Happy 96th Birthday Clara!

Happy Birthday, Clara! Many of us here at UW’s Great Room mailed you Birthday Greetings! We hope you got so much mail it takes you weeks to read it all!

We have enjoyed Depression Cooking With Clara for a few years now, and today is her 96th birthday. You should hop over to her channel and wish her a happy one…and while you’re at it, take a look at all the Depression Cooking videos this “non productive” senior made for you and all of your children as we spiral toward another Depression. Don’t kid yourself. This President and that childish Congress are putting us there.

As you know, Clara has said she will make one more video and then ‘Close Up Shop”. We will miss you Clara! You have won the hearts of thousands of young people who otherwise would have continued believing that old people are nothing more than a “drain on society”. 

Young people have made Clara’s Depression recipes and come back for more many times! Don’t believe me. Just go read her youtube comments on any recipe.

Clara, she’s worth her weight in gold, and certainly she’s worth more than all those bloggers and POS internet ‘reporters’ who think that a 96 year old is no longer worth “saving”. Give me clara any day instead of, say, David Brooks, who thinks old people should…well…just die. See this Sweet, Lovable POS’s article entitled, “Death and Budgets” here . (Another NY Times Barf Alert)

Freedom Fairy, my dear sister who fights with me in the back seat of the car while our parents fume, if I may quote you?

I hope this elitist bunghole practices what he preaches – and soon. Asshat.

It won’t happen, FF. This POS would spend millions of insurance money and crank up all our premiums to save his own lesser ass — but he would sacrifice you, me, and especially the Claras of America. Because he’s special! Don’t get sick, Mr. Brooks. We won’t be rooting for you!

Here’s to a great day Clara! You have made our day many times! You embody what America and Americans were and should be today, but aren’t!

An afternoon with Clara:

Some of Clara’s Depression recipes through the years on youtube:

Pasta and Peas

Dandelion Salad

Depression Breakfast

The Poorman’s Meal

Holiday Biscotti


Cooked Bread

Sicilian Fig Cookies

Eggplant Parmesan

Poorman’s Feast (3 course Depression meal)

Peppers and Eggs (She’s right.  Long after the Depression, when we dagos brought peppers and eggs to school for lunch (before free lunch), everybody wanted to trade lunches with us).


Baked Apples

Italian Ice

Egg Drop Soup


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  1. LOL Uppity – thanks for making me immortal in cyberspace with such a well-worded epistle.

    And thank you so much for paying tribute to Clara. She is a very special woman and she will be followed by many for many years to come. That’s just the way with Classics – like It’s A Wonderful Life and Little Black Dresses, they never are out of fashion. Happy Birthday Clara! May you have many more if for no other reason than to piss off David Brooks!


    On another note: “The latest economic data from the United States was also unsettling, as an 0.5 percent gain in consumer prices in July exceeded expectations, as did the latest weekly report on first-time claims for jobless benefits.”

    OH BULLSHIT! This “Exceeded Expectations” garbage is just tiring. Like “Historic”, it’s a ruse.

    If these people are always so damned surprised at EVERYTHING, why are THEY IN CHARGE! Governing by the seat of their pants?


  2. Happy Birthday, dear Clara. Many happy returns of the day.
    My partner and I sent you a b’day card. Hope you got it.

  3. Ahhh, nothing like a RIGHTEOUS rant from FF in the AM.

    How’s Angel progressing?

  4. NES, so cool! I did too! I’ll bet we hear back from her!

  5. http://www.cnbc.com/id/44188136

    Markets fall again. Morgan Stanley states that we may be heading into a recession again!

    But wait, wait…didn’t The One assure us — just yesterday — that there was “no risk” of a recession. (it was so bush-league of him to make that prediction.). Now he’s going to look even more clueless on the economy (if that’s even possible).

