don’t think he looks gaaaaaayyyy. I was afraid that might prove off-putting to people.
    Now, mind you, our mcnorman swears he was caught with his hands on a male office aide, and that Anita’s had him by the short-and-curlies ever since. But, I’ll let mcnorman confirm that bit o’ Texshhhhhuss gossip.

  131. Mom, the only reason he had a hand on himself was I wasn’t there.

  132. Listening Tour? Obama listening? That would be a First.

    Historic and unprecedented.

  133. Eeeeowwwwwwww Upps!!!!! Naughty, naughty. You’ll send Mom screaming outta here… to find her lunge whip.

  134. I keep thinking of that youtube The Nut Bra. Of course I can’t post it here . and of course you couldn’t go to youtube an search for the title or anything.

  135. I know. I know. I’m in trouble now. But it was still worth it.

  136. It’s rough being heterosexual these days. I feel so alone.

  137. You know, he’s the president and he lets his pissant staff ride over him. They told him they needed a month to come up with some bullshit. He should have said, give me something in three days or pack your shit up.

  138. He is SO Presidential….

    From: Henry, Ed

    Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 07:28 PM

    Subject: urgent: Drama over Tea Party at Obama Town Hall

    –at the end of the town hall in Decorah, Iowa, a man stood up and started yelling – possibly off mike but I was standing there and heard with my own ears – “how can you bring people together when your Vice President is calling members of the Tea Party terrorists?” this ended up sparking a spat over the Tea Party and birthers

    –at first the President tried to shut the first man down by saying that the man had not raised his hand and there were others waiting to ask last question

    –but then a second younger man who was called on to ask a question referenced the Tea Party and partisan brawls, so the President said he would be willing to talk to the first man with the Biden question after the event

    –but then the President got fired up and said, “in fairness since I have been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country” all because “I passed a health care bill”. The President added, “I’m all for lowering the rhetoric” because of that

  139. Well NES you and Ups can have him. And the James Bond movies if that is what they are resorting to nowadays. If I HAVE to have a modern, younger guy I’ll take the one that played Legolas.
    Still- that guy that plays Gibbs on NCIS is good looking. The younger one that is always making the sexist remarks? Tony? I wouldn’t give him the time of day- just not good looking imo.

  140. Well, in all fairness Uppity – when you name your blog “Uppity Woman” chances are you will attract a lot more women then men. Heh.

    Therefore, I see it as a self-inflicted situation. One many GAY women would kill for! LOL

  141. He really is STUPID. DUMB stupid.

    ““in fairness since I have been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country” all because “I passed a health care bill”.“I’m all for lowering the rhetoric”

    So we see.

    And another thing – that’s not why you were accused of being born someplace else.


  142. Oh good god — more “ideas”???!!! Typical b.s.

  143. Really FF??!!!!! OMG, the man never ceases to amaze me (and not in a good sense).

  144. Also, you’re more likely to attract gay men with the UW name.

  145. I can’t believe he thinks that that’s why he was accused of being born elsewhere. The meme of his being foreign-born had, and has, resonance only because he exudes dislike of this country and people have never before experienced an US-hating US president.

  146. Ah but NES! He can ride and soothe a horse and can he handle a bow or what? Long, tall and lean! Of course he is my second choice anyway. I said if I HAVE to have a young modern guy…….

    Just picked this link up at John Smart’s- warming Mother Jones article- but valid points.

  147. Aha, Mom, …that’s more like it.

  148. First day back from vacation, middle child had jury duty. She dutifully goes, gets put in the jury box and is stricken by the defense attorney. As an American and a lawyer, I have a hard time explaining to her that she was stricken because she was a young white college student in a predominately African American city. “But all the other people were trying to get out of it and I never raised my hand on any of the questions and I was in the jury and then they just got rid of me for no reason…” Now, she has to go back to college on Saturday and has lots to get done by then, so she did not really want to be on a jury, but it kinda made her mad. Made me mad as well, she would have been
    ‘fair’ to the utmost, because she respects the responsibility of U.S. citizenship and yet she was kicked to the curb.

