Did someone mention PIE???

There are a lot of pies out there, it turns out.  A couple of weeks ago some slick Eyetalian Northerners were trying to convince us that the pie below was TOMATO PIE, when all the normal people others thought it looked like PIZZA!

cheesecake PIE!

chessecake PIE!

Heck, it’s even in a BOX like pizza!!!            

Now, below are some DELICIOUS PIES!  

blueberry pie!


key lime pie

cherry pie


           Is your mouth watering yet…..?!! 





ricotta pie








                          Ooooh how’d that karma pie get in there? –>     

s’mores pie





beluga caviar ice cream for MKBill









zucchini pie

         And socal and I will be working on THIS pie:

You’re probably looking along the rows of pies and thinking which you like and which you don’t.  But hidden in the pies are some that are particularly useful in relation to politicians.  Can you find them?

Thisisanopenthread.  Wejustwantourpie.

PS.  FF, our thoughts are with you and Angel….


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  1. Humble pie, certainly but thatalbetheday a pol eats some.

  2. Grrrrrr….. the formatting got screwed up! I had the pies 2 to a row. Now a lot are one to a row, and a bunch of the pies are missing (Karen….? Did you sneak in here already?!) Some of the pie names are for two different pies, because when Karen stole the pies, she left their names behind with the pies she didn’t take. So, sorry it looks all goofy. I don’t know if even a fixit fairy can fix it….

  3. twandx – good one!

    I was thinking our Elite Leaders probably like the million dollar pie… lol

  4. Looks like Karen stole 9 pies already:

    key lime
    chocolate pie
    mango custard
    Foo Foo pie (Edwards Turtle pie)
    vegan curry pie
    zucchini pie
    spanakopal pie
    ricotta pie

    She took the pies, but left the name tags stuck onto the name tags of the pies she left behind. I hope there are some left for people to see tomorrow!!!!! 🙂

  5. vegan pot pie is missing, too. Karen will probably use the excuse she stole it to give to socal’s niece….

  6. Uppity sees the broken glass all over the ground. Shards. And ground. She winces and then gets down on her knees and starts to crawl. Ouch! You can hear the sound of some of it crunching under her knees as she speaketh…

    imust, come home! The dog won’t talk to me. The cat won’t talk to me. Hell, I even stopped talking to myself, although that’s probably a good thing, right?

  7. lorac, that is so cute. Even with the missing pies. I hope you don’t mind if I add a picture of my fresh tomato pie. I hope Upps doesn’t mind.

    FF, thank you for sharing Angel with us. I hope she slept well. That was a heart warming story as to how you two came to be. I do hope you will blog her recovery, and keep us updated.

  8. WOW!!! There’s a lot of *hope* in my last comment.

    lorac, I imust say, I *hope* this post works. Her voice is surely missed around here.

  9. Hey you forgot W’s “Make the pie higher” pie.

  10. I SEE how you are! Is that my competition for the fair? HMPH! lol Now I am hungry!

  11. ROFLMAO! Looks like this student read at least ONE Uppity post!

  12. The picture that Vivien2u posted is a tomato pie that I am used to here in the south. The one Lorac put up is skimpy pizza. My favorite 2 pies are Tomato and strawberry rhubarb. mmmmmmmm

  13. When the Knave of Hearts stole the Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie, was he aware that the EYES were the Pizza guys? They keep THEIR pie in the vault, door standing wide open with their “reputation” for slicing pie diagrammed on the velvet rope beside the security camera to discourage any “mistakes.”

  14. OMG!! Did I write worming. Damn!! spell check didn’t catch that one. Heart warming. Kisses, Angel.

  15. Attorneys for the Knave of Hearts move for dismissal, … it seems their client stole TARTS. Angel… my Jiggs and Tinker are looking after you.

  16. Wow vivien, that’s quite a delish looking tomato pie. Can you tell us what’s in it apart from the tomatoes?

  17. NES, you missed Upps getting on me about that? It’s in the Poverty Recipes tab. I had to call it “NOT A TOMATO PIE.”

  18. I am so GLAD you found that video Mom. I was going to look for it myself later. I LOVE it. Reminds me of that 2008 post I did on Gather Round Little Comrades..
    That was a finalist post, wasn’t it? So it took them HOW long to think of this?

  19. No way, vivien! That looks like a goooooood tomato pie.

    Lorac, where’s the Lobster pie?…Meeeechelle wants to know!
    Also, Joe Biden likes his pie with a cracked head.


  21. NES, you try telling that to Upps. I dare not.

  22. There goes the market again! http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/08/president-obama-to-give-major-economy-speech-after-labor-day.html

    The guy’s become such a joke. This is from the linked Tapper piece:

    UPDATE: A Republican official provides this list of headlines for some historical context, pivot-wise.

    President-elect Barack Obama to deliver major speech on the economy on Thursday (change.gov, January 8, 2009)

    President Barack Obama to Give Major Speech on the Economy at Georgetown University (Whitehouse.gov, April 13, 2009)

    Obama to give major speech about economy on Monday (AFP, November 9, 2009)

    Obama To Promote New Job Ideas During Tuesday Speech (AP, December 5, 2009)

    Obama preparing new push to add jobs, tackle deficit (WaPo, December 8, 2009)

    In key speech Obama pledges to create jobs (AP, January 27, 2010)

    Obama to tout job-creating efforts in Ohio speech (AP, January 5, 2010)

  23. Watch your step with misnaming things tomato pie. I’m warning you. There will be Punishments.

  24. oh.goody PIE!!!!!! 🙂

  25. Upps, you are too good to me.

  26. I think that flag in the above video is…um…illegal.

  27. Vivien, I’ll just have imust tell that to Upps. Not much imust couldn’t get away with right now! Besides imust takes second place to no one in all matters pie.

