6.0 EQ in Virginia, NY City, DC felt it. Important people safe. Everybody else: Eh!

Scurrying DC Lobbyist.

6.0 EQ struck Virginia. Cowardly wimpassed Atty General has evacuated his office to a safe spot, leaving the rest of DC residents to eat shit because they have nowhere else to go. Apparently, wussy Holder’s scotch glasses rattled. Capital, of course, is being evacuated of all those wussy, self absorbed congress critters, probably to a nice safe bunker, so that if everything crumbles, their self-serving important asses will remain. All Blood sucking VIPs in DC: Safe. Regular people are on their own.

So far, no notable damage. But chandeliers (Yes, they have chandeliers and I bet they don’t have curly bulbs in them) were swinging in the Capital building. Congress critters scurried like rats, those that were working, that is.

Have no fear. All Self-absorbed important people are safe.  I’m sure all the lobbyists are secure too. Nobody else really matters, do they?

So far, no mention of damage in Virginia, since the important people are in DC. EQ was also felt in NY City.

The Gods just might be pissed off at you boys and girls in DC. Just saying. Oh that’s right. That’s not possible, because YOU are the gods.

This is an open thread. I will update with videos if I find any. If you find any, please post them in comments.


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  1. Sheesh, that’s a nothing quake. Wimps.

  2. Felt it in NY.

  3. Well I was posting as it hit and kept on writing, so yes, even this native PAer knew that although it was the strongest experienced outside CA , that it was not panic time.

    Books and binders came off shelves, pictures are all crooked and the files drawers all rolled open – but nothing major. No one called for evacuation. But then here in the real world we have no chandeliers to fear. Just those ubiquitous ceiling tiles and florescent lights.

    It does seem as if the offices with Verizon have lost service. We have Cox and out phones/Internet appear just fine.

    My one kitty (who is afraid of everything) is going to be in a panic when I get home if shook as much in MD as it did here.

  4. Thought it was just the Uppitys having a midday angry ribs session!

  5. Of course CBS News had to include this tidbit….

    The temblor was felt as far north as Rhode Island and Martha’s Vineyard.

    Wonder who is in the vinyard?

  6. ROFL! The dog and the goat were freaking out about 1:40 for no apparent reason. We humans felt nothing but I guess the animals did.
    I DO NOT like earthquakes. Please jesus I would rather live through a blizzard or hurricane.

  7. I noted with interest this morning the Colorado 5.3. Now this one. Interesting that the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone lies smack in the middle of these two places. It was also very shallow.

    Look for more.

    Not sure what to think except clearly MOTHER Nature is chasing Bawaaak. Hurricane heading up the coast to the Vineyard area and DC getting the shakes. Maybe he’ll be too afraid to keep presidentin’.

    As for Uppity’s Afternoon Rib Fest – there was a small one in NY too, but the USGS page is so swamped right now, it keeps timing out. Pfffft. I SHOULD have Special Privileges there – I keep the page open all day long.

  8. PMM, Irene is coming. Maybe we’ll get to see some of that hurraquakes and lightning.

  9. Keep us updated FF. Thanks!

  10. Friends two towns away say their whole house was shaking. That same town had a LOT of wells dry up after a quake a few years ago. We felt nothing over here.
    FF- I saw that CO one when I looked at the EQ page and thought the same thing- edges of the New Madrid.
    News is saying buildings are being evac’d in Boston. Also that it was felt in Toronto.
    If I didn’t have friends on the Island………

  11. WOW!!! Now the east coast is under a tsunami warning. They’re saying Bo felt the quake on the golf course.

  12. Kid in Philly felt it. Phones are down in some urban areas.

  13. Michelle probably called in to make sure her shoes are okay.

  14. LOL Barack feels your pain! He felt it on the golf course!

  15. ROFLLL, NYS mike. Listen, if it had been ribs eating at the Uppitys’, I think I’d have felt it in California.

  16. Yikes, stay safe all you East Coasters. And, don’t go missing from the blog w/o prior notice.

  17. Night before last, we had a sudden rain the likes of which I had NEVER seen before. It was brutal. You couldn’t stand near it. The pelting was painful. The trees were bending. And the lightning was astounding. It stopped as suddenly as it started. Very wierd.

