MKB’s Yoga Tuesday Open Thread

Bill says he can do Yoga better than that other Kitteh.

Here. Until Lorac Wednesday or until someone posts something else.




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  1. Contortionists! ROFL! Amazing how they get into these positions and can sleep like that for hours!

  2. Oops I didn’t see this before I released a new post.Thanks, FF! I got moved and wrote something because it is so horrible.

  3. Not to worry Uppity. I was just fooling around after I took Angel to the Doc. Your post is good. Mine is simply MKB Revenge. He asked told me to do it.

  4. I see the Air force is having a hiring freeze. 🙂

  5. NES- thanks for the link- my son posted something this morning- and now it makes sense- will bookmark for a post- though I am in the midst of Peach Salsa right now. Fair starts this weekend! No veggies this year- though I will enter my herbs- the few I have- so I can concentrate on jams, salsa, zucchini bread and pies!
    Fair week- it’s a love hate thing lol.
    It has been raining the since Sunday- so of course the sun comes out today lol. ALWAYS hot when working on the fair exhibits. Then it rains most of fair week. lol

  6. Welcome, Mom.
    Save some Peach Salsa for me, please!

  7. How our Angel coming along, FF?

  8. Thanks for asking NES The vet called about noon to inform me that after they opened her up and while removing her VERY bad uterus, they saw an orange-sized tumor on her spleen. They think. Dr. T said it was very deep and it was not something they wanted to biopsy or poke at too much because they didn’t want excess bleeding or additional infection from the uterus. She had one ovary 3x normal size as well.

    I asked Dr. T, if I had all the money in the world and the surgeon was standing right there would this be something they would do while they had her open already. She said preferably not – that tumors of the spleen are generally cancerous and removal while the current surgery is underway can cause many more complications than not. She recommended that we conclude the current operation, let Angel heal and regain her strength and then revisit that. She did not feel that Angel even KNEW she had the tumor, that it was obvious it was something she had had for a while, and there was NO metastases anywhere to be seen. THAT was the good news.

    She believes that Angel’s real difficulties have come from the Pyometra and not the tumor, not that that should be ignored, but as she said “She’s not out of the woods yet” with the infection from the Pyometra even though the uterus is removed. They have sent the Pyometra fluids to the lab to determine the best antibiotics and in the meantime they have her on two others and will stat orally on them tomorrow until the lab results are back. If they have to adjust then they will. I am SUPPOSED to pick her up at 5 unless Dr. T calls and wants to send her to the Emergency overnight clinic for observation. She said Angel was great under the anesthesia and that all looked well right now.

    She is going to be a pooped puppy for several days, but Dr. T said she feels that getting that infection GONE will improve her immensely – so that then we can deal with the tumor.

    We will talk then. What matters to me (and yes, money IS a consideration as the other surgery will be about a grand as well) but I am more concerned with the quality of life, her age, life expectancy etc. Dr. T had told me yesterday that when she opened her up today she might have to call me and say “Let’s not wake her up” if she found terrible things. She stress to me on the phone that she did not feel that was the case at this time. So..right now, I will see her at 5 and bring her home. I’ll keep you posted – you keep praying! Thanks SO MUCH. She means the world to me, and everyone here has been so nice.

    More when I know it. XOXOX FF

  9. {{{{{{{{{{FF}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Oh FF — such a mix of good news and bad news. So sorry to hear about the complcations. Still, focusing on the positive, I’m thrilled they dealt with the immediate problem and the infection. Soon Angel’ll have some liver treats, eh? Please give her a long kiss on the snout from me. Stay strong.

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