President Hillary Clinton speaks to America while the lame Figurehead In Chief plays at Martha’s Vineyard

How many things can you find wrong with this picture. As a matter of fact, how many things can you find RIGHT with this picture.

“New Democratic Party”……you blew it. You should all be run out of the real Democratic Party on a rail. We will try to help make that happen in 2012. We haven’t gone away, we Hillary supporters. We were right and you know it. What’s more, we don’t forgive you. We don’t forgive your lies. We don’t forget your threats. We don’t forget your misogyny. And we don’t forget the FILTH you hurled at us.

Oh, and one more thing: Donna, you said you didn’t need us in 2008. We don’t need you either. We’re all still here and we are as pissed off as ever at you Regressives. Some of us might “Stay Home” as you suggested in 2008 at worst, but none of us will be helping you out. To understand why, see the video below. And start realizing that it’s time to replace the cowardly, wimpish, immature, petulant mess we have in the White House with a better candidate in every way, shape and form. Or……you can just give it up to the Republicans. Your choice.

Ladies and Gentleman: The President of the United States. Perhaps she can whip up a plan for America while that pansy eats ice cream:

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  1. You GO Hillary. You are making such an ass out of……that ass.

  2. I thought I just woke up from a never ending nightmare watching that video of Hillary addressing the nation.

  3. What Tony said!!! I love you Hillary!

  4. It’s good to see someone who looks and acts Presidential, isn’t it Tony?

  5. We all need Big Damn Heroes, Uppity.

  6. I know, Tony. I know.


    The “Insider” emailed me a copy of the real opening text:

    “Good morning,

    This morning, I called President Obama, to inform him that I had completed the Syrian Policy, inserted his name in as many paragraphs as possible, spoken with all world leaders and secured their endorsement, mentioning his name as many times as possible to each and every one.

    President Obama told me that President Obama would call me back, after President Obama finished President Obama’s Lobster Quiche… and got out of the President Obama mobile roman tub to make sure the President Obama Rubber Duckies were safely in their President Obama limousine for escort to the President Obama Martha’s Vineyard… and only after watching a President Obama training video on how to operate a President Obama umbrella, as President Obama-type thunderstorms are expected during President Obama’s highly stressful, golfing-during-thunderstorms vacation.

    In the meantime, while I am still awaiting President Obama’s phone call, I thought it prudent to inform you of the Policy to save President Obama from having to delay his vacation for the arduous task of leaking the new President Obama, Syrian Policy to the President Obama World Press so he can understand what the Policy states so that he may appear brilliant, when interrupting his vacation to speak to the world about how this Syrian Policy will somehow create American jobs and snatch his worthless ass from the bowels of perpetual defeat… ”

  8. President Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2012 – for an American Policy that puts PEOPLE FIRST.

  9. Love it, Upps.

    My mantra, from 2008 until today, and henceforth, unless and until the TRUE Democratic Party rises again…

    Never Forget. Never Forgive.

    P.S. Thank you, Madam President, for all you are doing (in absentia).

  10. Who was that person in the video? According to every picture the mean stream media mastiffs have produced for some time, it can’t be Hillary. MSM’s have gone out of their way to only use pictures that are most unflattering. Could it be these Obamites are still scared shitless of her?

  11. fix it fairy : typo in paragraph 2: You should all be run ouf of the real

  12. On evening news last night, the anchor stated that President Obama had issued an ultimatum for Assaud to step down. Immediately thereafter this particular newscast presented Hillary in a snip of this video. Too funny. Too sad. Hope many viewers noticed.

  13. It was like that all over the place, Pamela. Every link I saw yesterday had his name, and her words. We know he can’t handle the job. Now we just need him to step down. I’m sure everyone and their brother noticed.

    Upps, I love this. Thanks for rubbing his nose in it.

  14. It’s 3 am (3:40 actually)

    Do you know who’s answering the phones at the White House?

  15. How very Presidential she looks! And Sounds! And IS!
    And the boyz and bots did not want a woman. sigh
    Why is it that from cradle to grave women are forever cleaning up after boyz?