  28. I have a question. On that bet I made, where I bet this blog that Perry won’t be the nominee? What do I get if I win the bet? Because it is already clear to me that Perry is this year’s Scottie Brown. His lips are loose and his brain is not connected to them. He is heading for flames.

  29. Hey’s where’s the Chicken Pot Pie???

    In case ya’ll missed this – here’s a little mood lifter – via Tennessee Guerilla Woman (link goes to Politico):

    Ed Rendell thinks HRC may run in 2016.

  30. Imust, UW has asked me (as her lawyer) to file papers for your adoption; they’ll be filed later today. Once you’re formally inducted into her famiglia, you’ll realize that her occasional querulousness is of no more significance than that of a close family member. The bond holds, even when it’s greatly stretched now and then. Christ, look at how FF and she sometimes go at it…and then it’s back to the embrace. You were one of the first commenters here…that’ll always be the controlling fact.
    (Psssst, she’ll also make you a nice settlement of pie if you return.)

  31. How quickly she arises from the “broken glass”…..

  32. Heads I win, Upps, tails you lose.

  33. You get us??? imust say, I quit taking politics serious after 08. It’s one big f*cking joke to me now. Upps, if the media likes him, he’s our next pres.

  34. FF and I are the two kids in the back seat of the car yelling Stop Touching Me!

  35. Hell Viv, even FOX is crucifying him. They even had that turklet Karl on to shove a stick in him and put him over the fire. Wait till the right wing crackpots start asking him about illegal immigration, since his state is a war zone near the border. And I do mean a genuine war zone.

  36. Mitt is right now having his weekly haircut and reading the paper. He already sees what I see.

  37. Lorac would be singing quite a different tune were she in the backseat with FF!

  38. Hey Upps, there’re rumors about that Christie may run; that’ll please you, right?

  39. I’m not watching the news. Are you saying they don’t like him? I need to get out more.

  40. Who the hell is this who says nobody can criticize the Fed, anyways? Nobody elected that weasel Bernancke and yet he is the most powerful man in the world, pulling money strings and helping to screw us. To tell a candidate to Watch What You Say because, the implication is Bernanke can tank America, is just plain over the top. Like his predecessor, that decrepit and inept gasbag Greenspan, he is ruining the country. And like Greenspan, no skin off his nose when he makes mistakes that destroy millions of people’s lives. If that isn’t a good reason to talk about him, I don’t know what is.

  41. FOX has always been for Mittens, Upps.

    I think the GOP primary voter much prefers RP; once he’s the nominee, FOX and Rove will fall in line because they all hate O.

  42. Now you’re talkin’, Upps. That’s why Perry won’t suffer for making that anti-Fed remark. He’s dumb like a fox.

  43. Christie need to get his health in check before jumping into the fire. Last I heard they were rushing him to the hospital because he couldn’t breath. That was a couple of weeks ago. He did say he was a big fat winner after he won NJ.

  44. He’s no Fox, NES. he’s careless and cavalier. He doesn’t Think while his lips are moving. Reminds me a little of W.

    Christie needs to cut the crap with the hot meals. He is a walking cardiac arrest.

    It hasn’t even been a week yet. I’ve seen this dozens of times with the Rs. They fall in love, then the tires get kicked.

    I wish I had a thousand for every person the Republican Party jumped the gun with and then suddenly…….crickets. Like I said, I smell a Scottie. Or a Bobby.

  45. No I don’t think Christie running is a good idea. He is going to die from morbid obesity soon.

  46. “His lips are loose and his brain is not connected to them.”

    That’s a highly qualified candidate – to the “OMG! The ONE!” voter block.

    Perry’s singing to a BIG crowd, Uppity, and he’s no backtrack apologist for his “shortcomings” either. He’s just the flip side of a worthless coin – another car on the roller coaster ride from hell.

  47. Hell the republicans were yelling XX for President as far back as I can remember. Then come the crickets. I remember when it was Ollie North when he was testifying on the Contras with his cute little boy face and blue eyes. I remember when they thought that thief Iacocca should be president, while he was bilking America with K Cars. It goes on and on and on. Scratch and Sniff people, they are when they come out of the chute.

  48. Like I said Why Not. Take the bet and the blog will be yours. I don’t think he can go the mile.

  49. He’s just the flip side of a worthless coin – another car on the roller coaster ride from hell.

    Nothing new though, hey?
    Except, Rick isn’t black so he’s not going to get any free passes like Barack got, over and over and over and….

    But you’re right. It’s just a matter of which side will take us to hell faster.

  50. NES, criticizing that POS Bernanke is a candidate’s right, I agree with that. But there is a difference between criticizing and making cracks that suggest they would take care of him in Texas. That’s just crass, lowlife shit.

  51. My bet is RP will be the Rep nominee. Bachman, if she continues to do well, will be his running mate. jmo.

    Mitten’s has loser gas.

  52. Mittens will be the nominee

  53. Reagan was also accused of having loose lips, and was constantly accused of being dumb. He laughed all the way to the WH, twice.

  54. Agree on Mittens and Perry, WhyNot. Do not agree that Bachman will be Perry’s VP candidate; it’ll be a more moderate, GOP-biz-side pick.

  55. He doesn’t Think while his lips are moving. Reminds me a little of W.

    Unfortunately, people in this country seem to go for that. But I do agree with your assessment of R behavior about new and shiny. High interest for a bit, then back to blandness. The TP folks though, they’ve co-opted a portion of the party (to the point where without them, Rs don’t win) and they might loves them some RP. Idunno…making popcorn…

  56. God, I hope you’re wrong about Perry. My money’s on loopy. I mean Bachman. Sorry Upps, I can’t write well, so I have to pick a loser.

  57. The boyz aren’t going to let Bachman run, including not for VP. Not that I regard this as a loss given her extreme social agenda, but the truth is, the boyz aren’t going to give up the slot.

