Your government – power hungry,out of control and just plain mean: It’s not just in DC anymore.

Hunger For Power.

It rolls downhill and touches your lives in the most ridiculous of ways. Because when power hungry people go unchecked, they can’t stop looking for ways to punish and control you. Power Hungry people are insatiable.

Please read these little stories and tell me that your government, right in your own county, town, or city isn’t out of control, power-hungry, and treating itself like it is YOUR customer.

Iowa Police Shut Down 4-Year Old’s Lemonade Stand

Yes, that’s right, folks. They shuttered a four year old’s lemonade stand. If this isn’t power out of control, let me know what is.

CORALVILLE, Iowa –  Police closed down a lemonade stand in Coralville, telling its 4-year-old operator and her dad that she didn’t have a permit.

Cedar Rapids television station KGAN reports that an officer told Abigail Krutsinger’s dad on Friday that she couldn’t run the stand as RAGBRAI bicyclers poured into Coralville. RAGBRAI is The Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which ended Saturday.

The city ordinance says food vendors have to apply for a permit and get a health inspection.

A. Four. Year. Old’s. Lemonade. Stand. Is Iowa OD-ing on corn? You can let the government of Coralville, Iowa know how stupid they look to you here.

Well, if that doesn’t simply piss you off and  have you wondering what the hell is going on here with the local seizing of outrageous power to the point of ludicrousness, then try this cruel and inhumane bullshit:

Here’s a BATSHIT CRAZY, POWER HUNGRY, ANAL RETENTIVE city that shut down the yard sale of a terminal cancer patient who was trying to raise money to pay her medical bills.

This is Jan Cline.

Can you see that she is at the end of her rope? What do you think of her power-hungry, batshit crazy city?

According to KATU-TV in Salem, Ore., Jan Cline, a woman with terminal bone cancer, has been holding yard sales to raise money to pay off her bills.

But Cline recently received an unfortunate notice from the city of Salem: She is breaking the law, and the city is shutting her yard-sale operation down.

Why ever would they do this? Because Salem has a law that says a person can only have three yard sales in one year.

Well, Ms. Cline. You broke the rule. This must be a VERY important law. After all, there wouldn’t be such a law if more than three goddamned garage sales a year ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY weren’t so damned dangerous or something!

So, Ms. Cline, I guess your city thinks your horrible law breaking by having more than three yard sales to PAY YOUR MEDICAL BILLS is just Over The Top, woman! Guess you’ll just have to go bankrupt or die or something so the city of Salem can be safe from criminals like you.

You can go here if you want to let the City of Salem, Oregon know that it’s too bad Jan Cline is the terminal one instead of the miserable, anal retentive yahoo who thought up this law that has no exceptions and makes it impossible for this women, who is TERMINAL, to pay her medical bills.  Perhaps they can just go over to her own PRIVATE PROPERTY and shoot her in the head instead. And perhaps I would rather have pins in my eyes than move to a city that behaves this way to a dying woman trying to raise funds for her own survival.

Where the hell is the heart in this country? How did governments in the USA get so out of control, intrusive and dictatorial? When did Public Service come to mean the Public Serves Them?

I’d like to say I’m glad you don’t live in one of these two  dictatorial, Out Of Control With Rules cities, but face it gang, this kind of shit in one degree or another is happening to all of us. In NY, it’s “Authorities”.  Unelected, unselected, appointed, paid for by the taxpayer, the antithesis of Democracy, and Lording over everyone, treating them like dog crap, with no recourse because you must RESPECT OUR AUTHORITAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

I don’t know about you, but in NY, when a government wants you captive and cowering, they create themselves  that Authority, appoint their meanest relatives to the board,  to which you WILL answer….or suffer the consequences. And don’t you dare question them either. Just pay  for their salaries (which will go up every year) and shut the hell up. You’re lucky they let you continue on at all. And that doesn’t even include all the ridiculous inexplicable individual local ordinances  that keep you as hobbled as possible.

What’s your local government up to that stinks of outrageous  hunger for power and control? Is this your local government’s logo yet? If not, give it time, because crap rolls downhill and DC is setting the example:

Pay Us Your Taxes and Then Take Our Crap.


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  1. What good is power if you don’t use it? How will people know YOU are in charge?

  2. What good is power if you don’t use it? How will people know YOU are in charge?

    My badge and my whistle?