  16. “Good morning,

    This morning, I called President Obama, to inform him that I had completed the Syrian Policy, inserted his name in as many paragraphs as possible, spoken with all world leaders and secured their endorsement,


    Obama could never WRITE, let alone THINK of that policy. However – I DO suspect that the part about “NO OUTSIDE POWER can impose on this transition, etc. (1:20)) is HIS policy.. He didn’t have a problem with that anywhere else including here in the USA, but this is the weak part of the policy, IMO. He made her put that in. It’s a wink and a nod to Assad, and Iran, via Obama to go ahead and keep killing. All HRC had left were international pressure and sanctions.

    You can HEAR HIM – hear the WEAK part of the speech in that part.

  17. Hmmm- Just remembered that JAWS was filmed on the vineyard. Can’t decide if the trailer is talking about the shark- or teh fraud/dnc

  18. ROFL! Mom. Wish someone could send that to the Pretendidential Blackberry! HA!

  19. Out to the studio. BBL

  20. This is what a President looks like.
    This is what a feminist looks like.
    This is what a statesperson looks like.

  21. I love when she said, “As I repeatedly said, it takes both words and actions to produce results.” Around 2:36 – and I believe that was directed to Obama and his acolytes.

    I will say that every time I see and hear her speak, it get teary eyed at what we could have had….

  22. This is the NYT’s release yesterday with my edits:

    ObamaClinton to Call for Assad to Step Down in Syria, Officials Say

    President ObamaSecretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will call on Thursday for the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, to step down, and will tell Americans she made President Obama issue a new executive order providing for additional sanctions, an official said. It will be the first time the United StatesPresident Obama has actually done what the secretary has explicitly called for because he can’t be bothered on his vacation to do any work. Secretary Clinton demanded Mr. Assad’s departure from power.

    The actions come in response to the deadly crackdown Syrian forces have been waging against pro-democracy protesters across the country.

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m. Eastern time about the sanctions, because President Obama’s Tee Time is at 9:45. Official said the statement from Secretary Clinton would be much sterner than previous measures employed by the President because he is concerned that such harsh language would interfere with continued Middle Eastern donations to his 2012 bid for re-selection.. “We believe that this tough action will lend additional force to the president’s the secretary’s words,” the official said.


    Obama’s decision to head to a popular playground for wealthy elites in the face of intense media scrutiny is a surprisingly reckless move. It is a particularlly foolish act just 14 months away from a presidential election where he will likely end up the underdog rather than the favourite. The contrast between an imperious, out-of-touch US president and the economic plight of tens of millions of Americans could not be starker. Obama’s holiday will no doubt come to haunt him in November next year, with the economy the number one issue for voters.
    Which begs the question – why did the president go ahead with his vacation despite the worst approval ratings of his presidency, plunging stock markets, falling consumer confidence, and overwhelming public disillusion with his handling of the economy? I think the answer lies in Obama’s professorial-style arrogance, and a condescending approach towards ordinary Americans.

  24. Get a load of this gender traitor.

  25. Elizabeth Warren exploring Senate run. Say goodbye, Scottie, you blowhard.

    Peggy Noonan’s latest

  27. NES, I love the way NY Times tries to force people to sign in. It means fewer people read their shit published by nobodies most people never heard of. As IF she knows what would be. Who the H is Rebecca Traister? She sure loves her her Bawaack while he uses her as a bargaining chip. Co-dependency is a terrible thing. I’ll bet she’s a 20-something, hey? And NY Times wonders why S&P rated them junk last year and they had to sell their souls to a Mexican telecommunications honcho at huge interest rates.

  28. Petulant Barack simply cannot resist a rich man’s vacation. Neither can Imelda.

  29. Let them eat waffles . . .

  30. Imelda you forgot to take off the clown suit!🙂

  31. I saw that broadcast, and for a moment, I allowed myself to believe that we had a competent and savvy leader.

    It was immediately followed up by a clip of Oblamer on his Magic Bus Tour, reminding us that Washington is the source of all our troubles now.