  18. What the hell was I reading???? No tsunami is expected. I have to stop speed reading, I miss half the story.

  19. Wow, that’s quite a reach North and East. FF, was it very shallow?

  20. Pehaps even the gods have had enough and are sending a whirlwind up the East Coast to scare the bejesus out of him. Quake not felt by me here in Vermont and chickens gave no indication either.

  21. Well since Mother Nature is following Barack, do you suppose he could take a trip to a few spots in the middle east? We could make a map for him. You know, visit the Royal Saudi Palace and stop by to say Hi and shake hands with Ahmadinejad.

  22. Thought it was just the Uppitys having a midday angry ribs session!

    This was a possibility 20 years ago.

  23. Upps you know Bo had to feel something. Remember, everything is about him.

  24. Daughter is leaving for college on Friday, so we were at the mall getting a few things. Fourth level, right under a glass roof when it hit. First there was a loud sound and then the shaking. I must admit that at first I thought it was an explosion. The times we live in, I guess.

  25. ROFLLL, Upps…on the golf course, bien sur!!!

    Now, he can blame the lack of jobs on this EQ in his grand speech in Sept.

  26. All the huge NY Subway rats are well and accounted for.

  27. D.C. needs a good shaking up.
    be careful folks.:)

  28. LOL NES, Barack is Mr. Dark and I don’t mean in a racial sense. Cougar’s Pandemonium Show. Or perhaps he’s leland gaunt as i discussed long ago.

  29. Vivien’s on a roll!

    Make no mistake gang. If a chandelier so much as has a broken crystal in the House, it will be repaired immediately, while Katrina and Gulf victims are still Hoping.

    I will watch for my cat’s behavior. Remember th eother night I said he was kind of wild? We did have that one horrid sudden storm. I’ll pay more attention to him.

  30. For those who do not have it bookmarked- here is the recent EQ page

  31. honora, I would have thought the same thing in your shoes. Lousy goatfu*kers.

  32. Good log of reports on the quake. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/08/apparent-earthquake-rocks-washington-dc-area/1

    A short excerpt:

    Update at 3:01 p.m. ET:

    USA TODAY’s Dan Vergano sent us this file:

    “Central Virginia does get its share of minor earthquakes, but an earthquake of this size on the East Coast is certainly very unusual,” says seismologist Karen Fischer of Brown University.

    Virginia is not on an active earthquake fault and is roughly in the middle of the North American continental crustal plate, she says. But it has residual fault scars left over from 200 to 300 million years ago, when it was an earthquake zone, at the time when the Atlantic Ocean rifted apart from Europe. “We are just seeing pressure build up and release on those scars,” Fischer says. “There is a lot of debate on exactly what is going on down there and exactly how quakes this big happen in this kind of crustal zone.”

    Because the crust under the East Coast is colder and firmer than the West Coast, shocks travel more efficiently through it, accounting for the widely felt shaking.

    “One lesson of this quake is that building codes will likely need to be revisited on the East Coast,” Fischer says. “Because we are not as conscious of earthquakes here as the West Coast and we will have to see about structural damage to buildings, although I have not heard any damage reports so far.”

  33. I thought it was an explosion too. They’re laying new gas lines in the neighborhood. I never once thought goatf*ckers.

  34. I noted with interest this morning the Colorado 5.3. Now this one. Interesting that the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone lies smack in the middle of these two places. It was also very shallow.

    Look for more.


  35. Transit system is shut down in DC according to the Baltimore news.

  36. Sign from GOD? Those wimps in dc wouldn’t know what an e.g. was if it bit’em in the bum.

  37. Wall Street traders never left the stock market floor — and the Dow is up.

  38. The National Cathedral has sustained some damage. ”At least three pinnacles of the central tower have broken off,” a spokeswoman confirms. Inspections for structural damage underway.

  39. Now that’s dedication.

    Update: Wall Street traders never left the stock market floor — and the Dow is up. The earthquake clearly no cause for panic.

  40. ROFLMAO! Saw this and thought barky was calling for valerie after the latest poll results!

  41. Yes NES, if it’s going up, they are staying.

  42. ““One lesson of this quake is that building codes will likely need to be revisited on the East Coast,” Fischer says.”

    Here we have it! Both Barack’s New Federally Mandated Jobs Program and his way to finally crush businesses completely.