  58. Reagan has that daddy charm, NES. The Schmoozer. The Aw Shucks, don’t worry, I will take care of you kids!

    The guy is going to fizzle. That’s my prediction.

  59. OOOOOOOOOOOooo here’s something new! Obama is going to give an historic and Important speech again on Jobs.

    ……Collective Eye Roll.

  60. “Loopy”. ROFL.

  61. PIE? A PIE Thread with half of the pies missing? I just don’t know what to think about that. But then, Lorac has been missing too. Maybe she never had all the pies to begin with and found it easier to blame it all on Karen. I don’t know. Or maybe she’s still feeling poorly and ate the missing ones in an attempt to make herself feel better. Pie Gratification is a disease, you know.

    But this thread certainly is “Not the Lorac We Knew.” Lorac would never leave a pie undone.

    Now about who is riding in the back seat yelling “Don’t touch me!” That would be me and Uppity. Lorac got out of the car a few stops back. She said she was going to grab a Breakfast Quiche and never returned.

    And thanks again for all the well-wishes for my puppy. (And thanks Lorac for putting it in the post) She is feeling better already and we went to the vet this morning to have the IV Cath removed. She has been in the studio with me for the past few hours waiting with me for paint to dry.

  62. Oh, and I have decided, to honor Lorac’s post, I am going to make an Avocado Mincemeat Pie.


  63. PLINK PLINK! I LOVE that sound! (For those who do not recognize- it is the sound the jars make when the jam seals!)
    Mixed berry jam- done!

  64. Hey- I have been meaning to ask- Where the hell is Joey? She hasn’t checked in a quite some time.
    JOEEEEEYYYYYYY! Come out come out wherever you are! Ollie, ollie, oxen FRRREEEEEEE!

  65. I’m no Perry fan – and he doesn’t have a huge “admiration” society in Texas – but he wins because he governs a large state with a vast amount of wealth in big power industry players (energy, oil, real estate and big insurance) and a relatively, low expectations general population, when it comes to how the state is governed.

    Perry has behind the scenes power brokers who ARE the Party. They’ll get what they want from “the Party.” He’s THEIR accommodating, under the radar, kind of guy.

  66. Oooh Mom, homemade jam – I’m salivating. I’m thinking of making chili relish when the harvest comes in – for the first time in years. Must be your good influence. I also have been wondering about Joey and hoping she recovered from the dengue fever.
    vivien, that tomato pie looks delicious – imust check poverty recipes as I’ve got a basket of yummy field tomatoes.
    lorac, smack karen a good one if she stole the lemon meringue pie – that’s mine!

  67. Obama didn’t mean to make a fuss. Yeah, right….

    “At the Ed Brandt Dairy Barn, Mr. Obama arrived in the midst of a dairy cow judging contest, with Ayershire, Brown Swiss and other breeds. He said to several people of the cows, “I’m probably not the guy to judge this stuff.” To another man, the president said, “I didn’t mean to cause such a fuss.”

    (And isn’t Brown Swiss RAYYYYCIST?)

  68. Quiche is just another name for egg PIE!

    Angle is one cute pup. All my kitties are sending her well wishes.

    I saw a couple of photos of BO on his listening tour and do not seem to be going so well. As I commented at mcnormans, Barkey thought he would only have to listen to himself. Anyway – from the back he looks like a twelve year old who shot up several inches over the summer. Gangly and out of proportion. He appears to be so thin, he could get a job as a as a runway model.

  69. NES – Re Bachman: Surely you realize that she’s the kind of woman that Hillary and her followers are “supposed” to be???

    “Submissive” was the right answer for the boyz who run things – and not only in the R party.

    I’m betting, if she continues course, and modifies her extremes along the way, she’s the anti-liberal woman vote getter and the R “role model for women-do-us values” that they would accept as a VP in hopes of becoming “the first – of the right kind of woman”

    It appears that both Mittens supporters AND Ron Paulers like her second? Scary thought, all the way around.

    Quite frankly, this whole 2012 election year is a movie no one wants to see made, if not for getting rid of the star that wasn’t.

  70. Get a load of this: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1113473372001/a-little-less-texas-swagger-from-perry/?playlist_id=86858
    Karl Rove rolls back his criticism of RP, and, in fact, defends him.

  71. I jus love ya, NES. You’ve had a new Republican BFF every few weeks. Obie does that to people, I guess.

  72. FF I would think Obama should be able to judge cows very well, considering all the BULLSHIT he slings every day.

  73. But, what do I know? Actually, I’m over it already and it’s all just one big, multi-pitched sucking sound, as far as I’m concerned.

  74. I just sent birthday wishes to Big Dawg- he is turning 65- and no retirement in sight lol

    I wished him happy birthday and told him I would do all I could to help him make the world a better place. And told him the best place to start is by having Hillary primary the current resident of 1600. We need a real leader who can get this country and the world back on track!

  75. I want to know where the recipe for that avacado mincemeat pie is. Is that a California thing? I’ll try anything once. Well…. twice if I’m not sure the first time.

  76. everyone should remember who backtrack calls a friend

  77. But, but, but – that’s not the Louie he knew!!! REALLY, it’s NOT!!!! Or the Louie who lived in the same neighborhood where Barack “bought” his house.

  78. Well…ya have to say Barack and Louie both has at least one thing in common. They always blame someone else.

    What an ass this man is.

  79. Since the listening tour is sinking fast, Imelda has been called on bullying fat kids, people are questing the wisdom of allowing Hollywood access to confidential info on the seal operation that eventually lost many of those soldiers their lives while BO takes credit for their work and scolding RP backfired, Barky is dragging out the “if they will not join my WTF campaign” I will just attempt to terrorize people with comments on how terrorists will be terrorizing.


  80. have you seen this? 😆

  81. FF asked:

    (And isn’t Brown Swiss RAYYYYCIST?)

    No!!! It’s the world’s best cheddar!