    I wondered: “Does he just not get it that he IS Washington?”


  32. Anthony! “Oblamer!”


    And happy birthday to the best president of my lifetime! Happy 65th Big Dawg!

  33. ROFL! Just saw this- Bank of America lays off thousands- gets struck by lightning!

  34. NY TImes rated Junk in 2009, sells soul to Carlos Slim. Why forget?

  35. Do you not wish BOA everything they deserve, so long as it’s not good?

  36. On BOA- oh yes Uppity- Karma comes in many different forms no?

  37. Hey Wait. Isn’t that Rebecca Traister that one who wrote that bullshit book about how she was an ardent hillary supporter, and then skewered her throughout the whole book for her Messiah? Really.

    And did you check out the photo she used in that NY Times Goneby article?

  38. I believe that is her, Upps.

  39. Imelda and oblamer are going to be SOOOOO mad!
    “Giant lobster avoids becoming lunch and finds home on Coney Island”

  40. Folks, I think I just had an interesting revelation.

    Bank of America rattling the market. And employment numbers.
    JP Morgan insisting a recession is on the way.
    S&P downgrading the USA.

    All the corporations who put him in office with their bogus “small donations” via bundlers. They stroked the egomaniac’s ego. He ate it up. They got massive bailouts. Theh got what they wanted. They are done with the Sucker in the White House now. he is of no more use to them. They are tanking him.

  41. ROFL on the lobster. OMG. HAHAHAHA. Smart lobster! You’ll never catch those two snobs on Coney Island!

  42. We had better capture some live lobsters and zoo them till this white house occupant and his mouth-stuffing wife leave office. If not, they may become extinct.

    Finally, a city willing to take some action.

  44. They are tanking him indeed. I don’t think it’s a concerted plan, but, rather, a realization that the guy is poison for business interests. It’s what Steve Wynn said — businessmen — large and small — are going to sit on their hands until this guy is out of the WH.


    Obama’s decision to head to a popular playground for wealthy elites in the face of intense media scrutiny is a surprisingly reckless move. It is a particularlly foolish act just 14 months away from a presidential election where he will likely end up the underdog rather than the favourite. The contrast between an imperious, out-of-touch US president and the economic plight of tens of millions of Americans could not be starker. Obama’s holiday will no doubt come to haunt him in November next year, with the economy the number one issue for voters.

    Which begs the question – why did the president go ahead with his vacation despite the worst approval ratings of his presidency, plunging stock markets, falling consumer confidence, and overwhelming public disillusion with his handling of the economy? I think the answer lies in Obama’s professorial-style arrogance, and a condescending approach towards ordinary Americans.

  46. Hilarious on the lobster-extinction comment.

  47. NES, they will both have gout before they have to pack up their asses and get out. Seriously. Between his sea scallop and her lobster penchant, it’s inevitable. Michelle’s $600 shoes will be orthopedic by then due to flare ups.

  48. Why Not?, on August 19, 2011 at 3:27 AM said:
    That article is priceless.

    I saw HRC on tv and loved her outfit. She looks so sharp and professional.
    Rebecca Traister is a butt head.

  49. Motorcade pulled into Vineyard Golf Club, a private course in Edgartown, at 1:36 pm. Pool did not see POTUS and is told we won’t during this outing.

    POTUS’s golfing partners, per the White House, are: Eric Whitaker, Marvin Nicholson and Michael Brush, White House senior advance lead.

    Not many people outside along the motorcade route, although there was a woman sitting on a tractor waving shaking her fist.

  50. Oh cheese and rice! Imelda traveled separately AGAIN! Costing us all kinds of additional dollars. oblamer got to ride with the dog. The DOG? The dog is back? Must really be tanking- link stolen from John Smarts

  51. Hey NES- here come the attack dogs after Perry- note I do not vouch for the validity of this article- but here it is- they are going after him on the basis of he wants to trash the Constitution. A barry 1 vs barry 2 meme?