  149. See NES- I like the little mustache and the dark hair better than the movie blond. lol

  150. Honora- tell your daughter I thank her for her righteous attempt to fulfill her civic duty. I have been called for jury duty and been stricken on a challenge from the defense both times. Both cases involved abusive guys. Can’t imagine why I was stricken…….

  151. PMM– Thanks for reading and commenting on my rant! She is a great kid, a real keeper. 😉

  152. I will make a shameful admission about jury duty. I am a veteran jury duty dodger. Before the law stated that everyone must serve, my employer got me out of it. Since the change in law, I’ve figured it out myself. I get called every four years, without fail. Now I don’t know how they decide who to call every four years, but it sure isn’t fair and equal. MOST of the people I know do NOT get summons at all, much less every four years. Me? Every four years like clockwork. I resent this. In a very big way. The thought of sitting through a trial for days or weeks on one of those fair to partly cloudy chairs when I could be doing something else just absolutely puts me in a coma. I might consider more of my civic duty if my figurative balls weren’t busted every goddamned four years while the VAST majority of my friends are never pestered. I also find the summons, the court and the system REALLY RUDE. Like I am dog shit and had better Hop To. That alone is enough to piss me off. So, each time I get a summons, I check my calendar for the next big holiday that falls within the time limit I have in which to “reschedule”. I reschedule for the week before 4th of July usually, because I generally get called in late April. If Easter falls within the time frame, that’s even better. This ensures I will never have to even go in to the court house, because the judges and lawyers are ALL HYPED UP FOR A LONG HOLIDAY and don’t want to start anything big till after they get back. For decades, I have done this and I have not had to appear once in that time. So if the system wants this gal to serve then they had best stop taking week long holidays and take the obligatory Monday Off like the rest of the damned world.(and then they complain about case overload and how they need more judges and court employees).

  153. Uppity- I can’t figure it out either- I was called twice when living in MA- but never here. Hubby was never called in MA- but was called and served once here. Not telling. We are both registered voters and both have driver’s licenses. I know a LOT of people who will not register to vote because they believe that is how they get your name for jury duty. No telling how the system really works.
    Hey- maybe we can get rid of some of the acorn voters if we convince them they will get called for jury duty.
    Oh never mind- they will all think they are going to get sequestered in cushy hotels with room service and “pay-per’view”

  154. In Baltimore City, we get called every year. It has something to do with the number of trials vs. the number of people signed up to vote!! UGH!! Actually, my daughter told me that they made a point today of saying that the law had changed and that now Maryland uses driving records instead of voting records, because so many people were willing to give up their right to vote to avoid jury duty.

  155. I have been called for jury duty and been stricken on a challenge from the defense both times.
    During the past 15 years or so, I have been on jury duty for a total of 24 months. I have been on one jury. So your daughter shouldn’t loose hope.

    One time, I was asked by the defense atty if I thought it was possible for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime. Me: “Yes”….Atty: “How could that happen?’…Me: “Well of the several hundred people freed from death row or long prison terms by DNA evidence, review of the trial records revealed significant misconduct by the prosecution in 75% of the cases.”

    Well that woke up the judge and defense atty.

  156. Mom, when I had to start picking a jury for my brother’s wrongful death case, I was horrified at the pool. It was simply pathetic. I wouldn’t have hired these people to wash my car much less make intelligent decisions. The only person out of one day’s entire pool I wouldn’t have minded having on the jury knew who I was, so he was out. So, in order to have such a pathetic pool, others must have figured out what I’ve figured out.

    If I were sequestered I would lose my mind. I could never stand for that.

  157. SHV- I bet you did get their attention lol!
    Uppity- some things should have some kind of competence test. We administer tests for driver’s license- but anybody can vote or serve on a jury. Drives me crazy!