  43. Ahahahahaha PMM totally Bam.

  44. I think it was NES who asked (sorry – I’m pretty busy today) but yes, it was shallow – about 1/2 mile.

  45. I felt it here in Westchester County (NY). I knew it was an earthquake, but by the time I figured out why the walls and floor were moving around, it had stopped.

    Definitely not the strength of a California quake. There were two (that I felt) when I lived in Northern California.

    I figure THIS is the week the Rapture is coming. Hey, they were only off by a month or so!

  46. “I figure THIS is the week the Rapture is coming. ”

    I am sure Glenn Beck is thinking the same thing.

  47. I live in VA about 75 miles NNE from the epicenter. Shook the hell out of the house. We stood in a doorway shaking for half a minute. We were afraid the plaster ceilings would come down but thank goodness they didn’t. All the drawers in our dressers shook out an inch, water sloshed out of glasses, and stuff came off shelves.

    Some spotty but significant damage reported in the area. Traffic is very slow and heavy in the area. Subways are moving at 15 mph. A 2.8 magnitude aftershock occurred not long after the initial quake. Sure hope we don’t have anything stronger.

    Major hurricane heading for the East Coast, something we can do without. The economy is bad enough. Last time we had a hurricane in the DC area was Isabelle in September, 2003. A neighbor’s tree came down into our backyard and took out the main power line for the area. We were without power for a week and had to relocate to a hotel in a neighboring county where the water was undrinkable. Insurance paid for the hotel, food, food lost from refrigerator, and bottled water. Don’t want to have to repeat that experience.

  48. Ron, you are the closest live report to the epicenter. I think you just might win a penguin if you play your cards right.

    When the quake shook the house I thought a tree must have fallen since we were all talking about it on the other thread and I was defending trees… would serve me right, ha ha. Then I thought it must be the staircase that I fell through last week was disconnecting even though I put new bolts in most of the steps. When they were okay I went down the basement expecting to see settling cracks or the floor jacks to be rusted and shifted. I stood there scratching my head till my daughter called and left a message on the answering machine about the quake.

    Relieved that I am not going to fall through the steps, floor or deck again. he he.

  49. The headlines should read: DC is falling apart and bo is on vacay.

  50. I have seen reports that the quake was actually caused when they broke the news to Imelda and Ferdinand along with their pal Val Jar Binks.

    First the Colorado quake:

    The the Virginia Quake:

  51. Uppity I would luv to see those congressional rats fleeing The People’s Halls!

    I experienced today’s natural wonder at home seated on a metal-framed chair with a cotton/poly sling; it is meant for outdoor use, but it’s my favorite for doing serious work at the computer. You may recall I live in a mobile home (trailer as in trailer-trash) in a rural area. I could not imagine what was causing the slow regular pulsing I began to feel through the seat of that chair. I could picture only the possibility of a bear humping something underneath my home, and I really hoped that was not the case. Then I began to wonder if the wind had somehow been responsible for the sensations, and went on with life. Eventually I sat down in front of the TV and learned the cause, for this is something those biased a-holes will cover and cover and cover from every angle.

    That’s why I plan to work late at the computer tonight if I can stay awake that long.

  52. My cousin in Portsmouth, Va said she felt nothing and wouldn’t have known had she not received calls from the family. Hah!

  53. nukes close by

  54. We need to watch for executive orders from il duce while the press busies us with earthquake coverage day and night. It’s when obama does him most evil deeds.

    And there is no way I am EVER registering as a Republican for ANY reason. The day I change my registration, it will be to Independent so I can be pandered to.

  55. Seismographs were installed at the reactors when they were built in 1978 and 1980, but were taken offline in the 1990s due to budget cuts.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029246/Earthquake-hits-US-East-Coast-Nuclear-plant-near-epicentre-shut-down.html#ixzz1Vt3e6ajS


  56. Tremors were felt in southern Indiana and Illinois. We are on the New Madrid fault line.


  57. ‘Twas me who asked, FF. Wow, that’s waaaay shallow.

  58. Hey, I love me that headline, K for C!!

  59. Heard a funny one on the radio disguised as a “Breaking News Alert”

    The Obama Administration said today’s 5.9 earthquake was a result of a previously undetected fault in the area around DC. They are calling this new fault the Bush’s Fault.

  60. A companion headline for when he’s not on vacay: “DC was shaken down and Obama was in town.”

  61. That’s hilarious, FF!

  62. Mt.Laurel: To wit –

    “Notably, there’s minimal motorcade gawking here on the island. People largely go about their business as the massive string of vehicles zoom past their businesses, homes and afternoon bike rides.”