  82. Yum! I want my strawberry rhubarb!

  83. LOL Foxy on the Misery Tour – but I give it about 5 minutes before Sir Paul says it’s RAYYYYYCIST and pulls the plug

  84. Hope and Change

    New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy


  85. YUM, Sophie! Now I can have a slice of that Cheddar on my warm Avocado Mincemeat Pie!

    It’s delish!

  86. Ditto what FF just said about Misery Tour, very funny, but the Beatles are tough about their music.

    Sophie, thanks for the corn answer on prev post.

  87. As a socalian, I’ve had avocado on a lot of things, but never pie before! Interesting.

  88. But Lorac asked “But hidden in the pies are some that are particularly useful in relation to politicians. Can you find them?”

    Here are my guesses:

    1.) Fish Head Pie

    Served at Rham’s house to aspiring Politicians who don’t get with the program

    2.) Million Dollar Pie

    Served in the Congressional Dining Room

    3.) Humble Pie

    Banned in Washington and all State Houses since 1776

    4.) Foo Foo Pie (not pictured and presumably eaten by Karen)

    Served by the Hairstylist at the Prison John Edwards will be attending

    5.) Bitter Knitter Pie

    Served at PUMA parties all over the country on November 6, 2012

  89. Socal – is Joni playing the Hollywood Bowl tonight?!?!!

  90. I am off to find a dkos, Cheetos and whip cream misogyny pie.

  91. Will wonders never cease..there really is such a thing: a mac and cheese Cheeto pie.

  92. FF: I never had avocado pie, but I understand some people put cheddar on their apple pie. Not me. It’s ice cream or bust.

  93. Wonder how the name of this Campaign will go over in the “Multicultural” Britain. Remember when GWB used the same word?

    Check out the logo:


  94. I know, Upps, I’m shameless (aka, DESPERATE). I blame Obie, I do!!!

  95. FF I would think Obama should be able to judge cows very well, considering all the BULLSHIT he slings every day.


  96. But Sophie – I don’t want just an Avocado Pie – I want Lorac’s special Avocado and Mincemeat. Really. I do. I swear.

    (Does this comment make my nose look long?)

  97. It’s said that the WH staffers during Reagan’s tenure used to watch for Marine One to land on the WH’s lawn and then shout, “Daddy’s home!I”

  98. I’m going to be washing my hair on that distant day in Sept., Upps.

  99. Yeah, Angel’s on the path to recovery. Woof! Woof!

  100. Well NES< that a bit creepy if you ask me, but it's a far cry from the White House Staffers earlier this year (I think it was this year) that had NO CLUE when Obama would be back at work. He was getting in that day, and no one knew – or it seemed – cared.

  101. They should’ve had him pull on the udders.

  102. She’s recovering on the floor in front of the fan at the moment NES.

  103. I heard a bit of his sickening speech on the last stop today (now he’s safely ensconced at a resort in Martha’s Vineyard). It was the usual drivel…seems like Totus was on holiday because the speech was full of aaahs, ummms, ehhss. Only reverse-racism could’ve produced the canard that he’s some great orator.

    By the way, he said, during that speech, that his fave pie is coconut creme. Yeah right!!

  104. Wow FF: Of all the things I could want from Lorac, Avocado and Mincemeat pie isn’t on the list.

  105. Sophie – I agree. (Fixit Fairy was here 😉 )

  106. Well done, PMM. I can tell you have a crush on WJC. Would he look good in a beard and on a horse?

  107. Brilliant on the pie list, FF.

    Here’s one: “Three Cojones Pie” — made by Hillary and secretly-coveted by Obama.

  108. Wow, what a logo! St. George’s Cross, Knights Templar, and other stalwart associations. No doubt, the muslims will take it wrong. Oh yes, and I’m sure Al Sharpton will object.

  109. Creepy, but funny, FF. I can’t help liking Reagan. Upps has a freudian analysis of it.

  110. That’s nice, FF.

  111. Indeed FF. At least make it a 12-eggs-omelette-with-avocado pie.

  112. Lorac’s special Avocado and Mincemeat.

    Clean Up in Aisle 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Fixit fairy–can you finish the job? It looks like I’m LOLing at nothing!

  114. NES, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    Gotta go change and head to Charlotte’s. She’ll be happy to see Angel.


  115. HAHAHAHAHA!! Sophie – sure LOL!

  116. Cool foties, Sophie. “Uppity Woman community” is hilarious!

  117. Thank you FF.

  118. I think there’s glaring omission on the post of pie pictures.

    * * * LEGAL NOTICE: Lorac — MK Bill has instructed me to advise you that you must add in a picture of a ‘Nip Pie by 10:30 pm, EDT, or suffer the consequences….!

  119. NES, ROFL! Maybe he’d like his nip pie with a delightful dollop of sardine ice cream?

    FF, I don’t think Joni is playing at the Bowl. I think its just a tribute kind of thing. She seems to be retired, for the time being anyway. She has some kind of skin/autoimmune thing. Very sad, one of the greatest songwriters ever, I think.

  120. The penguin link was adorable. And that UK link, take back the streets is wild! A crusader no less! That might cause more agitation in the streets, I would think.

  121. Whenever you feel that Barack may win, check out this poll: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/direction_of_country-902.html
    I humbly submit that when the average of the right-track/wrong-direction polls shows that over 73% think the country is going “in the wrong direction,” it’s OVER for the incumbent.

  122. socal: MK Bill thanks you for suggesting the sardine ice cream accompaniment, but notes that Beluga Caviar Ice Cream would be more his taste. Please send within 24 hours.

  123. I would definitely post the Nip Pie ASAP. He’s pacing. That can’t be good.

  124. Holllllllllly Chit, Sophie. Dat’s a LOTTA penquins!

    Hey, I think that’s our kid, 3,233rd from the left:


    I think FF should do something with that link. Bill winced when he saw it.