  6. My memories of my mother’s depression era cooking include fried bologna, Mac and Cheese and the commonly eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner….Chipped Beef on Toast (AKA- Shit on a Shingle)

  7. Fruits of Arab Spring in Egypt:

    Israel bus attacks: ‘Several killed’

  8. Heck SHV, I STILL eat fried baloney. That stuff is addictive. We didn’t get mac and cheese though. Most White foods were generally rejected by Italians when I grew up. LOL!

  9. LOL Uppity – thanks for making me immortal in cyberspace with such a well-worded epistle.

    ……and so YOU!

  10. My grandmother would make these potatoes and eggs. I still love potatoes and eggs but just CANNOT understand why they don’t taste like hers.

  11. Happy Birthday, Clara!

    Reminds me of my grandmother, who used to make lettuce sandwiches during the Depression. A couple slices of bread, buttered or with mayo, and lettuce. That’s it. The family would eat them often. My grandmother also gave lettuce sandwiches to hungry “hobos” who came to the back door asking for food.

  12. FF can we have an Angel report, please?

  13. Did anybody see the piece about the 700 cats a couple hoarded, starting out meaning well as a shelter? I saw the video and had to stop after they showed the first little kitty, he was so sad his single meow was barely audable. He looked so depressed while they hugged him. I get so sick with these things. The DA says they started out well but were so afraid of euthanization they just got out of control. Now they are having a massive adoption drive.

  14. Upps- on the potatoes and eggs- are you using the old cast iron skillet? Makes a dif.
    Happy happy birthday Clara- single handed she may be saving our lives as we go deeper and deeper into the 2nd Great Depression.

  15. We used to have fried baloney ( cut around the edges to keep it from curling up ), fried bread, and baked apples all the time when I was growing up. And we lived to tell the tale! Yummy stuff.

  16. Hey! I just noticed Clara has her own website! AND A COOKBOOK for sale!

  17. Being from a mostly Irish family, we had potatoes at lunch and supper every day. I didn’t have anything as exotic as pizza or spaghetti until I was a teenager. They were real treats.

    BBQ sauce recipe: ketchup mixed with brown sugar. Good on top of meatloaf when the meatloaf is just about done. Let it get brown and a little crusty in the oven.

  18. Heck SHV, I STILL eat fried baloney. That stuff is addictive.
    I remember my mother telling me that when they had a spare 25 cents, she would go to the store and buy four slices of baloney….From the tone of her voice in telling the story, the baloney was a huge treat.

    My sister was born in ’34, I should ask her if she remembers the depression era diet.

  19. Yes Mom, I use cast iron. In fact, I use HER cast iron. Still, not the same. I am wondering lately if it’s the oil. Maybe she used corn oil? You know, the Mazzola stuff?

  20. Beata how about those tomato sandwiches? Or tomato and red onion?

  21. When I was a kid, my mother would slice a big tomato on bread, top it with some cheese and put it under the broiler. Damn that was good.

  22. Hey Mom, anybody who cooks eggs in anything other than cast iron is truly a moron. Sssssssssssssssssssizzzzzzzzzzzzzzleeeeeeeeeee!.

    My grandmother would fry those eggs in the bacon grease. I think that’s probably why our food lacks the taste theirs had. We are always worrying about grease and oil. Ruins everything. And how come all these people lived well into their 90s without festering over oil and bacon grease and crisco and butter and…..you name it.

  23. Nothing is ever as good as the food grandmother and mama made. It’s the love they put into it. And the memories we carry.

  24. SHV my mother said once in awhile they got a jelly donut. They cut it into five parts (five sisters) and you were the lucky one if you got the jam.

  25. That’s the other thing. People looked out for each other. My mother had two sisters. My grandfather’s best friend and his wife were killed in either an auto or train accident, I forget which. He adopted their two daughters and raised them like his own. In fact, it was one of my adopted aunts who made that great pie.

  26. I refuse to eat green beans unless they are cooked in bacon fat. My grandmother kept a jar of the stuff in the fridge at all times.