    Nobody cares anymore.

  63. Bush’s fault. ha ha ha ha. Love it.

    That don’t hold water anymore. Clinton caused 22 million new jobs and he followed a Bush.

    Pam I thought wind or bear too at first. I soon realized the whole house shook and that would mean it had to be something way bigger. I can see why you thought that in a trailer. Trees make a lot of noise but there were men outside fixing the dirt road and they made a lot of noise so thought it masked the crash.

    And yep, animals always know before we do when something is up. When I see the birds feeding like there is no tomorrow I know a storm is coming. Before a snowfall they eat non-stop.

  64. I went to Martha’s Vineyard once back in June of 1975. We had the whole beach to ourselves because the movie JAWS was out. We couldn’t afford to stay there. We took the ferry there and back and we slept in our beat up camper van.

  65. Add another to the nobama chorus- this one from the DesMoines paper- Iowa no?

    Maybe the EQ was barry and the bots (hey is that a teeny bopper band?) stomping their feet in a toddler tantrum?

  66. I went to Martha’s Vineyard once back in June of 1975. We had the whole beach to ourselves because the movie JAWS was out.

    OMG. This is so freaking funny!

  67. FF- What a tragedy – not one American artist could be found to carve a statue of MLK? Good old American granite was not good enough?
    MLK must be rolling over in his grave.

  68. karen you are too funny! I spent a LOT of time on the vineyard as a friend has lived there since graduating high school- (she married an Islander) A bunch of my GF’s rented a house there one summer- 77 maybe? We had one huge party with a bluegrass band one weekend. Bodies all over the lawn the whole weekend. It’s a wonder nobody was arrested lol!

  69. I was talking to a colleague in Virginia Beach and they, like the person from Portsmouth, said they felt nothing. They did evacuate the Pentagon (down the road a bit from my office in Falls Church). Have not heard of anything else in Northern VA being shut down. Most of the closings and evacuations were government offices, museums and schools in DC.

    As to executive orders, with the hurricane coming up fast BO will have plenty of camouflage for signing crap while golfing. If we are lucky one of those isolated micro-bursts will just start following BO around.

    I see you caught those remarks about having the revisit building codes. One small little quake and they will wring the life out of it. Another government spokesman was going on about how we need to use this “emergency” to evaluate our response plans in the DC metro area.

    And yes, I had seen that no one showed up to wave to the Chicago’s King (or the Queen who arrived separately natch). Low low polls, no cheering crowds, and even the lefty euro news making fun of the mortuary bus. The tantrums must be extreme. That vid Mom posted of the Toddler Mahem is so on target.

    That Made In China memorial to MLK is to be dedicated Sunday. Just when Irene is predicted to arrive in the area.

  70. I had just left the Union Station train station to go to my office near the Capitol Building. I think that, at first, the fact that it was an earthquake, and not something more sinister, was a big relief. Those of us who work around here are very aware of the possibilities. Afterward, I think there was just a lot of surprise that it was an earthquake…we really don’t have much of that here.

  71. Mom said “Good old American granite was not good enough?”

    THIS is what really bites me. King was from Atlanta. Stone Mountain, GA is the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. They even built part of the Panama Canal out of it! THIS is SO FRIGGIN’ TYPICAL! I KNOW MLK III (we went to HS together and I was class Prez and he was VP) and I have a good mind to send him an email and bitch about it! LOL


  72. BTW Uppity – love the pic and the caption. You’re so funny.

    Off to cook! BBL

  73. Oh yeah, this is going to cost taxpayers billions to secure all those special people in DC. You watch. The only thing important to them is the money they can collect for their campaigns, the power of their positions and how to parlay it for their own benefit, keeping their own asses well with golden health insurance, and looking for ways to tip you upside down and get your money to squander on special projects. Funny, how the people got shafted near the Gulf, though. Commoners. They just aren’t all that important. It’s just their tax money is all. What makes them think the rest of us think THEIR codes are important and ours aren’t? But then again, they don’t CARE what we think. That’s the point.

  74. I must be sensitive to the house shaking, because I felt it in Norfolk. Half the people I called didn’t feel it. My mom who lives three blocks away didn’t feel it, but dad did. They’re in the same house, I don’t think they are on the same page though.