  52. and a special Birthday wish. 🙂
    happy birthday to the best president of my lifetime! Happy 65th Big Dawg! 🙂

  53. Obama Stocks Up on Pies

    by Keith Koffler on August 15, 2011, 5:21 pm

    Oh no. On his bus tour, President Obama detoured from Michelle’s healthy eating food playbook. Actually, Michelle often does too, but whatever.

    Remember children, do as I say, not as I do.

    From the pool report:

    Potus detoured to another storybook Minnesota town, Zumbrota, for a quick stop at the Coffee Mill where he approached the pie case, forefinger pressed to lips.

    His order: Two slices each of apple, pumpkin, German chocolate, and something with Graham Crackers — along with an entire coconut cream pie, which he handed off to Reggie Love.

  54. Today, they were serving ice water in hell….my biggest Obot friend/client signed the ‘Hillary for 2012’ petition on FB. This woman (and her husband) and I have gone shouting toe-to-toe since 2008; I never backed down. Of course, the comment she left said that “I’m ready to let Hillary Clinton go crazy all over those idiot republicans!”.

    Well no shit, Sherlock. Rule #1: don’t mess with a Clinton. They ALWAYS have the last laugh.

    Lordisa, do that have a draft for primary candidates?

  55. About Imelda and her private travel: NES, you asked yesterday about optics. I believe this is just more proof they really want to piss people off.

  56. ROFL! The President has IDEAS! LOTS of IDEAS!

    ““What the president is going to put forward in September is a package of new ideas that builds on the ideas that we’ve already been talking about for some time and some ideas that have bipartisan support, including patent reform….There are some new ideas above and beyond that,” he added.”

  57. Uppity, that video made my day! And happy birthday to Bill Clinton, who should have been back in the White House in 2009.

    Traister’s article was so disingenuous. This jumped out at me:

    The empirical choice between Clinton and Obama was never as direct as those on either side made it out to be; neither was obviously more equipped or more progressive than the other.

    This is such a tired old canard. It’s only true if you regard 30 years of political experience being a liberal Democrat (although admittedly too hawkish on war for me), with four years of experience pretending to be one.

    I can see why she voted for Obama if she couldn’t tell the difference.

  58. Happy Birthday Bill! May you get birthday wishes as good as you give!

  59. Check out this shitbag. Pakistani-American arranged to have his wife killed in front of his little son and told the police they were attacked by black and white people who called his family terrorists before they “attacked”. Shitbag. This man deserves to die. No more of thise easy life shit for these freaks. Why should we even pay to feed them when they should be immediately removed from the gene pool? And get this POS away from that child, who is probably already ruined if this POS is he male role model.

    Parvaiz had told investigators the couple was attacked by a different combination of black and white males who shouted ethnic slurs at the Pakistani couple, authorities said. In his initial story, the group shouted something about the family being “terrorists,” authorities said.

    How’s that working out for you now, swine?

    How did that pretty woman marry that missing link anyways? Must have been arranged. And of course, she warned he was going to kill her. She should have killed him first. Look at him. He has ONE EYEBROW for Chrissakes!

    I continue to maintain that some middle eastern countries cover up women because the women are so much better looking than most of the missing links they call men. The women are beautiful and the men look furry mutant animals half the time.

  60. Happy Birthday Big Dawg!!! Adult supervision you are!

  61. But, he’s anorexic, Upps. Doesnt one have to be obese’ish to get gout?

  62. Hey I wonder if that coconut cream handed to reggie was symbolic.

  63. In addition to the separate travel to the Vineyard, Imelda took a trip to hide out at her brother’s (with her regular entourage in tow on one of those specially equipped planes stocked with lobster) after the fiasco of a birthday bash for Barky. She just recently returned to DC just in time to pack up the lobster bibs for the latest vacay.

    I think it would be interesting if they served fake lobster (dripping in butter) if Imelda would even know the difference. As to Barky, just bread or batter and fry shaped pieces of the imitation whatever and tell him they were special sea scallops harvested just for him. After all one fake deserves another.

  64. I’m telling you folks. They ARE Ferdinand and Imelda, pretending their subjects can live their lives vicariously in luxury through them. They are also deliberately thumbing their noses at America besides. They need to pack up and go.