  27. But but Beata, I DO cook with love. I make some great food. It’s just that, some things just aren’t the same! There’s some secret in there! Some magic!

    And all these busybodies telling us what we can and can’t eat have us so screwed up, we don’t do it like our ancesters did. Always worrying about butter, oil, etc. Hell, they all lived a long time.

  28. I forget which movie it was where Cher cuts the hole in the bread, puts it in the pan and drops an egg in it. We always did that!

  29. Happy Birthday, dear Clara. Many happy returns 🙂

  30. Ah yes- bacon grease! My Mom stills tells how her Mom always saved the bacon grease- and sometimes a meal was bread drizzled with hot bacon grease.
    Potatoes fried in bacon drippings! YUM!
    Are you using bacon drippings for that egg and potato dish? Or maybe she used lard?
    Lol on the tomato sandwich under the broiler Uppity- my Dad would do the same thing- but with English Muffins. We thought that was just about the bestest Sat night supper evah!

  31. Beata, on August 18, 2011 at 11:13 AM said:

    Nothing is ever as good as the food grandmother and mama made. It’s the love they put into it. And the memories we carry.

    it,s the sweet memories. Beata. 🙂

  32. FF. How’s Angel progressing? 🙂

  33. Mom, they saved the chicken fat too!

    She didn’t use lard or bacon Mom. I remember she used oil.

  34. Eggs in purgatory. Anybody else have them as a kid? String beans in sauce, and eggs poached right in the sauce? Delicious!

  35. I remember when English Muffins were new, mom. I imagine the fact that they were “English” kept the Italians away. lol. Anyways, I was at my aunt’s house and she offered me one. It was like WTF is that. She slattered butter on it and gave it to me. I ate it and it was so good, I ended up eating three.

  36. We had this place where you could drive up and get ham sandwiches from ham cut right off the bone. Women were not allowed in and you ate in the car. lol. My father would go in and get the sandwiches. Haven’t had ham like that since then either. What’s up with that? No antibiotics and not feeding pigs feed laced with chicken shit? And nobody died from salmonella either. Monsanto wasn’t around either.

  37. Nobody brings out the memories like wonderful CLARA!

  38. Uppity, when you go grocery shopping try wearing a bubushka. That might be the secret to the food tasting like grandma used to make.

    Cast iron pot. Bacon Fat or lard. Sweated onions. Salt and fresh ground pepper. check, check, check. It has to be the hoodie.

    *ducks and runs*

  39. I’m gonna getchu fer dat, Karen.

  40. Is anybody listening to that snotty old bastard Alan Simpson on Fox right now? Why that son of a bitch is sucking on the taxpayer teat with an automatic FULL SALARY ENTITLEMENT retirement from his time planking his ass in the senate. And then there’s his golden government health insurance. And here that rotten bastard is talking about seniors who average 13k a year on social security like they are the bloodsuckers. You didn’t see any recommendations from this guy on cutting out the pensions of hissself and his theiving compadres in congress did you? I wonder how much HE pays into HIS health care that keeps his cadervous self going. That guy makes me remember why it is I hate Congress. elistist, snotty thieves who take care of themselves and themselves only. What an arrogant, hateful, snotty old bastard he is. He should be sucked down bodily into hell right with his bigoted and racist old man. And Anita Hill should get the chance to kick him there.

  41. uw: couldn’t agree more, they are the worst government, I have seen in my entire lifetime—–and I couldn’t take bush 1 , or bush 2–too young for carter

  42. I couldn’t hande regan either,

    NES: the more I read and see this Perry, I think he’s got what it takes

    I could never take this Blog, but I don’t think Mittens is going to get it,

    I think Rick has a better chance, I hope I still like him at election time
    there would be a good chance I’d vote for him, if I do

  43. Michelina, yep, we are now at the ABO stage – anybody but obama, but it might come down to the other person being so odious that we cannot bring ourselves to hold our noses and pull the levers, or actually, now, touch the name on the computer screen.