  75. Besides the National Cathedral, was there any real damage?

  76. I guess there is a rumor that the lincoln memorial may have some damage. It’s probably because Abraham is rolling in his grave every time Obama pretends to be like him.

  77. FF! You go girl! E-mail him and let him know we think it sucks too!

    Screw any new damn building codes. Cheese and rice – PA got on board with that universal building code or whatever the hell it is called. Now nobody is building or repairing any damn thing. Imagine- you can no longer build a new home unless you install a sprinkler system. Somebody explain to me where in the hell the water for that is supposed to come from? We are all on private wells out here- not city water.
    So- they force a new code in and building slows to a crawl. Get a permit to do the work. Find a construction company that is up to date on the codes. Find an inspector (which we have NONE in the county) to inspect the work.
    Oh and pay for the permit. Pay the construction costs. Pay the inspector. Pay for the damn piece of paper that says it’s all good.
    They delayed the code out here for a few years recognizing that we had no tax money to pay and inspector for the additional workload. And nobody in the industry qualified to be an independent inspector.
    It’s a damn racket. Hire a reputable, qualified contractor and be done with it.
    The loop hole used to be to call everything a “repair” as they don’t come under the code. Not sure if that works anymore. We just draw the blinds and hope nothing visible needs fixing.

  78. OMG! I just read that Pat Summitt has alzheimer’s.

  79. ABC video of cameras on WH, Capitol during earthquake.

  80. Good nite all. Hope you sleep tight.

  81. ‘Tis not a killer rabbit! ‘Tis a harmless little bunny!

  82. Bush’s fault

  83. I can’t see that abc video. I have their ZILLION cookies blocked.

  84. LOL Anthony. I swear I almost said that myself.

    Obama is a jinx. And now he’s jinxed just like he jinxed us for three years.

  85. 4.2 aftershock about 30 min ago. Don’t quote me, but I think there will be a larger quake there.

  86. HA! Greta sure seems to be taking the gloves off!

    Forget it Greta – he DOESN’T CARE and as they say at Big Pink, “Obama doesn’t care that you know he knows you know he doesn’t care”

    I suppose there is no way to get around it or ‘sugar coat’ it — but while the nation is worried about jobs (9/2% unemployment) and Washington is getting all shaken up by an earthquake (not the President’s fault of course), we learn that he was playing golf for 5 hours at a country club in Martha’s Vineyard. And of course, this is not an usual way for him to spend time on his vacation playing golf…but….it just seems that he would be wise to try to convey another message to the American people. Maybe he could take 10 minutes and visit the local hospital???? There must be SOMETHING he could do to make him look like he cares.

  87. OK – Posting this for Historical Reference – so when he starts to talk about the earthquake, we will have this as proof

    “First, an earthquake update from Josh Earnest:
    ‘The president didn’t feel the earthquake today.’

    OK, got that? The from the WH Press guy.

  88. FF we need that on video! Screen shots! Cuz tomorrow they are going to be all about how he felt it and how scared the kids were and if they were reading this blog and saw my comment about the dog and goat going insane we can expect to hear that Bo the dog tried to alert them.

  89. Another great line from Hillary is 44

    “When the tremors hit the east coast many thought it was Michelle Obama out for a jog”

  90. ROFL Mom on Bo the Dog trying to alert. A smart dog like that would just ask to go out – then run like hell.

  91. OMG! Thought you were making a joke when you said…..

    Uppity Woman, on August 23, 2011 at 2:57 PM said:

    LOL Barack feels your pain! He felt it on the golf course!

    But, then I read on Yahoo!…..

    The quake was felt as far north as Toronto, as far west as Indiana and Kentucky and as far south as Atlanta and Savannah, Ga. It was also felt on Martha’s Vineyard of Massachusetts, where President Barack Obama, who is vacationing there, was getting ready to tee off in a round of golf.

  92. Not much damage, thank goodness! The good thing from today has been the really decent work-a-day decency of the Metro DC folks. (We’re not all Congress-critters!) A big concern here is how much more ‘security’ we would have to undergo if another ‘event’ were to occur. Many people here have pledged to support the United States and the Constitution. We want a healthy & vibrant country.

  93. Anyone need a good laugh? Al Sharpton, the political comedian, is going to work for MSNBO. They must have looked high and low, mostly low, to find a replacement for keithy.