  65. NES, to get gout, all one has to do is eat rich foods too often and intake/produce too much purine./uric acid. they are super duper candidates.

  66. Mt. Laurel, there is no such thing as fake lobster in Boston, let me tell you. It would serve her right though.

  67. The Pakistani women that was murdered was, according to the account I read, married off to that turd in an arranged marriage. And this lovely episode was played out right in front of her child.

  68. NES, Bill bought some Maui Gold Catnip with your donation. Now he’s crawling around the perimeter of the room, close to the baseboards. On his side.

    ( I had a cat who actually did that. lol.)

  69. […] UppityWoman’s: President Hillary Clinton speaks to America while the lame Figurehead In Chief plays at Martha’s V… Posted on August 19, 2011 by Uppity […]

  70. UW: what a shame about Bill. He should have gotten the Puna buds.

  71. Ahahahahahaha UW. I think Obama and Love are beyond the merely “symbolic.”

  72. Excellent Upps, Bill deserves only the best. I’m sure it’ll help in his prez campaign.

  73. Damn, Sophie. I wish I was your cat.

    Speaking of Bill and his campaign….. NES, are you Bill’s new campaign manager?

  74. Damn, Sophie. I wish I was your cat.

    You’d have to fight me for the slot.

  75. Vivien, NES is BIll’s Consigliore.

  76. I knew that. She’s yours too, right?

    Sophie, I don’t want to be the outside cat. I don’t want to have my butt kicked by Upps either. Any left-over scraps will do.

  77. Spot-on, Uppity! Preach it!

  78. If only, vivien. MK Bill is still awaiting imust’s return. He wants the best.

  79. I wish she would come back. No one can fill that void.

  80. AJELive
    BREAKING: #Qassam brigades, military wing of #Hamas, announces there is no more truce with #Israel. #Gaza #Palestinians

    this is going to get worse

  81. let it go, please.

  82. Hey! Stil4hill. How are ya, girl??

  83. Yes Vivien, NES is my consigliore. we also have backup consigliore in the even of another european vacay for NES. We are well covered. God knows we need it. But alas, this blog is crawling with lawyers. lol.

  84. Let’s see. We have doctors, veterinarians, teachers, authors, lawyers. Managers. Artists. Artisians. No dentists. We need a dentist. Find us a dentist.

    Still, not a bad take for, what’s that they called Hillary supporters? Uneducated, low information deadenders?

  85. Sophie, now you’re in trouble. I just found bill packing. He’s coming to your place for some buds.

  86. He doesn’t require much, Sophie. His own room with a private entrance. Flat screen Tee Vee, 3 hot meals, cleaning service. Pelligrino water, and endless niperoni.

  87. They ARE Ferdinand and Imelda, pretending their subjects can live their lives vicariously in luxury through them.

    Without a doubt. No point in pretending either. You would think that taking two separate airplanes to get to the same destination would be a red flag to them, but noooooo not those two.

  88. I’m surprised the dog is still around. I wonder if he really is. I mean they haven’t trotted him out lately.

  89. At least bush had Barney cams. I liked Barney and India the cat.

  90. Knowing those two, Bo lives elsewhere and they rent a double as needed for photo ops.

  91. Mcn. he probably ran away.

  92. 😀 Probably.

    He’s probably in another state.

  93. Meanwhile, Obama is doing this.

    Freaking Bush III.

  94. LOL Uppity! Bill is certainly welcome to come for a visit.

    Both of my cats are females and I’d like to say he’d have his pick but they are both fixed. (Wonder why they call it fixed. Seems more like broken to me…) Anyway, the cat named Sophie is likely a Lesbian but the other cat is not her partner.

    Both are indoor cats although with the backyard being a wildlife sanctuary, they are constantly trying to trick me when I open a door.

    I’d like to say he’d get three square meals a day but the fact is that the dish is constantly replenished. (It’s IAMS, so if you don’t like that, tell me your food needs in advance.)