    I am not liking the current field of opponents at all. And they don’t have to try hard at all to be better than obama.

    Maybe Clara and Ruthie could run on a joint ticket. Age and wisdom.

  44. City shuts down yard sale of cancer patient trying to raise money. These people are getting out of fucking control, folks. It’s not just in DC now. It’s all over the country, in your own city, town, county.

  45. I just saw the story on that yard sale shut down when I retrieved my mail. It goes nicely with closing down those dreaded lemonade stands.

    All the while, we have roving feral youth assaulting people and destroying property in flash attacks* who are given sympathy by the MSM becuase they are “disenfranchised”.

    * Note: I have decided that large groups of rioters/looters/criminals need to be classified differently than random acts of Do Re Me and the Hallelujah Chorus.

  46. Working on a post about both right now Mt. Laurel

  47. * Note: I have decided that large groups of rioters/looters/criminals need to be classified differently than random acts of Do Re Me and the Hallelujah Chorus.

    The problem is, you don’t know whether they are going to Do Re Me or mug you till they get started. But let’s face it. 4 year old’s lemonade stand is way more dangerous than 100 kids rushing into a crowd, getting ready to either dance or kick everybody’s butt.

  48. Am trying to come up with a suitable word for the felonious gangs – and we thought “rumbles” were bad back in the day. At least the kids were beating each other to a pulp. This nonsense of random acts of violence by mobs of punks is insane.

  49. There is a reason why people require a permit to assemble in a crowd. And these mobs of little pissants is the prime example. They are gangs. Instant gangs.

  50. And our President doesn’t see the least bit concerned. It’s all his idea of ‘community organizing”.

  51. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Donald J. Trump Tweets:

    @realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump
    Karl Rove –lost GOP both Houses of Congress and the White House–gave us Obama.

  52. Hey all – WAY too hot outside now to work in the studio! Gota come in before i go back out and get YUK – Chicken Tenders from Publix for Charlotte. Tastes to me like Deep-Fried-Hormones-on-a-Stick. I’ll have something else.

    Anyway – Angel Update Day Three:

    She had a somewhat uncomfortable night last night, but I dosed her up with pain meds EARLY this morning and now she is out like a light. Earlier she was out with me in the studio and all happy to be there and then came to Charlotte’s with me when I had to do a few things for her. All in all, she’s doing very well I think. She is on the mega-antibiotics and will be until the lab cultures come back (maybe tomorrow) and then we may adjust. She is being so good and not picking at her sutures at all – although she does lick her forearm where they had the needles in. She walks around the yard some but between the surgery, the pain meds and the heat, she tires easily and just sits down. I keep her in the cool as much as she wants to be in it.

    Thanks for asking, and I will keep you updated. She of course, sends a big puppy kiss to all.

  53. ProudMilitaryMom, on August 18, 2011 at 2:49 PM said:

    Am trying to come up with a suitable word for the felonious gangs

    How about

    Felonious Gangs!

  54. How about

    Felonious Gangs!

    Cracking up here.

  55. FF, from my experience with pet surgery, she sounds like she’s coming along as expected. She’l be feeling a little better each day and it’s good she’s staying away from the site. Until it starts itching, so watch for it. Also, those antibiotics make them feel off so expect that. So long as she moves a bit to keep her circulation going, and so long as she is eating, she’s doing fine. In a week, she will be WAY better.

  56. Just lie on the floor with her. They love that. It keeps them from getting depressed post-surgery and boosts their will to heal.

  57. I have been Uppity – but she just replaced me with a pie-plate full of canned chicken. I was no match.

  58. Be GLAD you were no match! A good appetite is a GREAT sign!

  59. Oh I agree! She is eating well now – but I still am not letting her over-eat because the antibiotics are rough on her stomach and I don’t want her to get sick because of her internal and external sutures. We were just outside (before the chicken) and she was munching on the tall grass.