  94. UW,

    Absolutely pay attention to the critters’ behavior–pretty reliable quake predictors. My dumber than a bag of hair Persian predicted the Loma Prieta quake with his crazy cat behavior.

    There was a geologist in Santa Clara county who was noted for his ability to predict earthquakes, but when he confided that his prediction formula included he the number of dogs that ran away from home in the last month, and the barometric pressure, he was promptly fired. Go figure.

  95. Hi folks. I felt the quake in Fairfield, CT. Mild but still…

  96. And he was supposed to be spending time with his family. Anyone see Meeeechelle or the daughters on the golf course? Nope, thought not.

  97. AnnE, it has been shown that cats are sensitive to the magnetic field of the earth, whatever the h that means. In any event, it’s what makes them off kilter before a disaster. It’s what made that cat stop that guy from crossing the bridge that collapsed in front of him because he had to pull his cat off of him — that was that big Cali earthquake. The thing with cats is you have to tune in and learn how to read them. That’s because their expression is the same whether the house is just settling or Jack the Ripper is coming up the stairs. Something more is amiss because tonight he bolted and zoomed all over the house, jumping on, or I should say just Lighting on every available surface in his path. Then he just plopped on a chair.

    When I was a young and available puppy, I used my cat to assess dates. No kidding. I knew if he danced sideways in front of a guy, I needed to get rid of his ass ASAP.

  98. First, an earthquake update from Josh Earnest:
    ‘The president didn’t feel the earthquake today.’

    Further evidence that he’s an alien. Such a weirdly disconnected guy.

  99. Karen, Sharpton is a very funny man. He’ll do fin in place of Keith. Dracula could replace Keith and be an improvement. None of it bothers me, considering I don’t remember the last time I tuned in to MSNBC. In my mind, they aren’t even there. lol.

  100. Mike, the truth is that ever since B H Obama became president, bad things happen. Daily.

  101. FF, the truth is Barack Obama cares. About himself. Passionately.

  102. Don’t quote me, but I think there will be a larger quake there

    .Let’s put it this way, FF. Considering your track record, if you told me you thought an EQ was going to hit within 20 miles of me, I would be moving out of town.

  103. When I was a young and available puppy, I used my cat to assess dates. No kidding. I knew if he danced sideways in front of a guy, I needed to get rid of his ass ASAP.

    YES!!! I used to do that back in the day too! My cats have really proven to be excellent judges of character.

  104. My parrot bit my ex boyfriend one morning while he was shaving and primping in the mirror. I yelled at the bird and was so upset with him. Later that night the boyfriend didn’t come home because he had a little date, with my cousin! As I packed the boyfriends stuff into boxes to be left outside on the stoop I apologized to the bird.

    That bird knew he was going to betray me. No doubt.

  105. Most animals are intuitive, but we don’t always listen.

    I’m glad everybody near the quake is OK. I hope all the Uppity people will be safe from Irene too.

    Pamela my entire family was ROFL over your thought that a bear was humping something under your house!!!

  106. candymarl – Obama’s killer bunny is surely just around the corner!

    FF – you know the Indigo Girls (Emily, my light is still on!), Sophie, and MLK III (whoever that actually is lol) – wow! I don’t think I know anyone famous – well, “one removed”, because I “know” you and socal, and you guys know famous people, too lol And how cool you were class president – I’m impressed! And way to beat the guy/descendent of a famous person!

    I’m really chuckling about people’s first impressions of what the earthquake was – a sign of all the creative power we have on this blog! And two people thought it might be a bear, even a bear under the house! I guess I need to learn more about bears! (but I can’t figure out how they would have escaped their cages to be near your house haha)

    And how funny everyone feeling the EQ. I can count on one hand how many I’ve felt and I’ve lived in california for over 20 years (ok, I’m a sound sleeper!)

    And twandx (I hope I spelled it right) – you live in VT? How cool to have someone from Vermont on the blog! I’ve never met anyone from Vermont, but I like some Xmas movies that were set there! Winter wonderland….

    And PMM, yes Des Moines is in Iowa, it’s even the capital! xxoo 🙂 Iowa is a beautiful place (excepting their voting preferences lately)

  107. lorac, bears live in the woods. I take it you have no woods where you live. Forrest’s, parks, national wildlife refuge. Remember Yogi? The Dismal Swamp is on fire right now, those bears have to go somewhere. Pamela’s home may have looked inviting. Maybe he met a friend along the way. Stranger things have happened.