  125. NES, she said we want to give him every oppotunity. The President of the United States is in a Remedial Class where we give him every opportunity to at least become mediocre. Have you EVER heard such a thing said about ANY President. EVER?????????????/ He’s a Special Class president at this point. This is bullshit. This is the highest office of the land. Of the WORLD. This Remedial shit is for the birds. He’s an F student. Period. What’s next? A tutor to avoid the end of semester Fail Rush?

  126. socal, I do declare that Take Back The Streets is exactly what is needed. Never bring an ipod to a gun fight, kiddies.

  127. Tomato Pie has mayo??? What???

  128. Thank You Mike. I am glad you See.

  129. We had bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with our own lettuce and the sweetest, juciest tomatoes fresh from the garden. And local late corn. This is what I wait for.

  130. What’s a BLT without mayo????

  131. Did someone say pizza???

  132. lorac, I love this post. I must tell you it took me reading through the thread again to figure out there was never a avacado mincemeat pie. It’s an avacado pie, the mincemeat pie is MIA. One karen got? Duh. I really wanted to try it too. She also got the foo foo pie. I’ve had one of those before. That chit is da bomb.

  133. Hey! What’s up with Bill’s campaign? I haven’t seen his campaign manager around.

  134. ….. and yes. Mayo goes in the fresh tomato pie. After it’s cooked, I don’t think it’s mayonnaise anymore. What the heck is mayo made of. Let see. Eggs, oil, vinegar. It sure doesn’t taste like mayonnaise after ya cook it. I’m just sayin. Upps, I know you don’t eat mayo, I was curious to know, what kind of condiment do you use on a tomato sandwich?

  135. I eat mayo.My grandfather refused to eat mayo.

    That. Is. Not. Tomato Pie. Do not usurp a name of a dish if it’s not the dish. There will be punishments.

  136. Even useless Wiki knows what tomato pie is.

    The basic recipe for tomato pie calls for a thick, porous, focaccia-like dough covered with tomato sauce, more like a pizza than a covered pie, then sprinkled with grated romano cheese. Many bakeries and pizzerias have their own variation on this formula. It is not usually served straight from the oven, but allowed to cool and then consumed at room temperature or reheated. Like Sicilian pizza, tomato pie is baked in a large aluminum pan and served in square slices.

    Your pie has tomato in it. That does not make it tomato pie any more than it makes it mayo pie. It would be like me making a rice dish ad tossing in sour cream and calling it stroganoff.

  137. Uppity – it’s even worse than what RCP had about Barack the Special Remedial President Who Needs A Pass…

    “”We don’t put pressure on the president,” Waters told the audience at Wayne County Community College. “Let me tell you why. We don’t put pressure on the president because ya’ll love the president. You love the president. You’re very proud to have a black man — first time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us.”

    In other words, you will call us RAYYYYCIST if we require of him what we have required of every other President. We are giving him a break because he is BLACK.

    Screw that. This is NOT an EEOC Job. It’s President of the United States, Maxine. And YOUR PEOPLE – since you INSIST AND DEMAN to stay segreated – are the ones getting the shaft by this Ahole.

    This makes me so mad.

    And there is more…

    She asks PERMISSION to go after him!

    “frustrated with the president but hesitant to criticize him lest black supporters turn on her — Waters asked the crowd for its permission to have a “conversation” with the president. “When you tell us it’s alright and you unleash us and you tell us you’re ready for us to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation,” she said.”


    and Americans say that don’t want “Special Rules” for gays.

    Fuck them.

  138. I don’t like avocados.

    …….ducking and running.

  139. Let me qualify my mayo thing. I did not grow up with mayo. I eat mayo on things that require it, otherwise I’m going for another condiment. BLT requires mayo.

  140. I’m not crazy about them either Ups – only sometimes – but with Mincemeat – MMMMMMmmmmmmmMMM! LOL

  141. Another Brilliant Statement

    President Obama to CBS (August 17, 2011) and whether we are in danger of another recession: –
    “..I don’t think we are in danger of another recession but we are in danger of not having recovery that’s fast enough to deal with what is genuine unemployment crisis for a whole lot of folks out there …..why we need to do more…”

  142. I like to make blueberry pie too. Martha Stewart’s got a kick ass recipe. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.


  143. I am going to go have a piece of Chocolate Mousse Cake-Pie and watch a movie with the dog. BBL

    Have I ever said I cannot stand Barack Obama?

  144. Upps, your wiki guy is a yankee for sure. He doesn’t know anything about southern cuisine. It’s nice to know you do eat mayo. Some things just gotta have it. I won’t talk about that *pie thing* anymore.

  145. Southern Cuisine is not Italian cuisine. That’s not Tomato Pie. That’s Tomato and mayo and some other stuff, shaped like a pie.

  146. Hey do you guys let Italians in the south yet?

  147. Chit! It has mayo??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cancel my order, please.

  148. Hey did anybody catch that fall down drunk shitbag Bob Beckel taking shots at Italians on Fox today? Callling them greaseballs and descirbing that jersey show of people of “Certain Ethnicity”. This is a POS who has a shit fit and goes and downs a fifth if somebody mentions the word “black” even if it’s in reference to berries.

  149. I had an aunt who made blueberry pie that was so good you could cry when you ate it. It was packed tight with fresh berries and had just the right not too sweet, not too tart flavor. Haven’t had decent blueberry pie since she died.

  150. FF I must confess that the thought of mincemeat with avocado doesn’t not make me salivate.

  151. Wow, FF, had no idea about the larger context. Still, Maxine’s no fool…she’s dealing with reality…she’d be lynched if she said what she really thinks about him (recall, Jesse Jackson and the “nuts” comment). Blacks don’t criticize their own…they just don’t because they feel beseiged by The Man’s/White Judgment. I’m not justifying it — just recognizing that that’s how it is. It’s why that OJ jury couldn’t convict him: by their lights, many white guys walk, so why shouldn’t a prominent black guy walk (had to have been what they were thinking).