    Neither would share their drugs with the other, so I have to be the keeper and dispenser. Perhaps I should join a 12-step program for that. (But not to worry Bill, I won’t do so before you get yours–see what a good cody I am.) And Bill, you should wait until after you’re elected to visit so you can do it all on the taxpayer dime.

    Vivien: I also want to be one of my cats! And as you can tell–no one gets left outside. (Hey, we have crows and other birds of prey here that would scoop them right up.)

  95. My 88 year old Dad told me the video of Oboma running for the plane to the Vineyard was hilarious….couldn’t get out of town fast enough after his bus tour meeing “real” people. Anybody have a clip of the vid?

  96. America’s finest, protecting and serving.

    An off-duty New York City police officer was arrested Friday after allegedly raping a woman at gunpoint,

  97. Sophie, Mr Uppity says that all the time. When he dies he wants to come back as one of my cats. Not the dog though. Says I make the dog work while the cats don’t have to do a damned thing but be pampered. Eh, I said, when I die I want to come back as one of your cars.

  98. It’s true. madamab. When Bush did this shit we were all over him like white on rice, including all the Regressives. Obama gets a free pass on everything, even his own abject stupidity.

  99. McN, I hear Bo the dog is on the witness protection program now. lol.

  100. Seriously, I feel sorry for Bo the dog. If I were president ther ewould be video all over the place of my dog and me slobbering all over each other, really. I’d be taking her with me everywhere too. She’d be blowing her coat right in the oval office whenever she wanted to. I would be the most popular president among animals lovers EVAH!

  101. I would dispatch my goons on animal abusers, torture their asses till they jump and remove their miserable defective asses from the gene pool. I won’t even get into how child molestors would fare.

  102. DONE! Peach berry pie, zucchini bread, german chocolate cake, Apple butter, blackberry jam and blackberry jelly. I am keeping the peach salsa- I only made four jars. lol
    Entry blank is all filled out and I am off to the fairgrounds first thing tomorrow to get them entered! The pie and zucchini bread were winners last year- so we shall see! LOL

  103. Dear Mom, if I didn’t love you so much I would really hate you.

  104. Staffers for Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called police on Thursday evening to disperse unemployed protesters staging a sit-in at his Kenosha, Wis., office, according to the protesters and police.

    I jes love me dem dere compashionate conservatifs.

  105. Good luck Mom! Sounds yummy!

  106. Rep. Ryan offered to let the protesters stay for $30 a seat but they refused to cough up the dough. Deadbeats.

  107. ROFL on Ryan and the protesters! These pols better get used to it. The people are waking up! Buy shares in pitchforks and torches!

  108. It almost pains me to see the you tube of Madame President. What a waste these past years have been to our country!! It feels good to have been right even while all of us were persecuted. Now everyone knows we were right and we’re looking like the wise ones. HOWEVER, it just doesn’t matter. Our country has gone to hell because people got snookered because they were not looking for a president, they were looking for a messiah. Yuck. I was walking down memory lane like you Uppity, and I got to thinking about when people said to me (and to all of us), I’d vote for any woman, just not THAT woman. Remember that garbage? Well, I was inspired to write about that because if I ever hear that phrase again, I’m gonna give hell to whoever lets it slip from their mouth:

  109. PMM: Sounds divine. Good luck to you tomorrow.

  110. Rep. Ryan offered to let the protesters stay for $30 a seat but they refused to cough up the dough. Deadbeats

    G’damned Entitlement people thinking they are entitled to jobs or something.

  111. Agree???

  112. I thought that was well done, NES. Except I do disagree on cats running into burning buildings. They have been known to do it to save their kittens. There was a story about a cat who did that and burned herself practicallly beyond beliefs, her paws in third degree while she was still going in for kittens. She survived, sans ears, barely with sight, but she was adopted. By a firefighter who fought the flames. Would she have done that for a human? Probably not. How would she drag a person out?

    But yeah. Cats are republicans and dogs are democrats.