  60. Dow down -419 at close. Hope Barack has a good vacation. He’s gonna have another longer one next year.

  61. Smaller meals is the way to go, I agree. Eating grass = barfing.

  62. Eating grass = barfing.

    yup! but so far, so good. I’m sure she’ll do that on the white shag area rug when I go to the store. 🙂

  63. Uppity
    I would agree that the flash groups – be they the more acceptable singers/dancers or the nasty thugs – can be very scary. Those musical numbers look cute on You Tube but for the people present at the time who are not in on the joke – I am sure some were more than a little anxious. A mob, no matter how peaceful is still a mob. And yes, that is one of the reasons that many places have permit requirements for large assemblies. The Do Re Me style of flash are true assemblies. The feral sloths – just lawless gangs.

    The lemonade stand – after similar occurrences in the past couple years, you would think that authorities in most areas would have figured out another approach.

  64. savage spawns

    barbarous brutes

    brainless brats

    selfish psyhcos

  65. Why are Obama and his minions soooo blind to optics?
    Is it just arrogance? Or is there styooooopidity also involved.

  66. Bigot and fall down drunk Bob Beckel attacks Italians again, second day in row. I hope a couple of guys from New Jersey visit his pickled ass really soon, just to fulfill his own prophecy.

  67. Put on your tin foil hats, gang!! So, do we think this is a message from Bill and Hillary to the Dem establishment?

    Terry McAuliffe On Jobs: “We Need Action”

    Ed Schultz talks with former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe about the policies and the politics surrounding job creation. McAuliffe wants

    “Enough of the speeches, we need action today,” McAuliffe said about Obama. McAuliffe wants Obama’s plan now, not after his vacation.

  68. “Just lie on the floor with her. They love that. It keeps them from getting depressed post-surgery and boosts their will to heal.’
    I should have used this site for cat psychology advice. We adopted an abandoned cat and her one surviving kitten about two months ago. After a few days the kitten was/is the usual bat shit-hyper kitten. The mother cat was really in pitiful shape. For the first six weeks she stayed in a closet behind hanging clothes only coming out, unobserved to eat and use the litter box. About ten days ago she suddenly walks out of the closet, meows and wants her head scratched. She is now almost a normal cat. Went to the vet today to be spayed. I suspect that trauma will send her back into the closet for awhile.

  69. Yeah on the puppy update…all looking good.

  70. Check out mcnorman’s latest. Warning! Prepare for your head to explode.

  71. Whoa Mom! I think they’re trying to also goad the Reeps into saying intemperate things about immigration, in general, so that Obama can go on the stump and urge all Latinos to “vote against their enemies.”

    He really is an odious piece of work. It’s at times like this that I get angry at the majority of the electorate for voting him into power. WTF were they thinking??!!! He didn’t fool them about what and who he was — a free-loading communiter agitator, who looked good in suits and went to fancy schools!! — they fooled THEMSELVES, shamelessly so.

  72. Tear-jerker is right, UW.

  73. NES- given the mood in the country and the lack of good paying jobs- barring saying we should round up all illegals and shoot them, is there really anything THAT intemperate an R could say? As long as they stay on the “close the border” message- this little stunt of the admins is going to come back and bite barky in his skinny lazy ass.
    Notice how this dumped just after the fraud left for the vineyard?

    Hnph. Just had a thought- we could send all those felonious gangs that are rioting and pillaging out to the fields. A day picking tomatoes or green beans or whatever other produce is ripe would accomplish much. The little punks would be too damn tired to wreak havoc after work. It would teach them what WORK is about. Reduce the massive teenage unemployment. And BONUS- give them spending money- which being little punks they would immediately pump back in to the economy!

    There- I gave a plan.
    PMM for president!

  74. Why are Obama and his minions soooo blind to optics?

    They are not, NES. I believe they want civil unrest.