  3. Gotcha back with this theme, Bawaaaaaak. Stolen from Widdershins. I love stealing from Widdershins. Almost as satisfying as stealing from MyIQ.

  4. Love that video! Lying low life scum…truly, I despise that guy and his wife.

  5. Ooh! I’m totally stealing that!

  6. Ooh! I’m totally stealing that!

    G’damned thief. I’ll out-thieve you if it’s the last thing I do. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bigger thief than I am.

  7. Here, take this one:

  8. I already stole that one from somebody else.

    In fact, I once stole four graphics in one day – and then I inserted them into a post I stole from you.

  9. I’m robbing your house right now.

  10. Great topic today, Uppity. Loved the ‘She Will’ video. Who put that together?

  11. Got no idea BCL. I just snatched it when I was looking for something on the youtubes.

  12. if it.s family it,s not stealing 😆

  13. This had a half million hits but I don’t remember ever seeing it till now.

    She has such a great big heart. Get out the hankies.

  14. Ever notice how mean and stupid seem to be a combo pack like milk and cookies? Bleeping idiots. That’s the government for you. My husband has been a US citizen for years has a doctorate in computer science and engineering, speaks four languages, and is a VP in a Fortune 500 company, votes, and makes contributions to no-kill shelters. So it stands to reason that he is a closet terrorist. Our mail is opened at whim–mail from oversees, mind you only financial stuff and is left unsealed. Great for identity theft. So I called up the Postal Inspectors and got this polite mealy mouthed guy telling me that it was Homeland Security and he has his packages from his family in India opened occasionally, implying that if he has to put up with it I should too. If they want to read my F&%*ing mail, they can come to my gd house and do it, the little facists.

    If the government has a wanted list for criminals. can we have a wanted list for stupidity? Nah, that would be too long a list–too many idiots and too many wanted posters. Too bad, because public humilation seems to be the only cure for stupidity and meaness. When Lincoln said that God must have loved the common man he made so many of them, I think that was code for stupid.

  15. Cool vid Upps! Love it as much as I hated the ‘original’.
    (Just wait for some Obot to complain that it’s raaaaaycist.)

  16. Good post, UW.
    I think the gov’t that governs best governs least. (I know I ‘snatched’ that comment from some luminary, but can’t recall who…anyone know?). But, seriously, it’s one of the reasons I believe taxes should be at a minimum…tax revenues breed agencies and committees, or enhanced powers for existing gov’t bodies, that then have to find something to ‘regulate’ us on. The two Instances you mention are a classic case of abuse of police powers. If these cops have nothing else to do, they should be seconded to Oakland, CA, which is a high-crime area and suffers from a chronic shortage of cops.

  17. “When did Public Service come to mean the Public Serves Them?”

    I like that. Really describes it well. Cops should be embarrassed to waste their time on chicken shit stuff like yard sales and lemonade stands.

  18. We were thinking of taking the kids to a beach front campground for a few days, so I’ve been reading consumer reviews about all the socal beach campgrounds, and what I’ve been reading falls right in line with Uppity’s post. There were tons of complaints about the Park Rangers! Who would think it? Park Rangers being bullies and not doing their jobs. One guy wrote that he actually got a driving ticket from a ranger becuz as he was driving thru the park to the parking area, he drove over the double yellow line, just a little, to go around people who were standing in his lane! Anyway, we bagged the camping idea. Laker & I can go camping in Wash State with my sibs, where camp sites aren’t so tiny you have the next tent only a few feet away, or someones RV taking up half your space, and bully, lazy Rangers thrown in for good measure.

  19. Great Post Uppity! And here, read this and PRAY!!!!

    Four years on, there is a small, but growing rumbling in the political underground that Obama was chosen precisely because of his light weight. The argument is that he was promoted over Hillary because he would be malleable and would “lead from behind.” In other words, he’d follow.

    Party elders sensed that his charisma, effective speaking style and inspiring tale as a bi-racial success story made him a product they could sell to the voters. After the sale, he’d be easy to control.

    Read the whole thing. It’s not very nice…

  20. And another. Oh my how the tide has turned – and we TOLD THEM IT WOULD. They backed the wrong jackass horse and now everyone wants HRC to save them. If I were her…

    Americans aren’t inspired by well-meaning weakness. We like strong leaders, particularly in desperate times. FDR was trapped in a wheelchair and faced far greater challenges than Obama, yet he never gave the impression of being at the mercy of events. He set a course and followed it. He went out and got the votes he needed. So did Reagan. So did LBJ.