  152. Actually I don’t like mincemeat pie either.

  153. Whoa! Oh well, more avocados for us Calis to eat.

  154. I tell you, everything Bawaaaack knows about economics can be etched on a grain of rice. It’s unbelievable — did he even take Economics A in college?

  155. Have I ever said I cannot stand Barack Obama?

    Say it some more, FF. Love to hear it.

  156. NES Maxine knows he’s a bust. You can see it in her face. What else is she going to do? But to be honest, her idea of success would be government takeover of simply…well…….everything.

  157. Do dagos even go south of Joisie New Jersey?

  158. Yeah NES. the avocados are all yours. They are also very fattening. So little for so many calories.

  159. UW, we always knew he was the Affirmative-Action President. If he were a white guy or a woman of any color he could not have made it on that tissue-thin resume; period. The late-great Geraldine Ferraro had the guts to say it.

  160. Try Martha’s.

    Upps, I live in a Navy town. Everyone here is from somewhere else. We got lots of Italians. I had an Italian boyfriend once. He was from New Jersey. Damn, he was fun. He was such a player. I couldn’t handle all of his girlfriends.

  161. **** LEGAL NOTICE — imustprotest, my client MK Bill has instructed me to ask you to show cause why you cannot return to manage his campaign for US President. If it’s a question of money, his woman will up the fee; more pies can also be arranged. Your country needs MKB and you.

  162. Well Barack Obama is a prime example of why it’s very important not to make just any old woman President. Because once you put a fuckup into that office, the public will never forget and they will NEVER give another person of that race or gender or anything else another chance.Unless of course, it’s a White Male.

  163. I’m cranky tonight. Must have been the BLTs. Or maybe the counterfeit Tomato Pie. In any event, I had best not hang out here. I feel a temper coming on for some reason. I think I’ll go beat up Mr. U or something. Heh.

  164. I agree. I don’t agree with Maxine on anything. But, having said that, I like that she’s a ballsy woman. Nice to see.

  165. Calumny! against avocados. They’re not fattening. And, their oil is some of the healthiest you can have — on a par with olio olive.

  166. Those would be “his gumbas,” vivien.

  167. Force Mr. U to have ribs, Upps. Angry ribs.

  168. Avocado nutritional breakdown. For what you get, 276 calories, a large chunk of it as fat, is not such a good choice. Good fat is still fat.

  169. Olive oil is VERY fattening. Good fat, yes. Too much of it, No.

  170. imustprotest about the accusations. I did not steal any pie, at least not yet, I just got here. I am sad to see that imust has not responded to all the pie talk. But then again, perhaps it is she who took the 9 pies!

    imust is a pie thief. Come back here and deny it if it isn’t true.

    *crossing fingers that this will work*

    imustrelax tonight. After falling through the stairs yesterday I had a busy day today.

    btw – that is pizza. Take it from a real live half eyetalian food expert.

    Great pengy pic of the male protecting the female from the other male.

    FF – Angel is in our prayers.

    Glad to see the key lime pie is still there. I’m feeling peckish.

  171. I’m done. I really thought your post would work lorac. I tried to help. imust take my leave.

  172. Yeah imust is reading the whole thing too, and enjoying all the begging.

  173. Hey! where is the Broccoli Pie? 😯 😯 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  174. Seeings how the Big Zero is the remedial prez and is currently taking a bus tour, I bet we all know what kind of bus he should have.

  175. Now this story makes me sad and pisses me off. This cop, and we know how hard it is to find a good one like him these days, he does a kind act for a little kid, leaves McDonald’s and gets shot by a little shitbag.

  176. Cheer up Casper. Uppity loves her broccoli too!

  177. Me? If it ain’t caramel apple walnut, don’t talk to me!

  178. Hey did I tell you guys how I lucked out over that fallen tree?

  179. You know, Greta said something pretty profound. If you had the answer to the jobs problem and knew exactly what to do to fix it….would you go on vacation first before telling anybody?

  180. NES. Angry ribs.

    Hmmmm. Not a bad idea…

  181. btw – that is pizza

    Is not.
    YOu don’t eat it hot and it has no mozzarella, and it’s a dry dough. It’s a regional Italian-American thing invented in NY and NJ or one of them. Now behave yourself or I’ll lock up my fridge again.


  182. more pies on the way!

  183. I like broccoli in a quiche with lots of cheddar cheese. Funny thread tonight. My mom says avocados are good for your heart and arteries, like salmon oil.

  184. Well said Upps.

  185. whats the fallen tree?

  186. Yeah, last night when I got in from work I went to walk down my outside staircase that goes to the basement and the stair collapsed under me like a trap door. The right side stayed attached to the riser but the left side of the step just dropped right down.

    There are blocks of wood supporting each step and there are 6 screws in each block of wood. The screws are solid rust.

    I bought heavy duty screws to fix all the steps. I have to drill new holes, insert the screws that have bolt like heads and then tighten them down with the wrench they sold me for the job. The whole thing, parts and all that isn’t expensive at all. It will take a lot of work though for me to do it myself.

    I am okay, just got a scrapped knee and am sore all over. Scary as hell and shocking. I could have been seriously injured. Wasn’t my time yet. My daughter was on those stairs a lot last week. Shudder.

    The Lowe’s guy said even the best screws, the heavy duty bolt screws won’t last much more than 10 years in this area. The deck and staircase are 20 years old.

    Warning to all. Check for rust on outdoor structures.

    I saw Amish pie today, all kinds of them at a farmers market and I didn’t get any. If I’d known this was going to be the topic I would have!

  187. You’re lucky you didn’t get hurt badly, Karen. Jaysus.

    I often wonder about Amish food. I never found a decent recipe site. Got one? I’ll be it’s all hearty stuff, right?

    I am considering giving you an Italian food quiz to test your expertise. This will go way past tomato sauce though. Heh.