  108. thanks, vivien 🙂 I know not all bears live in cages – I was trying to be funny 🙂 (don’t worry, I often fail!)

    Yes, I do remember Yogi, and I am CERTAIN he wouldn’t be having sex bumping and grinding beneath people’s houses. He wouldn’t want BooBoo to see all that grownup bear stuff, you know!

  109. Found in the comments at PMM’s Des Moines IOWA! Register link:

    Obama was and is a total disaste,r and just today he asked Congress to approve 3 Free Trade Bills.

    To which Congress replied, “Please submit them first”.

    ROFL! I just couldn’t BELIEVE Obama kept pretending the republicans wouldn’t pass all of his most wonderful ideas, when he wouldn’t even put them down on paper or give any details!!!!

  110. lorac, I thought you were being funny. I was trying to be funny myself. You have to love a good imagination. I’d a never thought it could have been a bear.

  111. Lorac’ers, your old NAUGHTY self is baaaaack. Welcome back!

    Can’t wait for lorac Wednesday.

  112. I love it here. you all know that, but I’m not up to commenting much – you all say it so much better than I. When I read Mom’s comment/link f/r tje Des Moines Register I remembered that the Des Moines Register endorsed HRC in 2007 long before BHO became historical and before Meshallow became proud of this country for the first time. It’s good to know they still feel the same way.

  113. Free trade bills aren’t wonderful ideas. Free trade bills suck jobs out of the USA and pass them into the hands of people who work for a bag of rice and a bottle of water. This is why the bastard won’t be ‘submitting’ them. He wants somebody else to do it, so that when they pass, he can say Congress fucked you again. The last thing this country needs is another sucking sound of jobs leaving the country. Obama has a master and that master is sucking America dry. Any congressman who votes for yet another job sucking free trade bill with anybody should be tarred and feathered. I cannot even BELIEVE that this guy’s idea of a good way to create jobs is to create them someplace else and increase unemployment even more. This is In Your Face shit now, folks.

  114. We’ve had 4 aftershocks here so far with the latest, and I felt it, at 3.4 at 12:45 AM EDT. Cracks have been found in some stones near the top of the Washington Monument so it’ll stay closed until repaired.

    The last time we had a 5.8 earthquake in this area was 1897, 114 years ago.

    People complain about Obama being on vacation at this time but I’m glad he’s out of DC. Let him stay on that island a while. We stayed there a week at some B&B a while back. Very nice place. While walking along the beach at Gay Head, we came across a couple of naked women who had been wallowing in mud at the edge of the cliff. Beautiful mud there with lots of fools gold. Obama should check it out.

  115. UW, I’ve just been amazed that he wants to throw a fit that people won’t do a deal with him that is not detailed nor even written down. He must really think people are STUPID! (oh, wait… I remember the primaries….)

  116. So…. I’m guessing that this “lorac’ers” is a new pet name for me. I guess UW better start getting nervous…. lol

    NES, tomorrow’s post is just a fun post. Time to laugh! Then next I’ll come up with a hard-sockin’, snarky, pulitizer prize winning post! (more or less…. lol)

    UW – your post brought out quite a lot of lurkers or infrequently posting people – I’m BIG J!

    And Leslie – keep posting your thoughts! You have your own way of expressing things, and it’s a valuable voice! I hate to see you not wanting to post because you feel everyone has already said it all. I happen to know that’s not true. And there’s a space saved on the blog ESPECIALLY for you! So you have to post more, or your saved space will get…. you know…. saggy…. And anyway, you’re our pipeline into the Chicago cesspool!

  117. That is the funniest picture I’ve ever seen…the ‘scurrying’ rat DC lobbyist. Stole it. I’m still lol’ing hours later.

  118. Ron: People complain about Obama being on vacation at this time but I’m glad he’s out of DC.
    Same here as I can picture him seizing the moment of the earthquake to grab some precious national treasure and send it smashing to the floor, then commandeering TV time to express his sorrow over the loss.

  119. You guess right, lorac’ers — ’tis a nickname, indeed.

    Hilarious post…thanks for the laugh.

  120. I know a new thread is up, but this relates to the quake and I thought you might enjoy it:



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