    Chamberlain did one bold thing. He finally realized he was not the right man to lead Britain in dangerous times. He resigned so that Churchill could take over. There is one bold thing Obama could and should do. He should bow out of the race for reelection and throw his support behind Hillary Clinton—the leader we should have chosen in the first place.

  21. There was the woman in Michigan who was facing 93 days in jail for planting vegetables in her front yard. The “authorities” ended up dropping the charges because it went viral on social media.

  22. Then there was the Amish farmer who was the subject of a year-long Federal sting for selling raw milk to folks in Maryland.

  23. I live in a county with (compared to Salem etc.) with practically no laws. You can do anything you want– like buy five acres next to a half-million dollar house then put 100 used rental trailers on the property. Or buy half of hill then dig off your half, leaving the house on top waiting to slide off. Or build a motor-cross & go kart track in the middle of a residential neighborhood next to a church and school. Or extend an airport runway right up next to a school. Or pass meeting rules that forbids anyone but builders and developers from speaking at hearings. Or start shooting your neighbor’s animals for target practice with no legal remedy available. Or avoid water & sewer problems by just straight piping into the nearest stream. Yessiree. It’s wonderful out here in the wilderness with no damn gummerment telling me what to do.

  24. I hear ya churl! That’s why it’s SO important that people only have three garage sales a year! Gotta focus on what’s REALLY important, not silly things like shooting your neighbor’s pets in target practice!

  25. Well sophie, everybody knows that raw milk kills more people each year than, say, salmonella in a couple of hundred million eggs.

  26. you have the next tent only a few feet away,

    That’s what you get for camping too close to the California Orance Pickers’ housing development for illegal aliens.

  27. If these cops have nothing else to do, they should be seconded to Oakland, CA, which is a high-crime area and suffers from a chronic shortage of cops.

    Yeah but you can’t get your out of shape ass shot off by busting up the yard sale of some lady with terminal cancer.

  28. My husband has been a US citizen for years has a doctorate in computer science and engineering, speaks four languages, and is a VP in a Fortune 500 company, votes, and makes contributions to no-kill shelters. So it stands to reason that he is a closet terrorist. Our mail is opened at whim–mail from oversees, mind you only financial stuff and is left unsealed.

    Well, obviously he is more of a danger to the USA than some guy who buys fertilizer and, say, has been practicing to stick a bomb in his shorts for a Christmas Eve flight.

  29. FF, Chamberlain probably didn’t have one quality that Obama has, known as Clinical Narcissism.

  30. O/T – Know anyone who lives in Vanuatu? They are rockin’ and rollin today. Could be a bad sign for New Zealand again….

  31. I agree Uppity, and personally I believe the Chamberlain straw has been drawn too many times in reference to Oblamo’s weakness. It gives him a historical reference he does not deserve. Chamberlain tried to be an appeaser – Obama is a coward with no personal convictions (that I can see) whatsoever – other than his demonstrated belief he is better than anyone else in the room.

  32. Sitting here cooling off, covered in sweat and sawdust! And I just get SO mad about what the Regressive Dems did to the Party and to the Country when they screwed Hillary. That article – because he could be controlled – is something I (we) have been saying since Day One. He was their Little Puppet who they dangled all sorts of bright shiny objects in front of – and like a greedy child he grabbed for them all – consequences be damned.

    I have always said Hillary wouldn’t have played their game and TPTB knew it. IMO, in her New Hampshire comments where she teared up she said “I just don’t want to see us go backwards” she was saying she knew these greedy fools would not only destroy the Party, but would destroy the country in their thirst for power and destroy any chance of DECENT AND WORKABLE SOCIAL PROGRAMS in the future because the country would rebel at the give-aways they had planned.

    Talk about ABUSE OF POWER? Try the DNC in May 2008.

  33. I love H44’s title “The Fiece Urgency of Martha’s Vineyard”.

  34. The guy took HOW many vacations just during the PRIMARIES – it wasn’t even a choice for him of needing to juggle his senatorial obligations and campaigning – HECK with the senate WORK – his only choice was between vacations and primarying, which for him is so much fun – tell a lot of lies and have people irrationally treat you like some superhuman miracle and CRUSH on you.

    Vacations Hillary took during the primaries = 0

    So it’s amazing those people are surpised at all his vacations, since it’s his pattern. It’s amazing they are surprised economics overwhelms him – forget the lack of running a country, etc – the guy never lived within his means his whole adult life. He doesn’t “get” personal financial responsibility, how could he understand it on a national level?