  75. I love your “plan.” MOM FOR PRESIDENT! (MK Bill will be soooo J.)

  76. Please explain FF. You mean he wants the economic situation to get so bad that his Obots will riot in the streets?
    But, even then, why would he be striking this Marie Antoinette pose with his million dollar bus and his vacay at a 50K/week estate? That makes no sense.

  77. Mom, if the Reeps are engaged on close-the-border issues, they may lose what little support they have among the Latino voter base. Last time around, I believe O got about 75% of the Latino vote; this time he’s shooting for close to 100%.

  78. Don’t doggies eat grass when they’re constipated?

  79. NES- wish I could find the link- but read not too long ago that many Latinos are also in favor of enforcing the immigration laws. And even if they did get all riled up- is that not an issue for the R’s to bring out the base and counter that bloc?

  80. Yes, you’re right PMM. I just wish the Reeps would find a way to capture a significant part of the Latino vote. The immigration issue is the only thing that’s keeping the Latinos trapped in the Dem party.

  81. Gang, don’t miss JWS’s latest righteous rant against O on his website. It’s called “Obama’s Clambake,” or the like.

  82. NES – I think they are trying SO HARD to piss the NORMAL people off so the Paid Thugs (NBPP?) can step in an stir up some crap.

    O has a plan.
    He is working on it in the vineyard.
    He works so hard, he needs a vacation.
    He will tell you in FUCKING SEPTEMBER!
    Dow tanks again. World tanks again and he says there will be no “double dip” or depression when ALL the economists are saying there will be.
    He rode around three states attempting to shore up his WHITE votes. A big FU to White Working Americans who didn’t get to build that bus – only got thrown under it.

    The CBC comes out and asks for permission to go after him.
    Diane Sawyer’s big story tonight was all the unemployed at a job fair in Atlanta put on by the CBC. 5000 people waiting in line – 99.9% Black – sleeping over night in line to get applications for 2000 jobs…MOST of which were GOVERNMENT JOBS (she said) that they have to apply for on line.

    More taxpayer-funded jobs. More GOVERNMENT TEAT JOBS that do not help the economy, but require more taxes to pay for them. Stand 10 hours in line in 100 degree heat and sleep over night on the curb in your suit and heels only to be told they cannot take applications on site and to go apply on line. Anger results. But not anger at HIM because he IS supported by the Black community. Anger at “the Rich” who won’t pay higher taxes to support your new Government job.

    His DHS stops exporting illegals. That stokes the flames with White AND Black Americans who are looking for work.

    Gangs roam cities and the police do little to stop them. Obama SHOULD get on TeeVee since he love it so much and call on the Black Teens who are mostly responsible for the Mobs to stop.
    But he goes to Rich, White Martha’s Vineyard because it makes it look like he is “owned” by “the Man”

    He IS playing Marie Antoinette because although he is CAUSING the unrest, he can claim to be above the fray. That’s how he rolls. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. You know that by now. He is NEVER responsible. Nor was Marie. He FEELS your pain because he CAUSED YOUR PAIN

    So, some out of work black person or some out of work white person who ISN’T getting a Congressional Catered Jobs Fair gets pissed off, strikes a match and BOOM.

    And Obama will blame the Rick Perrys or the Michelle Backmanns or the CBC for causing the unrest, and more Executive Orders than ever will fly to curtail our rights. He THRIVES on Chaos, and I imagine it will be well-timed for the Primaries and Caucuses. And the media will be there to help him steal another term due to yet another “distraction.”

    It’s ALWAYS a case of “watch the other hand” with him.

    He is the most untrust-worthy President in my life time, and I lived through Nixon and both Bushes.