  113. My cat is an anarchist.

  114. Hah! My cat is a (loving) dictator!
    And who is gonna tell MKBill about that article? HMMMM?

  115. I think Upps has the burden responsibility of telling MK Bill.

  116. To finish out our Friday…

    ‎5000 years ago, Moses said, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

    When Welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

    Today, the government has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to China.

    Niters, folks.

  117. That’s hilarious Allie! Thanks.

  118. A twist on the pie theme:

    Recipes For Shit Pie As Inspired By The Help

  119. “It does take both words… and action to produce results.” Amen Hillary, Amen.

  120. You tell em Uppity!

    If only the idiots would have stayed away from the Kool-Aid!

  121. Sorry, Upps! Referring to the pResident as a “pansy” (a classic homophobic slur) is so not cool!

    In the future, please use the more appropriate descriptions as “fraud”, “wimp”, “wuss”, “weaking”, “GOPuppet”, “Liar”, “Empty Suit”, “Con-Man”, “Loser” and (everybody’s favorite) “asshole”.

    This Proud Pansy for Hillary would so appreciate it!🙂

    Smooches on a beautiful Sunday!

  122. Vinnie! But he truly is such a wilting flower! But alas, when grouped together, all of the terms you provided will work, though not singularly. Do you find you have used them so much that There Are No Words left to describe this manchild?

    But if you are forming Pansies For Hillary, then I will cease and desist! Thanks for being such a good sport. And if calling that twit (you forgot twit) a pansy brought cool You out to comment, it just may be worth it. Could we conclude that each and every time I use the word you will comment in all your good-sportedness? Considering you are a serious collector of nouns which are Approrpirate for Joe The Golfer.

  123. I came back and read this piece again. It just makes me feel so darned good!!!! You hit all of the high points just right Uppity!!! Kudos!!!!

  124. It just makes me feel so darned good!!!!

    Not as good as I felt writing it!

  125. It got me all tingly and giggling with glee!

    Darnit, Ups! You’re right. I forgot twit! And jerkoff! And fool! And TOOL!

    But like the late Karen Carpenter sang: “We’ve Only JUST BEGUN!” 😀

  126. Have you kids seen this yet? In the words of Akbar ‘n Jeff: “It’s Yum-Lick-Shus!”

    “The wheels are off the Obama bus. It’s up on the cinder blocks on some rental property in Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. It is the end of the summer of discontent for a president who’s clearly in over his head and whose wallowing is most unbecoming.

    Mr. Obama’s economic policy prescriptions, textbook Keynesian mumbo jumbo, have failed. History would have been instructive had only he been learned in the discipline. Obviously, he’s not. Next month, he’ll return with yet another chapter of the novella best titled “Hocus Pocus.”

    Policy failures aside, we can only wonder if America also should be worried about the mental state of this president. Just prior to his Midwestern bus tour, at a private New York fundraiser, Obama’s reported to have likened opposition to his presidency to the persecution of Martin Luther King. Then, on tour, his maudliness plunged deeper as he compared his plight to the sufferings of Abraham Lincoln.

    As Gettysburg College history professor Allen C. Guelzo reminded in National Review Online, Mr. Lincoln rose to the challenge and exhibited greatness in his leadership. But, “In our current national agony … we have come to see a littleness, not a greatness, in Barack Obama. And it is not for him that we feel sorry, but for ourselves.”

    For it is a tragedy of our own making.”

    (Actually, it’s a tragedy of the DEMOCRATS own making to have been snookered by a snake-oil salesmen instead of choosing The Democrat With Experience And Substance)

  127. That’s hilarious, Vinne, I had just posted that same story upthread.

  128. Akbar and Jeff. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  129. Vinnie, I can’t remember which member said it long ago, but Obama put the Jerk in Jerkoff.

  130. Oops, sorry, NoEmptySuits! I didn’t see your post. But it’s so delish, eveybody will want a second helping!😀

    Oooh, I like that, Upps! “Puts the Jerk in Jerkoff”…Like “Puts the Ass in asshole!”

  131. Vinnie, I can see that your affection for Bawaaaak is even greater than mine.

  132. Hilarious on the “second helping,” Vivien. True, can’t enough of taking down Teh Won here.

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