    Maybe besides people encouraging Hillary to run, we needs lots more people encouraging Obama to LEAVE!

  35. he took several vacays during the primaries because Hillary ran circles around his lazy ass and he was tuckered out. She made him work and he didn’t like that. no sir, he didn’t like that at all. Just like he doesn’t like working now either.

  36. lorac, on August 20, 2011 at 6:31 PM

    drumming fingers on the desk, looking puzzled…..perplexed, between line reading…. LOL


    At 6:43 pm, the President’s motorcade arrived back at Blue Heron Farm. Two turkeys crossed the road ahead just as we turned on to the dirt road to the farm. Moments before, we passed two white swans just before the turn toward Alley’s General Store. A few onlookers outside Alley’s snapped pictures as the motorcade passed.

    Regarding the earlier stop in Oak Bluffs: about a hundred people attended what Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest described as an “informal reception” organized by the President’s friend Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree. Valerie Jarrett was also in attendance.

    and why do we care?why can’t we see photos? is this an intimate family vacation with Valerie and Reggie there? Nice ‘work’ if you can get it. What’s for dinner? Do they have any left-over pie?

  37. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (with whom we – OTR at10pm – have traveled to Mexico) made a statement a few years back that Mexico is like Columbia of 20 years ago. At the time President Obama and the President of Mexico rebuked her — in essence saying she was wrong. Well…she was not and is not.

  38. If we aren’t going to slam or borders shut from these savages, then we need to send our military in to wipe the bastards out. the borders to Mexico are war zones now and Hillary is indeed right. They can rebuke their own asses because this is bullshit. The President of Mexico is just as ineffective as Obama is. He can’t even get his own country in order and he’s busy sniping at Arizona for trying to keep his CRIMINALS out. And GOD ONLY KNOWS what he’s giving AMNESTY to while we aren’t paying attention.

  39. Valerie Jarrett was also in attendance

    Valerie is ALWAYS in attendance. SHe’s his top advisor for this MESS he’s made of the USA and Foreign Affairs. For all the talk of supporting women No Matter What, I call BULLSHIT. This woman is a VERY bad influence and America is feeling it. She’s poison.

  40. She is poison Uppity. And she is JUST as arrogant as Obama – probably more so because she helped to “create” this Frankenstein. Between her and Imelda, things are going to get worse as they see American’s pulling the rug out from under their little Personal Wealth Redistribution Scheme.

  41. Pics of Barry’s fab vacay on the Vineyard! The motorcade! The informal reception with friends! The bookstore visit with daughter! The Presidential wave to the adoring peons and press! The endless golf! Valerie Jarrett sans makeup!!!

  42. Wait, Val does seem to be wearing lip gloss…

  43. On Friday, it is reported that Barry “took more than one swing while in the sand trap” on the golf course. He’s a dynamo when it really matters.

  44. “Wait, Val does seem to be wearing lip gloss…”

    …and looking remarkably like Noriega

  45. Great find FF:

    At the time President Obama and the President of Mexico rebuked her — in essence saying she was wrong. Well…she was not and is not.

    And we knew it then. We are the smartest people on the planet! Eat this: she was not and is not

  46. Hey Uppity! This is for you. Happy weekend everyone!

  47. Yes, slam the borders shut. The border towns are a nightmare now.

  48. […] UppityWoman: Your government – power hungry,out of control and just plain mean: It’s not just in DC anymore. Posted on August 20, 2011 by Uppity Woman Hunger For Power. It rolls downhill and touches your […]

  49. Hey thanks, Mr. Socal!!! Very cool!!!! I love me my Clapton!

  50. OMG-this is divine: peaches in wine.

    I set it up 6 hours ago and actually had the patience to wait it out. I can’t believe something so simple is this damn good.

  51. My grandfather sat me on his knee and fed me fresh peaches he sliced into his home made red wine. I never argued about taking a nap. lol. Italians learn about peaches and wine at a very young age if they had a grandparent from the old country. No need to soak it for hours, either.

    Edit: Today you would probably go to jail for feeding a child peaches and wine.

  52. One more thing. The sugar from the peaches turns to alcohol. If you are unconscious right now, then you have learned that.

  53. I made peach shortcake last night. Skinned & diced up sweet white peaches, threw a little stevia and amaretto on them, then put on angel cake with homemade whip cream.