  188. socal I had a huge trree come crashing down. As in 50 feet with a major huge base. Having a tree person chop it up and remove it would have cost a fortune. Instead, I found someone looking for firewood and they brought a chain saw, and took it all away.

  189. I read about your tree on the other thread. You did the smart thing. Got rid of it all for free and to someone who will use it. Very wise.

    A friend has a massive tree that gave her whole house shade in the summer. It was also beautiful and ancient. She had experts come and wire the main branches because the whole tree was dangerous.

    Each main limb was the size of a tree. The tree would sway when the wind hit it and it was scary to imagine it crashing and splitting.

  190. Yes, certain oils ARE good for the heart but not in huge quanties. Oil is still fat. That means you store it. You can gain some major weight from avocadoes and olive oil and things like that.

  191. Uppity, I’m pretty sure the Amish don’t post much… he he.

  192. I have a great quiche recipe from decades ago. Three cheeses and spnach.

  193. Marone. You said I wasn’t Italian. And I didn’t punch your lights out. Now you want to quiz me about food? Fergetaboutit.

  194. Yeah Karen, so what’s with the Amish anyways. I can’t believe at least ONE of them didn’t escape and find the internet

  195. Hey! Damn amish stole my mother’s corn fritter recipe!!


  196. Now does anyone here take seriously I would REALLY WANT an Avocado-Mincemeat Pie? EVEN IF it came from Lorac?

    I don’t think so. But apparently it is the case.



  197. “The investigation began before Standard & Poor’s cut the United States’ triple-A credit rating this month…”

    OF COURSE IT DID! I know we ALL heard about it. Right?

    Obama’s Goon Squads at Work (Although I have little regard for S&P in this instance)

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 — 9:59 PM EDT

    Justice Department Investigating S.&P. Over Mortgage Securities

    The Department of Justice is investigating whether the nation’s largest credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis, according to two people interviewed by the government and another briefed on such interviews.

    The Justice Department has been asking about instances in which the agency’s analysts wanted to award lower ratings on mortgage bonds but may have been overruled by S.&P. executives, according to the people with knowledge of the interviews.

    The investigation began before Standard & Poor’s cut the United States’ triple-A credit rating this month, but is likely to add fuel to the political firestorm that has surrounded that action.

  198. There is this group called 350.org that had me on their email list somehow. It comes into my spam folder and I never even open their crap. Today I was curious because the subject was obama’s defining moment on global warming. It said they were in DC protesting the tar sands deal with Canada. They linked to a WaPo green opinion piece that was just stupid as hell. They’re all going to wear obama buttons as they protest so that maybe he’ll remember when they were filled with hopey changey or some such shit. Then they said Al Gore was even whining about Obama.

    God, they are ignorant. I won’t provide the link. Life is too short to waste on eeeeediyuts.

  199. I sort of fixed up the photos, best that I could. A few new pies for everyone, including MKBill lol

  200. Now does anyone here take seriously I would REALLY WANT an Avocado-Mincemeat Pie?

    We just figure you’re wierd.

  201. I KNEW the gangster would go after S&P. It’s what gangsters do.

  202. lorac, your deadline was 10:30 DST. Bill is going to sue. He wants to store up catnip for the winter.

  203. Karen, how the H did you land on a nutbag list like that.

  204. The pie pix all look good lorac. It looks like Bills nip pie is a nip-mousse kind of pie!

  205. Karen, am glad you’re okay! Scary…

    I’ve always wanted to try Amish food.

  206. Greta makes an excellent point. The guy is worse than a joke!
    I can’t prove this…just something I sense. I sense that the non-partisan public has moved beyond Obama, and will just vote in the GOP guy, whoever he is, to try something new.

  207. You would think all these enviro groups would be practically setting themselves aflame over the Gulf coverup. Crickets for them while they do this silly stuff. Odd, that.

  208. Now does anyone here take seriously I would REALLY WANT an Avocado-Mincemeat Pie?

    We just figure you’re wierd.

    That’s beside the point.

  209. socal – I actually googled “catnip pie”, and lots of stuff came up lol but it all seemed to be catnip in pie shaped toys!

    UW – But but but the deadline was set before I was even aware! And I found the caramel walnut pie for YOU!


  210. So what’s with the Welsh and Scots? Where are their recipes. Spotted Dick and Rarebit notwithstanding. And scones, which they stole from England. So what’s left after that besides that Haggis stuff?

  211. lorac, no sense of getting upset with me. You know I have absolutely no control over Bill. You’re preaching to the choir here. He says Not Knowing is not an excuse.

  212. Hey socal check out that Amish friendship bread at the link. That looks like some reallly good breakfast bread.

  213. NES it does appear that the public at large thinks Obama is a turkey and a waste, along with being a wastral. Period.

  214. The Amish make shoo-fly pie. And they definitely cook with lard.

    I have blueberries. I can put them on a pizza crust and call it pie.

  215. Lorac –MK Bill says “BURP…, all’s forgiven.”

  216. That nip pie looks suspiciously like key lime.

  217. Karen, I can relate to your friend’s tree. Mine was like that. I lost an entire section of it a few years ago. And this time, I am lucky it wasn’t near the house. It was positively ancient and VERY tall and had a triple base growing off it’s base. There is still one base remaining and I suppose I will lose that too. The thing is, it would cost nearly a thousand to get it taken down. I’m glad it fell on its own so long as it didn’t hurt anyone. Let me tell you, this was 50 feet of tree and if it had hit a living thing, there would be no carbon footprint left to speak of.

  218. Okay, who made the hash brownies? I think it was imust. She refuses to have anything to do with the pie thread and well, she must protest…

  219. ‘Nite FF, and XO to Angel.

  220. Marone. You said I wasn’t Italian. And I didn’t punch your lights out. Now you want to quiz me about food? Fergetaboutit.