  158. Well, in all fairness Uppity – when you name your blog “Uppity Woman” chances are you will attract a lot more women then men. Heh.

    Therefore, I see it as a self-inflicted situation. One many GAY women would kill for! LOL

    I will concede to your analysis. If I had named myself Happy Homemaker, I probably would have attracted more hetero men, most of whom i wouldn’t give the time of day with their own watch. And women would run from the blog like their hair was on fire.

  159. K- I am off for the night- gotta gear up and start getting ready for fair! Jam and salsa tomorrow and Wed. Pie, bread and cookies Thurs and Fri.

  160. Speaking of Uppity Woman, do you early regulars remember when most people thought I was a man posing as a woman. I recall one guy saying, “You write like a man”. WTF was that all about?


  162. Pork chop on a stick

    Fried Butter on a stick

    Fried Twinkie (dear god!)

    Corn dog

  163. You don’t write like a man UW???? No way. In my opinion you park like a man…..backing in, but whatevs.

    Those “food” items and I use the term loosely are disgusting. Butter on a stick??? Fried Twinkie?? BARF!

  164. I also didn’t know that Perry has attended Bilderberg meeting(s) and is endorsed by them (supposedly).

  165. Jane he attended and has said so, but I don’t know that they have endorsed him. I don’t believe they’ve ever officially endorsed anyone.

    I agree with you his attendance is troublesome. The truth is probably every recent President and party nominee has had meetings with the Bilderbergs, we just didn’t hear about it. I’m not saying that makes it right, just saying money talks.

  166. FF, I love the cat in the box. I hope you don’t mind if I steal it for my desktop pic. So sorry to hear about your poor Angel. That’s you baby, I know it’s breaking your heart. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for the both of you.

  167. Upps, thanks for the beans.

    Here in Norfolk, jury duty is every two years, I think they like me, every time I turn around I’m getting the letter. It’s not so bad. They tell ya every Tuesday or whatever day for a month. You call the night before to see if your number comes up. If it does, you sit in the room, pool, whatever you call it, drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, watching DIY network, I always take the newspaper with me, until 11:00. Then someone comes in, says no more cases for the day, bye. I’ve only served on one jury. There’s a federal court house downtown, and if you get called for that, it’s for a year. I haven’t had to do that yet. I can’t really say out loud how I would feel if I had to serve on one of those pirates trials.

  168. I’m sorry you guy, but I don’t think this country can handle another cowboy in the whitehouse. As of yet, I haven’t seen anything that will get me to the polls. Va has a sad Senate race going on, Tim Kaine or George Allen. Choices, choices. That right there could keep me home. On second thought, I know Bachman’s loopy, but if she win the nomination, who knows. I might just vote my gender.

  169. Almost forgot, I have one complaint with that Daniel Craig photo….his hand was in the way. Damn, he’s hot. So is his wife. Okay, now I feel like I’m trashing the place. I need to go to bed.

  170. Uppity: check email when you can.

  171. watching Morning Joe, minus Joe and Mika it is eminently watchable. Those two must be on vacation.
    anyway, apparently the president has a secret plan to save the economy. He also plans to run against congress for they are the only people we hate more than him. There will be cuts to SS and medicare even though the country is against them. There will also be tax reform…yeah right. He keeps talking about millionaires and billionaires as if they weren’t his base. We know better.
    Right now we have a bad president who is too busy being a bad candidate to actually try to improve on either front. Does anyone believe he is ever going to do the things he says when he is campaigning?
    The state department is running a robust investigation to find the missing American. I wish they would not use that word robust. If they say they are running a robust investigation, do they also say sometimes that they are running a flabby investigation? Shouldn’t we assume that any investigation to find a missing American is robust?

  172. ““in fairness since I have been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country” all because “I passed a health care bill”.“I’m all for lowering the rhetoric” 😆
    does that mean he will call of the black Panthers this time?

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