  54. LOL

    Uppity says: I love H44′s title “The Fiece Urgency of Martha’s Vineyard”.

    Well….truth be told that was not the entire title…but who’s lookin’! LOL

    What I find a bit more disturbing is the lack of commenters there anymore as it seems Big Pink has been taken over almost entirely by one who is imitating a brand of pie. I am sure, like me, there are MANY readers, and I think that really is what matters in the long run, but jeeze…. it makes me want to eat cake.

  55. Speaking of pies, has anyone heard from Mom? Did she come home with a bushel of blue ribbons?

  56. Uppity, what’s the minimum amount of time you can let them marinate?

  57. LOL FF, I couldn’t remember what the rest of the title said because the part I wrote stuck in my mind. SO I went and looked again and now that I see what it is, no wonder it left my mind. lol.

    Sophie, he didn’t soak them long. Like maybe 15 minutes or so, but then his wine could permeate anything.

  58. socal I love peach shortcake more than strawberry shortcake. Especially at this time of year when the freestone peaches are available.

  59. sick & sad

  60. Ta-Da! Entered six items- won three ribbons! The German Chocolate cake got a first, the blackberry jelly got second the blackberry jam got third. No luck on the pie or zucchini bread this year- but that’s ok- I won with the pie last year and I am not greedy! lol

    This is a great post- and just wanted to let you all know how we deal with little bastages at OUR county fair. Remember I told you a few days ago about the State Police and their horses? Well in years past they always just hung out in the horse and pony area- did a few rides, let the kids pat the horses etc.
    Yesterday they were riding the horses around the fairgrounds. Nice and easy like. And our local cops are a little more “present” shall we say? Normally they are just there- and we have the rent a cop security firm for gate control. This year the local forces are “out” and visible. And there were periodic announcements about how the fair board had “plans” for any and all emergencies.
    And I stopped by the D booth- not surprising but they are ALL disappointed with teh one. Can’t tell you how many times I heard “Hillary should have won!”
    Of course I politely reminded them SHE DID WIN! The DNC STOLE our votes!


    for example re Jan Cline: Imagine if each and every one the good people of (witch burning) Salem would show their solidarity by offering Cline their yard 3x/year? They could arrange things so the sale moves from yard-to-yard on a next door basis so Cline’s goods wouldn’t have to be transported far. Then each “host” yard-saler could also contribute stuff they wanted to get rid of anyway for added inventory. Bet the Cline yard sales could continue all year long!

    (and at the same time, of course, work to do away with that stupid law!)

    We need to be imaginative and willing to go way out of our way to combat the idiocy and tyranny. We can do it. We just need to empathize and ACT!

  62. for example re Jan Cline: Imagine if each and every one the good people of (witch burning) Salem would show their solidarity by offering Cline their yard 3x/year?

    Hilariouslly effective! And a well-deserved poke right in the eye of the Power Hungry!

  63. Aw Gawd, German Chocolate Cake. You have no mercy Mom.

    Well hey gang, three ribbons means three more penguins for Mom, right?

  64. Every year as a kid my grandmother from Chicago would come to visit around my birthday in April. What was the ONLY Birthday Cake I ever wanted???? (Hint: It was not Avocado-Mincemeat)

    I grew up on German Chocolate Cake. And Gramma made it better than anyone. I remember she would hold the bowl tucked in her arm and beat the batter with a spoon so fast she would jiggle!

    THEN I got to lick the bowl! No worries THEN about salmonella in the eggs or e-coli in the butter.

  65. Congrats on the Ribbons, Mom! 3 out of six five? Well…that’s fifty SIXTY percent approval. Obama will be SO J~!

  66. Congrats, Mom! 3 Pengys?…is that enough?


    Girl rescues woodpecker and gets fined by gov’t officials.

  68. HP, you clicked on the graphic and commented. Your comment won’t appear in this thread. Suggest you repost it in the thread here. Wouldn’t want you to think I deleted it or something. It’s just going to hang beneath the graphic. I have no idea why WP allows people to comment on clicked on photos. The comments just disappear into oblivion, never to be seen again after enough comments are posted in the actual thread.

  69. Congratulations Mom!! Any samples for the Uppity community?

  70. Congrats Mom!

  71. Okay UW It was just a rant..most of what I say belongs in oblivion. lol

  72. LOL HP! Don’t say that about yourself.

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