    Thank God she’s only half Italian or I would find a horse head in my bed.

  221. Angry ribs? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya!

    Your aunt’s blueberry pie sounds…mmmmmm yummy!

    No pecan pie?

  222. FF – I think you went to sleep. But you have email. 🙂

  223. “Who the hell is this who says nobody can criticize the Fed, anyways? Nobody elected that weasel Bernancke and yet he is the most powerful man in the world, pulling money strings and helping to screw us. To tell a candidate to Watch What You Say because, the implication is Bernanke can tank America, is just plain over the top”
    Katmoon over at No Quarter has links and videos of some of BO’s less polite put-downs of various people.


  224. NYS Mike the Pecan is next to the bitter knitter pie.

    Sticky gooey yummy. Someone at work made banana bread with carmel topping that disappeared so fast. I only had two slices, really.

  225. that disappeared so fast. I only had two slices, really.


  226. Mike, I swear to you, this blueberry pie was so dense and so perfectly made, with a crust so flaky, you actually ate it in silence and reverance. And you know how berry pies and their level of sweet is an art, because too sweet is bleck and not sweet enough is wince? This woman had it down to a science and I miss that damned pie right now. It’s the only pie ever that would make me turn down caramel apple walnut instead. It was that good. And she made lemon pie with real lemons and I can’t even talk about it.

  227. Mike she used to make chicken soup with capelleta in it. Kind of an italian wonton the size of a ravioli, with meatball mix inside. Oh God.

  228. Uppity, I looked at the Amish recipe site. It doesn’t look particularly authentic (although the bread looked good). It had a lot of recipes with campbells soup. I’ve heard of shoefly pie, its supposed to be like a rich custard pie I think.

    I just noticed the mango ice cream custard pie in the post. Looks good. Love mango!

  229. NES, why do you like Perry better than Huntsman? Perry seems a little radical.

  230. My grandmother was a wonderful baker. Even when she wasn’t in the kitchen, she would often rub her fingers together as if she had a bit of flour on them. She was well-known for her delicious pies, especially sugar cream pie, which is Indiana’s state pie. It tastes a bit like creme brulee and is very easy to make.

    Here is 100-year-old Roma Kiser ( of Piqua, OH ) making her version of sugar cream pie. The video is rather long, but I found watching it very calming – like a meditation:

  231. There are a lot of Amish in my area. My grandfather used to have them break his horses on the farm. They are excellent working with horses. The Amish don’t really have their own unique recipes. They make traditional German and Scots-Irish type foods that are found in PA and parts of the Midwest where they settled.

    A little poem I learned as a child:

    Shoo-fly pie and apple-pan dowdy,
    Make your eyes light up
    And your stomach say “Howdy!”.

  232. Oh Campbell’s soup. Barrrrrrrrrrrrrf. I simply cannot eat anything with that cream of Whatever soup on it or in it. Bleck. Ok scrap that site. But yeah the bread looks good. I might try it.

    Beata, what’s shoe fly pie? That sweet ole girl is probably gone from us now. The vid is from 2008 and she was 100. It would be a kick if she were still here, wouldn’t it? And yes she is very calming. And very adept for 100 years old! Hard to believe she’s 100! You could almost hear your own arteries hardening eating that recipe. All that butter and half and half. I wonder if it helped her reach 100 and all this nutritional bullcrap is just that.

    Obots and their mirror images, the far right, would consider her not worth keeping. Too expensive!

  233. Well, my grandmother used lard in all her baking and cooking. Ate bacon and eggs every morning, and pie at least once a day. Always had real butter, too, not that new-fangled “oleo” ( margarine ). She lived to be 97 years old. Sharp as a tack ’til the day she died. So I say – eat what you want and enjoy!

    As for shoo-fly pie, it is a PA Dutch pie with a molasses filling. The sticky molasses was said to attract flies that one had to shoo away.

  234. I do prefer Huntsman, but he’s an awful candidate as it turns out. He’ll never beat Obama. I want a winner, one who’ll tear BO a new one — Perry can do it. After McCain, I’m wary of polite Repubs who won’t take the fight to BO.

  235. Thanks for finding that, Beata. I’ve heard of that pie. All these rich goodies. The kids were looking at all of them and now want me to make a key lime pie.

    NES, agree about Huntsman being too “above the fray”, and Perry being the fighter. Although the fearless ones who will say whatever they think often say something dumb. It’ll be interesting to watch.

  236. Beata is right, the shoefly is not custardy. Here’s a link to a recipe, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, it has a pic:


    I’m finally off to bed. Great job, Lorac! xo!

  237. more jelly and jam today-
    First thing I see this morning? Bammy’s bus created JOBS! Jobs I tell ya~
    In Canada

  238. That is a risk with Perry, socal.

  239. Hilarious on BO’s million-plus bus, Mom. Was amused to see that the non-armored versions are popular with rock stars and also that the current Pope has one — the two positions Bammy aspires to.

  240. Karen, how did I miss the pecan pie? Wow.
    And that banana bread sounds…wow!

    UW…did she ever pass on the recipes to family members or was she one who just created as she went along? Sounds like she woulda had a treasure trove of delights!

  241. Mike, I got all of my mother’s recipes but never did get my Aunt’s good stuff. She was a woman of few words and, unlike my mother, she wrote nothing down for posterity, and just winged it. We would just be expected to show up and enjoy. Sigh…

  242. NES is Nancy wasn’t pelted with tomatoes, it wasn’t good enough. She could have done some good things for two years but all she gave us was crap.

  243. Helloo (((UPPITY’S)))))

    FF: my prayers are with you and your beautiful ANGEL

    Hugs and kisses from Davey, Michelina and ME

    LORAC: LOVE The Pie POST——imust—–do we have to keep begging !!

  244. imust: UW gets a little cranky, just not very often,

    it is forgivable—-come back—we all miss you !!

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