  83. Just look at this smug arrogant ass


  84. NES, thank you for your donation to Bill’s shameless and disgusting habit.

  85. Barack doesn’t have a plan. What he has is a bunch of pissant clowns and daydreaming academics sitting in a conference room drying to dream up a plan while he scarfs down ice cream and lives the high life. He told them they better have something when he gets back. They will come through with something equally useless as the other things they have given him. Pie in the sky bullshit brought to you by mental infants who have no knowledge of anything other than theory and dreams. The people are onto this bullshit and that is why he is tanking. They don’t believe him because they have come to the conclusion that he lies every time his lips move, when he’s not taking infantile insulting shots at other people. America and every other nation knows there is No There There.

  86. Another one chimes in on the “maybe Hillary should replace the fraud in 12” Coming out of the woodwork of late. Is this like handwriting on the wall?

  87. He IS playing Marie Antoinette because although he is CAUSING the unrest, he can claim to be above the fray. That’s how he rolls. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. You know that by now. He is NEVER responsible. Nor was Marie. He FEELS your pain because he CAUSED YOUR PAIN

    This is so Right On. It really IS Saul Alinsky with this malicious creature.

  88. FF said
    “He is the most untrust-worthy President in my life time, and I lived through Nixon and both Bushes.”

    You and I both.
    As Uppity says= “We will endure. WE ARE AMERICA! It’s what we do!”

    But bad things are coming down the pike. Keep the pantry stocked and the guns locked and loaded.

  89. Remember when he said to Ed Rendell in the accidentally taped (ahem) phone call Rendell put out when Ed was still backing Hillary in PA – “C’mon Ed, you KNOW I am going to win this thing”

    I feel he has been told the same thing again. It doesn’t MATTER what Americans think. HE thinks he has it locked. But in the mean time, he is just gonna fuck as many people over as he can. Because THAT IS who Barack Obama is.

  90. My head is going to explode if I think about this guy all night (or my white elitist liberal artsy neighbor who STILL thinks he hung the moon)

    Gonna go watch something on the History Channel on Netflix – like Atilla the Hun so I can get centered. BB in a while. The dog needs some company.

  91. Even though it’s from a GOP website, these are hilarious! Click on the pics and each one has a funny quip.

    ‘Obama’s Getaway: Postcards from Martha’s Vineyard’:


  92. On Greta, the “Alaskan Woman” just said that as she watched Hillary today doing more of what Obama should be doing and how presidential she looked while he was going off to vacation again, she realized how many people now must be saying that Hillary should have been the candidate.

  93. On Greta, the “Alaskan Woman”


  94. Obama’s plan that he won’t announce until September (because they’ll tell him what to say when he comes back from vacation!) is just going to be more bailouts, more money, raise taxes. Geez. Didn’t we just have a huge, neverending budget battle? I didn’t realize the deal was only for a MONTH /s

  95. The truth is he’s Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over his head.

  96. The Peter Principle Personified.

  97. Bill’s ma man/tomcat!

  98. New Policy On Deportations Allows Some Non-Criminal Undocumented Immigrants To Stay

    “SOME” ???

    “WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced on Thursday it will do a case-by-case review of deportations, allowing many undocumented immigrants without criminal records to stay in the United States indefinitely and apply for work permits.

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will send a letter on Thursday to Senate members who had asked for details on how the agency would prioritize its immigration enforcement. The policy change is meant as a framework to help prevent non-priority undocumented immigrants from “clogging the system,” senior administration officials said on a conference call with reporters Thursday.

    Hmmm… how many “undocumented immigrants” Illegal Residents are we talking about?

    “…is meant as a framework to help prevent non-priority undocumented immigrants from “clogging the system, senior administration officials said on a conference call with reporters Thursday.”

    More than that “System” can handle too, apparently.

  99. I hear China, India and Mexico are hiring.

    How about a “Dream Relocation Policy” for displaced, legal American Workers?

  100. NEW POST UP. A message from the President of the United States.

  101. Must be President Clinton (President Hillary Rodham Clinton)?


  102. Fools. All of them. And they took the whole country with them too.

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